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Degrassi Junior High 101 - Kiss Me, Steph | HD | Full Episode

Twisted Sister - Be Chrool To Your Scuel (Official Music Video)

Twisted Sister - You Can’t Stop Rock 'N' Roll (Live At Wacken - The Reun...

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Code Of The Slashers - Bloodstock 2018

CARCASS - Corporal Jigsore Quandary (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

CARCASS - Unfit For Human Consumption (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Metallica: All Within My Hands (The Howard Stern Show - August 12, 2020)

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: Halo On Fire (Live)

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) (Live)

Metallica & San Francisco Symphony: The Unforgiven III (Live)

Iron Maiden - The Prisoner (1982)

Judas Priest - Blood Red Skies (Epitaph)

Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Vic and The Rattleheads - Live at St. Vi...

NYC Blackout: What It Was Like When the City Lost Power in 1977 | NBC Ne...

NY 77: The Coolest Year In Hell - Part 1


Savage Skulls 1972

NYC Gangs of the late '70s documentary (WARRIORS fans take note)

Video Vultures NEW YORK CITY CRIME 1980's & 1990's

South Bronx Connection To 9/11/2001 Terror Attacks

Notes from my desk:

This is what I noticed in the archives about New York in the South Bronx, this area burnt down...multiple city blocks.

In that area is where they filmed movies like "Death Wish 3", they said in the neighborhood that people were dressed up like the devil in gangs and climbing in their windows through the fire escape and murdering them in their apartments.

This lasted for ten years and they burnt down a whole section of New York City.

They are saying they were fighting the citizens of New York for their apartment space at home and their store fronts and killing and burning them to get them out, so they could have the gang in their old spot.

Like the gangs seized the city blocks and started attacking the citizens who had to open fire on them in self defense like in "Death Wish 3".

Then a large amount of them are all public and were in documentary films and gang films about New York City in the 1970's.

Then Ronald Reagan went it and ran for office off it, that's one of the things I hate about American Politics..politicians only run off issues that have to be dealt with anyway, even if they do nothing.

Then in the 1980's that was all gone after the new SWAT Team came out, the one that sweeps house to they must have did in the South Bronx when they cleared it.

After this, Rudy Julianni got the Mayor job in New York City for the restoration off the Regan election, then they had contractors come in and fix up New York City.

So after they cleared the South Bronx, they announced the new SWAT Teams, then when they started fixing up New York City that's when the World Trade Center got attacked in 2001, like they came in with the contractors or something fixing the problems from the 1970's.

Again..that's the other thing I hate about United States Politics, along with the political leaders only running off issues they have to do anyway, they never properly cover the issue.

They always present a squeaky clean image, but everyone knows all that stuff happens there all the time like burning down their city blocks and stuff, plus when you watch all that video those people are a large part of the United States Murder Rate in the 1970's, then they are right there in the videos.

Like, what happened to them people, the gangs and murderers that sized the city blocks...the police shoot them all or what?


Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy) [Official Video]

Van Halen - Panama (Official Music Video)

OZZY OSBOURNE - "Lightning Strikes" (Official Video)

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Official Video)

Big Sugar - Diggin A Hole

Danko Jones - Lovercall

Sloan - Money City Maniacs

Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

blink-182 - Happy Days (Official Video) #stayhome

blink-182 - Quarantine (Official Video)


NECROPHOBIC - The Infernal Depths of Eternity (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


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Voltron Defender of The Universe | The Missing Key | Kids Cartoon | Kids...

The American Railroads in 1897 - Vintage Footage

Heart - "Barracuda" (1977)

Pat Benatar "HEARTBREAKER" Live

Belinda Carlisle - Mad About You (Official Video)

The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed (Official Music Video)

The Go-Go's - Vacation (Official Music Video)

The Go-Go's - We Got The Beat (Official Music Video)

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

Abba - Knowing Me, Knowing You (Official Video)

April Wine - I Like To Rock - (Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 1981)

Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds (Audio)

Five Feet High and Rising (Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY -...

Johnny Cash - Wanted Man - Live at San Quentin (Good Sound Quality)

Cocaine Blues (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA - January 1968)

Wreck of the Old 97 (Live at San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA -...

Big River (Live at San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA - February ...

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Spoil Engine - Q&A session with Iris


Spoil Engine - Stormsleeper [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

NEW YORK: South Bronx vs. September 11th

 New York City Fire Department: South Bronx vs. September 11th.

South Bronx:

September 11th:


Old Thomas Edison Video References Local Trains

In this old video recovered from the estate of Thomas Edison from the late 1800's, apparently, he captured a film of early trains in the United States like the Sampson here in Nova Scotia in the late 1800's on an early video reel.

It is important that this video pre-dates 1900.

The reference is that they are similar trains, I'm sure Thomas Edison was just as amazed about the new invention of the train as he was about his video camera. 


Beyond The Law (Western Movie, Full Length, English, Spaghetti Western) ...


LOCAL: Cole Harbour Wal Mart - Home Of NHL Star Sidney Crosby

I went shopping at Wal-Mart in Cole Harbour today, home of NHL star Sidney Crosby. 

When I went to the store they had all the same products on the shelves as the website, but on the store shelves it was all different brands and $2 dollars cheaper.

Did that ever happen to you at the hardware store? They had the same product in a different can, then they go "this is the same one for $2 cheaper".

That's what happened to me today, the same products as the website but different brands on the store shelf for $2 cheaper. 

That's what's going on down there in Cole Harbour.


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Azure Virtual Machine (VM) Tutorial | Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)...

New Microsoft Azure

I'm telling you, this is like the day Windows 95 came out when you see this machine.

On the video she makes a virtual server on Azure with it's own ip address for a webpage, then closes the screen and then goes back to the desktop and then you can access the webserver through the regular home pc on the internet.

This machine is so awesome I can't even believe it.

Practical Applications:

-Virtual Computer is always on - as a regular pc or server to act as a webhost

-Works like an app on your desktop

All you need at home now is a basic machine for internet access, all the ram and processor power is done from the Azure Virtual Machine.

Like this:

Log into the page and custom build you machine based on your requirements, then it acts like an app on your desktop.

Here's how you get the value of this machine....

1. File Serving

You setup your file server for bittorrent, Kazaa, Napster etc. on the virtual system then turn it on - that stays on the Microsoft Computer.

Then when you turn off your home pc, the virtual computer is always turned on at microsoft - all your files are permanently online.

So you move your file server from your home pc to the virtual pc through the app, then you do all the file hosting from the virtual machine from the files on your cloud drive.

Then your file host is always on and takes up no processes on your home pc, when you turn your pc off the virtual machine is always on meaning your file server never goes down - under regular conditions.

2. No virus software - Microsoft has to do all virus scanning and removal because the pc is on thier server .

3. Privacy - your web history is all stored remote - with the virtual machine no one can view your web browsing history or files because they are stored on the remote server.

4. High tech home machines not needed - all the latest games would play on the remote machine on the top sound and video cards, the video is then streamed to you in 4K video and high sound quality...that feature comes on all new computers out of the box.


The new computers are like this...all you need is the frame to get the basic internet, which comes with 4K video and HD sound out of the box in all of them.

Then you connect it to the internet...

Then on the desktop there is a "remote pc app" button...

When you click that it takes you to Microsoft and then you "build your on PC"  virtually through the app, then this runs as a normal high tech computer AT MICROSOFT....then you are just "streamed" the picture of the computer running as it does your work.

Like on the Netflix App...only when you log in it is a remote computer, that you customize and it acts as your home pc like the video on Netflix only it is a computer.


 5. Accessibility - The remote PC is ALWAYS ONLINE, that means you can access it as your home pc from any computer, like at the library.

