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CANADA: Government & Businesses Looting Medical Fund

Oh yeah, right to your face is it from the Ottawa government.

Trudeau comes out right and says his wife if sick with COVID-19, then he left her in treatment and went out and negotiated an agreement with G20 Business people.

Then they go, under the package the foreign and local companies don't have to have sales to stay open, then they paid 75% of the wages for them to stay open and operate when they have no customers.

Then they are giving the companies all their private sales money from being open and not making them pay wages, then they said they are planning on letting them run with no wage expenses while Ottawa covers the bill for them to stay open.

Then here is what they did today...now Trudeau is ordering billions of dollars in medical supplies from the same businesses in a private contract with Ottawa.

No wonder everything is behind in Ontario, they can't get anything up to code for time lines with the rest of Canada and now have only started to close parks and public as the pandemic spreads.

So instead of stopping the pandemic first they went out are made a financial deal to buy medical products for the pandemic from Ottawa.

Then they are paying their staff's wages for free at the businesses, letting them keep their profits then giving them more free money in new government contracts....I just have to ask how much is Trudeau making off that deal at his house because it must be a lot considering all that is illegal.

All while his wife was sick with COVID-19, yeah if you even believe that with these people.

Then they are estimating 200,000 deaths in the United States from the virus and Ontario hasn't locked down because they are on television right now and in the news everyday negotiating a fake pandemic emergency fund deal with Canada's emergency money, and all the money goes to private businesses only for the entire fund.

So it's like that from Ottawa right to your face is it Trudeau?

Well where's our $1200 a month Emergency Benefits Cheque on top of our regular earnings since you're all just taking money right out of the fund for your homes right in public with no citizen votes or permissions on what we're doing with the money.

They're all going to be held in the courts and the parliment in Ottawa for that, tying to steal all that money from the disaster fund while not locking the province and sending us money at home.


That's all total fraud in Ottawa right in public.


Sunday, March 29, 2020

Canada Disaster Fund Updated

Oh let's see what we got now...$7.5 Million to Kids Help Phone for mental health support to help kids dealing with their issues about the impact of coronavirus.

$9 Million to help seniors get their food and medication from United Way.



CANADA: Come Off It Ottawa

Prime Minster Trudeau negotiates new G20 pandemic bail out plan while turning his back on Ontario protection and wife Sophie Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau left his wife suffering from COVID-19 in medical treatment and then went to the G20 to give them free money during the health crisis, now she has only just recovered.

Shouldn't he have been home with his wife and helping with the Ontario and Canada virus protections for the citizens?

No he was out giving financial bailouts out's to foreign businesses during the health crisis.



Saturday, March 28, 2020

They Are Already Going Back To Normal In China

Wuhan is already re-opening, this is why we need to keep self isolating because all the cases came here from China they are saying.



CANADA: Trudeau Battling Econonomic Fears From Businesses

This is totally disgraceful, Ottawa's main concern is non-essential businesses who are losing money during the health pandemic.

Yeah, nobody cares and it's not even a public issue. 

During a crisis all debts are put on hold, they'll just have to go back and balance the books later. Like they are trying to stay open in Ottawa under Justin Trudeau and keep doing new business under the health crisis.

This takes away from public support at home, the only thing Canadians care about.

It's like this during a health crisis, all business stops anyway. Then it's like a two month long Christmas holiday or something with nothing open, where no one is allowed collecting or billing debts except for main stores remain open.

No one can lose money when all debts and bills have been frozen like on a Holiday except for two months.

Then everyone at home needs to get the Emergency Benefits Cheque.

After that is over regular business can start slowly going back to normal then they can start to worry about their profits and then calculations done to figure how much they have to start paying in bills when things go back to normal.

Like they will have to give businesses time first to collect some revenue and then slowly turn their bills and debts back on, it doesn't matter if they didn't do that yet because it can be retroactive.

No one is listening to the G20 Group who tried to come in and take the entire relief package first, then it's for equifax and the credit system when everyone has no money, nobody wants that we need money at home G20 and Foreign Businesses must leave Canada and go home, after we get our money at home figured out first with the Emergency Benefits Cheque as a base rate to get started like to fall back on besides regular wages and government cheques.

The business thing Trudeau is talking about is totally wrong, under the Emergency Benefits Cheque all Canadians will get around a base income of $2000 a month, their work wages or government welfare, disability, old age pension etc. combined with the monthly payment under the Emergency Benefits Cheque...all business debts and bills will be put on hold, they don't have to do anything.

You see they are just trying to do business during the crisis when everyone at home can't do anything because of the health scare and we are all self isolating.

They are not having Ottawa open without us at home during a health crisis.

Then all they talk about is giving the G20 Businesses all the relief money first when nobody wants that, no we need money at home plus they haven't given us free wireless internet yet, free phone service and they are blocking internet television.

They won't give us any money at all that we need in Canada from Ottawa, then they refuse to release free services that have already been invented to help us save money.

Yeah, I don't think so Ottawa. 

Then when we at home all get our base rate of $2000 a month we'll think about how we're going to let those businesses open again in Canada after the pandemic when we at home get our money from Ottawa first.

Your current....salary / wage / unemployment benefits / welfare / disability / old age pension rate.....then added on top of it the Emergency Benefits Cheque to give everyone a base rate of around $2000 which would be the basic welfare rate.

All government contractors will be closed.

Then all government work will be Non-Profit only, then the public will still all get their wages.

Then businesses can't get the money for government work, that money will then be given back to the public at home in repayment cheques like the Emergency Benefits Cheque.

There is no G20 finance talks in the picture here, why they would show up here right now is disgusting.

Then we want all services that are wifi based to released for free like phone and internet.

Then we want all store prices lowered so we can afford things at home like basic nutrition under the Canada Food Guide.

