Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Look Everyone, Vegetable Juice

Vegetable Juice
Look what I found everyone, vegetable juice. 

That's right not only have I discovered the power of oats I just discovered that you can make juice out of vegetables, now make sure to go tell everyone about vegetable juice.

This is super important, tomato juice is the main vegetable juice then you can add stuff to it like celery in V8 brand vegetable juice.

What is exciting about this is now I have vegetable juice to go with oatmeal.

The problem with vegetable juice is that I used to think it was super gross, however I like the actual vegetable but didn't like the juice.

I researched the history of vegetable juice and there is not much material on the internet, in fact I think V8 Vegetable Juice might actually be the first vegetable juice ever invented, although it says they started in the 1930's.

I'm putting this in my talking out of my ass category because I don't know what I'm talking about, personally I think vegetable juice was invented in the 1980's for the invention of the automatic juicing machine.  

Like no one knows where it came from, it was just sitting there all of a sudden. I think the real origins of vegetable juice are from television infomercials.

The great thing about vegetable juice is that you can just get your vegetable servings by drinking it as juice and not be forced to eat vegetables so it it super healthy for you.

The problem with vegetable juice, I used to think this was disgusting and I found it hard to drink so I just spit it out, but come on someday you're going to have to face drinking vegetable juice so you don't want to be the only person not having some.

This is the main breakthrough in vegetable juice, they put the roots and the top of the vegetable in the juice in the juicer, like the little green part on the top of the tomatoes and carrots, like the leaf part and the root part.

The bad taste in the vegetable juice actually turns out to be the roots and the leaves of the vegetable, like in tomato juice the bad taste in it is the tomato leaves, like they taste super strong in the juice.

To like vegetable juice you have to keep drinking it to used to the taste of the leaves and stuff in in it like in tomato juice, I just hold it in my mouth as long as I can to get used to it. 

Then your body has to get used to processing the tomato leaves and roots for example or any vegetable leaves and juice.

That might in fact give you hives while your processing the juice with the leaves in it, like there is a "bad taste" inside your body, when you eat the leaves and roots inside the juice it tastes bad to you.

That is probably not real, that is your body processing the leaves and roots in the vegetable juice for the first time...this might also give you hives and a headache.

After your body processes the leaves and roots you won't be able to taste it anymore...I tried this with several foods and now I can eat them. It turns out that it was stuff I never had before or much, then you get used to it and the bad taste goes away.

Not only that I think people who drink vegetable juice might all be high off the roots and leaves, then when you keep drinking it and start to like it run and tell all your neighbors that you have discovered vegetable juice after your body processes the taste and you start to like it.


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DEMONS & WIZARDS - Hansi Kürsch unboxes "III"

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The Man That Never Was


Slipknot - Live at Resurrection Fest EG 2019 [Full Show]

Saturday, February 22, 2020

OPINION: Canada Rail Blockades Disgrace To War Veterans

For this first time in Canada's history that I am aware of Canada's rail system has been blockaded and for the first time probably since World War Two in Europe we have been subjected to a rail blockade.

This probably hasn't hasn't happened to Canada and it's allies since Europe in World War Two which was liberated by our courageous war veterans who did not free Europe to be subjected to rail blockades, product shortages on their on soil here in Canada.

This is a total disgrace to Canada and they are also in violation of the NAFTA agreements from the United States which allow some products to cross the border tax free like grains and stuff I am assuming, so they are also violating free trade agreements and blocking sections of the United States Economy which allow certain products to enter Canada tax free to boost their Economy, now they have been totally blockaded.

This is not a protest, this is an attack on Canada's rail system and infrastructure, get off the train tracks. 

No one in Canada in will tolerate this behavoir let alone reward them for it, they all need to be arrested and put on trial for terrorist attacks on our train and shipping system and blocking the NAFTA free trade agreements which is an open attack on the United States Economy.

Justin Trudeau says he doesn't want to send in the Army to remove blockade:


Blockades broken up by riot police in Montreal:


My opinion, this is a total disgrace to Canada.


Friday, February 21, 2020

Music: Opinion - Johnny Cash - The Ballad Of The Teenage Queen

I just posted some of my Johnny Cash playlist, you can view the playlist on www.mix.com/jasonmackenzie

Does the song "Ballad Of The Teenage Queen" by Johnny Cash send a bad message?

To me it does, you can hear the song below on my playlist.

In the song the teenage queen is the prettiest girl in town who is in love with the boy next door, she doesn't care about the other boys who have money. One day she leaves to become a movie star and then become rich and famous.

She leaves and sells all here stuff to be with the boy she was in love with as a teenager and quits being a star, no one would ever do that in real life. That sends the wrong message to choose love for a poor person over fame and fortune - never do that.

