Sunday, September 29, 2019

Climate Change Protests

Climate Change Protests
I read some politicians are calling the recent Climate Change Protests immature, well it is a bunch if kids doing that so I wouldn't expect too much. I mean they are all in like Grade Primary or Grade One or something. Anyway, I saw them all over the place this week protesting Climate Change.

You know Greta Thunberg. Meet 15 other young climate activists taking on world leaders:

The point to all that is this group of kids is filing a complaint at the United Nations against several Countries in Europe including Germany to be the last countries to cut their factory emissions. Apparently there are only a few countries left to adopt the new emissions standards and this group of kids is protesting them to put in the new regulations.

They are also asking for new government services and supports to adopt to Climate Change by offering new programs to help citizens during events like hurricanes which we have not had to deal with before.

In Halifax the Dartmouth North Community Center was in the news this week because they have set up a new program to combine the Public Library, Food Banks and Food Services to offer residents a place to go to have breakfast three times a week or something and then I think they are saying they are offering them help to food services like Feed Nova Scotia and food banks and also offering free public internet and access to recreation programs like sports etc.

Dartmouth North Community Center:

I think their program at the Dartmouth North Community is a good example of what they are asking for in the Climate Change Protests which offer more direct supports to local citizens and giving them a place to go for help during events like hurricanes or other storms etc. during events like power outages in the area.

New services like this to help citizens adopt to Climate Change I think are a good idea for these kids to be protesting for so we can have new services to help citizens during the Climate Change.


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

My Halloween Party 2019

Sexy Witch Halloween Bake Off
This year I am going to Halloween dress up party and there is going to be a sexy witch bake off and mock holiday. Things like this get me thinking about when I was in Junior High School and we used to make chocolate and butterscotch fudge. 

I don't have to go to far this year for Halloween to have a party, usually I travel somewhere but this this time it's just in an apartment building in Halifax. I think the girls there are going to be making fudge like I used to have in Junior High School.

Then they said there were going to dress up and have a mock holiday dinner and then make snacks like I used to make when I was a teenager, maybe some squares and stuff. I told them that I can't eat too much turkey because Thanksgiving is coming but we're just having a small one to practice for the real Thanksgiving.

Then we are making home made pizza's later that night and there might be a movie or something. This seems like a pretty fun day to have in the fall, dressing up like witches and stuff with a bunch girls and making squares and fudge and stuff and then a small Turkey dinner for Halloween, then later home made pizza's and probably a movie, I don't think they'll be any drinking or weed at this Halloween party which is fine because they are doing craft fair stuff and baking.

Anyway, that should be a good day to get me to Thanksgiving....oh right not Canada Thanksgiving that's before Halloween....American Thanksgiving because I celebrate that now too. Hopefully this party will not suck.


Friday, September 20, 2019

The Origins Of Thrash Metal

Venom - Welcome To Hell - 1981
Most people don't know what Heavy Metal is and see my band and often ask I the first Death Metal band? 

That's because they know me but not the other bands, the answer is no I am not the first Death Metal band, however my music is Death Metal and Black Metal mixed together with Lead Guitar in it which makes me stand out in the Death Metal category because no one is doing that but no, I am not the first Death Metal band. 

People ask me is this like the Sex Pistols or something when they see my band? Thinking that Death Metal is only something that I play like Punk Music with the Sex Pistols. 

When the Sex Pistols played in 1977 everyone thought that punk music was only that one band but it wasn't and when the band broke up and Sid Vicious died of a heroin overdose all the music media thought punk was dead because the Punk Category was only one band, the Sex Pistols, and that it would not continue.  

Like some people think I'm the whole Death Metal music category because they never heard of it but they know me and like my music. So no, there is other bands in Death Metal.

The Punk Music scene around the Sex Pistols in 1977 was also the start of bands like The Misfits and The Dead Kennedys who started at the same time as the Sex Pistols. People like Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only from the Misfits started in the same Punk scene in 1977 around the Sex Pistols.

So if you don't know who Danzig is or Jerry Only that is the same scene as the Sex Pistols in New York City and the "origins of Danzig" which is where he started and why he is Danzig along with Jerry Only who was prominent in the Punk scene with the Misfits around New York City in the late 1970's in the scene with the Sex Pistols which is where the Misfits come from.

Thrash Metal started at the same time, Venom released their album "Welcome To Hell" in 1981 followed by Metallica and Slayer in 1983, that all launched the large Thrash Metal scene two years later in 1984-1985 in the big thrash craze with bands like Destruction, Possessed, Sodom etc. 


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

MUSIC: What's With Metallica - "The Black Album"?

"The Black Album"
There's quite a a lot happening in Thrash Metal right now with a lot of new albums coming out from classic Thrash Metal bands like Destruction, Sacred Reich, Sodom and Death Angel who are one of the hardest working Thrash Metal bands in 2019 and are continuing their touring into 2020 for their new album "Humainicide" with Testament and Exodus so watch out for "The Bay Strikes Back" Tour 2020 featuring Death Angel.

On the other end Slayer is wrapping it up this November and ending their touring career, I don't know why people tell me this but they say Tom Araya is dressed up like Sony Producer Rick Rubin with the hair and beard and stuff, personally I don't know maybe that is his influence, and they are releasing a two disc set this fall...Disc one is supposed to be a fictional movie made by Slayer and disc two is a Slayer concert on home video, not sure what that's about and they have only released some vague promo clips.

As a Thrash Metal fan it's great to see all that doing so well with the huge Death Angel tour and promotion out this year and heading into 2020 with Testament, Death Angel and I think Forbidden and other Thrash Metal bands might be on that. Like I have said before although I play Death Metal and I am mainly into Death Metal that is not the larger music category. 

I have always been a Thrash Metal fan first and they have way better song writing in Thrash Metal with more commercial appeal compared to Death Metal which is way harder music to play with more technical guitars which is why I do Death Metal. 

Death Metal however can not compare to the Lead Guitar of Thrash Metal although it is not as Heavy of a music category. Thrash Metal has always had way better song writing than Death Metal with better production and more commercial appeal and also unmatched Lead Guitar Parts and Solos that Death Metal can not compare to. 

I was just watching Metallica - "The Black Album" on VH1 Classic Albums and they have some good insight on that into the story of Metallica. The album is actually called Metallica self titled or "Metallica - Metallica" and the term "The Black Album" is just a nickname for the record like the Beatles white album.

