Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Trench Coat Mafia Makes It's Final Appearance

I'm not saying that the topic will never come up again but the Trench Coat Mafia have just made their final appearance in my presence.

Last week I got yelled at and harassed on Main Street in Dartmouth just after marijuana legalization. 

Then they came back and flamed me again on Facebook from Atlantic Canada with the same people in front of everyone on my Facebook page.

In Atlantic Canada, I will never work with another band or promotion in heavy metal for the rest of my life because of the stunt they just pulled to me. 

I am a real artist and musician just listen to the fucking records, I am doing my albums on the Digital Format now and that is the main release, then the CD's will be collectable only and be for sale for about $25 for a regular cd, because I have about eight albums to press soon and that is expensive to press a lot of cd's so I have to charge a lot. 

So the main release will be digital and the secondary release will be CD for collectors, with the lp.

The final stunt of them was people I used to know around the Maritime Metal scene just set up a fake email address and pretended to be a professional setup, then they started talking to me on the internet.

I sent them a bunch of material and they never got back to me.

Then they flamed me and started "pretending" that I wasn't a real musician just like ten years ago and saying that I wasn't a professional operation and that they were a real business.

Then they just wanted me to keep sending them information to "try and get my music" on their "business" which was fake.

So they just setup the email address to get me to send them information about my band then they tried to say they were like Sony or something and tried to make me "audition" for them and they are all poor and from the slums so I put the run to them. 

They tried to make me "jump through hoops" to get my music on a business and then they didn't have anything and were fake. 

All they were doing was trying to get me to send them messages about myself, then they started ignoring me and trying to get me "begging" to them like they were Sony to get music out.

As it turns out it was the trench coat mafia doing it. Then they used the fake email to get band information from me and fake messages and then they sent them all out to the Trench Coat Mafia like in my hometown so they could all read them, then they were not writing back and just waiting for more messages.

At the same time I got yelled at on Main Street Dartmouth and on Facebook they went on there and flamed me to my face in front of everyone and then they all started copying my album layouts and formats and putting it on other materials, just like before.

So they talked to me to get band information and I sent it to them, then they stopped responded and started waiting for me to keep sending them messages pretending they were like Sony or something and tried to get me to "jump through hoops" for them.

Then they took the messages and sent them out from my band information to the Trench Coat Mafia.

Then they yelled at me outside my apartment and took off.

Then they flamed me on face book and went back saying stuff to people I hate from New Glasgow who flamed me before. 

Then they copied my album and website layouts and formats and used it for their material, as they were flaming me. 

Then it all went back to my hometown and the Trench Coat Mafia in Atlantic Canada.

That is your final appearance.

I will never work with anyone in Heavy Metal that is connected to the Atlantic Canada Fake Heavy Metal scene ever again. 

Don't ever think that if you are in a Heavy Metal band in Atlantic Canada that you will ever be allowed to talk to me about music ever. 

None of you people in Atlantic Canada will ever make it in music in Heavy Metal because your scene is just filled with perverts. 

That is the end of that and I am a real artist and stand alone band. 

Never talk to me ever, that was your final event here with my personal patience with your mental retardation, because I know that if one of you flame me then everyone one of you did because you all probably know each other and shared my personal band emails with each other and then flamed me again.

That is the end of this discussion. 

My acknowledgement of you all will never be granted. 

You are losers and have made your final appearance at my location. 



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