Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Is The Antarctic Ice Sheet Responsibe For Canada's Cold Weather?

Giant Ice Sheet Breaks Off Antarctica 
An iceberg two times the size of New York City has broken off Antarctica and is about to fall into the ocean, is this ice responsible for the Extreme Cold Weather in Canada.

Giant Iceberg Cools Jet Steam:

This new influx of cold ice into the Ocean in Antarctica may be leading colder water temperatures, this in turn will cool the air in circulation around the ocean's currents. The jet stream is a  large current of air that follows ocean currents.

Are New Glacier Ice Ocean Deposits Causing Lower Temperatures? 
A large amount of ice deposited into the Ocean from the Antarctic glacier ice could potentially cool the jet stream leading to colder weather in Canada.

North America's jet stream could be pulling in cold air originating around the giant ice deposited in the Ocean in Antarctica. The new ice cools the water in Antarctica and in turn the air also cools around the ice deposit, ocean currents can put this air into the jet stream on North America and create colder weather for Canada as the jet stream on North America deposits cold air from Antarctica on US and Canadian Cities. 

Just ask any expert and they will tell you, large ice sheets could cool jet stream.

Record Setting Low Temperatures:


Monday, February 25, 2019

United States: Foreign Countries Disrupt US Congressional Bill

United States Supreme Court
This month February 2019 President Donald Trump was sued from with the United States of America by several US State Attorney Generals for acting as President of the United States of America in a court lawsuit using a fake legal document which they attempted to pass through the Lower US 9th Circuit Court.

The basis of the lawsuit is an opposition to  United States Congressional Bill HJ. Res 31 - The Consolidated Appropriations Act also known as the United States Border Wall funding Bill which has passed into United States Law.

The United States / Mexico Border Wall Funding Bill is a combination of a US Senate Agreement and Presidential Emergency Declaration Act which provides up to $8 Billion Dollars in Border Wall funding. 

After the bill was signed a frivolous lawsuit was filed against the President for enacting a National Emergency to acquire additional border wall funding, I wanted to post all the text of the lawsuit and details of the Senate Bill but that it turns out is too long for this page, instead I will give you the page and paragraph numbers of the lawsuit against the President with the quotes so you can look it up.

Basically, what is happening is Donald Trump is being sued for acting as President of the United States. 

This is a somewhat long post. 

The point here is everyone knows that the Border Wall funding has been legally acquired already. I have to say first that the United States Constitution is not just for Democrats and Illegal Immigrants which is the challenge of the lawsuit. Donald Trump is acting Constitutionally for regular citizens, who have decided they want action taken at the United States Mexico Border, so just to remind everyone the United States Constitution still applies to regular citizens. 

Here is where you can throw the whole challenge to the Border Wall Funding Bill out, if the Congress can't reach a decision and has a shut down, the President has the power to declare an emergency to acquire government funding.

That is the point of the President's office. 

The United State's Senate can only "not agree" with the President for a short time because they are not in charge. 

The office of the President has the power to veto the United States Congress decision to not act on the issue, and declare an emergency to gain funding. That is his decision only, and a part of the position. 

What the lawsuit against the President is saying is that they are trying to "undermine" his Presidential Authority by blocking his decisions in the Senate and then filing lawsuits against him for acting within his powers at the Low 9th Circuit Court.

What this action does is removes the Power of The United States President's Office and places it on the Speaker of The House and Lower State Governors and State Attorneys.

The Democrats under the Speaker of the House and along with several State Governors and Attorneys are using this illegal maneuver to block Donald Trump from using the regular Presidential Powers.

What that means is they are trying to "strip" the President of his regular powers that have been given to him by the citizens of the United States who have voted for a Border Wall when they elected him.

After this, the President alone has the power to declare an emergency to get funding for the wall. That is his job only and why he was elected.

Again, the Democrats who lost the last US Presidential Election are trying to undermine US voters by not allowing the President they elected to use his regular Presidential Power to build the border wall by filing fake lawsuits at the lower US Courts in an attempt remove his regular Presidential Powers given to him by US Citizens.

In essence, they are arguing issues that are not challengeable in the United States. If what they were doing was true the President would have no power at all as the Countries leader and it would fall to the Speaker of the House and US State Attorney's which is what is being claimed in the lawsuit.

This lawsuit against the President is an attempt from the State Level to remove the President's powers and transfer them to the US State Attorney's and Speaker of the House through the lower US Courts. 

Of course all this reeks of treason in the United States at the State Level and others in Washington D.C. in the Mueller probe have also been indicted in what looks like is pointing to charges of treason against them in Washington D.C. - the Death Penalty in the United States.

