Saturday, June 16, 2018

My Music: Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression Bootlegs

Collapse-Mechanisms of Oppression-Jason Mackenzie
How long does it take anyway to launch a record? This has been out since 2008, this is my second Death Metal demo CD.

This version it the cancelled version, now this is bootlegged. The original version was scrapped and not properly released, internet says 100 copies. Yeah, I doubt that.

Anyway, the story is this was probably going to be out on Great White North Records before they closed and I got ripped off.  <--Visit my Great White North Records Tribute page.

The distributor was The End Records, that would have probably been distributed by them. That's all the Heavy Metal Magazines and stores posers.

Now they are owned by BMG Rights Management. That's how awesome my music is wimps.

Instead I kept the records for myself, otherwise it may have ended up in a BMG catalog somewhere and I'd get nothing for it.

This version of the album has been bootlegged. I am the only important member in the band on this album, I also wrote most of it and recorded it in my own studio.

That's why I won't give it to some lame metal magazine.

That is the Demo Version that is out now, probably with multiple packaging versions, so you can get that now on the internet.

That is out and I'm not tracking it down unless a label stamps it. It kind of says "Forward Regression" on it, that is my label name.

If you see this out it might be bootleg, and they likely more than 100 copies pressed anyway.

This leads me to the next thing, I might have some of these for sale at some point. However, that is not the real band Collapse, it is the Demo Lineup.

I might be selling that later but's it's not on a label it's just a demo. I also might be repressing Destroying By Design the Great White North Version, which seems to have some bootleg and collectable value.

I am working on new music still, it's a big thing we're working on but hopefully it will be four cd's all together, it's two albums, 1 ep and a 2CD Compilation album of rough material.

I'm trying to get the first album and ep out THIS SUMMER. 

Then, I'm repressing the last four cd's. I might also do the first two albums the Destroying By Design album, the Great White North Version and an official press of the Mechanisms of Oppression Demo, but it's a demo and not on a label.

Then I am also releasing other bands material on Forward Regression later, I will post samples of that material later.

After that, I may be signing other bands to Forward Regression in a couple years. MAYBE.

It's a shitty record deal and you get no money for it. Maybe a crappy royalty, I don't know yet.

Then your band would get listed on our marketing campaign that we are gearing up for later. That's advertising and promotion and shit on the internet. 

The record deal sucks and you don't get any money but you'll be in my marketing campaign and band promotions on the internet. This will be later.

The point here is the your band promotion or distribution will be at that will be listed on your band if I put your music out or work with you. Then when it goes to stores for promotion that used to be Polygram. 

Then I also run the Great White North Records tribute page, that's The End Records and is BMG now.

So if I carry your record or list you on my band promotion and distribution shit then your band will be listed on those pages when I promote my band to stores and shit for distribution.

This is starting next year.  If you're thinking of trying to get in on that just keep and eye on my internet pages for when it opens.Write me then about it.

Then, when I start calling Tower Records Head Office and places like that all the time and sending them band flyers I'm saying I'm Banzai Records and kind of like I'm from The End Records and Sonic Unyon bands because it used to be on it and shit so they will think I'm Polygram or something. Its just a gimmick.

Then, I am working directly with record stores head offices and shit and for our advertisements to their stores and they are taking our promo cds and stuff.

That does not pay me money, that would be from cd sales etc.

So my record deal is a shitty deal but you would still get royalties and shit, then for stuff I carry all this goes directly to Record Stores, but I can't guarantee your record will sell. I am also doing this for anything I distribute.

Right so, we're doing those little Promo Cd's in Cardboard sleeves and stuff, and Compilation Album Promos in Card board sleeves and stuff, we're also doing CD singles. 

All this crap and promotion materials get sent to Record Stores Head Offices and Radio Stations, that doesn't guarantee sales but they will see your album if I release it or for stuff I distribute. Then it goes in our internet promotions and shit.

All this is being paid for by my Record Label Forward Regression, but it is not huge yet so there is no money yet.

All the Record Label stuff is going to be Promotional Material like Cardboard Promo Cds and stickers and flyers and shit for companies to look at, then it's promotion on the internet.

That's where your cd would be at, and you would get copies.

I'm willing to work with bands in special arrangements if you don't have tons of money for doing your band stuff. This will not be starting until like next summer.

