Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dirty Harry... Scorpio beating and blaming Inspector CallahanšŸ¤—

Dirty Harry - Rooftop Scene (16:9)

Death Wish 3: They Killed the Giggler!

Our Movie Characters List

I am writing "Blackout '77" over at 

How much money do I have into this...the answer...$3 Million Dollars in wage hours working from home, on a regular income.

That's how much money I would have made by now working in business if they were still open on the TSX.

Here is the example...Blackout '77:

All bad characters from Dirty Harry and Death Wish Movies.....etc. like Scorpio and The Giggler.

All bad characters from movies like "Class Of 1984" and "Surf Nazi's Must Die".

Etc. in those movie genres, because of my lawsuit in Canada we can print them as all new characters, comics, toys, movies etc. under "Blackout '77".

Then we are redoing Night Of The Living Dead from public domain.

Plus all my music stuff and Dungeons & Dragons stuff.


That's because "Blackout '77" sections off  the Action Category into a new sub genre that we are allowed printing in.



I looking for a section of Western and Horror movies to see if I can subsection a piece of that into a new genres within Western and Horror.

Then I can print The Good, The Bad & The Ugly characters as their own like in "Blackout '77",

Like this...Western Star: "The Good"....then I am allowed doing that for any characters that use nicknames...don't have western movies broken up yet.

Then in Horror the same, it's not broken up yet just action...then once this happens I have characters like "Leatherface" I can use once we have a new category.

Still working on all that.

OBVIOUSLY, I can't do all that myself and we have no movies or scripts done yet....this will take a lot of people and time to finish, right now all we have is the character idesas for the future scripts and prints.

The movies will come later, right now we are assembling scripts and characters.


MOVIES: Like This For Example - Night Of The Living Dead

Here is a project we are working on...George Romero and Double Helix is the same "Company"...somewhat.

Double Helix was an official promoter for Night Of The Living Dead.

Night Of The Living Dead has fallen into the Public Domain.

One of the projects we are doing is a restored version of Night Of The Living Dead which currently has no promotion company...part of the old one was Double Helix.

So, we're doing our own restored version of Night Of The Living Dead from the Public Domain to sell....then we are selling it directly on the url as pay per view or file download with restored audio etc on it for our first releases.

Those are some of the projects we are making, that is a while always but I'll post clips or stills later...the movie is being remastered with similar software as old black and white World War One and Two colored video restorations.

This is a long term test project from our company....we're re-colorizing the tape with current software and then re doing the audio.

To make a good colorized version with modern colorization equipment and sound technology.

Then we're selling our version on pay per view on the url and digital download with no discs.


Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) KILL COUNT