Wednesday, October 23, 2019

MUSIC: I Am Going To Make A Big Music Stunt Like Slayer's New Movie

The Slayer Movie
The Heavy Metal band Slayer is pulling this huge stunt for the last dates of their final tour and have made a fictional movie that will appear in theaters world wide on November 7th, 2019. 

The movie also contains a Slayer concert and clocks in at about two hours and ten minutes. I would expect a 90 minute movie and 40 minute concert. 

In the last few years since Slayer was dropped by Sony and are now back on Sony as Nuclear Blast Records, Slayer's label, was bought by a Sony owned label the band has made some pretty crazy moves. Accounts of plagiarism and using the likeness of Paris Hilton on their album booklet abound. 

Now they are making a fictional movie with Hollywood stars in it in an attempt to "break in" to Hollywood, I'll head downtown later to see what that looks like. 

My first impressions of this is that it looks like a pretty risky endeavor that could bankrupt the band leaving the dropped from Sony and their back catalog worthless if it fails because of the expense of a Hollywood production.

The movie is also set to be released on DVD/Blu Ray with the film and concert, I am a Slayer fan and their first albums up to "Season In The Abyss" are my favorite records but if this huge project fails it could leave their music catalog bankrupt on Sony if fans don't support and buy the movie like the movie "Reservoir Dogs" by Quentin Tarantino.

Meaning that this movie will have to sell like the proverbial "hotcake" in order for the band to be successful on Sony Pictures. It doesn't matter if this movie is on a Sony sub label it is still a Sony Production and if it doesn't sell like Tarantino then it will leave Slayer worthless at the music industry.

I mean the distribution of the film to theaters, and Blu Ray disc to stores plus paying the actors, directors and production teams to get the movie released in stores to the public will bankrupt Slayer if it is not successful.

My prediction is that if this movie does not become the next "Reservoir Dogs" then Slayer will be broke and that is also the same market as the Slayer movie. Don't even say that this will be the next "Water World" by Kevin Costner because it's not even in the same class as that. 

Going to the movie or watching the home video will be like seeing Slayer perform at the movie release get to watch the movie made by Slayer on the big screen and then see the band perform at the release party which is just a part of the movie. 

However, this is one night only in theaters and not being released in the independent film circuit or Cannes as far as I know like other movies but you never know if that will happen or not for a full theater movie release.  

Like it's one night only in theaters with a Slayer concert on it and then straight to home video as far as I can tell, but it looks like a pretty serious budget from the trailer.

This got me to thinking that I need a big crazy project that will never be finished and leave me bankrupt like this Slayer movie or "Metallica - St. Anger" and I know what it is going to be.

Here it is everyone....I have invented the "Lyric Video CD Booklet". 

For my next record I am making a full HD sound Lyric Video CD Album Booklet.

I guarantee that I will never finish this project for my next Collapse record.

What is a CD Lyric Video Booklet?

Remember this is my invention, that I will probably never finish.

The Lyric Video Album Booklet is the next generation in Digital Music on the Internet. It's a like a Lyric Video but for the entire album and replaces the paper booklet.

In the future album lyric sheets will be digital lyric video booklets only for the entire record in full HD sound with animations through out the albums lyric sheet.

Why would I say this in public if it is my invention? Well for one I am never going to finish it in time for my next record because it is too expensive and time consuming to make a full animated video booklet lyric sheet for the internet to go with my next album release which is the first attempted video lyric booklet in the music industry.

Plus, something like that is not something you can copyright. I was thinking of doing some lyric videos, then I wanted a full booklet of lyric videos to replace the album booklet. In reality I will probably not to do any of that and the project will fail. 

When the album finally comes out it will be a two panel paper booklet with maybe some distribution.

Getting a full album lyric sheet animated into flash videos that play along with the music and lyrics for a full album is way too large and I know I won't be able to finish it.

I'm not talking some cheap piece of crap a Corporate Professional what I would want to see is a "cut" they call it of the album booklet in lyric video format.

To me I would want to see one piece of artwork for each line of text on the lyric sheet, that would be like 100 album covers worth of artwork to go along with the lyrics in a "story board" format that goes along with the lyric content like on the recent Possessed and Exhorder lyric videos.

