Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Listen To What I Am Dealing With

I'm saying all this on my blog because I just want it documented that people are flaming me on the internet so that if anything crazy happens then everyone will be able to read this and they will know I was being flamed and the background and context.

Here is what Wikipedia says about it.

I really can't believe I'm dealing with this, and the point is you can't flame me or hurt my feelings because I'm grown up and have a career and stuff and they are right immature. All they are doing is like annoying me to death because it's unwelcomed and then I flip out and start yelling and spazzing and cursing at everyone. 

I'm just saying it's around heavy metal music in Atlantic Canada, and it's the trench coat mafia that does it. 

Then it's not just the flaming it's how they act handicapped when they do it, like you can't get rid of them and then when you look at their logic it comes across as handicapped when you say what they are doing. 

The whole point here is this is all done in public so I can say whatever I want about them, I just want them banned from my presence. What's going to happen to them over it, they'll get a warning not to talk to me and then some kind of fine or something. 

Like it's not even worth taking it to court but it's just principle that giving them the ten cent fine and a notice from a lawyer will get rid of them from annoying me.

What they are doing is I don't talk to a bunch of people, then they keep pulling these stunts and getting a third person to talk to me then they start making friends with me and being nice, then I tell them how awful the other people are to me then they go and agree with me and say they don't like them, then a short time later they stage this stunt to get you and the other person in the same room together to try and make you talk to them. 

This is so pathetic. 

So you think the guys is being friends with you, then you look and he has the other guy walk in that you don't get along with and starts talking to him right in front of you.

Then they go "what are you going to do about it?" then they go and try and get you to talk to the guy.

So I have to put the run to them and then I spazz. 

This happened a few times. 

So this guys hears your story, then he agrees with you and then he goes back and talks to the other guy and tricks you into being in the same room as the guy flaming you trying to get you to talk to him.

Look, I'm not interested in talking to you or being around any of that.

This is another example,  I was going to this church lunch several years ago on a regular basis and was sitting with these people and talking to them and stuff at the church dining hall for several months. 

Then all the people knew that I lived by myself and that these people were flaming me on the internet and following me around yelling when I am an adult. 

So we're sitting there and I'm minding my own business then the guy has my estranged biological mother walk in and sit at different table, then right in front of her he goes "you know the staff at the musical instrument store says that you should talk to this relative of yours" and tried to get me to go visit the guy right in front of everyone at the church lunch and with my estranged mother sitting there listening with people who worked at the guitar store.

So this guy I was talking to setup this stunt to put me on the spot in front of my estranged mother to go visit this other relative for him and staff from the guitar store.

That's because they were harassing me for money. Then they keep setting up these stunts. 

Right so what they all didn't know when they were harassing me for money is like the guy they were trying to get me to talk to is like the guy who used beat you with a broom handle when you were in grade seven.

It's not that serious though. 

So the guy in my family that I didn't talk to anymore is like the guy in your family who used to hit you with a broom handle or hockey stick in the house when you were in grade seven and yelling at you all the time.

So they set up this stunt looking for money and stuff to get the two of us in the same room together so I could patch it up with the guy who used to throw stuff at me so that he and people from the guitar store could get money from him with my estranged mother. 

Ok there, it's like the guy tries to get you in a room with this person you don't talk to without your permission and you walk in and this guy who used to beat you when you were in junior high school walks in and they try to get you to talk to him looking for money and interfering with my personal business.

So the trench coat mafia keeps doing stuff like that to me but it's always a different person every time, then you talk to them or go somewhere with them and when you get there they had setup this meeting and staged getting you in a room with an estranged relative.

Then when you walk in it's to put you in the same room as the guy that used to beat you with a broom handle when you were like twelve. 

Then they didn't know anything about the broom handle, they were just all bumming money and setting up stunts to get you into some room with people you don't talk to any more and it's unwelcomed so you have to put the run to them.

Then the people doing that are like idiots in the trench coat mafia. 

The guy they tried to get me in the room with at the church lunch was a relative from when I still lived at home and in like junior or senior high school. 

So you go to grade seven and they make you take home economics which is great anyway and teach you how to cook and make these recipes and stuff.   

Then I used to be at home and I started cooking and making recipes and stuff like they teach you in grade seven like lasagna and stuff. 

Then the guy living in the house goes and see's the food and starts yelling and complaining that I was "putting too many ingredients in my supper" and that it was a "waste of money" and then he could have used the money for something else.  

Then he goes while I was making lasagna "all that cheese and stuff in that is a waste of money and then could have been like multiple meals and you should have just made hamburger and then I needed the rest of the money for something else" and he was screaming and yelling at me for making lasagna and other stuff and only wanted me to have a meal with one ingredient in it.

Then he started cursing me out all the time and throwing dishes and tea cups into the kitchen and smashing them when I was cooking because he was mad because I put too many ingredients in my supper. 

Then he was addicted to smoking, gambling and probably drinking and he was mad because he didn't want me to make food like lasagna because it costs too much and wanted me to just have a meal of only one ingredient so he could blow the money gambling and drinking or something.   

Anyway, I never gave into that and wasn't hit with anything but it was all yelling and smashing stuff all the time. As soon as I was an adult I left and then later put the run to the guy. 

That is who the people flaming me are looking for money and stuff from me. Then they flamed me on the internet and followed me around yelling at me in their cars and stuff and kept taking off.

Don't be concerned about me though, it's just annoying that they are still doing that years later bumming me for money.

Then years later when I was working at the office I had to move because they were flaming me, then I never got a bunch of my possessions back when I moved.

Then they tried to ruin my album and flamed me outside and on the internet to make me quit music, them people yelling all the time and kids in the trench coat mafia.

A few years later a third party was selling my old possessions like rare cds on ebay. 

The same people.

Then I put the run to them all.

A couple years later I had a song and article in LA Weekly and then they did it again when they saw that and started flaming me on the internet and outside and taking off in the trench coat mafia bumming money and trying to ruin my article. 