So what's the big deal about "Metallica - Metallica"?

That album was Metallica's big break through record with music videos and radio airplay and at the time doubled their sales or more in many Countries according to older documentary material. So although Metallica lost many fans with their self titled album they gained way more fans of their commercial record and larger sales.

This record was produced by Bob Rock and they reviewed the album on the older show VH1 Classic Albums and offered some good insight into the creation of the album.

Recently Metallica have defended their sound on the previous record to "Metallica - Metallica" on their "..And Justice For All" album saying they did the best they could with the record. The music media has been giving Metallica flack for not having a large bass guitar sound on that record after the death of their bassist Cliff Burton in 1986.

Bob Rock explains all this on the show VH1 Classic Albums when they did "Metallica - Metallica". What is going on with the "The Black Album" is that after the death of Cliff Burton Metallica had a different bass sound on their album "...And Justice For All" and you can't really hear much of it or it just follows the rhythm and is just blended in on the record.

"...And Justice For All" was a huge selling record for Metallica which somehow lead to them using Producer Bob Rock who made them a larger record than that for radio and video play and also brought back Metallica's bass sound. 

On VH1 Classic Albums or clips from Metallica's Documentaries they used on the show Bob Rock says that Metallica didn't want to put more melodic parts in their music for radio play and MTV / Much Music and that he had to tell them they they didn't need to be embarrassed if Megadeth and Anthrax were making fun of them from Thrash Metal which he thought they were concerned about.

Metallica followed Bob Rock's advice to put the melodic parts in the album and put the larger bass sound back in it. What you have to understand is that the old bassist Cliff Burton used a bass style similar to Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler which not only followed the rhythm guitar but also had it's own parts to fill out the Metallica sound.

After the death of Cliff Burton Metallica lost those bass parts and this led to a void in their sound on the album "...And Justice For All" and they lost many of their original fans who criticize the record for not having a large bass sound on it although the album was super successful anyway.

Bob Rock brought back the bass sound they were missing for "Metallica - Metallica" and they agreed to do more melodic parts for radio and video play on television. Obviously, the correct decision for their band financially, apparently their sales doubled or more, to be determined, according to some documentaries because of the radio play and music videos with a more melodic sound gaining them mainstream attention. 

What happened with the record is they called it "self titled" and made a clean start with the album, Bob Rock explains on VH1 Classic Albums that he had to get the band to "let go" of the past meaning things like Cliff Burton and Thrash Metal to start over with a more melodic sound to advance the band and not worry about what other people think.

Metallica did that and Bob Rock put or helped to put the large bass sound on Metallica's new record and made it more melodic leading to more widespread mainstream recognition, radio and television play and doubling their sales making the band the most successful band to come from Thrash Metal while other bands like Megadeth and Anthrax never gained the same mainstream recognition while keeping a more regular Thrash Metal sound.


Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Heavy Metal Controversy: Was Their A Rivarly Between The Bands Death & Possessed

Why Was Band Leader Jeff Beccera From Possessed Shot?
Now I am just saying this to stir up controversy in the Death Metal community so don't take it too seriously, like I'm just trying to generate some hype or something like the Biggie / Tupac rivalry and maybe get Death Metal fans going and help promote the scene with controversial material.

Don't take this too seriously, I'm just making it up because that's kind of what it sounds like! 

Right to the point...Was Jeff Beccera shot in a cover for a robbery because he started the term "Death Metal" against rivals from around the band Death in the Heavy Metal scene?

I am getting this material from knowledge I have anyway plus the documentary "Death: Death By Metal" and a recent interview clip with Jeff Becerra on the creation of Death Metal from their new album promotional clips.

In "Death By Metal" they say Chuck Schuldiner went to Toronto to play with the band Slaughter (Slaughter - Strappado) and then quite, from research in music it shows that "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" the first album in the Death Metal music category used similar rhythm and drum tracks that appeared on the Slaughter album although they were cleaned up.

After this Chuck Schuldiner went to California and then made "Death - Scream Bloody Gore"  and included the almost exact vocal style on the record as Jeff Becerra from Possessesd.

Jeff Becerra says in a new interview that he met Chuck Schuldiner in California and that Chuck Schuldiner was showing him guitar riffs and "wanted to know everything from him about Possessed".

So after Chuck Schuldiner played with Slaughter he went to Jeff Becerra from Possessed, well after the "Possessed - Seven Churches" record was released, and did the same thing to him as he did to Slaughter, he got him to reveal all his information about how he made Possessed or something and then copied his vocals to add to the Slaughter rhythm sound. 

Jeff Becerra says in the new interview the Chuck Schuldiner played him early versions of the songs from "Death - Scream Bloody Gore"  and then told him "see he sounded just like Jeff Becerra" and that he made the band Death a "Death Metal" band in a new music category for Combat Records. 

Chuck Schildiner then added his own lead guitar to the songs along with Jeff Becerra's vocal style and Slaughter's cleaned up rhythm style to make "Death - Scream Bloody Gore".

Jeff Becerra then says that he was doing meth with Chuck Schuldiner and that Chuck Schuldiner was also on multiple hits of acid, so they were around drug dealers involved in crime who were dealing hard drugs like meth and acid. 

Shortly after this Jeff Becerra was shot in a robbery he says and that ended the band Possessed. After this he says "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" came out and Jeff Becerra says it was super successful at the time. However in reality it failed commercially and was closed by Sony in 1995.

My question is did people in the music scene shoot Jeff Becerra so that the scene around the band Death could be a "huge band" in Death Metal so they could steal the Death Metal term for the band Death and launch a scene off it?

I am not pointing fingers here and it is just a controversy but the people around the band "Death" have a bad reputation to deal with and are known for not fulfilling contracts being poor and not having gear plus apparently scamming and ripping people off.

So there seems to be crime and scams around the band question is was that the real cause of the shooting of Jeff Becerra from Possessed who was paralyzed in the attack? 

Was this a Biggie / Tupac type rivalry or something? 

Then other people used a robbery as a cover to shoot him to steal the "Death Metal" category and then back the band Death for Combat Records?

I mean people could have done that around the band Death to steal the term "Death Metal" and then make a "music scene" out of it to launch new bands in a scam, then they would promote Death to Combat Records in 1987 and try to get their bands on Combat after Jeff Becerra was shot from the music scene launched by Possessed when they tried to steal the "Death Metal Scene" by shooting him.

