Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Thoughts On The Trench Coat Mafia

Random Thoughts on the Trench Coat Mafia
Just another regular Friday at the end of Summer 2018 and I'm just sitting around having these random thoughts and was thinking about the Trench Coat Mafia. 

For me, I like to work on music and stuff on the weekends and just usually sit around during the work week doing very little and watching sports and listening to music and stuff. During the workday I like to head downtown and go to Tim Hortons and stuff and just hang around.

So I usually don't do too much during the work week and then I like to work on my books and music and stuff on the weekends. It's nice to get up early during the work week and not have to be anywhere and just make my breakfast and sit around not worrying about being somewhere that day. 

Then I can just focus on my bacon and eggs and coffee and not worry about being anywhere, of course I do work on my music and books if I get inspired during the work week but I do most of that on the weekends and I'm up late at night working on music and stuff. 

Getting up early is great when you don't have to be anywhere, then I can run down to the Superstore and get some early morning deals when I'm making my breakfast. Then I sit around following the music scene on the internet all day and watching music videos. 

I have a new metal music blog now at so I like to et up early during the work week and when everyone else is out working I like to sit around reading about heavy metal music, sometimes I even look at pictures of girls in bikini's.

The problem with running a music blog though is you have to sit around all day listening to music and chatting on the internet, then you have to listen to all these albums all the time. The part that sucks though is there's not a ton of new Death Metal content on the internet so my page is a little slower to be updated than other non Death Metal pages, so just consider that when viewing my music blog that I don't cover wimpy Death Metal so it's not as busy, I only cover good metal stuff and Extreme Death Metal.

Recently I was up early and cooking some bacon on my George Foreman Grill and sitting in my kitchen and I started thinking about how hard it must be for the Trench Coat Mafia to release a metal album. 

I mean, for someone like me it's easy to put out a good Death Metal record because I'm so great at it so I don't need to go around blowing all this money to get people to listen to it. In fact, it's quite the opposite I have to get people out of here annoying me about my records and stuff all the time. 

So I just promote my music on my own pages and decided to start a music news page.  Other bands have to do all this work to get their albums posted on music news pages and spend tons of money and then their album was probably never listened to and forgotten on the internet in two minutes. 

That's because they don't have a good album or memorable record so everyone just forgets it, a total waste of money. I mean really though, anyone can get their record carried in a store if they spend enough money on it so that's not really a big deal. 

Going out and blowing tons of money you are guaranteed to get your record carried in a store but no one will ever remember it and you'll probably spend more money making the record, getting artwork done trying to promote it, then they have no time to sit around like me all day and chat on the internet about music all the time and then they spend so much money putting out their record that they can never sell enough copies to get their money back, pointless.

Doing all that is super hard and what's the point making all that and doing the business of distributing your record if it's not memorable. For me that's easy because I'm so great at music, people will listen to my records just to hear me play lead guitar for an hour. 

Not only that all my music has all the key elements of music in it, people can listen to my records to hear what Death Metal sounds like and inspire them to make their own music. 

Why would you release an album that you can never sell enough copies to get your money back? 

Some Heavy Metal is small and they only do 1000 Copies and you only get $10,000 back if you're lucky and promoting the album may cost you $20,000.  

I see some bands spend more money making the record than they can ever make back because they only made 500 Copies and it's not memorable. 

My problem with my music is I end up making like four hours of it, then I sit around all day editing the songs, listening to make sure all the drums are in time and everything is in the right place musically on my new stuff mainly and I get obsessed with editing the production and mastering etc. 

Now I have to say that my new record is super good. Then like all musicians I'm trying new things on the record etc. and adding new musical elements to it...just pause for a second...not it's not banging on a garbage can lid, it's musical theory elements.       

Seriously though, it takes a long time to edit a good record. For me though I do that myself so I don't have to pay someone. Editing four hours of music takes a long time and as usual I'm behind on my own deadlines, but the time is well deserved when you hear the finished album. 

I could post the record now but I'm still obsessing over all the drums and guitar parts and making sure there's no noise in it and it has the proper mix. My last four records came out in 2011 and now the next ones are almost out. 

Doing eight albums worth of material in seven years is a lot of work, then the eighth album is a 2 CD Compilation of unused material that will probably be out in 2019. 

Then the stupid part is I still didn't get all that printed yet, which is annoying me but it'll be out on digital format. I'm just trying to have a certain amount of work done before it's printed and I'm not quite done yet. 

Like I could short cut and just put out whatever was done and sell it cheap but that's not rewarding enough for me, it has to be good.  

My new record is still set for a Summer release so that's winding down fast, I just can't stop obsessing over the mix and want to make sure I'm happy with it first. 

You can't just throw all that together in one second when it's four albums worth of material and then just ram it into the store and blow all this money and waste your time. It's like this people like the Trench Coat Mafia throw all this money into a record and throw up this huge flag for two minutes and there is no substance behind it. 

Then they didn't do anything memorable and when theirs is forgotten next week after they blew all that money mine will still be there and be a Classic Death Metal Album like Venom - Black Metal or something and you will never be remembered in music.  


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Price Gouges and Income Assistance Wages ***Updated***

Right, so I went to the store and it costs $20 for hair elastics and deodorant. So if you buy regular hair elastics and Speed Stick Deodorant now  some places are charging $20 for that at almost $10 per item - not covered on welfare checks.

Then they wanted a laughable $80 for blank CD-R's and DVD-R's in Halifax for a 100 spindle. $80 dollars for blank DVD's? Are you on crack, no one is going to pay those prices.

Right yeah no one is going to pay $54.99 for a pizza or $41.98 for a combo at a Steakhouse restaurant. 

Don't pay those prices go to a discount store or order it on the internet.

Then they changed the check recipient bus pass and they changed the welfare amount that you can claim on your check when you work in Halifax.

It was $300 and then they claim 30% over that amount.

So they changed that and you can keep more money now if you make over a certain amount.

Now this is how you know the other group is running the welfare office, they increased the amount you can keep when you work and then they cut the $300 amount by $13.50.

So now if you make $300 you can only keep $287.50 on their calculator.

That's how you know it is them running it, they issue an increase on the higher amount and then they cut the lower amount.

They are just doing that to be pricks to show you they run it, why would they bother to say they are cutting the $300 by $13.50? Thay are just doing that to be pricks.

They sent out this pamphlet with these examples,  they go if you make $300 the old amount you're allowed to keep $250 plus 75%. 

That's a $13.50 cut to the original $300, why would they even bother saying that.

That $13.50 is why I hate them at the Government, they are the worst people to ever exist. They just do that to spit in your face that they don't like you at the Government. 