No one would ever be worth giving that up for, plus why didn't he just go to her?

That just sends a bad message, never give anything up like that for "love" that could be gone tomorrow, plus I think they have medication for that now.

 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen

(Dream on, dream on teenage queen prettiest girl we've ever seen)

There's a story in our town
Of the prettiest girl around
Golden hair and eyes of blue
How those eyes could flash at you (How those eyes could flash at you)
Boys hung 'round her by the score
But she loved the boy next door who worked at the candy store
(Dream on, dream on teenage queen prettiest girl we've ever seen)

She was tops in all they said
It never once went to her head
She had everything it seems
Not a care, this teenage queen (Not a care, this teenage queen)
Other boys could offer more
But she loved the boy next door who worked at the candy store
(Dream on, dream on teenage queen you should be a movie queen)

He would marry her next spring
Saved his money, bought a ring
Then one day a movie scout
Came to town to take her out (Came to town to take her out)
Hollywood could offer more
So she left the boy next door working at the candy store
(Dream on, dream on teenage queen see you on the movie screen)

Very soon she was a star
Pretty house and shiny car
Swimming pool and a fence around
But she missed her old home town (But she missed her old home town)
All the world was at her door
All except the boy next door who worked at the candy store
(Dream on, dream on teenage queen saddest girl we've ever seen)

Then one day the teenage star
Sold her house and all her cars
Gave up all her wealth and fame
Left it all and caught a train (Left it all and caught a train)
Do I have to tell you more
She came back to the boy next door who worked at the candy store

(Now this story has some more, you'll hear it all at the candy store)


The Man Comes Around

I Won't Back Down

Johnny cash-I've been everywhere

Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage

Johnny Cash - Down There By The Train

Johnny Cash and Billy Gibbons - I Witnessed a Crime

Johnny Cash - Tennessee Stud

[Ghost] Riders In the Sky

I Walk the Line

Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire (Audio)

Johnny Cash - The Long Black Veil

Dark As A Dungeon

johnny cash~The rebel-Johnny Yuma~

Johnny Cash - (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (With The Carter Family)

The Old Account

I Still Miss Someone

Johnny Cash- The Ways Of A Woman In Love (HQ)

Guess Things Happen That Way

Johnny Cash-Rock Island Line

Folsom Prison Blues

Johnny Cash - Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down (live 1972) HD 0815007

Cry, Cry, Cry - Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Ballad of a teenage queen

Johnny Cash - Wide Open Road

Johnny Cash Don't Take Your Guns To Town

Give My Love to Rose (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA - January ...

I Got Stripes (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA) (2nd Show) (- Ja...

Johnny Cash - 25 minutes to go (1968 live at Folsom Prison)

Cocaine Blues (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA - January 1968)

Ragged Old Flag

Five Feet High and Rising

The Ballad of Ira Hayes

Johnny Cash- Orange Blossom Special

The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer

Wreck of the Old 97 (Live at San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA -...

Big River (Live at San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA - February ...

Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun (1964) HQ/Widescreen ♫♥ 55 YEARS &...

David Bowie - Let's Dance (vinyl, 45 rpm) HD

Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

Kiss on My List

The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night

Polaris - Vagabond (Official Audio Stream)

REMINDER: MLB Starts Today

MLB Spring Training Starts Today
I'm having trouble following the start of the 2020 MLB Season, Spring Training games start today, I mean I'm not sure if they had something yesterday or not. Usually the Boston Red Sox kick off the spring training game against the University Team, that game is today at 1 PM EST or 2 PM Atlantic.

That is supossed to be on the NESN Television Network, that's the Red Sox home station.

Boston Red Sox vs. North Eastern University at 2 PM EST


Detroit Tigers vs Southeastern University at 2 PM EST.

Minnesota Twins vs Minnesota Golden Gophers at 7 PM EST.

Kansans City Royals vs Texas Rangers at 4 PM EST

Yankees vs Blue Jays tomorrow!


Get Real: The RCMP Has No Authority In Indian Blockade

Canada Rail Blockades
I've added a "Get Real" section to my blog, get real the Canadian RCMP Police which is the Royal Police in Canada or the Queen's Police from England has zero authority over the dispute with the Indian tribes which keep changing their "band names", that's Indian band not music band ...like what are they talking about?

RCMP Offer To Move Off Indian Lands To Resolve Rail Blockades 

Get real man, they're not allowed doing any of that. 

The RCMP is not allowed to negotiate an agreement with the Indian tribes in Canada over their attacks on our rail and shipping system and has no authority to negotiate land deals with Native Americans. 

What they are trying to say is that the Indian Blockades are a local police matter, and the cops are handling it. 