You go to the library and then log in to your virtual pc from the library computer and use it as your home computer from the library.

6. Will probably work on smartphone as a remote pc.

7.Easy to use...this works like on a internet web browser....only like click "new tab" but the new tab is a computer screen online at Microsoft, only you access it like Netflix on the app using the remote login feature.

Then if you made a web server on the app on the remote pc which is always online, then you switch to your regular pc and then see the page online from your home desktop.

Then you can setup tons of file shares like bittorrent pages, turn off your pc and they are always online.

Too Awesome!


TECHNOLOGY: New Microsoft Azure Cloud Operating System

This is probably the best day to ever exist in computers, I just noticed it now when searching for cloud storage space, I need like 500GB free cloud with my new laptop purchase come off it.

I'm going to never recover from this experience and practically jizzed into the windows screen.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Operating System is out now.

I'm gonna pass out.

This is the best thing I have ever seen....Microsoft Azure has the Windows and Linux Virtual Operating System.

I'm getting this soon but I don't want to waste my free trial so I need to find something to do on it first, when you sign up you get a $260 dollar free credit for a 12 months of paid services which is not much because I think this is an expensive service.

You only get 750 hours each in your free trial on each operating system...Windows or Linux.

Like this, and this better be what they are saying, you log in to Azure from Windows 10 through your Microsoft Outlook Account.

Then you start your free trial.

At home, you're going to faint.

Once you get Microsoft Azure, you log in over the internet from Windows 10....then you can create and use Windows or Linux Virtual Computers from home.

You can build any Windows Machine from 2008 up it says.

So you go onto the page and then build your own computer remotely from their options on Windows or Linux and then log in and use it.

Like you login from Windows 10 and you build a PC online to your specs...processor speed, hard drive space etc. then you can use it to run and build all your apps etc.

Then you can build a Linux Machine and run it from Windows 10.

I am assuming that when you build the vitrual machine you can then install programs on it and use the internet.

Like you build a Linux Machine and then when you log in from Windows 10 it loads the Linux Screen and then you can surf the internet with Linux off your PC.

Then you can make every version of Windows and test you software designs on the various operating systems.

I'm going to find out what this does and then try it out, because I'm going to build a Linux Machine on it and see what else they have.

Then you can use Linux to surf the internet and run programs on.

I already have Windows 10...however I'm assuming the virtual machine can offer processing power that you home PC doesn't have.

Like you log in from your cheap computer as an interface then build a high speed virtual machine and then you do your work on the virtual computer which runs as a full screen app on you home pc, like you are logging in to a bigger computer.

Then they probably have all the games and software on it.

That better be what they are saying.

The free trial is only 750 hours on each machine Windows or Linux.

If you're a dork like me you need this right now.

They have some free services but the Virtual Machines are paid.

Only 5 GB storage they say in the trial and you are limited to "processes" like for the apps or cpu calculations they are running.

Looks too awesome!

I'm going to try the free trial but I need to wait for a bit to find something to do on it so I just don't sit there wasting my free trial just noodling around on it, so I'm going to research it first.

I'm gonna pass out this looks so awesome.



The Singer From Power Trip Died

This band just got going in the last couple years and the singer just died at age 35, I was a big fan of him.

Hopefully the band will keep going and get a new vocalist.

I'm been studying the death rate statistics for my book research and says 35 is cancer, 32 is drug overdose which I thought is what  might have happened. I doubt it's covid, I don't know and I'm a bit out of date on some of these topics.

The guitarist from Kataklysm has covid, hopefully he will be ok...they live in Montreal / Quebec and Covid is bad up there, one of the worst them guys are in their 50's now, according to the death rate they should stay in the house more, exercise and take less risks. 

Like maybe instead of working full time and playing in a band at 50 you should stay home more often and get some rest and workout, like he was saying on their social media that he doesn't want to inconvenience the band with being sick when they have a new record coming out...the band is never more important than a members health.

I know Kataklysm are the hardest working band in Death Metal but don't put that ahead of your health, take a rest or something and stay home and get work no music, playing music is one of the hardest things you can do that puts a strain on you.

If all these people are depending on you and your are sick in the hospital tell them to get lost, don't risk yourself for other people to be playing off your band...that can all wait, that's what happened to me when I was in the hospital and sick at 32, people wanted to use my stuff to play when I couldn't be there...I got rid of them all and they were out of music in one second and now they got replaced by seventeen year old girl metal bands, good.

Always put your health first and be aware of your position on the death rate table to keep yourself safter.

Riley from Power Trip was also just in the new Body Count video, they are saying they lost a lot of friends to Covid...I'm assuming there was a bad breakout of Covid on the band tours with mosh pits etc. hopefully this will all get safer sooner than later.

What bothers me is the government doesn't listen to or care what the people say and now people in Death Metal are sick in Quebec from the re-opening, we're at risk of losing more musicians and stuff from government inaction and the wrong course of action.


Girl Metal Bands

I just heard the band Spoil Engine because Carcass has a new record coming out and the singer is on the new Spoil Engine video, it's on Arising Empire / Nuclear Blast Records, whatever that is. 

Nuclear Blast on Sony must be hiring sub labels now.

Now all I want to listen to is seventeen year old girl high school death metal. I remember when I was seventeen, that would be so awesome right now being a seventeen year old girl in a death metal band.

Let's check out some other girl metal bands:

Too Emo:

Too Death Metal:



Spoil Engine - Disconnect [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Spoil Engine - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2018

Hurricane Laura LIVE coverage: Powerful storm set to make landfall in Te...

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UNITED STATES: Mass Graves In New York City

The United States is in open breach of world human rights treaties and religious practices, offering no proper burial to those who can't afford funerals or have died of covid.

Since the United States Government, and Canada, offer no support to citizens and now dump bodies on Heart Island in The Bronx, New York when residents can't afford funerals what are we supposed to say?

These are obviously the worst people to ever exist in modern times with this horrific public presentation of their failed governments.

No cremations or proper religious ceremonies and most important offering no free grave sites in regular United States Cemeteries, and charging for christian burial land.

Obviously, these are not Christians.

In a so called Christian Nation Under God, as they proclaim to us.

I will tell you who these people are, they are your neighbors and coworkers in your local neighborhood who work at this.

They only offer fees for basic life needs, then use our tax dollars to give free jobs to Government Contractors like Lockheed Martin here in Halifax, who's staff wages come from tax payer dollars.

Economy, what do they expect us to buy? 


Sunday, August 23, 2020

Disturbing Facts About The Death Rate

Here are some loose based facts about the death rate and some talking out of my ass opinions.

According to stastics the highest rate of survival is kids in elementary school who are under constant supervision.

This drops off after age 13 when kids attend Junior High School as your chances of death increase and again after 25 as people graduate university.

For most of my problems my issues arose in my early 30's when many people die of accidents and drug overdoses, these days I maintain a better safer life style.

This happens again after 45 when the death rate increases and your chances of dying continue to increase by statistics and by the time you are in your 50's many people you know have already died.

If you have ever wondered what happened to all those people you used to know after you are 30 chances are according to statistics that many of them have died and most of the public is younger generations.

The average life expectancy is around 71, by the time you approach this age many people that you know have died.

The positive side is that life expectancy has increased and the oldest person lived to be 122.

Science, medicine, clean water and food have all helped to increase the average live expectancy which has doubled in the last 200 years.

In the 1800's the average life expectancy was around 40 years old.  

After the 1900's this doubled to around 80.

Before this it was 20's to 30's in the earlier time periods. 

The 2000's could lead to a doubling of the life expectancy to 160 - 244 years old.

