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Soulfly Sick New World Festival Las Vegas 2023


D.R.I. - Syringes in the Sandbox - Full Speed Ahead -

The Donnas - Take It Off (Official Video)

Life of Homeless in Vancouver, Canada - Thursday, May 25, 2023

Dungeons & Dragons: "Official Spoiler" For Next Version - Updated

Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is now the new open source rule book, now they made a new version after this Players Handbook 2024, Dungeon Masters Guide 2024 and Monster Manual 2024.

The base for that rule book is their new updates on the last book Fifth Edition, meaning new rules and scenarios that are not on SRD5.1 open source so you can't use them with your new game.

After viewing all the playtest material and announcements I have a guaranteed Official Hasbro Spoiler following along and developing my own SRD5.1 RPG Game Dragon Tribute & Fan Page / Free RPG Beta Game.

In the next books it will say Species instead of "race" which has been abandoned by Hasbro but is still in SRD5.1.

That's the Official Hasbro Spoiler, I mean it's not big but it's a real true spoiler.

That's what the Player's Handbook 2024 is supposed to look like...the word "race" has been replaced to Species, now only new versions will have Species listed as character type.

My Monster's Of The Multiverse Guide:



This Dungeons & Dragons news is based on internet publications that I consider official because they appear on pages like Google News...based on that "race" being changed to "species" in the next version...

This is past the release of SRD5.1 , Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Open Source Rule Book...

That means that after this comes out and I think the actual story was that the word "race" was taken out of One D&D and replaced with "species"in the Unearthed Arcana Playtest, then the second announcement was in internet pages listed at sources like Google News on the internet.

The point to that here in this update, Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons is still the current version...

That series or set, past tense now that the new edition is coming out in 2024, so that is the version that is the same as SRD5.1.

That includes the current "Monsters Of The Multiverse" version.

Now the new game has fallen back to 2024...

If that is all changed in the next version for this "Official Spoiler" going around on internet pages then the full "Monsters Of The Multiverse" won't appear until after 2024 after the new Players Handbook is released.

So it's good they have a playable monster book, but it's already out of date with the new Players Handbook coming out, then the newer versions won't be until way later.


RE: Local Teachers Strike

It's not bad enough over at the Halifax Shopping Center with the home team "The Gators" all the teachers out bull horning the elementary school.

Over on Main & Woodlawn at the school zone the teachers have a camp setup on the corner the Community College and the crowd can't through on there way home form class, heard stories of the teachers blocking the students from walking home on Main St.and following them from class to the stike route across the street and making them walk on the other side of the road at the strike...

Then women's boyfriends at the picket lines showed up jealous honking because there were guys down there when the women were outside instead of working.



RE: Halifax - Traffic Congestion Etc.

It's super packed in Halifax heading into this summer, I was stuck downtown on the transit twice this past weekend for hours while one bridge was closed and the other 1/4 open or something because of car accidents on the McDonald Bridge on both days.

Now traffic is backed up way past the Mic Mac Mall heading out to the Trans Canada Highway.

In my area it became extremely congested with traffic, but there were also events going on in the area like baseball and rowing and stuff.

So I was out to Bayers Lake which was packed but not traffic congested, now there is so much traffic that the two bridges in Halifax are becoming obsolete.

Now really there is no downtown Halifax, all the services are moving the other way out towards Halifax Shopping Center, where there are building seven new towers, so you need to go around the Bedford Basin which is pretty far to to Sackville where Splash Place is.

Then come in the back way after this services in the city are going to start moving to the next Inlet / Peninsula over where Peggy's Cove is at which is a much larger wooded area than Halifax. 

So if you come off the Metro Transit on the McDonald Bridge to Halifax then when you get there that road is going to be extended to Peggy's Cove in both directions.

The first one out past the Sea Port and then up to Quinpool Road and out to Hailfax Shopping Center...

Behind that is the route to Peggy's Cove the other way where the City is expanding.

My point is you go to Scotia Square at Casino Nova Scotia and the Metro Transit should take you to Peggy's Cove in both directions, this meets up with the new buildings at the Halifax Shopping Center / Bayer's Lake on the back route into the city making the bridges obsolete.

This moves the entire area over to the back route into Halifax behind Bedford Basin and then downtown and my area will become less congested.

Now out at the Provincial Parks and Camp Grounds there was supposed to be security but they have people illegally camping in the parks and not paying lot fees.

Then they are charging the camp customers lot fees and making them get permits for family park use only and the next guy over is camping out in the park which is illegal after 10pm and not paying lot fees....then they don't know how long they are sleeping there with a two week maximum visit.

So all the people illegally camping they owe lot fees plus are getting fined for not paying the fees plus breaking park restrictions by camping without a permit.


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'It's The Typical May Kind Of System': Tropical Disturbance Churning Nea...

Typhoon Mawar Expected To Restrengthen After It Passes Through Guam

Storm Mawar intensifies into Super Typhoon with sustained winds of 150mph

Typhoon Mawar Brings Life-Threatening Storm Surge To Guam, Significant D...

Typhoon Mawar lashes Guam as Category 4 storm with strong winds, rain

Typhoon Mawar pummels Guam with fierce winds, rain and storm surge

Bagyong Mawar, balik sa ‘Super Typhoon' category | Frontline Sa Umaga

Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Kraken

Using the Kraken in D&D (Dungeon Master Round Table)

G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) - Death Of Duke Restored

The Sad History of GI Joe: The Movie

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin - First Fight Scene - Spider-Man (2002) Movie...

