Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls (Day On The Green 1985)

Cliff Burton Guitar Pickup

How old is that guy anyway, his sister says in a documentary when he was playing bass he used to practice with a blanket on his head...that's so he can learn to play without looking at the bass.

Then they said they stopped making his bass head or something for his sound...who was that Les Paul himself on the day the electric guitar came out. 

Then they said he wanted to take an electronics course to make the bass head himself but didn't want to take the elective courses, then he did and was making his own distortion for the bass himself in the bass head.

Then she said in fact Cliff Burton was a lead guitar player, then he played lead guitar on the bass and had an electric guitar pickup in the bass.

The whole thing is lead guitar on the bass that he invented and is the only person that can play like that on the day the bass came out.

Those people are lying like fuck.


Metallica Seek And Destroy Live at The Metro 1983

Suicidal Tendencies - Trip at the Brain

Monday, July 13, 2020

New Atlantic Canada Bubble


HALIFAX: So My Doctor Quit During Covid

Oh yeah awesome Halifax. 

My doctor quit and closed her practice over on Young St by Gladstone during covid. 

Some community you people working here established, none, which is also in the North End where the office is.

Now we have no doctor in our part of the community and no extra welfare or disability money either as covid approaches an all time high which everyone in British Columbia the biggest shit hole on Earth gets $300 extra a month this Summer while here in Halifax we have no funding and they closed our doctors office.

Guess where the doctor went?

To work for hobos at the veterans drop in center for the fake government issuing all that...nothing to us then they took our doctor.

Why my doctor didn't like me for a patient and the other people which also includes the North End to go work for Veterans Affairs at the homeless veteran drop in center or something is the most pathetic thing I ever heard.

Thanks for nothing.

Do you people ever fucking love hobos at the local municipality.

Fucking whatever.

Then people even thanked her in the obituaries on the internet for helping them when their family dying and then she didn't even mean it and got up and fucked off for the hobo affairs office or something and stuck us during covid with no extra money like they get in the shit hole British Columbia.

Go wait on you hobos then if you fucking didn't like us.


Sunday, July 12, 2020

GREYHOUND - Official Trailer (HD) | Apple TV+

Ozzy Osbourne - Moscow Peace Festival 1989 (720p50)

RELATIONSHIPS: Did You Marry A Dud Back In High School?

Is Forty The Right Age For Your Divorce?
Everyone has heard the story, you meet someone right after high school get married settle down in your 20's then buy a house and have kids.

However, by the time you get into your forties that person may not be the one you wanted.

After your youth wear's off by 45 the one you married in high school just sat at home with you and got lazy, fat and just sits around.

What happened?

When you are younger everyone is only in their 20's and full of youthfullness and they all look the same, young.

People often confuse young with attractive, meaning they marry someone young thinking that their look is attractive.

By forty when everyone grows your spouse is no longer young and lost their "youthfulness" which you mistook for attractiveness, when their youth wears off they become fat lazy and just sit around the house.

Then you are left there sitting in the kitchen staring out the window seeing everyone else in their forties out having fun, the ones that looked after themselves.

They know that being in shape and looking after themselves after forty will make them stand out to their peer group after 45 as the younger more attractive outgoing person for the bigger part of your life...after you get older.

After they lose their youth you no longer find them attractive, while other people your age have stayed in shape and remained outgoing and are the most attractive after forty, leaving you trapped in the house with that dud from high school. 

Wouldn't you rather be out having fun with people your age after 40 instead of being stuck in the house with that dud from your youth who didn't do anything? 

Maybe it's time for a divorce.


Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

Friday, July 10, 2020

The Salvation Kingdom - Connie Burton / Cliff Burton Exclusive

Metallica - Live at Day On The Green, Oakland, CA, USA (1985) [Pro-Shot]

Metallica's Bus Crash

Look at this story, when you watch all the Metallica footage and interviews from their early days this is what it looks like.

They are saying that Lars took over the band after the crash when Cliff Burton died, then look at their pictures.

Who is Cliff Burton anyway, in Trauma for one year and then in Metallica for three or four years or something, and this is just speculation.

Just look at their picture, Cliff Burton looks like a homeless drifter next to Kirk Hammet who looks rich.

Why was Cliff Burton so poor looking and Kirk and them not.

Here is the theory, Cliff Burton was traveling around with this stage set with the band Trauma, then they used all that on Metallica...they even look like they replaced the Trauma members on Cliff's set.

So did Cliff Burton live homeless with a traveling stage show in these old clothes with all his money into the band stage and stuff to stay out on the road, then he was touring Metallica on it.

That's because he looks broke with a band set they mean, and the other guys look rich

Then he took the other guys out with this stage show drifting.

Then he shows up right, at the launch of heavy metal in 1985 in these old clothes and bell bottoms from 1968.

So they come out onto the stage with Cliff running the band living on the road homeless with these old clothes running the band stage on tour with all this old equipment drifting or something.

Like he walks out onto the stage from 1968 or something in old bell bottoms in front of James Hetfield and them at the height of heavy metal in the 1980's, plus he could have been older than they say he is.

Then he crashes the bus at the height of heavy metal to kill Metallica at the height of the Master Of Puppets album, from Woodstock or something living in San Francisco in these old clothes and bell bottoms.

Like, never letting go of the 1960's in San Francisco...then homeless and broke with this traveling stage and old equipment is all he has and Metallica had to move to San Francisco to use it.

