Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Video File Size Exceeds Limit

I couldn't upload my video clips to blogger because it exceeded the file size...don't worry it's 4K.

I did a camera test for a Halifax walk around, don't worry though I'll edit all the bums jumping out looking for they don't like that camera down there, I'm not taping you, I'm taping city landmarks...don't worry I got the shot for ya, mouthing off in the camera at the liquor store.

I'm gonna have to edit it, now I'm gonna have to link the video third party.

Update...I had to host the files myself....I mean I'm gonna have to get a server package now so I can host multimedia because I'm on 4K video now for my blog.

Hobos, I'm not talking to you...I'll submit them to ebaum later after I edit my tapes, now I'm gonna edit all this tape.

That's Main Street Dartmouth on my 4K video test.

There's some to start now I have to edit the rest.


Tuesday, December 28, 2021

COMICS: Here's What Happened With Superman & Captain Marvel

I was reading your fan letters from some old golden age of comics in the 1950's to Mary Marvel.

This is what happened by today's standards, plus my court and university experience since my graduation.

My expert Wall Street Analysis in 2021 based on your request for an explanation from the Comic book now today has an answer, so when you say what did do take 70 years on the first computer to process that?

The answer is yes.

The actual machine is the Univac Machine by Remington Rand from the 1950's that the failed SAP patch ran on but they still operate.

What I'm saying is that I used to live around all that years ago where people's grandparents used to sell Golden Age Of Comics back in the 1950's so I used to read them, like between the two rail road areas from my home town to Pennsylvania back in the coal mining days.

Then people I knew went back and forth and used to work in both place when the comics came out of New York in the 1950's.

That's how I know about all this, so I used to read tons of them when I was younger then I went away years later off to University to work on the Stock Market, when I checked no one there ever processed the questions in the books yet to answer them from Wall Street.

Now that people like me are launching Digital off our failed TSX runs on SAP for Heavy Metal bands we have time to digitize some of those old comics to promote on digital, the new Wall Street phone service.

I mean that's why I don't like maxes at 4K...Samsung is like over 8K and they don't run Roku yet.

I mean why would I pay for an iphone when it's already maxed out and the unlocked is only like 720p, I'm not using that because it sucks.

I need a cheap unlocked with 4K camera so I can edit blog clips for the smart phone.

Anyway, fuck's already maxed.

Anyway, now that digital is coming out that's something we can run cheap on the new service.

Old comic book stuff in the public domain and all that.

Here's what happened...

What they are talking about is trade secrets in business.

If they know Superman is public domain they can just print it....they're not going to tell you.

However, if you figure it out on your own then you can print Superman because you know it's public domain.

That's how it works out there, if you get sued the judge knows it's public domain...just run it through him with a lawyer before you print it to prove it's public domain.

DC restarted twice after Action Comics #1 the latest in 1977, that is an original business that uses public domain anyway and they can just use the name if it was available by registering it as a business, then they just print Superman because they had trade secrets that they knew it was public domain.

Captain Marvel was the original Superman that ran before Action Comics and were the bigger selling books, later Superman launched and copied Captain Marvel and then Captain Marvel copied them back and lost a lawsuit.

After that Otto Binder writer for Captain Marvel went to work for DC comics and then all the old Captain Marvel stories became Superman stories and Captain Marvel closed and became public domain.

Then DC closed for years making Superman public domain as an abandoned character copied from Captain Marvel.

That's what I would say if I wanted to print Superman if I thought it was public domain to the judge first to get a court ruling on the copyright before I print then no one can sue over the character because the court has already blocked it by allowing you to print.

That's too much effort for me so I'll just run Captain Marvel, so if you look on the two covers above you'll see that Captain Marvel was out first and then Action Comics came out and then Captain Marvel made it look like he was throwing the car that Superman was catching on the other comic and they lost the company in it from a lawsuit from DC.

So that would be something I would recommend to do to print Superman from my Stock Market job where that stuff is regulated.


COMICS: Firestar Update

I didn't go see the new Spider-Man movie because of covid...this is what I got about it though, all the alternate characters were from the Marvel Multiverse so if they referenced Mary Jane in it as Firestar in the multiverse they meant my page in my Marvel Fan Fiction Universe 1 from my webpage, that's because how they operate makes it true because of the multiverse and fan fiction plus I bought the url for the old show for a tribute page.

Tribute Page:



The Black Terror: Lost Hero of the Golden Age

Resurrection - Milwaukee Metalfest 2007 clip 4

Pist.On - live & interview at Milwaukee Metalfest, Eagles Club 29-7-1995...


Deicide Milwaukee Metalfest 1992

Body Count Live at Milwaukee MetalFest 2003 [FULL CONCERT]


Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)

Mayhem Debut US Gig Clip @ Milwaukee Metal Fest. July 24, 1998

EMPEROR @ Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Ballroom (Milwaukee Metalfest) (25.07.1...


