Friday, July 9, 2021

The Chemicals Of The Black Hole

I can't stop thinking about the black hole pictures they released from hubble that show that show the insides of planets mixing in the black hole.

Meaning that we are all products of the black hole, and our bodies are just made from chemicals from the black hole.

Someday when we die we will return to the chemicals of the planet when our bodies decompose, perhaps in a dream like state disembodied in the planets chemicals.

That's what I was dreaming about today, then I thought about New York City from when I was a small child and that they used to pair me off with these gifted girls to know in my group, then when I went back it was the same problem...they just want me to sit there solving the worlds problems with them being married or something in the house.

I wanted to do something else like play in a band, it's still the same when I go back...they're trying to get me to stay in the house with them those smart girls thinking about the world's problems and stuff when I just wanted to play in a band, so that why I don't go there to them smart girls from years ago...that's what happened when I looked.


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