Then they came down to my house arguing with me and said that "they didn't like me anymore". I had to tell them that no, I put them the run to them for flaming me and trying to steal my possessions like my cds and stuff and made him leave. 

So after I put the run to the trench coat mafia for stealing my cds and stuff and flaming me, they came back and said they didn't like me anymore, but I was the one who put the run to them.

Then they staged that thing at the church lunch with the guy throwing cups and dishes at me in grade seven for learning how to cook and taking home economics.

Just to point out though it's just nuisance like a bunch of poor people and kids in the trench coat mafia and doing all that is handicapped acting.  

Then they just did it again.

They came on my facebook page and agreed with me that what they did to me was terrible and then he went back to the other guy and started posting on his page with a bunch of other people I also knew and liking the guys who did all that stuff to me previously posts and stuff.

Trying to "put us in the same room together" by talking to me and the other guy both ways at the same time to get me and him in the room together and then the guy who was the same guy who stole my Dungeons and Dragons books, flamed me on the internet, tried to ruin my record, flamed me over the article in LA Weekly and told me my old friends didn't like me after I put the run to them first.

Then he was copying my cd layouts and saying I couldn't do anything about it. All in the trench coat mafia and all yelling at me and acting handicapped. 

Then I had to put the run to them again plus more people from my hometown from High School from when I was like seventeen. 

Like there is no threat they are just annoying me and acting handicapped and I can't get rid of them, running in and pulling stunts and yelling and taking off and stuff.

Anyway, that is what I am dealing with and all the police will tell you is to document it and then report it if anything happens and all they'll get is a warning and a fine or something and a restraining order right because it's not serious, just totally irritating to be dealing with when I am 42 and have a professional career and am a musician. 

Yeah, whatever.


Girl In Bikini

Sunday, November 11, 2018

I Can't Even Believe I'm Saying This

I had to move because of the trench coat mafia. 

Years ago, form them annoying me at home and outside. First though, Happy Remembrance Day 100 years since the guns fell silent. I was planning to do some writing on that but I never actually did much, maybe I will some other time.

Something else I was thinking of doing on this blog was making it my personal private diary or journal and then posting it on the internet so girls that like me can read it in secret. Like I'm letting them sneak in and read my diary, like a diary that would be in My Fair Lady or something only I can't be too "real" or "graphic" because it's public, I really can't be naming people all the time and talking about intimate private details because girls will be reading it and people might complain about what I'm saying about them in my private diary. 

I'm just saying that because I'm super mad right now and it would be a good way to vent my frustration's. I mean why are these people flaming me? God, what did I do. I went downtown once and then all these people started looking at me and stuff and then a bunch of people started following me around and yelling at me and stuff, but I didn't care. I just took my shirt off and went to the beach to get a tan and ignored them.

That is what I do most of the time anyway, it's not my fault if I like sitting around with my clothes hanging off I'm just like that, then these people keep running in on me and flaming me and taking off, god that is annoying. 

For me it's not that stuff like that makes me mad, it's just who they are the context they are doing it in. I mean I can take a pie in the face just like anyone else but that's not what their doing.

I'm not saying I'm throwing a sissy fit about it, but it's pretty bad. 

Now I need some outlet to vent my frustrations, what's the point of writing then in a private diary if no one can see it, that's not much of an outlet. 

I'm going to tell you all about this protentional hissy that is developing with me over this flaming I just got by giving you the background of the situation, hopefully this won't develop into an all out sissy fit like last time. 

So I started doing band promotion to promote this heavy metal documentary where I live and then some of the people and bands and stuff "ran in on me" and flamed me on Facebook. With their own names and bands and stuff at the documentary right in front of the people on my Facebook and a lot of them are from music magazines, radio, record labels, bands etc. and all them are going to see what they did to me with their band name on it thus ruining their names in music because they did it in front of people like reps from Sony Music or something.

I mean I don't write Sony reps on Facebook begging for them to release a project I'm working on but I write on my page and just let them read it and respect their privacy and don't annoy them, then I just talk about it on the page what I'm doing and then make the pitch to their front desk at their offices and post about where I'm at with it and hopefully later someone might want to pick it up. 

So when I was making the pitch to the front desk at Sony, technically BMG Rights Management, and I know I trash talk everyone but come on they are a big company they can take it and it's just magazine talk then I trash them and if I make something and send it to them and see if they want it, then if they say anything stupid to me I just start mouthing off again until they shut up and take something. If they see something they can make money off they'll take it anyway, plus any press is press including bad press.  

People see that from their on Facebook but I don't write them I talk to their front desk at their office, then people around the documentary came on my page and flamed me right it front of the reps when I was at their front desk sending the a pitch and some "layouts". 

For someone like me that is totally mortifying I mean it's like they showed up and made a big deal in front of the reps and your hair was a mess or something and everyone seen it, terrible. Anyway, I'm sure that killed their attempt in the music business, I know I'm not going to promote any one of them. 

The point here is I've been working in the music business at the office and store level since 1998 and I know many music companies from working for other people in Canada and heavy metal labels and places like Sony from working at the store level. 

So when I write magazines and labels and stuff and say my name they might not know who I am to their face but they know me from working in music at the office and store level but don't know who I am because I'm independent now on my own. Then I get into all these crazy arguments and they don't know who I am, it's actually pretty funny. Later they may realize where I'm coming from and shut their mouth. 

Then you don't hear anything about any of that directly, then way in the back of Rolling Stone Magazine or LA Weekly or some magazine they'll have this "anonymous" article about your story revealing all the details in a different or fictional example from what happened to me in front of them in music.

Anyway, entertainment is a tough business. Then when you send them stuff they run you around and stuff until it looks like what they want if you can finish it and don't say anything. Then you just have to keep working, all unpaid. 

