Monday, September 25, 2023

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1976 World Series, Game 4: Reds @ Yankees

Aaron Judge on being eliminated from 2023 postseason

RE: Yankees Eliminated 2023

Blame LA Dodgers faulty fence for ruiningAaron Judges season.


Yankees fall 7-1 to D-Backs, officially eliminated from playoffs

SCREEN SHOT: Hack Claims Ownership Glenn Danzig

On this record on the fake page they have the Misfits record saying they can't play it from youtube on the open source saying Glenn Danzig not on the record blocked the file from for copyright infringement.

This fake media player header is only on some pages.

Totally fake.

Any albums in any format including artwork are public domain including any concerts and podcasts etc, on the page are all open source.

The page means any album mentioned listed is open source even if the clips are only previews.

Then they want you to go to spotify to pay to listen to the album saying it's owned by Glenn Danzig.