New metal links page:



Venom - Milwaukee metalfest 11 - July 26th, 1997

Macabre - Do the Dahmer

MACABRE @ Milwaukee Metalfest 1992

HALIFAX: Boxing Day Shopping Trip Update

Here's what happened to me on boxing day, they didn't have much at the store that I would if you went this is what you got, second choice products.

Like they didn't have the George Foreman Grill, but they had the Trudeau.

They even sold out of Hamilton Beach which is my second choice after the George Foreman cooking model.

They're even running ads on Spotify for that from Kijiji....just sell your presents on there to buy the real ones you wanted.

-long lines.

-lack of interest, when I was there they weren't even looking at anything.

I thought about buying an unlocked phone, but I didn't decide yet because I want a good camera on it....I mean everyone else is editing in 4K video...I'll be the only blog on the internet filming in 720p.

Yeah I don't think so, the phone cameras are like 4K now so I'm gonna go film stuff to post on my blog...I'm not getting a 720p camera when all the other blogs are 1080p on 4K.

Then I went out for chinese food and bought government sold cannabis smoking equipment.

I bought a new links page, from the old Milwaukee Metal Festival...that's the original large festival for metal started around the Jerry Dahmer Murders with me and Macabre and them back in the day, they've been playing since like 1986 or something. 

That's the festival that started all the big metal festivals in Europe, I'm just using for a links page for now and maybe a blog later, that's a good internet redirect to where the current scene is today anyway, there should be a lot of heavy metal traffic on that.

Up until now I was just making my own pipes and stuff and just smoking it off the open fire like a hay bail.

Now a few years later that's too harsh and I had to switch to government sold, so I got all the "regular guy" smoking equipment...all official Nova Scotia Government products, pipes, grinders etc.

Like I got sick of scraping out my pop can pipe and cutting my weed with sissors so I switched to a government grinder and all that with their products because it's all easier to use.

The's a Liberal look with all these flashy colors on it with a Conservative high from using the smoking the new pipes and stuff really make a weed last longer, conservative I mean by making the weed go a long way.

Anyway, I can carry all that with me when I'm racing street because it's matches the car...I just do that to piss off the other drivers because I'm gonna win anyway so I race street and smoke government sold cannabis products only just to make fun of the other drivers when I beat them.

Then they have new screens now, I don't know when they came out for pipes that are not disposable like the old ones, now they are shaped like an IUD and just hang in the pipe hole to block ash and embers and you don't have to replace them...that's a good product.

That's what happened.


Sunday, December 26, 2021

Metallica, Mecedes Omaze commercial: good music, a beautiful car and c...

• NECROSCUM - Self Collapse [FULL EP ALBUM](Old School Death Metal)



DORMANTH - So Dies (Official Lyric-Video) (Demo '94) [2021]



DESTRUCTION - Diabolical (Artwork Making Of) | Napalm Records

NUCLEAR BLAST - 2021 No Headbang Challenge (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

1986 Habs vs Flames Stanley Cup - Patrick Roy wins Conn Smythe Trophy

Diary Update Boxing Day 2021

Update, the "Roy" in downtown Halifax is not the Montreal Canadians...personal reminder, helped Patrick Roy win Stanley Cup.


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Raleigh Burner BMX Promotional Commercial (circa 1982)

The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Lyric Video)

The Beatles - Glass Onion (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - Yer Blues (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - Helter Skelter (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - Birthday (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun (2018 Mix)

The Kinks - All Day And All Of The Night (Official Audio)

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

Soup-can Christmas tree is nod to Andy Warhol

Boneless Turkey Breast

The Beatles- Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (2018 Mix)

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Stampeders - Wild Eyes (TopPop, 1974)

Johnny Cash - I Walk the Line

Ace Frehley - Space Truckin' The Director’s Cut (Official Music Video)

Nazareth Alcatraz with Lyrics in Description

"I Only Want to Be with You" Dusty Springfield

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All (1980)

AC/DC - Touch Too Much (Official Video)


The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Lyric Video)

Zager & Evans - In the Year 2525

Beach Boys- I get Around

The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (Official Lyric Video)

Kids From Fame - Body Language - Debbie Allen

Star Trek II Wrath of Khan - Reliant Vs Enterprise; First Clash 1080p

Van Halen - Panama (Official Music Video)

Is She Really Going Out With Him? by: Sugar Ray -Lyrics- (GOOD AUDIO QUA...

Fame "We Got The Power"

Nickelback - Too Bad [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Rob Zombie - Sick Bubblegum

Drowning Pool - Bodies

Court Case Update - December 22

Yeah, so listen to this from my court case.

If you follow this page you'll remember about the fake summons I got for a fake eviction hearing, turns out it was from a "fake sheriff" from the same MMA club that robbed my house in my home town down here operating in Halifax out of Renzo Gracie's MMA club.

