Monday, May 7, 2018

Politics: Stormy Daniels Appears on Saturday Night Live and Makes New Sex Scene **Updated**

Milf Star Stormy Daniels Does New Scene Just Before SNL Sketch
Stormy Daniels appeared on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and called for Donald Trump's resignation in a comedy sketch. I'm assuming the only reason for this is because The President won't go out with her.

Daniels, who apparently is in love with Donald Trump is going around bad mouthing the President with no facts complaining about him. This appears to be an obvious attempt to get him back.

Perhaps in retaliation over her and Trump's breakup Daniels, a milf porn actress filmed a new scene for milf porn site which just came out on April 22, 2018.

At their page you can buy "scenes" I think they are saying separate from their Hi Def Blu Ray Milf porn's.

Stormy Daniels appears in the brand new "scene" Stormy's Secret which just came out weeks before her SNL appearance.

You can watch the scene at for $1 if you get a two day trial membership, I think they are saying. After you download Stormy's Secret  you can download all kinds of other milf porn from their videos and exclusive online content from their series titles like Mommy Got Boobs and Mom's in Control where milfs teach teen girls how to have sex.

Stormy Daniels on Saturday Night Live
They also have other titles you can watch of milfs like Big Wet Butts and my favorite all girl series Hot and Mean where mean demanding milf bitches seduce other innocent milf types.

Stormy Daniels appears in what I think is online content in Stormy's Secret just before her appearance on SNL, perhaps in an attempt to get back at Donald Trump for not dating her anymore.

To keep the page clean I'm not posting adult content, but I've added the link to the adult preview video where you can get a trial membership for $1 for two days if you want to see Stormy's sex scene from last month I think they mean, plus it looks hi def.

I'm not sure if you have to pay for all that or not or if its included with the free trial but it also comes with 1522 High Quality Pictures it says of the Sex Scene, then when you click it takes you to the $1 trial or subscription page.

 Link from CNN:

Warning, adult content link below:

 .....Two Weeks Earlier:

That's where you can see the full scene from two weeks ago.

Clearly from the look on Stormy's face during the scene this political issue is becoming a hot topic in the media.


After viewing the scene these are my thoughts on the video.

In the script Stormy is out walking around and driving around in her car and starts seeing this guy in a business suit.

Clearly Stormy is out walking around and driving her car looking for The President, what see keeps seeing is a guy in a suit, which probably means Donald Trump.

The guy as it turns out at the end of the clip is just  a fantasy.

So this is milf porn, so Stormy is like a 40+ housewife who is having a fantasy about the President, Donald Trump, so that goes along with their theme on the page.

The thing about the scene here is that Stormy Daniels actually went out with the President, before he was President.

What you are getting here is a scene with a girl who was actually with the President, fantasizing about being with the President in the script.

Anyway, the guy in the scene is just a guy from that porn studio who is in tons of scene's so he's just some guy they have there working on tons of videos like a regular, then the girls are different all the time.

So this scene is about a fantasy Stormy is having, she's out walking around and driving in the city fantasizing about this guy in a suit...obviously she's looking for the President. 

That's some kind of milf fantasy about President Trump, with a girl who was actually with him in the scene.

Now don't get too carried away here when I start talking about what their doing because it's something new because it comes from porn. They are doing stuff that has never been done so it has a "relevant importance" to society but don't give it too much credit because it's porn.

Now today because of President Trump who is America's first Wall Street President we have "new scenarios" developing in television and media. This is all going on because it's related to Donald Trump, so his Presidency is breaking new ground because he is from Wall Street. That's the stuff coming out now and this stuff with Stormy Daniels only helps Donald Trump and makes him look better because he's leading the way for new things in America.

When you look at this Stormy Daniels thing that is something new because of Donald Trump, so any "new ground" being broken is because of him. So you can thank him for the Stormy Daniels video, but don't give it too much credit because it's porn.

I wouldn't go around saying that "if it wasn't for Stormy Daniels" or "she led the way for someone else to do something" like she's some pioneer or something because it's porn.

So if anyone is leading the way on this new ground it's Donald Trump not Stormy Daniels, so when you reference this say it in Trump's favor. Like "If it wasn't for Donald Trump porn stars wouldn't be having sex live on CNN on the news"  if that happened in the future.

What is the "new ground" I am talking about?

Stormy Daniels is the first person that I ever heard of to be going around on television on CNN, FOX and Saturday Night Live on mainstream television and then be doing hardcore porn on the internet at the same time.

