Sunday, March 28, 2021

Triumph Live In Halifax NS 1987 DVDRip XviD

DIAMOND HEAD - No Remorse (Official Video)

ANNIHILATOR - Armed To The Teeth (Official Video)



Burning Witches live im Salzhaus Brugg | 8x15 | SRF Virus

Burning Witches - Black Widow (Official Video)

AMARANTHE - 'Do Or Die' Feat. Angela Gossow (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)

Cracked Brain

April Wine - I Like to Rock (Official Music Video)

Sepultura - Inner Self [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Overthrow - Suppression (Official Video)

Triumph - Lay It On The Line (Official Video)

Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows (Official Music Video)

Foo Fighters - All My Life (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - Breed (Live At The Paramount/1991)

Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)

The Return of Darkness and Evil (1st Version 1983)

Mayhem Carnage Black Metal Dawn Of The Black Hearts

Inner Thought - Worldly Separation

SOAKED IN BLEACH (2014) Official HD Trailer Premiere

Saturday, March 27, 2021

April Wine - Live in London (1981) [Full DVD]

Metallica: Whiskey in the Jar (Official Music Video)

Metallica - I Disappear (Official Music Video)

Metallica 1983 Live at the Metro Full Concert HQ

Best Metal Bands From Canada

Warlock - All We Are (Official Video HD)

Warlock - Burning the Witches

Judas Priest - Grinder (Video)

Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music (Audio)

Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music [Live - Soul Train]

Ram Jam - Black Betty

ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin' (Official Music Video)

finger eleven - Paralyzer (Official Video)

The Donnas - Take It Off (Official Video)

Scorpions - No One Like You (Official Video)

The Outfield - Your Love (Official HD Video)

Def Leppard - Hysteria (Official Lyric Video)

McDonalds Expanding

McDonalds expanding to feed everyone during the disaster.

Everyone is lining up to eat McDonalds, they'll probably be these big huge lines forming. 



Bryan Adams - Cuts Like A Knife

Bryan Adams - Run To You (Official Music Video)

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings

REO Speedwagon - Keep on Loving You (Video Version)

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Is It Ever Brutal Out In Halifax This Spring

Holy crap, here come's the dust bowel...Spring just hit in Halifax after the first winter of covid.

Fuck, anyway...I don't know what I'm talking about.

I was writing about something else.

Like, I'm from Halifax and New Glasgow and I wasn't thinking about any of the other stuff I do but like I used to be in gymnastics and dance and all that, plus Dungeons & Dragons stuff and I used to be at the race track all the time.

It's getting pretty bad out, I might open a booth or something out at the racetrack at Scotia Speedworld if they still have that stuff, like at the cars shows and stuff out by the Halifax International Airport.

So I might go back there to the track and car show and open a booth for the Summer or get a booth down at the carnival or something if I can get some help with lugging merchandise like for extra money in the summer, like shit I used to do before all that University stuff.

Like while I'm getting my store stuff going and music just in the Summer, I dunno man I might go get a booth and take off with the carnival for the Summer when all that opens back up if nothings going on, so I can get on to something else because it's like the dust bowel here in Halifax already  in the 1930's or something.

Nova Scotia is the warmest part of Canada and I'm dying in the heat already and trapped because of covid. 

Anyway, everything is different here now since I was younger and I'm just getting what their meaning.

Halifax Regional Municipality is the County not the City.

Like they're trying to say they are running the entire County from Downtown Halifax.

They are not man, they have no services hooked up for anyone out in the County and they only mean the bus routes to the airport and 211 for local information.

Then when you call 211 they only have services for old regular downtown Halifax and it's all just for homeless people to call.

Don't use any of that man, they think your a hobo.

Just use regular County procedures.

Like I though they meant my apartment was in downtown Halifax to them and it wasn't.

So I'm at Lake Banook but it isn't...I'm further up than that I was coming the other way from the Metro Business Stuff like the Corporate Stuff for the Stock Market and the Airport.

I'm way out by the new Ikea almost in Waverly home of the band April Wine.

I'm out past Lake Mic Mac and into Waverly, but I was taking the bus downtown and using those services.

Not anymore man, I get out to the County to the Farmers Market and stuff and the race track because It sucks here.

My neighborhood is almost in Waverly, I was out walking and it's super nice out man but it's getting really dry and I was going by the bus I though I was downtown and they only meant the bus route and I'm way out in Waverly past Lake Mic Mac, I was calling the whole area Lake I'm out toward the airport in Dartmouth which is still Halifax.

Their calling the whole County the City around here and trying to run it all from downtown and went bankrupt or something and have no services for out here, they only service bums downtown.

Downtown sucks man and this place is super dirty but it's nice out by the way out by Waverly.

Like I gotta get out further for a while away from downtown because they have no services...but I'm still based in I need to get out to the Farmers Market out in the County now and stuff man because it sucks here already, you're gonna be hanging your clothes to dry out apartment windows in two minutes, it's super dry and there's garbage everywhere form those hobos.


Judas Priest - Grinder (Video)

Shrimp Tails In Cinnamon Toast Crunch

This is what I mean about the scam and government / business defaults...

Man finds shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch and complains and the company said "it was just sugar." 

That's exactly what I mean.

No, the caller is TELLING THEM what was in it.

The person at the company is running the scam in the cereal box, then when you complain they tell you back that's it's something else and tries to get him to go along with the scam and is making fun of him and calling him an idiot.

If he goes along they'll come to his house and try and scam him for money because they think he is an idiot.

Like, you tell them what it is and they try to make you say it is something else and then make you go along with them.

Never go along with these people, they are an open scam.

Just tell them you are suing them, leave and file notice with the courts about the scam and tell the court you re going to sue their business and the staff at home who tried to scam you at their job.

Then leave and never go back.

Never re-initate contact with these people and self impose a restraining order against their company and staff by no longer accepting communications from their business.

Then wait, by filing the report of the complaint you know they will be arrested at some point.


Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Cannibal Corpse - Murderous Rampage (OFFICIAL)



This Is What The Bums Look Like Downtown

All sitting down there decomposing bumming rides and stuff.


Advice For Avoiding Bums Downtown

Oh yeah, here's some good advice.

Bums hanging around downtown think they live with you if you're downtown walking on a regular they think they know you out of your mansion and stuff. 

Like they are out on the sidewalk and they see you all the time when you are out walking or something on your schedule they think you are living where they live with a bunch of money because they can't differentiate that you are separate groups of people.

Then they think they can talk to you all the time and bum you for change, then they start getting mad because you're not sharing your stuff with them.

That's what make them be bums, that retarded behavior.

They really need to get rid of the bums downtown forever, that's for regular people and now you can't even use the downtown area without bums trying to live with you.

Like they are fucked in the head.

I recommend just avoiding all that and walking somewhere else so they can't think they know you and then they won't follow you's totally gross.

That is just one of the issues going on with the Government Default in Canada and the United States along with the business contract default and rental defaults.

