Tuesday, January 18, 2022

January Update

Ok you can all relax now I got my usual stuff back, I know everyone's used to me having a record store and a big metal tour around me but I had to go away to school, now I'm 46 and have a failed stock market run.

That leaves lots of room for me to run back at the record store...I'm pretty surprised actually there was another huge selloff or something on domain names, I think a company tanked or something.

That's my point...now I have a big name to show off it's www.popmusicsingles.com that's the main release url for all Pop Digital Singles , now that I have that for video sharing we'll all be number one on pop, so just relax for a bit while I work on the page, it's still a record store promotion page but I had to put the metal at the back.

I'm switching over to 4k and all that now and probably do some visualizers and stuff later for some bands for deathmetal.tv , so I'm resetting a bit right now.

So I feel much better now having a real record store around me again, and staying home not working doing it is exactly the same pay.

I started thinking about the 1990's now that I got a bunch of my stuff resolved for my business startup, like I can see it getting off the ground now and working on expanding the shopping cart.

What came up is this, which I totally wasn't thinking about....I write about University and all that but way before that in the 1990's when I did dancing and stuff I did all my prep work back then and visited corporations and stuff to plan for school later.

That's a whole different larger older topic that came up then I decided to work at the Record Store and then take all that later in University....now I have my own attempted store.

Someone had asked me that and it's coming up a bit, I took tons of classes and did visits and stuff and knew most of the stuff about running a large business before I even went.


Monday, January 17, 2022

POPCORN | The History of the World's Most Popular Snack Food - LINK: http://www.popcornmachine.org

Pop Hits 2021- Sia, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Maroon 5, Adele, Taylor Sw...-LINK: www.popmusicsingles.com

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I'm Number One on Pop Rock:









NEWS: Samsung Becomes New TV Frontrunner With New Standard Features Launch

Samsung is now the best selling tv manufacturer in the world and have launched on 4K+ televisions at over $3000, yeah no thanks. 


Last year this didn't support Youtube.

This year Samsung has a new launch coming in June 2022 for new Hi Def Smart Televisions and also offer standard apps as well as their own company apps which I assume include apps like Youtube etc. as well as Roku and Samsung TV selections included free on their televisions.

Internet connection required.

Not a bad selection with free movies and content but this is still connected to the Obsolete Digital Cable Satellite Network so if offers local tv services first.

If you dump the cable you still get a good selection of free services and some companies are offering internet tv subscriptions that run on other services like Roku.

Not quite there yet but a big improvement.

Not long from now all televisions at department stores will be on open free global wi fi televisions with six million channels playing free from around the world on them and will also offer paid subscriptions.

Then all cable and satellite lines will be obsolete and all signals will be switch to 5G open wi fi...at some point in the future.

I'll be looking for the Dish Network Canada app so I can get back on the shopping channel. 

If your looking to get a jump start on the future of television my advice is to get a Samsung.

EDIT: Compared to the new Iphone 13 services which only offers standard 1080p 4K option with HDR record option at 1 gig for 30 seconds of video ouch, which requires a 1 TB memory drive while other Android Phones run at about 256 Gigabyte Micro SD.

However however, the new removable SD drives offer a two terrabyte memory chip which runs about $250 Canadian, however I didn't check to see if the Iphone 13 ran SD memory while other phones run Micro SD.


Ohio Slamboys - You Won't Last Long In Ohio