Private business can wait, all their debts are on hold because of the pandemic. 

No one in Canada will ever agree with what Justin Trudeau is saying in Ottawa during the pandemic.

There are no foreign business dealings in Canada during a health crisis, that's all they are talking about.

No we have to fix at home first with new financial supplements, Ottawa and private business are not even in the picture here.



Friday, March 27, 2020

Canada Emergency Funding

Come off it, all their talking about is a bunch of businesses.

Send out the Emergency Benefits Cheques to everyone as a new supplement like the Family Allowance only everyone gets one, start with like $1200 or something to help get everyone up to the $2000 mark.

Who care's what their talking about helping business owners first, people at home aka everyone need the money now.


CANADA: Trudeau COVID-19 Financial Coverage Not Acceptable For Many People

A lot of people aren't going to like this. 

Trudeau plans to cover 75% of small business payroll wages...

Why are the businesses getting staff for nothing from Ottawa while still taking profits? 

Is that what they are trying to say, that they are giving the businesses free workers?

Like this, I don't know what they are trying to say. 

The government can't give them money to stay open with no store sales, like if everyone is home from the virus.

The staff have to go on unemployment.

Plus, you'd have to give the money to everyone.

Then Canada doesn't give businesses money for lost sales during a crisis, I don't know if that's what they mean, no they said that the businesses payments and debts would be on hold.

Then the person who ran the business got a $2000 a month emergency cheque or something.

The government can't give the businesses free wages and then let them keep their store profits.

They can't do that.

If they have no sales the workers have to go on unemployment. Then the business will have to close and go on the $2000 emergency cheque with their debts froze until after the crisis.

Then we need direct payouts to everyone at home...increased government cheques and new subsidies like the family allowance going forward for everyone under the Emergency Benefits Cheque.

I don't know what they are trying to say, pretty sad tho to me, people aren't going to like that.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

1980's X-Men

This is by far the better and more serious X-Men cartoon, however this is ridden with plot holes.

When they go into outer space Cyclops fires his eye laser through his space suit helmet to blow a hole in the enemy ship.

Then why is Wolverine talking with an Australian accent? I think that this cartoon took on a plot line from the actual comics and Wolverine is just doing that on purpose and wearing the brown costume and he's arguing with Kitty the whole time.

Then he's like Australian accent Wolverine and the other character's are why more serious acting than in the newer cartoons.


Canada Not In Compilance With WHO Mandate

World Health Organization www.who.int says that countries need to lock down and that Canada is not up to the current WHO mandate.

Under the mandate Countries must organize health care workers now who need to be mobilized to fight the virus.

What that means is Canada has to put more money into health care wages and call all staff in to the hospitals. Like the medical staff needs to be mobilized but there is nothing in the news about it.

Here in Halifax we are under the Emergency Health Act and need to be directly under the World Health Organization mandate itself to self isolate and then mobilize all health care workers for overtime pay to combat the virus,  that way people can be treated and tested faster with all medical staff on on overtime hours and call in extra workers.


twisted sister - you can't stop rock 'n roll

AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978)

Motörhead – Overkill (Official Video)

Iron Maiden - Wasted Years (Official Video)

Van Halen - Panama (Official Music Video)

Scorpions feat Doro Warlock - Big City Nights Live High Quality

Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction - 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 West Stag...

The Kinks - All Day and All of the Night (from One For The Road)

Bee Gees - You Should Be Dancing 1976 (HQ Audio)

Abba - Dancing Queen (Official Video)

Here's What Everyone Wanted To See - G20 Leaders Attempt To Funnel Emergency Funding To Private Contractors

Here's what everyone wanted to see everyone, public arrest and execution for treason by the G20 in attempt to steal emergency public government funding.

Prime Minster Justin Trudeau meet's with G20 Leaders to discuss financial aid package.

Ottawa offered a total $107 Billion Dollar Federal Package: 

$52 Billion in Emergency Funds Cheques To Citizens

$55 Billion In Tax Deferrals

So where's the money at then?

They said they wanted $52 Billion Dollars for $2000 dollar cheques to the work force among other services.

Then they said  $55 Billion in tax defferals.

Here is where we come in at home, $55 Billion in tax deferrals which only applies to corporations because people at home on regular incomes and government cheque recipients don't need the tax defferal.

So that's not even real money, that's because they differed all credit payment and evictions under the Emergency Act.  

As you can see government contractors don't need the tax rebate because credit payment's have been differed.

What that means is they are trying to give them $55 Billion Dollars in tax refunds to the Corporations which is over half the budget to make up for private lost earnings because of the layoffs.

See they are trying to run normal when everything is closed under the crisis, then they gave them another $400 Million at Raytheon for new contracts during the crisis.

All that is illegal.

The government has suspended all credit payments, no one has to do anything right now or pay anything because of the crisis.

Large companies through the G20 group which represents large financial businesses wanted $55 Billion Dollars in free tax refunds during a shut down, plus $2000 a month government welfare for their laid off work force plus they issued Raytheon a new $400 million dollar contract while offering no immediate support to government cheque recipients.

That is treason in Canada if implemented from the world courts in Europe and is the death penalty for treason.

The public stance should be this.

Bill Rejected.

Under the Emergency Health Act Ottawa's responsibilities is to the citizens first, the main group is cheque recipients. 

The emergency benefits need to be handed to citizens first starting with welfare and government cheque recipients because they don't have the money to get the essential items they need in times of a health crisis.

The $55 Million in free tax returns to large business will be rejected by the public. 

Here is also why that is illegal.

These companies like Raytheon are foreign based from places like the United States. 

Canada offers no free tax returns to external corporations during a public health crisis, Raytheon will have to be insured by Washington D.C. during a crisis not Ottawa because Canada doesn't cover foreign companies financial loss during a crisis as we can only cover our own.