Peter Parker meets Norman Osborn - Spider-Man (2002) Movie CLIP HD

To Catch a Spider | Part 4 | Spider-Man 1967

Dungeons & Dragons Update: New Editions Out In 2024

The new press says that Dungeons & Dragons (Hasbro for the bookstore release) is releasing the new Dungeon Masters Guide, Players Handbook and Monster Manual next year in 2024.

Now the game itself has changed versions...they mean "One D&D" is like the Dungeons & Dragons Universe all of it....that is specifically the playtest game.

Here is the biggest news ever in Dungeons & Dragons:

Dungeons & Dragons has dropped the edition version and has only stayed with Fifth Edition.

On the new format new books are compatible with Fifth Edition.

Here is the format have to go by current year date like with novels to see the latest version.

That is because the new game runs on Creative Commons Open Source "SRD.5.1" the Fifth Edition core rule set.

Next year the new books will be dated 2024 and will be updated version of SRD5.1

Now you get NEW rule books based on Fifth Edition or they mean new official versions that are updated after the release of SRD5.1.

So the new book list is updated rule manuals for their own new copyrighted content that run on the Open Source Rules of SRD5.1 which is the Fifth Edition Rule Books.

Going forward all new books are compatible with SD5.1, then go by year date for the latest version like regular novels.

This is the latest version after next year 2024:

Based on SRD5.1 with new content:

Dungeons Masters Guide 2024

Players Handbook 2024

Monster Manual 2024

Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle

Monsters Of The Multiverse

Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything

Xanathar's Guide To Everything

One D&D Playtest Material, Unearthed Arcana.


Diary Update - May 25, 2023

It's getting pretty slow outside at the start of this Summer here in Halifax, this being one of the world most remote regions to the bigger population...two hour fight vacation spot from New York and Cruise Ship Tourist Trap....

Hopefully we'll be number one in the world soon on some list because it's pretty high up anyway.

For the first time I have mixed feeling's today on this blog, I mean Summer's coming....but blah to a lot of stuff including debt they are claiming.

Music has gone off the rails AGAIN, so I don't know what to think of that...I mean I have pretty busy pages and that...logic tells me to slow down a bit right now for the Summer.

I mean it's pretty bad outside with strikes and traffic jams, stabbings etc., so I don't know what music to promote with all this stuff maybe it's time to take a break for a bit.

So if you follow the heavy metal update on my pages I may have to keep it on the Youtube playlist page which I share to regular metal pages so I'm not dropping them.

I just don't know what the pages will look like, but I'm keeping them as promotional pages for stuff I may be putting out, like public domain albums etc., but expect a change as I have to redevelop all that for myself...I mean it's just mostly a hobby anyway while I work on other stuff.

Too much music right now, it's too loud and stuff with other things going I'm going to have to update all that, the music playlist is shared on those pages but it's "Social Media Pages" I really don't have time for right now.

I really mean though metal bands have played too many concerts too me I mean how many concerts can you play before you get sick of that, I can't keep watching that it's just too long.

Common sense tells me to focus on my own stuff, but I'm keeping the metal pages I'm just going to need a new update to get off social media.

The strike outside is really bad with Canada's household debt larger than the economy.

That doesn't affect National Debt, just "personal debt" which was the warning from the Bank Of Canada, so some lenders may not get paid back.

That's other people, I'm not someone with any debt...ask any of them and I already did all that and it's true...I don't need to be out partying and racking up debt for years.

We'll have to wait and see, music sucks right now with scams no offense to any bands's just really hectic in Halifax right now plus it's storms again.

I'll probably be out hiking and doing some camping and stuff instead and I plan to visit the new Splash Place theme park.

Other people since covid household debt...I live alone and am in that "47" age group and that stuff doesn't apply, they said for other people it's 107% debt pay back in their houses.

What are you talking about, like I didn't borrow my way through covid.

The financial warning is NOT to the public but to people with this debt....they have borrowed more than their assets are worth. 

Now they are looking for wage increases.

It's like pawning your household debt and for every $100 you need to pay $107 back.

Look people that's negative, minus $7 dollars....

Sound's like your NSF to me...

Expect a lot of them people to go down at the bank and lose their assets.

I mean the prediction is to that, trying to maintain the same and after every month you're pay check gets smaller as the negative numbers add up.

Other people like me that doesn't affect them, however I may has less options or have to pay more for items...average rent in Canada right now is $2000 a month.

I don't pay that much and have a locked in rate in my lease for staying in the same spot over several  years as long as I keep the same apartment, I recommend when you rent an apartment to permanently keep it to so you can be at a lower rate as other new apartment rentals rent gets increased on new rental contracts.

People with kids and stuff who work are not in the same position.

They may have to move more frequently, like with new families just starting out or even harder families heading into their 30's as the kids get older debt drastically increases.

Sorry everyone, really though I'm the book worm nerd page.

So I'm taking a break as common sense tells me and getting out of the way of all this.

Just expect more slack pages for the summer for now, but I'll trying to keep the metal playlist up to date on the other pages but I have to cut back the front.

Plus I'm working on my fan scripts pages, which is some is public domain content I'm tagging with my own ideas like a brain storming page and playing Dungeons & Dragons this summer and going to the beach.

