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Megadeth - Live at Wacken Open Air 2023

The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (Remastered 2009)

The Doors - Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)

The Doors - Roadhouse Blues

Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg (1985)

Diamond Head - Helpless (Remastered 2021) [Official Audio]

Ozzy Osbourne - Steal Away (The Night) (With Drum Solo) (Live 1981)

Ozzy Osbourne - Suicide Solution (Live 1981)

Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again (Official Audio)

Anthrax - Belly Of The Beast

Thursday, September 28, 2023

D.R.I. - Syringes in the Sandbox - Full Speed Ahead -

DRI - I Don't Need Society

Bathory - The Golden Walls of Heaven

Mercyful Fate - Don't Break the Oath (FULL ALBUM)

COMMENTARY: Halifax Not Represented In Ottawa, Huge Storm Effects Still Surging

The news from "Canada's" Capital Ottawa differs much from here in Halifax (Old Nova Scotia) one cares about Port Royal anymore.

It's all still there, 1700's structures etc. Government House Canada's Oldest Parliament Building still up and running.

Just a few weeks after the last hurricane and one year after the worst storm to hit power was out for three days.

This and more downed power lines...dead telephone poles and "communications boxes" broken and hanging from wires.

Sparks on the lines etc., no sign of Canada seems to be causing heating element devices to work slow or not at all, with clothes taking days to dry...people with only wet clothes to wear to the office.

What will the teachers do when the dryers stop working and all clothes are wet? 

Will they keep teaching?

Who knows when all this will be fixed, families as usual enrolling their kids in school in Ontario now.

Down here it will be all working on the school textbooks here in Halifax during the low power period.

I expect a cold icy winter with low will take a while yet to get all this fixed..the storm damage is just starting to be seen now with the communications boxes just starting oo fall down that everyone can see.

It's getting plain to see that the whole grid was severely damaged in the storm, I mean they will have to fix every pole here in Old Nova Scotia, that's going to take a long time.

Right in the middle of all this, now birds have taken over the Burger King garbage cans demanding the public feed them Jalapenio Whoppers.


Yankees vs. Blue Jays Highlights (9/27/23) | MLB Highlights

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Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

Tankard - Alcohol (2005 Remaster) (Chemical Invasion Version)

Tyrant - Warriors Of Metal (1985)

Rays vs. Red Sox Highlights (9/26/23) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Blue Jays Highlights (9/26/23) | MLB Highlights


w.a.s.p: i wanna be somebody

The Doors - L.A. Woman

EXODUS - No Love: Live At Day In The Dirt 1984 (OFFICIAL TRACK)

AC/DC - Who Made Who (Official HD Video)

AC/DC - Touch Too Much (Top Of The Pops UK TV Show, 07/02/1980) HD.

Ozzy Osbourne - DVD Speak of the Devil Complete Show 1982 FULL (FULL MET...

Ozzy Osbourne - Moscow Peace Festival 1989 (720p50)

Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Official Lyric Video)

Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again

Kids From Fame TV Series Who Put the Bomp

Paul Stanley - Keep Me waiting

K-tel "Pure Power" commercial

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Official 4K Video)

Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music (Audio)

Body Language - Debbie Allen - Kids From Fame TV Series

A&A Records & Tapes (1983)

california (the o.c)

CD Plus Fanfest ECMA 09- Corner Brook NFLD

THE DONNAS LIVE 2003 Las Vegas Full Set VHS rip

The Donnas - Who Invited You (Official Video)

The Donnas - Strutter

The Donnas - Spendin back with My Baby

Wendy O. Williams - It´s My Life (Official Promo Video)

Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Official Music Video)

Beck - Loser (Official Music Video)

Judas Priest - Breaking the Law

Vio-lence - Calling in the Coroner

Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla

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What Are The Factions of Sigil? | Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse

What Are The Gate Towns of Outlands? | Planescape: Adventures in the Mul...