Example One: Possessed - "No More Room In Hell":

Example Two: Exhorder - "Hallowed Sound":

You would need all that to flow along with every song in a proper sequence in HD Audio, then I would say as a Corporate Executive or something that you would need about 30% of those pictures to properly fill the lyric video booklet that you can read along with to see where the lyrics are at in the song with full HD resolution animations that follow the flow of the music and lyric content to make it a "proper" album release.

As a business person I would say you would need to start with like 100 pieces of artwork and then end up using like 30% of them on the finished lyric video booklet.

That is what I am making for my next record.

Obviously, I will fail at this as the cost would be too expensive and the album would be way too time consuming.

Again, it will end up being a two panel paper booklet with no lyric sheet...something I can afford to produce and distribute.

The digital video lyric booklet would be a great choice for Death Metal Labels because the video booklet shows where the actual lyrics are at in the song because you can't hear them on the record and replace trying to follow along to the paper lyric sheet by putting them right on the screen in the lyric video booklet.

However, companies like Earache Records or Century Media records will never be able to afford to convert all their old album catalogs like Napalm Death to the Digital Lyric Video Booklet format because it would be way to expensive compared to album sales and you would need a "Pixar like" production to properly do the animations for the lyric video booklet.

In fact companies like Sony and Universal Music can not afford to convert their back catalogs to the digital lyric video booklet and have them animated by Pixar because it would be way too expensive compared to album sales and they would probably go bankrupt.

However I would like to see on Sony and Universal's webpage full animated digital video booklets for their entire back catalogs to go along with the audio cd albums but this will not be possible for them to do that as they do not have the money, resources or means to do that plus album sales are too low to pay for the project.

Of course they could put them on YouTube if they finished them to share on the internet and follow along with the audio record but it seems a little large and nice of a project to ruin by distributing the videos free on YouTube.

Another option would be to include the Digital Video Lyric Booklet with the actual Compact Disc in the case or include it as a data file but that will also be super expensive. Internet distribution would be the best option.

Record labels today would say that it is not worth it to do all that and make a Digital Lyric Video Booklet just to have on the website for fans to follow along with the lyrics because there are no sales to go with it, leaving the project abandoned at music companies because they are too small to take on the project and don't have sales volume to produce the digital lyric booklets.

However specific bands might want to take on this project or they may do special cd releases in Japan for the project on SACD or Super Audio CD.

The Japanese SACD would be a perfect fit for the Digital Lyric Video booklet and I could see people there making them just to have one, putting the retail price of the record up to around $200 to produce the SACD and animate the album's lyric video sheet.

Some artists like The Beatles, Michael Jackson or Kiss might be able to do something like that and make an animated digital lyric video booklet costing millions of dollars to animate the lyrics for the "Yellow Submarine" digital lyric video booklet to give away for free on the internet as maybe part of a reissue series of albums. 

The perfect band to do this would be Kiss for their original albums, their final tour is wrapping up just like Slayer.

What I would like to see is all the original Kiss albums reissued by the band to include all their Kiss Make Up artwork on Digital Lyric Video Booklets with tons of artwork and animations done by Pixar to release for free on the internet to promote their reissues and final tour.

The Ace Frehley animated Digital Lyric Video Booklet with full Ace makeup on to go with the lunch boxes would be a perfect fit and huge hit for the band, like in a big crazy stunt like Slayer.

The band will have to spend millions of dollars to release the digital lyric video booklets to give away free on the internet and commemorate it with special cd reissues to go with their final tour. That would be the perfect project for the band Kiss.

That is the next generation of the internet with the Animated Digital Lyric Video Booklet so we will see who tries to participate in that,record labels do not have the money but bands like Kiss might do it anyway on their own.

Just remember my next Collapse record is the first album to claim to be releasing the first Digital Lyric Video CD Booklet but it will fail because I do not have the time or means right now to complete all that because I am trying to get my regular stuff launched so someone else might beat me to it...but mine was the first "idea" on the internet of the Digital Lyric Video Animated Booklet.


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Dinosaur Record Wrong In Text Books

The Gastronis Proves Darwin & Dinosaur Theories Wrong
This falls under my talking out of my ass section with some lose based facts.

If you look at the Dinosaur Bird Fossil Record the story of evolution and extinction falls apart, personally I think that humans have always existed and they killed the Dinosaurs when they needed the space for expansion because the animals were too large.

