Thursday, March 14, 2019

Canada BitCoin Scheme Busted

I think these are the people threating to expose me to my friends to ruin my social life for masturbating to teen xxx websites on , they keep spamming my band email at and spamming my comments on and demanding I deposit money into their bitcoin accounts. 

They are from Calgary, Alberta...people out there have a history of harassing me on the internet like the time I was in LA Weekly for my band article. Then all these people in Calgary, AB and New Glasgow, NS started harassing me and stuff by threatening to expose me for masturbating on the internet in Halifax and making fun of me for using free internet at the public library.

Four men sought for $195,000 cross-Canada bitcoin scheme

If you see these people report them to Crime Stoppers for a big cash reward:

To the suspects: Stop writing me and saying I'm masturbating on the internet looking for bitcoin deposits, everybody alreadys know that and it's my main blog content.


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