Uh, nobody called the cops over that plus it's not their jurisdiction to step in from the RCMP to make any decision. I mean over shooting you're authority there a little bit aren't you?

The Cops have no authority to negotiate land deals with rail blockades for Canada's infrastructure. 

The RCMP are claiming to have an awful lot of authority in Canada in the Parliament all of a sudden aren't they?

They're equating this with some kind of hostage situation on an Indian Reservation where they have the authority to step in an negotiate with the criminal in a one person situation.

Now the RCMP is applying this to all of Canada's infrastructure, I call scam.

This is a scam, not only are the rail blockades a scam so are the cops at the RCMP trying to pass off that they have the authority to speak on this matter which they don't. 

The Prime Minister is the only person who is suppose to speak on the issue from the Government plus this is Canadian Military jurisdiction not the local police or it falls back to the Queen of England to resolve the matter, in fact the Queen should be speaking on the rail blockades.

Not only that companies are using this as part of the scam as a threat to raise store prices which they do EVERY TIME anything happens, so when the Indians are blocking the rail lines business are out there threatening to raise prices and lowering store inventories, when we already can't afford barely anything in the store anyway...AGAIN!, and the cops are on television claiming they are allowed to step in and handle this and they are lying. 

Not only that the "Wet'suwet'en" Indian Tribe is not even a recognized Indian Tribe in Canada plus it's brand new and they keep making new tribes and changing their names, they're not allowed doing that.

The actual tribe is the Athabascan Indians from Western Canada, these other tribes are just people forming together and changing the tribe names and have no recognition in Canada and are attacking schools, monuments and rail lines with no recognition.

They can't start changing their names and keep their Indian Tribe status in Canada, only the official one is recognized. Then the RCMP step in on the Canadian Military to negotiate, yeah I don't think so cops get real.

I'm telling you this is a total scam, now businesses are trying to raise prices off it with their friends in the cops....again. Get real.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

MUSIC: Anomalies In The Kiss Biographical Material

Here are some anomalies I uncovered when researching Kiss and some coincidences. Nothing Crazy here just some facts to point out.

This may be approximate, Kiss apparently have like six hundred biographies and photos and documentation for everyone of them, I mean how much material did they make anyway.

The Original Kiss, who will hopefully now be turned into holograms like all rock stars and continue to tour forever into the future on the internet, only played for five years.

That's from 1973 - 1977 with their original lineup, after this Peter Criss was not in the band although he is credited for being on two albums but they used a session drummer for their last couple Peter Criss albums.

Back then Kiss must have been under tremendous pressure to perform, their height in the 1970's only lasted about two years maxing out in 1977 after the release of "Destroyer" because of the song "Beth" featuring Peter Criss, obviously the most mainstream member of Kiss because of the song "Beth", after this he didn't play anymore in the 1970's.

Kiss did not get started commercially until after 1975 with the release of "Alive 1", the main part of Kiss was the "Alive 2" time period for the albums "Rock n' Roll Over", "Destroyer" and "Love Gun" which was the commercial height of Kiss in 1977.

After this Peter Criss was not on the records. 

Kiss also said their inspiration for their stage show was Alice Cooper and the Phantom of the Opera and Paul Stanley also did a brief stunt on the Phantom of the Opera stage show.

Ace Frehley only lasted like two records after 1977 just like Peter Criss and Kiss keeps changing their biography around the material. 

They said his last official credited record with his image on it was "Creatures of the Night" now they are also crediting Vinnie Vincent as playing lead guitar on the album as well as Ace Frehley on guitar so there is still some confusion on the album credits for "Creatures of the Night".

In the 1970's the main Kiss promotion was for five years for six records, ending in 1977...obviously the band was overworked and was called a commercial failure by 1978 one year later, tough crowd out there, after the release of "Beth" and Peter Criss and Ace Frehley could no longer play, they were probably just worn out.

In the 1980's MTV launched off the Kiss makeup reveal, so they helped launch MTV in the 1980's by doing their make up reveal on the air on MTV and also had huge commercial success in the 1980's as a "regular" rock / metal band.

1980's band members Mark St. John and Eric Carr both suffered from health issues, Mark St. John's hands swelled with an arthritis inflammation while touring playing the Ace Frehley material and left the band and Eric Carr died of a heart tumor.

Tupac Shakur was the person who announced the Kiss reunion on television in the 1990's for the East Coast band Kiss, then he was murdered in a drive by shortly after this in the East Coast West Coast rap music violence potentially over the jealously of the Kiss attention he received from doing their television announcement in a gang war. 

The Kiss reunion was during my high school graduation.

