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RE: Dungeons & Dragons: Stormwreck Isle

This new book is a big in store release at Target only until October 4th and it's a huge hit book coming out.

The Dungeons & Dragons method is in the adventures players must use their own rule set in some settings while using official in others.

They have also just bought Global Television or something and made new Dungeons & Dragons movies starting with the cast of the Star Trek relaunch with Chris Pine (Captain Kirk).

The theme continues in new Dungeons & Dragons as players must act out scenes in character in the game setting in the television and movie background, while trying to test the Dungeon Master to with their character to beat the adventure.

The Dungeon Master must tell the story, follow along and the rule on the game outcomes as players use their wits to outsmart the Dungeon Master and win the Dungeons & Dragons adventure like in Stormwreck Isle .


Dragons of Stormwreck Isle | S1E1 | Part 2 | New starter set.

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle | S1E1 | Part 1 | New starter set.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: "Adventure Begins" Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle

Stormwreck Isle in real life is probably Nova Scotia here where I live, like when my D20 Beta came out.

Maybe they are trapped down at Oak Island looking for the big treasure, well...earlier on this blog I revealed the contents of the Oak Island Mystery were actually a list of the contents of the fictional story Blackbeard and the spot may have have been a British sea well for putting out fires during the American Revolution up were in Lunenberg where some of the Battles took place.

That what I think Stormwreck Isle is. 

This new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is only available at Target with new list price $20 down from initial $35.

From the reviews you can see they have new character sheet layouts with short cuts on them and now list some of the rules as D20 format.

The game again has come out with the Board Game "Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins", "Monsters Of The Multiverse" Rules Expansion and now a new Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle.

The point here is that this is a pre Dungeons & Dragon 6E release.

The new starter set is to convert you to the new "play as monsters" rules from "Monsters Of The Multiverse" then you are supposed replace these rules from the ones in your old rule book and continue forward.

Negative criticism includes that there is no free mini online rule book and adventure like with the 5E release, which apparently is extremely popular because of the expensive price of full Dungeons & Dragons books.

That's the whole point of this set.

I think where Dungeons & Dragons really failed was with the random character generator format, then you jump into the game too fast and try and run ahead.

Then you miss new game opportunities for the Starter Set leading to 6E to introduce new levels.

In my D20 Beta Game Dragon Adventures I have switched to all 18's in the character boxes to make players all start equal, then change the difficulty of the game with a level setting difficulty feature.

Meaning Dragons Adventures D20 Beta spends more time at the early levels setting up the game and learning how to use the maps at the introductory levels.

For example "Combat Sections" and other rules have been taken out of the game and placed in separate modules.

This allows for character weapon and combat training and setup where players can build their character on "training settings" allowing them to try different weapon combinations in character setup before finalizing the character for the game.

These setup levels introduce characters in the game like the wizard who helps you train for magic spells and weapon combat characters to guide fighters.

This way, in Dragon Adventures the house rules have become "module books" that can be removed and interlock with other sections of the game on D20 and use them on practice settings in the first levels for character setup.

For example on practice setting you can play the combat section only against other characters while to change weapons to balance your character, when ready you enter the adventure.

Players first learn this and how to read the maps and learn official rules on practice setting before learning official modules.

The Dragon Adventures Character Sheet also has an expanded ability score column to play to ability score 25 including official character sheet adjustments and D20 monster conversion book to import outside characters into Dragon Adventures . 


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