Who are the other collaborators? 

Well according to the lawsuit filed against Donald Trump for acting as the President on behalf it is several State Governors potentially and US State Attorney's as well as the Department of Defense at the State level in several US States who are openly challenging the authority of the US President in the Court System, meaning they are trying to seize his power at the state level. 

You can read the lawsuit document here:

This is a short read of about 50 double spaced pages and mostly repetitive. 

I will try to keep this simple so anyone can understand it and then at the end I will list my references and examples form the document in a list so you can look it up on the court file.

This is the summary and simple explanation:

The United States Citizens elected Donald Trump as President to Build the United States / Mexico Border Wall as well as other resolutions.

The Democrats and Several US States are trying to undermine the voters by illegally blocking border wall funding with several US State Attorney's - this will remove the Citizens from the last Presidential election and transfer the power to them through the Speaker of the House position.

Upon reading the document which is ridiculous and totally fake the border wall funding is not even the issue, and in the court case they even say the $8 Billion Dollars is not much money and the United States Military has a Defence Budget of over $40 Billion Dollars in California alone. 

My first question was "What are they spending that money on?" which I will look into later.

For the United States diverting $8 Billion Dollars to build the Border Wall is not even any money at all considering the size of the Military's Defence budget in California alone which could pay for the entire wall. 

Reading this supposed United States court document is a real test of my patience of the people running these phony political platforms in the United States and Canada, any judge agreeing with this document will probably be facing treason charges or an investigation coming out of the soon too be concluded Muller probe. 

The real point to all this is that this is all an just attempt to undermine the President's Office and US Voters by over ruling Voters and the President at the State Level. 

Also reading this document they reveal quite a bit of information about United States Military Bases Operations in several US States and information about the United States Defence Department in the Case.  

So who are these people suing the President and trying to undermine US Voters? 

Well it's coming from the United States Department of Defence at the State Level and US State Attorney's and they reveal quite a lot of information about themselves in the lawsuit.

If you have to pin point the reason for the opposition to the Border Wall it's not money, it's the United States Department of Defence along with several state Attorney's are pushing for an open border to allow illegal immigration, then these groups with illegal immigrants are backing the Democrats and putting them in office in Washington D.C.

The open border is allowing the Department of Defence and State Representatives to "import" citizens to back their political platform to get elected in Washington D.C. against what regular US Voters want who have backed Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

So the open border is their political platform, to back their party - all illegal. 

This document falls into a couple small categories Military Spending, Defence Spending and Environmental Protection.

The actual opposition to the Border Wall is the US Department of Defense and sections of the United States Military at the state level.

That is their argument in the case, they want open borders so they can get illegal immigrants to back their Political Platform and undermine US Voters and the President of the United States by removing his power through the Lower US Court System and transferring it to the State Level under State Attorney's who are representing the US Department of Defence at the State Level against the President and US Voters.

All during the Muller investigation which is pointing to Treason in the United States of America - at the State Level.

Probably, a lower branch of the people implicated in the Muller investigation.  

Here is what they are saying in this document and they use these "fuzzy" terms and you're not sure what they are representing.

They appear to be saying that several US States including Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York and Oregon are "independent" states within the United States of America and are "sovereign nations" of some kind and are separate from the rest of the United States.

In Canada, the citizens are saying that Quebec and Atlantic Canada are separate Countries within Canada at the citizen level, but this is not recognized officially by Canada.

In the United States those 14 States are saying they are separate from the United States and that the United States Government is trying to "operate on their private land" and they are sovereign states separate from the United States.

That is not the citizens, they are saying the citizens are represented by the States Attorney General who has complete power of the citizens in an independent state. 

Then these people saying that are trying to get this passed in the United States Court System that they are independent from Washington D.C. and operate at the State Level only, separate from the United States President - obviously, this is totally fake.

So they are making these bizarre statements about how the State's Attorney is in command of the Citizens in that location and the United States and the other 36 US States are trying to interfere in their independent operations.  

Here is the next part. 

So what about the money for the Border Wall?

These 14 States are saying that the money for the Border Wall is coming out of Military Budgets and Budgets for the Defense Department at the State Level, then they are saying that this is hurting their economy.

Then they are suing over economic damages to their states because the President is removing money from the Military and Defense Budget and that is their Economy.

In California they are saying that they have $40 Billion Dollar Defense Budget and their piece of expenditure from the $8 Billion Dollar Border wall is "damaging California's economy".

The money for the Border Wall the $8 Billion Dollars is only a one time deal to finish construction and then the money will be put back to it's regular budgets in the future after it is finished.