This is a fact that has already happened from the 1800's to the 1900's because of clean water, medicine etc.

Now listen to this fact...

As the 1900's started and the population grew so did pollution and contaminants.

So as pollution increased life expectancy doubled.

So did the population increased obviously scientific discovery increased as there are more people to study.

The larger population increased science even as the planet became dirty.

As we move into the 2000's and the world gets cleaner and with a large population it is only expected that lifespans will continue to increase.

If the cycle continues human lifespan will be 160 - 244 years old.

Statistics show that even if we do not reach age 200 that it will drastically increase as the planet is cleaned up and scientific advancement continues.



POSSESSION - Beyond the Grave (Official Lyric-Video) [2020]


ENSLAVED - Below The Lights Stream (LIVE PREMIERE)

Here Is Another Free Patent That We Made

Here is another free patent we made to go with the automatic freezing machine, these are products you can't patent.

I figure it's best to just give the designs away since the Nova Scotia or Canada Government doesn't give basic assistance or provide cleaning supplies or nutritional guide requirements to the disabled and welfare recipients in Canada.

Plus all our income assistance in Canada is automatically debited to people who own apartments and we're not allowed to own our own houses with our cheque benefits from Halifax and Ottawa.

Like with my SAP servers they tried to steal for Sobeys Head Office Staff in Stellarton NS where the Sampson Train is at in the museum that my great great grand uncle used to drive.

I mean, during the pandemic someone might be able to make this invention so I can buy it at the Dollarama to save me money on my home budget here in Halifax.

It's a new spoon to add to the Queen Of England's Knife set.

It's a salt spoon.

It's a spoon with a salt shaker top on it.

This was invented because we needed salt in a dish and then wanted to spoon up the salt and shake it out the bottom like a salt shaker.

Like it could have a little lip on it to hold the salt to scoop up then when you fill the side of the spoon you can shake it on your supper to replace the salt shaker, when you need to spoon salt on your food or recipie.

Like that, hopefully since we are the inventors we might be able to save up enough money some day to buy one of these at the dollar store so we can use our invention to help make our supper.





HEALTH: Phobias & Fear Of 9/11 Terror Attacks Up During Covid Pandemic

People are saying that increased fears and phobias have increased during covid and there is a new mental health crisis looming, meaning more disability treatment as benefits are cut due to increased prices and no balanced cheque increases include basic rental amount for disability which has not be increased during rent, food and utility increases.

Phobia's include fears of not having enough money, stress and anxiety and fears of falling out the window in transgender patients on special medications, because of nerve sensitivities from hormone replacement therapy, when encountering minorities equating Turbans and Allah with watching victims fall out the windows of the world trade center which they saw on television becuse of no money during the pandemic and stress from the health crisis.


Like concussion like symptoms with headaches and stuff, blurred vision I am told.


POLITICS: Culture Clash In Leadership Race

In you're Canadian you understand what that can expect to win an election in Canada by running a Political Platform and Federal Government that only caters to minorities and small foreign countries south of the equator.

Like this, the NDP Leadership is asking for new Universal assistance, that's your current benefit plus $1200 a month for basic assistance for all Canadians.

The failed Liberal Party offers no support during the covid pandemic and the already failed Conservative only offers a foriegn support program with continues ties to Mexico that no one wants for political and economic mergers.

We don't live in Mexico or India.

What the NDP doesn't understand is when we say basic coverage we mean cleaning suppilies like laundry soap, dish soap, bleach, floor cleaner, shampoo, soap, mops, floor wax etc.

Stuff that the Liberal Party says are "luxury items"...

No we don't live in Mexico, India or the Middle East....they live outdoors in the desert in stone houses with bug nets and snakes in the floor.

Everyone knows this, when immigrants come to Canada they are supposed to adopt our beliefs and Canadian hygene for living indoors, that's the point of coming here.

They run a platform telling us that we don't need basic items for household maintenance and hygiene because they haven't adopted Canadian society which is part of their citizenship requirement.

No one is Canada is going to fall into a third world unsanatary lifestyle with or without covid.

Then we have winter, something they don't have there and we need extra money for that.

Basic minimum assistance is for hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies and the Canada Food Guide requirement, none of which is covered by Canada's basic assistance from the Liberal or Conservative Party.   

No one is living in filth for a failed Canadian Government.

They say that you need to have Canada's food nutrition guide then offers it to no one.

Now they are already transferring CERB back to Unemployment Insurance and you will have even less money.

If Canada has no money, immigration needs to be closed because that is our regular money and can take no foreign citizens who are draining our welfare and employment system.

The Liberal Party says basic cleaning and health items are luxury items anyway, and also DO NOT cover them during a health pandemic - that is a failed government.

The Conservative Party has failed multiple times with a failed foreign business policy with third world countries who don't have the same standards as Canadians. 

In business or in basic health.

The NDP wants basic coverage but they don't understand what being Canadian is in practice.

Basic minimum coverage of $2000 per month for all Canadians will help stop issues during the health crisis by already providing us with the items we should already have anyway.

That will move all cleaning supplies and hygiene supplies to mandatory requirement for basic assistance like soap and floor cleaners etc.

Then this will add the requirement for every Canadian household to have the basic Canada Food Guide Nutritional food amount.

Then we need new housing programs for Canadians to give them their own houses with non credit terms and no credit cheques, that will transfer their rent amout to home ownership.

After all that is covered we will then need extra money for covid support during the pandemic.


Friday, August 21, 2020

Here Is A Question Someone Asked Me

They said, Jason...if you're family drove the train in the museum and ran some kind of orphanage adopting kids how come nobody ever heard of that?

That's because it was like 80 years ago, but I know what they mean....they adopted kids and stuff during and after the great depression in Nova Scotia, the rule was they didn't tell them anything and they got whatever they got.

Harsh times, me I was in the gifted program as a kid and after all that was closed we moved to a new neighborhood and my grandparents had money to look after me and had to make sure I was provided for and stuff for the gifted program and they got money to look after me and make sure I had everything.

That's why I had more than those other people, because we needed extra stuff for field trips and stuff for the gifted kids. Then I was in Heavy Metal.

That's what I mean, I would have never have known any of those bums when I was younger.


Here is the link to the wikipedia page for the Sampson Train, the Oldest Locomotive in Canada.

When I read the page I don't trust all the dates and information and I don't know who is in the picture of the train in 1880.

The Railline was at the East River in New Glasgow and my family's home was next to the coal depository and today is called Rotary Park, the old train tracks today are called the Sampson Trail.

In old photos there are pictures of the old houses they used to have at the Orphanage that my family ran, back then they said the houses were heated by coal from the depository from the local mine.

The house fell apart and was demolished in the 1980's, my family moved around 1982 when I was seven after all that closed in the 1970's after everyone died of old age and it was just my grandmother's family there at the time with me as a kid. 

The orphanage house run by my Great Grand Uncle and his wife, in the late 1800's - that might be great great grand uncle, was beside the depository.  Like they would have been like 190 years old in the 1950's.

Apparently the train made it's rounds in the United States and is now on display back in New Glasgow, but I wouldn't trust all the information on the the rail line was open waaaay after they say this train stopped running and my grand uncle's brothers all worked on the rail lines with their father the conductor. This is one of the topics I'm researching for my book stuff. 

...more information...

You see, you get started doing this and you can't stop because it is too large of a topic and this is research notes for my books...the other trains the mates to the Sampson that they reference  of the bottom of the Sampson page like the John Bull, The Stourbridge Lion and the LMR 57 those trains were sent to the United States from England and along with the Sampson were the first trains in Canada and the United States.

So when you say the Sampson and the mates to it they were in places like Pennsylvania for coal mining, those were the original trains from the 1830's in the United States when they put the rail lines in during the Old West to California before and during the American Civil War.