Then when I call all these record companies and distributors and shit I can maybe mention your band.

Here is the point though, Forward Regression does all Mastering for our own albums. I guarantee you probably can not afford this.

So if you recorded your record, it would have to be mastered here for the final mix. Yes, you would get to hear it first. Then it has our sound on it. That means it would sound like the other albums on Forward Regression.

That would cost you like $5000 minimum anywhere else. Plus that would be a bargain for you if I did that.

That would mean I would own your record and you would only get a royalty.

Your recording would have like $5000 worth of mastering and shit on it, that's more than it cost you to record it. That's why Record Companies will talk to me because I have all that for my Label.

That means I would own your record and you would just get a royalty plus promotions. Yes, you would still get copies for your band. Anyway, I would work something out with you if the band was good.

There are like 15 bands with material in production at Forward Regression right now, and its all pro mastered and shit and their Promo stuff is going out to tons of stores next summer.

Just check back later to listen to it and stuff. That starts next summer for store, radio and internet promotions.



Friday, June 15, 2018

Sexuality: You're Grossing Me Out!

What the fuck is polyamorus?
Ga Rossssss! Gross me out or what! 

The "Unified Family Court" ruled that a "polyamorous"  group of three people are all allowed to be a child's legal guardians.

First, it's not even a man with two women. That I can at least understand what they are doing.

It's a woman with two men, sick!!!! sick!!!! sick!!!! I didn't even think girls were allowed to have two boyfriends.

A guy can have two girlfriends so that's ok because the girls can just go out with each other, I get that.

But a woman with two guys living there...Gross!!!

If I have two girls living in my bedroom I'm Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion, but a girl with two guys there is just sick.

What is she doing getting gang banged by two guys all night? Then she got pregnant, maybe with them or some other guy.

If you're gay and have a boyfriend I don't care plus you like girls a little so what, I'm just saying two guys sharing one girl in a marriage is just sick.

She's what watching two dudes do each other all night and then getting gang banged by two dicks every night, then one in each end and double penetration every two minutes.

That's what they're doing.

If you're a girl doing that what your're just a slut if you have two guys there.

A guy with two girls that's just normal anyway, besides that's acceptable because everyone likes watching girls kiss each other.

That's because girls are nice looking and wear makeup and stuff so people don't mind them kissing each other in public, that's why its acceptable. Nobody cares about that because it's "pleasant" looking.

So if your a guy with two girls no one cares, that's normal plus girls are allowed kissing each other anyway as far as I know.

But a woman with two men is just plain wrong.

I don't really want to get into to topic like if you're a gay man then people don't think your a man anymore.

I wouldn't know.

So if you're a guy that's gay and comes out of the closet other people won't think you are a man anymore.

I'm not saying that because I don't care what you're doing.

People don't like gay men because they don't like seeing two big hairy guys making out, that's why. It's not visually pleasing. That's why people don't like being around that.

People don't think that gay men are men anymore when they hear that.

Girls for example what, they wear makeup and stuff, then they put it on and start kissing each other. That looks even more girly. If you see two girls making out it looks super girly, like it's even more girly to be a lesbian than a regular one, like lipstick lesbians or something. 

They're all putting on make up and stuff together and going around kissing each other all the time.

People don't mind looking at that because it's "dressed up" that's why naked girls are on signs and billboards everywhere etc.

Then regular girls who aren't lesbian they want to be like them for fashion and stuff to attract a boyfriend or something.

Don't get me wrong though, some people hate lesbians worse that anything in the world bad.

For men, people think you are not a man any more.

If you're a gay man, everyone think's you have a job or something that could be considered gay like make up artist or hair dresser. That's because gay is something like feminine, or not even that just less masculine. That's the jobs gay men like.

If you are regular man with tools and automobile engines and chainsaw's and hunting rifles and stuff, if you come out of the closet people will think you're not a man anymore. Just keep that in mind.

They'll think you work in a hair salon or something.

Then they will say that you don't fit in at the hunting and rifle shop anymore because you're not a real man.

I'm just saying, that's what people say.

So a woman living with two men is gross, she's some kind of slut or something. I don't know why a slut would want to have a kid anyway. 

I don't know what polyamrous is anyway, that's some kind of open relationship. 

Like a girl getting gang banged every night by two guys or something.