It's nice to live in area where the Government hates the citizen's so much that to give an increase they have to cut the original amount by $13.50 yea right. They are just doing that to be pricks, why would they even bother to say that over $13.50 if it wasn't just to piss you off.

Then they have this example and go if Maggie works and is on basic welfare she used to make $585 a month on her welfare check and then she earned $840 a month at her job.

Under the old rules her welfare check was reduced to $102 a $483 dollar reduction and makes $942 a month.

Under the new rules she brings home $1170 a $228 dollar increase. 

Now if you make $250 - $500 you keep $250 plus 75% of the other $250 which is $437 so they claim $63.

If you make $750 you keep $437 Dollars plus 50% over $500 - so if you make $750 you keep $437.50 plus $156.50 = $593. So they claim $157.

If you make over $750 you keep $562 plus 25% of the rest.  They claim $188 over $750 and then you can keep 25% of the rest, by that point you're almost off welfare anyway.

Then they made an online app to estimate your income:

I bet tons of the welfare workers in Nova Scotia must hate those increases since they hate their clients do much. 

It must just kill them that some the government is letting them keep more wages now.

Yeah, then they just can't increase that without touching the original amount of $300 can they. 

No, no, no they have to reduce that by $13.50 just to be a cunt to show you they work at the government.

Pus I was just blogging about that.

They increase the amount that you can take home and they just can't leave that shit alone with the original $300 and they cut that by $13.50 just to show that they run it and they fucking hate you.  

So it's not enough to get the increase they have to cut the original amount by $13.50 just to be a prick, like some kind of shoe smeller or something. 

Yeah they'll give you the increase but you have to let them smell the inside of your sneakers first. 


Then all this stuff starts in magical October, with the new bus pass and then they let you keep more wages.  So watch out because there's some new piece of crap government system coming in in October.

Yeah, where is that $200 a month check increase to the basic personal amount then fat fuck?  Is that in October or is everyone in there getting arrested for stealing that $13.50 of everyone's $300 original allowance perverts.


This is an update to my trip downtown today on the bus. I went to Scotiasquare and had a Seriously Chicken at the McDonald's Kiosk.

Then on the way home I picked up a deodorant stick, a pack a hair elastics, 100 Blank dvd's and a only came to $160.00 Canadian, yeah right.

Yeah, anyway I know that no one has any money and prices are super exaggerated but when I went downtown to Gottingen St today at the slums all the drug dealers had all kinds of money during the financial crisis.

So you go down to the slums and all the junkies and drug addicts start staring at you and then no one has money for blank cds or anything or deodorant then all the junkie drug dealers on Gottingen St, they have all kinds of money.

Yeah, during the economic crisis drug dealers have all kinds of illegally earned money just go down and look, they all have fancy cars and iphones and shit from selling drugs and regular people don't have anything.

Those people should be run out of the City, doesn't that make you mad. They should make it a more severe sentence to be dealing drugs during an economic crisis because it's not fair to regular people who can't afford cable and then all the drug dealers have all this fancy crap.

You all suck.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Halifax Government Update ***Updated***

Just a quick up on local services:

New Halifax non-sharable photo id bus passes are out, the bus service looks pretty vacant and they are changing bus routes so check your schedule.

Food prices and local expenses are up so you might want to the hit the Dollarama and discount stores, rent prices just went up again due to high expenses like heat and maintenance fees and the Halifax power plant is leaking an oil spill into the Harbour.

Weather looks great and it's super nice out and quiet like at the beach all over the City.

So, bus service passengers looks decreased, some routes have been changed, new non sharable bus passes are out for check recipients, food and rent prices are up and average income is down about 30% in the City I am hearing with no increase in Checks or Wages.

Basically, I am hearing from people is what you had last year will cost you 30% more money now, meaning if you want to have more money you may need to move to a cheaper apartment or cancel your cable television.

What that means is if you are on a check or small income you probably can't afford to live in the same apartment anymore and will have to move to a smaller apartment if you want to have cable or extra food etc.

The cost of living in Nova Scotia went up so high that if you want to have cable television and the same food money you will have to move to a smaller apartment because everything is up overall like 30% for average expenses for "regular" people.

Other people are keeping the larger apartments and then cancelling their cable. 

So to have a nicer apartment, you need to ditch cable television so you can afford your rent increases and grocery money, or if you want to keep your cable television you will need to move to a smaller apartment.

No sign yet of the $200 per month check increases from the Nova Scotia Government.

Great weather though, so it's super nice for hanging around outside in the park with nothing to do, just don't expect to have any entertainment money because of the costs of living increases from government and businesses.



Right, so here is the basic break down of what is happening with the money for basic welfare since people don't know or understand it.

First what you need to know is that businesses and government services are asking now for 130% of your 100% monthly income with no left over money.

What you should have covered first out of you money is things like food and clothes before you have to start cutting monthly expenses, make sure you have your necessities covered during the outage.

So, if your monthly bills were $1000 they are now $1300. Meaning you can't afford things like eating out at restaurants and digital cable. That $300 would be something like your cable bill. This outage is like a camp out kind of so make sure in the winter you have a good winter jacket and boots, mitts etc. because when you're broke with no entertainment you're going to want to be warm.

People want to know about basic assistance, aka welfare.

Well they give you last I heard $300 for rent and about $200 a month. So the $300 is for a bachelor apartment or small one bedroom apartment with everything included, if your bachelor apartment or one bedroom apartment went up from $300 you will have to move to a cheaper $300 apartment because the welfare won't cover it.

So you get a bit over $200 a month on top of that for "expenses". Meaning that's about $50 a week for food and they don't cover clothes.

What that means is that was low anyway now food prices and rent has increased so your $200 for basic assistance no longer covers the same $50 a week food budget for welfare or disability.

You have to buy less food with that money now.

What that means is the welfare doesn't cover clothes in your monthly budget. If you go ask them they will tell you to buy rags at the Salvation Army, but no one does that. My advice is to still get regular decent clothes if you are on basic assistance.

The point there is I don't know what the Government thinks $200 a month is but they only allow to have food, then they won't pay for your clothes.

If you want to have decent clothes you have to take that out of your food budget.

Then you're not given money for anything else either like cable, phone or internet. This small guide will help you cope with basic assistance, disability or small wages like fast food or mall jobs.

However they do cover glasses, dental and prescriptions so that is potentially a lot of money you will be in by being on basic assistance.

When you go to get dental work done they want you to pay 20% of the bill out of your $200. If you need a root canal and a filling then that will be $200 that they want right away at the dentist office.