1976 World Series, Game 4: Reds @ Yankees

Aaron Judge on being eliminated from 2023 postseason

RE: Yankees Eliminated 2023

Blame LA Dodgers faulty fence for ruiningAaron Judges season.


Yankees fall 7-1 to D-Backs, officially eliminated from playoffs

SCREEN SHOT: Hack Claims Ownership Glenn Danzig

On this record on the fake page they have the Misfits record saying they can't play it from youtube on the open source saying Glenn Danzig not on the record blocked the file from for copyright infringement.

This fake media player header is only on some pages.

Totally fake.

Any albums in any format including artwork are public domain including any concerts and podcasts etc, on the page are all open source.

The page means any album mentioned listed is open source even if the clips are only previews.

Then they want you to go to spotify to pay to listen to the album saying it's owned by Glenn Danzig.


HALIFAX: Squadders Downtown Around Hanging Around Internet Hack Sites & Homeless Camp

You can see this right downtown in Halifax....they got these fake "hack business" like people that used to work for "Access Nova Scotia" that used to tell you all the rules wrong all have these homeless shelters set up on the pier using the "five star bailiff & security" to protect the shelter and homeless camp.

Now all the people that filed fake court cases against the town at the Tenancy Board pretending to be "court bailiffs" with fake papers have the same thing setup as the hack at


The issue at the DMV and Tenancy board was a fake computer on a similar hack as, now they have fake papers saying they run a homeless shelter and homeless camp, and the same fake people I sued "five star bailiff" are all down there protecting their people in the camp calling themselves "five star security" squadding with fake court papers.

Obviously, this is the same in Halifax it was landlords at the tenancy board filing fake cases against tenants with fraud court papers that everyone threw out, now they are all downtown at an illegal homeless camp telling everyone with fake court papers on the hack they are security for the tents and homeless shelter.



NEWS: Hack Page Found Embedded On

The big news story from a couple months back is being revealed...

On millions of albums have been released into the public domain on open source, headache just reading it let alone using the files, and someone uploaded fake pages onto the archive on the user content upload screen.

When you go to some listings they loaded Spotify samples that play from someone spotify account and youtube account.

So the album is on Youtube then they streamed it back to on a hack, then they added sample pages from spotify links and try and trick you into paying for free songs from archive on Spotify.

The hack looks like its on the media player on archive then when you play the file it streams backwards from youtube and spotify inside the media player.

Then the plays add to someone's youtube account and ask you to pay to listen on spotify on someone's account in the background of the media header on a hidden url or something.

The archive page is hard to use but after I got some explanation if an album is on the page then the artwork is also public domain but the page is confusing with millions of pages to read.


It's like they added a second listing to some open source on the upload page with a hack as a second album listing on the upload section with a fake media player on the top of the page that streams backwards from youtube and spotify.

So if you see that on there it is a second listing and means the actual album is public domain with the art but some are spammed with fake uploads and hack code on the media player.



Sunday, September 24, 2023

CORRECTION: Over 2.7 Million Sound Listings Now Public Domain

I was able to speak with public domain representation regarding the status of these music albums.

The response I received was the hack at must have caused an incorrect file merger.

The difference is, when the audio was archived the files must have been incorrectly merged on leading to multiple ip addresses being assigned to one url.

File with an uploader in a music collection were shown as "license selection" on some file saying what the public domain release was.

Other files and pages were released under "Open Source Audio" including artists like "Metallica" whose albums are now public domain.

On the archive what you get is a list of 2.7 Million listings under "Open Source Audio" that the music company has allowed to be on the page.

Other's were listed as a "Creative Commons License Page" under a more specific listing.

The bulk of the albums and artwork were released as "Open Source Community Collection".

What that means is, there is a server error on I was told, they mean probably happened, with some albums listed under "community audio" open source and some under "creative commons license".

The final word was, some titles said "public domain" under the album, while others like "Metallica" were listed under "Open Source Audio" at the top of the page.