For example, if the Hoover Dam is breaking the Military will have to stop other dam maintenance to fix the larger dam during the emergency. Later other dam maintenance will be back to normal.

That is what is happening with the Border Wall.

It is not a permanent budget transfer. It is a mandatory fix. 

Then they are making these ridiculous statements.

This lawsuit has already defaulted in the US Court System and they lost, President Trump should counter sue them for filing a fake court case because they will lose by saying their defence.

I guarantee that if the President Counter Sue's that these States will "default" in the court system and lose their case, by they are filing a fake lawsuit and it would be a fake defense in the court system, any judge agreeing with this case would be facing federal fraud charges and perjury in any regular courtroom, plus this case is all perjury anyway.

For example they are saying that the President of the United States doesn't have the authority to transfer Military Personal from Oregon to the Mexican Border to fix the Border Wall.

Then they are saying they are cutting their Military Budget in Oregon to build the Border Wall and that's damaging their economy in Oregon.

No that money is for the same soldiers to go from Oregon to Mexico to work on the Wall, they are only stopping construction projects in Oregon temporarily.

The soldiers will still be paid their wages, that is potentially the same people only the work is in Mexico for them not Oregon. 

Then they are saying that the United States Government is attempting to build on Sovereign California land and they have no jurisdiction because California is not part of the United States, an outright lie and perjury in court in their lawsuit.

Here is the kicker:

They are saying the small $8 Billion Dollars diverted from the Military Budget is hurting the economy because it belongs to Private Citizens who are Defense Contractors for the United States Military and the Department of Defense. 

That means, that the United States Military employed private contractors to hire citizens to work on Defense Contracts for the Defense Department and United States Military and now the Private Contractors and their staff want the wall construction stopped because the defense contractors want the Military Budget.

That's what they are suing over.

No one else has any money, and they won't issue $200 extra per month to welfare the Military Defense Contractors who have a $40 Billion Dollar Budget from the United States Military in California alone to work on defense contracts are trying to stop an $8 Billion Dollar Border Wall because it's cutting into their contract money for them and their private staff and it's listed in the court case. 

How about this for a resolution.."You're Fired."

All those defense contractors doing this need to be fired, plus it's illegal to undermine the President and US Citizens, now they want the citizens regular money too.

Not only that these 14 states claiming to be separate from the United States yet they are living off their Military Budgets at the Department of Defense are also suing because the wall is not part of a private defense contract for their businesses.

That's right, they are complaining that regular United States Soldiers who will build the wall for wages only is not constitutional because they want the defense contract for the wall for their private staff to make a profit off it.

The Border Wall built by the Military will be supplies and wages only for Military Staff...$8 Billion Dollars.

The Defense Contractors in these states are illegally suing through the Defense Department and State Attorney's to stop the wall because their Private Business is not getting any money.

Then they are also all running an illegal platform and using illegal immigrants to undermine United States Citizens and The United States President through backing the Democrat party with an open border policy.

In the court case they are also quoting "Environmental Protection" to stop the border wall. 

When I read this what they are saying is that some areas along the United States Mexico Border are home to endangered species and probably National Parks.

What this tells me is that the Border Wall Construction needs to account for areas of environmental protection like National Park Areas.

Along with the Wall the United States Government will have to build "special sections" of the wall to account for  wildlife parks and endangered species and wilderness regions.

What they need to do is when they do the Wall they need to establish "zones" for Environmental Protection and set them aside as "National Park Regions" and put in more Forest Ranger Stations and special fencing with enhanced security which will cost even more money.

The money to finish the Wall and build the National Park Regions and Ranger Stations will come from the $40 Billion Dollar California Private Contractor Budget because you're now all fired and the work will be done by Military Service only going forward.

In part two I will break down the specific quote and examples listed in this blog post.

To Be Continued...


Sunday, February 24, 2019

MLB: Deter Jeter Group Buys Miami Marlins

New Miami Marlins MLB Franchise
Technically, this happened in late 2017 but I don't think people are up to date on the new Miami Marlins Baseball Franchise. 

The Miami Marlins were purchased by Bruce Sherman of Private Capital Management of Florida valued at over $4 Billion Dollars, along with Michal Jordan and Derek Jeter who owns a 4% stake in the Marlins franchise, also of note is former New York Yankees great Don Mattingly who is the Coach of the Miami Marlins.

When I first saw this I thought "Wow, this sucks." I mean why would Derek Jeter not be back on the New York Yankees, I thought he would be an assistant coach or something. Instead, Jeter is taking on and maybe even overstepping himself in some sort of career financial gamble, I thought "could this venture of MLB franchise ownership bankrupt Derek Jeter?"