Like everyone is going bankrupt with issues like all the obsolete media that no one buys anymore and those people that used to be there have no money anymore...that and the rental market is garbage in the City areas and everything is turning into slums and all the ground sunk and outside is coming in to all the buildings.

Like you don't get much of an apartment for your rent price anymore, so don't feel bad about living in a shitty apartment because they all suck.

Not only that expect conditions to get worse because their not going to be able to fix the ground like here in Halifax with all the buildings sunk from a hurricane and two earthquakes where I live.

Plus covid.

Like they are extremely under stating the state of emergency and offering no benefits plus there are no government services or extra funding.

It's not really that bad tho, just get used to camping for the next decade if you live in the Metro City areas and surrounding towns.

Stay safe.



Osiah - The Eye of The Swarm feat. Ben Duerr (Official Lyric Video)

The Crown - Beyond the Frail (LYRIC VIDEO)


ABYSSUS (Greece) - The Beast Within (Death Metal) #deaththrashmetal #dea...


Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Yeah Here's What Happened With My Comlaint Against The Nova Scotia Government

Right someone asked me this about my case with the fake summons I got for a fake rental eviction hearing and all that when I didn't owe any money.

So anyway, I had to complain to St. Francis Xavier University and I wrote them and Community Services together in my complaint to get St.FX to explain to Community Services in Halifax what my degree was.

They said that the Nova Scotia Government has no one working there and that the Legal Aid will not help you if you have an issue with harassment and incorrect medical files for your disability cheque and that my my issue was with the Nova Scotia Government from their contractors that report to the MLA which is to low to file the complaint.

My point was that I am hoping that St.FX will intervene with the issue and help them make new programs for diabled graduates who can't work.

They told me that if you get a degree like mine and they know what it is because I had to tell them and complain to the school about the government here in Halifax that is qualify to make $150,000 a year as a project manager that the province offers no help if you become disabled and turn you away.

In the case I referenced they said that said if the person becomes disabled and then can only work from home with the degree part time they offer no grants or services to help them become employed and when I checked no one worked there.

Then they said if the Community Services had their medical files wrong are were being over charged on their rent, plus during covid, even though they know about the issue they won't help and said it was a provincial government issue, then they said it was beyond the help of the legal aid and offer no support.

Even though they know it is illegal to not fix the file when the complaint is issued and have to report the issue to the government and they still refuse to help.

In the case they offer no grants to degrees like mine for project managers who become disabled and can only work part time from home.

The resolution is that the graduate out of their pocket has to get their own specialist to write the medical report and then force Community Services to take the files and then correct their cheque benefits on their own and then use private lawyers to get their rent amount correct because they know the files are wrong, refuse to fix them and offer no legal aid assistance.

Then this is all illegal...they are refusing to correct the cheque amounts or medical files even with a lawyer present when they know about the issue.

So I turned them in and reported it to the legal aid and I am just waiting for them to get arrested at the local government here in Halifax for blocking the cheque claims for disability by using illegal procedures from the Provincial Government.

At the same time they began harassing me from Nova Scotia Student Loan sending me fake letters from out of Province from Revenue Canada.

When I called the telephone number from Revenue Canada it was a scam and I reported them to Legal Aid in the same complaint and they said they couldn't help and I have to sue them at home with private lawyers to resolve the issue.

The fake Revenue Canada agent was actually Nova Scotia Student Loan they claimed and tried to force me to pay on my loan when I called them back when I'm not working, like they tried to get me to start making payments in a unknown account when I don't have to work, like in a scam.

Like they could have been at home and trying to make me deposit payments into their account fake in a scam when I don't have to pay and steal the money.

Needless to say I will not have to even pay my loan because the Province defaulted in these cases and are going to be sued at home and if they try to collect on me they will get sued at home and they'll owe me money, but that all never went through yet.

Hopefully, St.FX will intervene and start helping to correct the issue to start supporting disabled graduates because the Provincial Government won't help them.

The way they put it to me at Legal Aid is that the Provincial Government staff who put the procedures in place at Community Services and Legal aid are on their way to jail.

So I turned them all in and filed notice with Legal Aid that I am suing them later to correct the issue at the Provincial Government in Halifax and then suing the staff at home who harassed me at their jobs and tried to make me make pay fake student loan payments when I don't have to pay into a potentionally fake bank account while they posed as fake Revenue Canada Agents.

I'm writing this because other people may being going through similar situations and that is what is happening and this may help you with your case.


Monday, March 22, 2021

Sampson Train Update

Here is the Sampson Train Update...the first locomotive in Canada.

This is the train in Museum Of Industry in Nova Scotia the mates are in the Smithsonian in the United States that laid the first rail road tracks in the old west.

That's what I mean on this blog, I am from industry and all that it is my career like with the rail road and the old west...building the economy and gun fighting and stuff.

I lived with my grand parents and was in the gifted class and used to travel around with the adult group doing  activities and stuff in the 1980's...

Anyway, I had to stop because of an accident and didn't want to travel anymore so I just didn't do it as much and went on to music plus I had to get out of their because I think they tried to put on a dress on me from ballet for Junior High School so I took off and joined the baseball team, like I grew out of ballet stuff and went in music.

So my great grandfather he drove the I mean in the Old West in the 1840's...he was one of the original train conductors in Old Nova Scotia from England when we were are own Country so they  had me in dancing and ballet and stuff, if you leave it to them they'll make you wear a dress to Junior High School and stay in ballet, no I went into baseball and stuff and music and then and didn't like dancing for Christmas and stuff...

This was a long time ago, I think we were doing the Nutcracker and the Sound Of Music when I was little doing plays and ballet and stuff, that's where I'm heading the Dance Academy in New York, that's where I live when I'm not working or in school like they have that up here in Halifax from New York and I was in that stuff when I was little, that's the people I know.

So I permanently reside in Nova Scotia because of all that like with the land grants and the train and stuff.

He was the youngest child of like ten kids from the 1800's and I think my great grandfather died in the early 1900's as a super old man and drove the Sampson Train in the 1840's until they retired the train...they also had other conductors.

My other great grandfather he was a land grant recipient on the farm in Windsor Nova Scotia in 1867...he died an old man in 1925 and is buried near Halifax and the train conductors family where I lived is buried in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

Then I was forced to do all this singing and dancing when I was little being from all that.


Here's The People In The News I've Been Compaining About

This is the group here in the news from my hometown recently....

600 dirty needles dumped downtown behind the Legion at the rail road tracks.

I don't know if they caught them yet, do you know what the sentence for that? It's serious.

I mean everyone there knows that it's coming from the New Glasgow Pub and soup kitchen.

I mean why you'd be following someone like me around years ago thinking I'm going to start feeding you because you won't leave the yard is because you're totally handicapped or something.

Get the hint, you're all over the news broke into my'll all on dilauded and heroin, ever time you come near me I rat you out to your face to the police.

Every time your scam comes near me I rat you out to the courts to your face.

I will never be someone you can come to and get me to participate in your retarded behavoir.

