Saturday, July 24, 2021

See They Made It

See they made it Magic Cards Dungeons &'s Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms printed on Magic Card format. 

Six months after I made my game on Dragon Adventures they printed theirs.

Now I got all this pressure on me to get mine going bigger, which it is big right now.

It's only $300...their game.

I mean come off it, Hasbro prints my games...this is just a pre-order D20 version has been out for six months for free.

I mean I'm not getting paid for that but everyone knows that's what it is, like the web traffic I'm getting off it is probably worth more than the pay check.


Yeah, I'm the out back game then building all the modules in beta Hasbros printing my stuff, and I didn't even have take it up the ass yet from some women to get that, when's this money coming anyway.

I'm going to have the biggest Dungeons & Dragons office on the iternet in ten minutes after that...remember that's my concept.



I mean Hasbro's printing them, where's my sales at?


Friday, July 23, 2021

UPDATED: Oh Yeah Update Wordpress On New Music Release Day Now The Pages Don't Work

Update....I'm back up.

Wordpress updated their "widget menu" for the first time ever apparently and messed up my pages.

Now they have a whole brand new sidebar menu format.

The "add video" option is not working on the sidebar and menu's and offers no resize option.

That function is brand new and just started working.

That all works the same only they changed the widget side bar menu to the same format as auto html php post screen for the article pages.

To correct this issue once you learn the new menu, remove all "add video" auto plugins and switch back to "custom html" function and use manual share embed, like from youtube in html format and then manually resize boxes from standard to like 300 x 250 pixels for manually resize sidebar videos on the old "custom html function" which was replaced by auto add video which is now not working on all templates.

Custom html add video seems to work fine but I had to reset my video inlays because auto video add stopped working on the update, but you have to add manual and resize video boxes.


Instructions: Like on the wordpress main new post page.

Click on widget menu, select side bar or bottom menu.

Go to location on sidebar with new live new "block" on widget menu by pressing the "+" "add custom html"...then share video with manual Youtube embed and resize the box to 300 x 250 pixels to manually resize video on the sidebar or bottom menu.

Yeah, this is way easier to operate wordpress on but I am getting server lock and cache overflow..and when you log out you can't log back in because of the cache overflow it thinks you're double logging in because the server cache didn't clear yet on the wordpress update

Then the front screen won't update until you add new post or log out and back in.

Then you get kicked off for like an hour because server lock from the cache overflow...the web server thinks you're still logged in and kicks you off.

That's what I see on my screen, maybe open a second web browser program to view your updates while logged out in a separate web browser than your work screen.

Nuisance, but it works better.

It will probably fix itself anyway later.


Yeah your bullshit wordpress updates are fucking up my pages, now my video boxes don't load right on my templates.

I mean people are selling them templates you know, you're fucking up their work...1/3 of the internet runs on're messing up the video inlays and resize boxes and you're causing cache overflow and server lock.

Now everything's all messed up and you're wasting developers times because you're ruining their templates by fucking up the video resize box on the sidebar menus.

Now all the template developers are going to have to update their templates to correct the video box sizes and logout issues with the cache causing ip lock issues on the server because of bad word press updates to their platform.

On new release day, god man...fired.


Look At Them Going On About My Dungeons & Dragons Game

That's Gary Gygax's son on there...they're fighting over the name TSR now or something....


See they mean the big one on the large promotion with media backlash....that's all their staff from the news and that.

On there with all that slap talk on the news abut TSR.

I'm someone else from out back.

Gary Gygax son?

He's probably just using my notes to make his game on my webpage...

See....I'm Advanced Dungeons & Dragons now.

That's not a copyrighted name on their media promotion...for the news for the TSR name.

Like, they are competing at the copyright they have three Dungeons & Dragons without mine.

That's for the media coverage.

I say "Dragon Adventures".....that's my page.

I have all the old TSR formats etc, like Gygax Jr there in the news....he can use my page from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons...their old dropped name off their copyright stories.

Like if they drop the url for the name anyone can use it off the copyright office....that's off media coverage.

They are competing for their names at the trademark copyright office on the media promotion...that's a different venue.

Like for the front of the bookstore.

So I guess they are making different games Hasbro owns Dungeons & Dragons...the new one.


Fuck them.

I'm just taking the name Advanced Dungeons & Dragons then because they dropped it and the url and stuff....but like this Dragon Adventures: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Off their promotion.

They probably owe me anyway. 


God man, all them dorks ran ahead of me on that promotion and started printing all these books right fast copying my reference game.

See they all run down there ahead of me publishing stuff because I got no printing money yet.

See Dungeons & Dragons / Magic Cards Crossover

That's something my game started saying now they are printing books...Now I'm can run Magic Cards on Dragons Adventures because they d20'd me.

I have no saving throws for that in my book because we're still on just the weapons part not magic defense.

That's "Adventures In The Forgotten Realms" ...fuck man it's sounds like I'm getting a job here making magic card games, watch them start piling this stuff out so they can d20 my rule sets while I'm just starting.

Mine is "Dragon Adventures" Forgotten Realms and Grey Hawk.

I was going to use Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Cards but I think they are bootlegs, now they are printing them on Magic Cards. 

Now look....

Fizbin...that's from Star Trek...careful what you're printing in that book, Fizbin might be a real game.

See all the dorks went nuts down at Hasbro because I'm making old Dungeons & Dragons Games:

Like I've been saying....if I go down there playing Dungeons & Dragons everyone knows me from the old TSR days, then all them dorks start clamming around my table because I run the advanced game rule set at my page.

See, now they are making stories of how to make a Character Sheet the nice way.

That's probably to replace that guy who got kicked off Youtube who was copying Kevin Smith who was making the character sheet videos, then I bought the name "Dawn Forged Cast" for my game, since it had all these old pages and there is a controversy behind it...then he got kicked off for bootlegging on Shopify or something.

That was even in Jay and Silent Bob reboot....with two Kevin Smith characters in it...not only that Kevin Smith is Harvey Wienstiens company, the producer up on assault charges, from Kevin Smith stuff...all jokes with your dick out...

I better cut this story short, because pretty soon I'm gonna be a boy in a dress at Disney baking cakes for Harvey Weinstien or something years ago in it.


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Mötley Crüe - Wildside - Official Remaster

1989 Jericho High School Video Yearbook

REO Speedwagon - Take It On the Run (Audio)

Now I Know What's Going On

Oh yeah now I got it...if you're on that promotion I'm complaining about you gotta take all this heat from the media.

They all work there on some deal or something, like that Lenny Lenders page...they put that out on youtube right and then that guy on the narration take the heat for if theirs actors in the clips.

Yeah, I'm not going on that...I got a real life.

Don't  worry tho, I got ya covered down at the old Cd Plus staff discount counter.