Sunday, July 4, 2021

Hahahahha Facebook Man, Zuckerberg's Gonna Lose His Mind Man

You guys just can't handle it out there can ya?

Now my WORLD FAMOUS Facebook friends list is now an official Facebook store:

You fucking guarantee out there in business from your scams that all my work is covered when you fuck with my store on Facebook, all you perverts jerking off out back.

Yeah so I just loaded it, the Official Face Book Store with Instagram plugin...

Now they won't give me my Instagram app and they took my Facebook store down because they said I wasn't upgraded like one day after I paid my fees, on the fucking Fourth Of July on fucking Canada I can just fucking imagine...two summers ago it was a fake eviction this see....that's what it's like out there people getting sued and going to jail every two minutes from these Wall Street Companies.

That's all insured I got nothing to worry about.

My business is real, so I guess all you scam are fucked.


Now Facebook upgraded their software and I lost a days sales ALREADY and just opened, plus they won't give me my Instagram app.

Fucking cunt man.

Trying to set all that up.

The Facebook store is up for Collapse anyway, I had to upgrade the store software and it's back....still no Instagram.

I mean what the fuck man?

I'm tying to run a store here, this is why Facebook is getting sued all the time man, from this stuff.

So I got the Facebook and Google advertising console and I'm paying for that just to have the ad manager running with what's supposed to be "free ads" and stuff on the small package to sell on Google Shopping for my t-shit store and then you have to pay to run small ad campaigns.

That's $150  - $500 dollars per ad campaign and then they're saying that will attract followers to your page with guaranteed visitors at those rates in your store category.

We're talking like small here first and then you have to get the page built and they want to advertise to one customer at a time man for $150 - $500 each for one ad!

For each customer! That's a lot of money on there man, for one customer at a time advertising.

Not too mention how am I supposed to coin boost my t-shirt ads on Facebook & Instagram when they won't give me my Instagram app and keep fucking my store up losing my ad campaign days.

No one's paying for that man, it's not GT Racig 2 Free On X-Box live on Windows that I play at X-box Online Multi Player with in app boost purchases, it's a T-Shirt store man.

Fucking cunt man with that stuff.

Where my store apps man???????  Click Click Click...I'm not hearing much phone slapping on that account from you "metal people" out there in the music better not be that jacking off in my yard people again hanging around my store launch not buying nothing bumming food and shit and fucking with my pages again man. 

You fucking imagine on there man working with them jacking off idiots.


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