So they give you the $200 then they want it back at the dentist office on a $1000 bill for dental work, obviously you don't have that money so they have to do it for free so that part of the system has failed.

You don't have to pay the 20% if you are on a check that is everyone on them because you will have no food that month. Now I'm talking that the money is so low that $20 can break your budget if you need dental work or an emergency happens. So right now $20 is a lot of money, if your dental work is $20 out of your pocket you can't afford it on basic assistance.

That $20 could have been food or clothes that are necessities.

How the cost of living went up is they put "price points" on all the store items through taxation and price increases now overall when you buy all your stuff the price is 30% higher across the board. It's not $2 on candy, it's $2 on candy plus all other items.

Meaning, when you get your groceries there is 30% less food in your cart for the same money or your rent will be short.

So you buy a movie ticket, $20 worth of gas, have a taco bell, buy a pack  of smokes, get a scratch ticket, get a shirt at the mall and pick up a pizza it costs you 30% more now over all. You will feel that at the end of the month now when you do your bills.

No one can afford that now because of the cost of living increase puts that at 130% of your 100% monthly income I am hearing.

If you buy floor soap, shampoo, razors, soap, dish soap, toilet paper, tampons etc. none of that is now covered on your basic assistance allowance of $200 or so.

Canada made the Canadian Food Guide for your diet and what they did was increase prices so high that they no longer cover the four main food groups on disability or basic assistance.

The $50 a week on basic assistance is not enough to cover the basic food groups to eat and Canada no longer covers cleaning supplies or hygiene supplies which have to come out of your food money.

That is because the prices went up so high with no check or wage increases, now in Canada you can't afford the four basic food groups in Canada's own food guide if you are on basic assistance or work at a low wage job.

Then you can not afford cable, phone, internet or clothes.

Then they triple bill for internet, and then double check you at the welfare office.

Social Work should be illegal, they give you $200 a month which doesn't even cover the basic four food groups then they prod into you about what your buying with it.

When you go to get welfare you shouldn't have to tell them anything plus it is too low and they don't cover anything. You should go in and get your rubber stamp and then collect your check with no questions, then they ask you for your financial information at their office which is the same as the income tax filing.

That should be illegal, they won't cover any expenses on assistance then they pay people there to double check your tax return, that is Equifax.

The Government only backs the Equifax People.

That is the credit system, the Federal Government only backs the Equifax Group who tell them their financial rules for the credit system and then they don't cover the four main Food Groups, or you don't get the proper servings like in the Canada Food Guide.

Meaning, the Canada Food Guide is only for people who work and back the Equifax Group and use the credit system. They are the only people who can eat the portions in the Canada food guide and the Federal Government does not cover that for any check recipient in Canada.

Meaning clothes, cleaning and hygiene supplies and the four food groups only apply to the Equifax Group and the Equifax People which is the only group backed by the Federal Government of Canada.

Everyone else gets nothing covered except about $50 a week for food which is not enough.

So that's basic assistance.

During the outage I recommend getting your straw hat and tin cup and sitting out on the step because you're going to have a lot of time on your hands with no money.

This is what I recommend.

Always save money and buy proper clothes first for the Summer and Winter, you'll be better off in decent clothes.

Then always make sure you have food for whatever you can afford.

Cover your food first! However, make sure you have proper clothes.

Then I would recommend getting a decent apartment with everything covered first and ditching your cable bill which is about $200 a month.

Then get good clothes and food only.

Then do this, save up for a cheap computer and smart phone and get cheap internet. That way you can make free phone calls and then watch anything that comes on in the internet for free instead of paying like music, movies and books etc. Then maybe go to the library if you are bored.

That way if you save up for a computer and smartphone and then get some clothes, you can pay for cheap internet and use the rest of the money for your food budget, but some months you will have less money for food if you have to buy supplies for cleaning, hygiene and clothes.

Always make sure you have a proper hat, boots, mittens and jacket in the winter because you will have a much easier time during the outage in the winter in proper winter clothes.

Then you will have all your clothes, computer and smart phone then use cheap internet to make free calls and use free entertainment or go to the library.

Just make sure you eat the best you can since all the Food Groups are no longer covered.

Another thing you can do is if you have a group of friends in an apartment building you can all share your internet connection by using a high speed router from one apartment and then give your friends guest access to your router so there is no illegal activity on your account.

You can even just do this with your neighbours in you building, and set up a group that just shares internet, or you all split a few dollars a month on it. The guest access on the router is secure for the neighbour and they have their own login, or you can stream them television to save money.

Apartment buildings could also offer free internet to the building like at the mall or library. Since rent went up apartments need to start offering free wifi to get tenants that can't afford internet. Then you can use you phone and computer free with your rent and then watch whatever comes in free on the internet or listen to music.

Then try and camp out for a long wait until you have money. If you smoke or drink you will have to take that out of your grocery money.

Since everything is up over 30% and the Equifax Group won't release the 4G internet for free service or lower food prices and the Federal Government only backs Equifax People you will have to do what you can to save money during this outage and use only cheap or free services.

Everyone with nothing to do and no cable or anything and is out smoking and going to the library and stuff are right, the Federal Government won't back them because they are not Equifax Supporters.

In the meantime when you have no money and they are asking for 130% of your monthly income from the Equifax Group and the Federal Government you will have to make cuts to your expenses those are things you can do to have basic food and entertainment.

On the news all they talk about is auto tariffs but in reality the Government won't cover the four basic food groups for check recipients or probably low wages so no one cares.

No one cares about auto tariffs when no one can afford the four basic food groups and they are reserved for the Equifax People.

If you are wondering I have no car and use Public Transit so I use my money for the NFL and Sports Packages and use free wi fi phone to save money, that's how I can watch all that. So these are things that I do anyway and you can to during the outage.


Local: Oil Spill In Halifax Harbour

Halifax Power Plant: Photo by the Halifax Examiner
Oil Spill in Halifax Harbour

Chris Benjamin is reporting from the local Halifax Examiner, he is a journalist and writer and editor of books and the Managing Editor of Atlantic Books Today Magazine. 


Jennifer Henderson is also reporting.


Apparently there is an oil leak at the Halifax Harbour Power Plant and it is spilling oil into Halifax Harbour, watch out for oil when you're down on the waterfront fishing.

All those fish are probably contaminated with oil down there, also when you're out on your jet skis and sail boats make sure to watch out for that oil spill in the Harbour. I hear that bad's for your boat and can clog your engine, plus if your on the jet ski you might be getting oil in your mouth.

I also didn't realize that the power plant in Halifax at the Harbour was Oil Powered, I think that's what's leaking into the harbour. I just assumed they were still burning coal down there.