I don't know the actual dates my family worked on the rail lines here in Nova Scotia, I mean I don't know how old they were like the engineer could have had a younger wife from when he worked in the 1860's, that is my great great uncle and his sons or something, I'm still researching that.

So I don't know specifically how old he was when he drove the train, but they were the ones laying the tracks in Nova Scotia for the lines in the United States in the Old West.

These trains like the Sampson, led the way for the rail expansion into the Old West for the first rail lines into California.

Pretty impressive.



CARCASS - The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Metallica w/ Mustaine, Grant and McGovney - Hit the Lights (Live in Fris...

EXODUS - No Love: Live At Day In The Dirt 1984 (OFFICIAL TRACK)

DEATH ANGEL - Voracious Souls

Testament Demonic Refusal live DOA 2000

Early Fall Update 2020

Oh man, all this came up from twenty years ago right now with me...I gotta get out my Dawn Of The Dead tapes to watch some Halloween videos, it's cooling off already and Thanksgiving's coming.

This is about the post below with the attack and stuff, while I was working in music and going to school in the background.

Like, as far as the home invasion goes they were at the wrong house.

Anyway, no my family had more money than all them when I started out playing music and stuff...then I was working and going to University and stuff, this is long.

I can't even take it, it's so funny to me.

Like this, back then I had just moved out into my first apartment when I was going to University and stuff. 

Then I started making money and stuff and was going out eating all the time and buying cds and stuff and collecting music, going to concerts and stuff.

Then I think I might have had all these girl friends, like while I was in school and stuff and was out all the time.

I remembered what must have started the fight.

These other people I knew had no money and I was going out eating all the time and had all this food and band stuff and a new car. Then everyone got mad because I had more stuff than them.

Like, I didn't care if they got mad I just didn't expect to be home invaded over it.

Then people I knew they hate me now because I didn't include them in my money and band stuff. 

Like this is the most pathetic thing I ever heard in my life, all these people didn't want to be a part of my band and record label I was starting because I had all this food and stuff and was getting a new house.

Like they didn't want a record deal or to be staff at the business.

No, they wanted me to share my food and money and stuff with them while I was making my own business, like they wanted me to include them in my money and not work for the business I was starting like living off me.

Then I was just going out and eating fast food all the time in front of them anyway just to be a prick because I was moving away.

Then they wanted to share my stuff with me.

The most important thing here is this, they though I was trying to make friends of my money and stuff I was earning and they hated me for having more than them, when I was moving away. Like band people and stuff, they thought they were coming in the house to live there.

No way, that was never happening.

That was just my money.

This is what is important, I knew all these girls and stuff then...I don't have time for that now, chatting on the internet for 8000 hours for girls.

I'm busy doing something else now.

All these girls and people I knew they didn't want to lose their friends because of my stuff.

Like, I was moving and didn't care of people hated me for having a good job now, other people didn't and didn't want to lose their other friends because of me....because I wouldn't feed band people and stuff out of my business money.

So people I knew and some old girlfriends and stuff they didn't want to lose their friends because I had money, now they all hate me.

Like I kept my stuff to myself and the other people didn't like they chose their friends over me because I wasn't going to give them anything.

I never was and so what anyway.

Like, I was moving away to play in music....then I lost friends and stuff over that because I wasn't helping the other people they knew and people didn't want to come with just me to where I was moving  and didn't want a job or anything, because they were losing friends over it.

Who cares.

Like they chose their friends over me and what I was doing and they all hate me because I have more stuff than them, then I always did. 

They thought I was poor with them but really I was someone else form a different house.

Then like they didn't want a record deal or to work there because they wanted me to take them in and share my money to be friends, when I didn't they hated me and I lost other friends and stuff because they wanted to keep their friends over what I was doing.

All those people hate my guts man, so what.

Like they didn't want to work there or take a record deal because they wanted my personal money to share it with them to be friends and live off me, like for me to share my food with them and stuff.

Drop dead man, no one would ever do that.

Anyway, I glad their gone. I was never talking people in to feed them out of my business money to be friends downtown with people, that is the dumbest thing I ever heard of in my life.

Then, I moved away and I'm doing something else now.


Thursday, August 20, 2020

My Expanding Biography Gets Ever More Redicilous

It just come up this summer that when I was home invaded and attacked in 2008 after my second demo came out that the people that did it were at the wrong house, like they thought I was someone else when they attacked me.

I wouldn't have beat them so bad if I had of known they were so mentally retarded and I didn't actually hit anyone but it was a pretty brutal fight that I ended up in prison over. I did my 75 days in jail and all in all I ended up doing about two years overall in a bunch of programs and moved here to Halifax and had to do all this rehab stuff and now I'm not allowed around them ever again. 

Basically, I went over the top fighting with these people and the court broke us up and I don't live back there anymore and their not allowed me ever again.

I'm better off today though after all that stuff happened, because I was moving away to play music and people were trying to use my stuff and live off me and attacked me when I moved, anyway it was self defense and I won in court.

My family is from Nova Scotia when it was it's own Country before 1867 and my great grand uncle was a train conduction for the Sampson Train, the first Locomotive in Canada which is on display at the Museum Of Industry in Stellarton, Nova Scotia.

The rest of my family is from land grants from 1867 from Canadian Confederation when they moved here from Europe, my grandmother.

Back then New Glasgow, Nova Scotia was a different place mostly farms and was and still is the route to Prince Edward Island, where I grew up they had the King of England, or Queen, as the ruler until the late 1930's on our own currency.

My great grand uncle who drove the Sampson Train back then in Old Nova Scotia, his wife at their house ran some kind of orphanage and took in kids to raise and stuff for extra money, including my grandfather who was raised by my great grand uncle and his wife.

Then my grandmother also lived there when she moved from the farms from the land grants and took over raising kids with them from their marriage.

So my great grand uncle from the train and his wife, they adopted my grandfather who was in the same family and related to them and also took in his wife my grandmother from Europe who was born in Nova Scotia, then they also raised kids with them at their farmhouse.

When people say my family, you don't know what they mean or who is actually related because of the kids they had adopted and they had their own, but that is my actual grandmother.

To put this into perspective the year I am talking about, my grandfather worked on the ice delivery wagon (horse and wagon) and Frank Sobey from the company Sobeys where I was attacked by their staff he worked on his fathers meat delivery wagon before they had money.

That is how I know Sobeys family, the people who attacked me worked at their head office for the board of directors. All those other people including my grandparents probably all died years ago of old age.

This is what I am saying about the attack, they were at the wrong house. 

That is where I grew up and I lived with my grandmother and was the last kid she raised and passed away when I was in my twenties.

After that I moved on.

Like this, why these people annoy me (the hobos) is beyond my comprehension. 

That is my family background and we're in the museum.

When I was a kid I was in the gifted program and played little league and stuff, all those other people I never even met them.

They were at the wrong house.

After that I was playing in music as a teenage and in bands and stuff and went away to St. Francis Xavier University and all that and I have a huge University Degree but I'm not working now I'm just doing band stuff and those other people all triple job share and there's no money in technology with my degree because they don't have the work.

Then in 2008 when I finished my programs and certifications all these people tried to move in my house and live off me when I was moving away to play music.

Like they thought it was my grandmothers orphanage, my house.

She used to look after all these people and let them stop in to her house to eat all the time and borrow money and stuff, then she used to help them like when she lived with my grandfather like after the 1930s helping them all get by during the great depression.

She had all these old recipes and stuff  when they were poor and they used to feed all these people who were always dropping by. That's what my grandmother was doing for them.

