Friday, October 5, 2018

Adult Entertainment: Adult Reality Show

Brazzers House 3
This is not about Canadian Thanksgiving, although I might post that later but I'm pretty much having the same Thanksgiving dinner as last year on that post. 

From what I'm told from girls, this is an example of an adult movie where they can watch groups of lesbians just to see what's in it because it's like the show big brother only it's an adult video. 

This show is by the Adult Entertainment Company Brazzers which is apparently a top Adult Entertainment Company today and it's ok for girls to watch this even if it's all girl scenes because it's like the show big brother and the adult actresses are doing competitions to win $20,000. 

Girls can watch this because their are girls on it competing for money like in big brother because they like shows like that then their are also guys in it. 

So as you know if you read this blog that I am watching all the adult content on the internet and then I will tell you what's in it. 

What I am getting from this is that Brazzers is one of the top companies in Adult Entertainment today and what I'm getting from that is that some of the girls in Adult Videos today are more "regular" looking now. Meaning, you'll get the super hot model looking ones and then more everyday looking girls in them. 

Well it must be working because I watched it, plus they are the top  company. If you haven't watched adult entertainment in a while what you'll see is a mix of all types of girls in it now, which is nice to see that and not just that plastic ones which is what I watch mostly. 

There also seems to be a lot of girls with big butts on there and at Brazzers, which is super popular and I watched it, so it is probably something I could get behind.

The point to that is girls on there today are of all types and it's popular so it must be what people want, and then it's all fetishes and the girls can be all types now which is a good thing. 

A couple of the girls I liked on there were Nicole Aniston and  Alexa Thomas which are two of the best looking girls in Adult Entertainment.

You can watch "Brazzers House 3" which is like Big Brother only it's adult entertainment free on which is a pretty good page if you just want to see clips and highlights of Adult Videos and I think must be a top page. 

In Brazzers House their are ten hot girls competing for $20,000 dollars so it's ok for girls to watch that to see what their doing I am told, then their's regular stuff with guys in it as well for everyone. 

Brazzers House 2
So Brazzers is a top company and then you can see ten of their top performers on the show competing for money, so girls can watch that just to see girl stuff I hear even if it's lesbian and then their are also
regular stuff with guys and couples in it etc. 

So that looks like it is a big one out right now, but Adult Entertainment is not that same as it was in the 90's when I had all my old VHS Tapes their of every type now. 

If you go to Porn Hub you can watch Brazzers House for free and then they have tons of other free content and a lot of it is in High Definition. 

If you subscribe it's only $10 a month and then how that works is all the Adult Entertainment companies have channels on Porn Hub like Mom POV and stuff and then you can watch highlights of their films that are in 4K High Definition which looks great on the computer or television.

I thought that outdoor scenes of girls in Bikini's and Pool scenes looked the best in 4K High Definition and stuff like where girls get all lubed up with oil looked good in 4K. 

Then if you subscribe to Porn Hub you can see tons of videos in 4K , but it streams at lower quality if you don't have 4K, and their's too much to watch. Then you can watch by "Channel" which means Brazzers which is number one on Porn Hub for example you can see their entire network of channels and preview all thier videos.

I also like DDF Network which has pages with girls with big big boobs and also Euro Girls on Girls which is a good page and HardX which is like another top Adult Network Reality Kings. 

How that works on their is each Adult Entertainment Company has a "network" of pages then on Porn Hub you can preview tons of paid content from their pages for $10 a month, I guarantee their is too much to watch on their for $10 and you'll need a subscription to see it all. Then you can watch it by "Stars" which means they rank the top adult performers and you can watch all the clips they share on Porn Hub which is a lot and not a rip off but their are way more on each channels main pages. 

Then if you subscribe you can watch tons of Premium Full Length DVD Streams separate from the  Subscription Channel content which is all super good. 

I liked stuff like Brazzers, HardX, DDF Network and Reality Kings which seems to be some of the main Adult Networks today. 

They also have tons of good big boob compilations on Porn Hub which I have been watching and the compilations they have of various scenes and categories are super high quality and free so you can see a mix of tons of stuff in preview video compilations which is something I am watching a lot of right now.

Girls can definitely watch Brazzers House 3 free on Porn Hub because thier is tons of girl stuff in it like the show Big Brother and their is also scenes with guys in it I am told. 

Make sure to watch the compilations of Porn Hub because they are super good if you like Adult Entertainment.


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