Wednesday, November 29, 2023

RE: Smart Phone Music App Lame Feature

On Smart Phone you get this music player app, then when you minimize the screen to scroll left and right it doesn't skip tracks on small view.

I mean, you talk about wasted phone ram.

Shoppers Drug Mart had better cameras than them for $1000.

The phone takes a picture of the music player and then when you switch apps it takes a .jpg file and displays it as the picture.

Then you can't switch songs on small music player display because it's only a .jpg .

Then you get hacked with tons of new music loaded and my old hacked link is gonna be wrong for twenty years on the page.

Now Dungeons & Dragons and tons of stuff is posted and you can't even make sense of anything on it, I assume it's public domain with the pictures etc. now but the page is broken I mean you say just write Hasbro on it anyway and it goes out on that system.


Monday, November 27, 2023

RE: University Varsity Story, Updated

 Like I said, they had no money for SAP from the Universities even under guaranteed wages contacts.

You know how it ended?

A fake job posting, asking employees to take secretary wages.

It's not even an SAP function.

Then they threw it out, I mean every student FAILED as an analyst in SAP.

I mean, I had mine done and no students or staff worked there.

You say to the analyst...go to the company with a pen and paper and then draw the diagram for the company and make the SAP Custom Installation CD.

Then no one could do it, then they wanted the desk as secretary wages and that was the end of SAP.   

Now people like me, move on have new services now mine is an Advertising Network in Comics and Music and I have large scale web traffic.

SAP had nothing.

I mean where did all the money go?

Now my completed SAP server went into Digital and now it's the same thing plus web ads and online retail.

I mean, it's not a big store on it yet but it's a large page across many domains with web traffic.

Once I get a larger store on there I'll be back up.

Then I mean it's the same thing...

Now I'm taking my digital page to the game at the University and watching the NFL draft and that's what they mean.

Topics like public domain Superman and Batman will close small comic companies because no Varsity writers means no text at smaller companies because they have no access, a writer on the College Football team I knew who wrote a story would have access to my page when we are at the College and NFL games.

Now when I open that table and start promoting right at sports etc. and comic conventions.

Someone like me who a Project Management Certification and Software Design Degree will easily move to that field since SAP didn't have my $11,000 a month after taxes.

My new completed page I am running at sports with my University friends and that's the access we will have, top web traffic on comic pages for sports and new Superman books etc., on my web traffic ad space.

That's when we will recover, people I know, and get the money back LOST from our SAP investment.

Update, I mean you get this archive page with public domain on it and you can use that for free promotions, as soon as I drop music as my top ad and switched to Night Of The Living Dead the movie on my old page one death metal page got a million hits in six months.

Since switching to comics and movies my web traffic tripled in 14 days this October.


UNIVERSITY: Many Fraternities / Sororities Stop Supporting "Nerd Sterotypes" Now Only Use Varsity Players & Students

In a recent discussion I had with many grad students and athletes they now say that this time with their school Fraternities and Sororities now voted to only use their own athletes from their groups where only they were successful.

Meaning they voted to throw out the "nerds" when they didn't participate in the complete school work load.

The science department now has gifted scholarship athletes that won on the field and in school and beat all the "nerd" stereotypes.

I mean many other student protest but the fact is the football players won both Varsity Awards now they measure their own science formulas on the team for the class doing their own math for plays etc.

The other group never attending was "being carried" by the Varsity Team and now they have moved ahead quickly passing the other group.

The Varsity Case is the "boy down the well claim" where the Varsity Team claims that the other group "puts themselves in a well" and the Varsity Team has no time to go back and help them with their school work etc.

No word from the schools yet.

Looks like this time like in College Football for the NFL Draft things have gone forward the Varsity Team claiming "lost income" for having the other group try and hold them behind as the top students / players on the teams went ahead to larger plans they finished and left them behind separating the two groups in their Varsity Classes.


Saturday, November 25, 2023

The Top 100 Plays of 2023! | MLB Highlights

NEWS: NFL "Monday Night Quarterback" Divorced By Friday's Game

Now you get on last Monday this "Monday Night Quarterback" character coming out saying the new players suck, now they are divorced on Saturday morning five days later because they didn't know what the snap was on the football game and were telling everyone what the first NFL Black Friday game was all night, hahahahahahahahha.


