Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls (Day On The Green 1985)

Cliff Burton Guitar Pickup

How old is that guy anyway, his sister says in a documentary when he was playing bass he used to practice with a blanket on his head...that's so he can learn to play without looking at the bass.

Then they said they stopped making his bass head or something for his sound...who was that Les Paul himself on the day the electric guitar came out. 

Then they said he wanted to take an electronics course to make the bass head himself but didn't want to take the elective courses, then he did and was making his own distortion for the bass himself in the bass head.

Then she said in fact Cliff Burton was a lead guitar player, then he played lead guitar on the bass and had an electric guitar pickup in the bass.

The whole thing is lead guitar on the bass that he invented and is the only person that can play like that on the day the bass came out.

Those people are lying like fuck.


Metallica Seek And Destroy Live at The Metro 1983

Suicidal Tendencies - Trip at the Brain

Monday, July 13, 2020

New Atlantic Canada Bubble


HALIFAX: So My Doctor Quit During Covid

Oh yeah awesome Halifax. 

My doctor quit and closed her practice over on Young St by Gladstone during covid. 

Some community you people working here established, none, which is also in the North End where the office is.

Now we have no doctor in our part of the community and no extra welfare or disability money either as covid approaches an all time high which everyone in British Columbia the biggest shit hole on Earth gets $300 extra a month this Summer while here in Halifax we have no funding and they closed our doctors office.

Guess where the doctor went?

To work for hobos at the veterans drop in center for the fake government issuing all that...nothing to us then they took our doctor.

Why my doctor didn't like me for a patient and the other people which also includes the North End to go work for Veterans Affairs at the homeless veteran drop in center or something is the most pathetic thing I ever heard.

Thanks for nothing.

Do you people ever fucking love hobos at the local municipality.

Fucking whatever.

Then people even thanked her in the obituaries on the internet for helping them when their family dying and then she didn't even mean it and got up and fucked off for the hobo affairs office or something and stuck us during covid with no extra money like they get in the shit hole British Columbia.

Go wait on you hobos then if you fucking didn't like us.