So that's where I'll be at...out at the beach or hiking / camping here in Old Nova Scotia.

Ps, new species of animals have been discovered in remote forests lizards and stuff so look out for rare bird sightings out in the wilderness during these conditions.

I mean let's say I just financed a brand new guitar....say like a Gibson or something....just in case you're listening.

A $2000 Les Paul they are paying 107% on....that $4070 dollars (?), I mean piling up your credit cards getting gas for your car a $100 tank of gas costs $207 if you take too long to pay your debts pack say of ten or fifteen yours on the loans.

I mean maybe they are borrowing cash to buy that somewhere else.

You're making me sick with all that debt, so I'll be hiding for the summer but I'll be still on here posting MLB and stuff because I usually watch the whole season on MLB.TV in case you're listing....and no, I'm still paying cash at $30 a month.

So for all you loan sharks you're not getting me into that 107% payback to finance baseball games.

My point is I'm at a stand still and all that's going to be over run with scams and road rage and Halifax is sending me heavy traffic alerts on the windows update thing for the roads here.

What I am talking about?

I'm getting away from all that for the rest of the Summer but I'm still blogging when things come up but I really have to cut it back because it's too crazy out there, good luck with all that.

Plus I'm concerned about Cyclones and power outages, too much going on up here.

I'll still post New York Yankees and all that when stuff happens or storm updates as usual, I just gotta cut that music content for now, follow the summary on the other pages on here I may only be posting bigger releases only while while I do my book and Dungeons & Dragons stuff.

Good luck kids, I'm glad I'm not just starting out.


Dungeons & Dragons - Episode 9 - Quest of the Skeleton Warrior

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Canada has the highest debt levels in G7 | CMHC warning

NEWS: WHO Issues New Post-Covid Health Warning

Volcano in Mexico prompts evacuation warnings

Mexico residents prepare for evacuation as volcano spews smoke and ash

PAGASA closely monitoring Typhoon Mawar | ANC

Potential Disturbance May Spin Up Off Southeast Coast Bringing Heavy Rai...

Slim chance super typhoon Mawar may make landfall in PH – Pagasa

Here’s what you can do to help as Guam braces for Super Typhoon Mawar

Super Typhoon Mawar strikes Guam with 140-mph winds | USA TODAY

Typhoon Strikes Guam

Typhoon Mawar Expected To Restrengthen After It Passes Through Guam

Typhoon Mawar Knocks Out Power, Communications Across Most Of Guam

'It's Barely Moving Over The Island': Typhoon Mawar Flooding Buildings, ...

'Anticipate the worst': Officials issue dire warning ahead of Typhoon

Victoria Day chaos: Ont. teen charged with assault after allegedly firin...

15 Actors Currently Suffering...

The Life of Danny Koker After Counting Cars

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

23 Celebs Currently ROTTING In Jail (And the Reasons Why)

15 Celebs Currently Rotting In Jail And The Reasons Why

15 Actors Currently ROTTING In Jail (And The Reason Why)

Anthony Volpe hits his first career grand slam!

Anthony Volpe 2023 April Highlights - New York Yankees New Hotshot Rookie Shortstop

'Orlando Invades Daytona' event called off

NEWS: Enterainment Scam Not Looking Good In United States From Canada

Gossip / Rumors:

I don't know what the truth is about all this, could be still breaking in the news, other people said the Celebrity Death Notices coming from Australia / New Zealand look... may actually mean the events happened outside of Canada.

Like with bands on tour in Europe / Asia / Pacific, people died and there have been large scams arrested.

The Harvey Weinstein case is "Jay and Silent Bob" characters, that are owned by a larger Entertainment Company, that was produced by Kevin Smith and Harvey Weinstein.

Bernie Madoff and others were arrested for a billions of dollars entertainment scam that people say was just color photocopies that were printed and put up in stores where the companies owned thier own retail inventory.

The music scam at the youth center people said that promoted to put their picture up in the retail store for their band / movie, no store names given, but it was just photocopies.

Then the people were attacked and raped, that is supposed to be the Harvey Weinstein case.

Now other people including Rob Zombie, and Kevin Smith who says he had "sex addiction" during the time of the events.

They are joking and laughing about the Weinstein Rape Trial, making them look guilty and this has ruined their promotions and careers.

On WWE Wrestling Johnny Knoxville starred in the Action Park Movie, Action Point...the rest of the Jackass cast was with Kevin Smith in clips and appeared on WWE where Knoxville fought Sami Zayne from Montreal.

Now Sami Zayne and Roman Reigns have won titles and the others ruined their careers by bringing the Action Park stunts into the WWE Ring and then they are all connected in an outside promotion that could be the Weinstein sexual assault case ruining their careers.

Now people say the sexual assaults could have been form the bootleg retail promotion that carried the actors movies etc., in the scam where people were attacked.

Meaning while on official promotions like "Clerks, Mall Rats" actual company work, they may have been busted in a scam under the table at the bootleg retail stores promising people contracts and luring them in and then sent them to the bootleg store scam where they were sexually attacked. 


RE: Mall Rats 2: Fan Script


Here is the link to my Mall Rats 2 fan script, obviously Jay & Silent Bob have been dropped with along with Harvey Weinstein.

Mall Rats 2: Fan Script - Banned From The Mall


FULL MATCH — Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns — Winner Take All Title Unifi...