Then from his days of drifting on the road with the band stage in these old clothes and stuff he may have knew all the roads and highways, then he may have been leaning out of the bus window with mirror and flashlight to crash the bus on the road he knew.

Like he might have been practicing to do that, then when he knew the turn was coming he flashed the flash light into the mirror and reflected into the drivers eyes to blind him in the middle of the night driving, then from studying the back ice and road patterns that when he did that the driver would go into the turn blind, hit the ice and drive the bus off the road.

The point that he was a great bass player only makes the story worse, he could have been some drifter from the Woodstock Festival living in San Francisco and the great bass playing and traveling stage set to lure people in to be his victims.

Then in some last ditch effort he crashed the bus to kill Metallica in 1986 living in his old bell bottoms from 1968 or something.

Anyway, true or not hearing that if you watch Cliff Burton and follow the story the guy has all these crazy mannerisms like he was planning that or something or maybe planning that the whole time mocking them on the stage and in the videos on some ego trip, then he takes up most of the stage in the band and was was running the shows or something with his gear, while Kirk was better off than him and wearing brand new clothes and an expensive leather jacket.

Hearing all that the whole Cliff Burton thing looks bizzare, with him making all those crazy faces and stuff in these old worn out clothes from some traveling stage show.

I don't know though, after that Metallica cleaned up and got better record deals and stuff.

Like the bass playing was great but was he just doing that to lure people in to make a name for himself or something then to crash the tour bus.

That is just a theory, but when you say that and watch the early Metallica footage it definitely throws up tons of red flags for you with those old bell bottoms from the 1960's and that traveling stage thing, so if that's not it there is definitely something else going on there.

Correction - they are saying two different dates for the Metallica bus crash, Feb and Sept 1986...wikipedia says September 27, 1986...so I don't know...


Then the Toronto concert with Jason Newstead says September 12, 1986 which is before the accident on wkipedia.

I think the actual date of the accident was February.




Metallica w/ Mustaine, Grant and McGovney - Hit the Lights (Live in Fris...

Metallica: Am I Evil? (Live w/ The Big 4) [The Big 4: Live in Sofia, Bul...

Newsted - Soldierhead OFFICIAL VIDEO

Jason Newsted Answers Your Questions!

Like In These Clips

In these clips watch...

Metallica live 1983 is some kind audition tape for a record deal, at 25 minutes he says he's not allowed to say fuck for the video like for some kind of audition.

Like it looks like staged set and the crowd noise sounds over dubbed like for an old banzai records cassette tape or something.

Then in the clip back to Metallica Toronto 1986 on an earlier post Jason Newstead plays for whom the bell tolls at 13 minutes...possible standing in human remains from the bus crash of Cliff Burton...not confirmed.

Then James stands next to him and he starts copying Cliff Burtons stage act and runs up the stairs and trips and falls live on the stage possibly from blood and stuff on the stage and lands in it live at the concert in Toronto in 1986.
Guess what? Nobody in my home town or around Halifax that I ever met ever knew about that they said, like they weren't really into metal and never knew about stuff like that that was happening in Toronto.


MUSIC: Metallica The Black Album

Then Metallica kept playing through with Cliff Burton's blood on the set for like two years with a new bass player....then guess what happened?

They got signed to Geffen or someone for the song "One" with their first music video, then they put out the Black Album, that's when the band came out.

That's what people are saying, they got the deal for the Black Album by playing through with blood on the stage, then larger audiences say that's when the band came out.

Like everything before that didn't count because it's a larger audience now.


MUSIC: Metallica Master Of Puppets Tour

This here is just before Cliff Burton's death, what are they doing?

Are they playing on the same stage set from the bus crash on the tour with Cliff Burton's blood on the crosses or what?

Like live on the stage with Jason Newstead in Toronto with blood all over the set from the bus crash still using it after it was in the accident.


MUSIC: Metallica After The Death Of Cliff Burton

Then like in this clip from Toronto 1986, seven months after Cliff's death, they have a big hole in the show.

Like this, maybe when Cliff Burton died no one else knew how to play his bass lines on the Metallica albums, then they said Lars had to take over running the band meaning Cliff used to do it, something like that.

Then James had to teach Jason Newstead the guitar parts for the bass lines and he's just playing along to the rhythm guitar track mostly until they can figure out Cliff's bass parts which took until St. Anger apparenty.

Then their was no bass on And Justice For All for the same reason, but that's a whole new production by then and is their best album to me. 


Cliff Burton with Agents of Misfortune c.1979-81

9 Unforgettable Cliff Burton Moments

MUSIC: Metallica - Three Different Lead Guitarists On One Song

Cliff Burton from Metallica got killed when they crashed the tour bus, before that their bassist was Ron, he was featured on Metallica with Mustaine, Grant and Mcgovney on Metallica XXX.

Then Ron he played before all that with Mustaine before their first album.

Before that it was just Lars and James.

Like this, three different lead guitarists on the song "Hit The Lights".

Metal Massacre Vol 1 - lead guitarist was Grant
No Life Til Leather -  lead guitarist was Mustaine
Kill em All  - lead guitarist was Hammet.

All on the same song, so Hammet is playing Mustaine and Grant's solos on Kill em all, how much of that was him? None of it or what.

Then, Cliff was just in the band just joining it.

He came form the band Trauma.

Then when you look up Trauma with Cliff Burton the promo video looks exactly like the Metallica demo songs.

It even looks like Metallica replaced the members of Trauma for Cliff Burton, so if you watch Trauma it looks just like early Metallica.

Then Cliff took their look and songs to Metallica.

