Friday, May 18, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: You People Must Be The Biggest Pricks On Earth

Trench Coat Mafia
This is just a post to share me personal thoughts on the Trench Coat Mafia Pricks.

Like, why don't you get an idea for yourself for once and stop copying people.

How about you stop saying this other people are doing is what your are doing. Did I mention I hate you all in the Halifax and New Glasgow area.

Stop copying me and posting stuff on the internet saying it's yours and then running around saying you're the ones doing it.

Now this, a bunch a those people copied my pages like stuff from Facebook and posted it all over their page and then hid their friends list so you can't see it because they think their famous.

Now they hide their friends list when they copy you because they think they're famous.

You all can fuck you permanently from New Glasgow and Halifax in the Trench Coat Mafia.

Get it in your fucking heads that I hate you and you don't know me. Stop annoying people on the internet by posting their stuff on your pages and then hiding your friends list so people don't know who your crowd is.

Listen very carefully, you people say you know me and you're connected to me and getting shit from me or something and you're not, you're just lying and annoying people on the internet.

Stop saying you know me, when I lived in New Glasgow years ago you never even once invited me to your house in your life. Then you went around saying you owned stuff in my house.

You post pictures of the inside of your homes on the internet and then your house looks like you never cleaned the walls in five years.

You have like five years worth of dirt on your doors in your house and you post pictures of it all over the internet and think you're famous.

You are retards, stop annoying people and copying them.

Then you say you are in Ally and support causes like that then you go out and harass the public.

You people are probably an abortion that the doctors missed.

Then you say you "know my family members" but you don't.

The people you are talking about are people that tell you they are in my family and then you think you own my stuff.

Those people you are talking about are NOT my family, they are people that I knew years ago and I hate them.

I have never been to their houses in my life and I was never invited and they are all married and I never once met any of their spouses family in their group of people.

I never once in my life met any of your husbands or wives or other relatives in my life and have never been invited to your houses once in my life.

That is because we are NOT related, none of you even know me. Now fuckoff. 

Stop saying you have something to do with me when you are just stalkers and the Trench Coat Mafia lying because you know I have a book coming out.

Why don't you all get cancer or something like that so you will have something else to do instead of annoying people.


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