Hope that oil in the Harbour isn't flammable. I bet that's gross down there, how dirty do you think the oil is from the Halifax Power Plant anyway, I bet it's bad. 

So just a heads up when you're down there fishing in the Harbour I wouldn't eat it, probably anyway even with no oil on it from the power plant.


Did You Know Walt Disney Did An X-Rated Film?

Dead Pool Is X Rated
Before I get into Walt Disney's Dead Pool movie I just want to say that yes this blog might have  adult oriented material on in and stuff like that but I'm trying to keep it somewhat clean, the point is I'm not selling Mickey Mouse stuff on here, so I post all kinds of material and include some content from adult movies and stuff for this blog. 

So I'm not against gore movies and violence or sexual content, I'm just saying that X-Rated sexual content shouldn't be in a Walt Disney movie like in the Dead Pool Movies. I have no problem with R rated gore movies with naked girls all through them and I might post that kind of stuff here but don't take any of that seriously or anything plus my material is not Walt Disney. 

Just don't think I am against that kind of stuff, I just don't think it should be in Marvel or Walt Disney. I mean, if you want to watch stuff about crossdressing, masturbation, homosexuality, sexual role reversal and naked porn stars that's fine but when you put on a Marvel Comics Movie you don't expect to see that. 

I just wanted to see Spider Man running around kissing Mary Jane and beating up the Green Goblin, I didn't expect to see men's penises and porn star strip clubs. 

People on the internet are already saying that is this a Disney or Fox Movie and are down playing Dead Pool as Disney. Well apparently Disney owns Fox now and stuff like the Simpsons. People are saying on the internet that that might be a Fox Movie.

It isn't, Marvel Comics is owned by Disney so it's a Disney Movie.

Then it's supposed to be like the first or one of the first R rated Disney moves, but it's not it's X Rated.

If you like Comics just before you see these movies you need to know that they are X Rated, for gods sakes don't show that to your kids because you think it's a Comic Movie.  You need to know that this movie is X Rated and you're not going to see the Amazing Spider Man.

Dead Pool is a character like Spider Man only he has no webs and his body grows back if he gets blown up or something, so if he gets his arm cut off it grows back. 

He is like a derivative character of Spider Man, Venom or Spawn or something like that and is similar to Spider Man except he has guns and weapons and no webs.

The character Dead Pool was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the Wolverine back story when he was in the Military. Later after he is Dead Pool they try and get him into the X-Men.

In the Movie Dead Pool is kind of one of the X-Men only he can't follow the rules and they are trying to get him to behave and be a super hero, then he just does everything his own way by just going around killing everyone and not listening to them.

It's not that I don't like the character I did it's just that the whole movie is all sexual fetishes and made by Disney. Plus whoever wrote Dead Pool did too good of a job because he has classic schizophrenia.

When you watch Dead Pool the whole thing is about someone with schizophrenia then the X-Men are trying to help him but he won't listen.

All the behavior by Dead Pool is profiled from schizophrenia that's why he's acting that way, then the X-Men act as a help facility but he won't listen.

So Dead Pool acts schizophrenic in the movie and it's profiled from real schizophrenia, when he says stuff like "did I leave the stove on" when he is out fighting that is schizophrenia. That is because he is not thinking about what he is doing in the fight and he starts thinking about the stove, then he starts worrying about it. That is schizophrenia. 

It's like when you try and go outside you have to keep coming back to check to see if the door is locked ten times, that is schizophrenia. Then you don't realize you are doing that but going back makes you feel better so you keep doing it. The actual problem is you have an illness, and that behavior is not you fault.

Since this has come up in these Disney movies I'm bringing up that schizophrenia is a huge cause these days in the health community and many people go untreated. Most people who have schizophrenia are totally normal all the time but you can get these crazy attacks and don't understand what's happening or you start carrying out unusual behavior or become obsessive compulsive over the stove and stuff like in Dead Pool, then you can't concentrate because you're minds always wandering. 

That is the whole character of Dead Pool. This is how schizophrenia as an illness is treated, schizophrenia is like a broken leg only you can't see it, it is a physical problem. 

What that means is when you are sick with schizophrenia and get treated you don't know how long it will take to heal. Everyone knows how long it takes to heal from a broken leg, but schizophrenia is not the same because you can't see it. 

Everyone takes different lengths to heal from schizophrenia when they are treated, that's the hard part. You just can't get up in a couple months and keep going like you have a broken leg. It may take a long time to heal from schizophrenia then when you do you will calm down and start acting normal again.

Schizophrenia however, like a broken leg is physical only you have mental side effects because it takes place in you brain and you can't see it. 

This is how schizophrenia works, in your brain their are path ways like roads or highways that your thought's "travel" along, some people call this neurons. 

When you have schizophrenia the path ways are crossing over and touching each other like your brain is wired incorrectly. 

That is because in your brain there is like a "wall" between the pathways where you think. What happens is this wall develops a physical hole in it and the path ways touch each other and become cross connected.

What happens then is that your thoughts in your head cross connect and you mix your topics together, like when Dead Pool starts thinking about the stove when he is fighting. That is a real schizophrenic profile.

In you brain what is happening is your thoughts are cross connecting like the "wire covering" has been removed from the brains pathways that are like "roads" or "highways" that cars would travel on only they are thoughts in your head. 

When the wire becomes stripped all the "cars" which are your thoughts in your head hit each other and get mixed up and then you don't know you are not thinking properly and you get all these crazy ideas. 

That is not your fault, it is a physical problem like a broken leg only you don't know how long it will take to heal because you can't see it, you have to go by you thoughts and feelings clearing up to know you are better, plus you may have physical symptoms like being tired and stuff.

When you have a schizophrenic attack you might think it's a good idea to get dressed up in your fetish clothes and go downtown looking for sex and then when you're down there you might decide it would be a good idea to go on drugs.

People do that when they have a schizophrenic attack because they are not thinking normally, or like that time you got drunk and went down to that girl's house and started yelling because you wanted her to go out with you and made this big scene in front of everyone saying you were in love with her and she won't talk to you. So, although you liked her when you tried to go out with her you weren't doing it in the correct fashion.

The holes in the pathway in your brain are missing SSRI's, when your brain is missing SSRI's "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors". What this means is there is a hole in your brain where the "Reuptake Inhibitor" is missing. 

People get confused about that name, the inhibitor "blocks" your thoughts from cross connecting in your brain. That means your brain is missing inhibitors that stop your thoughts from cross connecting.

When they say "reuptake inhibitor" they mean that serotonin is "reprocessing" or "reuptaking" in your brain and cross connecting your thoughts.