Sami Zayn Entrance: WWE SmackDown, April 7, 2023

FULL MATCH — Johnny Knoxville vs. Sami Zayn: WrestleMania 38 Sunday

1994 - Action Park - Human Slingshot Commercial

Action Point (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Kevin Smith On Sex Addiction and His Heart Attack - Steve-O's Wild Ride!...

Kevin Smith REVEALS How Harvey Weinstein HELD Dogma Hostage..


The Weinstein Company / View Askew Productions (Clerks II)

RE: My Music Blog Pages

Yeah you guessed it...

That's pretty much enough of all that, I mean I'm not promoting any of that...I mean I'll probably do my own bands page and maybe a few I put out..

I'm switching to a regular shopping page and shopping blog soon anyway to go with my comic book / dungeons and dragons page.

 I mean, 6o Billion dollar scam on there with no money in it, all just color photocopies on it or something.

Every one of them is the Harvey Weinstien sexual assault case form the Jay & Silent Bob Show, now Rob Zombie and Kevin Smith are on there saying stuff like sex addiction problems during all that.

Sorry, sex addiction is not a defense for sexual assault...if that's what they are referring to.

You're all finished in entertainment.

Then all the porn girls you found our five years later were all dead when you first watched it.

No thanks, I stick with my Dungeons & Dragons / Comic Page, you're all dropped.

I'm taking my music blogs down soon and making new ones...waste of time.

Except for A&A Records Pages and that...Death Metal / Black Metal pages Dropped.

PS. You all played too many concerts.

I'll stick with my own page.


At least 18 people break into Chicago post office

CBS 2 Investigators catch fake parking attendants ripping off drivers

FBI, police take 'evidence bags' from NASA scientist's Bay Area home in ...

RE: Weinstien Case In Entertainment Etc.


Here come the attack jokes or something....I mean Harvey Wenstein went to jail or whatever.

How about this for some math.

That was Kevin Smith's company from  "Jay and Silent Bob", then he says now he lost weight and had a heart attack from "sex addiction" during all that.

During the rape trial, that's some pretty bad press for Kevin Smith and Rob Zombie isn't it.


Rob Zombie Was Abused By Weinstein | Howie Mandel Does Stuff #121

Mexico shootout leaves at least 10 dead

Monday, May 22, 2023

RE: Recent Adult Web Pages / Dead Actresses On Pages

I mean it makes you pretty sick when you watch the porn pages and then later they tell you a bunch of them died like four years before the tape came out on the other web page.



RE: New Pictures Of The Titanic

Obviously the rivets blew out, like new research has been saying, leading to the walls in the middle of the ship buckling out, when you look at it on the ocean floor you can clearly see by the mound of dirt on the ground that it slide into the ocean floor.

It looks like the rivets popped somehow in the middle of the ship causing it to open in the center area and then sunk on a 45 degree angle into the ocean and hit the bottom and slid across creating a huge mound of dirt under it.

Hopefully, this will be raised somehow and brought back to Halifax.


Scan of Titanic reveals wreck as never seen before - BBC News

3D scan of Titanic gives up close look of wreckage

Toronto bar sued for $84K in back rent during pandemic

HALIFAX: Stabbing At Fair On Main Street During Strike

I mean the bums down there on main and people don't obey the speed limit, the fair was in town by the Community College on Woodlawn Ave / Main Street and people out wearing these old metal shirts from the North End.

Eveyone bumming money, like $3 cups of coffee hhahahahahha, I can just imagine giving you that. 

Then the teachers aid people or someone went on strike the same people that walked out on Christmas Concerts then they went down there on strike at the fair and and made this big disturbance dancing with hulahoops on in front of the fair.

Then someone went to the fair and tried to murder someone and stabbed them near to death.

With that bumming crowd down there all begging the town for money with change cups and on strike at the fair from the school, the guy got charged with attempted murder but I mean the other guy who was 18 I doubt can recover from that.



Cleveland man accused of stuffing woman in tote gives judge middle finge...

HALIFAX: Campgrounds Near Splash Adventure

"Atlantic Playland" is now Splash Adventure...

That's the water slide park....

There are multiple camp grounds in Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) Shubie Park is one of the closest camp grounds to Splash Adventure but I mean it's not really close.

All camp grounds are pretty far out of town in Halifax except for Shubie Park which is a Family Oriented Park meaning no alcohol or cannabis in the camp ground.

They have multiple camp site types to rent (maybe a swimming pool) in different formats, "cabins", drive in camp sites and tent campsites.

Shubie Park closes a 10 PM...pause for a minute, when I say Shubie Park these are National / Provincial Parks so be careful because you can get lost in them.

At Shubie Park they have full amenities like firewood etc., and outdoor cooking sites but the campsite closes for noise at 11 PM and they have security, you are not allowed in the streams, trails and beaches after 10 PM.

Other camp grounds allow legal cannabis only and alcohol at your personal camp site only.

On the internet Shubie Park is listed as the closest camp ground to downtown Halifax but I mean that's still like 12 KM.

They list Rainbow Haven Beach on the internet that does NOT have camping as being close to Shubie Park for camping but it isn't... it's practically on the other side of the province in Cow Bay out of the HRM Area in Naugle.

This beach has summer camp for kids but no campgrounds.