The "Psycho Circus" album was released when I worked at a record store at the mall, this was a huge record at my store and the place was packed back then. Looking back on this I had the awesome experience of running a record store during the Kiss Reunion album and was promoting that at my store at the same time as Norway Black Metal and all that.

That was probably one of the most fun times I ever had, when I worked running a record store that's when the Kiss reunion album came out and I got to be there for the promotion of an original Kiss Record.

This time with their original lineup Kiss played again with Peter Criss for five years but only did one record instead of six, a more realistic goal and expectation and did a longer tour off one album instead of wearing themselves out trying to record too many albums.

The "Original Kiss" farewell tour with Peter and Ace lasted until around 2001, that's when I went to University and stopped working at the record store. 

Just some awesome coincidences I noticed when researching the band Kiss.


REVIEW: Cirith Ungol Live Video Premier

Metal Blade Records streamed today just a few minutes ago the Premier of the song "Legions Arise" by Cirith Ungol, link below.

I streamed the premier of the video on the www.deathmetal.tv channel on YouTube and on the website simultaneously. 

The point here is the channel "Death Metal" on YouTube is www.deathmetal.tv , Metal Blade is the Record Label at Sony or somewhere, so we're the Death Metal Smart TV app through youtube. 

So if you watch you could see the premier live on the television and blu ray player on the website www.deathmetal.tv for the tv app promotion, like it was live on MTV or something.

Here is my review, the band is good anyway. 

I watched on the computer and the television at the same time, there was about 88 people watching the premier for Metal Blade Records and about 148 when it ended. 

So I was on it and Metal Blade was probably on it and like 150 fans.

It looked fine on the computer, however on the smart tv app there were a couple problems for example the premier time was 4 hours off on the blu ray player app and said and said 5pm instead of 1pm Atlantic, then the stream said "ended 8 seconds ago" when it was still playing.

My Main problem was while waiting for the stream to start on the app on the blu ray player the machine didn't recognize the count down timer to the video like 25 minutes to go or something and the player thought the screen was idle and automatically shut off with the count down playing, it's a Sony player, so the screen was active on the player counting down to the premier but the player didn't recgonize it and shut off thinking the screen was idle.

Now bad though and it looked fine on the computer, so pretty good for our first live video stream at www.deathmetal.tv on the smart tv app from the Metal Blade Records label page at Sony or somewhere.


Cirith Ungol "Legions Arise" Lyric Video (OFFICIAL)

Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (Official Video)

Black Sheep- U mean I'm not

Get The F--k Out Of My House

Ice Cube - Pushin' Weight (UNCENSORED) (HQ)

N.W.A. - Straight Outta Compton

Body Count - Cop Killer (Lyrics Video)

BODY COUNT - Carnivore (Visualizer Video)

BODY COUNT - Carnivore (Vinyl & CD Unboxing)

DERANGED - Necro-bulimia Interfering Afterlife (Official Lyric Video)

I Missed Groundhog's Day

I Missed Groundhogs Day
This happens to me all the time, if I'm not right at the elementary school events or something I miss Groundhog's Day, right to the point he saw his shadow where I live so six more weeks of winter, not only that it has been storming since Groundhog's Day in Canada.

I though Groundhog's Day was after Valentines Day, remember Valentines Day is the last real holiday event no more good stuff until Labor Day and Thanksgiving, you get a couple days from July 1st to July 4th and that's it.

For the next several months it's back to the regular work season, thankfully Summer is coming.

Now back to the Groundhog, Groundhogs Day the movie starring Bill Murray is one of my favorite movies, this is probably the real Groundhogs Day at www.groundhog.org at Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania home of Punxsutawney Phil which is the official groundhog. 

In Nova Scotia we have Shubenacadie Sam which is what a half hour drive or something outside Halifax at the popular Wildlife Park there I am assuming, I checked the news and he did see his shadow, now it's been storming ever since.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for Pennsylvania and Shubenacadie Sam predicted a longer Winter for Nova Scotia.

The deal with the the actual groundhog seeing it's shadow or not to predict an early spring or longer winter is probably related to it's winter hibernation cycle, I'm not sure if they actually hibernate or not but they would be less active

The groundhog will know if it come's out that day if it's going to continue to hibernate or not, so it knows because if it see's it's shadow it goes back to bed for six weeks because of a longer winter.


Sunday, February 16, 2020

Metal Playlist Feburary 16,2020



Polaris - MASOCHIST [Official Music Video]

AMARANTHE - 'Do Or Die' Feat. Angela Gossow (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Parkway Drive - Bottom Feeder (Live at Resurrection Fest EG 2019)


Polaris - HYPERMANIA [Official Music Video]





Help Keep America Great

Keep America Great Vote Trump In 2020!
If you live in the United States help keep America great in 2020 by voting for Donald Trump!

