Monday, April 6, 2020

Haha They Stopped Using Reusable Bags

Hahaha, I almost died laughing at the Atlantic Superstore today...listening to the store announcements for the rules now in grocery stores sounds like The Gremlins took over the store and pulled all the wires out of society now we have all these crazy rules.

Like this, they gave everyone their cheques and rebates then they only have essential shopping then the government is watching what everybody does with their money during the crisis with all the shopping turned off.

Then other stores banned plastic bags and now the stores have to use them instead of reusable bags because of the Covid virus, now they only have plastic bags at Superstore.

Like they just stopped using plastic, now that's all they are allowed using because of the virus. 

That was so awesome at the store seeing that today, it looks like the Gremlins are running the government.

Anyway, I was just out getting food for my mock holiday dinner I am having because you get right crazy stuck in the house because of the virus so I needed a holiday dinner...speaking of that Easter is coming and I forgot about that Holiday in a previous post I mentioned about holidays.

So make sure to go get all your easter stuff because there is limited shopping, for me I needed ten mock holiday dinners just to get through being in the house with no shopping or sports on television.