Apparently, these were not merged...but they mean if the Public Domain Archive at holds an album / image then it is DEFAULT set to "Open Source Community Audio" with artwork and other's says "Creative Commons".

The point is the amount of work to maintain the archive is non-profit plus the page was hacked.

So you get like this:

Some albums say "Creative Commons" then rest listed next to them say "Open Source Audio" with the album artwork with no details.

"PBS" means, if it's on the archive then it's public domain, but most are just listed under "Open Source Audio" 2.7 million listings with only some under "Creative Commons" which is just a SUB SECTION of the public domain "Open Source" audio section where all the album covers are listed.


RE: Public Domain CD Release Argument

I'm not getting into a discussion on here about the rules of public domain because you're allowed using it for anything.

What I mean is the record label name, band, album and stage name get released into pulic domain.

If someone BUYS the .com for the record label name with a new logo and url registration only they can use that version.

I mean if Sony became public domain, then  if I buy those are MY versions.

No one can copy that. 

Then anything I release on that url using public domain material to make my own albums / songs etc.,  only I can sell at .

Everyone would know that my record label that uses public domain material is only my property on if the name sony was public domain and I registered the url as a new business.

Everyone would know that the one's that appear on that url are only MY versions.

Other url's would be different companies, using public domain material to make their own versions.

Like new heavy metal albums coming out that have no sound on them on streaming from big companies.


RE: Heavy Metal On Public Domain, Sound Taken Off Streaming (?)

Many Heavy Metal Record Label Names have now become become public domain along with band names, stage names, videos and music albums.

Now many songs on the internet seem to have no sound on them like the company cancelled them and now their is no "expensive sound" on artists performing under public domain stage names and label names.

Not all artists / albums have been announced yet for the public domain released albums but it looks like most heavy metal acts have already switched to the public domain format with no sound on the albums and videos from the actual record company.

Like I mentioned on this blog before, Heavy Metal albums only had about 1/3 of the super audio sound on their records, were recorded in two weeks and never made it to HD Super Audio format, SA-CD.

Now it looks like their sound got cancelled on the players online including a massive "samsung hd failure" and that hi def format no longer works on players (streaming devices) causing the sound and picture to stick.

Public Domain heavy metal albums have to be re-recorded to fit on the new HD SA-CD Super Audio format record companies tell me that many of those recordings cost $10,000 a day to produce for SA-CD and only top hits appear on the format.

The point is heavy metal artists do not spend that much money or time to make their albums and it looks like their sound has been dropped from all devices along with samsung hi-def and now they have all these cheap obscene videos out that you can't hear or watch that are not promoted by mainstream companies on streaming devices.

The artists playing ahead on the format from the listing of the actual albums released into the public domain along with the cancelled sound / picture (1/3 high def recordings) shows that all heavy metal albums have been released into the public domain except for a small batch of albums.

So far there is a large list of albums published that were released into the public domain, however on the streaming players almost all heavy metal artists are on the cancelled sound format playing ahead of the list announcement of bands / labels / albums from the record company show that most heavy metal albums have already been released into public domain ahead of the company list of records published on the internet.

Edit, I mean the NEW heavy metal albums coming (NEW RECORDS NOT IN PUBLIC DOMAIN) out are using public domain names NEW songs / records with no sound 1/3 HD BEFORE SA-CD conversion, then playing public domain songs live on tour with no record company sound.

Meaning, most heavy metal "characters" stage name, songs, record label names are public domain released now AHEAD of the record company list.

So the new records coming out are their copyrighted versions for new material , using public domain material to make those songs including record label, band and stage names from public domain to make the new band after the public domain release, back catalog albums that are already public domain.


Weezer - Beverly Hills

Beck - Loser (Official Music Video)

Filter - Hey Man, Nice Shot (Official Music Video)

Finger Eleven - Paralyzer

Vio-lence - Calling In The Coroner

The Donnas - Fall Behind Me (Official Video)

RE: MLB Royals, Blue Jays No TV Coverage, LA Bankrupt?