You be the judge, but it all looks a little suspect based on new Documentary footage.


Monday, September 16, 2019

Saudi Oil Attack: What Year Is This Story From?

Come Off It.
What year is this story from? I mean why do people think we are going to believe this crap. 

What are they running a story from 50 years ago or what? Do you know how out of date this news story is?

US Response To Drone Attack:

One Saudi Oil facility blew up or something or was attacked by "drones" in a remote Country in Africa, crippling the world's oil supply.

What do they think that we only have three television stations still? Come off it people we're not in the Middle East where this story is coming from.

Like this, let's say this was an would one oil facility in a different hemisphere attack cripple our oil supply on North America. Not only that we have our own oil, if anything this just shows that we need to expand our own oil pipes line inside the United States and Canada to have more local oil accessibility.

They are trying to say that the world's oil runs out of one office building in Africa and if it gets damaged our prices go up. News flash, that has nothing to do with Canada. 

Everyone knows that there are tons of oil refineries locally that are not affected by this. 

Then if this was Iran or Iraq through Yemen they are arguing about on the news that is the same thing over there that has been going on since the 1960's when Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq. Rebels there are continuously challenging for power in those Countries and they have no stability.

Plus it was a drone, come off it people how powerful could that have been? Like what a zero?

Then if the facility was so important why was it left open to small drone attack? Like, shouldn't they be guarding that locally. We're not talking about thousands of Scud Missiles here people it was a drone done locally, if it had been from further out it would have been shot down.  

Plus this attack comes just in time for the United States and Canada Federal Elections plus in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

I mean what year do they live in over there?

Do you really think that a small drone attack on one facility in a Country remote as Saudi Arabia on a foreign continent in a different Hemisphere has anything to do with Canada? It doesn't, plus no one cares.

I mean why do they think that our Countries are so weak here that one drone attack will affect global oil prices and the United States and Canada Federal Elections. 

It doesn't and no one cares about this 1950's mentality on the news with these attacks and fake policies. 

Come off it people, a done attack over there does no affect us at all. Then they use that to increase oil prices...well, arrest them then for fraud.

Like that is so fake you can't even believe it, we don't have the society here that they are claiming on the news in that story and if it is true then it depends on one contract from Africa for all the world's oil prices and three channels on the tv in the 1950's to pass it off.

Everyone knows none of that is real and it's fake news even if the attack was real. 

It is not possible to disrupt the world's oil supply with a drone attack in the year 2019 or interfere with our election processes in the United States and Canada. That is so out of date you can't even believe they would run the story.

Personally I think this is fake news and some kid of accident but who cares anyway because it has nothing to do with Canada because we are independent of Africa and do not rely on one oil plant there to maintain our Country, that is all fake even if the attack was true.


Friday, September 13, 2019

MUSIC: The Invention Of Thrash Metal

Hawkwind with Lemmy from Motorhead in the early 1970's
Now don't quote all this 100% as facts because I am just going from memory and putting my thoughts down on it. I am saying this because I recently watched two pretty new documentaries "Inside Metal: The Rise Of LA Thrash Metal" and "Death: Death By Metal".

On these documentaries they are talking about the invention of Death Metal and the invention of Thrash Metal, so some of this is fact and some is approximate... for now.

The invention of Death Metal came from the album "Death- Scream Bloody Gore", the band Death (Chuck Schuldiner) played with Toronto band Slaughter (Slaughter - Strappado) and then quit.  Chuck Schuldiner then made the album "Death-Scream Bloody Gore", which all failed on Sony and he later retracted having done the band to start the Death Metal category in association with Polygram, Sony and Combat Records.  

Combat Records was initially on a sub label of Polygram "Banzai Records", after Polygram closed Combat was bought by Sony and then in their last few years they released the first Death Metal albums then it failed and they scrapped it.

"Death - Scream Bloody Gore" was the first actual Death Metal record released and it was by Sony at the end of Combat Records who are known for releasing Thrash Metal albums originally as a sub label of Polygram.

So the the first Death Metal album "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" was one of the last albums released on the Combat Records sub label just before they were bought by Sony. 

The band "Death" was the big push from Sony to launch Death Metal around 1990 which failed and they scrapped it. 

That is super important in Death Metal and Thrash Metal, Sony bought Combat Records and tried to run it big and then it failed. At that time which was maybe only two years they released the last Thrash Metal albums on Sony/Combat including the Venom albums Welcome To Hell, Black Metal and At War With Satan and some other Thrash Metal Albums along with the band "Death-Scream Bloody Gore" at the end of the larger Thrash Metal attempt. Then they closed it all.

At the same time Sony also tried to launch Death Metal under the Sony/Relativity name which carried Earache Records and sold albums like "Bolt Thrower" from England on Earache Records.

Like is also known as Sony/Combat/Relativity. 

Relativity was the distributor "RED"  and they carried the Earache Records albums for a couple years under the name Sony / Relativity. 

Then they were also Sony / Combat which issued Venom and Death directly on Sony under Combat Records.

So Venom and Death was the big push for about two years around 1991 to sell Thrash Metal and Death Metal in the mainstream, Death was the big band they put out on Sony for the Death Metal category name which failed, then they closed it.

After this Sony closed Combat and scrapped Earache / Relativity and abandoned Death Metal. Leaving Earache Records on it's own as an independent Death Metal label.

However, before all that happened Sony briefly directly signed Carcass, Entombed and Napalm Death for like one album each, which also failed and they scrapped it and returned the bands to Earache Records around 1995 at the end of the band Death.
After this that was the end mostly of Thrash Metal and Death Metal on Sony and where the Sony Venom pressings came from in the early 1990's. The Death Metal albums they released themselves and the others through Earache Records were all scrapped at Sony at that time.

If you want to "get" what they are doing on "Death-Scream Bloody Gore" the rhythm sounds like a cleaned up and "tightened" version of the sound of "Slaughter - Strappado" with added technical lead guitar parts and solos, the vocals on the album sound almost exactly like the band Possessed from the album "Possessed - Seven Churches" where the name Death Metal first appears as a song name.

So the band Death on "Scream Bloody Gore" was also recorded in California where Possessed is from, they are using an almost copy of the vocals on "Possessed - Seven Churches" where the term Death Metal originated with a cleaned up version of the rhythm section of the album "Slaughter - Strappado".

