Sunday, March 3, 2019

Letting Go Of Your Childhood

Maybe It's Time To Let Go Of Your Childhood
This is a topic that recently came up with someone I was talking to, it's about letting go of your childhood or in fact, letting go of anything from a long time go.

Letting go of your childhood may be an important step when you're going into your mid 40's, but this could apply at any age over 40.

This can really take the stress off you, all that stuff you're dragging around with you like your interests and hobbies may be dragging you down. For example, hanging on to childhood possessions and interests in your 40's and over can probably cause you some serious stress.

In your 40's or older you may have collections and hobbies that remind you of when you were a child or at another important time in your life. Stuff like comic book collections, toys and things like heavy metal or rock music collections may be dragging you down.

When you think about these interests that you have you may be connecting feelings to these inanimate objects but the people you shared them with originally may not be in your life anymore. By the time you hit your mid 40's there may be no one left in your life from your childhood, including your parents who may be dead.

If you are in your 40's or older that may be a lot older than you think, healthy dieting and exercise may be keeping you young physically but by the time you hit that age an upwards you may have no one in your life from when you were a child and your family might even be dead from old age, leaving you alone trying to make a fresh start at 45. 

When you think about the things in your collections like toys and stuff or comic books and other collectables there may be no one left in your life from when you were younger from when these memories were important to you. Meaning that these collectables you have may be reminding you of all those people that are gone now.

When you watch your old favorite cartoon shows or something that may be reminding you of people you used to know who are no longer in your life now, that can stress you out. You're reminded of these people you used to know but there is no one there now.

You need to take these items like collections, music stuff, comic books etc. now that you are alone in your 40's and put them in storage. 

I'm not saying throw that stuff out, just pack it all up and put it in a box in the closet or in storage somewhere just to get it out of the way. Don't throw out your old favorite collectables when you're in your 40's just take a rest from it and pack them up and put them in the back of the closet in storage.

This can take stress off you, then your home will have more space in it for new memories and from starting out again in your 40's and older.

Then go out and make new memories by doing something new that you never shared with those people who aren't there anymore.

Then try these new things and put those items out from doing that stuff from your new start around your house, that will make you feel way better. All your old stuff will be in storage and your new stuff will be out so you can have new memories that are current to your new life and you can enjoy something new for a change.

This new stuff will have no memories connected to it from people you used to know, this will make you feel way better.

That is a good way to help you let go of your childhood, after everyone is gone just pack your old stuff up for a while because it's just reminding you of people who aren't there anymore. This gives you room for new memories when you make your new fresh start and will make you feel better not having any of those old people connected to you new hobbies.

That will help you get a nice fresh start in your 40's by letting go of some of those childhood experiences, you don't have to get rid of everything but a lot would help for your new start.

Maybe you should be getting up and reading the newspaper and stuff and having a normal day in your 40's that everyone that age does instead of hanging on to those potentially harmful memories.


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