Those were the ones that robbed my house, one of the guys got convicted for murder....then the other guy came down here posing as a fake sheriff from the MMA club and tried to evict me in a fake hearing.

Then it turned out that I didn't owe anything, and it was all fake,

So like this, it got paid off I didn't have to do anything....then after that they put my rent up illegally and then blocked me from fixing it the court and I just got a $1000 credit on my rent for being over charged.

The building company closed and the new one fixed my rent and gave me a $1000 credit.

So they came into Halifax and got all these contracts (after the home invasion at my house) then they tried to evict me fake and then tried to buy time thinking I couldn't beat their fake charges and that I would move out of my apartment before anyone figured out that they overcharged me.

I didn't move out then as soon as they did it that week a few summers ago they automatically corrected it and they never came back, then I started getting over charged on my rent and no one would take my complaints.

Now a few years later the building has a new owner and I got a credit on my rent, now in my court case that is additional stuff I am suing over and pressing charges over against the MMA for illegally trying to evict me, then illegally over charging me rent then I had it paid off and waited and got my money back, on top of the first home invasion now when I sue those are going to be extra charges against the people who robbed my house from the North End Halifax, Gracie MMA people and them, don't be surprised if MMA closes. 


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

RE: The Origins Of Orginal Daredevil

So we're doing the original public domain Daredevil over at my comic book page, these are his origins from the original comic.

The original Daredevil that was as big as Superman and Batman was tortured as a young boy and held down and branded with a boomerang brand on his chest, then he developed superpowers and the boomerang is attached to him and always comes back when he throws it, then he's nuts or something and carries girls around holding on to his spiked belt...that's one of the old comic we're going to run.


Music Shirts Are Only $9 Canadian Now

See, they can't sell them music shirts....the main ones are only $9 Canadian now each anywhere probably..I still have to charge full price for mine.


What Am I Having For Christmas Dinner?

Here is a fan email I got on my Death Metal page:

"Jason, I heard you know someone with a bunch of old Barbie houses in the basement, what are you having for Christmas dinner?"

Great question.

In fact today is already the 21st so I'm pretty much stuffed already, I mean this year instead of having a big huge Holiday meal I decided to do something different after Super Thanksgiving.

I mean, I can't eat ten steaks a day anymore because I went back to my dance workout and stopped weightlifting, now Super Thanksgiving and Super Christmas dinner are a little hefty.

This Christmas I decided to break my Holiday dinner into a bunch of smaller meals in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, like a Boxing Day Buffet only spread out over two weeks during Christmas and New Years.

So I have smaller meals and treats and stuff all week so by the time Christmas gets here I won't need that much turkey.

We went out and bought tons of stuff like ham, roast, chicken,  etc. holiday food and a bunch of treats like squares and biscuits and cookies and stuff and chips and candy like those hand held bags of chocolate bars like caramilk bar squares and stuff an tons of pop and party mix and stuff. 

Then we just had a smaller different Holiday meal every night leading up until next week, that way I can get to try all the other foods and treats too because you can eat them all on one day on Christmas, so we spread it out over a few weeks around actual Christmas dinner.

Then I just watched all the City store flyers and ran out and bought all that on sale so I could try new food items for Christmas plus save money by eating from the Christmas sale food items and not my regular meals which sometimes are more expensive and then just running down and grabbing something on sale for the week for bonus Christmas meals through the month of December.


RE: Original Ghostrider & Daredevil

Those are more public domain comic book characters, anyone can use them...there's tons of old free characters in old books those are two that I'm gonna run on my comic book page and maybe a few others to see if there's any interest.

Marvel and DC and them run them sometimes but they are always reworks and stuff and don't go anywhere, I might just run them as comic strips or something and cut them up for clips or something for my page.


MUSIC: Megadeth Court Charges

They said that Dave Elefson was charged for luring online then they said he was being charged with revenge they are saying he's suing Dave Mustaine for $18 million dollars for kicking him out of the band, he says in press that he's "trying to become more hardlined about seperating his home and work life."


That's all I needed to hear.

Dave Elefson said in his court case that when he became a Minister in the band Megadeth that he is a Minister who plays in a heavy metal band who has court issues about separating his work and home life meaning he has personal issues, people and stuff, with him at work.

They mean they live and work in the same place and that's where he got charged for child luring as a minister, playing in a heavy metal band that has people's home and work lives mixed together.

So if you talk to him they're at home at work at the same time, they the guy got caught for luring.



Monday, December 20, 2021

Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.11 The Original Ghost Rider

Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 3 The Original DareDevil

Halifax Christmas Week Update

Just a quick Christmas week update from Halifax...

-Canada says half of female inmates in prison are Native America, signaling the arrests from the past attacks on statues and via rail.

