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News: These are the main news stories going on right now, Donald Trump and more... Spygate Graphic
The main stories in the news right now are about the President Donald Trump, but before we get to that the other steady stories you need to know about are The Volcano and Wildfires.

One main story that has been in the news is The Volcano in Hawaii, this is a big story that has been going for awhile:

The other big story is Wildfires in British Columbia, this could be a sign that the California Wildfire season is approaching. 

California is always worse than British Columbia, so keep an eye out as wildfire season in California could be coming:

Getting that out of the way I can now continue to regular political news, so getting the Volcano and Wildfire warning story out first and now that that's done we can continue to regular news.

The main two top stories in the news are about President Donald Trump. They are the North Korea Summit and Spygate.

United States / North Korea Summit:

The news today can't follow mainstream politics, on almost every page of the news today they got the story wrong on the North Korea Summit.

What I am saying is that the media can't follow current politics because they are too unintelligent, and then just criticize the President with no foundation in their counter argument. 

All the stories just criticize the President and then they always say the "other Countries" win the argument.

That is because they are Un-American. The Donald Trump criticism is so unintelligent in the news that they have no argument. The story is not even finished and they have given the victory to China and North Korea and are saying that Trump is not qualified and doesn't know what he is talking about.

Then when you read the news story the media got the story wrong and didn't know what they were talking about and can't following the political debate in their own newspapers.

Then every time anything happens they just lie and bash Trump with no argument, then they keep saying Trump failed and China won when that is not even what's happening.

Their Anti-American sentiment against Trump in the media should be banned from the news because they are spreading stories that are fake on mainstream media.

Then when you research the stories Donald Trump was correct and nothing even happened. 

All these headlines coming from the media are not even correct  and they are just making it all up and none of it is even real. This is because they are Anti-American stories against the President with no foundation and they can't follow Washington D.C. Politics then they just say the other Countries like China and North Korea win all the arguments.

Then their stories are totally wrong and they are using "made up" political arguments that are not even talking place in Washington D.C to make these headlines that bash the President...EVERY TIME. That is because the media hates the President, and politics have gone over their heads and now they don't understand the stories.

So they just make them up instead. Now of course the media can have an opinion but that should be based on the actual political argument not one that they made up, which is what's happening.

What I can predict is massive lawsuits by Donald Trump against the media for making and spreading false stories about him during or after his Presidency.

I'm sure when Donald Trump is back to Wall Street in the future he will be spending a lot of time suing these people for releasing fake news in America against his Presidency.

The summit:

President Trump has cancelled the summit, this is an obvious power move to show North Korea that he is the boss of the negotiations.

Donald Trump being from Wall Street is not going to let North Korea decide if the summit takes place or not , he is going to show them that he is in charge. If North Korea wants to talk to the United States then he's showing them that they can't back in and out of talks by cancelling the summit.

Cancelling the summit which is in fact a surprise to me keeps the talks in the hands of Donald Trump. He is showing them by cancelling the summit that the power in the talks is in the hands of America.

Donald Trump is not allowing China to interfere with the talks by cancelling the summit. This keeps the power in the hands of America and doesn't allow North Korea to dictate the terms of the meeting.

Donald Trump laid out the terms of the meeting now North Korea is backing in and out of the meeting trying to own power over America in the talks by making America listen to them.

Donald Trump has not given in to North Korea in their attempted power grab over the talks by attempting to dictate the terms of the meeting. The President has now kept the power of the talks in the hands of America by showing them that he is in control by cancelling the meeting.

This will show North Korea and China that America is in charge of the meeting with Donald Trump not them.

Donald Trump by cancelling the meeting has kept the power of the talks in the hands of America and is showing them that if they want to meet they have to do it on his terms. North Korea is already saying they still want to keep the talks open.

Also, The President probably has other things to do that week so he is probably rescheduling his tasks to make the most of his time and has no time for these "empty gaps" with a possible meeting with North Korea and has re-booked his meeting calendar. 

News Articles:

The Globe and Mail says that China is now the center of North Korea in an Un-American statement, saying that because Trump cancelled that China has taken power in North Korea.

That never happened and they are making it up, all that happened was the meeting was cancelled. China never took power in North Korea. I also doubt that the power in North Korea depends on this meeting. Plus I doubt Trump would have cancelled the meeting if it meant China was going to just walk in the next day and take over. None of that even happened.