Then one day all these people showed up at my house and attacked me, saying I wasn't helping them.

No that wasn't my house, I never helped people like that.

That was my grandmother and her mother in law from like 1867.

Now I know what happened, it was my grilled cheese sandwich recipe at my house.

My grandfather who was senile and dying by then used to stop by my house and I made him Texas Toast grilled cheese sandwiches and real block cheddar with butter on it.

I mean I was working now and making decent money and he used to stop by when he was like 80 years old and he started telling everyone about my Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches then I got attacked by all these street kids and homeless people.

I wasn't running an orphanage or helping people like that, I was only feeding my family.

They heard about the Texas Toast and they started saying to my nuts grandfather, who I couldn't even be around by the time he died he was so senile and didn't know who I was, "You gotta go down there and stop him from wasting all his money on that fancy food, that's everyone's money."

Here's where we gotta stop the story.

No it wasn't...that was just my money.

My grandmother had people stopping in eating not me.

Then like at the little league park they go, wouldn't you rather be helping people that doing all that...playing baseball and music.

I said to them, "What the fuck are you talking about...get the fuck outta here you're bothering the batting cage".

What they meant was they said I was wasting all my money on baseball stuff and guitar amplifiers for my band Collapse and they wanted Kraft Dinner, and I was planning to go on tour but bigger stuff happened.

They told people I was wasting all my money which was everyone's from my bank accounts by playing in a band and stuff and eating fancy food, then they wanted me to feed them instead and not go on tour.

I said, "Why the fuck would I do that?", meaning not take a band on tour with wannabe Sony artists (me included) with my money to stay home and feed people Kraft Dinner with my money like my grandmother.

Then they home invaded me from people at the soup kitchen and tried to use my band promotion for bums in the North End Halifax, all looking for food and shit saying I was helping people and wouldn't give them nothing...or something like that.

No that wasn't me, I don't even think that was my grandmother.

I mean why would a 32 year old University Graduate (me at the time) want to stay home and feed poor people soup and Kraft Dinner at their house when they stopped by randomly bumming smokes and stuff.

I don't think so, I said "no way...I'm going on a music tour".

They meant don't you want to stay home and help needy people with your money...I said "No, why the fuck would I wanna do that, I'm on my way to Ft. Lauderdale to go to the beach and ride sea doos with girls in bikini's." Then I left.

Then when I was sitting out in the park the day I left they assaulted me and I ended up in prison defending myself.

That's what happened, they thought I was someone else.

Like why would I stay home and run a soup kitchen out of my house when I could be in Ft. Lauderdale with a girl in a bikini for the summer.

Then most important, they said my family needed to put and end to my spending because it was "everyone's money"....

No it wasn't, it was just my money.


Youtube / Windows 10 Fail On Metal Blade Records Video Premier

Oh man this is so bad, Metal Blade Records premiered a new Vio-lence video which is a Dead Kennedys cover of  "California Uber Allies", there was about 100 people on it live on the stream.

So two days ago I subscribed for a Windows 10 notification for the video premier.

I just got the windows notification on my desktop about 12 pm Atlantic, then I go to youtube to watch the video and click on the video link for the live broadcast

Windows sent me the notice with like one minute before the premiere and then listen to this...Youtube tried to play 3 minutes of advertisements over the Metal Blade Records live video premiere.

Total Youtube / WIndows 10 fail.

Fortunately, I managed to skip the Youtube ads with only 10 seconds to spare to see the video and share the link live during the broadcast.

Just terrible.

The band is awesome anyway.


Vio-lence - (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

HISTORY: Asane Church Norway

Again on the Old Asane Church from Bergen, Norway page on wikipedia they have band links on the page that need to be removed.

Varg Vikernes was not convicted of burning Fantoft in the material I am reading, however they stopped media coverage in the church arsons in the 1990's and made it an un-publicized case so you don't know the real outcomes. 

This church was burned by Varg Vikernes from the bands Mayhem / Burzum  and Jorn Tunsberg from the band Immortal who lives in Bergen they say, and served two years in prison for burning this church.

This Church was also reconstructed, into the different brick building of different circular shape as Norway has different and unique Church architecture like Fantoft.

Really though, they should have reconstructed the original in some format as well.

More work needs to be spent in reconstructing these Churches and correct their historical pages, the should be no band entries on them.

What is also important to this case of the church arsons is that many of the people convicted of these arsons not only served prison time but were also sentenced to financial repayment to the Norway Government when they were sued by the courts and many probably had to pay back the Church for the arsons.

In the material I discovered that the Norway Government and the Church have absolved those convicted of the arsons saying they have repaid back their debts and should continue to live as normal and not have to be under hardship of large financial repayments, however it appears that many of them still had to pay back the Church for the arsons even if the Church leadership were opposed.

I'm not saying that the people who did this need to be absolved of their debts to the church or Norway Government if ordered by the courts, however public support should be brought to restore the Churches or recreate them for historical value for Norway's Church History.

When this is written in the history books in Norway they need to focus on the value of the Churches and their restoration not the small footnote of the arsons in the 1990's.

Whatever the outcome was, today only one person is still in prison for murder they say and the criminal issue is resolved.    

Despite the value of the damages caused by the arsons the public and the church in Norway should still take the time to correct all these history pages and restore the churches to their proper historical context in Norway and remove all the band and music references from the story.



HISTORY: Fantoft Church Norway

Websites like wikipedia really need to be updated and put in line with iso standards and historical accuracies because the page is getting really run down and most the references are irrelevant now.

I agree though that the page has value because of it's large content volume however today it mainly references itself for sources and you can't trust it's content.

I'm doing blog and book research into Black Metal and all that and have been reading about Norway and it's religion.

Heavy Metal bands using pages on wikipedia like Fantoft Church over the history of their own country of Norway really needs to be corrected on the page.

I mean, the Fantoft Church is a historical landmark in Norway and more time should be spent cleaning up the historical entry on wikpedia and remove band references.

A "stave" is a type of church in Norway. 

These churches are from Europe in the 1100's and most had been demolished centuries ago.

Fantoft Church was scheduled for demolition in the 1800's when new churches were constructed  at that time and was bought by private interests and moved, the church was actually privately owned when burned and has been reconstructed since 1997.

Hopefully, all the burnt churches have been reconstructed.

The point of the Black Metal story is that they rebelled against the Church for almost mandatory religion from the Norway Government in the early 1990's.

I'm not sure where that stands today but Norway is extremely Christian with strict values and the Black Metal scene was a rebellion to this "forced religion" they are claiming and satanic images and violent gore movies were not allowed on television at the time, although they were allowed other forms of entertainment such as magazines, movies and books that were not Christian such as horror and gore films. 

The burning of the churches being a small event in the larger history of religion in Norway which is extremely important there. 

The larger issue, the churches themselves is the larger actual historical value not the arsons in the 1990's, a larger emphasis on webpages like wikipedia needs to be place on the historical entry of the churches in Norway and have band references removed as they do not belong on the page.

Similarly on wikipedia, other people own the pages like Fantoft Church but there are other people using it as a band page when it is actually a Norway Church page and these band references need to be removed from the church history pages on the internet.



HALIFAX: Dog Shit and Cigarette Butts Map

Here is an idea for you, why don't you take all the dog shit and cigarette butts and mix it with your heroin into a big mush and then put it all up your arm at once in the garbage can you live in.

Fuck I hate you people, you make me sick...disgrace.







HALIFAX: Dog Shit People Down At Sullivans Pond Park

There's all these people down at Sullivan's Park Pond at downtown Dartmouth at Lake Banook coming up from around Portland Street right on video camera from around the area with their dogs letting them shit in the park and on the sidewalk.