Remember two key things Sustainability and Stability. 

Not only do we need America to build sustainable resources these  resources have to be stable, sustainable and stable resources would help keep us a better place if you vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

Hopefully, Trump will be pushing for the release the instant freezing and cooling machine I described the patents for in my previous post, being a business man I'm sure Trump will know that this is a good investment to help keep America great.

Heading into the United States election, or if you are just watching from another Country like myself here in Nova Scotia, this is what you have to remember.

The United States, and Canada, need an expanded railway system to remove the old clogged and congested rail infrastructure for shipping plus the addition of high speed rail that they have in Europe and Japan for here in Canada and the US.

North America's high speed rail system will allow our citizens to travel at near air speeds on land and reduce air travel giving us a more energy efficient and clean transportation system and reduce the need for oil for producing jet fuels and help save fossil fuels.

We also need expanded oil pipelines for home heating rebates, cheaper home heating oil and the pipeline's will create much needed jobs in the United States and Canada to help our economies grow together.

We also need to remember to push for the sell off our of minerals in Canada to Asia that they need there more than us for their economy to raise funds to help us cover things like the push for free power in Canada, cheaper rent and housing plus increased government cheque rates for welfare, disability and old age pension.

Plus don't forget to keep pushing for compensation to our citizens in Canada and the United States for being violated by corrupt credit scams and unconstitutional financial practices against our citizens from corrupt government contractors in a monthly reparation payment of up to $600 per month per household going forward to balance constitutional proceedings for our citizens.

Also remember the United States need more recycling programs like here in Nova Scotia for a cleaner country and brighter future.

Don't worry about those new oil pipelines, we're digging it up anyway to put in the new high speed rail system!

The new expanded oil pipeline infrastructure will be seamlessly integrated into the new rail expansion to bring the United States fresh cheap oil from Northern Canada, that will create jobs there, reduce monthly household expenses and also give you home heating rebates.

Don't forget...we still have to keep pushing for the release of the 5G Wireless Internet Network for free usage for citizens. 

This will also allow us to have global free phone service and the installation of global wireless internet television, with tons of free content plus subscribeable television packages and pay per view events.

Wireless television and free phones will eliminate the need for expensive cables into your homes for television, phone and internet plus save on metal manufacturing for cable wire and fiber optics that can then be sold off to Asia at clearance prices to raise money for rebates to citizens in America.

All that combined will help reduce the price of automobiles and close the equifax credit system and you will no longer need a credit rating for financing and the items will be much lower priced by local store credit issuers.

Remember vote Donal Trump in 2020 to help keep America great and build sustainability and stability for America's future!


The Struggles Of The Modern Scientist

Here is the problem with science today, scientific theory for inventions is progressing faster than we have the capabilities to manufacture the inventions, which is a similar theme to the computer microprocessor and hard drive space which gets ever cheaper and more advanced.

The question is to release the invention for the betterment of humanity or hold it back to privately develop the product, well the better solution for humanity is to release the invention as a free patent like the light bulb or something then everyone can work on it together.

When you get brainstorming about science and inventions you start saying you need something to make you life more convenient, this is what we have come up with to release to the world as a free patent since we don't have any money to develop these types of products, by the time we did that I could already have one at home from someone else.  

Here it is everyone, our designs for the automatic heating and freezing device. 

Like the microwave except for automatic cooling...you put drink in the device like a microwave, set the temperature that you want the liquid cooled to or frozen, press the button and it cools your drink to the temperature like the opposite effect of the microwave.

This device in fact is a microwave and freezing device mixed together. You put your item in the device and select the temperature you want the item, usually food, cooled to or heated up to from boiling to frozen. 

So it will boil your water or liquid or freeze it by pressing the temperature button on the front automatically like the microwave.

The problem to do that everyone has been solved by public discussion but no one has any money to manufacture the device.

Like this, the microwave heat source to heat up food items uses the power current from the wall socket...the electricity coming into the microwave is used to make the food hot from the power supply.

However, there is no cold settings.

The refrigerator has cold freezing capabilities but no automatic freezing settings so you have to wait for you liquid to cool or freeze.

This is the invention...it is a microwave mixed with a freezer from a refrigerator, that does hot and cold at the same time. 

Now imagine it's like you put you microwave inside the freezer in your fridge and it does hot and cold.

Here is the specific function....

The device is a power supply like a microwave hooked up to a freezer with Freon coolant in it, so it has the power and heat from the microwave but also has a coolant chamber from the refrigerator freezer. 

The microwave functions work the same, but you press the temperature you want it heated to and it runs until your food reaches the temperature with a thermometer in it and with a guide on it with recommended food heat settings. 