The Guardian claims that Donald Trump is "ebola" and by cancelling the meeting there will possibly be a Nuclear War with North Korea and has ruined peace in the Korean region and handed the area to China.

This is an Anti-American Headline and none of that is even happening and they are just making that up and can't follow the story to bash Trump with no facts. None of those things they are claiming ever took place about possible Nuclear War etc.

The Washington Post claims in an Un-American article that by the United States not giving in to North Korea has ruined American's credibility and increased tensions and is making peace harder to achieve.

They also claimed that Trump is "flip flopping" when in fact is not true and is was really North Korea that kept changing their mind. All Trump decided to do was cancel when they flip flopped too much. 

Let me get this straight Washington Post, by America not meeting the demands of an Open Dictatorship then this has ruined America's credibility?  

According to The Washington Post I guess we are just supposed to give in to dictatorships now with no argument and do whatever they want. Uh, no thanks.

Thankfully, America isn't in the hands of The Washington Post because they all have jelly fished and we would be owned by North Korea today. I imagine The Washington Post would give North Korea anything they want as soon as they asked for it and ruin America over an attempted summit. 

The Washington Post must be the most spineless newspaper in America today, they are awarding North Korea everything in America over one cancelled meeting by Donald Trump.   

I can just see them now "Oh please don't cancel the meeting Mr.President they are so scary everyone will die in the world if you don't go do what they want right now."

The Washington Post gives North Korea anything they want and they are Un-American. Why don't you start running stories in favor of America for a change down there.

The New York Times says that Trump got "outplayed" in Politics by not allowing North Korea to back in and out of the meeting and also doesn't understand the actual story they are attempting to cover.  This non fact based open bashing of the President needs to come to an end in America.

None of that even happened.

Other stories in the News are that North Korea is still open to discussions.


Yes everyone you've heard of we have Spygate.

Spygate is the story about Donald Trump who claims that their was a spy in his campaign from the FBI or something with possible Russian involvement that gave information to The Obama Administration and the Democratic Party.

Now the media is on the defensive like in the above articles and just openly lying about Donald Trump.

So who is on the counter argument in Spygate? One of the top locations is the media itself who are just bashing Donald Trump.

Was this "spy" a double agent? 

They are saying that an FBI agent with some kind of Russian connections gave the Democrats secret information on Trump, this could be a Russian agent in the FBI.

The Russian FBI double agent was apparently trying to sabotage the campaign run of President Trump.

With the media on the defensive about Spygate and open Trump bashing they could have been the recipient of the leaked information.

The Russian FBI Double Agent could have spied on President Trump and released information to the media in an attempt to ruin his Presidential Campaign.

There could be multiple scenarios here, the Russian FBI Agent could have given the media false information just to ruin the Trump story and then also other secret information to try and ruin Trump's image.

The media if they received the information are now on the defense of Trump's Spygate investigation and are making up stories like above and bashing him.

The media and other Democratic Party members and now saying Trump will be impeached for investigating them during the upcoming mid-term elections in Washington D.C.

The media and democrats are calling for Trump's impeachment for investigating the Spygate leak, probably in an attempt to remove the President before they face investigation.

If the FBI Russian agent is captured then they could be charged with Treason for attempting to sabotage the President of the United States and face execution in the United States.

The media, if backing the Spy and using their information could lead to charges or allegations against them for using secret information and covering up Spygate through their news outlets.

If the media continues this argument with the Democrats against Trump they could eventually be investigated for connections to Treason if they use their news outlets to aid the Spygate FBI Russian agent who tried to destroy the President.

If the media joins the spy from Spygate then they could be investigated in aiding Treason against Washington  D.C.

We will have to wait and see what will happen.  

The Washington Post on the defensive claims there is "no evidence" of Spygate, offers reasons on why they think Trump invented it.

Is this because the Spygate Spy is their news source and they are defending them against the President? 

Keep in mind Donald Trump is also in business like the Washington Post and is their Competitor. They could be trying to also ruin Trump as a Business Competitor. whatever that is says that the Spygate spy is a false allegation and is on the defensive against Trump.

My opinion is that the news outlets are all on the defensive against Trump and are running a smear campaign against him because they are receiving information from the Spy and are trying to get him impeached to get out of the investigation.

My psychic impressions from this are that the Spy from Spygate is also a woman.


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