Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Cornered Quail

The Northern Bobwhite Quail
Oh yeah, like this...everyone flaming people including the flaming of myself said this.

They are all going around lying making up all these stories like this, after I graduated university, started playing music and working and stuff they go "yeah man, we were all down at the shore last weekend, you shoulda been  there....yeah!...Paris Hilton showed up and we were all partying with her and then we all went out and bought winning lottery tickets." all lying.

They were just saying that to me because I started working and stuff and they are all poor.

Then it was like this and I am sick of them bad....they are totally handicapped when they saw me dressed up nice for work and stuff and going to university all these people I knew from the slums go "He's like a cornered quail in the bushes with a purse full of money and doesn't know how to defend himself. So we're going to take his money." 

Then they all turned around to me like at the local craft fair and started flaming me and telling me all these fake stories about Paris Hilton and stuff and then they go..."If you don't give us all your money, no one will like you and you'll have no one to hang out with at the craft fair." then they tried to "beat me up" and started flaming me...that's when I put the run to them, after that they followed me around flaming me.

One of the best stories I ever heard was that "they watched every movie at Blockbuster video ten time in one summer." not even possible.

Then when you are polite and don't say anything they "call you stupid" for "not telling them to fuckoff."

In reality, you are just being considerate by not saying anything when they are annoying you then if you don't they go around calling you a "cornered quail" that can't defend yourself and saying you "are a sucker" and will "believe anything". 

That's because you were polite, all that shows it that you can't be polite to poor people who are like that - tell them to get lost.

If you don't they will follow you around calling you stupid for believing their crazy stories saying you're an idiot for not putting the run to them and that they're going take your money because you are stupid.

In reality, you were not being mean to them because you just wanted to get out of there because they were handicapped.

One  of the most annoying things they do is talk over you when you are talking. Like you have ten sentences to say and they cut in on you as soon as you get to the topic and start lying and "trying to take the room" by talking over you.

Like this...let's say I'm talking about going camping.

Me: "Yeah, I was just down camping this weekend at the wilderness preserve and we were going on a 10 km hike to look at mountain formations, you see what's going on down there is...."

At that point they cut you off, interept and start talking over you lying telling all these crazy stories that aren't possible, and get their ass kicked permanently from now on.

Them: "YEAH!!!!!! I was down there fifty times this summer, Paris Hilton was there and we all got winning lottery tickets an we walked that hike in two seconds and didn't even have to stay over night, you must be some kind of pussy if you can go hiking down there and have to camp to see it all. We all do that every day and then watched all the movies at the Blockbuster video in one night."

Then they won't stop talking!

Then if you don't tell them to fuck off and put the run to them, which I did for it, they call you a fucking idiot and start making fun of you calling you stupid and saying you'll believe anything and they go and try and take all your money from you calling you a "cornered quail in the bushes with a purse full of money" and saying that "you can't defend yourself."

All because you were polite to them by not telling them to fuck off when they started that act, normal people just wait for them to stop talking and don't say anything then they avoid them for the rest of their life because they are so embarrassing and annoying.

Then they followed me around doing it flaming me saying it anyway waiting for me to talk to them so they could keep telling those stupid stories. Then they just wanted me to talk to them to bum my money.


Do I ever fucking hate you people.


Oh yeah...right, that's also what happened with the original Great White North Records. They were going around saying they were setup like Relapse Records back then and they had all these offices, then my record got released on what is now the BMG one and then they didn't have any money.

Then they closed and ripped me off for my record, plus today they STILL owe me $2500 for merchandise and concert money, then the people lying and flaming me a bunch are on their "new" label. 

Then just like them they keep saying they are a record label looking for bands and are lying, then when you look at their "label page" it's just a shopping cart and no promotion. 

Then when you sign there all you are doing is signing to a shopping cart with nothing in it.

None of you are music, or metal.


Hunting Quail


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