That is why I like "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" for it's "cult value" because it sounds like the rhythm section of "Slaughter - Strappado" with the vocals of "Possessed - Seven Churches".

Now what about Thrash Metal?

You have to go back to the mid 1970's to find the origins of Thrash Metal, they say in the documentary the rise of LA Thrash Metal they don't know who invented the term Thrash Metal but it comes from Neat Records and Venom in England around that scene and is British slang for "headbanging" meaning they are "thrashing around"...supposedly.

So Thrash Metal comes from British slang around Venom and Neat Records in England in like 1979.

They also say in the video that the term Speed Metal was around at the time before Thrash Metal. Now stop because this is the main story of this blog post.

The term Speed Metal according to the story comes from Lemmy from Motorhead.

That is just the legend of the origins of Speed Metal...The term Speed Metal comes from the song "Kings Of Speed" written by Lemmy when he was in Hawkwind according to Lemmy himself. "Kings Of Speed" is a Hawkwind song that supposedly launched the Speed Metal category.

The story is that when Lemmy was in Hawkwind he was addicted to methamphetamines "Speed" and wrote the song "Kings Of Speed" then Lemmy was kicked out of Hawkwind for being on drugs all the time in like 1975.

Lemmy played bass and sang vocals on three Hawkwind Records "Doremi Fasol Latido" (1973) , "Hall Of The Mountain Grill" (1974) and "Warrior On The Edge Of Time" (1975) all on the Record Label United Artists.

Hawkwind - Kings Of Speed:

After this Lemmy formed Motorhead and their is also two early versions of the song by Hawkwind and one by Motorhead on their first album "On Parole" which sounds like heavier Hawkwind.

Hawkwind  - Motorhead with Lemmy on bass and vocals:

Motorhead - Motorhead from "Motorhead  - On Parole" :

How Motorhead got their "Speed Metal" sound by mixing Hawkwind with Punk music. That is the invention of Speed Metal and Thrash Metal. 

Cronos from Venom worked at Neat Records or a Recording Studio for Neat Records or something in the 1970's and when they started Venom it was originally a "heavy metal band" like Motorhead.

Neat Records then added the heavier Punk sound with the Motorhead influences with Cronos singing and called it Thrash Metal which was released on the first Thrash Metal Record "Venom - Welcome To Hell".

Neat Records was formed to release the "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" that is bands similar to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Neat Records put out stuff like Diamond Head and them which were smaller versions of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest along with the launch of Thrash Metal.

The "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal" was only three years long until 1981, then after that it was just called Heavy Metal...that's the bands Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and also Def Leppard.

Other bands like Diamond Head got buried because the the larger Thrash Metal scene that took off by 1985 with Metallica and Slayer.

After that back in Los Angeles Metallica formed based on bands like Diamond Head and Venom...Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal.

So Metallica launched off the Venom Thrash Metal album "Welcome To Hell" in Los Angeles and San Francisco with bands like Megadeth and Slayer. That killed smaller Heavy Metal bands like Diamond Head that were not as popular, at that time Motorhead also massively took off in the 1980's Heavy Metal scene with Venom, Judas Priest, Motorhead and Iron Maiden.

That is all where Speed Metal, Thrash Metal and Death Metal came from according to the stories, legends and actual album releases.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

COMMENTARY: Death By Metal

Death: Death By Metal?
I decided to make this post a commentary instead of a metal review because this is more of a personal opinion on the band Death instead of a review of a home video. Death - Death By Metal is the story of Vocalist/Guitarist Chuck Schuldier's band Death.

I watched the video for free on Roku or something which currently has a bunch of heavy metal videos on it so this is just a summary. To be fair I am not disrespecting the person Chuck Schuldiner and I am only providing a personal opinion on the story of the band Death.

Being around the metal scene since about 1988 when I was a kid at the time "Metallica - One" came out I have seen a lot of bands and promotions, back then "Metallica -...And Justice For All" was a huge record, just keep that reference in mind for what I am talking about.

Visit Banzai Records Heavy Metal News for Metal Updates:

The main point that I got from the documentary is that the band Death was actually way smaller then it is proclaimed in the heavy metal community and only lasted for eight years from 1987 - 1995. For me I have always been a fan of their first album "Scream Bloody Gore" which was only out for two years when I got into extreme music.

What I am saying is that the legend of the band in the music community is greatly over exaggerated and never actually existed but the band was largely promoted in Heavy Metal magazines at the time and they also went by the name "Death" in Death Metal which kind of automatically makes it a large band at the time.

Researching the content from their own Documentary it shows that the hype behind Death was only in printed magazines at the time and the band has a close connection to Heavy Metal Magazines which probably over promoted the band Death because of their name. 

In fact what I believe after watching the video and from personal experience in the Music Community is that the band Death was directly connected to music publications and one of the main bands to be promoted with Thrash Metal in the 1980's on Combat Records.

As a person Chuck Schuldiner seemed deeply connected to the printed publications in the music community at the time which over exaggerated the band Death in their own words in the documentary. 

The "business" of the band Death, meaning the business selling their products, has a strong connection to metal magazines including Decibel Magazine today and bands like Terrorizer from the Florida Death Metal scene, who promote Death, Terrorizer and other smaller acts in their printed material that never made it in Heavy Metal, like they are promoting from a business perspective.

Those companies (labels and magazines) and bands are widely known as having a bad reputation and being difficult to deal with including the band Death as described in their own documentary. 

The band Death started in 1983 but didn't really become active until 1987 and only played as an actual band until about 1995.

The band also had a revolving door lineup and Chuck Schuldiner was know for cancelling concerts and dropping out of tours and not being reliable as described in their documentary. I'm not criticizing the band members who played in Death who have gained large recognition on their own in the metal community, only the band Death itself from a business perspective.

Chuck Schuldiner was in fact known for quitting all the time and firing his band members at any given time and there is almost a completely different lineup on every record. What I am saying is that Chuck Schuldiner was directly connected to music magazines and the other larger named members briefly appearing in the band made a large name for themselves off his connections to music magazines.

So he was influential in printed  media and I think the band was over hyped. 

Now I am just saying this approximately because I just watched it so verify the facts yourself if you want to. 

The actual band Death has been broken up for almost twenty four years according to the documentary since 1995 and only made six records. Then they cancelled many tour dates and are credited for having played 485 shows between 1984 and 1998 most of which took place in the United States only for their album "Spiritual Healing" and most of their tours were only 30 to 60 days, like one or two months a year.

