Sunday, July 4, 2021

It Was X-Box Championships On GT Racing 2 On Windows X-Box Live For The Fourth Of July


Yeah so anyway, get our your brown tan oil girls because it's gonna be a long summer..... 

Sitting here in this heat loading my shopping cart this Summer, plus I've been playing on X-Box when I'm babysitting the web server and I just got a car in the Championships on GT Racing 2.

Like you play for a while and then you can get in the championships....that what it was man with my shopping cart stuff, they killed my account on Skyrock and won't give me my Instagram account so I can coin boost my t-shirt ads on Facebook and Instagram when I'm trying to show my friends the game at home where we're playing.

Now I couldn't show them the coin boost like the in app purchases in GT Racing 2 and I lost a days ad revenue time on Facebook for my shopping cart being down for a software update...The Day Of The Race!

Today, July 4, 2021.

Now I got my store back up and my Skyrock account got closed and they won't give me my Instagram app for my Facebook store for the race.

Fucking whatever, I'll just slap my own phone then.


Anyway....It doesn't matter you know why?

Because I bought my Shopping Cart from .

They have to fix it.

Skyrock has a deal to share posts from on their Social Media Network, so when I loaded my store and and then ran my Ecwid ads from the record store pages Skyrock killed my account, Instagram didn't give me my app and then Facebook updated and my store was down for the day, one day after I just loaded it.

All at the same time from the United States to me here cross border in Canada in Halifax trying to ruin my accounts on X-Box Live and Social Media, right in public.

ANYWAY, it don't matter man...

It's on, those pages are the one that broke Ecwid's service agreement on I'm just gonna wait and see what Ecwid says about the issue...right.

That's because their the Shopping Cart salesman  from Wall Street, that's their responsibility.

So I'm just gonna keep racing in the X-Box Championships and not worry about it then because I'm on Ecwid.

Maybe I'll record some of that game on tape and post it on this page later.


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