Then Kirk Hammet played the other peoples solos on Kill em All.

So who was Cliff Burton some drifter or something, getting Metallica out on the road and crashing the bus or something, making a name for himself or what.

Like dragging a band around with him planning to crash the bus or something with Trauma for one year and Metallica for several.

Like who was that guy.


Metallica-Hit the lights(1st Metal massacre) w/Lloyd grant

BODY COUNT - Point The Finger feat. Riley Gale (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

MUSIC: Spotify

Like in here where it says Venom 29,000 plays....their not getting anything for that at the label because it just goes back to holding the name on the page.


The ULTIMATE Metallica funny montage!

MUSIC: Did Cliff Burton Crash Metallica's Tour Bus?

Cliff Burton was killed when he fell out of Metallica's tour bus in 1986...was he leaning out the window and distracting the driver?

Maybe he did it on purpose?

Like he could have been leaning out using a mirror to distract the driver, who should be asked if still around if he saw a light or anything in his eyes before he crashed, that could have been Cliff Burton leaning out of the window reflecting light in the drivers eyes to crash the bus.


The Music Industry Sunk Apparently

No longer needed ticket lines and local promoters under the once regionally compartmentalized mainstream music industry are now a thing of the past.

All you find today at concerts and festivals is the old ticket line passers distributing concert tickets and band cds up the line to the major labels.

We've all heard the story, give me your cd and I'll pass it up to Sony...well that's all over now.

Those networks of people are no longer needed in the music industry and they are probably they only people left at the concerts.

That's the old manual way of running the music industry from regionalized country to country and locale to locale to locale.

That's right they are all bankrupt, for many reasons...one being the cds never got passed up line.

Scammers holding bands back at ticket booths and merchandise tables are now a thing of the past, the whole old on the ground manual music distributing.

All that has been replaced by yes, internet advertising.

All they have now is one ad on an international webpage, that replaced all the old ticket lines and concert holders, the ones passing bands up and stuff.

Plus the entire music catalog practically is online for $8 a month on many different services.

The implications of this are obvious, play counts aren't real on Spotify, Youtube or any streaming service.

That's because labels like Sony own or pay to have their music on a Spotify like service, then when people listen to Spotify all the play counts do is pay the label back from their original investment which is zero.

Spotify has said it even hasn't made any money yet, and the subscription just pays money back to initial investors.

The example is this, having a high play count or zero play count is the same thing on the internet.

Like this, Sony pays to run music on Spotify....or they might own it. 

Then when their promotion teams like their old closed ticket lines play Spotify to support them those aren't real plays and the money it generates just go back to Sony out of their investment and makes no money.

So you have your music on the internet with no street team you get no plays, the other people like Sony that is the same thing for them because the money earned off the plays is just the money holding it on the page anyway.

So it is the same thing to have millions or zero plays on the internet, at the end of the day all it is is just a band listing on a webpage.

With all them ticket lines over, street teams over, internet plays meaningless and internet advertising replacing all street level music promotions it's pretty clear that music industry has sunk again.  


I quit my PhD a year ago. This is what happened.

I quit my PhD

Should The World Be Metabolically Stabalized?

Everyone knows that your metabolism changes after 40, meaning you do tasks at a different rate than you used to.

Your body after 40 begins creating new chemical combinations and hormones in your body to change you metabolic rate, think of it as becoming "more stable".

What that means is compared to when you were younger you are not as much in a rush anymore and take on larger and slower tasks.

When you were younger you spent all your time lifting weights and working in the steel mines slaving to accumulate your wealth and knowledge.

After 40, you slow down and take on larger more difficult tasks that progress at a different rate...now you are a master sword creator from your time spent in the steel mines.

At this time in your life you no longer need the rat race of the steel mines, you're finished there and now want to be a master sword craftsman.

When your metabolism changes after 40 you drop the pick ax from the steel mine and switch to master crafter for sword construction which is a larger more difficult task.

Then leave all the mining for the younger kids to do it.

When their out mining you're honing your master crafted sword from your days in the steel mines, the younger people can't catch up to you because they have a faster metabolism and no experience so they have to slave away now while you sit back and polish your own hand crafted master sword.

That's what it's like after 40, no more running around breaking your neck because you should be done of all that by 40 and be settled in with your new body metabolism.

That begs the question, should the world's jobs be divided up by metabolic rate by age to fit everyone in their proper slot?


Calculus explained through a story

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DESTRUCTION - 'Back To Thrash' - Post Lockdown Shows Aftermovie (OFFICIA...

HALIFAX: Bums Looking In Your Shopping Cart At The Grocery Store

I mean come off it Province, who are all those bums covered in filth downtown Halifax?

What now, you got a wear a dress shirt in Halifax to buy groceries now to scrap the bums off you because they think you're in love with them if your not wearing a tuxedo.


All covered in filth and looking at you, like how many of them are down there 2500 or what? Like why isn't Halifax setting an example to get these bums out of our shopping carts and shit at the store.

Well, it's coming to this...I'm going to have to get out the old Harvard sweater and old time golf pants to scrap the bums off me when I'm downtown.

You're standing there at the store and they are looking right in your cart staring at you, so I held my cart out and they came right over and looked right in it right in front of me and then they were yelling and trying to talk to me on Saturday when they were squadding in the park at the welfare office.

Then they all go around talking about you bumming, so I bought so close up toothpaste, lavender glade air freshener and peanut butter and pretzel chocolate bar and I'm stranding there and the fucking bums come right over and look in the cart bumming and talking about you right when I'm looking at them.