-I was out today this is what happened....I went to McDonalds in the Scotia Square and had a Big Mac combo with a 6 pack of chicken Mcnuggets...all them bums down there buddy goes..."all that's enough for two people"...yeah well I said back it's only one meal at my house bum fucking die.

-Then I was out shopping at the Halifax Shopping Center and this other bum was out on heroin throwing up or something in front of a store outside bumming for change at the same time...over by the Wal-Mart during covid...throwing up in front of the door and asking people for money...fuck you, then they had to put the run to him after he got told off.

-Edit...I almost forgot this part...a few months ago I might have mentioned on this blog how at the end of this past summer all these bums were camped out down town Halifax and the police had to tear down all the tents and garbage.

They were down on Spring Garden Road bumming in front of the women's clothing / lingerie  store at Park Lane Mall in front of the construction on Sparing Garden Road and the women couldn't get in to buy anything....then the bums wouldn't leave and their still down there and they had to close the lingerie store.  


Old Comic Books

Here's a good one Catman, they said some of these originals titles sold 6 million issues a month back in the 1940's.


Dunkin' Donuts Christmas Commercial (1994)

Sunday, December 19, 2021

RE: The Family Man Movie - Follow Up

Just another follow up about the Nicholas Cage movie the Family Man, the Christmas movie.

I'm starting to get this movie now...

So the character in the  movie just graduated from University with his girlfriend who has just graduated from law school.

The guy moves away and breaks up with the girl and gets a big corporate job and thirteen years later on Christmas Eve she calls him and leaves a message for him to call her.

All amped up he heads into the office on Christmas Eve during a large Corporate Merger over the Holidays, you can see on the graph on the wall that the other people's stock has sunk and they'll be buying it for next to nothing over the holidays.

Now the guys heading home from work for the night all psyched up from the buy out and the girl calling and decides to walk home from the office.

High on himself during his snowy walk on Christmas Eve he notices a small Asian Market that is open...feeling super high on himself he walks into the store mocking their poverty and buying expensive items on Christmas Eve, then the place gets robbed by a black guy.

Still high on himself from the merger, psyched and amped about the girl calling he decides to step forward and Clint Eastwood this guy and stop the robbery...proving how big of a man he is that night on Christmas Eve and is given a "glimpse" of some alternate life from an angel.


KREATOR - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock 2017

Bathory - The Golden Walls of Heaven

Mayhem - Carnage (ft. Dead)

TRIPTYKON - Tree Of Suffocating Souls (OFFICIAL VIDEO)



AMORPHIS - "Divinity" (Official Music Video)

Court Case Update

The buddy that was flaming me in LA Weekly, the band Death's manager they said, about my plagarism case claiming to be a lawyer - later he was out on the Death To All tour and not taking his insulin and had to get his toe amputated.

The guy just died a few months ago from diabeties, the supposed lawyer from my plagarism case that was in LA Weekly.




Saturday, December 18, 2021

Batman 2021


BEHEMOTH - Slaves Shall Serve (From In Absentia Dei)

Anthrax - 3 Songs - Live at Wacken Open Air 2019

RE: Golden Age Batman Comics

Looks like the model for Batman was Adam West holding a handgun.


Golden Age Batman (1939)

CANADA: Prime Minister Calls On Cabnet Ministers For New Input

Here's a long winded article coming from Canada's Government. 

A long winded yet bleak report.

The bottom line, Justin Trudeau in his speech to Ministers says Canada is full of  "systematic racism through out the government".

Says that the relationship between Canada and various Native groups has fallen apart, with mass graves found everywhere in their school system and they are preaching reconciliation between Ottawa and indigenous groups.

Then he calls on his cabinet ministers for new input to solve these problems while we cope with covid.

Says we need a "more diverse Canada" that is more "inclusive".

This is where I say, no.

A more diverse Canada is the last thing we need, I mean Canada is a top muti cultural Country anyway if that's what they mean.

My view is the are making the Country too "diverse" and including  lower standards to run Canada and a policy of bringing in immigrants to Canada without solving internal problems first.

For people like me...this "takes away" from regular Canada by watering it down with more "diverse" material...then the stuff I used to do becomes more watered down and diverse and I quit because it sucks now.

So no, I don't want more diversity and they mean more activities or something and more "inclusion" what it this forced inclusion or what?

I mean you're not saying to everyone that you want to make Nova Scotia more diverse...I mean to what?

To the point that it's not Nova Scotia anymore? Then they want it more inclusive?

Nobody wants that, I don't know what they mean.

What we actually need is a stronger Canada with less diversity and a reinforcement on core values so that we can build a stronger Canada of the same one we have today.

Not with these bizarre solutions to water the country down to make it more diverse to please smaller groups, this takes away from the larger group.

No one is giving up a strong Canada for a watered down on to please these native groups and immigrants.