I didn't know you were al handicapped and all on needles down at the soup kitchen and New Glasgow pub.

I'm just saying because you're in the news, I don't know who did that but I know your group of people.

When you were all dunk at the pub around my disowned estranged relatives when I was a kid and in high school, like my extended family from my grand mothers second family...that's the people you know that knew me.

That is not me, I never lived there....I am from my grandmothers third family, her first one was when she was like 12 in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

All you drug addicts never come near me you and the ones they know from Pictou, Nova Scotia because I will rat you out to your face to the police like I did ten times and report you to the welfares office.

When you all left I lived with my grandmother in the gifted class and I was away all the time with my activities like Dungeons & Dragons, dance class, ballet, drama, acting and music etc. after you were all gone - none of you know me, never try to come here.

I was always away doing that, I don't care if she still supported you on the phone everyday when I was away working as a kid doing events...that was never your money it was mine and my grandmothers and you never met either one of us.

Then you came to my house when I was moving away and tried to force your way into my house to live off me like when I was a kid with my grandmother and live there at the pub and soup kitchen and squad there and use all my money for drugs and eat my food.

I never let you do that, I banned you with the courts. 

I'm just saying because I laugh when I see you in the news dumping needles on the train tracks down town just like always.  

The courts made me leave and do rehab programs etc. after you tried to rob me from the when you found out that I was in the Hospital for a few months in 2007 - after I banned you they made me finish my hospital rehab program after you all assaulted me at home from the soup kitchen and stole my stuff from my house.

Then you tried to force your way into squadding in my living room and eating all my food and draining my money squadding there when I never knew or met you.

She never wanted you there and never told you anything, nobody ever liked you.

Then you tried to force me to quit my business setup and use the money for squadding in my yard and kept coming back for ten years.

You are autistic or something.

Everyone knows what you did and who you are from the New Glasgow Pub and soup kitchen to my house back then - trying to eat all my food and using my money without asking with all these people form the pub and soup kitchen.

If my grandmother who died twenty years ago when I was at St. FX was helping you when I was a kid that came from money I earned working as a kid behind your back in my grandfathers family where he was a singer because when he was senile and you tried bleeding him before I had him put in a home when I ratted you out to community services for trying to steal his money from your junkie crowd at the New Glasgow Pub.

That was Hank Snow and them moron.

That's where I live and never wanted to meet them or participate because you are nuts on drugs and autistic.

You all knew that when I was a kid I was in a bad accident when I was in ballet and dance and then I had to recover and switched to music and wasn't traveling much anymore, that's where their money came from if they were still helping you from her old family. 

Then when I was sick later you tried to loot my house from the soup kitchen with the people from the New Glasgow pub, then I banned you with the courts.

They have all passed away.

Unlike when I was a kid I am not hiding any of this from you that we used to do for money behind your backs, you were disowned and kicked out since like 1978.

Then I have banned you for life with the courts, never met you and don't know who you are that keep trying to squad here on drugs from the soup kitchen and drunk at the New Glasgow pub all the time.

I'm just telling you because I saw your group in the news.

I am doing this business stuff to your face in front of you and not hiding who I am like when I was little.

You are not squadding here.

The Nissan GTR is a $160,000 I put on this page is the new super car class and that is the cheap one.

When I buy that car I will never help any of you to your face while I drive it and buy a new house.

That's because I don't know you and never met you, the ones that got disowned from my grandmother's second family and all your friends down at the soup kitchen.

I never owed you anything, never come here...I will rat you out and ban you with the courts again.

I moved away to where I lived behind your backs when I was away as a kid, that's where all my money comes from and my grandmother's old money from when I was in dance and ballet.

I guarantee that unlike what you say following me around and stalking me from the soup kitchen to me another boy because you must be queer or something when I have always lived at the dance, ballet and acting school.

I'm pretty sure that you will never be down there at the dance academy with all your heroin needles.

In fact that's why I went to University so I could more and get rid of you, that's why I did all that and I told you to your face and banned you with the courts.

You will never come here, you make me sick with the mess you have at your houses and dirty needles dumping them at the rail road tracks when my great grandfather by my grandfathers adoption drove the Sampson Train in the Museum Of Industry and my other Great Grandfather was an original land grant owner in Windor from 1867 my grandmothers family that you were banned from.

Why you dirt bag junkies think you know me and say you can follow me to New York to the dance academy and stuff today later when I get there is because you must be autistic and on heroin. 


Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Number "1" OPTION you SHOULD select for your 2022 C8 CORVETTE Z06!

Inside a Supercar V8 Engine! The facts, history and secrets with KRE Rac...

2021 Nissan GT-R Premium [Review and Drive]

2017 NASCAR Pinty's Series: Bumper to Bumper 300

Parts For Trucks Pro Stock Tour – Jim Hallahan 250 Highlights @ Scotia S...








DISTANT - Dusk of Anguish (Official EP Stream)



Artillery - In Thrash We Trust (OFFICIAL)

Marasmus (US) - Necrotic Overlord (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity #...




Saturday, March 20, 2021

DEAD SUN - Night Terrors (Full Album) [2021]


EREMIT (Germany) - Enshrined in Indissoluble Chains and Enlightened Dark...


Plasmodium (Australia) - ParaMantra (Cosmic Black/Death Metal) Transcend...





CRYPTS OF DESPAIR (Lithuania) - Excruciating Weight(Death Metal) Transce...

Bound in Fear - Everblack (Short Film)

I'm Trying To Stop Blogging About Hobos

Just a gross story I you're regular and go out walking or probably women too.

Anyway, I'm still staying living in Halifax where my band and stuff is based but on my way some where else now as well so I'm not downtown barely at all anymore.

The bums downtown you're their whole social life, like playing with you and making a hobo social life about you walking by in your Nike shoes and jogging, now watch out down at the ballet class because I said ballet on here because they'll all think their ballerina's following you around and stuff using you for a social that's how pathetic it is down walking by is all they have...not sure if their interested in women or not, I mean the men.

Then they are following you home with garbage out of the dumpster full of bedbugs and cockroaches and letting them out in apartments during covid and living in the dumpster in the apartments next to you...then their in there jerking off trying to get their bugs on you.

In Halifax the bums are so bad living in filth in the garbage now they have bags from the dumpster out in the apartment halls and their apartments are full of bed bugs and the bugs from the garbage are going under the neighbors apartment doors right in broad daylight.

Like they have leprosy or something it's so bad and are full of diseases and living in bugs like cockroaches and bed bugs and letting them out in the buildings trying to get their filth on everything playing in it, then bumming with cardboard signs downtown still and following men around making a social life off them walking by and out jogging.


Then they all smell like feces and bugs out of the garbage.

Yeah anyway, I'm not downtown too much to see any of this anymore because I'm on my way to somewhere else and not out here as much but Halifax is still where my band / business is running from.

Yeah during covid, that's what I mean...they want everyone to be dirty then they try to make you sick during the pandemic, letting bugs out in the apartment hallways and leaving garbage out of the dumpster everywhere like from the North End Halifax and East Hastings Vancouver.


