Friday, July 2, 2021

Slap My Phone Give Me $20 Business Update

So my new ad campaign hit this wall, yeah I don't think JZ wants all that stuff...on my shopping cart right you just load the product and then two clicks and you get the shirt in the mail.

Now the Ecwid Cart is collecting my money, girl comes down to the concert...throws the Platinum Visa up on the stage and goes "just slap me some shirts that and then cut it up when you're done."...yeah I don't think so bitch trying to steal our promotion.

I can just imagine, JZ putting the sales on the phone himself for her and then cutting the card up for her....yeah it's not her promotion man, living off it out it the yard.


1. No cutting up credit cards and scanning products for girls at the concert from atists.

Yeah then after that you're looking up to about six weeks delivery time, standard turn around time...really though allow eight weeks if the page is a regular business for a mail order, other stores like Amazon are Express Services.

Express services are the fastest delivery web stores, yet there are two major issues....some are buying clubs that you can list your own products on with free shipping in two days and others are over charging on shipping and under cutting the items note: possible customs fraud scam could be running.

Regular carts like record stores are still the same delivery times, what happens is after the order gets processed the money gets stuck in the stores account, then there are multiple ways to transfer the payments to ship the order.

Now every company is on a different service like when the customer pays you can process and ship the order from paypal or transfer their paypal payment to your business account, then pay to ship their order.

For taking orders and selling on shopping carts for other businesses, then on stores like mine there are items that aren't sold on the faster shipping pages but sometimes they might be there.

It's all the same thing anyway so after the business get's the customers money their having all these accounting issues at the payment processors and the banks right now, like they are holding double payments on internet transactions and tying up money while bank transfers clear.

Like they are putting the money on hold in the business account and then transferring it out of your checking balance at the same make sure the payment is covered.

That's a broken system.

So you when you're doing business now you have to account for the bank holding the payments in multiples accounts at the same time but it's really only the same $20 and then they have it listed in multiple accounts, like on manual at the bank and then it's like seven days to fix the balance, and then you have to account for them holding double payments in multiple accounts while the purchase clears.


If that happens on my Ecwid tell Ecwid that they bank is doing that and Ecwid or the bank owes the customer the money back not my store - so the customer still gets the shirt, but if the transaction messes up their bank account on their transaction systems like holding double payments to process one purchase, because their accounting isn't functioning probably in ebusiness, then you tell Ecwid or the bank to give you the money back.

You don't get a refund from me on the cart, once you buy the item it's yours...after that if you're payment gets messed up they owe you the refund, because it's their payment system and my stuff ships from the United States.

That's what they mean by offering those services, then the customers and businesses have to put up with long transaction processing times because of the problems at the bank.

So that's not a bad deal, six weeks processing time for me with no refunds...that's pretty good, but it comes with issues...I mean if I sell the shirt, I got my money.

After that Ecwid and the bank has to cover everything else for the customer if their transaction messes up.

So this summer I'm loading my shopping carts on to the metal blogosphere and not doing much and just working on this stuff, like to get my products listed on the internet.

Then on the other end Amazon has all instant processing and shipping.



That's the whole job where I work I have to tell everyone that all the wait times are because larger companies and the bank are tying up all the processing resources for instant payment and delivery items...which is great I mean because I use that for regular items so people don't mind waiting regular wait times from other "second tier" shopping carts like on A & A Records and Bleecker Bob's.

It's second tier because it's on Ecwid on Wall Street, so it's a good cart system.

Then it's not instant processing and delivery like on Amazon.

So my job is to handle those issues at the company and try to get our system running and shipping faster....that's SAP work.

I left SAP work because they had no money to pay me for my designs, now I own and Ecwid Shopping Cart System.

Then I start selling and the industry I left is all riddled with payment processing issues and delayed wait times....that's fourteen years later now since I was leaving and now they can't even process payments properly.

Then they don't have all the accounts connected properly across all the payment systems so you have to design your own method for your product mine..."Slap My Phone Give Me Twenty Dollars."



Yeah but don't worry though...I'm working there with you on this page...we're number 1 on tier 2 model.

Not in sales I mean, but in computer systems design...we're aligned with Ecwid's system on Wall Street.

That's all great though because the second tier shopping carts are still collecting the money, then when you have to transfer it to send the items through your payment systems or from your bank debit then you hit your banking issues.

Your business can collect all the money instantly, but then it's six to eight weeks processing time potentially because of the bank transfer issues on the internet payment system.

The problem hits when you have to get paid first after you get the customers money then have to complete and ship the transaction.

That's because the bank, SAP and them isn't functioning properly.

Pages like record store pages, don't even worry about rushing that's all the banks fault...blame them, that's who owes the customers refunds, slap my phone get a shirt in the mail...that's regular wait times because of the banking we're on the lower model....the top system but longer order processing because of companies like Amazon taking up all the banks resources.

Don't worry though everyone on the internet is on that system with me, underneath the larger companies, so no one minds waiting the regular wait time for a specialty item like a t-shirt or collectable record, so there is no issue...just try and take the stress off when trying to get them orders processed through the bank.

If the customer complains blame the bank and Ecwid and them...they are the ones who have to fix the customers issues...that's what great about selling on Ecwid, they handle all those customer issues and then you can just sell your items and not worry about those problems.


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