Fucking walking their dog up and letting it shit in the park right in front of you all breaking the stoop and scoop law, then they got their kids down there playing in the park at the same when the grass and sidewalk are full of dog shit.

Then Halifax Compliance was down there watching and picking up the garbage cans and not cleaning up the dog shit in the park right in public, then their not issuing fines for the stoop and scoop law, fucking sick I hope you all get sick from dog shit.

Then they still got all these bums down at the park at the welfare office throwing cigarette butts on the ground right at the Dartmouth ferry terminal right outside the door on camera and the City's just letting them sit there and take a shit on everything, all skeezing in the parks together in cigarette butts and dog shit.

Fuck you.

- END- 

CANADA: Federal Government Offers No Christian Church Support During Covid Pandemic

Again, regular people like myself in Canada are put on the shelf for local and foreign small minority groups like Aboriginal groups and Middle East immigrants.

I mean how can small countries like Lebanon with only 6 Million citizens expect help from us in Canada, the second largest Country in the world, if the Federal Government only helps small minority groups in Canada like immigrants, blacks and Indians.

The largest part of the population in Canada, Christians, have been totally ignored by the failed Canadian Government.

They only preach rights to deface our statutes and landmarks and only offer support to Provinces like British Columbia who preach violence and terrorism against our Commonwealth.

How can we help in Canada these small underdeveloped Countries in the Middle East and Africa if regular Canadians have no benefits.

Canada is a Christian Nation, the world in on a Christian Calendar not an Aboriginal Calendar for a small group of a few million people.

I mean, the Country is so large that they wouldn't be able to run anything there groups are so small.  

Just like Ottawa who can't and doesn't as their failed Government only serves to please the smallest groups in Canada of a few million while the rest of us are ignored.

For myself, I am a Protestant and attended Catholic School in University and I have no time for this devaluation of Canadian Christian beliefs by a failed government whole only pleases Aboriginal Beliefs.

In music, I value Satan as a Bible character who is a Christian character just like Jesus.

That's what kids like to listen to in music, Satanism...that however is still a Christian character so like it or not Satanists are still Christians.

The failed Federal Government and who only pleases the Aboriginal beliefs are not anything Christian, all they want to do is to live in the woods and tear everything down, all while all their money and civilization they enjoy every day comes from Christians who allow them to be here and carry them out of our pockets, now all they want is destroy our monuments and deface out heritage.

The Canadian Church and Christian values need to be reinforced during this pandemic not denied and given to Aboriginal Groups so they they can deface the Vatican and our Christian Foundations in Canada.

Again, Ottawa only gives support to foreign businesses and only offers aid to local regions to please small terrorist groups with extra funding during this crisis and non christian Aboriginal Groups who deface our Canadian and British Heritage in the Commonwealth.

Now at this time during the crisis Church need from the public is up 200%  while Ottawa and the media denies our existence in our own Country and offers us no support when we, Christians, are the entrie population of Canada.


Sunday, August 16, 2020


Gladiator |2000| All Fight/Battle Scenes [Edited] (180 A.D.)

Commodus Gives a Thumbs Down

Gladiator - Commodus and Maximus's Meeting

At First Light - Bolt Thrower

Vietnam War - Music Video - Break on Through

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (Live 1984) (FULL CONCERT)

HALIFAX: Bums and Scum All Over Downtown

You're going to pass out if you come to Halifax right now like in Downtown Dartmouth and Main Street Dartmouth, I haven't been to downtown Halifax recently because it sucks so bad over there and you have to wear a mask everywhere.

Where I live is at Lake Banook and Shubie Park by the Mic Mac Mall and it's lakes all around my neighborhood like in a park and camping area. Then I shop over here and down towards Woodlawn Road and Cole Harbour.

Just like last summer when I got a fake summons from these same bums, there's only two weeks left in the Summer and all these bums and scum came out in my neighborhood on Main Street and Downtown, plus I think their in a fight with the police.

These people are mentally retarded.

I had to put the run to them THREE TIMES this weekend, once at the Plaza by the Metro Transit Bridge Terminal, once at the Penhorn Terminal by Woodlawn and again by the McDonalds on Main Street in front of my apartment, their all down there eyeballing you and looking for a fight or something, and today on Main Street at the McDonalds this fucking guy comes driving out in his car drunk or something on video camera in the intersection running the walk signal and staring at me looking for a fist fight from the car and I had to tell him off and put the run to him in the intersection.

I almost threw up this weekend like ten times watching this filth around town this weekend, fucking hobos trying to ruin the last two weeks of the Summer on all the kids and families in the neighborhood around here and in a school zone.

Plus they had multiple bank robberies and shit all week here in Halifax in the news.

They make you puke on sight they are so gross, you can't even stomach how dirty and pathetic they are.

Listen to this, I can't even believe it.

They had a fucking bum on every street corner in my neighborhood this weekend sitting on the medians on Main St and downtown.

I couldn't even believe it, I went up and looked everyone of them in the face to see what they were.

Then they had lookouts in the plaza by the Metro Bridge Terminal, expect that to be demolished, then I had to tell them to fuck off and stop staring at me and they had bums on every corner with cardboard signs bumming and the MacDonald Bridge pay toll area out in the medians bumming change.

Then they were more bums standing back in plazas "looking out" like they were casing cars in the intersections and businesses in the plaza's for armed robberies, right on fucking camera.

Puke man, bad I can't even believe it...they even had bums riding around on motorcycles looking for fights while they were casing the neighborhood.

I had to tell them to go fuck themselves three times this weekend, fortunately I didn't have to go beat everyone of them because they are all wimps and homeless people from Portland Street by the Community Services Office and the North End Halifax.

So if you want to see that take a drive downtown Halifax this weekend and downtown and Main Street Dartmouth.

Just remember though that when they are trying to squeegee you car window with a cardboard sign they got bums on a four to eight corners of every intersection and lookouts standing in the plaza casing you for a robbery and home invasion, they they got guys on motorcycles following you around in your car...right on fucking street camera in the fight with the police.

Those bums are going to get swat teamed and shot in the street by the police right in public.

Fuck you hobos, get what you have coming..getting life in prison standing there in public on every corner casing the neighborhood for robberies and home invasions on street and store video cameras.



Saturday, August 15, 2020

MUSIC: Clairfication Inner Thought / Witchhunt Records

Here is a clarification on the Darkthrone / Enslaved early label Witchhunt Records that featured Inner Thought (Slaughter) members from Toronto, people I had worked with in music.

Witchhunt Records had a techno section, Darkthrone and them also did that, Inner Thought was metal / techno.

I was looking for some of the albums for a while and I finally just got the album "Placenta - Atomic Sterialization". 

That's been out of print for years and not on Youtube, I just finally found a copy again.

"Inner Thought - Perspectives" is the same record as "Placenta - Atomic Sterilization" , that was a well known record at the time and everyone had all the Witchhunt demo stuff.

Placenta came out first so I think Inner Thought - Perspectives is plagiarized from it, they both all have the same bass parts / sound and vocal lines.

Really thought I don't know which one was recorded first.

That all got scrapped and is out of print now.


Listen to this surprise update, I'm working right now on setting up inventory lists and stuff for metal distribution in Canada and was trying to find titles like "Placenta - Atomic Sterilization" which is not on Youtube and is out of print, so you can't order that album...I wanted to include in on distribution lists.

In our discussion we noticed yet another connection to the Norway Black Metal murders and the Kurt Cobain death and I knew this but not the connections.

Placenta was on the label and from Europe with Darkthrone and Enslaved and they had printed on their album sleeve the Kurt Cobain suicide photo on the same label as Norway Black Metal.