Friday, March 19, 2021

So I'm All Wrapped Up & On To Something Else Now

I'm just trying to make this clear on my blog which is staying open.

I'm all done and back home everyone, like working at the record store and doing comic book stuff again.

Politics and all stuff for me that's all wrapped up, I had two winning candidates Trump and Biden, I'm not doing that anymore.

I finished all my research papers for books I want to write later and my notes are all on this for political and history papers and that material is all concluded on here now.

That's stuff is so long that down the road I'll probably have to dictate the material to get it written all the history and political stuff.

Yeah anyway, I'm back home to my home office and just started my business setup etc. like I said on here I'm selling comic book and game stuff now.

Like I was out from University doing all my certifications and research papers and stuff and the whole point to that was so I can start my own business, now I can sell my own action figures and games and stuff when they are done on Wall Street places because I know how all that works now.

Now all this new stuff came up, now I'm decompressing I'm being told and getting back to all the regular things I used to do.

Like this people, I couldn't be a kid with all these extracurricular activities I used to do that not that I specifically forgot about but I just wasn't thinking of them.

I was involved in tons of stuff when I was a kid, probably in the space shuttle and flying airplanes and everything...drama class, singing and dancing acting..I was even in ballet and everything when I was they had me involved in every activity going...what a blur!

All I can remember is 8000 tasks per second and costumes and makeup coming at me, staking rinks, toy stores, candy, you name it...doing plays and everything.

So that all just came back up now, in fact they took some many pictures of all that I never even had time to see them all.

Then again, someone goes...weren't you in ballet class when you were a kid?

The answer is yes,  I was involved in everything.

In fact, that's where I got started in all this.

It's not that I forgot about that stuff, I just wasn't thinking about it.

Like all the trips we used to go on and stuff, like I couldn't be little for ever people doing all that...yeah I remember going to the museum and the ball park and stuff...I was just thinking about being downtown, that could have been the Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City and Yankee Stadium now that I think about it.

Yeah, we used to take tours of all that stuff...newspapers, office buildings and stuff..I was just a kid then and they had me in these gifted programs or something and we used to do all this stuff.

I remember though, that's where I got all this stuff from I write I had to go out and go to University and take business and computers and all that if I wanted to work there.

In a way it's kind of backwards, getting to do all the grown up type stuff when you're little traveling around and going to museums and stuff...then in your twenties you get thrown out into the cold all by yourself.

Anyway, I never met anyone along the way who wanted to do any of that with they all trailed off or something and didn't want to participate in my getting a degree for the stock market and developing my own products and stuff, like Barbie Dolls or something and Dungeons & Dragons.

So all that was over since I was a kid and had to leave all alone with just a back pack and head off to University and get my degrees and stuff, then I wasn't thinking about it.

I was too busy at the University Library studying all the time and I wanted to go out with the other kids in my twenties and go to University Football stuff and participate in all that with everyone else.

Other people I knew, like in music and stuff weren't there and never participated with me and not interested and never knew where I was from, like they didn't care about my smart stuff and want to come to the museum and  participate with me and they all fell off.

I never quit though, now I'm seeing all these old pictures of me and stuff from the early 1980's yikes!

No...nobody wanted to come with me to do all that I knew from where I was living at and I had to do it alone and move by myself and stuff.

Now I'm back or on my way back.

Well I'm getting setup anyway.

Like I was shown when I was a kid if I wanted to run my own Wall Street Company or Newspaper or something I had all this University work to do.

That's where I was at people...I'm not missing or something or ended up as junkie dead somewhere.

No way, I've been busy working and going to school.

Like Stan Lee probably told me when I was kid, I thought everyone knew him when I was little up where I live, if I'm going to run Marvel Comics I'm going to have to go to school.

That's my's not all just fun running a comic book need to do work to.

That's where I was at...learning how to run a business like the computer systems, taxes, accounting all that...shipping, payroll, politics etc. that's what my degree was I could run a big company some day, like I'm not there yet but I'm getting started.

Like I had to do all the boring stuff first...that's not really a degree you can take, people along the way when I used to do all that told me what I needed to learn to run a big company, like for when I am an old 80 year old man brooding in his office on Wall Street.

I'm a bit away from that yet.

Right now it's writing and product development.

That's what I mean, that's all wrapped up now...the boring stuff to some people.

Now that I am finished all that I can get on to the next part...staying home!

Like now I'm writing scripts and stuff and doing product development to open a store and stuff and get going.

Comic book stuff and Dungeons & Dragons stuff, now I'm at the fun part....all that other stuff was just to run the business.

Now that's all calming down and the political papers and stuff are all wrapped up and I'm getting the "Here's a picture of you at dance and ballet class when you were little."....yeah thanks.

So the answer is no, I didn't forget...I was just not thinking about that because I was away at school and working and I'm getting all this, no that was downtown New York or something at the dance school when you were little...that's all a blur to me!

Like I had too many activities or something, so when you show me a picture of that stuff I just thought it was downtown, but yes it's all coming back to me and that's where I'm going to work at now....that was my plan anyway and I never quit.

I mean I was all over the place when I was little I can't keep track of that, but that's what got me started though and that's where I'm going to be working at..doing REGULAR stuff like toys and games and stuff and selling that stuff...right so nobody wanted to come back with me from where I was living at, even in music...they just weren't interested in stuff like that...museums and newspapers etc. and all trailed off...I'm still doing it though and can't wait to get back.

I mean I have to do it all myself though and I'm just basically stranded in Halifax for now...I mean I can't just get up and run down to the New York Museum or Dance Academy like some people, I'm still not that far into it and working my way up people.

I'll be there at some point though.


Missing Children Database

Just a quick update, I'm always on the internet doing research for stuff I am working on and I'm doing a lot of 1980's stuff and noticed and remember they used to have missing children pictures on milk boxes.

Everyone should review this list on the internet.

Missing Children Master List: 

Not only that it's during covid right now and It's pretty locked down and new cases of missing children have been reported on the website I noticed.

Today technology is so advanced that I doubt that they can get far without being seen on a camera during a lock down.

Also, because of my research, I noticed many of these cases might be the victims of caught serial killers like child killer Wayne Williams and early victims of Jeffery Dahmer.

Keep that in mind and review the list.

Many of these criminals may be in prison on other charges and still alive and only sentenced for one victim, circumstances like that.

Keep that in mind and familiarize yourself with the list, try and think of local cases that you are familiar with of children that have gone missing and then try to match that to similar situations of local criminals that you may have heard of.

Remember, some of these children may have just ran away and changed their name and are hiding and others were reported missing but actually just moved and didn't know they were reported missing by other people who didn't know they moved from where they used to live.

Like the child could have been involved in activities and stuff locally and then the parents moved without telling everyone, that has also come up.

You should watch this closely during if an abductor strikes during the shut down he will be caught easier and may be implicated in other cases or even older cases from decades ago if they slip up during the pandemic...if they do something new during covid they may have evidence in their homes that could lead to the resolution of past cases of missing children.