This is a pathetic issue anyway, no one in their private time is going to "make their life more diverse" to please native groups and immigrants who don't have the same things, by trying to force mix with them and give up something we have at home to please an outside issue other people don't care about, I'm not doing it...I'm backing a strong Canada of traditional values...not this "watered down Canada" stuff to please immigrants.

I'll be looking forward to reading those papers from the Ministers on their solutions requested by Justin Trudeau.

Edit - Just a quick comment, I mean since the Natives failed the Residential School System from Queen Victoria a hundred years ago, I mean...England knows what they're doing...if the natives failed residential integration then England has to deal with it - not the rest of us in our regular lives that's England's problem.


Friday, December 17, 2021

Kreator - Extreme Aggression Tour (1989-1990)

RE: The Extinction Of The Dinosaurs

I've just been thinking about the black hole over Christmas season this year...all chemicals and biological interaction that exist in the planet are created in the black hole.

That's what I'm saying on's just word of mouth research about the new science in the public there's nothing in the text book, just University level discussion.

Every time with the planet when you get into science it's always the's always a sea serpent in your belly.

That's from material from sea animals getting into your body and making you sick like covid.

Like that's grade primary in the future of you can see the new kids school books coming. 

The way the planet mixes the materials that came from the black hole to build biology, like you can the past the planet must have been a lot flatter because there used to be dinosaurs.

The giant dinosaurs used to pat the ground down, so way down in the ground in the planet there must be this hard pressed layer of dirt.

This is also what I mean, in the future the "dinosaur stage" may only be like one "biological band" of the planets behavior... 

For example...during an early stage of development in the planet large dinosaurs exist to help flatten the ground during a more extreme stage of the planet.

Then the animals may become too big for the rest of the species and get pushed away into extinction as species like humans expand, the large dinosaurs are the first to go.

So in the future the planet's age might be dated by "current biological development" stages.

Like we're past the dinosaurs and into the human stage.

Don't worry about that though...after we all die on the planet and the planet itself all fall back to the black hole where we are reunited in the galaxies "chemical pool" at the end the planet's life span.

Meaning, the black hole can grow the dinosaurs back later when a new human like planet forms from the next stage of the black hole in an endless cycle.

Knowing this we can now look for the planets missing animals like the Dalmatian Spotted Daschound or something to go with the Doberman and the Rottwiler, all products of the planets "chemical pool" of it's placenta stage.

Searching in science to find these "color indicators" from the chemicals created by the black hole in the future scientists will be able to grow the missing color patterns into the animals in the development stage in the womb to mirror the placenta stage of the planet to create new animal colors like spotted and striped dogs and cats etc.

Print it on stone tablets and bury them in the desert, it's a fact.


Lori Singer "Footloose" 2-5-84 - Bobbie Wygant Archive

RE: Family Man Christmas Movie Script

I dunno about this movie...I mean the woman in it doesn't want to leave her house like her mother who lived in the same house her whole life, she looks nuts to me.

Then he runs back on Christmas eve before the big deal to her at some $20 thousand a year income at some tire garage.

They mean on the script that her cares about all way man, thirteen year absence after over four years of school way man, I'd never come back not even in a glimpse whatever that is.

I don't what those terms are people use in Hollywood in these "films" their making.


The Family Man Official Trailer #1 - Nicolas Cage Movie (2000) HD

Santa on the Rooftop

George Foreman's Secrets to Grilling the Perfect Steak

SINISTER - Sacrametal Carnage (1991) [Full Demo] [10"MLP]


Wednesday, December 15, 2021

NEWS: Telecommunications Caught Blocking Open Source On Expired SIM Card Patent

They say telephone SIM cards are generic now allowing anyone to make one for the 5G network.

Except for...the 5G network doesn't allow for open source smart phone development to operate on the roaming network because they are forcing you to pay.

That means that there is no open source development for wireless roaming smartphones on open source systems.

This means that telecommunications is blocking the opensource development on smartphones by forcing the SIM card to be locked on the network.

That patent if there was one is expired and they are saying SIM cards are generic now for a while probably.

Now telecommunications is going to get sued for blocking open source smart phone development by blocking the only public testing network the 5G network with an encryption card for an expired patent.

Meaning telecommunications is blocking open source by not allowing them to operate in the industry for job creation by using an expired patent for the SIM card.

That means they are not allowing open source to use the expired sim card patent that anyone can use by blocking open source smartphones on the 5G network.

In order to manufacture your own roaming smartphone you have to use the 5G network to test the device on open source.

That requires a SIM card which is an expired patent, so telecommunications has been caught blocking open source on roaming smart phones by forcing customers to subscribe to an expired patent while not allowing open source development on the network.

Expect SIM card and telecommunications to be closed soon I assume because this is a massive lawsuit happening.