Eventually something will get put out, I mean one song and an article in LA Weekly is so much bigger than anyone can ever achieve and would be their whole claim to fame in their personal life and you'll never stop hearing about it form them ever again, which is what I already have. 

So that's pretty impressive, but I'm still legging it to make bigger material.    

I have a story to say about all this as a background for the recent flaming that was inflicted upon me on Facebook to show you how brutal doing that is to me or someone in that context just like I have been telling people in Hollywood and Music all over the place out back and on my pages. 

Now their is a public example. 

I was in jail for about three months years ago fighting with people and when I was in there the black guys in the jail were the nicest people in their, that's who I hung out with. Like gang members and then also like biker types. 

In fact I was in a cell block with all the black guys and it was about half white. Anyway, it was the nicest cell block they had, for the record through I was mostly cleared as not guilty and the rest was not my fault and it was just probation, and I spent most the time later in the Hospital wing waiting to get out during my "trial" and they threw almost everything out against me.

In jail the black guys or "gang members" are the coolest guys and the nicest guys in there. I mean they'll sit there all day drink coffee and play cards and chess with you and stuff and watch your back and stuff like that and go work out in the gym with you and stuff. That's what I was doing when I was in their, really it's not even hard in there. 

So those guys are pretty cool in like there like from Compton or something, then I met all kinds of people in jail like from Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Asia and all over the place and we just hung out talking and stuff about the world and stuff and hanging out. Really though they are nice people, plus I met a bunch of murderers and stuff who are quite notorious in Canada and I used to sit and eat with them and play cards and stuff and they used to tell me all these crazy stories and stuff, really though is was quite fun but it sucks that you can't leave. 

Basically, I just got a slap on the wrist and got out and it was really easy. Plus you get to know all the staff and stuff and they are all mostly really nice. 

I'm not really a racist or anything when I talk about Adolf Hitler and stuff because I know all kinds of black people and stuff and hang out with them in jail and stuff, I'm just saying that when someone bothers me I just use the stereotypical insult about what they are when I am mad because it's get's rid of them super fast and they get the point, I'd say that to anyone.

In jail the people I like are the black guys like in Compton or gang members or some like NWA or something, and biker types. They are the cool ones and are super fun in their to hang out with and if you're "cool" with them they got your back, and I also had theirs and still would. 

Do you know who they hate in Jail? 

That's right flamers like the trench coat mafia and squealer and rat types. The people flaming me, those are the ones nobody like in jail and they end up getting "shanked" for flaming black guys and gang members, which happened when I was in their but not in my cell block.

That's what I mean, they're pricks. When I was in jail everyone was best friends with me, except flamers and rat types and nobody got along with them. I'm not an idiot you know, when I was in jail  I made friends with the black gang members and sat with them to eat and stuff, as soon as I got in I went right over and made friends with them. I'm not associating with rats and flamers in there, and neither did they. 

I'm just saying that's the type of people they are, they are the ones the black guys beat up in jail because they do it to them. 

That is my context because I am from the "hood" and play Death Metal but I left after I got an education.

I didn't grow up with much money, but I had more than most people there. Then I went to school and left and now I'm well off but I'm not rich yet but I'm working on my material.    

This is what I mean about the context of the faming, it came from the slums or hood after I left at my new apartment and they walked in on me and flamed me in front of Record Label and Magazine people during my pitch for the documentary for the soundtrack and promotions and ruined their bands in front of Sony, so I dropped it all because I'm mortified that they did that.

That's what keeps happening to me, they keep running in and flaming me looking for stuff like at the office board room in front of the executives from the hood trying to scare me into giving them my material to use by flaming me, right at the same time when label people were looking at it for the example during the pitch.

So it's like I'm at the board room and trying to get Sony or someone to "view my layouts" and acknowledge them, yeah good luck, then when they had them out on the table people ran in and flamed me and tried to own it right off the table by threatening me in front of them with their bands and names on it around the documentary, thus ruining their futures in entertainment.  

Right in front of them in public, that's because their trying to copy my material in the slums and threatening me to scare me into letting them use it. 

Then they got this "goon" to do that right at the pitch with all their names on it from the slums, so I had to put the run to them again

What they are doing is they are trying to "own my stuff" to make money in the slums because they know I am from the hood, but I left a long time ago.  I have tons of examples. 

Like this, when I was a kid and living in the hood I had all my own baseball equipment like bats, gloves and balls and stuff. That way I could play baseball and everyone would have a glove and stuff. 

So we always had full equipment because I own my own set. Then they did that to me there when I was a kid, they were all using my baseball equipment with me, then they came down to my house and wanted to "borrow" my equipment to play with other kids that didn't like me. 

They were just using me. After they played with me for a while with my equipment they wanted to take the equipment and use it without me to make new friends because they were poor and didn't have anything, then I wasn't invited. 

Then they said the other kids didn't like me and they just wanted to use my baseball set to play with the other kids and leave me home by myself.  Then people would just end up stealing it. 

So I never gave it to them and didn't let them use it without me. I mean come on, coming down to my house to borrow my stuff so they could make new friends off it with out me. 

Fuck off, those are my friends that I'd be making with the equipment not yours. 

That baseball stuff is for me to make friends for myself not the neighbours kids. I mean come on. 

Why would I get all that baseball stuff to lend it out so that other people could use it to make friends off it, no one would do that. Then the new friends off the baseball equipment that would be showing up they are my friends not yours. 

Then they wanted me to stay home by myself while they made friends off my baseball equipment, yeah I don't think so.

The same thing happened when I worked at the office and with my Dungeons & Dragons books, I lent my books to them to make a game thinking I was going to be invited to play Dungeons & Dragons and the guy stole them and sold them on me or something, the exact same people.

Then when I worked the the office they said the same thing to me about my car bumming me. Technically it was a brand new mini van for playing in a band and lugging kids around and stuff. 

They said they were mad because I had this brand new car and it was just sitting in the office parking lot all day at Sobeys, by the way fuck them they can take the criticism from me if they're that important plus they owed me money, and no one was allowed using it.