I think that is Newfoundland , they made all three of them the parents. That's fucking dumb anyway because it traumatizes the kid.

Trust me, kids just want regular parents. Nothing gay with two fathers in the house.

Right so if I grew up in a house with two gay parents I'd probably want to kill myself. 

That's because kids growing up want a regular family not a retarded one, they should keep that shit regular anyway for the sake of the children.

How about if you're gay just be a single parent and keep your boyfriend in the closet or something or maybe just not have kids. 

The point is you probably can't get all those things at once anyway, if you have an "alternate lifestyle" then you can't have the same thing as regular couples.

Plus that's hard on kids and traumatizes them, when they grow up they will probably hate you bad. I would expect on getting disowned at some point if the kid is a regular everyday kid.

I'm not saying that, it's just what people do anyway.

Yeah anyway, polyamous threesome are the legal parents, Gross anyway!

Then it's a woman with two men! Sick sick sick.

It's not even a guy with two girls.

I know if I was in a relationship and living with two girls I'd have no time to be a parent anyway, plus I'd be too busy "doing my girlfriends" to have those kinds of responsibilities.

If I had to guess my "first glance opinion" would be that they are all having sex with each other and think they are in love or something and are going to be there together forever and trying to make it work , like they are infatuated or something then they have this crazy plan  to stay together forever and raise a family, they probably just met or something.

Over the long term this will probably not work out anyway, plus you're grossing me out.

Immature everyone, when their infatuation  wears off from having gay three ways with some woman every night this will probably end bad, like they all do as usual.



Thursday, June 14, 2018


No Work For Low Level Pencil Pushers
I heard that Sobeys is going out of business permanently, no pensions or anything for staff. Then they were downplaying their last layoff, then they are too small now for SAP or J.D. Edwards so all that work is gone.

Plus everyone working their took a pay cut for their job at Sobeys, now they only have 30% of the work skills of jobs in other markets like Toronto and no one will hire them.

SAP is also hurt bad and people are triple sharing Project Management jobs for 50 thousand a year each because they don't have the skills to get the work done. So that's on the decline.

I also heard that Michelin Tire is going out of business and those plants are closing in Nova Scotia, then they might be totally out of business anyway.

I also wouldn't be too excited to find IT jobs in Halifax, most of those places are third party jobs and work on Sobeys, Superstore or SAP and JD Edwards Software, those I guess are all entry level with low pay or low level programing jobs for next to nothing.

So no work in Halifax in that stuff, all low pay jobs and you end up with only 30% of a resume for your position and are unqualified in Toronto.

Anyway, their hiring in garbage collection and construction in Halifax so you when you get fired you may want to get some overalls. Plus I may need a canal built on my property in future and may be hiring for that and odd jobs in garbage collection if your office jobs don't work out.

Just don't come here with a 30% complete work resume from shitty IT company or office or I'll tell ya to go fuck yourself.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018

4G Internet Network On Smartphones **Updated**

4G Network Model - This is how they block you from free service
This is in fact called the 4G Network the 5G Network is the Wireless Router at 100 Megabits per second transfer rate.

I will be calling this the 4G Network now which is its actual name.

The diagram I posted to the left is for sarcastic purposes, the point of that is that's what it looks like on a diagram, it's actually purpose is to block you from free service.

Here's the point here, The 4G Network is like a wireless ISP that was developed by the United States Military at DARPA, which everyone in the world hates anyway.

So the Military made the Smartphone network and they and the government gave it to google and apple.


Here is the like to gay wikipedia for the gay DARPA entry about the 4G Network:

Right so this is what I'm saying. The Military has one of those for itself that they use free, then they made the public one and gave it to google and apple, then they just run Linux.

A little out of your bounds there aren't you government and military?

Then this is how it works on the phone sort of...Android companies act as the ISP for the 4G Network, that's the Government and the Military. 

So they let google charge you for access to the wireless network that the military runs for free, that's so they can bleed you bank account and charge you three bills for one service, a different bill for each device type.

So, when you activate your android that runs free linux and unix , it goes to the company you bought it from. They activate your phone for the 4G , like an ISP.

The actual ISP would be the Government and Military.

So instead of inventing something to save you money, they invented something to bleed you dry financially for three payments to one internet. Then the government and military get all the money from google through smart phone and apple phone bills.