What did the New York Yankees lose? Well Derek Jeter was their team Captain and on the field for twenty years calling the plays for the team along with legendary coach Joe Torre leading them to several high profile World Series wins, I thought Derek Jeter would return to New York to bring back all those years of team leadership and coaching to the New York Yankees, however all that experience all just went to the Miami Marlins, who also have fellow New York Yankee great Don Mattingly as their Coach and Manager.  

I said to myself Derek Jeter must be throwing all his money down at the Casino to make that purchase, a large gamble. If it pays off it will look super great for the Miami Marlins, if not Derek Jeter's career will be ruined for failing in Miami and losing all that money he earned in New York as the Yankees star Short Stop. 

The price of the Miami Marlins? $1.2 Billion Dollars. Derek Jeter owns 4% of a $1.2 Billion Dollar MLB Franchise....That's about $50 Million Dollars on my calculator assuming I did my math right. 

That's right Derek Jeter is also the new CEO of the Miami Marlins and put out probably $50 Million Dollars to get 4% of the team ownership and managing daily operations for Bruce Sherman's Capital Management Group, not a small wager, bringing his coaching leadership to the field in Miami instead of New York along with coach Don Mattingly. 

I have to say I admire Derek Jeter for taking this venture as CEO of the Miami Marlins and entering Corporate Business in his early 40's with his money earned from playing on the New York Yankees team venturing out into his own MLB Franchise, I wish him well anyway as I am a huge fan of him and the New York Yankees, I will definitely be following his new team in Miami.

This is only the start of the second season for Derek Jeter and the Miami Marlins so you have to give them some time to get going, last year was the first year for new Miami Marlins franchise and they were probably in disarray from the change over so these things take some time to get going. 

You'll have to give Derek Jeter a few years to get the team going with his coaching and player recruitment strategy's who will all now be coached by the old Yankees Team Captain Derek Jeter as CEO and Don Mattingly as Coach, no small deal there and I would definitely say that this make's the Miami Marlins the new hot team in baseball and probably one of the most valuable teams in baseball even if the price hasn't caught up yet.  

Forbes Magazine ranked Derek Jeter's Miami Marlin's at #29 near the bottom of the MLB at a value of $1.2 Billion Dollars with a $219 Million Dollar Revenue for 2018 and an operating expense loss of $-53 Million Dollar's. 

Player expenses were $143 Million Dollars. 

Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter
The Miami Marlins revenue per fan was $14, meaning they only generate $14 per fan. Well if Miami fans get behind Jeter and Mattingly and support the team maybe they can increase that and afford some new high profile players.

You have to look at this from a financial perspective, Miami is getting a major piece of the New York Yankees with all the name recognition which they already have with Mattingly and new coaching experience, Derek Jeter as CEO will probably be helped by Bruce Sherman's group to get him into the CEO Corporate Management role by helping get the business experience to go with his playing and coaching abilities.

I would place in the National League the Miami Marlins at the Top Spot in the league within a few years along with the Washington Nationals as Washington D.C. is becoming a number one hot bed for major league sports.

Checking the Marlin's stats last year they ranked with their third worst start in their history since 1993 under Derek Jeter with 63 wins and 98 losses.

The Number 1 Ranked team in Baseball...the New York Yankees at $4 Billion Dollars, four times the Miami Marlins. The Number 2 ranked team is The Los Angeles Dodgers at $3 Billion Dollars also in the National League with the Miami Marlins.

I'm sure that when the Derek Jeter led Miami Marlins catches on with Coach Don Mattingly Miami will probably hit $3 Billion Dollars in the future and also possible new World Series wins for Miami, which has a large population and large international recognition. 

Meaning, Miami will get a large piece of New York's financial support from Derek Jeter which will now be transferred by Jeter fans to Miami since Jeter helped build the $4 Billion Dollar Yankee team over the past twenty or so years.

If you're checking the Boston Red Sox ranked Number 5 at 2.8 Billion dollars all in 2018 according to Forbes Magazine. 

After examining the facts on this for a while I would say there's not much risk for Derek Jeter in this venture, but baseball player salaries are not the same money as team owners with a $4 Billion Company backing them like Bruce Sherman, so $50 Million if that's the number is a lot of money for an MLB Player to put up. 

You have to also realize that a lot of that money may be borrowed to buy the Marlins and Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman may have loans and investment groups backing that, so that doesn't have to be all right out of their pockets, in fact Bruce Sherman's company is a Financial Management company anyway in Capital Investments I think so that is financial investors anyway.