Then they wanted to use my brand new car all day while I was at work behind my back in the slums. They said they wanted to drive me to work and drop me off and then use my brand new car all day behind my back with other people and pick me up at the end of the work day.

What they wanted was to drive around all day in it with people I didn't know making friends off my brand new car and I didn't know who they were. Like they just wanted to use me for the stuff I had like my car and just talk to me to get my car and then take off and leave me at home by myself. 

Holy crap, I'm not running a day care center for people in the slums or the hood. That's what I'm saying, they wanted to be around to use my stuff then they wanted to take off with it and use it with other people and make new friends off it and leave me a home or work.

Why the fuck would I do that? Plus those would be me my new friends off the car not there's because it's my car. Not only that I might have wanted to take a girl form the office for a drive in it or something at lunch or during the work day.

The neighbours all arguing with you about wanting to use you car when you are at work fighting with you over it like their were invited into your house. 

That's why I have to say now that I didn't invite anyone into my house to argue with me about who owned my possessions because they were all mad because I wouldn't let them use the car during my work day at the office. 

They knew they weren't to be using my car all day hanging out in it in the slums making friends off it while I'm working fucking pricks. I didn't buy that car for them to make a social life off it, that's for my own social life and those would be my new friends with me driving them around in it not band people in slums and the neighbors, fucking assholes. 

That's for my social life not theirs so I put the run to them. 

They knew they weren't going to have that, that's why I hate them. That's who is flaming me I just found out, it's people from the slums from years ago wanting to use my car and stuff all day behind my back to make friends off it and stuff because their poor. 

I would never do that and they know it, that's for my social life not theirs, then they wanted me to stay home so they could use it.

So yeah, they were just trying to use me for my material possessions and be around me a little bit just to borrow my stuff then they wanted to run out with it and use it to go make friends and a social life of my possessions. 

Uh, you know that would never happen because all that stuff I bought was for my social life duh, and I was using it. Yeah I'm going work in an office and pay for a brand new car so some cunt can run around in it all day making friends off  it for free while I pay for it and stay home, that's what band people and the neighbours said to me.

That's the same thing that happened with my band. 

It's like we're sitting there playing Death Metal and doing drugs years ago in some crack house in Compton getting high and writing music. 

Then to me that's all it was, I was just hanging out there to play music and smoke weed. Then other people all started going on about my personal stuff like my possessions and stuff like my car pretending they're involved.

Like we're sitting there and I have this huge Marshall Amplifier and a brand new guitar, then all I'm thinking about is playing music and getting high and that's all it was.

Then one of the other guys in the band goes "You know, I was talking to your Mother and I just wanted to talk to you about her feelings about what you are doing with your car and gear and stuff and we don't like how you're acting and we wanted to use it to do something else with and I wanted to talk to you about you're mother's feelings with you."

Then my estranged biological mother walked in and they started arguing with me together about my car and band stuff, so I smashed the guy and put the run to them all because they are faggots. 

I mean talking about my mothers feelings to me about my stuff so you could use my car during the work day while we're all fucking high and playing Death Metal. 

I wasn't there for any of that, it was just to play music and get high. 

So I put the run to the band and threw them all out, then I moved away because they kept doing that. Then they just did it again on Facebook in front of all these people in music and entertainment. 

That's the context.

I don't know my estranged biological mother but she was in the background and not invited into my personal life. Then some of my friends back then were like ten years older than me which is only seven years younger than my biological mother.

Then my friends went behind my back and started taking to my biological mother and invited her into the band room and started talking about my mother's feelings about my car and stuff and then they all wanted to use it with her while I was working and stuff. 

Right, that's what I mean. They were never invited into my house from music to talk to my biological mother or my feelings. That's what they did. 

I mean they started hanging around my estranged mother and trying to use my car and band stuff without me in the slums to make friends behind my back and make me stay home while they made a life off my stuff without me.

Fuck you.

They were never invited to do that, and I was just getting high and playing music. They weren't welcome to do that in that situation so I put the run to them all and never gave them anything and I moved. 

Come off it, band members and people trying to hang out with your mother and borrow your stuff all day and go make a life off it behind your back while you're not there in the slums. 

They knew that was never goin to happen and it was music and party only. The they tried to invite themselves into my house to argue with me about who owned my possessions with my estranged mother  so they could make a social life off my possessions while I wasn't invited. 

Fucking Bastards. 

Then they flamed me to try and make me give it to them, that's the context and what they just did just now to me on Facebook. 

That's all my stuff and not the situation that I was in, it was just music and party only, now get lost.

Band members taking to your estranged mother behind your back and you don't even know her, then trying to talk about her feelings and use your stuff with her to make a life off behind your back. Fuck off. You know you weren't getting that from me and you never did. 

So stop flaming me for it and trying to do that. 

Imagine that that was the actual Compton and Dr. Dre was making this record on Death Row Records in some house in the hood in Compton and they're all getting high and everything else. 

Then one of the other guys in the band turns around and says that to Dr. Dre and starts flaming him with his estranged mother and the neighbours trying to use his car behind his back to make a social life off him outside the band.

What do you think Dr. Dre would have did to that guy in Compton, holy fuck buddy. You're not in a good situation there man he's going to get mad and kick your ass.

For me I just put the run to them and banned them from my life. Then they keep running in and doing that and they just did it in front of Sony reps on Facebook and bands and magazines and ruined the pitch at the front desk at BMG Rights Management and now all their bands will probably be dropped and I'll have to crawl back to them later when I get a new pitch and start over. 

Now watch and later you'll see that subject all over the back pages of magazines but they won't way who it is or where it came from in their articles or they'll run a similar story because I don't have deal there and I just make projects and do pitches and stuff. 