So for one, the 4G Network is the Military, that means the public owns it.

Then it's broadcast into your homes and then they use the sim card to block your other devices.

That's so you can't use you laptop on it.

So that is in our homes anyway, then it belongs to the Military so the public owns it.

The military and the government gave it to google and apple for free and they bill you for buying Linux on the device.

So, you are paying for Linux on that as well. 

Who are they supposed to be at the government and military anyway royalty?

Well, they are certainly not mine, plus they are not the leadership of the public.

No one wants the people in the government and military to be our leaders, we want them and google removed from the 4G network.

They just give everything to google.

As out peers in the government and military there making these decision, I hate you.

You are not my peers, you are a liar and a ripoff. You peers outside do not want your leadership.

You are all a failure to the public, do not support these people.

For example, we as the public did not want smartphones.

We wanted the 4G network free at home.

So, these "failed leaders" as the government and military made the 4G network which is in our homes now free and then they work for us outside, then they stole it.

Then they gave it to google and charge us for free content, then they want a new device for each service and extra bills at the military and government.


We don't want smartphones from fucking  google, remove it.

We want the 4G Network at home for free, with internet television on it.

Then the phone service outside is free, then all your devices work free outside.

Then you pay for television service for like $40 a month. Plus pay per view.

Then when you buy a smart tv from Walmart and take it home and set it on the kitchen table and plug it in, it automatically has 6 million channels on it wireless on the 4G network that are pay as you go or subscription, then tons of free content.


This is why it doesn't work.

They made the sim card. 

This is the best I can figure out about the sim card.

The smartphone has a network card in it for wifi, that works anywhere.

The sim card is a SECOND wifi card for the 4G network.

That means the 4G network broadcasts on to the SECOND network card, then you get two connection bars on the top of the screen.

Now I would say I was reverse engineering the smart phone but I don't think it's that complicated.

Then what do you think is on the sim card?

Well duh to myself, its a MAC Address for the 4G wireless ISP.

So the second wifi card is the SIM Card, then to get on the network they must add the MAC address from the sim card to the 4G ISP through the google phone to the network.


The 4G network is therefore a WIFI connection.

They just broadcast the 4G wifi into the simcard, through the MAC address just like your home modem.

That means, that they can "filp a button" at the military and 4G would switch from the sim card to home wifi devices like laptops.

Then you would have free internet on all your home devices that pick up wifi and free phones outside and free roaming internet.

So the 4G network is just open broadband wifi.

Then they block it with the sim card, that's just software and a second network card.

Then the military can press a button and flip it to wifi devices and your laptop would pick up the 4G wifi network for free.

They don't do this because they want triple payments at the military and government for google and equifax, plus they all hate you at home.

Listen very closely powers that be at the government and military.

You are not our leaders and do not represent us at home.

We did not want the smartphone - SUCK DICK - we wanted the 4G Home Wifi Network for Free.

That is ours not google or you.

That is public property and we own it and are you master.

You do not have our support, you are Equifax.

You will all fail as our leaders.

The 4G Home Wifi Network is FREE.

That is public property at the military and government.

Do not let them take this invention for Google and Equifax.

The public paid for that and we own the government and military at home, that is our invention and we want it now.

The public needs to make them give us back the network. The public owns the government and military, we paid them to do that.

Now they made something that we want at home and they won't give it to us.

Then they gave it to google and are equifax.


Make them give us our public investment back by releasing the 4G Wifi Network for free home use.


No fucking gay one from equifax or google that you always make as the failed leaders, we want the real one this time and the real internet. FUCK YOU.


Release the 4G Wifi networt at home for free.

This is how it works, its just like having a G5 High Speed 100 Megabit Router, only it transmits into your house from a pole in the neighborhood.

It also probably transmits from outer space from satellite which the public also owns.

Remember, the military is there so we don't have to be. 

They work for us, now they have an invention that we need so we have to take it back from them.

They have failed us and given it to google.



It's like the Cable Modem is on a pole outside and transmits into your house instead of having a router.

Then all your devices receive the internet from the pole outside for free.

That is there right now, thats what the military uses for free.

Give us our property back, that is the one we paid you to make now release it.

Stop give our money to google and equifax, your families should all be ashamed of you to even work there for your failure.

I am trying to think of inventions that the public could make once we retrieve the 4G network from the government and military and strip google off the internet.