My point here is that yes Chuck Schuldiner was a great musician but the band Death never actually did anything. 

In fact Chuck Schuldiner started in the band Slaughter from Toronto, Canada in the scene I play in around where I live at and quit and played with many musicians in the United States, he returned to Florida and made Death and did the record "Scream Bloody Gore" right after leaving Slaughter.

On that record he took the influences from the band Slaughter from Toronto and made the "Scream Bloody Gore" album and to me makes the record directly influenced by Slaughter. What I am saying is that Chuck Schuldiner's influences for his "death metal sound" came form the rhythm section from the band Slaughter and then he added his lead guitar sound to make the band Death.

That is probably why "Scream Bloody Gore" has always been a classic to me because of it's Slaughter influences. All this has been overlooked in the music media which plays to the over promoted story of the band Death based on it's connections to heavy metal magazines which cover Death over other acts like Slaughter.

In fact at the time in 1987 when Death actually came out that was at the same time as Carcass and Napalm Death from England making bands like Carcass larger than Death at the time in the late 1980's however Death was signed to Combat Records and Sony and Carcass wasn't and appeared on the independent Record Label Earache Records.

What this shows me just as a reference point is that band Carcass around 1987/1988 was actually a larger band than the band Death but had no large magazine promotion behind it like Death did or connections to Thrash Metal, Combat Records and Sony like Chuck Schildiner must have had.

What I am saying is that Death owned the name "death" in Heavy Metal music and had connections to Combat Records, Sony and music magazines at the time in the United States and the bands name and reputation was over exaggerated, while larger bands like Carcass remained on a smaller independent label.

My opinion of that is all based on the material presented in the documentary "Death by Metal" the documentary about the band Death.

Here are two stories form the video that document these facts. 

Death only played one major tour around their third record in 1990 then Combat Records closed when Banzai Records was shut down by Polygram but Combat beiefly appeared on Sony before being permanently shut down. That was at the time they were hyping Death with their name and logo, after that Death practically quit.

What I mean is that it seems they spent tons of money from Record Labels to make a name for Death and everyone saw their large promotion at the time but the band never made it. Today though it still has widespread recognition and a small cult following being broken up for over twenty years and only eight years of active playing. 

Then the whole thing behind Death is that is was the "prototype" band to get the music category started from Polygram and Combat Records and it was hype that never went anywhere which is what people recognize today. 

The second larger thing is that around 1995 I think is when the actual band ended. From the story in the documentary the band apparently seemed to have no money or gear.

It is not clear in the documentary but from what I can tell is that a promoter from Europe had to pay for the bands musical gear and equipment to get them to do a European tour which they had to ship to Europe to play the tour. 

The band went to Europe then they said they all got sick on the tour and had to go to the hospital, which is a reoccurring theme around the band Death, and quit the tour..again. Which was a regular occurrence from them, after this the Promoter put  a lien on their band gear and it was repossessed and they lost all their gear because the promoter lost his money trying to tour the band Death.

A short time later that was the actual end of the band.  

After this you can see Chuck Schuldiner getting sick from a brain tumor which he died from in 2001 in the stories in the documentary. 

First he started firing band members saying they were "disrespecting his music" meaning what? The legacy of it for after he died?

Then he started saying he should not have called the band Death because he was probably dying or something and said he should have done clean vocals and called it something else. Then he did not want to be called Death Metal, probably because he was dying.

Then he began calling the record label and complaining that they were calling him Death Metal in magazines and he didn't want to be called that any more and he broke the band up.

Then he changed the name of the band to Control Denied, probably meaning he denied the labels control of his name. Then had clean vocals with a new vocalist done on the record.

Nuclear Blast Records agreed to release Control Denied if he agreed to do another Death record which he did and it was their last record. The Control Denied record was called "The Fragile Art Of Existence" which again is another reference to his own mortality and death.

The last Death record in 1998 was called "The Sound Of Preserverence" which is again another reference to his illness and own mortality saying he is trying to survive and preservere or something. 

In fact in the documentary they said that the band was actually broken up in 1995 and that Chuck Schuldiner did not participate in the actual recording of the last two two records and that the last Death Record was in fact Control Denied material that he sang on.

They said that he did his tracks separate and the rest of the band members and studio did those last two records without him (Control Denied and Death - The Sound Of Perseverance) while he was in a hosptal bed sick.

They also said that he fell ill and had to be hospitalized both times during the recording of his last two records after 1995 and it was not even the band Death which ended in 1995. They just tried to do two more records while Chuck Schuldiener was dying in the hospital, they even had to play him the songs over the phone in his hospital bed so he could hear the final recordings.

In fact he was still trying to go on tour they said while he was in the hospital with partial paralysis on his left side from a brain tumor and he was saying he was going to go on tour but canceled because he was partially paralyzed.

A sad ending for anyone, obviously.  

My point here is that many excellent musicians came form the band Death according to their biography but were all fired through out the bands six actual albums. 

The band Death although it has a small cult following never actually made it in Heavy Metal.

In their own words and with interpretation and knowledge of other facts in the music industry like I have you can plainly see that the band Death was used as their name for a "prototype" band to help launch the Death Metal Category in the late 1980's and most of the work was done in printed magazines around 1990 for the bands third record that never made it.

Companies like Polygram, Sony and Combat Records seemed to put a large amount of money into over promoting the band using the name Death in printed magazines along with their logo, the name Death was later retracted by Chuck Schuldiner, then Polygram closed, Sony dropped Combat Records and they closed and what is left was just the hype from the larger labels trying to make a name for the band in 1990 but they never in fact made it in music.

So in reality the band Death was just a large promotion around 1990 from Polygram and Sony like as an advertisement to promote the Death Metal category as a "prototype ad campaign" which is why everyone recognizes the name in Heavy Metal but in fact according to the "Death By Metal" documentary the band never actually made it, couldn't tour, had no money and was a prototype band scrapped by major labels leaving only name recognition from the early days of Death and Thrash Metal from ads they ran in printed magazines that was later retracted by Chuck Schuldiner who said he should not have even done the band.

An interesting story and I am a fan of the first Death album "Death - Scream Bloody Gore" for it's cult value and connection to Slaughter from Toronto (Slaughter - Strappado) which seems to be it's main Death Metal sounding rhythm guitar influences on the record. 

