Sunday, September 5, 2021

You Know What I Hate About Downtown Halifax

You go out for a walk in Halifax, I was out in the South End this morning, I used to be down there all the time years everything sucks and it's a bunch of idiots.

Like you can't even take a girl to anything anymore because it's all these stupid restaurants with food no one wants and all the nice spots are just garbage now with shitty restaurants in them and the whole place stinks.

There used to be so much going on down there years back, now it's all some guy out on his first date with a woman pretending he's this big beer drinker, I mean how of those are you gonna drink anyway, looking for a fight over some girl.

I mean, don't worry about it man I had all kinds of you don't need to get worked up because there's a boy outside, obviously it's you first trip to the bar with your first beer can...I mean people don't keep doing that for the rest of their life, fuck's a beer man get over it.

Then it's the same thing with the rest of the place, they have all these signs up like these "social scene" restaurants and every time it was a hobo shop with a fake art scene.

Every time it's the same thing, then they are all bums and pretending to be this art scene and it's always from the North End and just hobos, just like I said below about Heavy Metal...metal is small in Canada, there is none in Halifax.

Not once have I ever seen a normal place to go with regular people in Halifax, it's either some "guy" on his first date with a woman going on about his beer can on his first day out of the house, that is the only scene there...or it used to be a good restaurant and now it sucks or it's some fake art scene from them hobo people trying to be cool out in the park.

You people suck, that's why I go other places now.

Plus the whole place stinks and it's all idiots on their first day out of their mothers house, fuck I hate downtown now.


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