Fucking sick.


CANADA: Trudeau Government Didn't Have It's Resources For It's Platform

All the stuff Trudeau and Trump said they had when they ran for election claiming to be owning all this corporate backing and infrastructure to handle the United States and Canada's workload, just like when I worked around all that they just told the government staff to put their work through out of their own pockets for their office.

Like people said to me, they wanted me to "put the store checkouts in out of my own pocket" in order to work on the contract at my office.

That's when I left and turned them in and they assaulted me.

The Federal Government just did that asking government staff to pay for Trudeau's infrastructure installations out of their own pocket.

Like at the welfare office and the covid funds.

...just pause for a second.

We don't have these issues where I live that I blog about, I'm talking like New York City with huge oil companies and stuff running the worlds financial center, that's what I write about.

That's not something we have here in Halifax or Atlantic Canada because it's not big enough.

So when Trump and Trudeau came out and claimed they were doing all that like in New York City I wasn't surprised to not to see anything because it's not populated enough in Halifax to need any of that stuff.

Like I said before, there's no government in Canada.

It turns out they didn't have it at all, when they released their emergency funding plans they put it right on the street and are asking the citizens to do their own tax credits for their government office work.

Like instead of giving everyone the tax credit, they said they had this big office then they turned around and handed the citizens their office work, tax credit forms, then are asking the community services workers and the bank tellers to put their platform together for them out of their own pockets while on the job.

They never had it prepared to give to them in advance like they said in the election, now they want everyone to do their office work at home for them from the Federal Government out of their pockets and give it back to them for free with the form filled out for their tax credits.

That's what I mean, the government has their paperwork at peoples houses tying to get them to do the work for them and send it back, that's the work they said they were being elected to do but they didn't have it.



Sunday, July 5, 2020

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - Deleted Scenes [1080p HD]

Star Wars Deleted Scenes

What a waste of movie space, eight full minutes cut out of Star Wars (1977)...cut back to reality...

This unrestored deleted scene shows Luke talking to Biggs on the ground while Darth Vader boards Leia's ship in orbit on Tatooine. 

The ground scenes are the ones they cut out of the space battle.

They cut the whole movie out man by removing this clip, in the scene Biggs which is setup to be the other Han Solo in the film tells Luke he is shipping out to join the rebellion in advance to arrange to meet Luke later when he joins the rebellion...which later in the movie he does.

I mean why would you throw out a completely useable Han Solo.

Biggs who is the most awesome character I ever seen and needs his own action figure suite and ship was completely cut out of the movie, and is the obvious superior to Han Solo in the Star Wars pecking order.

This sets the movie up to show why Luke left to join the rebellion with Biggs before he met Obi Wan and Han Solo later in the film.

These scene could be completely restored, like they could use some screen smoothing and rasterization, then just color in all the scratch marks on the film to restore it.

The bad sound and talking on the clip in a few places could be completely smoothed over with voice overdubs to restore the clips.

Terrible that biggs was cut out of this movie, one of the biggest character in the whole series.


Here's The Clip Here

Like on Spiderman And His Amazing Friends when the team is all at University together, when they show the origins of Firestar who they are now revealing as Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man 3 in the back story the girl keeps calling her "jinx" making fun of her when they are kids, then she won't stop her whole life and when Firestar got a job working for the dean they broke in and robbed the office like when they were making fun of her their whole life.

That's what happened to me after I finished University from kids that went to my high school.


My 80's Saturday Morning - Spiderman & His Amazing Friends

BEST OF FIRESTAR - Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Spider-Man 3: MJ Is Actually Firestar

Metallica: Moth Into Flame (Official Music Video)

Breaking the Law

The Trooper (2015 Remaster)

Demon Speeding

Revelation Revolution

Saturday, July 4, 2020

HALIFAX: Homeless People Squadding In Front Of Welfare Office

I just got back from my Saturday walk and there's all these bums camped out in the park front in front of the welfare / Community Services office at Alderney Landing.

Their all down there trying to ruin the park at Alderney Landing taking a shit or something in the regular area ruining the Dartmouth Waterfront.

All down there trying to talk to you "hey buddy, hey buddy...bauph, baumph, baumph" all covered in filth sticking their dirty face out at you yelling with their dirty old beards and dandruff flying off their face.

Does that ever piss you off man right in front of the children's playground at the out door rock museum on the fourth of July.

Why doesn't someone get a shit shovel and go down there and scrap that filth out of the park they are making down there, despicable.


The Terrible Living Conditions

Could it get any worse around here...scams, hurricanes, pandemic's, water boil advisories, two earthquakes and all the ground outside sunk, bugs coming in the apartment buildings.

Now's there's garbage everywhere and all the covid rules and Nova Scotia just reopened as the original region with the United States on the Fourth of July.

It's so nice being back in the colonies out here though.

I don't know what's going on with the black people protesting and all that, like if they have an issue I don't know what it is...like I have my own separate issues.

If their the only ones outside partying and drinking and stuff like on their city block man, I don't care...no one does. I have other stuff to worry about now like with the restrictions and stuff and I'm swamped with things to do like maintaining my budget and stuff and looking after my apartment during the covid thing with no emergency money.

Like you can't just be out wasting money during that, like you have ot make sure you have everything during the crisis.

Like I'm not out partying I'm doing something else now, no one cares if their outside partying man like with the flack their getting with the cops, it's probably just a few people ruining it on everyone.

If they have a bigger issue then someone should look into that.

