Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Is The Antarctic Ice Sheet Responsibe For Canada's Cold Weather?

Giant Ice Sheet Breaks Off Antarctica 
An iceberg two times the size of New York City has broken off Antarctica and is about to fall into the ocean, is this ice responsible for the Extreme Cold Weather in Canada.

Giant Iceberg Cools Jet Steam:

This new influx of cold ice into the Ocean in Antarctica may be leading colder water temperatures, this in turn will cool the air in circulation around the ocean's currents. The jet stream is a  large current of air that follows ocean currents.

Are New Glacier Ice Ocean Deposits Causing Lower Temperatures? 
A large amount of ice deposited into the Ocean from the Antarctic glacier ice could potentially cool the jet stream leading to colder weather in Canada.

North America's jet stream could be pulling in cold air originating around the giant ice deposited in the Ocean in Antarctica. The new ice cools the water in Antarctica and in turn the air also cools around the ice deposit, ocean currents can put this air into the jet stream on North America and create colder weather for Canada as the jet stream on North America deposits cold air from Antarctica on US and Canadian Cities. 

Just ask any expert and they will tell you, large ice sheets could cool jet stream.

Record Setting Low Temperatures:


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