Now the cold settings are the same you press the temperature button on the front and the Freon inside the device will automatically cool the liquid to the specified temperature or freeze it to 0 Degrees Celsius.

This is how it works.

The device contains Freon which generates ice inside the device like a freezer in the fridge.

Now the freezing functions are extremely simple as follows:

The power supply used to generate heat for the microwave is used to heat the ice inside the chamber which melts it creating cold air.

The cold freezing air is then pumped into the liquid to cool or freeze the drink.

Think of the microwave with a coolant inside it to keep the microwave from overheating, when you use the microwave cold air comes off it from the ice melting.

That cold air that is generated is used to freeze warm liquids by having the cold air pumped inside the chamber which automatically cools your water or food or instantly freezes meat for packing and storage.

You would wrap you meat in freezer wrap, then select "freeze" on the front menu and then the heat from the microwave power supply would melt the ice and then pump the cold air into the chamber to instantly freeze your meat to be stored in the freezer or to cool drinks.

That is the whole solved invention.

It would look like a microwave or be an attachment to a refrigerator since it already contains coolant.

The front would look exactly like a microwave only it contains coolant like a refrigerator freezer, the front would have a temperature scale on it like a sticker the top would be red and say boiling and as you went down the sticker it would turn blue to show cold to zero degrees celisus which is freezing.

So you put your drink into the chamber like a microwave and then select your temperature from the scale from cold to hot to heat, cool, freeze or boil your liquid or heat or cool your food.

I am releasing this as a free open public patent on the internet to everyone so that all of humanity can help manufacture this device so we can all have one by next Christmas, just like the people who lost the patent for the automatic coffee filter.

Now everyone can we are the people who lost the patent for the automatic cooling device, just like the people who lost the coffee filter patent.



Yes, it also has a regular microwave timer on it for normal usage as well the temperature method of cooking, plus men are allowed using one but they are only for women who own the kitchen I am being told. 

So, apparently girls have to own that.


Parkway Drive - Live at Resurrection Fest EG 2019 [Full Show]

Saturday, February 15, 2020

ANVIL - Legal At Last (2020) // Official Music Video // AFM Records


ALERT: Coronavirus May Be From Food Poising

INFORMATION: World Health Organization Coronavirus Information Page:

Was the Wuhan Coronavirus now called COVID-19 caused by contaminated Corona Beer in Wuhan, China?

I mean the original name could have been code from the research lab for the name of the virus that was discovered in Corona Beer, now they changed the name to COVID-19, just something to watch out for.



AMARANTHE - 'Do Or Die' Feat. Angela Gossow (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Polaris - LANDMINE [Official Music Video]


Rebuttal: Why It's Pointless To Start Arguments On The Internet

The last thing you need to have to happen is get up and have someone quoting Robert Saunders at you.

In response to this article:

Why It's Pointless To Start Arguments On The Internet

You are right, I totally agree with that.

Robert Saunders means that people are involved in pointless arguments because of their feelings and don't argue with facts because they are only arguing about their feelings so you can never win an argument on the internet, like they are just flaming you with no facts.

I totally agree with that, arguing on the internet is pointless plus they might not even know what you are talking about when they argue with you. Like they say in the article they don't use facts they are only arguing basing on their feelings.

My point is this, they shouldn't be doing that on the internet if they claim to be running an internet magazine, they should stick to music.

Their page just becomes some message board like face book or something with people arguing on it with no facts.

Plus it's like this, the internet is not real anyway.

Like, it's just some crayola crayon page that everyone reads with a bunch of cartoons on it and stuff, then when you close you laptop and go to the store it doesn't exist anymore...like outside I mean, it's not real.

So you can't get wrapped up in these arguments anyway because it's just bullshit on the internet. For myself I get totally sucked in to the internet and wrapped up in all the content and start blogging about it like it's real life....but it isn't.

It's entertainment only, plus it's immature but that's the point of it. 

I could sit here going on yelling on the internet all day about the NHL but if I get up and go shopping or go to Starbucks that's not real outside. 

Like it shuts off as soon as you close your laptop or it's for shopping.

Internet arguing is not a real thing anyway, as long as it stays on the internet and no you can't win because there's no facts behind it and it's not real anyway.

My point is I'm just going on about it anyway, only on the internet. That's not real outside, as soon as I get up it is gone. It's just my source of entertainment.

My problem is the internet is not real in real life, people read my pages on the internet and then came to my house an attacked, assaulted me and flamed me for years outside in real life. 

No one would ever do that over seeing a webpage on the internet, like finding out who they are and coming to their house.