This also ruins the traditional theory of evolution, making all this look like a scam now. Then if you check their numbers on how old the fossils are then add like a ton of zeros to the end of the number because everything is way older than they are saying.

The answer is here:  Gastornis

The Gastronis is an extinct dinosaur bird they claim from 25 Million Years ago. This bird is from a faimly of birds called "Anseriformes". 

In fact today this family of birds contains 180 living species today and only some are extinct including the Gastornis. 

What that means is only some of the Anseriforms went extinct meaning that the present day birds could have lived with the Gastronis because they are direct cousins in the animal record.

Anserforms are a set of birds like Geese and Ostrich, the Gastronis was larger than humans. What that means is you can see on the extinct bird chart there is an error on the dinosaur list on the "medium to large bird list" like the giant Onstrichs like the Gastronis. 

What I mean is that the Gastronis is probably not a Dinosaur but a modern bird that went extinct and is missing from today's bird families and is there cousin.   

Size Of Gastronis
So from the 180 living species today the Gastronis is extinct possibly from being hunted by humans because it was too large to get along with. 

According to their own words in their texts either an Ostrich is a dinosaur today or the Gastronis is a modern day bird that went extinct, but that is the same thing. Either way their text books are wrong.

Like this...

Lets say after the planet formed, the materials came from a black hole. In the "placenta" stage of the planet when everything was underwater a set of birds developed called the "Anseriformes" they all came onto the land being cousins...the Ostrich survived until today and the cousin Gastronis went extinct in the recent past in the fossil record.

What the means is the Anseriformes could be the original group from the placenta stage of the Earth and never evolved, only some didn't make it like the cousin Gastronis.

Not only that Darwin is wrong because he only uses a "liner model" of evolution that one animal had to come after the other in evolution and does not account for a group coming out of the Ocean at once like birds that were all cousins from the planet placenta stage like the Anseirformes. 

The group of birds being cousins probably came out of the ocean at one time and survived until today in a group not evolving after leaving the ocean, the "larger birds" on the dinosaur bird chart that are bigger than humans are missing but are the cousins of today's birds. 

Skeleton Of Gastronis
They could have possibly have been killed by humans in the fossil record because they were too large to deal with.

If you look on the bird chart the larger birds like the Ostrich are still here but the ones that are slightly larger are on the fossil list are under the dinosaur section including the Gastronis which is a family of birds that exist today with 180 species.  

My theory is that the Gastronis is actually NOT a dinosaur but a modern bird in the Anseriformes family that went extinct and is a direct cousin of some modern waterfowl.

Not only that the Gasronis is illustrated as having black and white feathers just like other modern birds in the Anseriformes family like Ostrich and Geese species that are alive today.

That association comes from research in the 1980's called "Phylogenetics" which maps similar animal species based on their traits to associate them in families.

This is compared to the fossil record to determine what color the dinosaurs were if they appear in similar families.

The Gastronis was placed in the Anseriformes family and colored with black and white feathers in the illustration to match some modern birds including geese and ostriches of some kind. 

This puts the Gastronis in the "geese family" of modern birds with black and white feathers meaning that the birds probably lived at the same time together having come form the Earth's placenta stage at the same time.

Modern Magpie Goose

Illustration Of Black & White Gastronis

If you compare that to humans then on the human evolution chart which is totally bogus then all the humans, monkeys, apes and human like creatures all came out of the Earth placenta stage together and are cousins from the formation of the planet.

Some became monkeys and some became humans...a "non linear" pattern not accounted for by Darwin who only uses a linear model meaning they had to appear one at a time and not exist in a group.

This is wrong because statistically some species had to appear in groups because it is not possible for all animals to evolve on the same linear model. 

That means that Neanderthals could have actually been deformities or something, I also checked the human evolution chart and a lot of the drawings look like many people I see walking around today making Neanderthals bogus and probably deformities.

If fact, humans may have killed the dinosaurs after leaving the Earths placenta stage with their "cousins' monkey's and ape creatures when they needed the space for expansion at some point saving the modern Ostrich and killing the larger birds like the Gastronis that were threats to humans because of their predatory nature and large size.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Will The Cimate Change Bring Winter Oranges To Nova Scotia?

Will Halifax Produce Winter Oranges?
This is the big question...will Nova Scotia be manufacturing Winter Oranges since the Climate has changed?

