Thursday, June 10, 2021

CANADA: The "Native American" Problem

See here we go again, now the Indians here in Canada are trying to remove Canada because their teachers on their reservation killed a whole bunch of kids they found buried under the school.

Obviously, this problem is because the Native American Indian leadership is illiterate and incompetent.

Why is it Canada's fault that your teachers killed your own people?

You did it.

Not Canada.

Not to mention you're not helping your case tearing down all them statues illegally here, then killng your own kids and blaming my Country.

I'll glad to see in the news that you all did that to yourself and blamed us for it.

Well I guess you're on your way to work since you defaulted your free land with our tax money, I think the reservation should be banned then and they be forced to work with the rest of us if their that aweful of a people.

Illiterate, killing their own kids at their schools, tearing down our statues all things that they did themselves.

Yeah, we didn't do that liar...I guess that's the end of your cause in this Country.


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