Friday, May 11, 2018

Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide: To The Pricks That Bullied Her Get Out Of My Face

Rehtaeh Parsons: Gang Raped and Assaulted For Two Years in Halifax by the Assailants Until Her Death

I said one thing on this blog about anti bullying and all these fucking cunts in Halifax got in my face saying that the bullies who did that to Rehtaea Parsons never did anything wrong.

Here's my response, fuck you.

There's no cause going on for the bullies of Rehtaeh Pasons , everyone hate them.

If those people bring this argument to me I will ruin you in court permanently in public.  

I don't care if the court said they wern't responsible, everyone knows they did it.

They are talking about the Cyber Bullying part, apparently they aren't responsible in the court for her suicide from bullying.

If the court said you're not responsible then go back in the house and fuckoff. 

Don't bring this argument to me defending what you people did, everyone in the world fucking hates those people.

However this is the story. 

They are saying Rehtaea Parsons was underage and drunk at Cole Harbour High School where Sydney Crosby is from on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Halifax area.

Everyone says when she was underage and drunk and she got gang raped by four guys.

After they gang raped her they took pictures of her and sent them around on cel phones of her naked or something after she got gang raped at Cole Harbour High School.

Then when she said she got raped a bunch of people hazed her with naked pictures of her calling her a slut.

They hazed her people are saying to get out of the gang rape charges.

Then all these people bullied her  with the pictures and stuff to ruin her name and so they could beat the gang rape charge.

Then the rapists hazed her in public in a gang of people until she killed herself.

The court I think said that the group of people wern't responsible for her death.

But, Everyone knows that they hazed her with naked pictures of herself they took after the gang rape.

So they spread pictures of her after she was assaulted naked and underage.

At the minimum they should be charged with spreading pictures of a drunk underage girl on cel phones.

Reading the story it's clear to me what my verdict is.

The bullies and their group of friends are obviously responsible for the rape and suicide because of their overreaction in trying to cover it up by making pages bullying her on the internet.

The reaction from the bullies of Rehtaeh Parsons was so severe and over done in public that it was an obvious attempt to cover up the gang rape at Cole Harbour High School. 

The hazing of Rehtaeh Parsons, is not cyber bulling but Psychical Assault on her for the second time in an attempt to try and cover the first assault through bullying.

They are also responsible for spreading pictures of a drunk underage girl on cel phones who was just gang raped.

The sentence I would issue in Canada is the Death Penalty for Premeditated Murder.

The murder being the intentional assault on her that caused her death.

The gang rapists and bullies and their group who hazed her are also guilty of Court Tampering.

The assault by the group on her is court tampering in an attempt to distort the story in the Provincial Court Rooms in the public to cover up their guilt in the gang rape and murder.

The group gang raped her and the assaulted her for two years in pubic to ruin the story in the courts until she killed herself.

At first it was a gang rape charge and then it was two years of assaulting her until she killed herself.

Thats so the rapists and their friends could get out of the charges of the gang rape and cel phone thing by tampering with the court to make the judge not believe her family.

So if you people bring this issue to me outside and involve me I will ruin you in court personally, plus the world hates you.

In the United States that is the Death Penalty by lethal Injection and the group who hazed her with the rapsits are accomplists to a capital crime and guilty of court tampering in a group by hazing Rehtaeh Parsons to get their friends out of the gang rape charge.

The first group is guilty of the gang rape, subsequent group assault in the public that led to her death.

The rest of the people are responsible for being an accomplist to court tamper to get their friends off the gang rape charges and also responsible for her death.

The sentence should be execution.

I just found this out that they made a movie about it.

If you bring this issue to me for talking about anti group stalking laws that are against your group in Halifax then I will petition Donald Trump to have you executed in Washington D.C.

Now stay the fuck out of my face outside or you be involved with me in your final legal battle in the Provincial Courts that you will ever face in your group and I will permanently ruin your group in public and in the Canadian courts.

If you think you can bully me outside by defending group bullies in Halifax, like they did to Reheaeh Parsons, for speaking out against your group then you are not correct and will be in court with me tomorrow.

News Link to story: 

This is a dramatization of the events in the murder. No sarcasm intended because it's the same conditions as what happened in Halifax.


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