Recent World Series Champions Kansas City Royals win season series against Houston Astros who lose first place in the AL West Division.

Royals who were eliminated from playoffs still win season series against Houston Astros and beat Jose Altuve in the bottom of the 9th to win the game 3-2.

Toronto Blue Jays no coverage in Canada makes team worthless with no endorsements and have the "Free Game Of The Day" blacked out on internet devices in Canada with no advertising, fans doubt Blue Jays Playoff games will be televised live on devices in Canada leaving the team broke with no endorsements and only available on local tv in Canada.

LA Dodgers bankrupt from lawsuits after ruining New York Yankees playoff run with an injury caused by faulty fence in LA put Aaron Judge out for 1/4 of the season?

New York Yankees may have been World Series Champions in 2022 and 2023 this year without the issues faced by the team due to "technical problems" in LA.

Will LA Dodgers and Houston Astros forfeit and be stripped of some of the Championships from the past few seasons?

New York Yankees can still make the playoffs this year if they go 7 and 1 or something like that.

Looks like Blue Jays and Dodgers both went bankrupt this season as MLB switchs to MGM Casino for betting.


Royals vs. Astros Game Highlights (9/23/23) | MLB Highlights

Saturday, September 23, 2023

D-backs vs. Yankees Game Highlights (9/22/23) | MLB Highlights

daphne savagely shuts down some nerd

SPORTS: Yankees Aaron Judge To Sue LA Dodgers Over Team Losses?

AL Home Run record holder New York Yankees to sue LA over New York playoffs?

Judge who was injured during a game in LA was the fault of the faulty arena fence costing New York to miss 1/4 of the season without Judge, now at the Wild Card run the Yankees are almost eliminated.  

If the LA Fence in the outfield was not broken the wins with Aaron Judge's games on his new big contract would have been enough to tip New York Yankees into a guaranteed playoff spot.

Now LA owes Aaron Judge and the Yankees settlement money for loss of income for the Yankees team by causing them to miss the playoffs if they don't get on a win streak now for the next two weeks.


RE: Fat Guy On Transit With Strap On Outhouse


There was a rumor on the Halifax transit that some fat guy was on the bus with a home made toilet strapped on to him and he was using it on the bus like a diaper and the bus went out of control and piss went everywhere!

Then they all said the guy can't see his penis because he's too fat then when he sits down to urinate he can't see his penis and he has to urinate like a woman and can't control where his piss goes and it sprays all over him when sitting on the toilet.

Too much information! 


1977 World Series, Game 6 (Dodgers-Yankees) (ABC)

1978 ALCS, Game 4 (Royals-Yankees) (ABC)

Thursday, September 21, 2023

RE: MLB Yankees, Can't Play

Do you ever get sick of watching this, Yankees fall back another 1.5 games,'s pretty pathetic that you get to the last part of the season and the television stuff is all going with all the hype.

Now in the larger competition the players can't even stand in the spot to hold the bat to play the game like players on past years.

I mean you get here and then what?

The bat for the playoffs is too heavy or what and the team can't swing it or meet the standard plays to Yankees franchises in the past.

The same with Toronto, now instead you get some kind of little league ball on the big league field and they can't meet the prints for the pictures for the baseball cards.

I mean obviously these players are too small and the season is too long by 1/3 which is the actual job there, even Aaron Boone manager was only a utility player. 

This is pathetic, one Barry Bonds or Ken Griffy Jr. could have beat all these guys by himself.

I mean what, like on the field they want some kind of little league season then when you get to the hard part the Yankees can't hold the bat or throw to Olympic Baseball play, why don't you just quit already?

It's like the rookie weightlifter went to the big competition and as soon as they switched to the new weights for the competition with heavier lifting no one can throw or hit the ball or lift the weights.