Other campgrounds are basic and offer full services to walk in setup for tents with picnic tables and cooking areas, Provincial Rules mean no alcohol outside the rented camp site and you need permits to stay there and all have full faculties to some extent and most near trails and the Trans Canada Trail Area which has NOT been finished yet between the Shubie Park Area / Splash Adventure and the Shubenacadie Wild Life Park so you can't hike direct from Halifax on the Trans Canada Trail yet.

There are also two additional National / Provincial Parks between Shubie Park and Shubencadie Wildlife Park.

So it's all a great area with tons of lakes trails and National / Provincial Parks and lots of camp grounds which are spread out with beaches across Nova Scotia in the HRM area but I mean you get led the wrong way on web pages because the actual size is much larger, like 540 Square Miles of Wilderness in Nova Scotia away from the downtown HRM in Downtown Halifax.

I mean you can camp for weeks out there and not have to come back in town, but don't get fooled by the Halifax / Nova Scotia Advertised maps because the area is way larger, when they say camp and park they mean National Park and Wilderness Forest Area which cover most of Atlantic Canada anyway, about 1/3 the size of the United States here in Halifax / Atlantic Canada for camping etc. 






TERRA BUILDER (Germany) - Interplanetary Portal (Death Metal/Grindcore) ...

The Circus (1930)

1940s Circus Stunts Acrobatics

RE: 1940's Circus

My favorite part was the Monkey Police who get whipped by the Ring Master.


1942 Circus Acts: "Here Comes the Circus" - CharlieDeanArchives / Archiv...

Sunday, May 21, 2023

HALIFAX: Atlantic Playland Now "Action Park" Splash Adventure

Now Youtube is starting to get spammed with new videos of old tape rebranding Atlantic Playland which is now Splash Adenture. 

That's out at the McDonald's in Sackville on Bus Route 87...

Now it's Action Park / Mountain Creek New Jersey with the new water parks and is now called Splash Adventure.


ACTION PARK - All Waterslides 2022

Bowl of Fundy POV| Atlantic splash adventure

Best Western Plus Dartmouth, Atlantic Splash Adventure, Nova Scotia

Atlantic Splash Adventure in Nova scotia , Canada 🇨🇦💦

Aaron Boone discusses Aaron Hicks DFA decision


Friday, May 19, 2023





SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION - Amorphous Viscous Limbs (Full Album) [2023]





Group commits 10 robberies in 30 minutes on Chicago's Northwest Side

RE: Illegall Store Fronts - Halifax Notices

I think I mentioned on this blog a while back that homeless people were squadding on Spring Garden Road in front of a women's lingerie / clothing type store (robes, pajamas etc., silk gowns or whatever and underwear) and harassing everyone for money and women couldn't get in to shop.

The store CLOSED, now a new restaurant came in selling "Coffee & Alcohol" in the same spot....

Today I was out shopping, still problems with "communications boxes" with smashed lines in Halifax still down or falling down now during all this with static on power plugs, and they had a public notice up of a liqour sales violation and a public meeting at the Parklane Mall.

I don't know any details, looks like they were selling alcohol and coffee drinks during AM hours with people in it drinking, now they have been publicly cited at Parklane Mall...I don't what it is specifically but a notice was posted on the Mall Hallway Wall next to the Women's Shoe Store.

Now in New York they are raiding illegal cannabis shops and they had to call in the "Department Of Mental Hygiene" about the workers in the shops lack of washing is how I took it.

In Halifax the homeless people smell so bad you can't sit in the Parklane Mall when they are there  and they are outside with signs girating their hips at people...

My point is the Department Of Mental Hygine is on them now from New York City so hopefully they will have that in Halifax to fix the downtown problems with people loitering are bumming "cups of coffee" I can just imaging handing that out $75 value to anyone down there and all bumming people for $50 is how I took it.



NYC bakeries raided for unlicensed sale of THC-infused products

Thursday, May 18, 2023

System Of A Down - Toxicity (Remastered 2021)

System Of A Down - Aerials (Remastered 2021)

System of a Down live at Sick New World 2023 (Full Show 4K)

Soulfly Sick New World Festival Las Vegas 2023

Soulfly - Sick New World 2023

OBITUARY - Dying of Everything (Official Music Video)

SACRED REICH - Live at The Phoenix Concert Theatre - Toronto, CA [16.4.2...

Razor - Shotgun Justice

Razor - Sucker For Punishment [Video]

RAZOR - A Bitter Pill (Official Audio)

RAZOR - Live at The Rockpile - Toronto, CA [29.4.2023] [snippet]

Carcass - Corporate Jigsore Quandary - April 25 2023 - Vancouver Canada

CARCASS - Live Toronto - 04/16/2023

CARCASS - Live In Concert - 4.11.23 - Raleigh, NC - FULL SET!

Carcass live - Incarnated Solvent Abuse + Under the Scalpel Blade - Worc...

DIG BMX - Metal Bikes Lost Tapes: 1999-2006

DC Death Metal - Full Story | Comicstorian

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

WWE Smackdown Full Highlights HD May 17, 2023 - WWE Smack down Highlight...

WWE RAW Full Highlights HD May 17, 2023 - WWE Monday Night Raw Highlight...

RE: Professional Wrestling Current Content Structure

If you've not watched Professional Wrestling "recently" they say it is broken up into "divisions"....

So you get RAW WWE Division, SMACKDOWN WWE Division, NXT Wrestling Development Division wit new talent.

That's different than years back...

So they have multi level under the "Professional Wrestling" title...

That's probably a Copyrighted Business now with all registered trademarks like MLB.