I recommend watching this video if you are a Heavy Metal fan and you can plainly see that the band Death was just an ad campaign from Polygram, Combat Records and Sony to see if they could run a music category off the name "death" used for a metal band...which was later scrapped and retracted.

Really though the band Death never actually happened although they released six "actual" records and like two after they ended the band. That was only like eight years long for the actual band's activity and broken up twenty four years ago.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

CANADA: Federal Election Called In Wake Of Atlantic Canada Hurricane

Federal Election Called In Wake Of Atlantic Canada Hurricane
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Halifax this week where I live to size up the Hurricane damage and offer support to Atlantic Canada in wake of the disaster.

Right away, a Federal Election has been called in Ottawa after the Hurricane as Justin Trudeau seeks to win a second term as Prime Minister in in the wake of the Hurricane offering support to citizens in Atlantic Canada for hurricane disaster relief I am assuming.

Prime Minister Trudeau Visits Halifax:

Federal Election Called In Wake Of Atlantic Canada Hurricane:

I think this is a good move for Prime Minister Trudeau as many Canadians have deep ties to Atlantic Canada and work in other parts of the Country. 

Voters will see this as a good move by Prime Minister Trudeau as the competition last I heard was Alberta Premier Jason Kenny who has run a failed campaign in Alberta and cut Library funding while Nova Scotia has implemented new library programs including free public internet, cel phone charging stations and television which many people used during the Hurricane fall out to watch the news, recharge cel phones and use the internet like myself while Alberta has cut those library funding programs. 

Issues like Hurricane Disaster Relief funds in Atlantic Canada are neither Conservative or Liberal issues so it was great to see the Prime Minister here to offer support after the Hurricane. 

If anything we could use some of those Liberal funds they are spending so freely to help us fix the Province after the hurricane and offer Hurricane relief and aid to citizens in the Province. I see this as a good move and good timing for the Prime Minister as all of Canada waits to see the Hurricane recovery efforts from the Federal Government in Ottawa.

Hopefully this will lead to new library funding improvements and aid for disaster relief in Canada starting with my City here in Halifax because we could use some of that new funding today to help us recover from the Hurricane and implement new relief programs like library and disaster relief services.


The Business "Sobeys" From Canada Is Not Even Possible

Listen to this the business Sobeys form Pictou County, Nova Scotia is not even possible.

I worked there when I did my Project Management Certification hours just after I graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in 2005.

Before that they were well known for having a failed SAP Computer System implementation, when I was there I working directly on the design of their SAP System and we had two successful implementations when I was working on their core functionality.

Then when I finished my certification hours their old staff tried to steal my work and cancel my promotion and run my projects from their desk and have me as some kind of secretary making their job for them while I didn't get paid for my promotion and then they cancelled project credit hours which is not even real and I quit.

At the same time they "sued" the Nova Scotia Government over the Sunday Shopping Referendum and the Court awarded them the case over the voters of Nova Scotia which is not even real.

After that they sold all their movie theaters and were bought by Cineplex. 

Then again they lost billions of dollars in failed computer integrations when they bought the store "Safeway" in Western Canada and couldn't get their business integrated, that might have happened twice since then I can't remember.

After that they had a bunch of layoffs and then offered "employment counseling" for fired staff who they wanted to go back after they laid them off to help them with job training to find new employment at other businesses for free, not paid after they were fired. All in the news, like they represented the Unemployment Office for fired staff at their business.

Then recently they opened new stores called "Freshco" by delaying credit payments to suppliers so they they could sell the food in discount stores before they paid their debts back, so they got credit and then delayed the payments to open to new stores and sell the food discounted before they even paid for it.

Then they made two hours per week in their stores or something "sensory friendly" for autistic people by turning the lights down a few hours a week so that autistic patients could shop there with the lights tuned down so that it wouldn't bother their senses. 

Then they started manufacturing their own vegetarian hamburgers.

After that they announced they were no longer carrying plastic bags in their stores and now customers have to carry food home in paper bags or something.

Then they are saying all this stupid stories on the news. 

Now today they are saying that their food in their warehouses didn't go bad during Hurricane Dorian because they moved all the perishable items out of their warehouses and stored them in refrigerated trucks with gas powered generators during the hurricane with no notice during a power outage when everyone was at home, plus that never happened at the retail stores because everyone was down there and they were closed with the power out.

That's to get people to keep buying food from their meat and frozen foods sections when it is probably bad from the power outage from the Hurricane.

I have never heard of a "business" in my life to have any of those things happen real or imaginary like they have at "Sobeys".


Hurricane Update

I dunno everyone, my only advice right now in Atlantic Canada that I can think of is to be careful with what you eat because the food might be bad. I looked around a little bit and the stores seem pretty cleaned out.

Then they are still selling all the boxed meats and milk with this weeks expiration dates on it after no power. Shoppers Drug Mart was pretty empty.

I mean the food warehouses also had no power so their restocks on store shelves might even be worse that the food in the actual stores. I really don't know what to think about all that yet but my only advice is to eat minimal and not eat the meat and produce and stuff.

School is back open now and it looks like everything is trying to get back to normal but the food is not. People are at work but I can't see many business have many customers during the "food crisis", I mean who is going to be regular shopping when you need food money and the food might be bad.

It's good that things are getting going though with Government and Schools opening, but I can't really see anyone doing much regular shopping during the hurricane cleanup.

Everyone is out at McDonalds and eating at restaurants and the stores and they are still selling the same boxed meats etc. 

It's going to be some time before all they get cycled and it's all fresh food on the shelves. I think all those companies are making a mistake not throwing their food out and stocking fresh inventory from outside the hurricane zone.

People are going to waste their money and get sick eating that, my advice would be to just eat minimal, not waste money and then only eat stuff you know would be good anyway until the food gets totally restocked.

Why would you go crying to the welfare office for food money for the hurricane after your fridge went bad because if they give you money you will only be buying bad food and have to go back asking for more.

Like people might not get the seriousness of this with the food but government services have to go back to normal first like with school and stuff, then they can work on getting the food fixed. 

The welfare office isn't going to hand out money for you to buy bad food at the store I would assume, plus food banks will be empty and stocked with bad food. I guarantee I am not eating anything with a current expiration date on it of this month because it's all going to be bad from the stores and probably worse in their warehouses.

