Thursday, March 16, 2017


Star Wars Episode 8 - The Last Jedi

What will happen in the new Star Wars Movie?

In the last movie Darth Vader's grandson, the nephew of Luke Skywalker and son on Princess Leia and Han Solo or something....has turned to the Dark Side just like his Grandfather did....DARTH VADER.

In the middle of the movie Han Solo gets stabbed with Lightsaber by his son or something and falls off a catwalk....just like when Luke Skywalker got his hand cut off by his father and falls off a cat walk in The Empire Strikes back.

After that, some girl runs off to get Luke who is hiding in a remote location practicing his Jedi Meditation now that he is old just like Ben Obi Wan Kenobi who was hiding out in the desert in the original Star Wars movie episode 4, the girl who runs out to get Luke just like Luke did when he went to find Ben will be trained by Luke in episode 8.

After that Luke will be Killed by his evil nephew, just like Ben was killed in the original movie by Darth Vader his former student....making the girl who went to get Luke from his secret Location THE LAST JEDI just like Luke was in the original.

Then Luke will join Ben, Yoda and his father Darth Vader in the after life in the force place where they are disembodied when they die.....Han Solo may also be there but if he isn't he might have an artificial torso now just like Luke's fake hand since Han was stabbed by his son....if Han survives he will probably remarry Princess Leia.

After this, Luke Skywalker will guide The Last Jedi, the girl, from the after life just like Ben guided him in the original series.

At the end of the last movie, the third new one, the Last Jedi, the girl, will face Luke's evil nephew and she will try and turn him back to the force to save him.

She will then find out that he is being controlled by the new Evil Emperor Guy because he is Darth Vader's grandson because he is young and hasn't learned the force yet so he is being controlled remotely by an evil emperor guy while he is still learning.

Luke's evil nephew will then turn good to save the girl jedi and throw the new evil emperor guy down a shaft and save her life. Just like Darth Vader did for Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi.

Then we will find out that the girl is really the daughter of Han Solo, which is why him and Leia are divorced because he had a kid with someone else, and that her and Luke's Nephew are really brother and sister, just like Luke and Leia.

Then they will all be reunited as a family and Luke will be with his father, Ben and Yoda in the force place disembodied at the end of the final movie in the new trilogy.