Inside that they have RAW / SMACK DOWN / NXT with different rosters and titles.

Lower divisions are up and coming talent development and the higher ones are the big stars and titles.

Professional Wrestling has the biggest arenas now 80,000 seats almost two Yankee Stadiums of seats and they are now the #1 Television Program in the United States they said on Twitter.


WWE 10 May 2023 - Brock Lesnar vs Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns at WWE BAC...

Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar WWE Backlash 2023 Full Match

Full WWE Backlash 2023 highlights

Seth “Freakin” Rollins takes on Solo Sikoa in first-ever matchup: Raw hi...

Matt Riddle vs. Jimmy Uso: Raw highlights, May 1, 2023

Jey Uso Attacks Roman Reigns & Betrays Him WWE SmackDown Highlights 2023

ALL 62 Home Runs from Aaron Judge's Unforgettable Season

Domingo German Strikes Out 11 in 6 Innings! | New York Yankees | 4/15/2023

Gerrit Cole 2023 Highlights (First Five Starts)

Gerrit Cole on Aaron Judge, Ron Guidry records

Rays vs. Yankees Game Highlights (5/12/23) | MLB Highlights

Rays vs. Yankees Game Highlights (5/13/23) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Blue Jays Game Highlights (5/16/23) | MLB Highlights

RE: Aaron Judge Cheating Slander On Sports News

You watch the first play on the highlights and obviously since Aaron Judge has been named new Team Captain of the New York Yankees and just got back from the IL they are working on running plays or something and he's looking at right field for his hitting position to get his swing back.

Then he hits a home run to the same right field, now in Toronto you get fans all yelling and the players have to watch the stands, I mean the guy throwing no one knows who he is and the Yankees and Judge are on a big win streak with Judge just hitting the AL home run record last season.

I mean you're watching the wrong team / game Toronto, all you got to say on your spam pages is he's cheating because he was looking at something.

I mean, your pitching in Toronto, Garret Cole just beat Ron Gidury or something...

Obviously this is flaming and is ILLEGAL in Canada since the Reateah Parsons law, and I mean get over it...the big fake sports mouth in Toronto that can't call the game right....fired.


Yankees vs. Blue Jays Game Highlights (5/15/23) | MLB Highlights

Aaron Judge Cheating?

Yankees Fan Rich Eisen Defends Aaron Judge against Cheating Allegations ...

Aaron Judge, the Yankees and Blue Jays address Judge's at-bat

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

WWE WrestleMania Full Highlights WWE WrestleMania 39 Highlight

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Major gang takedown in Brooklyn with drill rap connection

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Multi Surf Mat Racer at Aquacolors Poreč Croatia

Malevolent Creation - Created Live (Full DVD)

Rob Zombie - Dragula (Live @ Ozzfest 2005)

Ozzy Osbourne - Flying High Again (Live & Loud)

John Altyn-Sleepaway

Bolt Thrower - World Eater [Grindcrusher Tour, 1989 live at Rock City No...

Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

Napalm Death - Multinational Corporations (Official Audio)

Napalm Death (UK) - From Enslavement to Obliteration (Demo) 1986

Bolt Thrower - Cenotaph [Official Video]

Bolt Thrower - In Battle There Is No Law (April 1987) N/A

Entombed - Left Hand Path [Official Video]

John Altyn - Outta Control (Sleepaway Camp II)

Morbid - December Moon 1987 (Full EP HQ)

MORBID - "December Moon" FULL DEMO (1987)

Mayhem – Freezing Moon/Carnage (demo 1990)

Mayhem - Deathcrush

RE: Who Invented Death Metal?

Well I've been back home here in Nova Scotia quite a while now going through my archives etc. from years back and now this came up, I know for a fact that Death Metal & Black Metal from being there back in the "1980's" was created by a company like K-Tel and that...

All I can say is this, K-Tel can produce the source tapes and samples for the music that became Death Metal & Black Metal at the time of the "Black Metal Inner Circle" some Black Metal bands like Mayhem may remember this...

A lot them were there at the time, so I can assure everyone that Death Metal & Black Metal Official Music is owned by a business like K-Tel and many people in metal were there at it's inception including myself.

The "source tapes" of the sound samples and mixes that became Death Metal & Black Metal are OWNED, if court ever came up I know how to produce these tapes for the court that proves where the invention of Death Metal and Black Metal came from, the original inspirations etc. and how they made blast beats and Death Metal / Black Metal riffs.

I would never say any of this, but it was involved in the inception of the Black Metal Inner Circle, my point is make a note that I referenced this to your discussion...the tapes for the invention of Death Metal & Black Metal for their source samples DO EXIST that proves who owns the music and it's a company like K-Tel that holds the rights to the official versions.

End of note.


Captured by J. Jonah Jameson | Part 1 | Spider-Man 1967

RE: Official "Music Scene" Pomotions In Canada

Now they had this huge music scam here in Canada....

So you look on the internet and then go to the music store and they don't have the right "Cd's" on rack to the internet promotions.

The big releases on Sony were Distant and Mental signed Slam Metal bands and first big launch of independent labels new artists on Sony...didn't have it.

Now you get the East Coast Music Awards this month in Halifax and it was all LOCAL BANDS on posters at the store and the headliner was "megadeth" as Halifax Metro Center and "metallica" was the poster at the store...