Still tho, go "Blue Jays"...that's local to me in Canada, but why do you got all these utility players up that can't lift weights or run on the field for the last part of the season for the playoff run.

Contract breach or what,...I'd want my money back from these players.

Now you get to the part of the season that everyone watches and no one can play or meet the look of the field on television and all the players are worn out and tired, can't run or hit in the last 1/3 of the year now they want some "little league game" on instead with no playoff mlb print for tv and baseball cards.

The camera man can't even follow the game looking for plays that aren't coming continuously having to follow some little league game.

Now they try and pass this off with little league players and utility players as managers from past teams trying to pass this off as OFFICIAL MLB games and television prints for cards and merchandise and no one can play or meet the basic game standards on the new MLB rule book.

I give a baby a Nintendo pad and he can't win the MLB video game on hard either.

You all fucking suck, the MLB needs a refund from these chumps on the field.

At least you can see on the new cameras what the new MLB Game Rule's are supposed to look like for 2023, but you're not getting it from these players in the league today, complete garbage. 

Edit, This just explains the "success" in MLB of players like Jose Altuve who people say are too small for the game, they are playing some little league format. Pathetic.


Blue Jays vs. Yankees Game Highlights (9/20/23) | MLB Highlights

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Beatles - Help! (Remastered 2009)

NEWS: Galaxy Phone Scam - Pending Samsung Cosure(?), Now Matches iPhone Three Camera Face Plate After Online Criticism

After the failure of iPhone with three cameras on the 4K camera with failed UHD, Samsung now MATCHES iPhone with a three camera face plate ADMITTING to working directly working with iPhone to cover the failed UHD camera.

Now Samsung UHD has failed in the same scam, leading to the only usable format as 4K.

So don't expect a new UHD television from Samsung as the Galaxy phone scam has ended their company.

Sony / Cannon Digital Camera's with telescopic lens sell for about $1000, while UHD Movie Camera for true HD Film start at around $2500.



Tuesday, September 19, 2023

HALIFAX: "Local Radio" Shares Top Stories For HRM Residents, "Atlantic / Caribbean Zone"

During yet another hurricane and ongoing power outage plus "low power outage", power on communication boxes down with more static on power lines and home plugs.

Points to take away from HRM Radio in Atlantic Canada / Caribbean Zone:

-Housing Crisis, many people paid DOUBLE for houses and products for prime real estate paying $600,000 for $300,000 homes downtown area that were ruined during the storms and now valueless.

-High rent apartments single apartments being shared being rented by two people who have to make $26 an hour each to keep the units.

-Local Restaurants have no job applicants with two hour wait times to be served at local restaurants downtown.  

-Doctors refuse to work in Halifax because of local restaurants because of two hour wait times.

-Many local businesses have no job applicants, citizens won't work there.

-Local flaming of "immigrants" live on radio call in's about them filling many jobs in Halifax.

-Immigrants were UK Citizens and Refugees filling the job void's left by no job applicants in Halifax.

-Influx of Caribbean UK residents in Halifax to work at Casino and Food Service chains like McDonalds.

-Talk of new stadiums leads to discussion that Casino Nova Scotia will be the home of NHL Expansion Team Halifax Mooseheads, with new Montreal NHL Expansion teams from CHL.

-More talk of NFL / CFL Expansion in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

-Upcoming closure of Halifax High School at Halifax Commons Area.

-Expanded bus and local Metro Transit in HRM connecting to larger cities like New York, Montreal and Toronto with cheaper travel.

-Debated issues for "local income" off new professional stadiums only about small business in the area around the construction, with no effect on larger projects.

- Halifax / Caribbean Areas will eventually receive housing grants from the Nova Scotia Government on an individual case by case basis to replace old units / housing ruined by recent storms, earthquakes etc.

-Removal of GST Tax for building supplies for new cheaper housing construction, passed in 2015 still not in place yet.