Anyone I would know would be just looking after their budget for their house hold accounting or something and maybe smoking weed or something.

Like with the housing crash because of covid now the property's are all worthless..the rental units with the crooked tenancy board.

Like the houses all fell down, it's probably a full time job just keeping outside from coming into your apartments and stuff because the houses fell apart, with no funding or anything 


By train from Montreal to Halifax Nova Scotia with VIA Rail

Nova Scotia Travel Guide - The Best Road Trip Ideas | The Planet D

Gettysburg: Animated Battle Map

The Patriot |2000| All Fight/Battle Scenes [Edited] (April 19, 1775)

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Sunday, June 28, 2020

CANADA: New Disability Tax Credit Interface

Like this on Monday.com with your case worker from home.

Just follow the pictures while I read you the script and then just match to the image.

So to get the new Disability Tax Credit this is what you have to do with your caseworker, so you need something like Monday.com to keep track of your progress.

The two sections on the chart are "welfare" and "financial planning" which is blacked out because the first box isn't finished yet.

So I made a small item list in green of things that I have to do to apply for the Disability Tax Credit.

The first steps 1 - 4 in green are the things I have to do to get my rebate.

Make chart to show worker.

Click on task one to leave a note for your worker.

Click on task two to receive a note from your worker.

Click step 4 to provide worker end of day update.

Click step 5 to hear back from caseworker.

Like that.

At home with your worker to get your emergency benefits.


monday.com: Project Management | Review (2019)

CANADA: Planning & Tracking Your Investment Budget With Your Caseworker

In order to qualify and manage all those investments files for your caseworker at home from your welfare cheque you're going to need a good accounting program.

I recommend using Monday.com

At monday.com you can plan all your budgets, bill payments and project plans with one tool through your Google login.

Monday.com gives you all the free tools to manage your bill payments, calendar, reminders to do your budget as well as track your small business plans and stock market graphs.

This will help you save money by budgeting and managing your money online with your payment reminders and bill scheduling, and tracking your stock investments.

You can use this to prepare your files for your caseworker to show them your investment projects or even add them as a user to your group meeting board for them to review your budget from their office to help you plan your investments with the twenty dollar a month investments.

Then you can just add your case worker to your project plan and leave messages on the board for their review, when they login they can leave comments on your investment board and help you make corrections for their office investments when they review your files.

They can even send you little notes on your home budget board, like this..."Jason - New bus program cards to be issued this week, throw out old bus pass." 

Then you just write back on your home board and let them know how it went.

Then write back and say this "Hi Julie, I got the new bus pass in the mail and threw the old one out just like you said, by the way when I went to use the bus they wern't even charging."

Then she will update her notes on your board for your budget and calendar plan that she reviewed and closed your items on your home budget from her desk at the Community Services Office.


CANADA: Investing Your Disability Or Welfare Cheques With Your Caseworker

Like this...to get started don't worry about if the page is Canada or United States or not, we just want to get the idea of what we are doing as a basic understanding.

Which service you use can be figured out later.

What you welfare or disability caseworker needs you to do is to hold like $20 a month off your cheque.

Then the rest is as simple a registering a basic internet website, only instead of a domain name it is a Penny Stock.

What you need to do this is several things a bank account with debit and credit card features like a Visa or Mastercard debit, which is just the credit card feature with allows you to shop on the internet with you debit card as a Visa or Mastercard.

I'm pretty sure most debit cards have this feature. 

The debit / credit card at the bank on your chequing account will then allow you to access the Federal Government through online banking to process your Federal Benefit Payments from Revenue Canada.

Then you need a place to buy stocks and an account selection to spend your $10.00 a month.

Then take the receipts to your welfare worker and then she will start the process to approve you for your Federal Emergency Tax Credits like extra GST rebates when available.

With your online bank account you need to open an online stock market purchasing account at Amertrade or E-Trade. 

In Canada I believe Ameritrade is TD Bank Ameritrade.

Open an account at Ameritrade:

E-Trade if available:

Then get a list of Penny Stocks from www.allpennystocks.com that you will purchase on Ameritrade.

In this example I'm getting BAYTEX, HEXO Corp and MEG Energy.

Like this:

BTE Baytex : $0.66
HEXO $0.94
MEG Energy: $3.52

It's good to get two cheap stocks and then a $4 stock just to compare the stock growth differences on the TSX page.

Then buy that every month with your ten dollars. 

Then give all your receipts to your case worker which is like once a year, that is all you have to do.

That's only $5 to get started in Penny Stocks.

After your review your worker will know which stocks you have on Ameritrade, like in the Ameritrade picture she will just be able to look up which stocks you bought to see how your investments did each year.

Then she will review your Ameritrade investments and let you know what rebates you can apply for like the covid disability tax credit and help you begin the approval process.

This is important because she can just follow along with you separate at the Community Services office because she has your investments list, so like in the picture in the screen above you just hold $20 off your cheque per month then she will review how your stocks are doing to review for your extra benefits just for having money in the account.

Then having your caseworker handle your stock file for you off your welfare or disability cheque will approve you for future rebates from the federal government through her office because she will known what you qualify for by watching your investments remotely at her desk on your case file.

Then when new programs come up she can automatically approve them for you.


So I just checked and Ameritrade takes you to TD Bank, so you need a TD Bank Investment login to open an account to buy stocks and bonds for your welfare case worker.

Instead of doing all that I'm just going to stop in to the bank this week and then just schedule and appointment to open the RRSP and Mutual Fund package at my bank.