I'm just doing stuff normal as I can and then just eating minimal because I can't waste any food money. If I go shopping and it's bad or goes bad in one minute I'll be broke and no one will replace the money like if you can't get a refund or they have no inventory or have bad inventory to replace it. 

I've never dealt with any of this before, people tell me right now that they would only eat one piece of bread every three days they are so scared of running out of food and money for the next few weeks. Fortunately, I'm not that bad off.

Whats the point of a grocery order right now? The food is no good, those stores head offices really need to get rid of all that food and start over from outside the hurricane zone as soon as possible while the government services are coming back up.

Right now I'm planning on having Thanksgiving next month normal and that's it, then it's all minimal until the food supply gets cycled with fresh food and new expiration dates.

I will post more as it happens.



Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Now I'm Sick Or Something

What an awful four weeks I just had. I had this stupid summons with the wrong information on it that I had to get lawyers to fix from the Nova Scotia Government, then I had to run around for two weeks doing all that.

Then right away we got hit by Hurricane Dorian and now I am getting sick...blah! 

After all that running around the power went out for days and it was hot and cold outside and cold in my apartment building with no hot water or hot food, then I had to run around outside dealing with that with no power, then I think I drank some bad non-dairy creamer when the power went out and now I'm almost throwing up and getting the flu or something.

Come off it!

What an awful four weeks, now Thanksgiving is coming up next month and hopefully all the food is safe with all the Turkeys and stuff, I'll be cooking my Turkey a day early this year thats for sure to make sure its not bad so I can get my money back it if is.

Like I'm all shell shocked from that Hurricane or something and feel terrible.

What ever.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Atlantic Canada: Hurricane Dorian

Massive Hurricane Hits Atlantic Canada
I posted this on Twitter earlier, here is the whole story.

Hurricane Dorian hit Halifax at about 2pm on Saturday afternoon and also the rest of Atlantic Canada. They are saying that this was the worst storm to ever hit Atlantic Canada and the worst power outage in the history of the Province.

The Hurricane was a Category 1 storm and then just before it hit bad I noticed they upgraded it to a Category 2 Hurricane. Then I thought they were going to evacuate my neighbourhood and everyone was scared to death.

Then the power went out, the storm lasted until early Sunday morning and a lot of the power is still out.

I am saying that this storm was way worse that they are saying it is because of the damage to power and cel phone service.

They are saying that the power outage may last for up to five days that's Wednesday night around the Halifax area I am assuming, I do not know what the damage is in the other parts of the Province.

At first it didn't look that bad with just downed trees and stuff blown everywhere but there was no power or cel phones. They are saying that cel towers are on battery backup that failed and then switched to gas power generators but not all cel towers are back up yet and there is not complete phone coverage.

Where I live power is on down by the Halifax Harbour near the Army base and there are libraries there on both sides of the Harbour you can use to charge your cel phones. I was doing that for my cel phone radio. There are some stores open down there like Robins Donuts was open yesterday afternoon by Lake Banook.

Scotia Square had power and some stores were open but Grocery Shopping is minimal.

The Shell Gas Station in my neighbourhood is open I believe with a power generator for the gas pumps and convenience store. I don't think there are delivery trucks running meaning they may run out of inventory, also delivery drivers may be without power at their homes and no one is at work.

It was extremely dark out the last two nights and cold in the apartment buildings with hot and cold air mixed together outside and I think it's making people get the flu or colds.

Here is the terrible part:

There was no emergency government services active in Halifax here in the Capital.

I think they are trying to downplay the storm to get the power back on and not helping the public with food etc. 

Outside it was a mess, there were no lights on at night and the traffic was crazy. There were no emergency vehicles out with police directing traffic and they had no emergency vehicles out on the intersections at night to light up the intersections with no traffic direction from police in pitch black.

Like they just left us to fend for ourselves.

I'm assuming everyone thought this would be resolved quickly and ate their food and stuff but now it has drug into the third day.

It is probably worse in the rural areas.

Here is the point...everyone's food in their fridges went bad and they had to throw it out and don't have money to replace the food, plus it's mostly convenience stores open.

The government has no emergency food or shelter places setup. 

There are no churches or rec centers open with power generators to hand out hot tea or coffee, snacks or juice. There is also no support for infants who need hot water to make baby formula and Similac. 

The power has been out so long that all the food went bad in all the restaurants and grocery stores.

I would not eat any perishable items like milk, meat or produce from any grocery stores including Walmart because all their power was off and that includes their warehouses and all their food is bad.

I would only recommending eating dry goods and bread, coffee, rice etc stuff like that which doesn't go bad.

I would not eat MacDonalds or anywhere when the power comes back on, all the food will be bad as the power was out for three days so far in most places.

Everyone should save their money and only eat minimal dry goods, water, coffee, juice etc because all the food in the stores and warehouse in Atlantic Canada has to be thrown in the garbage.

I am assuming that it will be some time before all the stores in Atlantic Canada can be restocked with fresh food. This will probably take months to recover from.

We will have to also wait to get video footage and pictures that people took of the storm before we can see the rest of the damage.

The grocery stores did not hand out food on Sunday because they were waiting for the power to come back on, then it all went bad.

There needs to be stations at churches and rec center that are gas generator powered to hand out food and supplies and stuff for babies etc and to stop in to get warm but they don't have any.

I have no idea if they have sent help to us from the Federal Government.

Like all the food is gone and the money is wasted. 

People with diabetes are going to be super ill from not having proper nutrition and stuff like that and the hospitals might fill up, then we don't know if the food is any good or not.

I would not eat anything perishable for a while unless you can verify that it is not bad.

Like I said there were no emergency vehicles out at all in the Capital here in Halifax to help the citizens with  no traffic direction, or emergency vehicles at intersections at night with the lights flashing or anything so you could see with traffic direction and there were no food or supply handouts from the government.

We were just left to fend for ourselves with whatever we had in the fridge with no notice and no support. Many people have no hot water, can't take a bath or make infant formula.

All people have is dry goods and water.

There are some services open downtown in Halifax but it was small this morning but you have to buy everything at convenience stores etc. and there is internet and cel phone charging stations at the Libraries. 

I looked on the internet and there were no emergency church lunches or anything planned and no centers handing out food or supplies.

It is going to get worse as the days go by and people get sick plus the food is all expired.

Hopefully, they will be handing out supplies, food and helping us to recover our money that was wasted when our food went bad.