On the picture they had super imposed a Placenta album cover on the floor in the photo and used Kurt Cobain's suicide picture on their record, like Dead's suicide photo on a Mayhem album.

Then the whole thing and Black Mark records in Toronto all shut down after that around the year 2000.

Now I think maybe that after putting all that together that Placenta and Witchhunt Records might have been sued by Nivana, Darkthrone and Enslaved's label, and they all closed and some albums went out of print.

Inner Thought which is the same record as Placenta, copied or something, also went out of print. 

So maybe bands like Slaughter and them all got sued by Nirvana with Witchhunt Records or something, then at my band Collapse some of those people are the ones who assaulted me in 2008 in a home invasion eight years after that.

I'll just assume that the FBI got them all and it's court sealed or something.


Judas Priest - Never Satisfied (Epitaph)

Friday, August 14, 2020

ALERT: Toronto Strippers Cause Mass Covid Outbreak

ALERT: Mass covid outbreak in Toronto, over 500 people exposed at strip club. 

I am assuming this is from the strippers lap dancing and stuff, why they would be doing that in a strip club when you have to wear a mask to be in there they are saying I have no idea.

Hopefully, they have begun full contact tracing already in Toronto to slow the spread of the community transmission.

If you were near this strip club or close by services monitor and report your health symptoms because something like that could be spread super fast in a largely populated area like downtown Toronto directly from the strip club.


Anthrax - Persistence Of Time 30th Anniversary Remastered - Ep 5 - Tour...



KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR - The Black Goat of the Woods (Official Lyric-V...


Wednesday, August 12, 2020

MUSIC: Heavy Metal Distributions In Canada

I get asked this, maybe people don't get the gravity of what I'm saying. 

Maybe they do.

About my earlier post about distributing Mayhem in retail stores years ago and all that, when I got my Record Deal for my CD released in 2006 Great White North Records in Montreal had their catalog listed at Sonic Unyon in Canada and The End Records in the United States on Sony RED Distribution or something. 

So when you see the name Great White North Records that was Sony RED Distribution or something and Sonic Unyon in Canada.

I own that name now and my record.

This is the gravity of was printed right on the disc and went out to every heavy metal record distributor in the United States and tons of stores in Canada on Sonic Unyon.

Like this, I had just finished helping set up distribution for places like Plastic Head Distribution and Candlelight Records for their retail distributions in Canada back then.

Later, my record was coming out on the same one and back to all the retail stores on Great White North Records where Candlelight was at, Mayhem and them.

The name on the disc meant it was going out to every record store in the United States and Canada on Sony RED and them, that is a massive distribution list.

That's practically every record store in the United States and Canada who has a computer system, Sony Red or Caroline, and Sonic Unyon meaning my record was going to be available everywhere.

That is a huge record deal.

Plus I had just finished working there and was waiting for my record to hit the store shelves with Mayhem and Emperor and them.

The list went out to the United States etc, and my band was listed everywhere.

When the retail stores tried to order the albums out of the catalog list when mine came out Great White North Records didn't have the albums and closed.

Then my record got bootlegged, with Sonic Unyon and Sony Distribution printed on it.

So I got massively ripped off plus had just finished working at the retail distribution end.

I took back my record and bought their name to get my money back through band promotions and advertising.

Later BMG rights management bought The End Records my old distributor, like it has to be the biggest ripoff in the history of Death Metal Cds at the mall.

That's how big it was.


Immortal - Sons of Northern Darkness(live Wacken Open Air 2007)HD

Mayhem - Chainsaw Gutsfuck

Dimmu Borgir Live Wacken Open Air 2001

Emperor - I Am the Black Wizards

Old Funeral. Live in Bergen 2015

Varg Vikernes LIVE w/Old Funeral❌Live at Garage, Bergen 1991

Armored Saint - End of the Attention Span (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

MUSIC: Norway Black Metal Murders & Mainstream Music

This is coming up today because there are a lot of zines' and publications coming out printing books and stuff with these stories of Heavy Metal and the Norway Black Metal scene etc.

When you read these books and publications some are filled with errors or mis-compilied with wrong information. 

The main topic here is Mayhem and Varg Vikernes and the Norway Black Metal Murders in 1993 I think and the movie "Lords Of Chaos".   

Back in the early 1990's before Burzum, Immoral and the Norway Black Metal scene Varg Vikernes and members of Immortal, Abbath I think, were in a Death Metal band and played music like the band Carcass called Old Funeral.

In the magazines back then I remember Old Funeral was billed as a "child super group" or something and played Carcass like material when they were teenagers or something, that was also back when I was in Junior High School just a few years before I started making Death Metal demos for my band.

In fact, my demos and bands like Old Funeral were on the legendary "tape trade list" back in those days in the early to mid 1990's when I was a teenager.

In Canada I had all the magazines, demos, zines' and albums just like everyone else so I have a clear picture of the whole story.

The point here is all the members quit and a few people and bands kept going to get past the demo stage like myself and bands like Old Funeral which became Mayhem, Burzum and Immortal.

I try to make my topics clear on this blog and get to the main points to save you from reading through countless pages to get to the good part later in the story because I have lots of topics. 

My point here is my demos recorded around 1995-1996 went out to all the labels and zines' at the time and I played with members of the band Inner Thought from Toronto who was also the band Slaughter / Death.

I just want to point out here that I was running a production back then in High School in the early- mid 1990's, today that is Collapse and Forward Regression Records.

Back then the labels were Black Mark Records offices in Toronto, Witchhunt Records from Zurich Switzerland and Dwell Records from Los Angeles, California and Cargo Records in Montreal.

Like this, my production did demos back then for that group of labels...Witchhunt Records. 

Other bands like Old Funeral went on to become Norway Black Metal bands like Mayhem, Immortal and Burzum and some of those bands were released on Witchhunt Records who released Anathema, Inner Thought, Nocturnus, Darkthrone, Enslaved, Impaled Nazarene, Marduk, Vader, Sinister and many others.

So my connection to Norway Black Metal people ask is I was the demo bands from my studio production here in Canada that was submitting to labels like Witchhunt Records...theirs like Old Funeral became bands like Burzum and Immortal.

Other Norway Black Metal bands from those same demo days were or became Darkthrone and Enslaved from Norway and released on Witchhunt Records.

I was playing with those bands through Witchhunt Records connections with the band Inner Thought who was also released on Witchhunt Records with Darkthrone and Enslaved.

Here is what happened, yeah I was one of those teenage super bands back in High School sending demos to Witchhunt Records and them...that band is Collapse today.

Back then at that time period all my band members quit, and my band ended...other bands from those demo days went on to be Darkthrone and Enslaved and kept playing.

Then that group of labels closed by the year 2000 and their Montreal and Toronto Offices from Black Mark Records,Bathory, shut down.

All the Toronto bands folded like Slaughter and Inner Thought but however before that happened they got back together and did a few more songs and demos for Dwell Records / Witchhunt and then quit.

The point here is I played with the people from Slaughter / Inner Thought group from their larger record that was released on Witchhunt Records and Dwell Records in Los Angeles. 

That was the people on my production in the mid 1990's on that record, after that all those people quit music from the larger Inner Thought album that I also played with and then they got back together with their original members of Slaughter and Inner Thought for a few more songs and then they folded.

Bands like Immortal, Darkthrone and Enslaved kept playing.

My band production in the mid 1990s, I was running and paying for all the recording and doing the song writing etc. back then,  all that was on that group of people we did demos for all those labels and that was getting signed but everyone quit by 1997.

Black Mark Records, Cargo Records and Witchhhunt Records  and all their offices closed, everyone quit and all the Toronto bands shut down.

That was the end of them, they never came back.