Foreign companies risking business here during a crisis will have to ask their home country in Washington D.C. to have their losses covered while operating abroad here in Canada from their own Country.

Foreign companies applying for Canada's tax aid within our borders is not legal. 

What they mean is private businesses from Washington D.C. are applying for $55 Billion Dollars in free tax refunds from Canada in Ottawa when it's not Canada's responsibility to pay the bill.

Washington D.C. has to ensure their tax refunds.

When Canada declared an emergency, Ottawa owes no debt to foreign companies, any money they lost is their own risk while operating abroad here in Canada.

Those $55 Billion in tax refunds need to be handed directly to Canada's citizens in the form of repayment cheques from these same illegal activities.

Foreign companies coming into Canada from the G20 and applying for free income tax returns from overseas is treason in the British Empire because it differs Canada tax refunds into foreign citizens, that is the death penalty in the British Empire, like here in Canada, and the trials are held outside the British Empire in the European Union in the International World Courts.

An attempt by foreign companies to siphon Canadian tax refunds from the citizens into foreign hands is treason in Canada.

The other $53 Billion Dollars in emergency funding, $2000 a month, goes to Canada's laid off workforce who were at the companies which is actually Canadians at home.

From the public perspective the G20 group foreign tax refunding is rejected.

Foreign G20 tax payments are not the responsibility of Canada in Ottawa, these companies represented in Canada by the G20 will have to apply to their own countries governments for tax repayment insurance.

Remember these people are not Canadian Citizens, therefore they are not covered under Canada's Emergency Funding Bill.

They will have to apply for aid in their local Country.

The $55 Billion in free tax refunds approved for G20 Businesses is rejected from the public perspective because they are illegal tax payments in the British Empire.

Since the tax refunds were already approved in the Federal Budget they need to be seized and transferred directly to the public, Canadian citizens, to supplement the $53 Billion in Emergency Assistance Cheques to cover everyone at home during the crisis at a rate they said in the bill at about $2000 per citizen a month as a base rate then all government contractor funding and free tax returns scrapped.


Record High 3.3 Million United States Unemployment Applications This Week

See...and that's only in New York and Seattle, next to here in Halifax and Canada's west coast in Washington State.

3.3. Million unemployment applications, that's only in affected areas like New York and Seattle....well, what about the rest of the Cities and States in the United States?

Like are they all working under the quarantine and emergency rules? 

All those people need to self isolate in the other States in order to stop the virus from spreading there like in Colorado, Nevada and Texas.

It's not just the major city ares that will be affected, all those people need to self isolate. The government needs to specify in their aid packages and statistics how this virus will affect those people.

So expect that number to rise as the virus spreads to the Central US States and Mid-West region, they should be told now to stay home, if anything I would expect more lock downs and tighter rules in those areas like they have done here in Nova Scotia to prevent the virus from getting into their areas under their local state emergency measures act to secure the area before their virus hits them.

So you know that here in Atlantic Canada that we will get the Emergency Relief Benefits because they have locked down Atlantic Canada because there are only few cases here and Nova Scotia is under the Emergency Health Act with police enforcement and fines to stop the spread of the virus.

That's what should be happening in the other Cenral and Mid-West States in the US.


Government Contractors Caught Accepting Money During Virus Outbreak

See...it's right here in the news, they are going to have all kinds of money for citizen reparations when they close private government and defense contractors.

They are going to seize these businesses like Raytheon, and give that money back to citizens with a repayment cheques like the Emergency Response Benefit.

Government Contractor Caught Accepting Money During Pandemic:

This week government contractor Raytheon announced it accepted a nearly $400 million dollar deal during workforce layoffs in a pandemic.

You have to understand that they froze all government funding under the Emergency Measures Act except automatically by declaring a crisis, there should be no one working on new government contracts.

The federal emergency money is just announced, at the same time they can't give $400 million dollars to a defense contractor as the workforce is being laid off in a pandemic...that looks like it came from the emergency money.

No they have to stop issuing that funding and then help the public first so those companies are gone because that is illegal. 

All money needs to be planned for the pandemic for the emergency first, not in new contracts for government contractors.

They are not allowed to do that because that automatically stopped in an emergency, then public needs the emergency money first then they go last, not only that their money is going to be seized and given back to the public in repayment cheques because none of that is legal.


CANADA: Ottawa Federal Bill Falls Short Of Public's Expectation

Julie Payette: No Deal From Public For Canada's Governor General
So where's the money at then? 

Government Federal Aid bill offers $2000 under the Emergency Response Benefit cheque, for those affected by the virus, that's everyone.

Now in Canada we have a new monthly cheque coming out called the Emergency Response Benefit which is $2000 a month, if you can't work because of the virus.

I haven't  worked in years, where's my $2000?

Now people getting laid off or have no income because of the virus are getting the Emergency Response Benefit Cheque.

Now just stop right there, they are all forced on welfare and then they gave them $2000 a month....why not regular welfare rates?

Then I thought there was a hold on their bill payments.

No deal Ottawa, the Emergency COVID-19 Bill only offers an initial funding of $52 Billion Dollars and hints at only being money for virus survivors like 3000 people.  

That initial bill is not worth anything, and offers direct work support they say at the start of the article. 

Then where does all the money go? To Corporations because their staff is laid off? 

I mean is that the staff from the Corporations that is laid off getting the money for their workforce?

Plus that is an area around virus exposure, because of Corporate business travelers coming from China.  

$52 Billion Dollars, I don't know if that's a lot of money or not in a crisis like this. So where is the money going then? Like, what did they buy with the funding.

Like let's see an audit of the budget spending and then they show us first of what happens with the money. 

So no, this bill is no good. It is an amount money with no clear example of what it actually buys in Canada, how about they should show us what that buy's then we'll at home decide what we need with the money, then they put our stuff in it to.

