Saturday, July 3, 2021

The History Curriculum Is Updating

You have to remember that they are always researching and writing history books, now they are updating the curriculum.

Yeah so listen to this, in the new book which has been expanded it sounds like George Washington got his guts blown out not too long after the American Revolution.

Him and the founding fathers, what all dead by 1800 or so? Something like that.

Here's where we're at now in the book...Germany took over the throne of England when is was Prussia and put in a German speaking King.

Then they tried to oppress the Thirteen Colonies and the United States revolted and won their independence....thus siding with the people who over threw England by declaring their independence when they won the revolution.

Instead of maintaining order and waiting to return to England they left.

George Washington dead by 1800.

Now the War Of 1812 is becoming the larger more recent topic.

This has been expanded in the History books since years ago and is now classified as a three year war and now included with other topics outside the United States and Canada.

This war they are now saying was an attempt at a "Second American Revolution" against England and Canada.

This war was declared in 1812 they are now saying.

Then the United States LOST this war to Canada and England.

So they won the revolution in 1776 but were defeated in 1812 and were then back in British alignment.

Still being the United States, like today.

The losers of the war were The United States, France and the American Indian Tribes.

So the American Revolution that people describe on the street never actually happened in the new text book, that group was defeated in 1812 and the United States returned back to England still being independent.

That's what it is today.

Now listen to this....

The people who were sent there who revolted both times probably were the French Acadians from Nova Scotia.

Them and the Indians.

Then after The War Of 1812 that's when England returned to the United States and killed all the Indian tribes and put them on reservations.

That's how the reservations got there, after the defeat of the United States in their attempted Second American Revolution.

Pretty awesome facts coming out now, but you have to research yourself to get all this information but the material has been expanded on the internet...for researching topics like this.

Then after 1812 the United States was Country with Nova Scotia the Country (Halifax) until after the American Civil war when they founded Canada.

Then Nova Scotia still had it's own currency until the 1930's then with issues like the invention of the telephone they moved old Halifax to Ottawa and this place is just a tourist area now and all the Legislature in Ottawa with Canada's General Work Force.

Down here they don't have any of that stuff.


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