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Seduction of Jean Grey (Chapter 5/9) X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga Remastered

More Notes From My Spring Update

Here's more stuff that didn't fit on the last post...

So like and them Noisecreep etc. those are the webpages of the local radio station in New York.

Those music pages are just the traditional webpages of radio stations located in the United States.

When an artist on a major record label tours, does publicity events and plays concerts they appear on the local radio for a concert in New York.

So the content on the webpages like Loudwire and Nosecreep doesn't even matter...that is just for ad revenue for their webpage and radio play.

They are all gone bankrupt...again, in fact Townsquare Media has already gone bankrupt and was recovered by new investors and that's what it is today.

Now here is the deal, Townsquare Media is owned by several companies who bought into that for small returns on their investments...that's who I keep running into to outside....the people on the companies running on outside investments and splitting on owning businesses like Townsquare Media.

So I find out that it's Madison Square Garden and the New York Rangers, that's the radio station in New York for selling concert tickets like at Ticketmaster on Loudwire for booking concerts at Madison Square Garden.

That means that Madison Square Garden which owns 10% of Townsquare Media uses that to run Noisecreep & Loudwire to sell concert tickets on the radio in New York.

Then they have Banger TV in Toronto running a crowd funding campaign on the same service on major record labels asking the public for "donations" to let them have a free business.

Then they are trying to use that in Death Metal, now featured in Batman Comics on DC, and Black Metal to change the music terms to sell ads on the local radio in New York and on their webpage Loudwire and Noisecreep for concerts they are promoting at Madison Square Garden.

Think of it like this....let's say that's Nashville and Country Music.

They are trying to get people to give them their stuff form the Nashville Music business from their houses at home to start a free business, then they want the people at home to tell them what the Country Music Category is so they can change it on their local Radio Station then they are manufacturing their own artists and saying they are the new category and running ads for it on the radio and their local web pages for ad money.

Like is this an advertising scam or what?

In fact, Townsquare Media owns a bunch of radio stations, here is a list:

The page says they own 322 radio stations in 25 states in the United States.

So why are you up here in Canada bothering me then cross border?

Now they are up here and over in Norway cross border bothering Death Metal and Black Metal artists and running a scam in Toronto as far as I see it looking for donations to start a free business changing the Death Metal and Black Metal terms from artists outside the United States so they can run new ads on their radio stations and local webpages for ad revenue for venues like Madison Square Garden.

If if you're like me and have an MBA from Harvard University or something you know this right away...the record company they are on uses those radio stations for promotional outlets when their artists are on tour and those are their venues they use for public Townsquare Media.

So you get some record deal and that's the tour they put you on.

Now imagine it's country music...they are trying to change all the country music definitions so that they run new ads on their local radio stations and webpages for ad revenue.

Then they are saying they don't know what the category is and are asking fans and people outside the United States to tell them what it is so they can start a free business, then change all the music definitions and run their fake artists on it in the same category on their radio stations and sell concerts tickets.

So I looked up their revenue which is easy to find and they only made $10 Million dollars profit  in 2017 at Townsquare Media on major record labels with 322 radio stations and a list of music and entertainment publications.

What is money?

Like is their money they made for the profits the advertising revenue from their radio play and web traffic?

All right in public on the stock market where I worked with my degrees in public in broad daylight.

Then they are harassing me again in the same scam outside the office like on Banger TV asking the public for donations from people like me to give them my music stuff so they can start a free Wall Street at Townsquare Media up here in Canada in Toronto.

Again...then the third thing was they said in the scam and it's on the news on the internet on local newspaper websites in the unrelated article that to me where I live without naming me in the same kind of story that I had no money and was seeking investments from their radio station...Loudwire and Banger TV.

The story going around was my co stars in the example from Mattel and Hasbro Commercials from the 1980's in the North East where all this takes place at hate me now from the toy and candy releases in the 1980's because I own my own products and won't give them to the local radio station in New York.

Now I have to break character on here people and tell you all that's who I am because that's the rest of the blog now, and as soon as I change to the comic book page all this happens and I have to explain it here which is no longer my main page but I'm still doing these updates.

This was coming anyway, yeah I'm one of the kids from around Mattel and Hasbro and did stuff like game testing for product development when I was a kid from the gifted program and acting and stuff.

Like with the adults showing them how to play Dungeons & Dragons like as a part of the test groups around Mattel and Hasbro in the North East...that didn't have to be at Mattel, outside people ran those test groups to sell their products who backed Mattel for their toy stores and stuff when they first came out.

Everyone knows me from there and this scam pretends they don't know who I am, and lies saying I am looking for investors and when I go to the radio station to get backers they are going to take my stuff I developed and give it to their grand kid in a scam from the Matell set in the 1980's so they can change it for a free business.

None of that is real.

Anyway, this was going to happen anyway that I was going to reveal myself as that and change the whole blog...that's because I have my own finished products now like Dragon Adventures and Space Command and I'm not taking investors.

After I did all that as a kid all over the place later in life in my twenties I had to leave all that, like the little kid acting and dance school at the gifted class working on toy development for test groups around Mattel and stuff and go get a real job, being from those people I wasn't allowed telling where I was from and that led me to go to University and do a degree for the Stock Market.

Now when I go out and work I keep running into the same scam and they pretend they don't know who I am like from the Dungeons & Dragons test groups in the 1980's and I know who they all are from Mattel and working at the Stock Market.

So I'm switching my blog to product development for the toy and game release and I'm from the old Matell and Hasbro place and launching my own products now.

That was a secret years ago when I was outside and never included anyone because I had to go back to do the rest of my work, that is right now - then all these people started scamming me when I left to go do my business stuff and flaming me and stuff.

Now the same scam is at Madison Square Garden at Townsquare Media.

Not only that their other owner is Oaktree Capital Management:

That is an insurance company....yeah you're going to need it because like I said your company is in default.

Plus it is an investment firm.

They own 47% of Townsquare Media from an investment and insurance company on the Stock Market and are in default right now in a series of lawsuits they can never pay back and apparently owe all their staff and musical acts etc. a hundred billion dollars each in default settlements they will never get because they are broke, then they are running the same scam up here in Canada at the local government.

Again, if you know what they say is fake don't participate because they are trying to get you to go along with them after they have defaulted like with fake government procedures and scams like changing the music terminology to get new ad money.

Like that Oaktree Capital Management and Madison Square Garden are in default.

They can never recover and owe all these unnamed people a hundred billion dollars each in default settlements and are trying to get the public to go along with them in a scam.

Like up here with fake tenancy board procedures for rent collection and changing the music terminology for ad money.  

Plus they are an insurance company and are un-insurable because they have defaulted and owe ten million times the money they are worth to people whose contracts they broke with these ridiculous fictional numbers. 

Falling under that are all those radio stations in the United States and and their business partners Banger TV crowdfunding in Toronto.

