Friday, March 29, 2019

About The Unconstitutional Laws In Nova Scotia

Just some information:

When I say Nova Scotia I mean all of Atlantic Canada and Halifax being the Capital because we are isolated from English Canada and support ourselves here with little help from Ottawa.

Like This:

The Equifax Credit System and Sunday Shopping in Nova Scotia are illegal, however they are in operation because no one has taken responsibility to fix it.

That means the Government has abandoned legislating Atlantic Canada from Ottawa.

That means we have to "self govern" ourselves here in Atlantic Canada and the citizens have to get together to make a plan for the future of Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada).

For example, The Equifax Credit System and Sunday Shopping both went it in Nova Scotia from "disconnected branches" of the United States and Canadian governments.

That means they are not legal.

Canada and the United States have not stepped in to correct these errors leaving Halifax to handle the federal procedures locally to correct the procedures, which means we are independent and are our own government for the region.

Then in Nova Scotia we were hit twice, once on Equifax and once on Sunday Shopping.

This means that people illegally stole our votes and illegally forced a credit system on us from the United States, along with Private US Defence Contractors.

What that means is the people have to represent themselves.

Canada is not here on THESE issues so we have to resolve them as citizens.

That means the Equifax Credit System or current Banking and Credit System are unconstitutional in Nova Scotia and these systems to not report to the Federal Government so you do not have to use it.

As the same time Sunday Shopping is illegal, with no Federal oversight.

That means in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) Sunday Shopping and the Equifax Credit System are unconstitutional meaning they are illegal with no Federal Government oversight so you do not have to support them.

This also means we all have to be repaid damages from Ottawa and Washington D.C. for unconstitutionally ruining our economies and stealing our money through unconstitutional procedures that have no oversight in the Federal Government. 

Remember, anyone can beat them in court with that argument once you understand the laws of the constitution in Canada.

Again, even though they have those systems in place in Atlantic Canada they are illegal and you do not have to recognize them.

So technically in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada) Equifax and Sunday Shopping are illegal under the constitution. 

That's why we are independent here and have to represent ourselves to Halifax and the Canadian and United States Capitols to get our money and support payments back from their illegal government groups in Washington D.C. and Ottawa.


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