Plus they were still charging for bus service during the Hurricane fallout.

All you can do in Halifax basically as far as I can tell is go out for a coffee or snack and eat at a convenience store primarily, but I didn't see all areas. That is a waste of money but you need to get something.

Don't waste money on perishable items like meat if you have it, get something that will last until everything is restored.

I hope everyone is safe and good luck to all.


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Here Is A Story I Have About All The Incidents That Happened To Me Years Ago & Presently

I'm just sitting here in Halifax / Dartmouth (It's the same City) during the Hurricane Dorian warning and I just thought I would share a story with everyone since the City's pretty shut down. Both the big malls The Mic Mac Mall and The Halifax Shopping Center are both closed today and the city transit shuts down at noon. 

There is also a voluntary evacuation in the area if you live near the Ocean.

I'm working from my laptop which I usually do so that if the power goes out you don't lose your work because of the batteries, like for music editing and stuff it's good to use a good quality laptop so that if the power goes out you can save your work, it's also good to have a second monitor hooked up to your laptop when you're editing music for the extra screen so that you can have all your studio software open at the same time on your laptop and your VST Plugins open in a second computer screen, for your extra studio stuff - just some advice.

So that's all that's going on right now with me during the hurricane, now this hurricane has got me in the mood to share a story about something else that happened when I was flamed years ago from the staff at my old office because I wouldn't give them my work for free at their house, then they flamed me on the internet from Halifax and tried to ruin my band, I doubt any of those people are even around anymore in music these days.

Here is another story I have about that because of my recent lawsuit has brought this to light, at the same time I also got harassed by bill collectors when I quit my job and moved in my hometown in New Glasgow, NS.

Like these people right follow me around harassing me and then sending me fake notices and stuff for bills, that also happened at the same time. 

This is at the same time I got flamed, I'm sharing this because other people may have similar stories. 

It started with Student Loan in 2005-2006 when they broke my agreement for Interest Relief and falsely sent me to debt collection and wouldn't wait for my additional income statements breaking the deal I had with them and ruining my credit report.

Then they refused to retract it, that was just after they made it mandatory in Ottawa that a bad student debt never comes off your Equifax Report and also at the same time as the Sunday Shopping Referendum Incident in Nova Scotia.

After that they broke my deal for interest relief from the staff at their offices to ruin my credit and then wouldn't retract, when I wrote then they told me they have no files to show me anything and that they could not provide proof that I had a student loan agreement because it got sent to collections and they couldn't retract. 

That just happened to me again with a different party.

What they tried to say was at student loan if your debt got sent to collections wrongfully that they no longer had files and couldn't fix the report at Equifax lying and I told them off, today it's not even relevant that I had a student loan and all that was just lies and I told them off and ignored them.

Then in 2008 they got into it with me at work and tried to steal my work for my Project Management Certification and I quit my job and then they all flamed me.

After this, I moved. 

Student loan contacted me form Halifax and said that "someone reported me in my hometown for working and not paying my loan payments" which was a lie when I was between jobs then they started brutally harassing me and wouldn't reveal who reported me in my hometown to them. 

Like they were looking for money and then wouldn't reveal who reported me for working then lying and saying I wasn't paying them. Then I didn't have to pay them anything and told them off. They also refused to file my paperwork in Halifax from the Revenue Canada and I reported them for it.

Then at the same time they tried to collect wrongfully on me again from General Motors from my old car loan.

After I quit my job at Sobeys General Motors in New Glasgow tried to debit 10 Payments out of my account from their financing company in three weeks and racked my NSF fees up to $1700 without permission.

So I got this debt from the bank for my $24,000 Car for $1700 saying that my payments were late and they tried to take it out ten times in three weeks and it all went NSF and the bank tried to charge me $1700 in NSF fees.

I told them I was going to have the account audited and that General Motors did not have permission to debit my account ten times in three weeks. Then I never had to pay the NSF fees and a short time later the General Motors Car dealership in New Glasgow, NS closed.

Later when student loan bothered me lying saying I was working and refused to tell me who reported it from Halifax I got a collection notice from General Motors looking for car payments from some collection agency, then they started brutally harassing me.

When I asked them to produce my car loan papers to prove that I had a car loan from them they said they didn't have it just like student loan and they wanted all this money from me, I put the run to them and threatened to sue them and they never came back and I didn't have to pay anything. 

The Student Loan Branch and The General Motors Financing both did that to me, when I worked at Sobeys and after I quit at the same time their staff was harassing me for  my work stuff from my Project Management Certification Hours stuff and bothering me for money.

Both times they had no proof that I owed them anything at Student Loan or General Motors and I never had to pay them anything.

After this, the YMCA stared sending me bills for my family gym membership that I had bought through Sobeys when I didn't even go there anymore trying to make me pay debts I didn't owe.

So all that was pretty bad.

After that I moved to Halifax.

Here in Halifax they pulled this stunt on me at two Dentists offices, one said they didn't take government insurance and wouldn't take $3000 dollars in payments at all from the Nova Scotia Government for my dental work, the other dentist wouldn't take it either because they wanted me to pay $200 cash on the 20% I had to cover.

That dentist in Halifax said I needed root canals and later the new dentist said it wasn't necessary. The first dentist gave me a $3000 bill and wanted 20% up front for the work.

I started paying on the debt and owed $200 and then they stopped and told me that they couldn't take the $3000 dollars in Government Insurance because I owed them $200.  Then they sent me a collection notice saying they wanted me to pay them $200 after refusing to take $3000 in insurance for root canals. 

Then they told me that "The dentist needed his money." The $200 Cash or they didn't want $3000 form the insurance company so I left and put the run to them.

Their might also be some other smaller incidents that I can't remember. 

Then just this summer they intervened on my back debts for money I didn't owe with a false court summons that I have to resolve now with lawyers. I can't really say anything about that right now but everything is fine anyway.

Do you see all that? That's at the same time I was being flamed from the staff in my old office at Sobeys in my hometown plus people playing in music in my hometown and around the "metal scene" in the North End of Halifax.

Every time nothing happened, I never had to pay anything plus their businesses closed right after some of them like General Motors in New Glasgow, NS which reopened later under new ownership.

Do you people following me nipping at my shoe heels like a sick animal harrassing me with fake collection notices get that yet or what?

Get lost pricks. You're always in court and going out of business now fuck off.