They are bankrupt people and have defaulted and owe all their money out in a series of default settlements - you'll never get the money they owe you.

Then everywhere you go you run into their scam.

Like is their's not many promoters in Heavy Metal music and they do that for Madison Square Garden in New York, at

That's just one local webpage of the local radio station in New York for Madison Square Garden ticket sales people....that's not all of heavy metal music.

In fact it's a joke, the whole business only made $10 million dollars profit in 2017 they claim...on Wall Street.

Like they have their money pooled and are only getting back ten cents each on their investments and are bankrupt and in default.

Now like this...they are running a scam trying to get you to sign with their music promotion for Townsquare Media offering new contracts when they are in default and owe all their money out...that is a scam.

They will never be able to fufill your contract because they are in default.

I'm sure they are running this scam to everyone but I keep seeing them in they are bothering me saying I want their help with my finished products from Mattel and Hasbro their company after my graduation when I work at the Stock Market with them all....the people who have defaulted and the new Hasbro and Matell.

Now here we go...I mean working on The Stock Market is great and I did all my work there for my degree and certifications but really though I'm going to make more money staying home and selling my finished Mattel and Hasbro like games and products then I would on Wall Street working for Matell or Hasbro, or anyone.

Like the products are worth way more money off Wall Street and finished with no investors outside off Mattel and Hasbro.

After that it's only manufacturing expenses, distribution and profits's not 1978 people it's the age of the internet...that's a totally different market where I work at now.

I mean I'm going to get all the toy money directly to my company private and have no investors, that's worth way more than Wall Street products if they are the same ones as Mattel and Hasbro plus I am from there and mine are better.

So the other people they are selling 8 track tapes to me is what it looks like at Townsquare Media.  

Like they don't even make players anymore.

That I know about.

Right so their business is obsolete media and it's worthless.

The big "vinyl revival" I'm sure is just them. and Banger TV at Townsquare Media for Madison Square Garden Ticket Sales and Radio ad revenue.

I mean I had to totally drop the compact disc now, I mean I was going to make some as a limited version but since then a few weeks ago earlier this year it's not relevant.

New factors come out on the internet and technology and now the compact disc is totally worthless and holds no data storage.

Then everything we drop Townsquare Media picks it up and adds something to it's the cassette tape and the colored vinyl lp  half dipped in paint.

I mean they don't even have black, the actual format.

Again I'm not bashing bands making collectables but they have no sales on them for lps or cds.

People tell me "It's easy for you to say that." and I say "yes it is, because I have an outside career from music." that's because I don't depend on one category to make money like the people selling obsolete media.

That's Madison Square Garden and Oaktree at radio stations and in the United States.

They made one with the metal band Venom and just made one with the metal band Kreator - huge vinyl lp box sets.

I think the lps they are making look like garbage.

I am from Canada, those bands are from England and Germany.

My first thoughts are...what are doing them from the United States in New York at the local radio station telling them there is a big vinyl resurgence here and getting them to print lp box sets at Noise Records and them?

No that is a scam.

Plus they look like bootlegs.

Listen, there are no sales on the compact disc or lp.

Then we all drop it for the new format and they come behind us and pick it up and change it and try and sell it back to us....listen to the format changes.

They dropped the black vinyl lp record and made them colored and half dipped in paint and they look like garbage and then added cassette tapes to the set.

That is a scam, there are no sales on those products, then they tried to sell the format back to us and then they wanted our material.

That's music category definitions, so they could change it to sell ads for their promoted music acts on the local radio in New York and on pages like . 

That's all bullshit.

This brings us to the blu ray disc for movies and those are 8 track tapes now except for data storage.

You don't even need a blu ray player now.

The television is on the internet now and comes with all the movies on it, you pay for a file download or stream the pay per view.

Then the music player comes with all the songs in it.

There is no printed media for music or movies anymore.

Like for movies...

You can buy the movie file on your computer and download it and then load it directly into your television with a USB stick.

You can download the movie on the internet directly to the hard drive on your television and then transfer it to your computer with the usb stick for digital backup.

That's only if you want to save the movie file.

You can even do this....on the smart tv you can watch the pay per view stream, then if you like the movie you can pay to download the file to the televisions hard drive and then back up the movie file on your cloud drive on the internet and you don't need the usb stick.

You do that with your remote control.

The television on the internet allows you to go to the video store which comes with the television, then you buy the file and save it to the television on your hard drive.

Then you make your own video library on your televisions hard drive...that's like 8 terrabytes people and too large.

Don't get an 8 terrabyte hard drive for your television only get 3 or 4 terrabytes.

That's because if you fill the larger hard drive with a personal movie collection you will lose everything when the television breaks.

Instead use the cloud functions.

You can probably even save the movie file to your cloud drive on the internet for your movie collection and then stream it directly to you television and you don't need usb sticks or disc backup.

Everything else is an 8 track tape people.

You buy your shows on the television and then save them to the televisions hard drive.

Then on the television back your files up directly to your online cloud drive from the television which has unlimited space that you have to purchase.

Then build your movie collection on your cloud drive and pay the cloud subscription fees and you will never lose your collection because it is stored online - you can get smaller free cloud packages.

You can save your videos directly on the television, then back them up to your cloud through the cloud app on the television.

Go to your smart television and buy the movie file.

Download it to your televisions hard drive.

Use the cloud app on the smart television to back up your purchased video file to your cloud drive on the internet and you can never lose it.

Then build your personal movie collection on your cloud drive, as big as you want.

Remember you have to pay for space for large data storage.

Then stream your movie collection directly to your smart television directly from your cloud to watch the shows on your television.

Remember, that all works right now but I don't think it's all hooked up yet on everything.

That is the best and most current format.

For music, use the computer or smart phone...all music comes free on the player now (computer or smartphone) with ads or it's like $100 a year for all the music on a high def paid package.

You can read about my toy and game products I have finished and the are in development at comic book page.


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

SPRING UPDATE 2021: Mattell Scandal In The North East?...I Doubt It & Technology Update

Wow, here's a good update for you....first, I'm going to try and say this a few different ways so you can understand what I am talking to me Mattell and Hasbro are different companies than they were years ago and I think have restructured again.

The last time I read about Mattell was that they were sold years ago and were run from they are changing all their information for this story lets just say that Mattell and Hasbro were sold to Japan years ago and closed in the United States from the old one.

Now for the story pretend that I'm one of the kids in the 1980's Mattell and Hasbro commericials and shows and stuff for the story which is told from that perspective.

This is true anyway because back then Mattel and Hasbro were different companies.

Back in the 1980's when I was kid...if I ever really was one because I was in the gifted class and was involved in programs and stuff for that, like child virtuosos and child University graduates and stuff.

Where I am from tons of people worked at the old Mattell and Hasbro companies on their staff etc. on all their projects up here where I live in the North East in the United States and Canada.

All kinds of people were employed by Hasbro and Mattel up here back then before it was sold to Japan or something and the old company shut down and all the staff left.