Now just stop for a minute...who cares if I spent all my money at the waterpark and live out on some island now on vacation in Nova Scotia.

I mean at least my band Collapse, I have a real job and don't even need to be in a band, don't play with "metallica" at the East Coast Music Awards with local bands at the Mall.

Hahahahahaha, that's what they said "metallica bands" report to the East Coast Music Awards with local bands here Hhahahahahahahahahahaha....

Not only that the ECMA awards were at the "Community Health Team" on Portland Street and the awards were run at the Metal Health Addictions Treatment Center HAHAHAHAHHAhahaha, that's where they said they all worked at hahahahahaahahaha.

I'm in Death Metal still and I still have my own money so I don't need them, I'll fill more in later when I get back from camping and waterpark fun this summer after I blow all my money...then I'll check who won the award next year.


SPORTS: MLB Standings

It's on there again....

I figured out what they mean on here they are counting by .5 games, duh anyway, that's because they are missing my new stat.

Imagine betting on sports at the casino or MGM betting page thing...

They go by "games back"...

Now if you're watching and betting online or at the casino all day it's garbage.

24-17 and 24-19 they say New York 1 game behind Toronto....that's because of the uneven schedule.

You can view the actual standing by calculating amount of games played and then determine the Win / Loss vs. games played differential by subtracting the PCT from the higher score Blue Jays .585 and the Yankees .558 which is .027 .

That would be the Games Played vs. Loss Differential at .027 tying the Blue Jays and Yankees on the games played vs. loss differential.

If you calculate this when betting you can see the current adjustment for actual standings placement and not by half games to see the current live standing for the end of year games calculation, this stat the subtracted number, even if not official can give you a view of the actual like standings by calculating the games played vs. loss differential.

As a note MLB Jerseys in Halifax were about $150 for Blue Jays, didn't have Yankees, and Washington Capitals Ovechkin red jersey was $250 on the racks.

Edit, Aaron Judge above, ps stop yelling at Anthony Rizzo in Toronto...he's still just a Mandalorian.


RE: Dungeons & Dragons "6E" Players Handbook - One D&D Playtest

It's all One D&D I get it, you go to the bookstore and all the boxes don't's picked over you name it.

Thankfully, with this playtest you can run them all on that or use my guide Dragon Adventures the "Nintendo Power" page of Dungeons & Dragons walkthroughs....

Today it's just a blog, with my fan scripts etc.

Now I get this picture of the Dungeons & Dragons "Essentials Kit" came with 6 dice sets and individual holding bags!

Now the one at the bookstore doesn't have the dice in it.

It's handsome paintings of Chris Pine in the hardcover book section of his Dungeons & Dragons character out in Sherwood Forest or somewhere.

Swordcoast Adventures guide was there....discontinued along with Eberron I read, now it's Stormwreck Isle and you can't get it.

Again, when you go to the book store the HUGE new book is "Monsters Of The Multiverse"...

Start there and figure that one out, there's plenty of regular game characters to start making.

As far as the survey goes, I don't fill it out because I like everything.

My review....

The playtest is too long on regular adventures to do "Monsters Of The Multiverse" on it for me...

That's because of the extended character backgrounds which adds new sections and bonuses to your character sheet.

Later I'll get to the new Playable Monsters book.

When you use this material always go by the newest book, all the pages on the internet to me really heavily promote third party books more...but at the bookstore you'll see it's the new "Monster Of The Multiverse" set with the new "Dungeons Masters Guide" coming out next year A+ .


Survey Launch | Player's Handbook Playtest 5 | Unearthed Arcana | D&D

Monday, May 15, 2023

New Survey Results | Druid & Paladin | Unearthed Arcana | D&D



GATEWAY (Belgium) - Sacrificial Blood Oath In The Temple Of K'zadu (Deat...





MORGUE SUPPLIER (US) -Thoughts of Only Darkness (Death Metal/Grindcore) ...

THORN (US) - Hypogean Crypt (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity Records





Saturday, May 13, 2023

The Power of Dr. Octopus | Part 1 | Spider-Man 1967

RE: New Dungeons & Dragons Updates

Like I'd tell Duncan Hines, you can't make chocolate cake instant boxes if you don't manufacture vanilla plain cake first.

To clear up confusion to some web promotions, fancy cake like chocolate is vanilla with coco added.

So if you don't sell plain, you can't make chocolate.

On Dungeons & Dragons, Monsters Of The Multiverse is a NEW book for playing as monster characters.

I get sick of internet promotions saying that the book is dead, not in the set, not a new version...only made one book.

Like I meant...

They never had the book, everyone wanted it's out.

With the BASIC PLAIN rules of the game.

Now everybody got what they wanted, they can make new Dungeons & Dragons characters at home to the game.

Now you go on Youtube and no one's making character creation guides for the new monsters or playing the game.

The plain version of "play as monsters" that just came out.

Now everyone wants new ones already with flying stickers and wings on the box.

I mean, why can't you use the ones in this book?

Now no Youtube videos to make these new characters for the game that everyone wanted.

Obvious, Dungeons & Dragons promotions are dead, during the big movie, toy and game launch.

Now you get a dead game scene and "Monsters Of The Multiverse" is the current version of Dungeons & Dragons.

Now you get all these characters to make at home, and can play it as much as you want.

On the first PLAIN rules book to get you started.

On the internet no one covers it, makes game guide, walk through's or character sheet creation guides.

