Sunday, August 26, 2018

CHL Memorial Cup & Huge Sports Update

Will Guy Lafleur be at the Memorial Cup?
I'm not promising that Guy Lafleur will be at the 2019 Memorial Cup in Halifax but if everyone keeps asking for it he might show up, or it could be Bobby Orr or other past NHL stars, maybe even Sydney Crosby who is from the Halifax area will be there or possibly other former NHL hockey stars from New Glasgow or Atlantic Canada may be there, after all New Glasgow, NS players won the Stanley Cup twice so why wouldn't they not want to be there or other past stars form the area. 

Hopefully, Guy Lafleur will find out that everyone in Atlantic Canada wants him to be at the Memorial Cup and him and other past NHL stars might be there if we make a big deal about it in Halifax. Guy Lafleur is only like 66 so why wouldn't he want to be down at the hockey rink for the Memorial Cup or other hockey events.

Just remember if you come down town for the Memorial Cup in Halifax and see Guy Lafleur don't be down there harassing him, if you plan on rioting the City has insurance for that but don't be bothering Guy Lafleur because everyone wants him to come to the games in Halifax.

There's no petition to get Guy Lafleur to come to the Memorial Cup in Halifax but if people keep wanting it he might show up and you never know because there's going to be a big crowd down there and maybe he and Grant Fuhr will show up and you'll get to see him in downtown Halifax. 

Going by television commercials I'm assuming that those guys will be eating at the Subway Restaurant so when I'm down there during the Memorial Cup that's where I'll be looking at for these former NHL stars.

This is going to be a big year in Halifax for the CHL and the Halifax Mooseheads but I can't go to every CHL game because I am busy so I'm not bothering to get season tickets but I am going to buy a bunch of CHL tickets and catch as many games as I can this year since it's for the Memorial Cup, so I'll be down there a bit to watch the Mooseheads this season and check all that out then I'll also be over at St. Mary's University to watch their Football games this season, my team is the St.FX  X-Men from my University but I live in Halifax so I'll be watching the St. Mary's Huskies Football team and they will be playing St. FX  at some point. 

The University Football league doesn't have a lot of games though in the season which is too bad but if you are interested in University Football St. Mary's is there and seating is General Admission. So I have plans to go to that and I'll be at some of the CHL games at the Scotiabank Center. 

The point to all this is it's going to be super exciting down there at the CHL this year in Halifax because they are getting ready for the Memorial Cup, that means that TSN, Sportsnet, Hockey Night in Canada and probably ESPN will be down there. I'm assuming that Don Cherry and Ron Mclean will be there from Hockey Night in Canada but I don't know yet.

Then all those television stations will be out in the Halifax area scouting out filming locations around the City for the next eight months probably like ESPN and hanging around the Scotiabank Center during the regular season to get ready for the Memorial Cup because it takes time to set that up so I'll be down there to check all that out and catch of a bunch of games, I'm not going to every one though because it's too many but I'm going to see a bunch. 

Then during the Memorial Cup remember they might have all those video screens outside and they'll be tons of people outside watching the games and they'll probably have the area blocked off around the Soctiabank Center which should be super awesome. So when you're down there hanging around outside maybe Ron McLean will be there or Guy Lafleur hopefully.  

Scotia Square is the Official Food Court & Parking Garage of the Memorial Cup
Parking for the Memorial Cup is at the new Scotia Square Mall, that is right beside the Scotiabank Center. That is where the brand new expanded food court is at with the new glass enclosures and it's super nice down there. So I'm assuming that all the future NHL stars and current CHL stars will be down there eating at the food court at the Scotia Square Mall, which is probably going to be the Official Food Court of the Memorial Cup, which now has a bunch of new restaurants in it and expanded seating and is also the Official Parking Garage of the CHL in Halifax. 

The Memorial Cup is at the Soctiabank Center and right across the Street is the Scotia Square Mall Parking Garage, that's where to park for the Memorial Cup if you can get into it when they probably block off the area, then in the same building is the Scotia Square Mall and new Expanded Food Court.

That is also attached to the Delta Barrington Hotel and Casino Nova Scotia. So if you go to the Memorial Cup the Scotia Square Mall is the parking and huge Food Court across the Street and is attached to Casino Nova Scotia. So you can go from the Memorial Cup right to the Casino and Hotel from inside the Scotia Square. 

I'm assuming that if Wayne Gretzky is at the Memorial Cup he'll probably be in the Casino Gambling with the other NHL players. So if you like gambling you can do that at the Casino at the Memorial Cup and maybe Wayne Gretzky or someone will be in there when you're there gambling during the Memorial Cup week, which is like ten days long.

Then outside on the other side of the Scotiabank Center is all restaurants in Downtown Halifax and there are tons of restaurants and pubs there outside that you can eat at, plus outside Casino Nova Scotia on the Halifax Waterfront there are restaurants and concessions down there as well, plus there is lots of Tim Hortons and also Starbucks there downtown and at Scotia Square. I'm assuming that the Halifax Waterfront will have at it's restaurants and concessions open during the Memorial Cup. 

So it should be super awesome down there and jam packed during the Memorial Cup with TV Crews all over the place from ESPN filming the area. 

I'm also assuming that everyone is going to go down to the Memorial Cup to see all the guys who are going to be in the NHL Video Game next year, remember the MVP of the Memorial Cup will probably be drafted by the NHL and be in the NHL Video Game next year.

So if you want to meet the guys who are going to be in the video game next year and in the NHL they will be down at the Memorial Cup in Halifax in 2019. I'm assuming that they will be all out eating in the Scotia Square Mall and hanging around the Food Court and eating at the local restaurants and at the Waterfront so if you want to meet them that's where they will be at, places like at the Mall and at the Scotia Square Food Court, remember again that in the future some of them will be NHL stars and in the NHL Video Games, if you want to meet them before they are in the video game and big NHL stars you can do that at the Food Court at Scotia Square during the Memorial Cup.

Just remember, if you see me at the Memorial Cup or at the Scotia Square you're not allowed bothering me when I'm eating and stuff and just because I'm going to be hanging out down there during the Memorial Cup doesn't mean you can go down there pushing them CHL players around and being tough because they're going to be in a video game next year maybe.

I'm going down there to see all those guys before they are in the NHL and hopefully see Guy Lafleur or someone outside. Just because I'm doing that doesn't mean you can all be down there trying to push those future NHL stars around because they're all super tough in the NHL next year.

So when I'm down there eating at the Scotia Square Food Court all week during the Memorial Cup, you can't be following me around trying see how though those guys are who will be fighting in the NHL next year some of them. So you can't go down there pushing them around and stuff to toughen them up for the NHL just because I'm going to be there. 

Just because I'm going to be hanging around downtown Halifax during the Memorial Cup that  doesn't give everyone an excuse to go down there and try to push around future NHL players because they're tough and going to be in a video game next year maybe, plus you'll probably get beat up or something. 

Just don't be down there pushing them guys around because they're going to be fighting in the NHL next year, and fucking don't be bothering Guy Lafleur if you see him.

Other than that the City has insurance if something get's smashed in downtown Halifax so don't worry about that if a Hockey Riot breaks out, plus there will probably be a Police Barricade down there but don't even worry about it.   


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