Tuesday, August 9, 2022

RE: Austin Radio Talk Show Host Case

I see what the issue might be....covid products, the show said they started making $11 million and then lost a lawsuit during covid with Trump's failed political platform.

The whole deal with the radio show may have been to sell covid products.

Hahahaha, like on a Dallas tv episode or something...then he comes out thinking he's out back with a secret deal with the president like on The West Wing (Renee Estevez) and said she was covering up a fake government shooting and tried to make her say it in public...

...believing the government documents, then publicly defamed her and it was a bad crooked deal off fake documents and he tried to get her to say it in real life and it was made up and he got caught covering fake documents on the radio show in the data breach and then tried to boss a woman around in deal to sell crooked covid products is what it sounds like on the news.



RE: Trump Searched / Radio Host Loses Lawsuit Cases

Trump home searched by FBI for stolen documents...that is also the topic and material of the radio talk show host case in Austin.

They both have in common government documents.

...maybe the radio talk show is covering illegal documents from the data breach in Washington D.C. and they come up in the FBI raid, the radio show content, then the radio talk show host tried to boss around some woman copying Trump's "illegal maneuver" he talks about on the show.

Like coming out and trying to make her say something he said he knew about out back from the missing documents in the Trump case or something and he got sued and lost.



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