Then they flamed me on the internet and attacked me at home at the same time, they are fucked in the head, like that stuff's not real in real life off the internet. They shouldn't be coming to someone's house and assaulting them over a webpage.

That's fucked in the head behavior.

Then they started tampering with my webpages and stuff, like it's not even real man fuckoff.

Then they say it's a music magazine, then they turn into a public message board flaming you with the people that attacked you at your home over you webpage.

Right so the internet argument is pointless, I agree with that...plus I am just venting about it because I was attacked at my house, I mean get a life or something.

Beyond that they shouldn't be backing and participating in an argument on a website claiming to be a magazine, then flaming you with the people assaulting you at your home...that's just the same people anyway. 

My advice is this, keep your argument on the internet if you're gonna do that because you're  mentally retarded if you start going to people houses over their webpage on some Crayola Crayon page on the internet like they did to me.


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Danzig - How The Gods Kill

Glenn Danzig's VEROTIKA (2020) Official Trailer HD

See I Am Being Assaulted On The Internet

I don't know if this is some kind of hate group or what, www.lambgoat.com a small heavy metal page looks like they rewrote their article or something on my lawsuit from 2012 and are flaming me to death in the article and all flaming and spamming me, obviously they are the some of the ones who are harassing me in the metal music community like in the North End in Halifax, whatever.

Besides all that that whole record not just one song is specifically targeting me in plagiarism and also copies my cover art which they changed, and the whole group of people and their press behind it is all flaming me. 


"Yesterday we received a press release from an outfit called Forward Regression Records"

Yeah man, it's a business...right in the actual music community and we played with Sony artists and stuff.

"a song from Collapse, an unknown (as far as we can tell) death metal/grind band from Nova Scotia, Canada"

You know all about me, you're the ones assaulting me on the internet.

"I responded to Forward Regression's original press release and accused them of launching a lame publicity stunt."

No you didn't. 

My quote:

"If this were a publicity stunt, it is Season of Mist and Terrorizer not Collapse and Forward Regression who are creating the controversy. By coping our album art and lifting riffs directly off our album."

Their response:

"That last sentence doesn't make much sense to me. If Terrorizer wanted to engage in a publicity stunt, choosing to target a band and label with no following seems rather pointless."

That's what I told them, after that article were published the band's legal representative wrote me claiming that I also had no band, that's what I meant to them.

The other people are saying they are using my material and telling me I have no band, that's how they are creating the controversy. 

I also took that as a threat to me from the bands representatives, plus after that I received death threats on the internet.

"When I contacted Season of Mist about the matter, still doubtful of its legitimacy, they indicated that this is a real lawsuit and that it will likely end up in court. I'm positive that they're not losing any sleep over it though.

I really didn't want to post anything about this and give Collapse or Forward Regression any exposure, but the whole situation was just too odd not to comment on."

I don't know what you people at www.lambgoat.com think Season Of Mist Records is but it's not real, where I work at is  at the Corporation level and would be in direct conatact with Sony's head office for my complaints.

You don't to give me any exposure?..like by harassing me to death on the internet?

Why's that because you are the ones doing it?

The situation is too odd?

What you people don't get is that you are advertising on the internet that you are a music magazine and you said you were looking for stories, why you are attacking me personally is unrealistic from your webpage.

You are all claiming on your page that you are all in a vendetta against me or something in music magazines in heavy metal, and you are out trying to rally for support against me in defense of a music news story, which is what you claim to promote on you page.

Why your several music pages are claiming to be in a fight with me at my home and business on the internet, and rallying for support for it on the internet and claiming it's the "metal community vs Jason MacKenzie on music pages" is not realistic.

I don't think there is any way that could be a real music page, plus I was assaulted at my home leading up to this then the people from Season of Mist also harassed me to death and flamed me over it.

You people attacking me outside and assaulting me on the internet are not going to continue, just remember you are the ones who wanted to do it in print against me here in Halifax.



Mayhem - Carnage (ft. Dead) - Mayhem featuring Euronymous & Dead from the Movie "Lords Of Chaos" starring Rory Culkin!


Polaris - HYPERMANIA [Official Music Video]


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Exumer - Record Store Raid

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Pop Music Playlist January 12,2020

Abba - Waterloo


Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Official Video)


Billy Idol - Rebel Yell (Official Music Video)

Bon Jovi - Runaway (Official Music Video)

a-ha - Take On Me (Official 4K Music Video)


A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (So Far Away) (Video)


Heart - "Barracuda" (1977)


The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed (Official Video)


Toni Basil "Hey Mickey" Official Music Video






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Polaris - HYPERMANIA [Official Music Video]


DEATH ANGEL - The Dream Calls For Blood (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Lingerie Try On! Valentine's Day!!!