Taking SSRI medication rebuilds this natural wall that is missing on your brain pathways to keep them sealed so your thoughts don't cross connect. When you take this medicine it is to replace the SSRI's that are naturally missing from your brain to clear up your thinking and make you brain pathways go back to normal.      

That is the character of Dead Pool. 

In the movie he is cross dressing and wearing girls socks and stuff, then he goes down to an X rated strip club and all the girls are almost full naked from a porn movie, that is X Rated.

Then he meets a girl working there and then they re-enact scenes from porn movies in a Disney movie. So in the movie the sex scenes are copied from porn movies and done in the film, then the girl from the strip club does him in the ass with a strap on penis like in a porn movie, then he's cross dressing the whole time.

Then there are references to two of the female X-Men being lesbians and are a couple in the movie, then Dead Pool starts making lesbian gestures with his hand and then homosexual gestures with his hands and says he wants to cross penises with Colossus and then rub them together then he gets on his knees and begins pretending to give oral sex to Colossus and pretends to masturbate him. 

Then he starts hallucinating and seeing cartoon character's around his girlfriends head when they are fighting. That is all schizophrenic behavior.  

The point here is you don't know if he's gay or just joking, it comes across more that he is joking but you can't tell. Then the movie is all male butt and crotch shots and I think you can see Dead Pools penis in one scene like in Basic Instinct and he might have an erection.

Then in one scene he is in bed masturbating with a children's stuffed unicorn or something, which I thought went a little too far for a Walt Disney movie. 

The all the Comic Book characters and cursing the whole movie and they even pulled down Juggernauts pants and stuff something up his ass.

That is all mixed together from both Dead Pool movies but the first one is worse for being X-rated. I guarantee that kids will not know one thing they are talking about in this Disney movie because it's all X Rated Material.

Then it's all shots of Triple X boobs and naked porn girls and men's naked crotch shots when they are fighting. One of the girl villains boobs even falls out when they are fighting and Colossus has to help her fix it in the middle of the fight. 

These movies are totally X Rated from Walt Disney. 

I would give the movie two thumbs up for the character and story line of Dead Pool which is super good, however some of the sarcastic dialogue gets annoying at times and it feels like Walt Disney is trying to touch your penis.


Sunday, August 26, 2018

CHL Memorial Cup & Huge Sports Update

Will Guy Lafleur be at the Memorial Cup?
I'm not promising that Guy Lafleur will be at the 2019 Memorial Cup in Halifax but if everyone keeps asking for it he might show up, or it could be Bobby Orr or other past NHL stars, maybe even Sydney Crosby who is from the Halifax area will be there or possibly other former NHL hockey stars from New Glasgow or Atlantic Canada may be there, after all New Glasgow, NS players won the Stanley Cup twice so why wouldn't they not want to be there or other past stars form the area. 

Hopefully, Guy Lafleur will find out that everyone in Atlantic Canada wants him to be at the Memorial Cup and him and other past NHL stars might be there if we make a big deal about it in Halifax. Guy Lafleur is only like 66 so why wouldn't he want to be down at the hockey rink for the Memorial Cup or other hockey events.

Just remember if you come down town for the Memorial Cup in Halifax and see Guy Lafleur don't be down there harassing him, if you plan on rioting the City has insurance for that but don't be bothering Guy Lafleur because everyone wants him to come to the games in Halifax.

There's no petition to get Guy Lafleur to come to the Memorial Cup in Halifax but if people keep wanting it he might show up and you never know because there's going to be a big crowd down there and maybe he and Grant Fuhr will show up and you'll get to see him in downtown Halifax. 

Going by television commercials I'm assuming that those guys will be eating at the Subway Restaurant so when I'm down there during the Memorial Cup that's where I'll be looking at for these former NHL stars.

This is going to be a big year in Halifax for the CHL and the Halifax Mooseheads but I can't go to every CHL game because I am busy so I'm not bothering to get season tickets but I am going to buy a bunch of CHL tickets and catch as many games as I can this year since it's for the Memorial Cup, so I'll be down there a bit to watch the Mooseheads this season and check all that out then I'll also be over at St. Mary's University to watch their Football games this season, my team is the St.FX  X-Men from my University but I live in Halifax so I'll be watching the St. Mary's Huskies Football team and they will be playing St. FX  at some point. 

The University Football league doesn't have a lot of games though in the season which is too bad but if you are interested in University Football St. Mary's is there and seating is General Admission. So I have plans to go to that and I'll be at some of the CHL games at the Scotiabank Center. 

The point to all this is it's going to be super exciting down there at the CHL this year in Halifax because they are getting ready for the Memorial Cup, that means that TSN, Sportsnet, Hockey Night in Canada and probably ESPN will be down there. I'm assuming that Don Cherry and Ron Mclean will be there from Hockey Night in Canada but I don't know yet.

Then all those television stations will be out in the Halifax area scouting out filming locations around the City for the next eight months probably like ESPN and hanging around the Scotiabank Center during the regular season to get ready for the Memorial Cup because it takes time to set that up so I'll be down there to check all that out and catch of a bunch of games, I'm not going to every one though because it's too many but I'm going to see a bunch. 

Then during the Memorial Cup remember they might have all those video screens outside and they'll be tons of people outside watching the games and they'll probably have the area blocked off around the Soctiabank Center which should be super awesome. So when you're down there hanging around outside maybe Ron McLean will be there or Guy Lafleur hopefully.  

Scotia Square is the Official Food Court & Parking Garage of the Memorial Cup
Parking for the Memorial Cup is at the new Scotia Square Mall, that is right beside the Scotiabank Center. That is where the brand new expanded food court is at with the new glass enclosures and it's super nice down there. So I'm assuming that all the future NHL stars and current CHL stars will be down there eating at the food court at the Scotia Square Mall, which is probably going to be the Official Food Court of the Memorial Cup, which now has a bunch of new restaurants in it and expanded seating and is also the Official Parking Garage of the CHL in Halifax. 

The Memorial Cup is at the Soctiabank Center and right across the Street is the Scotia Square Mall Parking Garage, that's where to park for the Memorial Cup if you can get into it when they probably block off the area, then in the same building is the Scotia Square Mall and new Expanded Food Court.

That is also attached to the Delta Barrington Hotel and Casino Nova Scotia. So if you go to the Memorial Cup the Scotia Square Mall is the parking and huge Food Court across the Street and is attached to Casino Nova Scotia. So you can go from the Memorial Cup right to the Casino and Hotel from inside the Scotia Square. 