DYING FETUS - Wrong One To Fuck With (Official Music Video in 4K)

Elon Musk Named Person Of The Year

This is what we us the public to choose from.

Now it's Elon Musk, the guy stepping forward to promote himself to us the public as "man of the year" from Time Magazine or something...who cares, so was John Wayne Gacy.

It's up to us the public to tell him no.

These huge displays of "space tourism" ...gathering all the public together in some kind of world's fair to ask us if we want space tourism.

You're banned in the Commonwealth, from my public platform.

Now we come forward and the world allows England to continue on here in Halifax with a tampered referendum from 2006 with no public recourse.

Space Tourism is banned in the Commonwealth, you "bizarre nations" with these activities where our laws remain invaded are probably enemies of the Commonwealth, you're behavior leads to this activity at home...pretending that the UN can continue without Halifax and England.

Whatever this "Time Magazine" is these companies promote enemies of the Commonwealth who ask us for permission to have this space tourism stuff, so we the public say no.

No Space Tourism in the Commonwealth over our referendum in Halifax.

Person of the year...get lost buddy...I'm from the public.


Tuesday, December 14, 2021

HALIFAX: Dalhousie Signals Digital Boom

Dalhousie University in Halifax is promoting a new digital economic "venue" of some sort with international businesses and Universities in some new work group they are doing.

I seen the ads up all over the city bus stops, Dalhousie is promoting a new digital economic boom in Nova Scotia...and tourism is also up I would assume.

With digital becoming the main service for music, telephone and media Halifax is partnering with international corporations for job creation in the digital market here in Halifax.

You have to understand that Cities in general are international, with lots of University and Corporations working there....which works great for a place like Nova Scotia whose main industry is tourism and has the largest lobster fishery in the world.

That makes the city an "international scene" where the county area isn't.

Halifax is also in a central location between Los Angeles and London, and in fact is on the same parallel as London itself, so it is a great area to expand on an international level in an area like digital which works on the smart phone...Nova Scotia is also the home of inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell...making 902 the first and most important area code for Halifax.

Everyone knows that the smartphone and digital will be the future main markets, but what will it look like?

Nike buys virtual sneaker maker to sell digital shoes in the metaverse

These are the new digital products and opinions....remember I'm running digital for a music promotion on the smartphone...all songs come on the digital player...the smartphone itself.

Nike looks to be selling virtual digital items, called "digital shoes"...I'm assuming they'll be a digital venue to wear them some kind of Barbie or Polly Pocket page or to show off to for your friends on Facebook.


 Market pick: New China Digital Currency.

Washington Watch: As China’s digital yuan project gains steam, chances may rise for bipartisan embrace of digital dollar


Effective Digital Transformation Depends on a Shared Language 

It used to be SAP it's Digital Transformation, to convert your business from a traditional to Digital Services based market.

Local organizations proposing project to bridge digital divide brought on by COVID 


"The digital divide has always existed,"

Actually no it hasn't.

The digital divide has only existed since the invention of the internet after 1995 with examples like Compact Disc's becoming small digital files and high speed internet data transfer.

This has just now led to a large corporate divide between digital and non digital services now that other products like compact disc's have gone obsolete leaving other media like online digital music, movies and videos main viewing venue to be smart phones on digital.

Expect more digital services to start like online cartoon clips and short videos like three minute Spider-Man cartoon news reels and short films that can also be used for advertising to start soon hitting the market.

Perhaps they will make a "cinema hub" on the smartphone where you can go to the virtual movies and watch short three minute Spider-Man clips and order products and pay per views, like "digital newsreels" like Marvel three minute shorts to air on Youtube and other pages like news sites like Fox 11, CNN and NBC.

As far as music goes expect bands to be shifting to a larger more "non-concert based market" on digital as the audience expands into digital viewing on the smartphone they will be releasing more visualizers and digital singles with less photos and touring because of the bigger market, I'm assuming the selling of non digital or traditional products will take place at their smaller concert scenes or local venues like LA or London.


Tankard - Fat, Ugly And Still (A)Live 2005 DVD

Tankard - (Empty) Tankard (Official Video)

VOIVOD - Ripping Headaches

The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Lyric Video)

Kids From Fame Life Is A Celebration HQ Laserdisc

Kids From Fame Step Up To The Mike

Fame - Remember My Name

Kids From Fame - Body Language - Debbie Allen

Kids From Fame - Hi Fidelity

Fame - I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can

The Go-Go's ft. Belinda Carlisle - Our Lips Are Sealed (1981) • TopPop

RE: Totally Gogos

Belinda says on the show that their name was the Misfits first, then they changed it to Gogos.

Then listen and bands like Glenn Danzig and them called their band the Misfts hahaha, then them guys all dress up like the Gogos...and Dead Kennedys say their new wave and their guitar is all copied from the Gogos.

Like they mean, Bleecker Bob put out New Wave...the Gogos were number one.

