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Politics: Is The Washington Monument Racist?

Is the Washington Monument Racist?
Is the Washington Monument in Washington D.C. racist? Should the Washington Monument be taken down?

This is part a larger political debate taking place in the media right now. 

Western Canada meaning Ontario West to British Columbia including Canada's Capital Ottawa are separating from Canada and removing John A. MacDonald and are taking down symbols of Canadian Confederation and pulling out of Canada's union. Meaning, is Western Canada separating from Canada? 

City of Victoria B.C Removing John A. MacDonald Statue From City Hall:

This is a similar stunt to one pulled recently in Ontario where they are changing the name of schools named after John A. MacDonald , Canada's first Prime Minister and hero to all.

This is my main point here, when I say Nova Scotia is it's own Country anyway for 400 years separate from Canada, I am still keeping John A. MacDonald.

When I say Canada as a Country is over and we need to keep the traditional country of Nova Scotia and Quebec, along side the United States 400 year long History and reconnect to that model of Nova Scotia as a Country and the United States as being a 400 year old Country along side us.

This is how you understand what I am saying.

When I say Canada is over, I am not throwing out John A. MacDonald I am throwing out current Canada in Western Canada. 

Then I am saying we Canada as a "zone" like the European Union and then John A. MacDonald can represent that as a "traditional Canada" where we all still own all of Canada's resources and then Quebec and Atlantic Canada as Nova Scotia are separate Countries in the zone with their own Currencies but we still own the North West Territories for mining and resources.

When I say the Washington Monument may be racist , I don't mean George Washington because we are keeping him but we are throwing out the Washington Monument.

That's because The American Revolution was correct by George Washington against England but the monument today may be racist and we may need to take it down.

I am still researching my political stance and it updates and changes as the "media takes place" in the background and I reach new historical conclusions, this is my current stance.

Now, you have to read all the political stuff on this blog to get all this.

Western Canada is separating from John A. MacDonald and that also means Canada and Abraham Lincoln which is the United States Victory in the American Civil War.

The founding of Canada in 1867 by John A. MacDonald also means the United States victory in the Civil War by Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

Meaning the American Civil War victory and the foundation of Canada are locked.

If you say you hate John A. MacDonald you are saying you are leaving Canada and also separating from Abraham Lincoln in the United States of America.   

That means Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Large Sections of the United States are still supporting John A. MacDonald and Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and 1867. That is the regular location.

These people like me, think that Atlantic Canada and Quebec should be their own Countries in Canada and run like the European Union, and use the 400 year long history.

People next to us in the United States also want to use the 400 year long history of the United States of America under the Thirteen Colonies and the traditional Country of Nova Scotia.

This is the group that want's to throw out the id card and ban Equifax and release the 4G wireless internet network as free wi fi to the public and launch internet television.

Then people are saying that the American Revolution is racist and they want to go back to regular longer history and use the Thirteen Colonies, and they are now saying that the Washington Monument is racist and want to take it down but keep George Washington because the revolution is correct.

The people wanting to keep the Washington Monument are Equifax Supporters.

The people in Western Canada taking down the statues of John A, MacDonald are the Equifax Supporters and in favor of the ID Card, that is the same in Washington D.C.

So when the people say they want to take down the John A. MacDonald Statues, they are supporting the Washington Monument and are the Equifax Group, they want to keep the ID Card.

That group is against Abraham Lincoln and John A. MacDonald - that is my group. My group that I support backs John A. MacDonald and Abraham Lincoln and we want to remove Equifax and the id card.

This is a little long, but not really.

In Canada -  Quebec and Atlantic Canada are backing Abraham Lincoln and John A. MacDonald and want to keep Canada as an European Union system and then have our own Countries and Currencies inside the  union. 

Then we want to ban Equifax and the current credit system and ban id cards, then we want to release the 4G internet and have free internet and launch internet television over the free 4G wireless network.

Then we want to let Quebec have it's own monarchies from France on it's own currency for French symbolism in Canada. Atlantic Canada would have Joseph Howe or someone on it's currency.

Western Canada taking down John A.MacDonald is a symbolic separation from our group they are the Equifax Group and want the ID Card and Credit System.

Their backers from Western Canada in Washington D.C want to keep Equifax and the ID Card and NOT release the 4G network for free or internet television. 

They are our Political Adversaries. 

That is the other system.

Those people back the Washington Monument and I will show you how. That means that the Washington Monument represents Equifax and the ID Card System in Washington D.C. and they are the supporters of Western Canada, I have examples.

When they say in Western Canada that they hate John A. MacDonald that means the Washington Monument is racist. 

The Washington Monument is that's groups statue and represents Equifax, the ID Card and Western Canada.

That group is against Abraham Lincoln because the Civil War victory also established Canada with John A. MacDonald.

Like this, then I will show you the story of why with examples. 

