Friday, May 24, 2024

HALIFAX: Rumors / Gossip - Bums Stink & Break Buildings Hot Water Heaters At Community College Carnival On Main In Heat Wave

Rumors, alerts...

All on Main Street stinks like dog shit with people mowing lawns in it on route to MacKay Bridge at Mic Mac Mall.

Tons of them are over there not washed in the mall and Food Court and some stink broke out.

Then they went around harassing people stinking in the drive through with dog shit all over the area in a 28 Degree heat wave and the mostly India staff had to put the run to them from the Tim Hortons drive thru.

All yelling about Tim Hortons pizza doesn't come with pop.

They already told them, you can get any items in a custom combo including soda pop and also coffee is sold at Pizza Delight in the same food shop area.

Then they went up to to the Community College Carnival on Main Street with the expensive rides Orbiter, Zippper etc. and then went into people's apartment buildings in the area and broke their hot water heaters so the building tenants couldn't wash their clothes.

The people with them one guy mouthing off to the neighborhood was "going on incessantly" that business like CD Plus and Urban Sound Exchange, Taz Records, Sunrise Records (which is in the Food Court at the Dungeons & Dragons and Disney Merch Store) etc., won't give them free promotions off their web pages as a gift for their social life down town about the CD "Venom - Black Metal" on public domain, them claiming they work on the record store page and get free gifts from the owner.

*Updated, I think they mean stores Web Site Shopping Carts like Sunrise or Taz Records retail stores, web page selling the Heavy Metal CD "Venom - Black Metal" which they can print on their own now along with tons of other old titles, wouldn't include the guys stuff as a free gift on the page to him so he could run a free private promotion off it stolen from Sunrise Records like at the Mic Mac Mall Food Court.* 

The "owner" said the person was buying expensive items like custom Heavy Metal shirts for $1200 now wanted a gift from some business and WON'T PAY, and they had to put the run to him.

They said he kept coming back saying "the dates were getting old" on the custom collectable and the business had to change their phone number.

Again....the guy...


Like with the $1200 Heavy Metal t-shirts to have something on the Public Domain page they owned this time he DIDN'T PAY.

Then he wanted a gift from the business to make his own promotion off, trying to assault the owners of the page but he didn't find them.

What the hell man?