Sunday, July 4, 2021

Hahahahah They cancelled my Account For Posting Music Videos

They cancelled my Skyrock account for posting music videos from YouTybe and sharing my shopping cart.

Fucking scam see, on July 4th over my Georgo Washingtons stuff and shit....see.

Whatever, losers.


Hahahahahhahahaha hahahahahahhahahaaaa.

They cancelled my account for posting my store items and posting music videos for A & A and Bleecker Bob's pages, now they have no customer support to fix the sitting there at their business watching your page and jacking it at their office cancelling you social media account when your start selling stuff and following you around the internet reading your blogs and stuff then taking your page down, fucking perverts.

That's what happened to and Live Journal stopped working a while ago.... 

Why do you people bother with these huge social media business start ups to lose it jacking off on your customers files. 

HAHAHAHA. tanked.

No support to get the page back.


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