You all know that never happened and now you just ruined all your names in music right at Sony and BMG Rights Management and now probably no one will take your bands and everyone knows who you are, then watch in Rolling Stone Magazine, LA Weekly and entertainment magazines and they'll be a bunch of articles in there way in the back about you doing that in front of them only with different characters and situations to tell the story. 

You know you weren't getting any of that, now you have ruined your bands for flaming me at the Sony / BMG Rights Management pitch right in front of everyone in entertainment probably in Los Angeles.



Friday, November 9, 2018

History Of The Parliment

Oh I'm just watching the history of the parliament and sitting here minding my own business...I have an idea how about then all neighbours run into my apartment unannounced and start arguing over my possessions.

See, I told you it never happened.

That's because that's not a real event, that's why you're gone from my presence.


I Never Invited You People Into My House

All you people flaming me, I know who you are and what you're doing.

I never invited any of you into my house ten years ago to argue with me about money, you know that.

You people man, flaming me thinking that's going to get you money from me. 

I never invited you around my money, you're a bunch of liars.

You know that never happened.

Coming on my page in public flaming me for money in public acting like you were invited in my house to argue with me about my money.

That never happened. 

You know you weren't allowed to come to my house or work and start flaming me.

None of anything you're talking about ever happened, then you just go around copying me on the internet on your pages right to my face and flaming me. 

I'm telling you, you don't own my fucking money.

You were never in my house in New Glasgow to say that to me and you know it 100% because you know it never happened.

Now fucking walk. 

Flaming me when I'm 42  like I'm going be scared of you in my hometown when I have a huge career and stuff. 

All bumming money in a group by flaming me, you're all know you're not getting anything from me from ten years ago as soon as you opened your mouth about it thinking you had a say in my possessions lying.

Yeah I'm the only guy in town you're allowed to do that to because I'm the one with the money.

You are retarded and that never happened.

This is what happened. 

You saw my money from my career and came down to my house and started yelling at me and flaming me in my own house and I don't even know you and you were never invited in thinking that I was going give you money to make you be nice to me.

Do you have that yet? You're not allowed flaming me or saying that, and you all know you were never invited into my house to ague with me about that and you're gone.

I'm going to get the court to ban you from saying that and stop flaming me and then you're gone and you know that is the only thing that happened between me and you.

I right, am NOT the person to put up with you flaming me at my career and you ALL know it.

You are never talking to me or flaming me or being around me for the rest of your life for that stunt and I am going to get the court to permanently ban you from my life and you know you're gonna live it.


Attention Flamers

You know what's going to happen now flamers, this is the part after I put the run to you to your face that my bigger material comes out and then you get to see it.

Then you fuckoff forever and never got to have any part of it.

Flaming me when you don't know what I have and working on, thinking you're right important and that you know everything.

Uh, yeah let's flame Jason and steal his band money.

Fuck You.


I Just Got Flamed On Facebook

Oh yeah wonderful, I got flamed on Facebook by a bunch of people from my high school and home town bumming me and looking for money and I knew who they all were right to my face.

You guys make me feel like a big star or something doing that, maybe next time you will get to see my underwear.

They came on my facebook page and flamed my right to my face in front of everyone and then I had to block one of them, then a bunch of unfriended me and then the other ones ran over to the other guys page who flamed me and all started liking his posts together in a group and I had to block them all.

I never invited you people into my house to argue about my money you fucking piece of shit.

Get the fuck outta here!


The Flaming Of Me: Why I Can't Belive They Just Did That

I have to say that honestly I am quite speechless they I was just flamed to my face like that giving the context of where they are doing that at.

I'm going to tell you in or from from New Glasgow that when you flamed me ten years ago I wasn't some sap sitting around at home like you are all pretending I was to say that to me. 

Like, I have a real career and education. 

Do you want to know how bad you can't flame me.

My initial reaction to you is well for one you don't know what you are doing and have something wrong with your brain. 

I'm saying that when you're flaming me, you don't know what your doing.

Like walking in on me at home and at work when I was studying and doing research, like for university and business for my job.

You all know you're not allowed saying anything to me at my job about my life.

I'm going to paint a picture for you people flaming me in New Glasgow. 

When you all walked in on me at my house over ten years ago, thinking you're allowed down there to argue with me about my private business, I was in the middle of studying and planning to do my masters degree and working on projects with my head down and studying.

Then you all ran in and started flaming me all working at some call center or somewhere.

Do you know how ridiculous that is? 

I'm just sitting there with my head down right, and in the middle of like ten million things and minding my own business.

Then you all ran in are started fighting and arguing with me about me private business in my home that I was paying for, most of it. 

I never invited you into my house to get mad about my money and possessions and argue with me.

Like we're talking at the time I was trying to get a position as a Project Manager and studying. 

Then I was minding my own business and didn't know you were all talking about me behind my back, about how much you hated me for going to school and working then you "ran in" right out of nowhere and tried to pull all these scams on me and started fighting with me and I had to move.

Do you know how pathetic that is?

Then you all followed me around hooting and yelling at me for like two years off and on in New Glasgow, pretending you're allowed doing that.

Do you know how bad you should have kept your mouth shut that day?

You all must be handicapped to come into my house and start flaming me when I'm working and studying.

A bunch of dorks and wimps working in a call center playing magic cards and thinking they can make fun of university graduates and they won't do anything.

You all have a metal handicap. 

Following me around thinking I won't defend myself when I am the most well off and you're not allowed being there.  

I told you to your face that your actions to me are UNWELCOME and UNINVITED.

That's what I'm going to tell the court when I sue you. 

You people weren't invited around me to argue with me and you know it. You can't just be here anyway flaming me and thinking I'm not going do anything.

This is the whole thing, I'd like to say that I'm shocked and mortified that you just did that to my face but I don't know what the words are yet.

I'm telling you people right, the guy you're flaming me for like one of the main guys right, he got kicked of the boy scouts as a scout master for giving drugs to the kids during their camping trip and getting high with them they told me.

That's who you're doing it for.