Then if they don't have a stock market investment package with that, which they probably do then I will go to TD Bank to get the rest through Ameritrade.

Then I will let you know on this page how it all went and how long it took as I progress to apply for my Federal Tax Credits of the Federal Corporate Investments Program.


CANADA: Corporate Federal Benefits Packages For Cheque Reciepients

So I just found out about this earlier this week.

I'm going to be 45 this year so it's time to start planning for my retirement for when I get my old age pension at 65, before that today there are things you can do to invest in your retirement savings plan.

The Federal Government is asking you to use your welfare and disability cheque by supporting them on the Toronto Stock Market by using their Bank Services Programs listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange so they can use this money to raise more funds.

What they are asking is that the Federal Government can see you in their new programs if you invest in the stock market using you disability or welfare benefits.

Once you do that you qualify to apply for the Disability Tax Credit.

So this stage is the approval process.

First apply for their corporate banking savings programs using your bank account, to get a cheap listing of RRSP, Bonds and Disability Savings Programs.

That qualifies you at the welfare office for extra money - when it becomes available.


They have extra programs at the Federal Government for returns off your welfare cheque if you also have a stock market portfolio.

This is why Penny Stocks are huge and unstable on the Wall Street and Toronto stock markets right now, all these companies are all fighting for a spot to release new apps in the Ford vehicles that have switched to a Spotify like dashboard.

This allows you on your welfare cheque to earn extra benefit credits from the Federal Government off your welfare cheques.

That is what I will be walking through on this blog.

What you need to find is a good Penny Stocks Trading Page, I started here:

Then you take a small amount of money like $20 to play Penny Stocks on Wall Street and Toronto through their web interface.

Then you watch on the stock market to see if your stocks are going up or down or not.

That doesn't matter, the welfare worker doesn't care what happens with your Penny Stock Money, they just need the slip from your using their service.

They use that to start processing your covid relief benefits like the Disability Tax Credit through the Stock Market.

Having these things on your file automatically qualifies you for Federal Government handouts through the welfare and disability office.

The penny stocks page is just like a little gambling page, like a game on the internet they allow you to play to get your name on the federal tax file at the welfare office to qualify you for future relief benefits.

That's to go with your RRSP, Savings Bonds and Disability Savings Plan that you will recieve back when you turn 65 as extra benefits on your old age pension.

When I find a decent Penny Stock Investment Page I will post the instructions on this blog, that is where I am right now.

In the meantime to get setup you need to add this to your file at the Community Services Office for your welfare and disability cheque, and to start generating interest at the Bank and Federal Government for a higher Federal Payout when you turn 65.

You need:


They are asking you to add to your file the following section at the welfare office and bank to connect you to the new Federal Corporate Banking Programs, that's for your savings off your welfare or disability cheque and higher rates for your old age pension at 65.

Then add this section to your file at the welfare office:


RRSP: $0.000001
Mutual Fund: $0.000001
Disability Savings Plan: $0.0000001


Penny Stocks

Stock 1: $0.00001
Stock 2: $0.00001
Stock 3: $0.00001

Use a small amount off your cheque to buy the bank and stock investments and then give that stub to your worker for her to complete your casefile.

The $0.00001 only represents the initial deposit to get started investing your welfare or disability cheque at the bank and stock market which will be managed by your case worker.

After that they will tell you what you qualify for during the approval process.

This frees you up to buy and sell penny stocks on the internet to keep the file open at Community Services which will be managed by your case worker to qualify you for the Federal Programs like the $300 One Time Disability Tax Credit Handout

Just remember to use the $20 every month to keep your file open so your worker can qualify you for extra Federal Benefit Handouts when they become available under the covid emergency relief federal financial handout at the Community Services Office.


CANADA: Federal Relief Package Falls Short Of Citizens Expectations

To qualify for Federal Government Programs for COVID Relief Money, this is where you need to start.

For welfare & disability reciepients:

You need to go to the bank and get a "Corporate Federal Tax Bond".

Just take your welfare or disability cheque to the bank, then use a small amount like $20 per month to invest in the basic savings and interest programs like an RRSP or Mutual Fund.

That is the Corporate Federal Tax Bond.

Take the documents for the bond that you get back to your Community Services Worker from the Bank like the "Corporate Federal Tax Program" documents to show your worker you have made an investment in an RRSP, Savings Bond, Mutual Fund or Disability Savings Program.

That costs like $20, then your worker will start the process to have you approved for the Disability Tax Credit from the Federal Government.

After this process if you are approved for the Disability Tax Credit then you put your name in for the Disability COVID Relief benefits and when they issue new cheques you will get $300 if your name is on the list.

You get that from the Disability Tax Credit.

That allows you to get COVID Relief money off your Corporate Federal Bank Investments from the Federal Government.

So now would be a good time to get a mortgage and put the money into savings and investments at the bank because the housing market has crashed because of covid and you get larger returns on your investments off your mortgage and then qualify for Federal Government handouts like the Disability Tax Credit off the Corporate Bank Disability Savings Plan.


Like this, Canada's Federal Government has begun issuing the financial handouts.

They are putting all that in right now, so do this right away and don't even worry about it.

For the next part in the emergency benefits if you are on disability or welfare you just need a stub from the bank to bring to your worker.

So they have the welfare office at the bank teller again from Ottawa, during covid.

So they increased front line pay, now they are expecting the bank tellers to be the welfare office.

The bank is the financial backers of people like Trudeau and Trump, so Trudeau issued the approval forms to the Bank for the covid money from the welfare office to the bank...now the bank tellers have to process all the welfare and disability forms.