Back then in the 1980's we only had three television channels and nothing was international like it is today and was only in the United States and Canada.


Tons of people I knew back then when I was involved in all this stuff like little league baseball and stuff took place around Mattell and Hasbro and their staff, that is where I am actually from people...this is why when people put music stuff around me and say hobos I have no idea what they are talking about because I am from somewhere else.

So let's say for example so I can tell this story that back then I was on television commercials and shows for Mattell, Hasbro, McDonalds etc. in the 1980's and for a fact tons of people worked there for those companies where I live at.

This is what is happening today...

Mattell closed and all those people were let go...but tons of them still live up here in the North East.

Let's say I worked for Mattel when I was a kid on Saturday Morning TV and stuff and commercials and all that so when I say I am making a comic book, games and toys and stuff that is from Mattell...well it is in the fact that I am also from there where those companies were at.

Let's say I was on the old television commercials for Mattell and them in the 1980's that makes my book and toys Space Command from Mattell....well, that is true because everyone where I am from worked at Mattell.

Like this, so one of the kids on the Mattell and Commercials, me for example, left all that years ago and the old company closed and I went off to University and started my own with toys, comics and games...that I what I am doing.

Right, that's not on Mattell....I would be from Mattell but that was fact my stuff is worth more money off Mattell because I'd lose money by letting them put their name on my stuff which is finished and in testing mode but I didn't get to manufacturing yet.

My stuff is paid for...that's all developed and open, but I just started...I would lose tons of potentional money by putting the Mattell name on it if I was from Mattell from the 1980's because they have investors and are on the stock market where I did all my work at.

Putting Mattell on my products I would lose money once my stuff sells because they run on investor money they are saying and on the stock market...I worked at the stock market companies and my stuff is paid slapping Mattell on the game just before it's release I would lose all my revenue to get Mattell to manufacture and distribute the game.

I don't need their money to do that, but it will still take me a while to put the game out, but it's paid for.

Like this, my game Dragon Adventures runs on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons...that's already up to get started...Hasbro owns the actual Dungeons and Dragons at Wizards.

My game Dragon Adventures is the old TSR Dungeons & Dragons model which they don't sell anymore.

So if I'm from Mattell and Hasbro and worked there as a kid on their shows and stuff in the 1980's that my stuff is a real Mattell and Hasbro from the old companies.

It would be like I restarted the old Mattell and Hasbro from the 1980's when they operated up here in the North East...and everyone worked there that I would know....remember if you follow my blog that back then I was an artist and stuff and did all kinds of stuff at the art gallery and stuff at Mattell and they would have been there, the old one.

That's who I really am if you need to know, one of the gifted kids with the staff from Mattell and Hasbro from the 1980's...that is where I am from.



Being from around all that I decided to launch my own business in the North East since the old Mattell and Hasbro closed and I knew them all and was a kid there.

With all the scandals and stuff today I want to make it clear that I had no problems from being around all that..I have no complaints about Mattel and Hasbro and they are my "model" for stuff I am making.

Like I'm starting my own toy thing I am making Dragon Adventures and Space Command which are finished and in testing etc. and I am breaking the game and characters in on my comic book page where I just started selling hats and t-shirts and stuff and I just

Right, so that is in the same place that Mattell and Hasbro used to operate when I was a kid and tons of people I know used to work there.

Here's the tell all for the rest of the blog...and don't take me too seriously as usual because I am mostly just smack talking.

That's the joke...I'm from the staff from Mattell and Hasbro from the old companies in the 1980's form the gifted class...I'm one of the gifted kids that lived there with them when eveyone was employed at Mattell and Hasbro and them.

Now I am starting my own my stuff is Mattell in the fact that I am from there and this blog post is about all the gossip and stuff that happened recently.

Remember, Mattell and Hasbro are closed here where I live today but they didn't used to be.

Like people were flaming me and stuff when I was playing heavy metal and stuff but they didn't know that when I was a kid I was like the grown up kids in the gifted class and was always away working on stuff and involved in tons of fact I am a Mattell and Hasbro expert.

Again, my stuff is not for sale...why would I go around and try to sales pitch a finished game to people even Mattell and Hasbro today when it's done and successful?

Like all I have to do is print it and it's out with Dungeons & Dragons the actual Hasbro...don't worry I have all kinds of dirt to share today on here because of tons of stuff that just happened.

All I need today is manufacturing money and it will still take me a few more years of development etc. anyway before I can print anything...with money or not right now, which I don't have but I am not poor...I mean I have this huge degree and band and stuff but I'm not I just started selling hats and t-shirts...that will take me years to start collecting the money.

So while the toys and games are being finished I have just started my store at , that probably won't make money for quite a while and that is just going into my money for printing my books and toys and stuff.

I have it all running right now under or just as Jason MacKenzie.

Just say for now the company is   like from Mattell and Hasbro people...the old one but it's not on it from the North East United States and Canada.

So it's like Mattell and Hasbro only it's better because I own it directly, and I'm not some hanger on around the Mattell and Hasbro staff like when I was a gifted kid in the "adult group" like working and stuff on things...

For example...things like playing Dungeons & Dragons and telling the parents what it was so they could go make money...right, that's one of the things we used to it's my money and game.

That's what I mean, all the people are still here but the companies are gone so I started my own.

Like playing in a band is great and all that but when that all closed over twenty years ago I left to go to University and start my own company like Mattell and it just far it's just a band, music promotion and small store selling hats and stuff...which books, games and toys in development.

I have to confess that this was a secret to everyone not directly involved in it with me and took place behinds their backs...but that was my school and work stuff from the gifted class and I wasn't allowed telling anyone what I was doing when I was downtown.'s Mattel and them.

Other people don't know me from that and it's probably why they confuse me with someone else because they never knew where I was from.

That was in the 1980's and early 1990's when I was a kid...the most awesome time ever.

Then I left and went away to school and people I knew never knew that and I probably just didn't tell most people...that was a secret because I was going away to school and stuff later and wasn't going to be living there so I never got too involved in I had too many priorities going on.

Back then I was involved in all kinds of stuff art, drama...stage acting, music etc...tons of stuff...all around Mattel and Hasbro.

Then I had to keep all that a secret when I was out at regular school and stuff...anyway that's where my business stuff and degrees are coming from...I went to work on the stock market to make my own products on my own business...that's where Mattell and Hasbro are at.

Like that, those are the actual people who got me doing that.

Today I had to move a long way and do tons of hard work just to get here...product development with no money from living with Mattell and Hasbro people years who worked it's like they got me going.

Now here I am, product development on my own business...just like the Mattell and Hasbro board room on the stock market...except I have no money yet.

When this pays off I would own the products with no investors, off the stock market...that is my goal.

Now here is the dirt and the technology update, you need to know all that first.

Let's say when I lived there in the 1980's I was one of the kids on the shows and stuff on Saturday Morning like at ABC television and them and in the television commercials.