Thanks to Donald Trump there's a girl out there doing mainstream television while also doing hardcore sex videos at the same time. So you can watch her on television and then see her in sex scenes on the internet in high definition on internet scenes.

After she's off CNN you can watch her in a new sex scene on the internet right away that's released as an internet rip from their own page, in hi definition and it's in full hardcore.

You can thank Donald Trump for that new ground. Thank's to Donald Trump I want to see that all the time now.  

Plus, the new ground is porn is being sold off the dvd or blu ray format in high definition digital download.

That's super cheap to release on their website because their's no package. So the digital porn download scene off the blu ray format is still pretty new so that's a relatively new thing out.

What do you have to do to follow your favorite porn stars now anyway? You have to get their videos on blu ray or dvd and then follow them on the internet because they are doing digital downloads of single scenes. They may be on video disc later but I don't know.

You can't even keep up with that. I think that's great though for future stuff coming out because it get's the porn release off the hard copy format.

The Stormy Daniels digital download is the first big mainstream porn release off the disc format so that's a big deal, you can thank Donald Trump for that.

Hopefully, this new ground will help people "get over" not having the box or disc of the video, because it just came out on digital format, then you can burn your own disc.

The relevance of that is it's on CNN and SNL then it's a hardcore digital download release off the blu ray disc format with her right off mainstream television. So that's a big deal.

This could lead to what? Well if you produced a movie you might be able to launch it off digital release format saving you tons of money.

Then you make your movie and don't have to package it, and release it as a web rip or digital download.

That kind of breaks the connection to absolutely needing a store copy. 

That's a big deal, but don't give credit to Stormy Daniels for all that it goes to Trump.

It's just things like that will lead to future good digital releases.

The point here is the video is a big deal because she was with Donald Trump and then did a web rip or digital download for her sex video.

Plus, it's not a celebrity sex tape with a bad camera, it's a real hardcore sex porn video.

Now when you see the celebrity sex tape you're going to want to see a full hardcore sex scene on digital download right away or it sucks. While they are doing television at the same time.

That's some big new ground thanks to Trump.

Then what, this will also lead to stuff like more hardcore content on television. 

Now everyone will want to see boobs and swearing on mainstream television. 

That's the kind of stuff  that will come out of this, people will be saying saying thanks to Donald Trump they have boobs on television finally.

Why would you say that was great? 

Ratings. Everyone knows that if they show boobs on television that ratings will go up and they will sell more products.

Everyone will tune into to shows if they start showing boobs on television, that's thanks to Donald Trump.

Like some Aaron Spelling show or something except you get to see all the girls boobs. Everyone would watch that.

The point about that is that's what it's like in The US and Canada, it's all entertainment stuff and everyone always wants to see the next thing like Stormy Daniels doing a hardcore sex scene on her website after she gets off live CNN or boobs on television.

Other countries don't have that stuff and have a more "traditional background" , in the US and Canada everyone always wants more big entertainment and sex stuff on television because we have abandoned those traditional beliefs.

Not that people don't have them anymore, they just don't mind having smutty entertainment around them.

Where we live everything is more sex and entertainment oriented and is commonly accepted. Donald Trump is helping us move away from traditional values forced upon us from our ancestors so we can see boobs on television hopefully.

Everyone here likes that and if they don't they accept it. Even though people here may still have traditional values and don't like smutty sex stuff everyone allows it.

It's not like that in other countries who have a traditional system only and no smutty Hollywood stuff. That just means every place is different.

Here, everyone has abandoned their traditional values  so we can see stuff like the Stormy Daniels sex video and hopefully boobs on television.

President Trump is leading the way for this into the 2020's in  America and Canada, now hopefully we will see more stuff like this on television and the internet.

Also in the Stormy Daniels video it's hardcore but not fetish and they made sure they included all regular sex poses so you can see her from all angles including "POV" shots which are in the first person when she is doing oral sex. 

That way you can see what it looks like when see does oral as if she was doing it to you in the first person, then you can watch her on CNN and SNL and know what it looks like from the hardcore sex video and you have seen her in all positions.

Remember what you are getting here is not about what she looks like if your not a fan, what you're getting is you get to see the girl that was with the President in full hardcore sex in high definition from every angle.

This new ground that we have today on television and sex videos on the internet is all thanks to Donald Trump, who is paving the way to the future of dirty stuff on television and the internet and is as promised Making America Great Again.


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