What they need at the Community Services Office is a slip from the bank saying this:


RRSP: $.2.19
Disability Savings Plan: $1.19
Mutual Fund:  $4.87

You could also bring them penny stock slips like this:


XOR: $0.19
WEED: $.98

In Canada you would include cannabis on your penny stocks to show that you are investing in the Federal Cannabis Tax Program.

So an easy slip like that for $20 will show your caseworker that you have made the Federal Investments to quality for their benefits packages at the Community Services Office.

Then they will put your name in for everything available based on your investment level.

Like an agreement between the Government and the Bank to let them hold a piece of your welfare cheque.

Then the group amount is issued from the public to the bank, this qualifies you for Federal Relief Programs on your welfare cheque by showing the Bank Owners you are willing to let them hold a piece of your welfare cheque.

After this you qualify for extra benefits from the Federal Government like $300 for covid disability benefits under the Disability Tax Credit which has only been issued once so far.

It's best to get your name on the list as fast as possible, no matter what happens later....so if you are on welfare or disability the government has said in their documents that the bank teller will represent your casework to get you the proper slips.

Then just invest the minimum amount at the bank for maximum coverage in all available programs.

Plus penny stocks if you want to qualify for Federal Stock Market Tax Programs off your welfare cheque.

Then take the $20 from the case worker to the bank teller off your cheque and the teller will represent them and give you your paper.

Then take the paper back to the case worker and they will start taking the steps to qualify for the extra welfare benefits from the Federal Government off your Corporate Bank Investment.

Not only will you qualify for covid Emergency Federal Tax Handouts you will also have a small retirement and savings plan at the bank with possible stock shares for around $20 per month.

That's money that you can't touch, to start your savings in the bank...the money you can spend is off the welfare programs that you qualify for with the tax slip from the bank at the Federal Government.

So the $20 per month investment to the bank allows you to receive future handouts from the Federal Government and qualify you for one time Federal Payments like the $300 Disability Federal Tax Covid Payment earlier this year.

Important to remember is that during programs like this the Bank and Federal Government need as many people as possible to sign up for their new Corporate and Federal Tax Programs like welfare and disability benefits.

What that means for you is that they will sell you a cheap package with maximum coverage and returns just for putting your name on the list with a small investments package, that saves the bank and federal government work by having the customer put their own name on their welfare and disability cheque at the bank.

The more people that sign up the cheaper it will be for the bank to process your welfare and disability cheques by saving them staff wage hours.

Later those savings will be given back to you, cheque reciepients as larger returns and federal payment availability by putting your own name on the list to save them money.

Then you will receive faster returns and larger welfare benefit options under new Corporate Federal Bank Investments here in Canada.


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Friday, June 26, 2020

Halifax: Bums Downdown

You wouldn't even believe what happened to me downtown tonight, I'm on my way back from the Cannabis Store on Clyde Street Halifax and I'm cutting though the new Bank Of Montreal World Convention Center on like the first night of summer.

Then they are all these fucking bums down there.

So the street is closed and both sides of the side walk are packed with outside restaurants.

This black bum comes up to me right, in front of all these girls all dressed up on Friday night eating at the outside seats and sticks his fucking arm at me right out of the crowd in public in front of all the girls right and goes, "hey man, gimme me some money".

Right from the North End man all living in the same house outside together with the people from the home invasion at my house in 2008, all shooting up heroin in the garbage.

Oh I bet all the food in the garbage tastes good with all that heroin up your arms in the trash.

So I go bitch slap bum if you take one step closer and I totally owned him in public in front of all those girls and shit.

That was so awesome man, thanks!

Fuckin' snap.


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NEWS: Atlantic Canada Bubble Opens Nova Scotia For The First Time Since 1867

Nova Scotia Returns This Summer
Well at least that I'm aware of. 

Starting July 3rd Atlantic Canada will return to its historic past this summer by opening the traditional country of Nova Scotia founded by King James 400 years ago as the crown of the Thirteen Colonies as a covid health bubble.

As the Country of Nova Scotia returns this summer free passage will be granted from inside the traditional Nova Scotia border, which excludes northern Maine in the United States, from Province to Province inside the traditional historic border.

Visitors will have a 14 day health quarantine before being allowed free passage in the region, which will still be limited under the Emergency Act.

This places Nova Scotia even higher on the tourist schedule this year so plan on staying an extra two weeks in the region to visit Nova Scotia as it was traditionally under King James. 

Travel here to the region is recommended by car or airplane as cruise ships have been banned for the summer, I'm assuming from the British Navy.

Expect camp ground and parks to open up as tourist season begins. 


Thursday, June 25, 2020


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Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds Live in Las Vegas

Hank Williams - Your Cheatin` Heart w added bass track, fantastic sound!

BOXCAR WILLIE : Hank And The Hobo (train country song)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Cro-Mags - In The Beginning (Official Full Album 2020)

SPORTS: NHL Plans Paper Champions

I don't know what they are saying about sports but they are talking about playing this year, why.

The sports year is already over, there's no hockey this year it's already June.

You are the paper champions, who all want your name on the Stanley Cup or MLB Trophy with no season...that is not sports.

Only today with the current government where they fraudulently issue money with no equality across Canada will have this the same event. 

You are the welfare office, all wanting your name on the cup with no season or wins...now all the trophies get awarded with no wins or stats.

Why don't you all drop dead so the rest of can continue uninturrupted.