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Parkway Drive - "Bottom Feeder"

Polaris - THE REMEDY [Official Music Video]

Polaris - MASOCHIST [Official Music Video]

Lady Gaga Posts Nude Photos On Instagram


Hahahaha Twitter Locked My Account

Hahahahahaha, I knew they were going to do that man hahahha.

I just did that on purpose man posting all the time I hit 6500 tweets or something and they locked my account for using their service just like myspace, everyone who works for them has like 15,000 Tweets and they won't let me on their services.

Like I'm just sharing videos and stuff for years now, now they want to know if I'm a bot...I'm not I just post when I listen to music,,,that means all the other twitter pages are bots and automated fake by people who work for them and they kicked me off for using their software.

I knew they were going to do that because my page is too awesome, fucking whatever....Twitter just died hahahaha. 

I'll see if they reactivate it.

They only use phone number to reactivate it.

HAHAHAHAHA...you're all going to pass out man, they said I am using an "unsupported phone number" because I use the smart phone free calling app  and they only want me to enter a fucking paid number to reactivate it and it's locked with no other options  to open it except to go buy a real phone, which I have but fuck them.

That's the fucking phone company man, see they just assaulted me at Twitter like with those contractors and stuff...

Not only that my blog www.deathmetal.tv was just getting spammed to death and they were saying in the comments that they were "selling old twitter accounts form 2009" that's mine and then they locked my page.

Fucking whatever scam. Now what are you gonna do sent the collection agency down about my music playlist.


....see fucking twitter stole my account, now you can't even see my post count.

Note...if they lock my blog on blogger, just use www.jasonjamesmackenzie.com for the new blog page when I reload it.

So if they freeze my blog it's probably because of the Scientific American article, because they took my twitter right after I posted that because it ruins their magazine, so in retaliation they took my twitter.

Just remember tho they lost Scientific American Magazine first over it.

So Instead of continuing with twitter, I'll probably just make my own video playlist website and then post my news articles to www.internetnews.press .

I'm gonna take a little break then for a few days from blogging and then figure out how I'm proceeding with my pages. 



Mystery Animal Claims It Can Be Milked

...says milk can be used with oats.


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

If You're Going To Send A Plane Into The Air Make Sure To Tell The Pilot Where it's Going

If you give a pilot an airplane and then don't give them any instructions how do they know where to go? I mean, if you give me an airplane and don't tell me anything I'm just going to take off...well maybe that is what you want anyway. 

I mean if you give someone an airplane and don't tell them nothing then I guess their not coming back, after all it is their airplane so I guess you don't want anything from them in the future. Maybe people should resolve these matters today since for someone who has their own airplane there not staying around for anything or waiting around to find out on their own, so if you don't say then I guess that's the end of that for me and you for the rest of your life, so we'll just have to wait to find out about that then won't we, so if you don't like my airplane today go fuck yourself permanently.

In response to this article, scientists don't know how planes stay in the air or what aerodynamic lift is.

Uh, yes they do.

I don't know why you people in magazines and shit don't know this stuff, everyone else does.

For one an airplane is a glider, it glides everyone knows this.

A large airplane needs power to lift it because it is so heavy. The turbine jet engines provide the power to lift the plane.

The plains direction up, down, left, right is controlled by the wing flaps etc.

The force of the jet turbine moving the plane forward creates an opposite force in the front of the airplane from wind resistance, this resistance increases with the speed of the plane.

When the wing flap is put in the down direction, I think, it rubs against the force on the wings created by the turbine and opposite wind forces on the front of the airplane.

When the flap hits this it moves the airplane upward into the air, like on the ocean when a wave hits a surf board the surfer leans back or something to "catch the wave" propelling the surf board onto the top of the water  then the surf board glides on the water.

That is the same as an airplane in the air, the front wave is created by the opposite push of the jet turbine engines on the wing and the flap acts as a surf board.

When the flap hits the wave it moves up, when flying the flap is level and the turbine holds the plane into position by "gliding" it into the opposite wind forces hitting the front of the plane, when they move the flap up it goes down in the air.

As the airplane continues into the air the plane slows when the jet turbine is turned back, meaning slowed down, this makes the airplane go slower...raising the flap I think would then lower the plane into the landing position by releasing the pressure on the air current hitting the plane and then lowering it to the ground.

If you want to map that into an equation then the jet turbines forces combined with opposite wind resistance is the speed and "hold" in the air, then add or subtract the wind flap position and determine what force the angle of the flap creates on the wind stream in each of the degree positions.

Remember, if you send a pilot into the air make sure you tell him where he's going because just like in this article it's you that doesn't know how to fly the plane.