I'm assuming that if Wayne Gretzky is at the Memorial Cup he'll probably be in the Casino Gambling with the other NHL players. So if you like gambling you can do that at the Casino at the Memorial Cup and maybe Wayne Gretzky or someone will be in there when you're there gambling during the Memorial Cup week, which is like ten days long.

Then outside on the other side of the Scotiabank Center is all restaurants in Downtown Halifax and there are tons of restaurants and pubs there outside that you can eat at, plus outside Casino Nova Scotia on the Halifax Waterfront there are restaurants and concessions down there as well, plus there is lots of Tim Hortons and also Starbucks there downtown and at Scotia Square. I'm assuming that the Halifax Waterfront will have at it's restaurants and concessions open during the Memorial Cup. 

So it should be super awesome down there and jam packed during the Memorial Cup with TV Crews all over the place from ESPN filming the area. 

I'm also assuming that everyone is going to go down to the Memorial Cup to see all the guys who are going to be in the NHL Video Game next year, remember the MVP of the Memorial Cup will probably be drafted by the NHL and be in the NHL Video Game next year.

So if you want to meet the guys who are going to be in the video game next year and in the NHL they will be down at the Memorial Cup in Halifax in 2019. I'm assuming that they will be all out eating in the Scotia Square Mall and hanging around the Food Court and eating at the local restaurants and at the Waterfront so if you want to meet them that's where they will be at, places like at the Mall and at the Scotia Square Food Court, remember again that in the future some of them will be NHL stars and in the NHL Video Games, if you want to meet them before they are in the video game and big NHL stars you can do that at the Food Court at Scotia Square during the Memorial Cup.

Just remember, if you see me at the Memorial Cup or at the Scotia Square you're not allowed bothering me when I'm eating and stuff and just because I'm going to be hanging out down there during the Memorial Cup doesn't mean you can go down there pushing them CHL players around and being tough because they're going to be in a video game next year maybe.

I'm going down there to see all those guys before they are in the NHL and hopefully see Guy Lafleur or someone outside. Just because I'm doing that doesn't mean you can all be down there trying to push those future NHL stars around because they're all super tough in the NHL next year.

So when I'm down there eating at the Scotia Square Food Court all week during the Memorial Cup, you can't be following me around trying see how though those guys are who will be fighting in the NHL next year some of them. So you can't go down there pushing them around and stuff to toughen them up for the NHL just because I'm going to be there. 

Just because I'm going to be hanging around downtown Halifax during the Memorial Cup that  doesn't give everyone an excuse to go down there and try to push around future NHL players because they're tough and going to be in a video game next year maybe, plus you'll probably get beat up or something. 

Just don't be down there pushing them guys around because they're going to be fighting in the NHL next year, and fucking don't be bothering Guy Lafleur if you see him.

Other than that the City has insurance if something get's smashed in downtown Halifax so don't worry about that if a Hockey Riot breaks out, plus there will probably be a Police Barricade down there but don't even worry about it.   


Saturday, August 25, 2018

CHL Hockey: The 2019 Memorial Cup Is In Halifax!

The 2019 CHL Memorial Cup is in Halifax!
That's right everyone, hold on to your hats because this year the CHL Championship Tournament is in Halifax at the Scotiabank Center!

That is the Memorial Cup People, that's the future NHL Stars! 

That's the NHL minor league Championship Live in Halifax in 2019!

I guarantee this will be a big draw in Halifax next year, get your Halifax Mooseheads Season Ticket Pass for $500 and get first chance tickets to the 2019 Memorial Cup.

Halifax Mooseheads to host the CHL Memorial Cup 2019:

Remember the Halifax Mooseheads are the CHL, that is the NHL Minor League. If you are an NHL fan you should be going there.

The CHL is Three Leagues The WHL, The OHL and The QMJHL.

Halifax is in the QMJHL, that is the Quebec League, like the Montreal Canadians in the NHL.

So The CHL Halifax Team is the Mooseheads, that is like the Minor League NHL of the Montreal Canadians.

I realize people don't understand the CHL, so I have to keep telling everyone I know so you understand. 

If you like the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadian you need to be going to the CHL Halifax Mooseheads games, that's almost the NHL and is part of the Quebec League like the Montreal Canadians or something.

Who knows maybe Guy Lafleur or Bobby Orr will be  there. 

NHL fans need to go to this, hopefully the 2019 CHL Memorial Cup will not sell out in two minutes in Halifax, plus that is on live television.

The 2019 CHL Memorial Cup in Halifax is going to be Super Awesome!


NFL Preseason Week 4 & Sports Update

NFL Preseason Week 4 - First Down and Awesome!
That's right everyone get your tickets ready it's the NFL pre season week 4 of 5, available on all internet devices. I've been watching the NFL pre season this year and I can guarantee that this season which starts September 6, 2018 will make a 32 yard punt return look like a 33 yard punt return!

I've already got count em 4 huge weeks of NFL football in this year and next week is week 5, then it's the regular season and only 17 shorts weeks of NFL Super Action.

Get your NFL Gamepass today! Remember we are in week 4 of 5 and you can watch all games live on the internet.

Not only that, this is my favorite time of year. Not only is it pre season NFL this is leading us into September Baseball the greatest time of the year and a Red Sox vs. Yankees showdown in September for the AL East Division with the Yankees about 8 Games back of the Red Sox as they head into the September showdown for the for the Division and Wildcard Playoff spots.

Remember, the Wild Card winner will have to play a one game playoff for the last World Series slot, will it be New York or Boston and who will be eliminated? 

Will the Red Sox blow their lead and then lose the Wild Card game and not make the World Series? Let's hope so. 

Not only that today is a full day of Sports with a New York vs. Baltimore DOUBLE HEADER and between games is NFL preseason Football.

As everyone probably knows I am a huge baseball fan, in between Yankees games today Titans vs. Steelers NFL preseason Football game.

Too exciting sports fans, this is why you need every sports full game package. 

Not only that the Baltimore Orioles have THE WORST record probably every that I have noticed recently at a stunning 92 losses ouch, with only 37 wins . Just sickening Baltimore.

Not only that here comes the NHL 2018 - 2019 Season as the Defending Stanley Cup Champions The Washington Capital's return to defend the Cup. Too Awesome.

Eat it suckers, I am addicted to Full Sports Packages!


Saturday, August 18, 2018

Music: Check Out My New Music Blog
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Hate Crimes: John A. MacDonald Statue Vandalized Like Swastikas in Montreal

Liberals to Back Conservative Plan to Rename Lake Huron to Lake Victoria?
Anti Colonial hate groups are springing up in French speaking Quebec in The City of Montreal and spraying or throwing red paint on statues of Canada's beloved first Prime Minister and Father of Confederation John A. MacDonald, which is the equivalent of  painting swastikas on public landmarks, a hate crime.