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

CANADA: What Is The Parliment Talking About?

Al Jazeera ia calling for Canada to lose it's seat in the UN or something, I understand what they mean.

Like they have the Prime Minister on tv everyday running some telethon or something.

Like they come out right and go..."everyone gather around, we're making todays announcement...",  then they go "one dollar for extra masks for font line workers." then they go back inside.

What are they taking about?

They think everyone is waiting around outside for the daily bullet point.

Todays announcement..."0.20 cents for fiscal returns on your summer taxes." 

Then they go back inside.

Are you joking or what, nobody's listening to that.


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Monday, June 15, 2020

12 Newest Best Supercars 2019-2021

The 2019 Ford GT Is America's Insane $1 Million Supercar

2019 McLaren 720S Review: Yes, it has cup holders

COMMENTARY: Small Town Mentality

Small Town Logic?
This is something that recently came up with me, small town mentality...I'm trying to remember the context of why but I can't.

I grew up in a small town, however I was not isolated in the area. 

Although I am from a small area I spent most of my time involved in activities and things and I was always away doing things in the City and besides that my town is in a heavy tourist area so I knew many people from far away and was always involved in music and partying around me like when I went away to university and stuff then I planned to move away to work in technology before Canada's government failed and lost all the top technology positions, then the old government blocked students from credit at equifax when their was no work so they couldn't get home loans.

After that it's all job sharing now in Canada with their degrees so they only get one third salary for three people and all the top university students making $150 - $300 thousand are all out of work with thier science degrees.

Then they got all these other people job sharing and they have no scientists or anything employed to develop stuff like mp3's and stuff, computer technology.

Like Canada's government is gone...it's just like two people there Justin Trudeau and his helper blocking our cheque benefits.

Then Canada's government doesn't want any new technology from citizens in the top university graduate section because they are all job sharing for $50 thousand each so they can buy bannna clips or something. 

That's the point...like they live in the garbage and offer no support to citizens and don't want any new technology because they are all working there off the old one triple job sharing so they can eat at McDonalds on their lunch break.

Then Canada offers no programs or support for any university graduate or regular citizen.

That's what they are running for election off of, why would you vote for a government that needs three or more people to do the work of one unemployed university graduate.

No one would ever vote for that. 

For example Canada doesn't want things like the new super train system in Europe and Japan...why?

Probably because it only takes one person to put it in and they can't triple job share, just remember that no voted for that system and they are just making it all up lying to the public so expect them to be arrested.

Not only that Canada offers no support to the obsolete car and road system for it's replacement. 

Car's that drive themselves and can't crash under normal condition's should be mandatory on all vehicles,  like why should that be in the McLaren and not all cars.

Those car systems belong in all cheap cars first not the McLaren Supercar, which will be down to $100,000 when they get the Ford Focus working first on the new car and highway system that is coming in with the Super Trains. 

Small town mentality...this is the perfect example...

When the new roads go in for the new super car technology why wouldn't they want the road signs that go with them?

That's because they don't know what it is.

This is what people mean and I think they have some of this in Europe and Japan where they also have the trains, not like here in Canada which is just the forest anyway and one guy in the parliament blocking our cheque benefits so they can triple job share on the old road system on the other end.

Like it's pretty simple with the old government....road blocking, train blocking, credit blocking, triple job sharing....like I get it, the old government didn't have any resources at all, and were just triple job sharing their pen and paper clip dispensary. 

So don't come here to my house from the parliament and ask me for something for them to run at the government because I'm better off than them without working at all and living out in the forest in Canada.

Like when I own a big piece of land some day don't come here looking for my hoes and plows and stuff  for Ottawa when you don't know how to build roads or issue cheques with my equipment, so their not getting it.

I'm not putting my stuff into the Canadian Government like the designs for the automatic freezing machine for the new microwave that I mentioned in a previous post because they they can't do anything with it because there's nothing there.

Then they come around asking for you to let them be in charge of your inventions in Ottawa when they are illiterate. 

Why would I let them be in charge of my property when they are illiterate and I can run it by myself.

No one would ever support those people.

It's pretty simple...on the new roads and probably the current ones cars can't crash mostly because of the auto steering and braking system on the gps road map...so when something happens they just slow down and stop on their own. 

Canada says they don't want that because they can't triple job share because they need the actual University guy to install it. 

Who would vote for that.

I mean it's pretty simple you go on the road in the new car with the cheap Focus or something and it can't crash then the road signs are color coded to match the gps.

Like this on the new highway they have different colored road signs like this....white means hospital, blue means highway, red means provincial park etc.

So when you have to drive a long distance to go to the city to see a specialist at the hospital you just follow the white road signs and it takes you right there, then you just program white signs into the gps system and then it follows all the white markers like flags to get you to the hospital, then if you are just traveling red means like provincial parks or something.

That's the work that Canada threw in the garbage when they stopped paying university students so they could triple job share.

Drop dead man, they are all getting arrested....I'm not supporting that or using the old one, I'm just gonna sit here not doing anything until the new work goes in. 

No on elected them to do that, then they just want to triple job share on the old road system.

Who would use the Trans Canada Highway with all that going on, what a waste of time building all that stuff...like they only got forty years out of the road and now they're just sitting there not doing anything now they are just sitting there triple job sharing for McDonalds money for their lunch break, pathetic. 

My advice, just ignore everyone and live in the woods until the new road goes in....that's when we'll finally get rid of those cheap illiterate pricks at the Provincial Government here in Halifax and at the capital in Ottawa.