Why are they helping them first, they already have money? 

I mean, if they don't have money because of the virus then they don't have to tell their creditors anything because the government has to fix it. Plus they have credit cards and stuff and should have money anyway like in their savings and stuff.

The point here is the workforce needs to sit out first because they all work, they need to back off with this so regular people on cheques like welfare, old age pension and disability can have their needs covered first, plus they are the most susceptible to the virus.

Seeing a government relief federal aid package is great but why is it aimed at the workforce first, shouldn't that be aimed at the sick and all that first and cheque recipients.

Plus the public needs time to say what they need with the money.

Here's what I took from the news article about the bill.

The new monthly supplement is the Emergency Response Benefit Cheque, $2000 a month for those laid off because of the virus.

Now like this, if they can't return to work they are not allowed to cut them back to regular welfare rates because they will lose their property and homes and become homeless.

The government in that position has to hold them in their income bracket, because if not they will be forced homeless.

That means they will be getting $2000 a month welfare because they can't cut the money off.

Then they will have to balance that with the cheque recipients and give them all a base of $2000 a month, that's because they can't cut them back...then they have to raise the other cheques to make everything equal to be fair.

The new monthly cheque is called the Emergency Response Benefit cheque and comes with the mother's allowance and pension cheques.

In Canada, issuing a federal relief package only to the workforce during a pandemic, then cutting their funding if they can't return to work which makes them homeless because if they are forced on welfare, then not helping welfare recipients and only temporary money to the Corporate workforce for virus help only is the death penalty in Ottawa from the International World Courts in Europe.



Wednesday, March 25, 2020

DENNIS HOPPER: From Hell to Texas (Western Movie in Full Length, Cowboy ...

The Ruthless Four | WESTERN | HD | Full Length | Klaus Kinski | Spaghett...

Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) (Official Mus...

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take it (Extended Version) (Official Mu...

Bananarama - Cruel Summer (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Official Video)

The Bangles - Manic Monday

Blondie- "One Way Or Another" on Countdown 1979

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Hate Myself for Loving You (Official Video)

Scorpions - Big City Nights (Official Video)

Judas Priest - You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Official Video)

Airbourne - Runnin Wild

Dio -Rainbow In The Dark Live In London 2005

An Important Message From the Metal God

Nova Scotia Community Services Clarifies $50 Payment

Community Services sent out the $50 cheque as an emergency assistance and attached a letter that clarifies what the news said.

They said the $50 was extra emergency assistance that was not an "advance" from your monthly cheque and you will still get your regular cheque as normal on Friday.

It's nice to hear that from them, not like they were saying in the news.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

MOVIES: What Is A Spaghetti Western?

Lee Van Cleef: Day Of Anger
People often ask what is a Spaghetti Western?

A Spaghetti Western is an Italian form of old west movies that started in the 1960s.

Spaghetti Westerns were made popular starting with the movie "Fistful Of Dollars" by Clint Eastwood.

Italian directors made their own versions of The American "old west" using Italy as movie sets to capture the look and feel of the old west in the United States.

Although Spaghetti Westerns take place in America in the United States during the old west with American Actors the movies were actually filmed in Italy.

The term "spaghetti" comes from Italy and is slang for Italian Spaghetti the food from Italy, the slang means spaghetti and meatballs mixed with western movies.

"Day Of Anger" Starring Lee Van Cleef 1967 fresh off the set of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly":

I watched this movie and it's kind of upsetting, the boy follows the outlaw and gets his to teach him lessons then later he doesn't agree with his tactics and wants to fight him, then I think this makes him upset about guns and the movie kind of an anti gun / violence film.


MOVIE REVIEW: The Crazies (1973) by George A. Romero aka Code Name Trixie

George A. Romero's "The Crazies" 1973
This is a classic movie by horror director George A. Romero, "The Crazies" also known as "Code Name Trixie" was released under two different titles.

The Crazies is a 1973 horror film that is one of George A. Romero's early movies. 

Now why would I be reviewing this movie? 

A surprise to myself  being a fan of the cult classic's "Night Of The Living Dead" , "Dawn Of The Dead" and "Day Of The Dead" in the classic George A. Romero "zombie trilogy" The Crazies is often overlooked by horror fans of George A. Romero and yet another "abandoned" classic.   

The Crazies 1973 in fact is not marketed as a movie in the Night Of The Living Dead series but fits in with the trilogy as a fourth movie between Night Of The Living Dead and Dawn Of The Dead.

The original "Dawn Of the Dead" is in fact one of my favorite movies ever, George A. Romero's classic horror movies leave clues through out the films for fan debate and discussion and although "The Crazies" is not marketed specifically with "Dawn Of The Dead" it in fact is.

The Crazies in fact would be a prequel to "Dawn Of The Dead" although it was released first, this could also be a stunt from George A. Romero. 

If you watch the original movies The Crazies then Dawn Of The Dead back to back  they seamlessly bled together, this got my attention as it is not a widely discussed topic in horror movies that "The Crazies" is a sequel to "Night Of The Living Dead" and prequel to "Dawn Of The Dead" original versions. 

The Crazies aka Code Name Trixie is the story of how the United States Military's biological weapon named "Code Name Trixie" was actually the cause of the zombie apocalypse. 

So if you want to find the cause of the zombie outbreak in the Night Of The Living Dead films the story is in "The Crazies", the point to that is the movie takes place after the outbreak of the virus "code name trixie" which makes the citizens turn crazy and begin attacking the military when infected with the virus who have to fend off the town citizens who are obviously turning into zombies.

Before they are zombies they turn crazy and start attacking the military with weapons exhibiting the same behavior as the zombies in the other films before they are officially dead.