John A. MacDonald is also pictured on Canada's beloved $10 Bill, everyone's favorite denomination because of the significance of the image of Canada's First Prime Minster.

This Hate Group, yet to be unnamed is saying they are against Colonial Canada, and don't want the area to be settled by John A. MacDonald in Colonial times. 

The unnamed Anti Colonial Hate Group is saying they are anti-racist, but hate John A. MacDonald for killing the Indians in Colonial Times - they mean 1860's not real Colonial Times in the 1600's which they are also against.

In response, unnamed Liberal and Conservative leaders in Ottawa said they plan to rename all the Indian Landmarks to White names to calm the threat being caused by this Unnamed Anti Colonial Hate Group.

Conservative Leaders say they plan to rename Lake Huron to Lake Victoria to be named after Queen Victoria for the founding of Canada and to settle the threat of vandalism against Sir John A. MacDonald.  Liberal leaders agreed with this Conservative plan, just in time to support the United States mid term elections and ease tension during the tariff trade disputes between Canada and President Trump.

Liberal leaders backing the Conservative plan think Donald Trump may ease Canadian tariffs if they include him in the plan to change the name of Lake Huron which with help ease border tensions among anti colonial hate groups at the United States - Canada border.  


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Alert: Government Bedbug Irradication

The Bedbugs
I am calling for the irradiation of the bedbug and probably the fruit fly by the federal government.  This post is a public alert on the bedbug and the terrible fruit fly. 

I know most of you don't know what a bed bug is and I didn't either so this is some information to fill you in on the bed bug.

First don't listen to all that crap on the internet, I'll tell you where the bedbugs are at and what they are.

The bedbug outbreak is the fault of the Federal Government in the United States and Canada, they are not doing anything to irradiate the bedbug. Plus, not cleaning your house or apartment is not why you have bedbugs, they are there because the government won't do anything and it's their fault.

It is one of my goals in life to make the bedbug extinct, that along with the fruit fly. They are the two most terrible things that get into people houses.

This is the problem and why you have bedbugs.

The Federal Government is not spraying the to kill all the bedbugs. They should be out in airplanes spraying pesticide on everything to kill the bedbugs because the outbreak is so bad, but they are not.

Then, they should be out spraying all the trees, roads, sidewalks, parks etc. and the outside of public and government buildings with pesticide to kill all the bedbugs.

Right now I would like to see the government out on the road spraying all the roads,sidewalks, trees and parks with bedbug pesticide and then spraying pesticide from airplanes like a crop duster on everything to kill all the bed bugs.

They are not doing that, so it is their fault if you get bed bugs in your house or apartment.

If you live in an apartment they can come in it from any hole in you walls like air vents, wall plug sockets, heating vents, pipes and plumbing plus fruit flies are coming up people sinks.

That is because the federal government is not spraying pesticide. 

Everyone is calling for being sprayed with soothing pesticides on their skin because the burning chemicals of the pesticide will relieve their itching and kill all the bed bugs and fruit flies.

Everyone is saying that they would rather have pesticide in everything and have it burn their skin and get in their mouth  and food if it will relieve their itching and kill the bedbugs. Plus the pesticide is not poison to people and just kills bugs.

This is because the bedbugs come into your house and apartment if it is clean or not. Cleaning your house doesn't get rid of the bedbugs because the government is not spraying the air and trees and side walks etc. with pesticide. 

It doesn't matter if you clean or not they just keep coming back anyway from outside or other houses and apartments because the government won't spray them with pesticide outside.

Bedbugs will come in from the neighbors houses and live outside anyway. They will crawl outside from their house to your house and then they come in through the walls in the light sockets.

There are bedbug nests in the light sockets or "wall plugs" in your houses and apartments. Remove the face plates of your wall sockets to see if their are bedbugs in the wall sockets, their will be black crap inside the wall plug if their are bedbugs in the walls, then clean out the wall socket and face plate and then put it back.

This will help stop them from making a bedbug nest in the wall socket, that is coming from outside and other houses and apartments.

Don't feel bad or embarrassed if you have bedbugs because it's the governments fault because they wont pesticide spray them.

This is important!

Bedbugs are not caused by having a dirty house or apartment.

If you clean your house every day you will still get bedbugs because they are coming in from outside through the wall sockets and heating vents, like from the oil tank.

Clean your floors all the time and then spray Raid bug spray of any kind into the cracks in your floor and heating vents, spray Raid into your walls if you have access.

I wouldn't recommend spraying Raid into your light sockets.

Then if you can, wax the floor to seal tiny cracks in it that you cant see to help keep out bedbugs.

If you can scrub your floor and baseboards with a good cleaner like Mr.Clean at the floor and any heating vents then spray Raid into the baseboards and any "holes" like cable wires etc.

Then wash out all your wall sockets and face plates and then spray raid into the walls if you can.

Then if you can, then wax your floors up to the baseboards to seal them to prevent bedbugs from getting in the cracks.

This is because bedbugs are like Earwigs and you can't stop them from getting into your house or apartment. Remember earwigs? They are all gone where I live now but they used to be like the bedbugs now they are all dead.

All Bedbugs are going to be dead like the Earwig. 

Bedbugs are also like the Army Worm infestation that we had in the trees years ago when we had a caterpillar infestation in the trees here, now they are all dead.

A long time ago we had Earwigs and Army Worms outside, I think the Government Sprayed to kill all the Army Worms and now they are gone. The Bedbug is the new Earwig and Army Worm.

You can't stop the Bedbugs from getting into your house because the government won't spray them with pesticide.

All you can do it try to keep them out the best you can, but sometimes they "flare up".

In your bedroom wash all your bed rails and furniture on a regular basis and sweep and mop the floor all the time. Also, try and keep your bedroom furniture clean.

This does not prevent bedbugs but if the room is clean then they won't go to that area. The furniture and bed rails will be too clean for the bedbugs to be attracted to them.

Then wash your pillows, pillowcases, sheets and blankets on a regular basis just to keep them clean.

Wipe your mattress and maybe furniture off with a damp cloth on a regular basis to keep it clean.

That's because bedbugs are attracted to sweat and when it is hot they come after you like mosquitoes if you have sweaty blankets and pillows. 

Despite what the internet says, everyone outside says that Bedbugs and eating your skin cells on your sweaty blankets and mattress, plus they live in cotton.  

So as your skin cells fall off naturally, everyone's do, they get on your blankets and mattress and bed , then they are attracted to your sweat and come after you like a mosquito and bite you and drink your blood, then they blow up and stain you blankets and mattress.