Marlins Coach Don Mattingly
Derek Jeter did what then? Cashed in his yearly salary in New York for a 4% cut of Miami Marlins revenue which last year was $219 Million Dollars. I'm not sure if that's minus expenses so Derek Jeter probably made a few million dollars off it anyway, I didn't try and check that, which he is probably using to pay back his loans to buy the 4% of the Marlins, unless he handed it out cash. 

Of course I didn't look all that up or try to find out, it's just financial assumptions based on Forbes Magazine and other Financial pages on the internet.

I would say this puts the Miami Marlins as the Number 1 draw this year in 2019 in Major League Baseball since this story is just getting out now.

Look for tons of Miami Marlin merchandise to be sold to increase those fan shares so they can buy top players because they look like the trendiest team in baseball now. I would have to say I am definitely a fan of the new Miami Marlins with Derek Jeter as CEO. I guarantee with all that going on there from the New York Yankees this puts the Marlins as a top financial draw in the MLB, not to mention those Miami Marlin #2 Derek Jeter Jerseys (as an executive now not a player) in Miami will be a huge sell out in Florida and New York. 

I would say great work to Derek Jeter on this awesome venture and future quests for the MLB title in Miami.

Mark McGwire
Now what about the Tampa Bay Rays? Well maybe if someone like Mark McGwire decides to go gambling down in Florida and buys the Rays that may pull them out of the mud like the Marlins with Derek Jeter.


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Red Sox vs Yankees Today!


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Blog Update

Blog Update
Not much going on this month, it's pretty crazy out in Halifax with people getting hit by cars and stuff in crosswalks, seven children from Syria who were refugees died in a fire, there was a fake gun incident at Dartmouth Highschool...I was actually down that way yesterday and I never seen so many police cars in my life, I thought there was a shooting at the school but it was a replica hand gun.

Also watch out for harassment on the city buses and when you're out walking, it's been pretty crazy out here lately, plus it's super cold. 

I don't know I was downtown quite a bit recently and it looks pretty run down over in the North End and Young Street areas, is that place abandoned or what? It looks a bunch of gang violence or something larger than usual I have no idea, looks like a gang war over there so Heads Up Halifax when you're out walking, and at the bank machine...that might even be illegal drugs or illegal guns over on the Young Street area. 

Apparently and I didn't know what this was until this week Fentanyl is the new drug, so marijuana has nothing on that. Listen to this Fentanyl is the new popular drug, it is 10 to 100 times (maybe) stronger than Heroin. Fentanyl is like a "synthetic heroin", yes we are in the future now, that drug is injectable with a needle and is ten times stronger than Heroin and there is an outbreak of it on the East Coast of The United States and probably here in Nova Scotia.

So watch out for Fentanyl, that's concentrated synthetic Heroin and at least 10 times as strong maybe more. I doubt that's what's going on in Halifax, looks more like regular crime and stuff like illegal guns and gangs, and everything is all run down up around the North End, and in it. Worse.

Warning Adult Content ahead...I'm still reviewing all that internet adult entertainment stuff but you can't watch that too much all the time because you get to worn out so I had to take a break. I think I'm getting older now, I'll watch anything with MILF's in it with giant Boobs, I saw one new to me video series that I never saw before called "Strap On Cum" that's girls with strap on dildos that squirt fake semen out of them like an orgasm.

In the series girls are dressing up with strap on's with a squirting dildo on them, they look like transsexuals. Like a transsexual has a real penis, now the girls are dressing up and wearing strap on's with fake semen coming out of them like a transsexual only it's a dildo. Then they are doing lesbian scenes with squirting strap on dildos and solo masturbation scenes with a squirting strap on dildo, right so when the girl has an orgasm she squirts fake semen all over herself at the same time out of the squirting dildo, like a transsexual, I was confused and impressed by that.

So the girl dresses up with a squirting strap on dildo, and then squirts all over herself when she has an orgasm like's she's masturbating the dildo and squirting on herself at the same time during her orgasm, I was impressed with it. 

Anyway, spring training baseball just started and I might be recruiting my own team of MILF's to hang out with this Summer for baseball season. 


Sunday, February 17, 2019

Halifax: City Residents Tell Private City Contractors To Get Lost

Illegal Contractors Create Filth In Halifax Apartments
Here is a good local human interest story from Halifax...Citizens tell illegal city contractors to get out of the area.

Now I didn't check all these facts and some of this is speculation.

Illegal Road Salt Operation in Halifax:

My first thought on this was..."here we go again with the City stealing the road salt money". Now what is it? 

Private Contractors.