Also to note people infected by the virus in "The Crazies" turn insane that later they seem to be the background characters in the zombie movie "Dawn Of The Dead"

So if you watch the original "Dawn Of The Dead" where the zombie's came from is from the outbreak in "The Crazies" from the "code name trixie" virus, the crazy people in "The Crazies" blend in as seamless characters with the zombies in "Dawn Of The Dead" so you can see them turn crazy then their crazy behavior continues as they appear as the same characters only now they are zombies in "Dawn Of The Dead" with the same character traits.

Like this, the Crazy people in "The Crazies" who are infected with the virus are later documented as the zombies with the same character traits only now they are roaming around dead in "Dawn Of The Dead".

Another important event in the film is the "bearded doctor" character who appears on television in "Dawn Of The Dead" is actually the same character as a military scientist in "The Crazies" who Romero hints in the film that he is the person who actually worked on and released the virus into the town, which is then threatened to be nuked by the United States Military.

In the science lab in the film "The Crazies" the are working on an antidote to the virus and have a communication open to the President for permission to nuke the town and the president in fact appears to have the "code name trixie" virus and is in the process of turning into a zombie.

In true Romero fashion I wouldn't be surprised if the president in "The Crazies" turns out later to be one of the zombies in "Dawn Of The Dead" like the other town characters in "The Crazies", I didn't watch closely yet but I will keep my eye open for that in the original "Dawn Of The Dead".

The important facts here, the zombies in "Dawn Of The Dead" are probably in fact the town's people from "The Crazies" and they all turned into zombies from the "code name trixie" virus.

Rating...a movie classic and fourth movie in the "Night Of The Living Dead" series taking place before the original "Dawn Of The Dead". This movie looks exactly like the "Dawn Of The Dead" movie only it is a setup like a prequel to the film or would also fit in as an extra 113 minutes before the start of the "Dawn Of The Dead" film.


Metallica: Live at Slane Castle (Meath, Ireland - June 8, 2019)

Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID-19 The Movie Plot by Jason MacKenzie


A Movie / Book Plot By Jason MacKenzie

Note: This is the first COVID-19 Book / Movie Plot on the internet


As riots break out in South East Asia, Hong Kong is ravaged by pro democracy rioters demanding democratic freedoms in China amid a brutal government crackdown.

In China's Financial District a deadly virus is released in Wuhan and quickly spreads to the United States and Canada Financial Centers.

The United States and Canada East and West Coast is quickly put under lock down as the deadly virus breaks out in New York City on Wall Street, Seattle and Vancouver, China and Europe.

Much of Canada is placed under the Emergency Measures Act which is enforced by police under public martial law.

Citizens are forced to stay home to help contain the virus and businesses closed as the CDC races to control the virus.

As citizens race to self isolate the government begins a massive mobile medical treatment program to prepare hospitals for a massive influx of ill patients suffering from Covid Nineteen.

The government races to finish vaccine trials and vaccinate the public as the virus spreads, hospitals begin to fill up and medical supplies quickly run out.

As the United States and Canada quickly run of medical supplies the virus begins to spread and society begins to break down, riots quickly begin in the larger cities as citizens demand medical treatment from the deadly virus and the military must defend the hospitals and city block under martial law from rioters as citizens self isolate waiting for the vaccination to be completed.

Hysteria grips the public and rioters begin attacking the hospitals demanding a vaccination, the large city riots begin to threaten the completion of the Covid Nineteen vaccination which is then seized by the military who have to defend it against the public assault.

As the military continues the vaccination trials to cure the public of the virus society breaks down into chaos and anarchy in the United States and Canada.

The military tries to save and vaccinate the public with new treatment and drugs with limited medical supply as the virus then escapes from the United States and Canada lock down and threatens to wipe out the Southern Hemisphere where citizens are unprotected from the virus with less medical supplies as rioters threaten to destroy the vaccination development in the United States and Canada in their fight with the military under martial law.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

CORONAVIRUS: What's Happening Right Now On Television

What you are seeing on television is they are preparing for the public lock down in major affected areas like New York City.

What they mean is they want everyone to stay home except for shopping and they are waiting for the "apex" of the virus outbreak. 

What that means is they are waiting for the virus to hit it's maximum of public cases, when that happens they want everyone at home.

Like they are waiting for the height of the virus outbreak. 

When that happens they want everyone at home like they are doing in New York City and here in Nova Scotia, then when the virus hits it's maximum everyone else will be home safe and won't be able to catch it.

That's why they are saying they are expecting massive hospital cases, like with the polio virus, that's when the virus hit's it's maximum. People self isolating and social distancing will not be affected probably then the virus will run it's course - everyone affected will be hospitalized or treated and home and everyone else didn't catch it by staying home and following the health rules.

Hopefully, they will have the public vaccinated because they said their was one before it goes on too long.

That's what is happening on CNN.


ALERT: Limited Shopping Hours & Capacity For Cheque Day Week

This is an important alert everyone...this week is the end of the month with government cheque day coming.

UPDATE: Nova Scotia now under state of emergency laws, all provincial parks etc. closed, no gatherings over five people & police can enforce social distancing, all stores still open but they are recommending only one person per household to leave to get food etc. then go right home.


Grocery stores are the main thing that is open (food, liquor stores, gas stations etc.)..The New Brunswick Province has issued the Provincial Emergency Measures Act and has closed all non essential store fronts, this will help protect us here in Nova Scotia because the virus will have a less chance of spreading because the stores on the other side of the border are closed except food and essential service, kind of like a partial border closure.

So Nova Scotia is pretty isolated and Halifax is super far away geographically from all that and there is more limited shopping in New Brunswick because it is connected to Quebec and Maine. 

That will make Halifax safer and more isolated from the virus with more shopping options open hopefully because of our remote location from New Brunswick, Quebec and Maine...remember though Halifax is a huge coastal city and all necessities are still available.  