If they say that they hate John A MacDonald it means they hate Abraham Lincoln and back the Washington Monument, making it racist.

Today, they will say in Canada they hate John A MacDonald and later they will say the same about Abraham Lincoln in the United States and say he is a racist.

Then they will say they back the Washington Monument and take out Abraham Lincoln and then they want to install more Equifax and triple bill you for the same services.

They may even say they want to remove the Lincoln Memorial because it is racist with John A. MacDonald and it backs the removal of Equifax and the ID Card, then they will want to keep the Washington Monument because it represents Equifax.

Like this, if they say they want to remove John A. MacDonald statues we need to say back to them that we want to remove the Washington Monument because it is racist.

How the Washington Monument Represents Equifax and is possibly racist:

The Washington Monument represents the American Revolution and blocks the 200 year history of the Thirteen Colonies making the United States 400 years old.

People are saying that that is racist. 

They are saying that the Washington Monument is a "Berlin Wall" to block the Thirteen Colonies and that it blocks half of the History of the United States and it is racist.

They are keeping George Washington as a victory in the revolution and want to change the United States to the 400 year history along with Atlantic Canada.

Like this:

The American Revolution kicked out England, then they put up the Washington Monument to represent that Victory, this blocks the Thirteen Colonies like a "Berlin wall".


This lasted from 1776 - 1913 (137 years) and ended under the not fully passed 16th Amendment which returned Taxation Powers onto United States Citizens illegally by Washington D.C.

Meaning, Washington D.C illegally undid a part of the American Revolution in 1913 - That is Equifax and the Credit System plus the ID Card.

That means today that their is a split in the United States and a piece of it is not part of the original country and was not fully passed.

The Washington Monument finished in 1885 also represents the illegal not finished passing of the 16th Amendment and are the Equifax Laws and ID Cards.

Those laws are not part of the real United States of America because they are not fully passed, then everyone else in other Countries had to adopt Equifax after it illegally passed in Washington D.C. in 1913.

People saying that the American Revolution is racist mean that the period of the United States for 137 Years was a "Berlin Wall" to keep out England. 

Then in 1913 they forced taxation back on to the United States Citizens and are acting as England to the Thirteen Colonies in Washington D.C. today and taxing them and forcing them to use ID Cards and it NEVER fully went in.

That system never went all the way in and it never passed the full ratification process in the United States of America.

The same group that did the illegal passing of the Equifax Tax and Id System in Washington D.C also built the Washington Monument (1885) and it represents the Equifax Group.

That is against Abraham Lincoln and John A. MacDonald, now they are removing John A. MacDonald and Abraham Lincoln will be next.

After they do that, they will install a stronger Equifax system and ID System under the Washington Monument as their statue in Washington D.C. for forced taxation.

That's forced taxation from Washington D.C as they represent England having undone a part of George Washington's United States.

The people in Washington D.C representing the Equifax Group and the ID Card are only partially passed and acting as a full Government. 

The Washington Monument is racist to people because it means that the United States was a "Berlin Wall" to keep out England. 

Then the Washington Monument represents forced taxation from Washington D.C. on to the United States Citizens and not fully passed id card system - That is Equifax.

Then Washington D.C with only a partially passed system, FORCED all other Countries to legally adopt the Equifax System.

That is what is being removed today.

The group in Western Canada is representing Equifax and the Washington Monument by taking down John A. MacDonald and it is all racist, and it's racist to Abraham Lincoln.

They are the Equifax Backing Group. 

They are the ones separating in Western Canada and taking down the John A. MacDonald statues. In Washington D.C. they are the Equifax System people and are the id card and Washington Monument.

Like this:

That is the same thing in the United States with the Washington Monument as the Berlin Wall was in Germany to block European Citizens from grouping in Germany. 

That was done by the group from 1913 in Washington D.C. in the United States from the Equifax Group in 1945.

That is the same group that built the Washington Monument in 1885 and put back part of England in the United States in 1913 in Washington D.C. and it was not fully passed. Then they began forced taxation and id cards.

Then they FORCED that on all other Countries to legally adopt it when theirs wasn't fully passed - THEY ARE NOT IN POWER , in fact it never even fully went in.

They keep making these "crazy walls" like the Washington Monument the means George Washigton's America was just a wall to keep out England (probably not true, but they changed it) for 137 until 1913 when Washington D.C. put back a piece of England for forced taxation which is NOT FULLY a part of the United States.

Then Canada, Europe and everyone had to adopt it legally when their wasn't.

That is Equifax and the ID Card people in Washington D.C and in Western Canada.

So the Washington Monument is a Berlin Wall.

Then they made a real Berlin Wall in 1945 and split up Germany, then sat on them for close to 50 years to stop Europeans from regrouping.