You all think that you're going flame me with him and I'm going listen to you?

The context is like you just tried to come in my apartment and show my underwear to everyone in the slums when I have this big career, all jerking off and laughing only it's my work and project designs from my "career house" then you all took and ran down to the slums with and started all jerking off and talking about and showing each other "what I was doing at the office with my career"'

Then you all looked at it and got mad at me because you don't have anything and came back to my house in a group from the slums and flamed me to try and me quit or something because "my stuff made you mad". 

You're all handicapped, and it's the most pathetic and uninvited thing you could ever do here. 

Do you know how humiliating it is to yourselves to do that to me in front of everyone?

I'm telling you that you all think something else is happening and when you open your mouth you think I'm going to do what you think it it in your fantasy about me.

In reality, I am a normal person and I'm making you leave by using basic standard court procedures and there's no flaming or argument.

You're just going to pack up and leave and close your mouth.

How do you think you could make me quit music anyway? 

That's so pathetic and unwelcome, and you know you're not even allowed saying anything.

Right to me in my position with a huge career and stuff thinking you can flame me and make me do something.


For the record, I was the one into music not you. 

I'm telling you in real life that that flaming shit you did ten years ago was unwelcome in my house about my money and band stuff and personal life.

I didn't learn all that music stuff for you to come into my house and tell me to not play.

Then that's how you're leaving my life, just how you came into it unwelcomed only I'm allowed doing it and now I'm going make you leave and get the court to ban you. 


Thursday, November 8, 2018

I Caught The Trench Coat Mafia

So this is the big conclusion to the Trench Coat Mafia following me around copying me and flaming me. 

What happened is I caught them red handed and to my face and I know what they are doing and why they are flaming me.

Now I have them caught in a lawsuit for copying my material, flaming me and trying to claim my work as their own.

What happened is they just pulled the same stunt on me with the heavy metal documentary that they did to me ten years ago when the demo version for "Mechanisms Of Oppression" came out. 

I sent them my layouts to work on for the CD release and then they finished the album without me and released it without my permission and with the wrong artwork.

Then they started selling the cd and didn't give me any copies, then they wrote me at work three days after they released the record without me seeing the final draft or giving me finished copies and then they started saying to me that I wasn't doing enough for the band and they wanted me to give them money.

Then they flamed me and tried to own the Cd as their own when it was my property and then tried to release the album as theirs and then make me leave music by flaming me and yelling at me outside.

Then I just took my album back and scrapped it and re-released it without them.

This I all around my ex band members and the local heavy metal scene and the supposed documentary.

They just did the same thing again to me with the documentary.

I sent people my layouts and ideas to promote the documentary and then they wrote back and told me that I was "not real" then they said they were a "legal business" meaning I was doing something illegal with how I promoted my band.

I had to write them and tell them that I was not doing anything illegal by promoting my band.

So I sent out material to A BUNCH of places, then one wrote back and tried to say it was illegal to call label reps to make a compilation album and then they tried to keep my project designs for themselves, but I am not saying which one did that it will be named later when I sue for the direct flaming by a different party, who also did that. 

I'm not saying who they all are but's it's "around" heavy metal in Atlantic Canada and "around" ex members of my band. 

What they meant was I was talking to people at their business offices to find out about their labels and if they wanted to help me make compilations albums and at magazines.

They said that doing the band by calling the label reps at the office was "not legal" and "they were and had the proper channels", then they copied my website layout, ideas and release structures from my emails for band promotions.

Obviously, calling the label reps is regular procedure to get permissions for compilations at the office.

So I sent out my work like before with the demo album and they tried to claim my work and say I wasn't a real business.

Then they came on Facebook and flamed me to get me to quit so they could keep it right to my face in front of everyone and I had to block them just like ten years ago.

The connection there is the people flaming me are trying to own my material and claim it as their own and release it, then they are flaming me to get me to leave so they can keep it. 

So I put the run to them forever, because I caught them.

Then it was all the same people anyway and I know who they all are.

This time it was layouts for the documentary and then the "look" of my material. 

After I started to do the documentary they came on my facebook page and said that if they were bothering me maybe I should "get a lawyer" and then said "sorry that happened" then they flamed again and tried to use my material as business card layouts for a store connected to my ex band members from before and old record label.

So "around" my ex band members their is a store and they are "involved" somehow they are saying, then they flamed me from their store right on facebook and then "copied the look" of my cd ad tried to use it as business cards at the same time as the documentary stuff, then they flamed me I believe to try and scare me so they could keep it.

What they actually did was they tried to say they were going to use my material like my song they stole and used with out my permission and the look of my albums as business cards and then tried to flame me to scare me so that I wouldn't say anything to them so they could keep it.

That's the same thing as when I fired my ex band members over ten years ago for the same stunt.

In short they tried to "claim my possessions"  as their own and then release the material.

Then they flamed me to try and keep it and scare me out of music so they could use it.

That's what happened before and they just did it again to my face just like last time and I caught them.

What I am going to do is I am going to sue them for trying to claim my possessions.

That's because I never invited them into my house to argue about "owning my possessions" with me like my album layouts and project designs that they copied and tried to keep without my permission by flaming me, but nothing happened when they did I just put the run to them.

Now they have quit a bit of stuff out those people like they have a store and multiple releases and are running some promotion.

When I sue them I have to try and find out if they have financial backers or not because I am going to also sue all their backers for trying to claim and own my material.

Then I am going to sue them for flaming me to scare me into giving them my work.

Realize now that this is totally absurd that someone would think that they could do that.

However, that is what they did. 

For example, they tied claim one of my songs and then flamed me outside and on the internet to keep it which is totally absurd.

Then I wasn't saying anything because they are insignificant and just a nuisance. 

I told them if they did it again I would not be nice to them by ignoring it and sue them.

Now that their is a store and multiple album releases on record labels with my material on it I have to sue them for trying to claim my material.