Like who are these other guys...Danzig and Jello Biafra and them.

You're not New Wave, you guys are like Gogos cover bands or something.


Go-Go's - Totally Go Go's [Remastered] HD

RE: Gogos 2021 - 2022 Tour Dates

See, Belinda Carlisle still has to work...I'd thought she's just be some hairdresser now or failed 80's music producer.

Don't come back to Bleecker Bobs though, that's my url for my Death Metal page...I don't care if old Bleecker Bobs launched New Wave and the's a Death Metal band page now.


2021 Roll Hall Induction Ceremony - The Go-Go's - Full Performance - Cle...

Sunday, December 12, 2021

HALIFAX: Superstore's Running Out Of Bags

Two places I went ran out of cloth bags, Superstore and Dollarama....then I had to leave the store because they didn't have a bag to put my groceries in and then go to Dollarama and there I had to get a christmas bag.

Like you get up to the counter with a bunch of food then you need cloth bags and they only had paper, then you had to leave your stuff there....then I had to go to two different stores and then couldn't get all the stuff I wanted at the second two.

Get a job man.


Winter 2021 Week Two Update

Just a quick update...just found out that every girl up here had ever Barbie Doll house ever made, they're all sitting down in the basements all faded in different colors from over the years from various usage, mint condition and all spare parts with old broken doll houses too.

Yeah but no Admiral Flag GI Joe Battleship.

Turns out they wanted that too and now no one's allowed having one.

I just got tired working this Christmas so I decided to make an artificial Kirk Douglas robot that's programmed from the black hole.

That's a real man Kirk Douglas, not like these wimps today...he lived to be 103 or something, that's guy's so tough he built the hoover dam by himself just because he wanted to drink at the top of the hill.

That's why I had to program it to tell me what to do, like back in the old days like to be my android CEO or something.

Like this dialog.

Jason: "Kirk, I can't get my record out!"

 Kirk: "Take this package down to the hairdresser and give her this forty dollars, then run over to the record store and see if you're albums out."

Then I do all that and then it's released at the mall, that's how I'm making my records...I wouldn't know what you other guys would  be doing.


Friday, December 10, 2021

Overkill - Fuck You - Live at Wacken Open Air 2007

Overkill - Elimination - Live at Wacken Open Air 2007

Overkill - Wrecking Crew - Live at Wacken Open Air 2007


BELPHEGOR - "Blackest Sabbath 1997" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

AMORPHIS - The Moon (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) | Atomic Fire Records



Metallica: Sad But True (Hollywood, FL - November 4, 2021)



Vomit the Soul - Overcrowd (Official Guitar Play-Through)

RE: Subway Restrauant Thirteen Step Bread Baking Process

I just heard this ad recently on Spotify...Subway restaurant new thirteen step bread baking process.

Like to get the flavor of the bread.

Look...everybody else just used one step to bake the bread....thirteen steps to get the bread baked, looks too desperate to attract customers, all the other bread bakers just used one step...see, fancy bread's fucking garbage...thirteen steps to get you to go in the store, then the other guys use just one step and their packed anyway.


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

PAGANIZER (Sweden) - Down the Path of Decay (Death Metal) Transcending O...


HELLFROST AND FIRE (Denmark) - Black Secrets In The Splintering Walls (D...






MACABRE - Shit List (Demo '87) [Full Demo] [10"MLP]


Dissection - Rebirth of Dissection (Full Concert)

Monday, December 6, 2021

Bing Crosby - Silver Bells

Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again (Official Music Video)

Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser (Official Audio)

Kiss - Uh! All Night (Official Music Video)

Ace Frehley - Insane 1988 - Remastered video in HQ

Paul Stanley - Keep Me Waiting

Accept - Burning (Remixed)

Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger

BLIND GUARDIAN - Mirror Mirror

At The Gates - Blinded By Fear (Live at Wacken 2008)

At the Gates - Slaughter Of The Soul (Live)



HAMMERFALL - Hammer Of Dawn (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Metallica: Don't Tread On Me (Daytona Beach, FL - November 14, 2021)

Halifax Transit Route Breakdown

What a piece of crap this city is man.

Now they changed all the bus routes and it took and hour and a half for a 45 minute walk.

They go, the bus is supposed to be every 30 minutes then down on Alderney Landing on the 54 they go the rout changed...then after school today the new stop was at the business college on Alderney Landing...then they make you wait an hour between stops after school then the bus drives across the street for 1 second and kicks everyone off and says another 20 minutes wait.

Why would you wait a fucking hour for the bus after school at the Library and business college when it's supposed to be every 30 minutes...then all the boards were wrong for the bus and they had all the bus stops labelled wrong with paper signs on them.

Then you get out of class and they make you wait an hour for the bus instead of 30 minutes...then they drive across the street and kick everybody out saying 20 more minutes.