Free internet radio in your car.

Internet televison in you car, for passengers. That's real tv in your car people.

Free Onstar security apps, gps and car tracking. You could track your car for free and make car alarm system apps etc. for car owners.

Parents can buy cheap phones for their kids and have free phone service to help keep our children safe.

Then laptops work anywhere wireless for free, just like tablets etc.

No more crazy bills and triple payments etc.

The is also leading to free home power, also meaning cheaper rent in apartments with no power bills.

Then your only bill is internet television at $40 a month.

Right now digital cable, phone and internet in Canada is almost $200 a month plus pay per view. Plus smart phone and tablet etc is extra.

Are you fucking joking fake government and military? Fuck you.

It's already free for them and will only cost us at home $40 a month for tv plus pay per view.

No, the gave it google instead without asking and it's home property from the public. These people need to be thrown in the garbage today at the government and military.

We never wanted any of that shit from them and google.

We wanted the basic devices to program ourselves and then the 4G Home and Roaming Wifi Network that we own anyway.

You would need to do what? Have a login in for it for legal purposes so it shows your ip address and name on the free 4G network.

So what, that only takes like 1 sec to make that shit, so where is it at bastard?

Demand the 4G Home and Roaming Wifi Network be released back to the public from the military and government for free.

That is the main one we need back from them for investing in them from the public.

Now we need to take it back.

That one is ours at home and we need it today.


Take back the 4G Network from the Military.

We paid them now we want our property back.


Oh right, if you're into programming (I'm not I just know how this works) and looking for the SIM card info , the Android Linux System.

The SIM Card software to access the MAC address would be written in Linux.

So I would like to see someone crack that, I'm not into that I was just looking at wiping it and reloading clean Linux.

If you open and figure out the Linux Code for the SIM card, you may be able to "release" the MAC address of the sim card because it's written in Linux.

Then in the Linux code, you would turn off the return protocol on the 4G Network.

Than it would be "open wifi" with no MAC Address.

That's because the 4G is open wifi that always on. So if you look in Linux, the missing code from the smartphone would be the 4G Sim Card Logon.

Then you "write a patch" on your own that would disable the 4G MAC address because its open source.

Then you would also include a "no return" command so you would just write that in Linux not to report to the 4G ISP.

Anyway, I wouldn't do that. But I doubt it's illegal anyway.

The 4G network is broadcast openly, plus the phone runs Linux.

That means if you can access the sim card code through Linux, you would "write backwards" the missing code to make the SIM card activate, then you would disable the mac address and return to isp protocols.

Then would give you free internet and phone outside on the 4G network without them knowing.

That's because you would just disable the return protocols and gps source in the Linux and they can't track your phone or see you in the network.

You would just program the phone to "receive only" to get free not tracked internet.

I doubt thats illegal to do that because it's made in open source and you own the phone.

Anyway, that security leak on the Phone is Google's and the Military's fault and responsibility not the home user.

They put it there, you can do whatever you want with it.

I wouldn't do that tho because of the legal issues regarding "unregulated internet", and that would be a lot work to do that.

Anyway, that's the military's security leak and google's and not the pubic's responsibility, plus your allowed knowing that anyway.   


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

News: CNN Is A Tabloid Now

This is CNN.
Here is my recap of the Donald Trump North Korea Summit, everything looked fine and North Korea apparently wants to denuclearize. Good then.

CNN is no longer a television news channel.

I spent the day yesterday complaining at their coverage of the Summit, all they did all day was bash the President in a Tabloid format and they are some infomercial now.

Plus they ran no real news content all day for the Summit.

This is why I got mad and spazzed about the CNN summit coverage.

Google took search terms that people own, I'm not saying what because they get too much attention for it.

Let's say I have a trade mark term that I use on my website That could be a real trademark or popular saying, so it could be a trade mark or it might just be something that you use that anyone can say but it's popular to you.

Right so they blocked trade marks form the google search and pointed them at for google plus and their affiliates like youtube.

For example.

Jason MacKenzie black and pink polka dot fired eggs.

That could be a trade mark or just on my page.

Then that is a unique search key on google, well they killed the search term.

They crossed out Jason MacKenzie and then ran "black and pink polka dot fried eggs"

That is a manual filter on the search page, a person has to update it to to that. So google's searches are filtered , after you search the term is filtered and then it's a "redirect" and load a new result page with your term missing off it.