The climate has changed so drastically in Nova Scotia in that the province may actually be able to produce winter oranges the survive the cold and snowfall.

Already in in Halifax Palm Trees have successfully transplanted into the area and are growing in the Halifax / Dartmouth area that last the winter, although newly transplanted or "cherished locations" can have the trees covered during the colder parts of the winter to prevent physical damage from wind and ice pellets.

On the other end Halifax may be home to the new development of winter oranges because of the warmer weather, these winter oranges are short season growing oranges and others that last all year in the colder conditions.

They also may be ably to put a light green house like enclosure around the winter oranges to survive the snow during the warmer weather. In parts of Nova Scotia the weather has changed so much that oranges may be able to grow because the weather is warm enough to sustain the plants during the snow.

Even though it is snowing, the air is still warm enough to support the oranges.

Winter oranges are a colder grown orange or grown during a short season, and may contain cold water and ice in them making them a favorite orange treat.


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Look What Happened Everyone

Washington Nationals Win Pennant
Remember when I went on my Summer vacation trip as documented in the post:

My Summer Vacation Trip July 4th, 2019:

That's right it was a special trip to Washington D.C to have a picnic and see the they are in the World Series!

See how awesome that was, I may even start handing out trip advice after that.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

MUSIC: Failed Metal Promotions

Failed Music Promotions
I'm just going to put some music factoids on here for stuff you need to know about metal. Just like the band Death in Toronto Utopian Vision Music was another failed promotion from the Canadian management of Black Mark Records in the mid 1990's.

Bands like Mundane, Strappado (ex Slaughter), Inner Thought were released on Utopian Vision Music and released a few albums and then several compilation albums called "Sonic Obliteration" Vol 1 - 3 , which featured bands from Toronto and Canada mainly.

The label failed and the promotion closed in the early 2000's, I had some connections to this label but after they closed I went on to work in the retail music business at that time when they all closed and quit metal.

Bio from

 The Fall of 1994 saw the first release, in the form of a split 7" EP, entitled, In Moments of Weakness, with Toronto artists: Soulstorm and Mundane. The following summer of 1995 saw the release of Sonic Obliteration Volume 1, a 4 CD compilation of mainly Canadian and European heavy genre artists, such as: Inner Thought, Mundane, KRUG and HOER. Two years later, in 1997, while Dragan (Ed) Balog, as North American Label Manager of Black Mark Productions, he along with Black Mark Productions head, Borje Forsberg, agreed and finalized the release of, Sonic Obliteration Volume 2, which came out worldwide, as a joint Utopian Vision Music and Black Mark Production compilation.

With a few years, after leaving Black Mark Productions, Dragan (Ed) Balog, continued putting out a few more releases, by INTERZONE -Cydonia, that featured Rob Urbinati of SACRIFICE, Drew Gauley of MUNDANE, Junior of SOULSTORM/MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE etc and Kevin Wimberley of ENTROPY/SACRIFICE. Other releases included ODYSSEY featuring Dan Swano, the INNER THOUGHT - Is There Hope Amid The Ruins EP, and the legendary Canadian death metal cult classic, SLAUGHTER - Surrender Or Die on CD (previously only available as a demo/cassette through the underground in the 80s) to name but a few.

While Utopian Vision Music, is not active any longer, Dragan (Ed) Balog is still active as a published Author and Writer. His first book, Cathartic Windows came out in 2008 (Epic Press); while 2017 saw the release of his newest book, A Gold Sheaf On A Grey Throne (FriesenPress). Many of his other writings have been published in: Canadian, American, UK, and European music magazines during the 1990s, and the early 2000s. 


Sunday, October 13, 2019

I Have A New Free Recipe Out For Thanksgiving

Double Fluffy Biscuits With Cranberry Sauce
We did it again everyone, we made a new recipe when we were baking for Thanksgiving, maybe it can be added to the traditional Thanksgiving meal. A original recipe can be an adaption of another recipe, that is what this is.

The new recipe is Double Fluffy Biscuits with Butter and Cranberry Sauce in the Microwave.

This is a secret recipe we just made for Thanksgiving, you have to know how to bake biscuits already  to make the recipe, these are the best biscuits ever. 