RE: New NFL Black Friday Launch New York Jets / Miami Dolphins

So I called my NFL pick a few years back it's New York Jets...anyway...

They have pretty much a complete team re-launch I mean some of the teams were pretty behind in the NFL.

Now that's a big deal...the new NFL Black Friday game that just started this weekend.

So you watch NFL and College Football like ESPN coverage of the College Football season.

Anyway, the rules between college and NFL change, so I mean just because a guy is better than an NFL star in College Football, I don't see a reason why they can't fill in in games during the school year in the NFL while still on the college team.

It's the ref people, the rules change between the two leagues so you play and then the ref calls the game different in them.

The Miami Dolphins just had a record two games ago and then beat the New York Jets the next game and had 99 yard touchdown interception etc. and they said on CBS Sports that Miami scored more against the New York Jets offence on interceptions than their defense.   

My point is this the New York Jets have 4 wins so far this season and LOST 4 games at the end of the game clock in the 4th quarter by missing the touchdown reception or they would have been 8 and 1.

So I think that's a pretty successful season.

Now we gotta call the ref out on the plays on the snap and the flag on the pick.

My opinion is new plays in Football are being called offside on the snap and being given flags on the pick.

So I mean...if the teams and players want to get going they need to fix two areas in the NFL for the Jets to win.

First my only issue is the threads on the football, I'm saying teams like the Jets are losing because they are calling the pick on the on the offence on the snap offside so that gives the Jet's opposition more space to snap the ball, and the Jets get called offside for trying to touch the threads on the snap.

That's not offside, the NFL needs to learn that both teams need access to the threads on the ball on the snap so they not get called offside by the ref.

I'd say the new Jets team is about 1 foot offside on the snap when being called offside because the NFL doesn't understand their pick move on the threads of the football.

On the  other side on defense the Jets are getting flagged for the pick move on the threads and being penalized.

I mean a two foot NFL review on these plays will clear up this issue.

The players need more space from the ref on the snap and the pick to get the offsides and flags down in the NFL.

However, the Jets also need to work on their passing reception for longer touch down passes, if that was different this year the Jets would have been about 8 and 1 right now, having lost 4 games at the end of the 4th quarter because of these issues.


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

RE: Tom Brady NFL Player Flaming On Halifax Sports Radio (CBS), Updated

In Halifax you get your sports radio affiliate here is CBS New York.

First, players at schools like St. Mary's University Football team really don't need to think about those topics ex-NFL player Tom Brady was saying on Sports Radio.

I mean...the University decides who get's in the NFL draft with their school marks and sports performance not some retied Monday Night Quarterback.

Don't even listen to that.

The rules of sports are changing, players from the past some have just retired like Tom Brady.

With the emphasis shifting to new rules focusing on school and field studies and play performance.

It doesn't matter if ex NFL stars come here to Halifax and say all the players in the NFL suck today like my pick Patrick Mahomes...

I remember a few years ago I went to the St. Mary's football opening game...that was big and then they beat my school St.FX for the football championship that year.

Then everyone started saying Mahomes and Kansas City here in Halifax and he won two Superbowls or something.

The rules of the game are it's always the same 100 yards in Football...

Now players are carrying the ball different, not the "Monday Night Quarterback" way Tom Brady mentions and winning in the new sports rules system where it's always changing.

So I mean...

When professional players are playing during rule and field changes, it doesn't mean they suck today when they are setting up the plays on the new sports new MLB changes, because the players don't look like Tom Brady when the referee is setting the play up.

So who cares what that guy's problem was, it doesn't affect St. Mary's University Football (AUS) - Atlantic University Sports or something.

Update,'s what I mean, Brady means that the NFL players suck, so St. Mary's Football sucks because if they made the draft there's nobody good playing, meaning St. Mary's University if the affiliate from CBS New York airs that here in Halifax, he means AUS Football St. Mary's players suck, and that's not appropriate for Halifax radio when the players are studying at the Universities.