Also, they may have done this worse than I know about yet so I have to get lawyers to find out. 

The last thing that happened was they flamed me on facebook just recently in the same stunt as the "Mechanisms of Oppression" demo and tried to keep it and make me leave music, which is absurd.

All I did was take it back and then fire them and re-record it. 

Then they just did the same thing again when I sent out material for the documentary, then they flamed me and tried to keep it.

Then they also copied the "look" of my records as business cards, and then said I was "scared" of them and flamed me and tried to keep it.

That is the same thing as when they flamed me over my article in LA Weekly years ago. 

So now I am suing them all for trying to claim my material. 

Now what I know is that they are after my material, like my project designs, songs, art and layouts which is what they tried to steal. 

So I sent them material that was "in production" then they tried to take it from me and keep it so they could release it. 

The they flamed me to scare me out of music to get away with me. 

That is totally absurd and no one would ever be afraid of that. 

They just did it with my documentary material just like they did with my Mechanism of Oppression demo cd, and also tried to keep one of my songs and use the "look" of my stuff as business cards.

There also could be things that they did they I don't know about yet.

They said it to my face now I have no choice but to sue them to stop them from trying to claim my material which is totally ridiculous.   

I have to find out if they have financial backing or if its coming from past record label people then I am going to sue all of them for trying to claim my material.

So the mystery has been solved, that's why the was copying me and flaming me.

It was so they could copy my material then release it to make money off it, and then they were flaming me and yelling at me to try and scare me so they could keep it.

This is all totally absurd and now I have to get the court to resolve it because they are some kind of nuisance that you can't get rid of and they make no sense with their actions. 

I guess the court will have to do that.

Not only that the people trying to scare me were like a bunch of kids and too small to fight with because I am so much bigger than all of them.

Like they look like rampant lunatics that don't get the message and keep flaming and fighting to steal your material and they are small and you can't fight them. 

Now they have gone to far and done it again and I have totally caught them.

Now I have to sue them all for trying to claim my material to get them to stop and I am going to sue them for flaming me to try and scare me to let them have it. 

This is important, since I have publicly posted this and working on the lawsuit that means the case is in progress.

If they come back and flame me again for suing them to get me to stop I am going to sue them a second time for attempted court tampering.

I am going say that any new flaming was to get me to stop the court case, which is court tampering by trying to scare me to ruin my lawsuit at the Provincial Civil Court in Halifax. 

Now I know who they are and what they are doing, if they keep doing it again they are going to be facing a second lawsuit for attempted court tampering to try and get me to drop the case through intimidation.

Stay tuned because this will be  a long one.


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Do you know how poor some people are in Heavy Metal?

Those fucking pricks in the Trench Coat Mafia in Atlantic Canada and there's more of them up in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia they are so fucking poor do you know what happened?

Like they must live outside they are so poor and illiterate. 

I stated do band promotions for that heavy metal documentary and you know what they fucking did?

A bunch of people right, came on my Facebook and set this fucking incident up and fucking flamed me from my ex band members in my home town right in fucking front of everyone and in front of record labels and magazines.

Then they fucking go, they weren't interested in sending music to Sony and BMG to be on a compilation album or something and be in Heavy Metal magazine from Atlantic Canada and then just said that so they could be around the documentary and band stuff.

Then they fucking said that they just wanted to be around what I was doing so they could flame me and argue with me about my personal money at my home and my possessions. 

Then they just didn't care about doing a record because they wanted to own my money with me and band and career stuff because they are poor.

So they just said they wanted to do the documentary stuff  to get near my promotion and they thought they were going to own my money at home because they were trying to get around the documentary stuff.

Then they said they thought I "invited them into my house" so that they could argue with me about what I am doing with my money.

Fucking hobos.

So, they didn't care about the band promotion they just wanted to hang off my band and book stuff because they thought they were going to own my personal money with me. 

Then they didn't want to demo for Sony because they thought they were going to own my money and didn't need a record deal.

So they just didn't want to work, they just wanted to own my business and band stuff and get money from me.

Then as soon as I started doing promotions around here they came on facebook and started flaming me in public looking for money and thinking they lived in my house and were arguing about what I was doing with my money.

So I had to put the fucking run to them again.

Then they flamed me all over again in public just like ten years ago from my home town and everyone seen it.

Then it came from the same place in my home town as last time with all the same people in it. 

Then they fucking said they thought they were living in my house and were arguing about my money because they wanted it, fucking strangers.  

What makes me the most mad is they fucking flamed me again at the documentary looking for money just like they did ten years ago as soon as it started so I dropped it all. 

Then they didn't care about music and wanted to own my money.

What makes me the most mad again is not that they were arguing with me about my money, it's that they fucking all thought they were "invited into my house" to argue with me about what I did with my money.



Then they were all mad because I wouldn't give them any money and started flaming me right now, when none of that ever happened, the shit in their fucking heads.

Then the fucking cunts were just going around saying they were all invited into my house and were going have a say in business money from my career and I don't even fucking know most of them.

Then they didn't care about demos for Sony and BMG because they thought they were getting my fucking money. 

Right from the same fucking people.

I never invited anyone into my home to argue with me about who owned my money and bank account from my career you lying fuckers.

You NEVER get anything from me, nothing. Fucking lying cunts in New Glasgow and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

You fucking know you weren't invited into my fucking house over ten years ago to be around my bank account from my fucking career you lying fucking bastards. 



Go back to your fucking garbage can fucking bastard and don't fucking try and write me or fucking come here fucking cunt.  


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Trench Coat Mafia Makes It's Final Appearance

I'm not saying that the topic will never come up again but the Trench Coat Mafia have just made their final appearance in my presence.

Last week I got yelled at and harassed on Main Street in Dartmouth just after marijuana legalization. 

Then they came back and flamed me again on Facebook from Atlantic Canada with the same people in front of everyone on my Facebook page.