When we were kids we got all the candy and toys first like at the product launches of Hubba Bubba, Bonkers, Big League Chew and stuff right out of the box at the launch, something that kids can never have today because that was when they started, then everyone worked there and were on the shows and commercials and stuff.  

Like at Big League Chew...everyone knows me there and knows I was the first kids in the line to get the candy every time.

So I was reading the news on the internet today and this is what it had the same scam in it that I have been telling you about at businesses today and in the government where they are closed and in a permanent state of default and still running and trying to get you to go along with them - never do that if you know the difference.

This is what is said.

For me it would mean this....I was the star in the Big League Chew Commercials and other products in the 1980s.

Now today the other kids who were also in them with me on ABC Saturday Morning in the 1980's all hate my guts because I was a bigger star than them from Mattell and Hasbro and I started my own company.

Then the other kids parents from the set hate me because I have my own products and they are in the same business scam as the local government here.

It said that the grandfather of my co star from the tv commercials like on Big League Chew, I'm still going here people from back then, promised my stuff from the set to their grand co stars from ABC Saturday Morning are their parents.

Like the other kids on the Mattell commericals. 

They are saying in the same scam that they all hate me from the set because I was a bigger star than them as a kid and my co stars are mad because I have a huge degree and my own products now.

Then they said they weren't going to talk to me anymore unless I gave my products to my co stars parents so they could give it to their grand kids for a free business from the old set from the 1980's with me and their mother who were on ABC Saturday Morning together in the 1980's.

They said that when I went there looking for start up money to the old set for my business that they were going to give it to their grand kid to make the toys and candy from me from the 1980s because I had no money.

Then they are all lying and saying they don't know who I am from Mattell and Hasbro, and also don't work here with me today and never seen my stuff,  and they think I am poor and looking for money to start my business when I am not and I am finished but the production isn't open yet.

Then they were going to give it to their kid in his 20's as a free business to change it and be my boss....right, like in the old days....and I was only going to be getting like $500 for doing television commercials like back in the 1980's like on Big League Chew because I had no money.

Like back in the old days when I was just staff for $500 an event in the 1980s when I was a kid...then they thought they were getting my money from my products and going to own them in the same pyramid scam and their kid was getting a free business off my work.

No, I own my business and we're paid for and just started selling stuff...all those people hate me and stopped talking to me twenty years ago because I went away to University...then they mean they tried to scam my work again and give it their kid and I was only taking $500 an event an they were going to own it.

The people saying this in the news article mean that it was the father of my co star in the 1980s on shows and stuff from the old set at Mattell and Hasbro, then the other kids parents from the set tried to scam me out of my money to give my stuff to their grand kid.

In the same scam going around like at the local government here where everyone pretends they don't know who I am to try and rip me off, all camped out in my yard all the time.

Then the kid was planning to change all my material to theirs when they got a free business off me.

Totally fake because I am already finished and don't need their money or support.

Then they came out and said all this stuff in the news that is the same story as me, like above.

So I looked it all up....

It's Banger TV and AGAIN.

This is what I found out....Banger TV and and them, or people claiming to be them, are following around me and Varg Virkenes and Mayhem from our gifted music program with this scam outside trying to get us to give Death Metal and Black Metal to them from our class from when we were kids...,I live in Nova Scotia and they live in Norway, so they can say it's something else on their shows and websites Banger TV and and saying I have no money.

Then they mean they are saying that I am going to be going around looking for investment money like in 1978 or something and that they are promising their kids to own the terms from us so they can say Black Metal is something else.

Look, I don't need your money I have my're not getting my Heavy Metal stuff from your scam so your twenty something year old kid can say black metal is something else on Banger TV and .

I am still doing the Mattell and Hasbro stuff - you are the one that has no money.

So I looked them all up and it's Townsquare Media:

They own and Noisecreep and are trying to get me to give them my material like the black metal terms so they can say it on their pages for advertising money for their business in a business model from 1978 on obsolete media.

So after I found that out I know who it's Madison Square Garden and the New York Rangers NHL Hockey Team in New York who own 10% of Townsquare Media.


So I know who they are, they are pretending they don't know who I am from Mattell and Hasbro from the 1980's and trying to scam me out of my stuff for ad revenue for their page.

Here's who they are:, Noisecreep, Banger TV and them are a local radio station I think in New York who are from Madison Square Garden....then they are running a scam and business model from 1978 and their webpages are just traditional pages from the local radio station and they know who I am from Mattell and Hasbro.

Like this might be a scam that's going around anyway...and every time I go out they are always there harassing me about my products and music stuff.

They are saying in the news in an unrelated article to me that they are trying to own my material for ads for their business on the internet for the local radio station in New York for Loudwire and Banger TV and that they want my content for their grand kids or something in their 20's for a free business to say it is something else from the old Mattell and Hasbro set.

That's where I am from.

So I looked it up...

They know I used to collect vinyl lps and compact I quit all that because they are obsolete.

Now they have their kids changing the terms, so when our group stops using that stuff like pressing cd's because they are worthless they start using it and changing the terms.

Now they are saying their is this vinyl lp resurgence...they only mean at the local radio station and 200 people in one town.

The they add cassette tape to it and color the vinyl lp in what looks like dipped in paint.

Now I don't care if your press cds and lps for collectables but they have zero sales on them and they are super ugly because the kids changed the format after we, other people, dropped the obsolete format.

So to me they are selling 8 track tapes with radio ads on the website from a scam from 1978 and all the music is nu metal and went out of date twenty years ago.

Like from a local radio station in New York.

I mean cd sales are so low they barely report it and lp sales are 1/4 of that...they mean at the local radio station and 200 people.

That's all bullshit.

Then they tried to market that to me and buy it from them and then give them my Black Metal material so they can say it's something else for local radio ad pages in New York from Madison Square Garden.

What are you talking about man?

That music is massive man, it's not a local radio station.

Look, I don't need your money...I'm not sales pitching you my material for startup money...I am already done.

If you hate me from the old Mattell set because of my University degree, good...get lost then.

Not only that everything you say is obsolete from 1978....the compact disc is 40 years old man.

They don't even need blu ray discs now except for backup storage because all the movies come on the television now....they don't even need blu ray or dvd players anymore.

It's just a file or a stream.

Like buy the file or get the stream.

Why would your use any of your stuff when it's all cds and lps and it's obsolete and all the music and movies come directly on the player now.

I mean you're obviously still selling 8 tracks after they went obsolete back in the 1970' you must be the last to close or something.

I don't care if you hate me from the old Mattell set, you're not getting my material for your kid for a free business....not only that...all that candy and toys at the Big League Chew launch were just mine and the new one I'm making is just mine - your kids from the old set will never be there to touch it or own anything.

It is all mine you and your kids from back then will never touch my stuff, why you promise them my material from my business for your kids and grand kids to change it - like now the lps are dipped in paint and you brought the cassette back, you will never have or touch mine from the old show.

That was all my toys and candy back then at Mattell and Hasbro and the new ones are mine today and your grand kid will never get it, they were never there and never will be - it was all mine and it always be now beat it.