Sunday, July 4, 2021

Yeah I Just Had To Complain About The Issue To

Just like I said, now I had to write Ecwid because of an issue with my shopping cart on the social media pages.

I paid my fees to Ecwid and now Instagram won't list the items after you pay the membership fee's, then they came out telling me that they want me to make a page first after I pay for the store, then they want to "review it with me" to see if it's good enough for me to sell on after I paid my listing fees.

Then the other issues with Sky Rock and Ebay.

Anyway, no one's making the page first for your companies advertisements on our business pages....everyone paid for the cart to sell on Instagram - list the items man.

I'm up and running though, it's just a few pages I'm having an issue with.

I'll wait and see what they say about the issue at  . 


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