When Bedbugs bite you when you are sleeping they fill up and explode like a mosquito and that's what gets on your mattress. 

The problem with Bedbugs is they stain your mattress and blankets from exploding, but they are like earwigs. 

So they try and make a nest in your bed in the cotton and are eating the sweat and skin cells in your blankets, then they bite you and explode.

You need to check you bed for bedbugs every ten minutes because they can come in the wall sockets like an Earwig gets in your foundation in your house.

I know someone who keeps their bedroom super clean and they even spray air freshener under the bed so bed bugs won't go under the bed.

Then they have no bedbugs in their apartment at all and one came in through the light socket and bit them in the neck when they were sleeping and gave them a rash. So they checked the light socket and they were in there hiding.

They had no other bedbugs in the house, then they came in through the light socket and bit them on the neck in one second like a mosquito.

This is super important - Bedbugs are NOT CAUSED by not cleaning your apartment. Bedbugs come in anyway.

The difference is IF you don't keep your apartment or house clean they will build up like ear wigs.

You have to clean every day so they don't make a nest, if you stop cleaning and get bedbugs they will make a nest. Not cleaning your house or apartment will cause a "build up" of Bedbugs because they keep coming in.

Right so not everyone has bed bugs but it is bad. That is fault of the government because they won't spray them and they are coming in from public land and trees and other houses from outside and the federal government won't spray.

Then then keep coming into your house through the light socket holes if your house is clean or not, like the Earwig.

Remember, if your house is not clean this doesn't cause Bedbugs!

Not cleaning allows them to build up and make a nest. 

If your house is not clean this can attract Fruit Flies in your kitchen, Bedbugs are attracted to sweat not dirt or garbage.

In Halifax their are Winter Fruit Flies that come up the sink drains and get in your garbage cans. That is like the Bedbugs.

A few years ago I never saw one fruit fly all Summer, then they showed up in the Fall. Then when their was a snow storm they came up the sink drain.

Where can a fruit fly come from anyway? Let alone in the middle of winter in a snow storm.

The fruit flies are coming up the sink drains in Winter and the Bedbugs are coming in the light sockets everywhere around here.

That is the Government's fault because they won't spray, when I get my way all Bedbugs and Fruit Flies will be exterminated and I am calling for the extinction of both of these species.

Being spraying with harsh pesticides by the Federal Government is a way better option than dealing with the Bedbugs, I am hearing that people can't wait to be sprayed with that soothing pesticide so they wont be itchy from Bedbugs.

Not only that, people are saying they are getting super sensitive to the Bedbugs and they are causing allergic reactions and itchy rashes even if house has no bed bugs. If you are getting itching burning skin you could have a sensitivity to the Bedbugs and be getting itching form them being in the light sockets, wall, other peoples houses or apartments, trees or outside.

If you have no Bedbugs in your house and are getting a rash or a burning itching for no reason especially in the heat in the Summer this could be coming from the Bedbugs outside and in the trees, or from wall sockets or lights sockets.

Your itching and rash might be coming from the light sockets or outside because the Bedbugs live like Earwigs. 

What you need on you is burning chemical pesticides to relieve your itching from the Bedbugs but the Government won't spray them.

Force the Government to spray for Bedbugs to relieve your itching! Plus get rid if those awful fruit flies coming up the sinks. 

So if you are itchy in your apartment or house that could be coming from anywhere, that is from the Bedbugs outside and in wall sockets.

Pesticide will fix that if the government sprays the Bedbugs.

Kill all the Bedbugs!!!

Demand this today, get rid of them like the Earwigs and Army Worms.

The Story of The Bedbugs

I thought that the Bedbugs were from the Black Plague in the Dark Ages and were wiped out and were some kind of myth in a children's book, then I found out they were real when the County got infested.  I didn't even know what they were back then. 

Everyone knows that in the United States and Canada that the Bedbugs came from the Empire State Building in New York City.

All the Bedbugs outside came from the Empire State Building.

Several years ago there were no Bedbugs, then they said on the news that they had to close the Empire State Building because it had the Bedbugs and they were spraying it.

Then ten minutes later the Bedbugs were all over the United State and Canada and infested my entire County in Nova Scotia. That's because they came from the Empire State Building.

I think that New York City is the "brain" or the "main hive" of the Bedbugs and they all came out of the Empire State Building.  

Bedbugs started in New York City, now they are everywhere that is because New York is the Bedbug hive of the United States and Canada. 

They need to spray all of New York City with harsh pesticides right away to kill the Bedbug hive, those harsh pesticides will relieve all their itching then they can go back to not cleaning their apartments if they don't feel like it.

You shouldn't have to clean your apartment or house every two minutes to keep out the Bedbugs when it's the Federal Government's fault they are there because they won't spray them with pesticide.

All of New York City needs to be sprayed with the Bedbug Pesticide in the trees, sidewalks, parks and all public and government buildings outside to kill the Bedbugs, then they need to spray from airplanes as well. 

All you are doing by cleaning your apartment all the time is just holding the Bedbugs back.

Spraying New York City will kill the main hive of the Bedbugs and they need to do this everywhere in the United States and Canada right away with harsh pesticides. This will relieve your itching and then keep the Bedbugs out, a way better option.

Don't worry about the harsh chemical taste from the pesticide getting in your food and mouth because it is not poison, and the harsh burning chemicals on you skin from the pesticide will relieve your itching.

This is a way better option than dealing with the Bedbugs and the chemical taste in your mouth and burning chemicals on your skin will only be temporary until the Bedbugs are all dead and hopefully the Fruit Fly will be with it.

Remember, all the Bedbugs came from the Empire State Building in the United States and Canada because that's who had them first on the news.

Now the crazy first I thought that the Bedbugs could fly. Someone outside told me, but they could be just bull shitting me I don't know, that people are growing the Bedbugs in cardboard boxes and then dumping them out of Cessna Airplanes on the towns and counties. 

I don't know if that's true or not but people may be growing the Bedbugs and dumping them on the ground out of small airplanes and that's where some of the Bedbugs are coming from besides the Empire State Building.

Then they said in the Winter people were growing the Fruit Flies and then pumping them down their sinks with a pump and the surviving Fruit Flies were coming up other people sinks in the Winter and getting into their garbage cans.

I don't know if that is true or not but that is "Domestic Terrorism" if you pump Fruit Flies down your sink or drop the Bedbugs from airplanes.  Those people are home grown terrorists and doing that you can be charged with domestic terrorism. I don't know if that part is true or not.

Destroy all the Bedbugs.