Thursday, December 21, 2017

CANADA NEWS: Croatia Dictatorship at War with Canada for removing the ID Card and Credit System

Ivica Todoric - President of AGROKOR, the "Sears of Croatia"
The Croatia Dictatorship in the Balkans is at war with Canadians for planning to remove the ID Card and Credit System. Croatia, the leading "country" in the Balkans is backing the Dictatorships in the Balkan Region including Bosnia and Serbia who are trying to buy weapons from Russia, most likely for another genocide in Bosnia.

Leaders of the Genocide Dictatorship in Croatia, the lead region in the Balkans, says that Agrokor the "Sears Canada of Croatia" is in Financial Danger and is a large employer in the Balkans and run by the Government and it needs money to buy weapons from Russia to have another Genocide probably and now Canadians are their next enemy for challenging the Croatian Genocide Dictatorship's ID System.

Croatia Corporate President of Agrokor the "Sears Canada of Croatia" is the largest employer in the Balkans and is currently in Bankruptcy and is being run by the Croatian Government. 

Ivica Todoric: 

In a fictional interview  Agrokor and the Croatian Genocide Dictatorship stated "Canada is pissing us off because the Canadian citizens are throwing out the ID and Credit System, we need this system in place to track people for the genocide in Bosnia and no one is shopping at Agrokor and the Government needs that money to buy weapons from Russia so we can kill people in  genocide death camp and now Canada is ruining our image.

Canada is now our next enemy and the Balkans will kill every Canadian in a Genocice Death Camp if they don't start shopping at places like Sears because we need their money for weapons to Dictate to the Region and have Genocide Camps.

If Canadians keep throwing out the ID Card and Credit System we will have no money and then can't identify the people of the Balkans."

Agrokor - Canada's New Enemy
 In the fictional interview they went on to say:

"Canadians throwing out the ID Card System  and Credit System are telling the Croatian Genocide Dictatorship over the Balkans that citizens in Canada are no longer allowing government owned business to id check them for the Croatian Genocide in the Balkans.

Companies like Agrokor need to keep id checking citizens because we need this information because we are spying on the citizens and tracking them for a Genocide in Bosnia in collaboration with the Croatian Illegal Government.

Now we are at war with Canada because they want to throw out our id card, but we need them.

We need them so that we can kill people in a Genocide Death Camp in Bosnia. 

Plus, Canadian's refusing to shop at our Government run businesses are our enemy and must be stopped because we need that money to buy weapons for genocide in Croatia and Bosnia.

Croatia and the Balkans are now at war with Canada for removing our id system, now we are planning to take them over and force them to use the ID Card in a new war.

Canadians are ruining our money and genocide system in the Balkans and they must be stopped, the Dictatorship we have in Croatia must be protected so Canada has to be stopped. 

If people continue to throw out the Genocide Dictatorship System then we will need more weapons and genocide death camps to make them keep shopping here at Agrokor.

If this Canadian behavior continues at the Global Level they are at then we will need more money from our backers the Rothchilds and Rockefellers the Presidents of the Traitors in America.

The Presidents of the Traitors in America the Rothchilds and Rockefellers will loan Croatia and Agrokor money if the citizens won't shop here and then we will us this money to run Genocide Camps in the Balkans and then take over Canada.

The Canadian Citizens must be stopped and this money we borrow will be paid back later when customers return to Agrokor after the defeat of Canada.

We guarantee Canada will fall to Croatia and Agrokor, then we will keep the ID Card and make Canadians work for us and pay us for products or we will kill them in a Genocide Death Camp in Bosnia. "

Croatia - Leader of the new Genocide Dictatorship Groups in The Balkans

No comment was made by David Rockefeller because he is finally fucking dead.