At the 5E launch that's all they had on the internet.

My point to this, play as monsters is out, everyone has it at home for the book store game version, the official one.

Now nobody promotes the new characters on the internet even ignoring the new book series on some pages, obviously third party promoters have fell off the Dungeons & Dragons game and can't keep up with the new Dungeons & Dragons format and upcoming 6E Dungeons Masters Guide release like with home players have at the official bookstore game.


A&W | Ringer Burger

RE: "Errors" On MLB Standings Page - Updated

I mean you look at the standings and listen to the MLB shows and they only talk about what's on the page standings. 

This chart shows New York LAST in the AL East with more wins than Boston and Toronto.

That means New York is not in last and is in first / second place in all other divisions.

They are not counting the "game differential" in the amount of games payed vs. the win total.

They only mean win / loss percentage for TODAY not counting teams that played less games.

Toronto and Boston have LESS losses that New York which mean they played fewer games.

That is the "games played vs. loss differential", they don't count the "more wins" over the extra losses on the game percentage score that determines standings.

This could be corrected as a human decision over the stats calculation to put the more wins up higher in the standings and not count the loss in the standings because the other teams have played less games.

If implemented, this stat would be "game +/- win differential" to show that the teams with less games played have a lower standing than the team with more wins and more losses because of extra games played on the schedule.

After all teams play the same amount of games, this automatically gets corrected on the official stats calculation by the end of the season for the playoff spot.

Updated Standings...


Now you could say the difference between the PCT difference is 0.39 

That would be the games played vs. losses +/- differential, the difference between .590 and .561 .

Then you could add a new column to the standings with the +/- PCR Game Differential is 0.39 for both teams making it a two way tie for third place between New York and Toronto.

After the games played differential is calculated. 

The removes in the standings lower place in league position because of more games played, keeping in mind most teams lose as many as they win or barely over.


Friday, May 12, 2023

NEWS: Promotional Scams Outed In Canada

This is all over the news on the internet, scams coming from the United States got arrested spending billions of dollars in fake promotions.

This is where the internet sucks, they don't have the news and shows compiled to see all this in one spot...maybe the story is breaking live on mainstream news, or put in the background because of the storms on the East Coast and now and yes, forest fires on the West Coast.

Serious reminder, always make some kind of plans for these events in case you get stuck in a hurricane during the recent storm season...since the heat dome started and all that, this could last decades I mean before it goes back to just being terrible, with the regular lava and all that. 

Back to the story...

This was also reported on the news that record stores that still run backed the "Cd and Lp" resurgence, a $20 million dollar "CD" industry run by a multi-billion dollar scam.

Now people said that the scam in Canada was all promotional material was just photocopies, independent stores BOUGHT all their own inventory and the promotional materials were those photocopies.

Stuff like, Album Posters, Promotional Magazines was not on an actual promotion...people stopped buying CD's and switched to digital format for the smartphone.

Now some record stores owned all their own inventory and the posters were just photocopies...

Then the scam came in and promised to put all the bands on the posters which were just photocopies in an independent store.

Now they said that was the youth center scam they had, and the old men hanging around the youth centers were in on this scam and talking to people in record stores telling everyone all the people at the youth center were getting signed.

Then in the end it was photocopies from some scam in the United States spamming us here in Halifax and Montreal with bullshit promotional materials that were just color photocopies then the money they stole came form artists paying to get their picture put on the photocopies at the record store that was run without record company promotions.


RE: John 5 In Motley Crue

Well I guess that sets up the big Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Motley Crue tour... 

Look for hard rock and heavy metal festivals CLOSING, I mean metal tours in Europe with too may headlines is a big standout.

They just announced outside the US that many tours and festivals were scams coming out of the US and I mean most of the print was just photocopied paper or something and not real promotions.

So watch for smaller regular tours to start back up.


Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding

ROB ZOMBIE - Shake Your Ass-Smoke Your Grass (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

White Zombie / Rob Zombie - God of Thunder


Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Remastered 2009)

Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Remastered 2009)

Beatles - Helter Skelter (Remastered 2009)

Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (Remastered 2009)

Motley Crue with John 5 - Wild Side Atlantic City, NJ February 10, 2023

MÖTLEY CRÜE “Dr. Feelgood” With JOHN 5

"John 5 Guitar Solo & Smokin/Helter Skelter/Bop Medley" Motley Crue@Atla...

Motley Crue 1st Show with John 5 - Kickstart My Heart

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

SPORTS: MLB - AL East May Schedule - New York Yankees

The Rays lead the majors and the AL East with the Yankees in last place in the AL East!

The Yankees numbers this year are still in 1st / 2nd Place in all other divisions....

Now the Rays must defend the AL East as the home division games start in the 2023 MLB Season.

For the rest of May the Yankees have two inter-league series against the Reds / Padres and one series against The Mariners.

The other 11 games are all in the AL East.

Now Tampa must defend their huge lead as the AL East gets going.


Bathory - Necromancy/Sacrifice - Demo

Bathory - The Return of Darkness and Evil (1st Version 1983)



The Voynich Code - Unholy Catastrophe (Official Vocal Play-Through)





Sunday, May 7, 2023

Every Rodney Dangerfield line from Caddyshack

Phones, Pencils, and Cigarettes







AVULSED - Intergalactic Gore Wars (Official Lyric-Video) [2023]


SARKASM - Massacre the Impure (Official Live Video) [2023]