In the story they show dirty old road salt full of rocks and pieces of animal feces amongst other debris and say it's not for "municipal purposes" then they say people are complaining about "bobcats" small bulldozer like vehicles beeping all night by their houses and they can't sleep and their kids are crying and scared of the people working at the contractor.

Then what is the salt for then? 

Obviously it's for putting salt down for private use like apartment buildings and business parking lots. That salt is for places like the Mic Mac Mall and Shopping Areas like Dartmouth Crossing, then you see the trucks in the pictures putting down salt all over Halifax  and in apartment building lots. 

Then you know what they did?

They're using the "bobcats" to plow and salt City Sidewalks.

No municipal use yeah right, the same vehicles are out every day in the Winter practically salting city sidewalks. 

Right away I said, the City cancelled city sidewalk plowing and gave it all to private contractors who are using illegal salt businesses to do private work and then also salt city side walks in a crooked contract because they keep stealing the salt money in Halifax. 

Now what it looks like is, but is mostly talking out of my ass, that is coming from the Crooked Halifax City Council, then they contracted out the sidewalk plowing to private residents with "bobcats" who are salting the sidewalks instead of using City workers and they have no official city sidewalk plows, barely.

Then the contractors are also doing private contracts like for the shopping centers and apartment buildings with illegal salt businesses.

Then on top of that the private contractor hires all their friends to work there it looks like and then the buildings they live in are full of garbage and bedbugs. 

Then they are plowing apartment building parking lots and putting down illegal road salt, then other private contractors are doing garbage collection and illegally dumping it in the Apartment Buildings garbage dumpsters.

That's probably the same people, they do road salt for city side walks, private salt on parking lots and garbage collection.

Then the illegal garbage collection business dumps garbage in the apartment buildings dumpster from the same contract.

Then worse than that, bums living in the fucking apartment buildings are taking the garbage bags into the apartment buildings and rooting through the garbage and living in filth.

In some apartments, regular buildings in Halifax fucking bums are living in the buildings and their apartments are full of outside garbage and the hallways stink like rotten garbage and fruit peelings and industrial dust pan sweepings and it all stinks and makes you itchy in the hallways and there's a cloud of filth in the hallway in front of their doors and making people sick, itchy and giving them rashes.

Then the bums are taking the garbage and illegally dumping it all over the city....all coming from private contractors hired by the city to plow sidewalks and also doing private residents and business areas and the people working there and living in the buildings are all covered in filth. 

Then you know what happened next, Bedbugs broke out all over the City I heard this winter and people with clean apartments have no bed bugs in their bed or furniture and they can see bedbugs coming in from their neighbours apartments on a daily basis and are all over their walls like ants and fruit flies and can't live in the bed because their apartments are too clean.

You people are fucking sick.

Not only that this winter, on top of bedbugs breaking out, fruit flies and flying ants from dumpster garbage in peoples apartments also broke out and their are flying ant bugs, fruit flies and bedbugs all over people's buildings who have no mess at all in their apartments and they are coming into their units like cockroaches in New York City here in Halifax.

So in some apartments you go into the building and you can smell filth and rotting fruit and vegetables in the hallways and some units are full of dumpster garbage and smell like dustpan sweepings from a business, then their are bedbugs everywhere, fruit flies and flying ants coming into clean apartments and are all over the walls in the winter.

Not only that this all took place since August 2018 when it all started out of no where tons of apartment buildings are full of filth, garbage and bugs and it wasn't there last Summer.

I wouldn't be surprised if the people doing the road salt contracts, the garbage contracts, the illegal dumping and have filthy apartments full of garbage and bugs were all the same people and the staff at the contractors who are bums living in filth in their apartment units and then they were hired by the Halifax City Council or whoever does that, and they hired them as their friends and they live in filth to skim money out the city garbage contracts and road salt contract budgets. 

Not only that I wouldn't doubt that the people handing out all these illegal city contracts were all traitors working in the Nova Scotia Government and they stole the contracts and hired their traitor friends family from their offices who are bums to pick up garbage and live in filth and bedbugs, then I wouldn't be surprised if it was Sobeys office people working there and stealing the city budget money and living in filth.

A lot of that is true and also talking out of my ass.



Friday, February 15, 2019

President Trump Declares National Emergency At Border, Death Penalty For Mexican Drug Cartels

USA:Execution For Mexican Cartels For Breaching Border with China Backing America
Here is a quick summary of the President Donald Trump landmark speech today:

Donald Trump taps into 8 Billion Dollars for building the new USA / Mexico Border Wall. 

Cites China zero tolerance policy for Drug Dealers who receive Death Penalty, says China President will make Fentanyl an illicit drug and give Fentanyl Dealers the Death Penalty. 

