Saturday, August 11, 2018

News: Victoria B.C. Mayor Says The City is on Indian Reservation & Removes John A. MacDonald Statue

Victoria B.C. Mayor Lisa Helps says City Hall is on Her Indian Reservation
Lisa Helps "the crazy cat lady mayor" of Victoria, British Columbia is removing the Statue of John A. MacDonald in front in City Hall in Victoria because she says Victoria is on an Indian Reservation.

According to wikipedia mayor "Helps" who doesn't reveal her birth date refused to swear an oath to Queen Elizabeth and says her allegiances are to the Songhees  and Esquimalt Indian tribes.

My opinion is that she is probably an Esquimalt Indian and hates John A.MacDonald and is some kind of racist.

She is saying Victoria B.C. is part of an Indian Reservation and they are allowed to remove the statue of John A. MacDonald - not true, duh - no matter what this crazy cat lady believes. 

So she was elected mayor and then she tore down or is the statue of John A. MacDonald at City hall outside her office on Government Property. 

Indians Tear Down Statue of John A. MacDonald at Victoria City Hall - Claim Building is on their Indian Reservation:

Mayor "Helps" thinks that this is not true and that Victoria is NOT Government Property and belongs to the Esquimalt Indian Tribe and is on their reservation and they are saying, for real, that the Indian Reservation owns City Hall in Victoria and they are taking the statue down because they hate John A. MacDonald and are not part of Canada under the Queen.

So I found the source of the people saying they hate John A. MacDonald and it is coming from Indian Reservations in Canada.

Then they are saying they are taking down John A. MacDonald statues. Even Doug Ford wants to keep the statue from Ontario and is speaking out in favor of John A. MacDonald.

Indian Reservation Removes John A. MacDonald Statue in B.C Claim They Own Land
Then the Indians from the reservation got Lisa Helps elected mayor of Victoria and she is saying that the City Hall is on their reservation and she is tearing the statue down because she hates John A. MacDonald and loves the Indians.


I hate to mention this to the Indians in British Columbia who hate John A. MacDonald but your free money and free houses and free land you live on in Canada's Indian Reservations belongs to John A. MacDonald's Government, and they pay your bills on the reservation.

Our working money in Canada pays for them to live for free on the Indian Reservations now they are coming into the towns and cities in Western Canada and tearing down images of John A. MacDonald and saying our city halls are on their reservations. 

Then they just get elected and take the statues down and change the name of buildings when they are elected and DO NOT own City or Town property from the Indian Reservation.

Anyway, I know that these Indian Groups will be arrested for this illegal activity at some point.

Some people may also want to close the Indian Reservations and cancel their free money and housing and make them work because they tried to remove John A. MacDonald from Canada.

Speaking of Berlin Walls, maybe the Indian Reservations have been there too long anyway and need to be removed to make the whole place the same in Canada and the United States.

They make Black people work and they used to be slaves but Indians don't have to, people say that is even more racist to black people than anything.

So now not only do they want free land and free money on Indian Reservations now they want to own city hall and remove John A. MacDonald.

I guarantee the Canadian citizens courtesy to Indians does not extend that far. 

So maybe this "Berlin Wall" of Indian Reservations needs to be removed and they can go work and we can use that money for something else.

From the look of the John A. MacDonald issue from the Indian Reservations I can see them all being closed at some point and then the Government making them work like everyone else.


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