Other bands from Dwell Records and Witchhunt Records became bands like Darkthrone and Enslaved that are out today.

Dwell Records from Los Angeles in fact kept going for several years after that but stopped issuing albums and switched to only doing compilation albums of Death and Black metal bands to cover songs and releasing mainly only tribute albums before they closed.

After the days of Old Funeral in the old magazines and the Norway Black Metal Murders all those bands became the Norway Black Metal scene that started at labels like Witchhunt Records with the bands Darkthrone and Enslaved.

They all became other people and bands and all the labels closed around Black Mark Records etc. 

Then my band members quit at that time in the late 1990's and I didn't continue to submit demos to the Witchhunt Records group of labels after that.

During that period around 1998 to the early 2000's I went to work for the Mainstream Record Companies in the A&A Records and Sam The Record Man category like in the retail store and out back in the warehouse.

What happened was after I stopped doing demos I went to work in the music industry, then I was working on the distribution here in Canada for retail stores and I was setting up the Heavy Metal section for the retail store here in Canada and was working with Sony and them out back and I started carrying Mayhem, Immortal and Darkthrone in our store over here.

So I switched from doing demos to carrying all the bands from Dwell and Witchhunt in the retail stores, before that the stores had no heavy metal section.

I'm talking about the initial setup of the Heavy Metal Section over here in Canada in mainstream record stores outside of large city areas.

We started carrying heavy metal in the smaller stores and part of my job was building the Heavy Metal section and the label contact at the store for bands not on Sony.

My job was to find bands from small labels like Candlelight Records and Plastic Head Distribution and stock them in the independent music section because the company was looking to build it's independent music section. 

I started carrying stuff like Mayhem, Immortal and Darkthrone as well as Venom and Death Metal bands and then we were setting up the stores computer for all the other locations to have access to those labels, so they were at my distribution section first and we set them up with the smaller labels like Plastic Head and then they were available in their other retail locations.

So I was working on the retail distribution section for independent heavy metal labels that carried bands like Mayhem and Immortal, which were all $35 import cds at the time Canadian, after Cargo Records and them closed and the larger Music Chain Stores picked up the independent heavy metal section in Canada.

This is becoming a long topic.

After this I wanted to start my own record label and I left the retail music industry I went to University and at that time I restarted my band which is Collapse.

When I graduated the record I made in University "Collapse - Destroying By Design" was released on Great White North Records, Sonic Unyon and The End Records (BMG today).

So I had continued my music production while in University after everyone quit music from the 1990s I knew and then I stopped distributing Mayhem and Immortal at that time here in Canada at the record store where I worked.

After I graduated I was working on Stock Market Compliance for the Toronto Stock Exchange and doing my Project Management Certification Hours from my Degree and was starting a Record Label.

Then we started Touring and Releasing albums with bands like Dying Fetus and them while on Great White North Records.

Then the bullshit started and then I was attacked in a home invasion at my house.

My record came out in 2006 on Great White North Records and then I got ripped off and it closed.

Two years in later in 2008 I was attacked attacked at my house by the same people.

I took my record back from Great White North Records and bought their business names, which I now run as tribute pages to the original production, BMG bought the rest of it at The End Records..I kept the label name and my record.

At the attack at my house I was charged and was found not guilty because my actions were self defense.

Now after all that text I can tell you the story.

The context here I want to show you is I was the demo bands with Darkthrone and them on Witchhunt...then I was distributing their albums retail here in Canada.

In Norway Old Funeral, Varg, joined Mayhem....he had money and could play every instrument.

Euronymous had the Record Label and band connections, they fought over the label etc.

After Euronymous was killed Varg and the rest of the Norway Back Metal bands split his production to put out Immortal, Emperor, Enslaved, Darkthrone and them.


The people bothering me in 2008 were following me around since the mid 1990s on my old band production and my new one I made when I was in University. 

Those people were not my friends.

They were band people and musicians.

This is important - it turns out that the people who assaulted me were all trying to live off me in the North End of Halifax, Quebec and Vancouver Canada.

They said they were down at my house learning how to play Death Metal because I was teaching them how to play for the record.

Then this was only a "business deal" for a record release. 

It turns out they were all saying they were my "rivals" and were only trying to play on my record in order to find out how I was doing my production and steal my studio work like my cd layouts and band connections, which I did not give them.

So they were all following me around trying to live off my band production to put their bands out in Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver.

Like they were trying to find out how I was releasing my albums, doing my recording and making the business of my band which I have been running since 1995.

When they played with me they said they had "no money", which was fine because it was only my production and I was paying for most of it and kept it my own.

They like in Norway, tried to steal it from me and carve it up and release all these shitty albums up in Quebec and here in Halifax.  

Then they tried to flame me out of music by assaulting me at my house and following me around looking for band stuff from my production to release their albums.

I gave them nothing.

Then they were trying to squad off my food and stuff.

After the attack I continued with my band Collapse, they said they had no money.

The people who assaulted me went back to the people who ripped me off on my first record when I bought the Great White North Records name to get my money back from their fake contract.

It turned out that they were all friends with each other, the label rip off...then two years later they said they were just playing on my band to steal my music production stuff for their friends and their bands, then they home invaded me in an assault and stole my cd collection and heavy metal t-shirt collection.

Then I left.

So that was all the same people, trying to live off my band production to put out their shitty albums with their friends on their labels. 

Then I got attacked like in Norway.

Now I found this out, they thought I was someone else that they knew from the slums.

All these people started coming up to me this year and trying to talk to me, like bums and stuff, asking me why I wasn't talking to them...saying they knew me.

That's because they thought I was someone else and they thought they were getting my band production in the slums to release their albums for nothing all trying to live off me.

Then I was someone else and they had attacked me looking for my stuff saying I was the other person (in 2008) , then I put the run to them permanently and it resolved my lawsuit because they were at the wrong house.

Now my lawsuit is just against the Government for wrongful arrest when I defended myself in the home invasion.

Like they thought I was someone else they knew when I was playing in bands with them but I wasn't.

Then they all followed me around saying I was someone else trying to live off my band production and they home invaded me when I moved because they wanted to own my promotion for their bands in the slums.

Like that.

Whatever, that's all over now they thought I was someone else.

Not only that they said they had no money when they were playing with me on tour and stuff then after the home invasion when I left they went back to the original album rip off in 2006 and they started new labels and released 125 albums since then out of their pocket and no one will carry them in music.

So they were lying about that too not having money, then they tried to steal my band production and released 125 albums or something maybe more since then.

Yeah right buddy, then all their albums suck and no one will carry them.


Now they are doing it again to Jonas Akerlund the director of the movie "Lords Of Chaos" in the same fight in Norway and Varg and Euronymous.

Here is what they are saying.

They are saying their is a fight over the "Lords Of Chaos" story between the movie and the book because the movie didn't put the book content in it.

Now the book right, which is not well written, is not just about's about "National Socialist Black Metal" which includes the rest of Europe outside of the Norway story and they are a bunch of murderers too.

So the book is also about other events Mayhem being the biggest, and other events in Europe stuff like the Columbine Massacre.

Now they are out flaming Jonas Akurlund because he took the name of the book "Lords of Chaos" for the movie and only included the story of Mayhem.

Like he stole the title of the book just for Mayhem and now they are all flaming him in the same fight from the rest of Europe from some so called Nazi Black Metal scene.


In the same fight with Old Funeral, Immortal, Emperor, Mayhem and Burzum and them over the book title for the movie "Lords Of Chaos" all over Youtube.

So watch out for that Jonas Akurlund because their gonna come to your house and attack to looking for money saying you're someone else from the early black metal days that owes them money or something and you won't pay them.

Something to keep and eye on.