Says China beginning to respect new United States stricter Political Platforms, will begin new discussions with Chinese President.

Trump cites reason for his National Emergency declaration is an extension of President Obama's anti drug National Emergency.

Says the new border wall will reinforce Obama's Emergency Declaration by blocking Mexican Cartels form entering the United States. 

Says he is in talks with China and plans to pursue the Death Sentence for Drug Dealers illegally entering the United States and ones already in the United States like in China, and they are working on new trade deal together. 

Later Trump will pursue Death Penalty for drug dealers with China backing the United States because of the multiple National Emergencies meaning Mexican Drug Cartels entering the United States will receive the Death Penalty for Drug Dealing and is trying to include Fentanyl on the list like they are doing in China.

Trump cites problems in the lower 9th Circuit United States Court System trying to block his Emergency Declaration but will be resolved in the higher courts.

One of the main points of the speech is the lower United States Courts are trying to block his office at the 9th Circuit Court and that he will be "sued" by opposing political groups challenging his political platform in the lower courts.

Says this will be resolved later in the higher courts.


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Listen To What Taboola Said To Me About Their Ad Program

Taboola's ad program is bullshit...I wrote them to put click through's on my blogs like on and they go, no they need 250,000 hits per month to place an ad on your page.

Whatever. Heavy Metal doesn't get that much traffic as far as I know.

Then they meant with Taboola ads on it gets, 250,000 hits per month so I put the run to them.

Right, so if does't get that much traffic then it means that Warner still owns the page with Roadrunner, and they are Warner Music or something.

Then Taboola, is partnered out back with and owned by Warner or someone and just placing ads on the page.

Then they say to apply to put ads on your pages, then it's Warner Music or someone and they are just fishing for your web traffic information in the music business and they are a scam and won't take your page, meaning they are just trying to see your web traffic as competition.

I doubt with Taboola on it gets over a quarter a million hits per month, then if Taboola is Warner and Blabbermouth. Roadrunner....then all the adprogram pages are all Universal Corporation or something and all partnered out back in a bullshit ad program. 

Then they started asking me to pay for my ads to put on their pages and writing me a looking for my ad money.

Then they wanted me to buy google analytics to send them screen shots of the web traffic on google, so they are all also google.

So I told them I wasn't interested:

Thank you for your inquiry on the Taboola website.

We currently have a standard minimum for a partnership of 250,000 monthly article/blog page views, and according to my tools, your website is not there yet. However, our tools aren't completely fool proof and if your traffic exceeds 250,000 monthly views, please provide screenshots of your Google Analytics for our team to review.

Taboola can help you increase your user base thanks to traffic acquisition campaigns.

Please do reach back out if/when it makes sense.


Why do you people exist?


Monday, February 11, 2019

Was The Norway Black Metal Murder A Fabrication?

Most people aren't familiar with the Black Metal music scene which has been popularized as being from Norway. In fact the origins of Black Metal are England and Sweden, Venom from England and Bathory from Sweden.

Black Metal music is a form of Heavy Metal music and is the most Satanic of all Heavy Metal and features stage shows, costumes and theatrics similar to or based on musicians like King Diamond a Heavy Metal artist from Denmark, also the home of Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich. 

When you have to pin point the origin of todays Black Metal that is Sweden and the band Bathory, however stealing the spotlight for the legend of Black Metal is Norway and the band Mayhem.

Norway took the throne of Black Metal music in the mid 1990's because of the notorious band Mayhem, but recent events are showing a different picture of the Norway Black Metal scene and apparently the story giving the Country it's Black Metal crown may be fake. 

A new movie just came out about the band Mayhem which I have not seen yet called "Lords of Chaos" and which Rolling Stone Magazine says "should have been burned" and it exposes Mayhem for the posers that they actually were. 

This movie looks more like a mockery than a biography of the events in Norway.

The summary of the Black Metal events in Norway is the band Mayhem, their vocalist committed suicide and then their bass player murdered their guitar player. Also, at the same time their was a series of Church Burnings in Norway and said to be from Black Metal bands. 

Now is this story fake to make a name for Black Metal in Norway? 

To me this looks like Kiss Unmasked and that it looks like convicted murderer Varg Vikernes is now sarcastically telling the story to clear the air on actual events, meaning they glorified the story to make a name for Black Metal and it's fake, however their is a real murder.

To me it really looks like Varg is trying bad to ruin the story of Mayhem without saying it, leaving Black Metal with no folklore. 

I looked into all this and this is what I found out. 