-No timeline on reconstruction dates and new grant money for new housing has yet been announced.

-No courts available currently in HRM to resolve local land disputes between residents.


Sunday, September 17, 2023

RE: New MLB Rules / Changes Needed

Again, commentators around MLB keep saying that the World Series used to have less meaning than today.

Today you can see that in the past teams won with a smaller list of teams playing before the league expansion.

To me that sums up the following, MLB World Series has lost it's meaning again...

I mean it's hard to put a championship "World Series Title" out when the format itself only means divisional play.

I mean, how can you have an expanded league today with an out of date Championship meant for smaller Divisional Play with less teams in the league.

So you get after a full MLB season the actual winners list for Division and League Winners, then a "Tradition" Series after this called the MLB Playoffs that should be switched to a more exhibition format with less focus on it being the winner of the season.

I mean, it's just a tournament play based on the top performing teams of the year.

They should keep this then ALSO include the WBC World Baseball Classic or Olympic Baseball as the "Round Robin" and "Tournament Play" for the MLB Season or Olympic Winners etc.

Then MLB need to focus more on the regular season 162 Games.

Goals for MLB to think about:

-Do more with Player Stats for regular season play.

-More emphasis on the 162 Season Game for the actual season winners.

-Expanded player format for 162 games for Betting at MGM Casino Play during regular season games.

-Keep World Series Title for "traditional purposes" and then include new tournaments like the World Baseball Classic and Olympic Play into the 162 game season.

Building on these areas will please fans like me of watching the entire season, while casual fans can still enjoy the separate win for the World Series Title.


Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Donnas - Live at Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec (03-14-2001) Full Show ...

THE DONNAS - Live in Toronto, 1999, FULL SHOW! El Mocambo, July 27, 1999

RE: MLB Yankees, Another Hurricane

New York Tankees suck this year, I mean Atlanta is the winner New York got like 75 wins which is still good but didn't make the Wild Card with two weeks left until playoffs.

Don't worry MLB...I kept my subscription to so you can still have my $30 a month plus I might watch the playoffs.

You just get sick of these guys like New York that have an awesome 2/3 season every year then suck out after the All Star Break, I're no Ken Griffy Jr. or anyone yet.

What I mean is, they must be getting tired from playing and don't have proper workouts because they keep tanking out and sucking, getting hurt all year.

Get a new work out or something, why don't you buy a weight bench and running track or something so you can get some practice.

Another Hurricane!

More storms on the East Coast and Halifax never recovered from last year and there are still power lines down everywhere from last year and smashed communication cable boxes on the wires everywhere.

Now there is another storm, prepare for a bad winter.


Thursday, September 7, 2023

HALIFAX: Crazy Story I Heard Outside

Here is a crazy story I heard on my travels this August on the transit..

They said a "building attendant" for a residential building in a school area in HRM in a "regular income" area, apartments, no money etc., just regular living was held hostage inside the building between an open apartment and the building hallways by a wild dog in a no dog building.

They said people put up no smoking signs outside and then went around asking everyone if they smoked and then stuck the building on rent for the apartment and left a wild dog in the empty unit because the attendant wouldn't rent someone he knew an apartment.

When he went to the empty unit and opened it the wild dog chased him in the hallways and held him in the corner for two hours until someone found him and helped.


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Retro Halloween Commercials


80s Classic Halloween Commercials

Diary Update September 5,2023, Bought New Public Domain Promotional URL | WWW.NIGHTOFTHELIVINGDEADMOVIE.COM

Halloween is next month so I bought this new url to promote the public domain movie Night Of The Living Dead at my comic book store / Dungeons & Dragons Fan Page for my friends up here in the North East so they can have a quick link to the video when we're working on the internet server.


2021 Nissan GT-R Premium [Review and Drive]

Nissan Skyline R31. Promotional video.

Picked Up An R31 Skyline For $1000!