Important: In Halifax stores have issued limited capacity shopping and cheque day is coming this week, you will have less store hours potentially to buy food, smokes, liquor which will remain open at minimum...what that means is on cheque day you will have to wait in line to buy food as there is limited store capacity because of the virus alert.

When you get your cheque you should buy regular items only from essential services and try to save your money, then you will have to wait in line to buy food, expect long waits for grocery shopping on cheque day.

For example Atlantic Superstore has a issued a store capacity of 250 shoppers and Shoppers Drug Mart has issued a 50 person store capacity and they have marked the floor with six feet markers with tape to allow customers to practice proper social distancing.

For someone like myself I would only need a few items on cheque day then maybe liquor store or cigarette items, it would probably be best to just get in and out fast for small important items only if you don't need something important to save wait times for larger families and people with children.

Superstore also has online shopping, you can order your grocery order at the online store and pay online then you can just pick it up outside at the superstore and some locations may have home delivery.

For cheque day I would recommend online grocery shopping and outside pickup or delivery if you have a large family or children to save wait times at the store plus you won't be risking getting your children or yourself sick by going to a public place during the virus.

For me I don't really like shopping like that but I don't need tons of items either because I just live by myself and only need a few items on cheque day week when I am shopping so I would be in and to fast to get a few items only this will leave more space at the store for larger families and people with children who need more items and more stuff in the store, also that will put less strain on online shopping and delivery by not using it for small orders so the staff can serve the larger families better.

People like me should be just in and out right fast at the store to save capacity and staff resources for other people.

Just remember cheque day will be super busy so plan ahead and maybe browse the online grocery shopping website in advance to plan your order or use online shopping methods if going to the store in inconvenient in your family. 

Remember to stay safe and try to practice good social distancing.


Friday, March 20, 2020

Nova Scotia Eviction Ban & Tenancy Board

I don't know what everyone else is doing but I'm having bad sports withdraw with no baseball or hockey on...boring...it is so quit around here and relaxed in Halifax you can't even believe it where I live anyway.

So it must be a nice relief  for people around here not to have to worry about paying their rent for a while, I mean the tenancy board for rent collection would be closed so they can't ask you for rent money.

No one is allowed asking for your rent money or payment arrangements because the court collection office is closed for rent collection until the virus is gone I am assuming!

What the eviction ban means is that you are allowed accumulating a rent balance, someone asked me how long...I would assume until the virus is gone and everyone is safe.

The government is not going to risk anything until the virus is totally gone. 

So no one can send you notices or ask you for rent payments or payment arrangements during the eviction ban, that means the government is allowing you to accumulate a balance.

When that is over then the government will have to figure out how it's supposed to be paid off, I would say pay it if you have it but then later if you didn't have to there should be a rebate or something if you paid and didn't need to.

If you had to take unemployment benefits because you are off work during the shutdown I would say to save that money and not pay your rent, then use your unemployment benefits for other stuff then they can't evict for not paying rent.

Then you will have extra money during the shut down because you don't have to pay rent if you're on unemployment and you want that money for extra food or whatever, then let the balance accumulate until after the virus is gone then ask the government what they're going to do about it because it is their policy.

Don't talk to anyone about you rent arrangements during the ban, that is a scam! Tell your landlord they will have to contact the government for the debt relief in the meantime at their house during the ban, don't pay rent if something else comes up that you think is more important...that is my opinion.


INFORMATION: In Nova Scotia Nothing Is Mandatory Right Now

Ok right, maybe people don't get this.

In Nova Scotia you don't have to do anything right now and there is nothing to worry about except the virus.

Like this....you don't have to pay your rent so you can save that money for others things you need like food, suppilies or anything because there are no housing evictions.

The number one thing to be concerned about is your health, so you should stay home unless you have to go out...that is not mandatory but you would be safer by just staying inside for social distancing.

The people who actually have the virus are under quarantine and public places are closed like libraries, bars etc. and gatherings over fifty people.

All food and stores are still open but their may be reduced hours, but why would you go outside and risk your health when you don't need to, but you can if you want.

In Toronto they stopped bill payments for two months, so that also includes rent so you don't have to pay your rent right now in Toronto either, plus they can't evict because there are no bill payments.

Plus, there are no home evictions because they want everyone in doors to stop the virus from spreading so they won't kick you out because there is a health order to stay home, then they don't want you moving around so it's best to stay where you are.

So there is nothing to worry about, you can just stay home and you are still getting paid, then you can save your money for the emergency because you don't have to pay rent because evictions have been banned....in Toronto that includes all bills I think they said.

Then they can't disconnect or cancel anything because it is a government order.

Any debts that you will accumulate will have to be handled later after the health scare is over, plus they said it's just getting started.

So just stay home which is voluntary, but why risk getting sick, then you can save your rent money for other stuff but stores are open if you need anything so there are no concerns, anything else will be resolved later plus there is emergency funds coming for Ottawa and in Nova Scotia they are issuing extra $50 cheques from Community Services to get started.

Like they are just getting going, so I would cover my bills like rent if I can but it's not mandatory right now.

Plus, they are shutting down the Canada / United States border this weekend for non essential travel...like food and stuff will still be running and I wouldn't be surprised if they shut down Provincial and State borders and made you stay in your home Province or State plus put in check points at Provincial and State borders when things reopen to monitor the public after the virus shut down.


Coronavirus Vaccination

Remember that everyone is affected by the Coronavirus because of the quarantine / social distancing measures and everything is closed or store hours cut back.

Coronavirus is treatable and there is a vaccination they are saying, like the flu shot.

I'm assuming that this will be a mandatory vaccination program for Coronavirus people are talking about but they probably haven't manufactured the vaccine yet, they will probably send out letters telling people to vaccinate and then they will know who was vaccinated by your health card.