First, Varg was sent to a Prison where he could record Black Metal albums that is the Psychiatric Prison not a real Prison where they allow you to do regular activities when you are recovering. 

They only send you there if you have been found not criminally responsible due to mental illness, which is what happened with Varg. So in fact, Varg was not actually responsible for the murder although he served fifteen years in the Hospital for the killing in recovery. 

On the internet Varg is listed as a notorious murderer but in fact he is not criminally responsible, meaning all the Black Metal folklore from Norway in 1993 was mostly fake.

When I looked into Norway at the time this is what I found out. In February 1993 was the first World Trade Center bombing in New York City and Norway was in a state of chaos because the of book "The Satanic Verses". 

At the time in Norway there was a wave of instability around The Satanic Verses book and this was just after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York, then Euronymous was murdered in August of 1993. 

I am saying that the story was fake based on the turmoil around the book The Satanic Verses and the World Trade Center bombing in New York City and that people in Norway re enacted this by staging the Burning of Churches in Norway because of the book The Satanic Verses and saying they were Satanists. 

What I mean is, people were convicted of burning the churches but this may have been some kind of stunt they got arrested for, like they may be being demolished or something and they burnt them down and blamed the book The Satanic Verses to give Norway a Satanic "Black Metal" image.

Two years before the murder the Vocalist of Mayhem "Dead" committed suicide. 

In the movie they are saying that when "Dead" was ten years old he hit his head on the ice skating and died but was revived and had a near death experience. I think that this is probably made up to give the character of "Dead" a mythological background as a character for a Black Metal band.

Then he called himself "Dead", in reality I think he called himself "Dead" because he was planning to kill himself and was saying he was Dead because he planned to commit suicide.

Then in 1993 The World Trade Center was bombed in New York and there was the Satanic Verses controversy in Norway, copied by Black Metal band members who burnt churches down saying it was Satanists like in the Satanic Verses and the first World Trade Center bombing.

Plus there were a bunch of other murders in Norway at this time. 

What I think really happened was that Varg may have been re enacting the Statanic Verses folklore and the World Trade Center bombing and then killed Euronymous by accident and was found not responsible because he was re enacting a terrorist attack, the Satanic Verses violence, church burning and other murders and the suicide of "Dead".

The he was sent to a psychiatric prison for fifteen years and allowed to record music because he was found not responsible because of mental illness during some kind of instability in Norway with violent crimes. 

Shortly after the murder the Norway publicist of The Satanic Verses was shot and killed in Norway and the murder was only just recently solved.

What I think they are saying is that Varg and Mayhem got caught up in the turmoil around the 1993 Satanic Verses attacks and the World Trade Center Bombing and Varg murdered Euronymous by accident when they were re enacting the violence around the Satanic Verses and not long after the suicide of Dead, then found not criminally responsible because of mental illness.

Then in 1994 in Norway a more famous murder took place when a five year old girl Silje Redergard was beaten to death while playing in the snow on a football field by two six year old boys.

That was also during the violence in Norway in the 1990's around the book The Satanic Verses and the Terrorist attacks in New York City.

Of course, that is all speculation mostly but may be a large part of the real story of Mayhem, which Varg seems to be blowing today with his over sarcasm maybe in an attempt to clear the air on the deaths. 


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Halifax: Ice Sculpture Day

Ice Sculpture Festival
This Saturday in Halifax it's Ice Sculpture Day...make sure not to miss that.

The Ice Sculptures are on the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour down the hill form my neighbourhood by Lake Banook.

The sculptures will be outside around Alderney Landing and Portland Street by the Alderney Landing Ferry Terminal and The Alderney Public Library.

I'm sure there will be tons of people coming in to Halifax to see the ice displays on Saturday morning this weekend.

The ice blocks are being placed downtown tomorrow night and then they carved into ice sculptures outside on the side of the road I am assuming. 

Important: This is not some guy out in the back yard making his own ice and carving it into a crappy ice sculpture trying to get the town residents into his back yard to make a name for himself. 

These are actual artists carving the sculptures and a company or something called Ice Creations, I didn't check but I'm assuming that's some like Ice Capades or for the Hockey Rink. 

So make sure to come downtown in Halifax/Dartmouth this weekend to support Ice Sculpture Day and have some Hot Chocolate. 

I'm also assuming that if you go down in the morning on Saturday you can get to see them carve the ice. 


Sunday, February 3, 2019

NFL: Super Bowl 53 Tonight

The NFL Super Bowl  53 is tonight, make sure not to miss this game.

If you can't wait for sports to start tonight this afternoon you can watch the Defending Stanley Cup Champions Washington Capitals take on the Boston Bruins.

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