Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Do you know how poor some people are in Heavy Metal?

Those fucking pricks in the Trench Coat Mafia in Atlantic Canada and there's more of them up in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia they are so fucking poor do you know what happened?

Like they must live outside they are so poor and illiterate. 

I stated do band promotions for that heavy metal documentary and you know what they fucking did?

A bunch of people right, came on my Facebook and set this fucking incident up and fucking flamed me from my ex band members in my home town right in fucking front of everyone and in front of record labels and magazines.

Then they fucking go, they weren't interested in sending music to Sony and BMG to be on a compilation album or something and be in Heavy Metal magazine from Atlantic Canada and then just said that so they could be around the documentary and band stuff.

Then they fucking said that they just wanted to be around what I was doing so they could flame me and argue with me about my personal money at my home and my possessions. 

Then they just didn't care about doing a record because they wanted to own my money with me and band and career stuff because they are poor.

So they just said they wanted to do the documentary stuff  to get near my promotion and they thought they were going to own my money at home because they were trying to get around the documentary stuff.

Then they said they thought I "invited them into my house" so that they could argue with me about what I am doing with my money.

Fucking hobos.

So, they didn't care about the band promotion they just wanted to hang off my band and book stuff because they thought they were going to own my personal money with me. 

Then they didn't want to demo for Sony because they thought they were going to own my money and didn't need a record deal.

So they just didn't want to work, they just wanted to own my business and band stuff and get money from me.

Then as soon as I started doing promotions around here they came on facebook and started flaming me in public looking for money and thinking they lived in my house and were arguing about what I was doing with my money.

So I had to put the fucking run to them again.

Then they flamed me all over again in public just like ten years ago from my home town and everyone seen it.

Then it came from the same place in my home town as last time with all the same people in it. 

Then they fucking said they thought they were living in my house and were arguing about my money because they wanted it, fucking strangers.  

What makes me the most mad is they fucking flamed me again at the documentary looking for money just like they did ten years ago as soon as it started so I dropped it all. 

Then they didn't care about music and wanted to own my money.

What makes me the most mad again is not that they were arguing with me about my money, it's that they fucking all thought they were "invited into my house" to argue with me about what I did with my money.



Then they were all mad because I wouldn't give them any money and started flaming me right now, when none of that ever happened, the shit in their fucking heads.

Then the fucking cunts were just going around saying they were all invited into my house and were going have a say in business money from my career and I don't even fucking know most of them.

Then they didn't care about demos for Sony and BMG because they thought they were getting my fucking money. 

Right from the same fucking people.

I never invited anyone into my home to argue with me about who owned my money and bank account from my career you lying fuckers.

You NEVER get anything from me, nothing. Fucking lying cunts in New Glasgow and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

You fucking know you weren't invited into my fucking house over ten years ago to be around my bank account from my fucking career you lying fucking bastards. 



Go back to your fucking garbage can fucking bastard and don't fucking try and write me or fucking come here fucking cunt.  


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