So they will use your health card to track the vaccination schedule when all that takes place, then the coronavirus shot will just be a manfatory vaccination.

Like with the polio vaccination years ago, they made everyone line up to get the shot to vaccinate for polio.

They will probably just make you go to to the medical clinic, doctor or Shoppers Drug Mart etc. to get the vaccination with the regular flu shot, they probably didn't make all the vaccine yet.

I'm sure that this will be done fast since the coronavirus is easily treatable before it kills millions of people like with the polio virus.

Then they will make you line up for the shot and include coronavirus with the mandatory polio vaccine like for when children get their vaccinations.

So that will probably just be given out with the free flu shot as a coronavirus vaccine then at the same time made into a mandatory vaccination like with polio.

The important thing is to stay home if you don't need something at the store or have to work, then monitor your health and breathing symptoms and call 911 right away if you get sick because they can easily treat it at the hospital, then everyone will have to wait for the vaccination to come out then all go line up for the shot like with the flu shot only it's a mandatory vaccination like polio. 

Remember, conronavirus causes pneumonia and respiratory failure so make sure to monitor your breathing symptoms if you are sick. 


HALIFAX: The Nova Scotia Government Pops It's Head Up - You Don't Have To Pay Your Rent In Nova Scotia During The Crisis

Update: I probably should have put this part at the top first - you don't have to pay your rent in Nova Scotia during the health crisis because they banned evictions, read below under the emergencies measures act they are talking about, they they need to install plan for debt repayment later after the crisis without bill collectors.
The never seen Nova Scotia Government popped it's head up today and said they would be giving $1 Million Dollars to Food Bands..oh yeah thanks, the regular starvation and lack of bread without a flu pandemic wasn't enough...all it takes is a Provincial Health Quarantine for them to give money to the Food Bank, that still doesn't meet the Canada food guide requirements...but they needed is a pandemic to offer extra money.

Here is my question....who is getting the $1 Million Dollars...the delivery drivers at Feed Nova Scotia for extra hours to pick up home donations?

I say that because everyone knows that the food order won't be any bigger, and how often is that $1 Million deposited into the food bank? Monthly, weekly or a one time donation.

We all know that no matter what they do the food bank order for homes is still the same size, so what's that for anyway extra items on the free item table?

Why can't you just give an extra bag of food to each customer. 

It just pisses you off that every time they show up which is rare they say the same pathetic speech...like if it's an extra $1 million they think they just do that once and everyone is happy and starts kissing their ass, then it's not for what you actually need it's for like an extra item in a one time deal or something off the free item table, then you find out it was just for resources for the staff to go pick up food donations when they actually need an extra bag of food for each person at home during a pandemic then permanently going forward is what they want.

Then they said no rental evictions during the flu pandemic...so if some crazed bill collector like from the tenancy board shows up with a rent notice during the pandemic call the police and they will be arrested because of the emergency measures act or whatever, if they say no eviction then no one is allowed to ask you for your rent money during the pandemic.

What that means is you do not have to pay your rent during the virus shutdown, so you can now save your rent money and they can't evict you and are not allowed asking you for the money.

Then...when the pandemic is over you will owe back rent, it's better to pay it, then they can't come down from the tenancy board with an eviction notice for not paying your rent during the pandemic.

I think in Ontario they put a two month hold on bill payments or "grace period" but I think they mean you will have to pay the money back, after that you will be swarmed with debt collectors.

They are not saying that you do not have to pay your bills later, they mean they "are letting you get behind on your payments" that is a debt they are racking up on you....then the bill collectors will start hounding you for money, like in Nova Scotia you don't have to pay your rent because there are no evictions, then they can't ask you for money...if they do call the police.

When the shutdown is over the landlord will want the money, they are not saying that you can get two months free bills.

If you get behind you will be in a worse situation when the pandemic is over, as soon as that happens all the utilities will try and start disconnecting your utilities in ONE SECOND because they are cunts and then the tenancy board will be down with rental evictions notice hearings in ONE SECOND then they will be ALL LAUGHING AT YOU from the collection agency workers calling you an idiot because you didn't pay your bills during the shutdown, when you didn't have to, then they will be waiting to cut you up at the bill payment office.

In relation...expect massive amounts of people getting arrested in scams from bill collectors from people doing illegal bill collections / intimation tactics after the shutdown...NEVER PARTICIPATE, always call the police because the back debts are not your fault and get a lawyer or legal aid to help you because it wasn't your fault during the shut down.

Don't let anyone harasses you for money or anything during or after the shutdown!

Just go with the regular rules...like you didn't have to pay, then after the shut down it is not open season on the public form debt collectors because even after the shutdown they HAVE TO GIVE YOU TIME TO CATCH UP ON YOUR BILLS.

If they don't THEY WILL BE ARRESTED, if you get assaulted during or after the shutdown make sure to only call the police or lawyers / legal aid and they can help you with your specific situation. 

Here is the number one thing that pissed me off that the Nova Scotia Government said this week.

Extra $50 from Community Services as early as today.

They said on they news that Community Services is issuing everyone an extra $50 supplemental cheque starting today to help with the crisis so expect that in the mail I would assume.

Then they said that "this does not count as an over payment"....why would you fucking say that??????

Everyone knows that the extra money is not an over payment, that is the part of the government is Nova Scotia that everyone hates and wants GONE anyway saying that, they always say that every time.


Everyone knows that money is not an over payment, that's what pisses me off the most. Plus we need that money EVERY MONTH, even if you work a family member or spouse may be on assistance and we all need the extra money, like you can help out a family member who works or spouse with the extra money...so everyone is affected by that.

