Saturday, July 20, 2019

Action Figures By "ReAction"

What is the company Re-Action? Does that mean re made action figures?

I dunno man, those look like bootlegs to me...they have the Slayer, Misfits and King Diamond action figures and then are reissuing action figures of stuff like He Man and Masters of the Universe. That just looks a little cheap to me.

Then they have the parody "Kenner" logo on them, like the original 1980's action figures. I dunno tho, when did He-Man get moved to something like "Re-Action" and they put it with Slayer..seems like to big of a drop in companies to be for real, maybe the Misfits got signed to a bootleg action figure company.

That all seems a little cheap to me. They are saying Super7 is "Kenner style action figures"...looks like a bootleg action figure company to me.

You compare...bootleg or not bootleg?:


SUPER 7 - Re-Action Figures (Reloaded Action Figures)


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pet Peeves On The Internet

Browser Tab Detach - The mouse sticks and auto pulls the tab windows off and then sometimes the screen sticks when the page reloads. Tab detach can not be turned off on the browser and is a permanent feature.

Some browsers like Firefox have a plugin to turn off tab detach which slows down the pc....that means that tab detach slows down the pc by making the browser windows stick. The pc would work better if tab detach was auto turned off and then had to be enabled, or installed as a plugin to enable tab detach for people who want it.

I don't, I hate auto tab detach because it interrupts you if you work a lot using tabs and browser windows.

YouTube video resume - The YouTube video player has no stop button only pause then if you watch part of a video then go back it starts playing at the spot you left off. Then there is no stop button.

If you drag the time scroll button back to the start of the video to play it from the beginning and then reload the page the video starts playing at the old time index not at the start of the video.

So you can't start the video from the beginning and then reload the page because it will return to the middle of the video clip and then you have to manually move the time scroll button again back to the start of the video.

Mix those two features together and it drives you nuts, the tab keeps detaching itself on the YouTube screen and keeps playing the video in the middle when you try and reload the page, plus all that slows down the pc.

Those features on the internet are BACKWARDS , they need to include the stop button on YouTube to restart the video and then be able to refresh the screen, then they need to disable auto tab detach so that your browser tabs don't auto detach when the screen sticks, all that garbage on there also causes your computer to freeze and stick.

Get a job or something, making that useless crap for the internet is a waste of peoples time.


Best All Time Summer Blockbusters

Classic Summer Blockbusters
All the heat this Summer is making me nostalgic for that big summer blockbuster movie like when I was a small child or teenager going to the movies to see that big huge hit like Terminator 2 , War Games, Jaws 2, Superman 3, Rambo 3 or Jurassic Park. 

Of course some of those movies I saw later on Beta or VHS. 

One of the things I'm doing this Summer is catching up on all my favorite all time Summer Blockbuster Movies. 

You can get a list on some webpages but they have crappy pages and show the list one movie per html page at a time, making you scroll through the list which forces you to look at all the ads, those pages suck.

When you go to the page you have to load all the ads and then click through the picture viewer at the top of the page to see the list, like on this page:

There's nothing like the nice hot weather and watching a huge list of Summer Blockbusters, that really brings me back to my childhood.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

UNITED STATES: Treason Charges Loom As False Impeachment Forms Accepted By Congress **UPDATED**

Treason Charges Loom As The President Faces False Impeachment Forms 


Treason Charges Loom In The United States Against Democratic Party As Congress Accepts Fake Impeachment Forms

July 17, 2019 - Jason MacKenzie - 

Jason MacKenzie is and Internet Blogger and Death Metal band .

Amidst the unresolved scandal of a phony lawsuit filed against President Trump by United States Defense Contractors over the United States Border Wall Construction at the Mexico Border on behalf of Defense Contractors claiming to own several states and military bases in the United States including California and White Sands Military Base the Defense Contractors are back and have filed fake impeachment charges against the President.

The previous lawsuit has never been resolved as Private Military Defense Contractors are claiming that the border wall fund is draining money from their "private economy" of Military Staff in several high profile Military Bases. 

These "defense contractors" are claiming to own several states and have now filed false "articles of impeachment" forms against the President (for real) from their fake section of the United States and are claiming that they own Native American Indian Reservations on their private land in states like California.

These "forms" which are not allowed to be processed by the United States Government have been accepted into debate into the United States Congress.

