Thursday, June 10, 2021

MUSIC: Summer Update 2021

Judas Priest is playing in Halifax this November, nobody sent me a free ticket for doing my page the only one from Halifax for heavy metal...I'm not convinced they'll even be open by November in Halifax, I mean they are just talking now about opening Atlantic Canada this summer again for the local "bubble" this summer.

That's Old Nova Scotia days to me and I'm never coming out.

No offense to Judas Priest playing across town from me, but I've already been to too many concerts and seen them there's nothing new going on for me now. and nobody sent me a free ticket...I mean I probably  wrote half their material when I was seven from my school music books.

I remember years ago people working there actually got free tickets and stuff to go to the show...that's all someone else stealing them now, I mean if you got a free Judas Priest ticket in Halifax over people actully doing the work like me have a good time at the local concert, you're probably getting beat for the rest of your life over it from the public for stealing everyone's concert tickets and grants and stuff.

Anyway, I still might go...I'm just not willing to buy a ticket because if it's closed I'm not sure I can get my money back because of the scam operating downtown in Halifax won't give refunds if they don't like you.


The music media format is changing, take it from me I'm mp3 people and I was right about blu ray....I promote my music like mp3 distribution now it's the main format.

Everyone is one Youtube making visualizers for their digital releases.

Since this is the new format, other artists mainstream ones might need to know this...I keep saying this, I have four hours of music done for my new records, I'm still behind releasing it and now the format has changed.

I'm going back to my old material and doing a bunch of single releases of scrap material and studio sessions of a bunch of my old songs.

I'm going to re-mix and repackage them and do some overdubs and some recording on my older material and releasing them a digital as "scrap paper" versions.

That's not meant to replace the original versions....I'm just making a bunch of "no pressure" scrap releases with my new studio stuff while I'm trying to wrap up my new record....which is a full length album, ep and three singles with b-sides.

On digital and I'm only printing t-shirts and posters etc. from now on...collectors editions on obsolete formats someday probably....that's just wasted money to me today because nobody buys the format.

So first to get that started I'm releasing a bunch of scrap material which is all remixed and overdubbed with added material in it, just to see what it sounds like on my new equipment.

My first record, "Destroying By Design" I redid that for a compilation later all re-recorded, so I'm also going to do a remix version on digital with new material on it and overdubs just to see what I can get it to sound like....just for fun with no media pressure for it to be a real album.

Like that, then I'm releasing all the singles and scrap material from the "overdub re-mix sessions" with visualizers and artwork for t-shirt and sticker prints.

I already released the artwork for two singles..."Control Through Fear" and "Wage Slaves"...those are for new remix singles and visualizers....I'll probably slap the originals on the singles as extra songs.

Then I'm releasing the single version for "I Don't Care What You Say" which is an official release which is all rerecorded with new drums and vocals on it.

Then I'm putting out my full length album....then two more singles with b sides and a new ep.

All that is going on blog promotion distribution how they used to do mp3 on irc undernet and file sharing.

However, I am moving my format to blog sharing for visualizer releases with links to listen to the paid digital stream on Spotify.

Part of this heads up to mainstream artists and those categories...where I am at Heavy Metal bands are redoing their old material for re-releases on visualizer and doesn't have to be a music video...just like a simple animation video to share on blogs with links to the digital album.

So instead of mp3 you share the visualizers on blogs and then get the fans to listen the the paid digital stream. 

Then people will still share the mp3 on their now would be a good time to get your old material out for repackaging on the new visualizer format.

Then I am releasing scrap material, overdub versions and remixes just as no pressure bonus material to go with the original albums.

Then I'm running them as singles with t-shirt art to replace the disc format with extra songs and album art.

Like this is what I'm saying...I'm listening to music live as it's being released on playlists.....I'm telling you if you want to get you band going you only need one song out right now on that format.

Then with an album in the works.

That's because in Heavy Metal everyone is listing to singles being released live on the internet and the full album is heading into the background because there are so many new single releases.

So I'm doing a bunch of mine on single releases on blog distribution because that's the current live cleaning up your old songs and doing new versions people never heard that stuff maybe today so now they can get a chance to hear it on playlists on single promote the old albums with their new material.

I'm probably not going to too heavy on the animation on my visualizers because I have a lot to release, like I'm not doing cartoons for it just now is a good time to do this because summer is starting and all the kids will be back on the internet listening to heavy metal in ten minutes on their vacation and there's only a few large acts playing this summer.

So it's mostly smaller bands doing single releases and videos playing this summer....then a few concerts which I'm not convinced will even happen plus they just cancelled Summer Breeze 2021.


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