When "black and pink polka dot fried eggs" comes up, the top page is about fried eggs.

Then they didn't have the unique search key listed at all, so they stole it and pointed it to then on that page it was a different result that was listed.

So they are just stealing search terms.

Google did that, then when you go to Youtube and type in "black and pink polka dot fried eggs" that page comes up on Youtube a Google affiliate, then when you look at that page they are running ads for CNN and their affiliates like Nutrisystem.

So they stole the unique search terms from google off other .com page's like "black and pink polka dot fried eggs" and then linked them to videos on youtube with ads and videos for CNN on it and advertisements for crap like Nurtisystem in their network.

If you missed that in my rant yesterday, Nutrisystem food makes you lose weight because there is no substance in it, like empty food.

That's the same as just eating bread and water for next to nothing excpet they flavored it.

Then when you go to CNN off Youtube it's all people on there making up stories in a tabloid and bashing the president all day. Thats all they do on there.

CNN is not even news anymore, it's just bashing the president.

Again, they always throw out the real story and pick one item from it and and then lie and bash the President, they should have be pulled by the FCC yesterday its so bad and no one does anything.

A couple examples:

They said that all papers the President uses go to the Presidential archives and it's illegal to tear them up, and people got fired for talking about Donald Trump tearing up papers.

Are you joking!!!

No one would ever believe that. There is NO WAY that the White House permanently preserves every scrap of paper on every memo used by the President!

They only way you would believe that is if you were just watching and not paying attention and not thinking about it, then when someone points it out to you then you know they are lying.

Don't feel dumb for not getting that, you're just not thinking about what they are saying and they are talking about something you never heard of. 

Once you know the difference Wolf Blitzer and them sound handicapped.  

Do you know how big that would be in a warehouse?

They said the Government archives every paper used by the President, no they don't!

They said on CNN that the White House doesn't throw paper in the garbage and it all goes to the archives.

Then they said that the President tore up paper and he's not allowed to do that so he should be fired.

Then they said they staff got fired for saying that they had to tape the papers back together and they wern't allowed talking about it.

They do that on every story! They are not even news anymore.

They are just looking at the White House and "making things up that are going on inside" and then lying to the public and saying its real, they are not allowed doing that on television.

The real story was probably that staff found papers that Donald Trump tore up and they taped them back together to read them, then they told CNN what was on it to get on the news and got fired.

Then CNN just lies and makes up these crazy stories and thinks people will believe then. All they do there now is lie to slander the President. They should be closed.

The other example was that Kim Jong Un met Dennis Rodman the basket ball player and later Donald Trump.

The real story there is Kim Jong Un will only meet celebrities like  Donald Trump and not regular politicians and they didn't have the story.

Then they asked Rodman if Kim Jong Un spoke English and he avoided the question.

Obviously, you're not allowed to say if Kim Jong Un speaks English or not, saying so would be an insult to him and you're not allowed embarrassing him in the media.

Then they didn't have that story either!

That's because they are a tabloid making stuff up and lying then they missed all the regular news content. All the other news pages copy CNN and they didn't have the regular news stories either.

Instead they ran, The President's not allowed tearing up paper in the White House so he should be fired.

That is a total lie and they should be pulled off the air. Like, it's not one show of that like Hard Copy or something it's a whole tv network that does it all day.

CNN is a 24 hour a day network that just runs to slander the President now and it's all made up, plus they stole "trade marks" actual or just sayings they use and pointed them at CNN pages and advertisements on Youtube for Nutrisystem through Google Plus and Youtube.

Please leave Earth now CNN.


Monday, June 11, 2018

Holy fuck CNN why don't you shut your fucking mouth!!!!

Holy fuck, you can 't even watch CNN to watch the Donald Trump North Korea summit coverage.

They are practically on the television leaning over the desk masturbating while they slander the President of the United States of America.

You just want to watch the summit coverage and then all you hear form them all fucking day is their fucking hated personal agenda against the president.

We fucking get it, you hate Donald Trump at CNN, why don't you stop masturbating on the fucking camera while you slander people, people just want to see the summit coverage.


I FUCKING HATE YOU CNN. FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"I think it's gross that CNN hates women's underwear."