Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Thoughts On The Trench Coat Mafia

Random Thoughts on the Trench Coat Mafia
Just another regular Friday at the end of Summer 2018 and I'm just sitting around having these random thoughts and was thinking about the Trench Coat Mafia. 

For me, I like to work on music and stuff on the weekends and just usually sit around during the work week doing very little and watching sports and listening to music and stuff. During the workday I like to head downtown and go to Tim Hortons and stuff and just hang around.

So I usually don't do too much during the work week and then I like to work on my books and music and stuff on the weekends. It's nice to get up early during the work week and not have to be anywhere and just make my breakfast and sit around not worrying about being somewhere that day. 

Then I can just focus on my bacon and eggs and coffee and not worry about being anywhere, of course I do work on my music and books if I get inspired during the work week but I do most of that on the weekends and I'm up late at night working on music and stuff. 

Getting up early is great when you don't have to be anywhere, then I can run down to the Superstore and get some early morning deals when I'm making my breakfast. Then I sit around following the music scene on the internet all day and watching music videos. 

I have a new metal music blog now at so I like to et up early during the work week and when everyone else is out working I like to sit around reading about heavy metal music, sometimes I even look at pictures of girls in bikini's.

The problem with running a music blog though is you have to sit around all day listening to music and chatting on the internet, then you have to listen to all these albums all the time. The part that sucks though is there's not a ton of new Death Metal content on the internet so my page is a little slower to be updated than other non Death Metal pages, so just consider that when viewing my music blog that I don't cover wimpy Death Metal so it's not as busy, I only cover good metal stuff and Extreme Death Metal.

Recently I was up early and cooking some bacon on my George Foreman Grill and sitting in my kitchen and I started thinking about how hard it must be for the Trench Coat Mafia to release a metal album. 

I mean, for someone like me it's easy to put out a good Death Metal record because I'm so great at it so I don't need to go around blowing all this money to get people to listen to it. In fact, it's quite the opposite I have to get people out of here annoying me about my records and stuff all the time. 

So I just promote my music on my own pages and decided to start a music news page.  Other bands have to do all this work to get their albums posted on music news pages and spend tons of money and then their album was probably never listened to and forgotten on the internet in two minutes. 

That's because they don't have a good album or memorable record so everyone just forgets it, a total waste of money. I mean really though, anyone can get their record carried in a store if they spend enough money on it so that's not really a big deal. 

Going out and blowing tons of money you are guaranteed to get your record carried in a store but no one will ever remember it and you'll probably spend more money making the record, getting artwork done trying to promote it, then they have no time to sit around like me all day and chat on the internet about music all the time and then they spend so much money putting out their record that they can never sell enough copies to get their money back, pointless.

Doing all that is super hard and what's the point making all that and doing the business of distributing your record if it's not memorable. For me that's easy because I'm so great at music, people will listen to my records just to hear me play lead guitar for an hour. 

Not only that all my music has all the key elements of music in it, people can listen to my records to hear what Death Metal sounds like and inspire them to make their own music. 

Why would you release an album that you can never sell enough copies to get your money back? 

Some Heavy Metal is small and they only do 1000 Copies and you only get $10,000 back if you're lucky and promoting the album may cost you $20,000.  

I see some bands spend more money making the record than they can ever make back because they only made 500 Copies and it's not memorable. 

My problem with my music is I end up making like four hours of it, then I sit around all day editing the songs, listening to make sure all the drums are in time and everything is in the right place musically on my new stuff mainly and I get obsessed with editing the production and mastering etc. 

Now I have to say that my new record is super good. Then like all musicians I'm trying new things on the record etc. and adding new musical elements to it...just pause for a second...not it's not banging on a garbage can lid, it's musical theory elements.       

Seriously though, it takes a long time to edit a good record. For me though I do that myself so I don't have to pay someone. Editing four hours of music takes a long time and as usual I'm behind on my own deadlines, but the time is well deserved when you hear the finished album. 

I could post the record now but I'm still obsessing over all the drums and guitar parts and making sure there's no noise in it and it has the proper mix. My last four records came out in 2011 and now the next ones are almost out. 

Doing eight albums worth of material in seven years is a lot of work, then the eighth album is a 2 CD Compilation of unused material that will probably be out in 2019. 

Then the stupid part is I still didn't get all that printed yet, which is annoying me but it'll be out on digital format. I'm just trying to have a certain amount of work done before it's printed and I'm not quite done yet. 

Like I could short cut and just put out whatever was done and sell it cheap but that's not rewarding enough for me, it has to be good.  

My new record is still set for a Summer release so that's winding down fast, I just can't stop obsessing over the mix and want to make sure I'm happy with it first. 

You can't just throw all that together in one second when it's four albums worth of material and then just ram it into the store and blow all this money and waste your time. It's like this people like the Trench Coat Mafia throw all this money into a record and throw up this huge flag for two minutes and there is no substance behind it. 

Then they didn't do anything memorable and when theirs is forgotten next week after they blew all that money mine will still be there and be a Classic Death Metal Album like Venom - Black Metal or something and you will never be remembered in music.  


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