The claim comes from American Indian Reservations who have launched an attack on President Abraham Lincoln's victory in the United States Civil War to remove the victory by the North in the Civil War to return the land in California to Private Military Defense Contractors representing the South and the Mexican Border who have also falsely sued the President claiming they privately own the United States Military Budget.

What the lawsuit and impeachment articles are saying by them being accepted into the Congress for Debate is that the Military Defense Contractors have severed several US States and own the Mexican border in the South in Private Hands (for real).

Obviously, this is open treason in the United States and the sentence is the Death Penalty. 

The private defense contractors are asking the United States Senate for an open debate claiming to own parts of the United States in private hands right in the face of the public and asking American Citizens for official recognition in the Government which has been refused by United States Citizens who have demanded them to be executed for treason. 

The attack on the United States from within sections of the Military under private defense contractors is being led by Rep. Al Green who appears to be Native American or of similar descent.

Al Green of the Democratic Party is claiming that the Southern States and the Mexican Border are privately held by defense contractors and that it is impeachment to make a racial statement on Twitter by the President in the South.

I did not bother to look up the actual supposed racial tweet by the President but there is no proof that the tweet was even made by the President himself or if it was fake, also compromised Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter are not admissible evidence in Presidential Hearings or Congressional Debates yet however they have been accepted into debate in the United States Congress aka...Treason in the Open in the United States by the Democratic Party under Al Green and Private Defense Contractors.

Their attempt is to remove the Victory of Abraham Lincoln in the United States Civil War so that the Southern States can be given to Private Defense Contractors, they are claiming that in the Southern States that their private laws are so strict there that the President is not allowed to make a tweet considered to be racist, even with no evidence that it is or that he made it, or he will be impeached in a hearing from outside the United States Constitution in Public which is what they are claiming.

You can read the phony form here which is only three paragraphs:

In the form they even quote Gettysburg while attempting to remove the victory by Lincoln in an outright insult to a free country like the United States.

More to follow.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Plastic Bag Charges In Canada

In Canada some stores like Walmart charge customers for plastic bags at 0.05 Cents per bag.

There is a hole in the Government on Plastic Bag Taxation.

This is how it works....Canada has TWO CURRENCY SYSTEMS....Cash and Plastic (Credit / Debit).

Canada has also "done away" with the "Penny" or 1 Cent piece. 

When you buy a plastic bag the bag plus tax comes to 0.06 Cents....0.05 Cents for the bag + 0.01 Cents for the tax.

If you want to save money in Canada ALWAYS use Cash when buying plastic bags because the cash rounds down the price after tax for the bag from 0.06 Cents back to 0.05 Cents.

What that means is if you use cash you will not get charged the tax on plastic bags because since they have no penny the cash transaction rounds back down to 0.05 Cents and cancels out the tax.

If you pay by Debit/Credit you will be charged the 0.06 Cents for the bag PLUS Bank and Interac fees.

In Canada it is best to use Cash.

You will not be charged tax on Plastic Bags.

If you use "plastic" you will be charged tax plus bank fees.

You can see this when you buy non taxable food items only at Walmart and you buy bags, you will be charged 0.01 Cents tax per plastic bag on your food items.

The Canadian Government is losing millions of dollars per year on cash transactions on plastic bags because of the two currency systems.

All cash rounds to 0.05 Cents and the 0.01 cent transactions are on credit / debit transactions only PLUS bank fees.

If you only pay cash for plastic bags you will not be charged the 0.01 cents per plastic bags or interac fees. 

If you really want to stick it to the government only use CASH when you buy plastic bags, the government will lose 0.01 cents in taxes per transaction on plastic bags because the currency rounds the tax down, specifically on food purchases.

That means that the government only gets the tax money for plastic bags on credit transactions only.

The government gets NO TAX money on cash transaction on plastic bags paid for by cash because the price of the bag plus tax rounds back down to cancel the tax off.

You can see this on food transactions where there is no tax, then if you use cash for the plastic bags the government will lost 0.01 cent per plastic bag transaction...that is millions of dollars per year to the government that they lose in tax money.

Remember when you go shopping in Canada to always bring your calculator and use cash to make sure your purchases ALWAYS ROUND DOWN and NOT UP.

Then they will lose the money on the cash transaction when it rounds down to 0.05 Cents, then they will lost another 0.01 Cents in tax money on the cash transaction for plastic bags.




I Went To Tim Hortons Today And This Is What Happened

$2.22 for a large coffee in Halifax....


I'm not fucking paying that.