You need 1/2 Cup of Flour and 1/4 Cup of Milk per biscuit then add some sugar and they should be 1 inch thick when you roll them out and bake for 15 Minutes at 425 Degrees,then let cool to brown. 

Let the biscuits cool and then cut in half, add butter and top with cranberries and then microwave for 30 seconds to1  minute.

They are the best biscuits ever.

The Story Of Double Fluffy Biscuits with Butter and Cranberry Sauce in the Microwave

Thanksgiving and the fall in Atlantic Canada always reminded me of old muscle cars, girls used to take me out in the woods when I was a teenager to look at them, you know the ones stored in old barns and stuff, I used to do that all the time in the Fall around Thanksgiving.

We decided to drive out of the city in an old 60's black convertible of some kind you know one of them old huge gas guzzlers that someone had. Our plan was to go to a truck stop diner and steal their biscuit recipe because we just started baking and wanted to get a good one.

I was telling some girls that I used to go out it the woods at Thanksgiving to look at old cars and stuff with these other girls I knew a long time ago. They said they liked doing that stuff do and got an old convertible and took me out to this diner way out of the city to steal a biscuit recipe.

We went way out like when you drive to Las Vegas from Los Angeles to this old truck stop diner to get a recipe, I mean we were just doing that with the old car and stuff for show like in a movie or something.

Anyway, we decided to crash this diner scene and walk in and start showing off acting like we were right important from Hollywood or something and all we could afford was this old car.

We got some diner coffee and one of the girls I was with started asking about biscuits at the diner, they were super good it turns out, anyway I don't know but I think she had a line on them in advance.

So told the waitress we were looking for a good biscuit recipe and asked her if we could have the one from the diner. She said yes and said that "she and the baker and the cook needed it to"...she also said she liked the girl I was with's frosted blonde hair and huge pink designer sunglasses. 

We had something to eat just regular like steak and french fries just to fit in while we pretended we were right big from Hollywood and got the recipe. The waitress gave us the recipe and we also bought some biscuits with our dinner.

Later when we got back I put the cranberry sauce in the freezer to chill it for those girls I was with, then I forgot about it in the freezer and then can froze.

We made the double fluffy biscuits earlier, they are huge, and then we wanted frozen cranberries on top of our biscuits. We cut the biscuits in half and buttered them and topped them with frozen cranberry sauce, that was slightly melted then heated them up in the microwave. 

That is what happened.


Friday, October 11, 2019

Something Strange Happened To Me At The Grocery Store

Do You Have Shopping Confusion?
Recently there have been some hard times here in the big city, I mean with the Hurricane and all that. So I had some food from the Sobeys store bakery and I haven't eaten there in a long time. The word on the street is everyone downtown thinks that "Sobeys sucks". 

Yeah so I haven't eaten there in a while and don't shop there then I had some of their food, it tastes like they made it in their kitchen at home and are selling in the store bakery. That's what someone told me and then I had they have these crazy recipes in their bakery like cinnamon rolls that taste like they have coffee in them and are super strong and stuff like raisin and walnut bread, like it sounds like they made that at home.

So if you don't eat there in a while and go back and try it then it tastes like they made it at home and sell in in the bakery. Anyway, it's not very good.

I went down to the store, not Sobeys, to get some stuff I needed for Thanksgiving dinner and something strange happened. I only wanted to spent $15 on stuff like pickles, cranberries and beets and stuff to limit myself  to a budget and when I went there I got my stuff and had to put something back. 

Like I couldn't get it all because I didn't bring enough money and I had to put back my extra gravy cans so I could get cranberries, beets and mustard pickles to go with my turkey. Now I have to go back later and get fresh carrots because I forgot about them I didn't bring enough money.

I think I may have shopping confusion, I mean I only wanted to get $15 dollars worth of pickles, beets, cranberries, carrots, gravey and corn and they didn't have it at the store.

Now I have to go back later to get carrots, I also wanted to cook my Turkey tomorrow on Saturday and now I may not be ready in time because I couldn't get all my sides for $15. That's puts Thanksgiving up to like $50 for one meal for like just a couple people, then I was gonna eat left overs on Sunday.

Now I don't know what's happening because of my shopping confusion, and get this....not only all that you may have to start bringing your own bag to the grocery store now because the stores here can't afford to stock free bags for customers.

Like all the stores have no money for bags and now you might have to bring your own bag now, I don't know what is going on down there.