Here is why that is a scam...someone like a bill collector or office worker, like what happened to me at the tenancy board, will use the extra $50, and they are referring to other scams by saying that they are pulling at their offices, to try and tell you that you might have to pay it back later lying....THAT IS JUST TO SCARE YOU if they are targeting you in a scam.

They will issue the $50 then say it's not an over payment, then all these people will run around saying that you might have to pay it back later....that is a scam, they are trying to scare you to see if you believe them...if you do then later they will come back and target you in a different scam like with illegal rent or debt collection or something.

Everyone needs the $50 extra, every month....now they're all going to be running around scamming during the crisis now, they already started saying it from press releases from the Nova Scotia Government...everyone knows that money is NOT AN OVER PAYMENT.

Also, they issued a large notice from Ottawa and Provincially about the extra emergency money coming from the government.....


The government will have to tell you at home what you will qualify for by sending out letters to show you what extra benefits you will be getting from the emergency funding. Then you will know what category you are in...they are NOT ALLOWED to skip people that don't call looking for it because they will be arrested.

They have to contact everyone, then tell you where you fit and what extra benefits you will be getting.

It's still probably good to read it all but don't believe that it's your responsibility to find the government money, the government has to FIND YOU to give you the money and they already know who you are and what your situation is.

If anyone tells you something else...THAT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

Anyone saying anything other than that is running a scam and that is not the government.

Just remember to be safe and stay smart during an emergency crisis and always use proper channels...no one can evict you after the crisis for not paying your accumulated back rent debts because the government said you didn't have to pay because there is no evictions in Nova Scotia.

After the emergency is over the government will have an actual plan for you to pay the money back WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO, remember if it's not common sense they are lying and it's a scam, anyone saying anything else is not the actual government.

I would recommend paying all your bills during the emergency so that you do not have to pay your back bills later slowly over time because you will be more broke with no money later this year and next year...remember, don't let anyone harass or intimidate you under the crisis because there is extra penalties for the offenders under the emergency measures act.



Thursday, March 19, 2020

Anti-Flag-This is the End (For you my Friend)


Die Mannequin - Bad Medicine [ Fino + Bleed ]


Good Riddance - Darkest Days

Montreal Calling

Cheap and Cheerful - The Kills

Two As One (Explicit)

Cracked Brain

Hot Girl In Lemons

This Magic Moment

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Youtube Music - Canada Top 100

This is the #1 Song on Youtube Music for the Canada Top 100.

Eminem - Godzilla:



316L Grade Surgical Steel



Land of the Dead

Friday the 13th

Stuff Not On Youtube Music

I'm making a list of stuff that I can't get on Youtube Music....I mean official versions, not the main Youtube  page with fan stuff, because they are on that but not the music only player section.

Carcass - First several albums
Samhain - Glenn Danzig's other band after The Misfits
Misfits - Cuts From The Crypt
Gorgeous Frankenstein (Doyle from Misfits)
Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law

I'll keep them on mp3, cd or whatever.


Monday, March 16, 2020

Hahahha Requiem For A Dream

That's what's happening to all those people I left behind from my hometown & here in Halifax, they're all on drugs and heroin with their arms falling off thinking their famous and gonna be on television like in the movie Requiem For A Dream, haahahaha...like the people that robbed my house and stuff, that is so funny to me you have no idea.

Hahahhaa, suffer losers.


Requiem For a Dream - Best Scene (HD)

Requiem for a Dream (2000) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Requiem For A Dream - Trailer

Long Way Back From Hell

THEORY: Do Hobos & Drug Dealers Have No Sexuality?

I mean they are all downtown high on drugs with their teeth all rotten and falling out and they don't look after themselves or go to the dentist, like they are super unclean.

Do this mean they have no sexuality?

What I mean is there is no way they are kissing anyone if they don't wash and all have rotten teeth, regular people with a normal sexuality go to the dentist and get their teeth fixed on a regular basis and brush them everyday.

Hobo's and drug addicts, all their teeth are rotten and falling out of their head so they aren't kissing anyone, only people with clean teeth do.

Therefore, I think that it is possible that hobos & drug addicts have no sexuality because of their terrible rotten teeth, like no one would kiss them anyway and then they obviously have no interest in sexuality or they would get their teeth fixed.

It all makes me sick.



Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

HALIFAX: Portland Street Drug Mules Busted For Two Kilos Of Cocaine

See..this happened on Portland St. across the road from the Alderney Landing Library and Community Services, I'm saying that my opinion is this is the MMA drug mules with convicted murder Steve Skinner's Halifax drug cartel network.

As usual in the local area all these people in this drug network have businesses setup and their names an faces all over the internet with MMA murderer Steve Skinner.

Radical Concepts aka "Radical 420" on Portland Street Tara Patruno and Patrica Barrett were busted with 2 kilograms of cocaine at the Radical 420 store this week (good, fuck ya) at the same time MMA people are in the news for murder and drug smuggling and I am suing some of them at the Tenancy Board for illegal rent collection and attempted fake eviction hearings.

Now everyone will know who the drug cartel is...it's the local MMA and Radical 420 store on Portland, so all their friends going in there are the drug cartel with MMA murderer Steve Skinner and the people going around harrassing everyone in Halifax and dealing cocaine and heroin.

Here are pictures and links:

Radical 420 website is down: http://www.radicalconcepts.ca/

The Coast Newpaper Article about Radical 420 from 2009:  https://www.thecoast.ca/Shoptalk/archives/2009/08/22/radical-concepts-is-getting-out-of-leather

Halifax Today article on the arrest of Tara and Patrica from "Rad 420":  https://www.halifaxtoday.ca/police-beat/two-charged-after-search-of-dartmouth-business-2168457

This is just at the bottom of the hill from my neighbourhood by the Mic Mac Mall on the Dartmouth Side of the Halifax Harbour.