Then you check the schedule and by the time 20 minutes go by on the bus schedule for the 54 it was supposed to be already past my stop almost up to Lake Mic Mac on the bus schedule and they didn't have a bus after school from the Library and business college back to the nice neighborhood on Lexington Heights for an hour and a half after school.

When the school bus route is only supposed to be 30 minutes wait, then they never came back up the hill to the Junior High School area for an hour and a half on a Monday in a rain storm. 

Fuck you.


Saturday, December 4, 2021

Metallica: Live at Slane Castle - Meath, Ireland - June 8, 2019 (Full Co...

Metallica: Leper Messiah (Buffalo, NY - October 27, 2018)

Metallica: Blackened (Winnipeg, Manitoba - September 13, 2018)

Metallica: The Shortest Straw (Sacramento, CA - December 7, 2018)

Frosty the Snowman | 1969 | HD | 1080p | Full Movie | Christmas Movies f...

Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser (30th Anniversary Edition - Official Animated Video)

Ozzy Osbourne - Under the Graveyard (Official Music Video)

Ozzy Osbourne - Moscow Peace Festival 1989 (720p50)

Ozzy Osbourne - Speak of the Devil - 1982 Concert

Metallica: St. Anger (Manchester, England - June 18, 2019)

Metallica: Wherever I May Roam (Cleveland, OH - February 1, 2019)

Metallica – Wherever I May Roam

Metallica: Sad But True (Moscow, Russia - July 21, 2019)

Metallica: Fuel (Nashville, TN - January 24, 2019)

Metallica: The Frayed Ends of Sanity (Helsinki, Finland - May 28, 2014)

Metallica: Through the Never (Charlotte, NC - October 22, 2018)

Friday, December 3, 2021

Metallica - Death Magnetic [Full Album LIVE on World Magnetic Tour] (200...

Anthrax - Full Set - 2021-11-14 - Welcome to Rockville

Full Terror Assault 2021 Vlog

Misery Index - “Wasting Away” (Nailbomb Cover)/ “Traitors” Live @ Full T...

Lividity at Full Terror Assault

Nunslaughter - I Hate Christians Live at Full Terror Assault

Internal Bleeding at Full Terror Assault

Pit Lord at Full Terror Assault

Exodus at Full Terror Assault Open Air 2021

Judas Priest - Out in the Cold (Live from the 'Fuel for Life' Tour)

Anvil - Metal On Metal (Live)

Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

John Altyn - Outta Control (Sleepaway Camp II)

Metallica: Ride the Lightning (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Johnny Got His Gun 1971

Metallica: Frantic (Sacramento, CA - October 8, 2021)

Metallica Through the Never - Official Theatrical Trailer [HD]

Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge - Seattle 1989 [60fps]

Metallica Metal Hammer Fest 14 09 1985

Metallica Live At The Metro 1983 (Full Concert)

Exodus Fox Theater Oakland Full Set 11/27/21 HQ

Death Angel - Fallen (Live)

LOCK UP - Dark Force Of Conviction OFFICIAL VIDEO

Archgoat - Worship the Eternal Darkness (Full Album Premiere)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Lawsuit Update

Quick lawsuit update....

Don't have to pay my student loans back, government stopped sending me statements and now I'm just waiting for "equifax" to fix my credit report because of the mistakes and then I'll be debt free with no student loans and perfect credit soon.

Good times.


Notes From The Humping Pile Story

They said that after World War Two that when the computer was invented world population doubled every two years in third world countries and are full of diseases like aids and leprosy.

Humping piles.

That's what is was the population growth.

They said they are humping women and children in piles and making them have babes from the pile and raising them in birds nests in the jungle with no kitchen or family unit.

Like they got caught doing here in the slums in Canada and the United States - raising their children with no kitchens in the slums.

Then they made them child soldiers and sent them to the slums in Canada and the United States.

They said they were "squirting babies out like piss" raping them from birth in piles and forcing them to having to have as many babies as possible in the shortest time, and squirting them out like piss as many as they can in pile.

Now they caught them over here in rape gangs in the slums with this crazy talk and expressions from the slums that they started saying inside the humping pile and then they came over here recruiting people to join the humping pile and then they taught them all that crazy talk and they are the ones flaming everyone and saying all them bizzare expressing in the slums, squadding and bumming in the downtown areas making fun of people and threatening them, saying if they try and defend themselves people in the humping pile will kill them like they did to Rehtaeh Parsons.

Then all the bums down town from skid row are all in the same group defending them and assaulting regular people trying to get into the humping pile, then all them crazy expressions mean "humping pile" and "they're gonna kill you".

Like if you try and defend being flamed by the humping pile.


Metallica: Blackened (Hollywood, FL - November 4, 2021)

Razor - Sucker For Punishment [Video]

S.O.D. - Kill Yourself (Live at Budokan)