In Atlantic Canada, I will never work with another band or promotion in heavy metal for the rest of my life because of the stunt they just pulled to me. 

I am a real artist and musician just listen to the fucking records, I am doing my albums on the Digital Format now and that is the main release, then the CD's will be collectable only and be for sale for about $25 for a regular cd, because I have about eight albums to press soon and that is expensive to press a lot of cd's so I have to charge a lot. 

So the main release will be digital and the secondary release will be CD for collectors, with the lp.

The final stunt of them was people I used to know around the Maritime Metal scene just set up a fake email address and pretended to be a professional setup, then they started talking to me on the internet.

I sent them a bunch of material and they never got back to me.

Then they flamed me and started "pretending" that I wasn't a real musician just like ten years ago and saying that I wasn't a professional operation and that they were a real business.

Then they just wanted me to keep sending them information to "try and get my music" on their "business" which was fake.

So they just setup the email address to get me to send them information about my band then they tried to say they were like Sony or something and tried to make me "audition" for them and they are all poor and from the slums so I put the run to them. 

They tried to make me "jump through hoops" to get my music on a business and then they didn't have anything and were fake. 

All they were doing was trying to get me to send them messages about myself, then they started ignoring me and trying to get me "begging" to them like they were Sony to get music out.

As it turns out it was the trench coat mafia doing it. Then they used the fake email to get band information from me and fake messages and then they sent them all out to the Trench Coat Mafia like in my hometown so they could all read them, then they were not writing back and just waiting for more messages.

At the same time I got yelled at on Main Street Dartmouth and on Facebook they went on there and flamed me to my face in front of everyone and then they all started copying my album layouts and formats and putting it on other materials, just like before.

So they talked to me to get band information and I sent it to them, then they stopped responded and started waiting for me to keep sending them messages pretending they were like Sony or something and tried to get me to "jump through hoops" for them.

Then they took the messages and sent them out from my band information to the Trench Coat Mafia.

Then they yelled at me outside my apartment and took off.

Then they flamed me on face book and went back saying stuff to people I hate from New Glasgow who flamed me before. 

Then they copied my album and website layouts and formats and used it for their material, as they were flaming me. 

Then it all went back to my hometown and the Trench Coat Mafia in Atlantic Canada.

That is your final appearance.

I will never work with anyone in Heavy Metal that is connected to the Atlantic Canada Fake Heavy Metal scene ever again. 

Don't ever think that if you are in a Heavy Metal band in Atlantic Canada that you will ever be allowed to talk to me about music ever. 

None of you people in Atlantic Canada will ever make it in music in Heavy Metal because your scene is just filled with perverts. 

That is the end of that and I am a real artist and stand alone band. 

Never talk to me ever, that was your final event here with my personal patience with your mental retardation, because I know that if one of you flame me then everyone one of you did because you all probably know each other and shared my personal band emails with each other and then flamed me again.

That is the end of this discussion. 

My acknowledgement of you all will never be granted. 

You are losers and have made your final appearance at my location. 



Monday, November 5, 2018

Rant About Saudi Arabia & Iran

Saudi Arabia - Open Rape Of Women & Public Executions 
When I saw this I almost lost my mind.

Islamic Jihadists have taken over Saudi Arabia and made the Koran the Countries Constitution. Then they enslaved women and started killing everyone.

That's the whole point of the Jihad....they made it their constitution.

So the "Muslim extremists" are in some holy war and now they have taken control of Saudi Arabia and made the Koran law as the constitution. 

Now they have public executions in Saudi Arabia, Iran is doing the same thing with public executions.

Now looking at what the Jihadists did in Saudi Arabia when they made the Koran the Countries Constitution I know that this is the goal of every Muslim extremist group. They plan to take over countries and then make the Koran the Constitution. 

If the Christian Bible was our Constitution nothing here would even be functional, that is what is happening there. Their Countries are not functional because they have religion as law and that makes it impossible for them to operate. 

Now when I look at any Muslim extremist I know that is what they are after. 

As soon as they did that they stripped women of all their rights and make them cover their faces so no one knows who they are and then beat them in secret in their houses.

Men doing this to them have been protected by their fake religious Muslim government so that the men who run the Government and Military can rape women without being reported and the woman gets arrested if she says anything. 

You're not allowed to tell on a man who rapes a woman in Saudi Arabia, some religion that is. Plus they made it their Constitution to hide women and beat and rape them with no rights in secret at home and you're not allowed reporting them.

That's because it is their government and military doing it, some religion.

Now they have religious police to enforce the Koran as the Constitution and they are saying it is illegal to bring pornography into Saudi Arabia and if you have it inside the Country which is allowed you may get arrested if the girl is showing too much skin.

If you have porno in Saudi Arabia the Jihad Government's religious police will arrest you if she is showing too much in the picture and then their men rape women and they are not allowed to tell anyone or they will be arrested.

So some men can rape women, the Jihads, and other's get arrested for having pictures of fully naked women. 

This is what they did to women in Saudi Arabia:

Then they stripped women of their rights.

Made them hide their faces.

Keep them hidden inside.

Then they beat and rape them and no one is allowed telling.

Then they made all that their Countries Constitution and their religion. 

I think they Jihads just did that to beat and rape women in secret without anyone telling. 

That is an outright Dictatorship and they are just making all that up to rape and abuse women. 

Now to me their cause has no credibility because it was just to make the Koran the Constitution so they could enslave their women because they are perverts pretending to be religious. 

Only they just use the Koran to hide their sex crimes and murders by making it law.

Saudi Arabia and Iran and now also having public executions under the Koran and are Dictatorships.

Don't be fooled, Africa and the Middle East and poorer and worse than ever with the Jihads taking control of countries there and now we can see their only goal was rape women in secret and murder people. 

Now the open dictatorships are back there and they are worse than ever right in the open, now they should all be destroyed like Iraq under Saddam. 

Saudi Arabia is the WORST Country I ever heard of.