That means, Washington D.C. with the Washington Monument is "sitting on us" with a not fully passed system and using almost forced taxation and id cards and making us all adopt it in the other Countries.

This is why we are throwing them out. 

That is Equifax and the Credit System (not specifically taxation), as well as the ID Card System which is being banned.

They are also the same people who WILL NOT release the 4G wireless internet signal for free public use when we paid for it from the public or put out internet television.

That is the Equifax Group in Washington D.C. and their backers in Western Canada. 

They also not fully passed the Equifax laws and built the racist Berlin Wall, the same model as the Washington Monument and the 1913 taxation laws which never fully passed also meaning meaning the Berlin Wall and the splitting of Germany in 1945 never fully passed.

However, they did it anyways and are just "sitting on us" from Washington D.C and have no public support.

The other view is this:

We want to form a new Canada as a European Union like System with three Countries in it Atlantic Canada - Nova Scotia, Quebec and Western Canada.

Western Canada can keep the Canadian currency because that is theirs.

Then Quebec and Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) will get their own currencies.

Then all three Countries in this "union" all share taxation and resources in the North West Territories under the regular Canada laws as usual while we are separate. 

Then we are banning the ID Card and Equifax.

Then we are switching to the 400 year long history of Nova Scotia, and keeping Canada as a "second union" for taxation and resources since 1867.

Then we are going to find our supporters in the United States who want to return to the 400 year history of the United States of America and ban the id card and throw out Equifax.

In the United States what that means is that you are under the Equifax Laws from 1913, that is the same as Nova Scotia being under Canada since 1867.

We are saying that people in the United States will throw out Equifax in Washington D.C. and tear down the Washington Monument because it is racist and it represents Equifax and is an insult to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Then the Equifax Group with the Washington Monument with be thrown out with partial sections of the 16th Amendment being removed - keeping taxation, because they need the money.

Then they will ban the Equifax Credit System and ID Cards.

That group is also blocking the free 4G Wireless Network and Internet Television with their "walls" like the Washington Monument and The Berlin Wall.

Today, they have an "invisible wall" around us from Washington D.C that blocks us from having free wireless internet and internet television but it is represented by the supposed racist Washington Monument from the Equifax Group.

That is their group, they are Western Canada and the backers of Equifax in Washington D.C. with their Washington Monument which represents Equifax and not fully passed taxation and identification of United States Citizens.

Our group in the United States wants to go back to the the 400 year history with Nova Scotia and then throw out Equifax, the ID and the Washington Monument.

Meaning their are two sides in the argument - Atlantic Canada, Quebec and supporters wanting to go back to the 400 year History of the United States and throw out the Washington Monument because it represents Equifax and potentially illegal taxation and constitutional amendments.

The other side is Equifax in Washington D.C. and Western Canada and they represent forced taxation, id cards and want to triple bill us for free internet.

That is what is happening.

So when they say they want to take down John A. MacDonald Statues, they mean Abraham Lincoln.

Then they are the Washington Monument and Equifax in Washington D.C. and are forced taxation, forced identification and triple bill for free internet.

Then they "sit on us" with walls like the Berlin Wall and the Washington Monument so we can't group and have free internet.

These people in Washignton D.C. are sickening and need to be removed and their "walls" and partially passed systems banned from the world today.

Then we will have more money, cheaper prices and free wireless internet, internet television and no id card system.

Nova Scotia, Quebec and our United States Supporters could then make United States currency local to them like in Nova Scotia and Quebec and then become a partner of the Union in Canada.

Then we would make the 'Amero' currency like the 'Euro" for a United States Canada Currency, that would replace the United States Dollar for overseas trade.

So in the United States and Canada we would have local currencies plus the Amero, in all regions as a Universial Currency for trade in the United States and Canada.

Then the Amero would be a United States / Canada Currency that would replace the single United States Dollar for overseas trade and the United States Dollar would remain local to their region.

That means overseas that the United States Dollar will be pulled after the removal of Equiax from Washington D.C and replaced by the 'Amero' a United States / Canada Currency.

Then the Canadian overseas trade deals with Europe, Australia and New Zealand to Asia could be on a new 'Amero' coming from Canada, 'Amero' meaning "North American Currenty" NOT united States Currency only.

Later, the 'Amero' could be extended to Mexico, Central America and all parts of the Caribbean as a full North American Currency or 'Amero' that includes all of North America and the Caribbean. 

'Amero' would be Norh American Currency from the United States / Canada region. 

That currency would be used for global trade deals outside of the United States where the 'Amero" currency is from Canada but originate from North America.

Meaning 'Amero' does not mean US Currency, it means United States / Canada Currency from the continent of North America like the 'Euro' means European Currency.

This will happen from Canada after the removal of Equifax from our new seperate Country regions from within Canada when it is a Union like the European Union and the United States is our local "business partner" that also uses the new 'Amero' Currency.


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