Monday, July 31, 2023

RE: McDonalds - Kiosk vs. Drive Thru

First they need a new store called McDonalds Drive Thru on the other side of the parking lot.

I like the drive thru because it's 24 hours but I don't use it, but I use the kiosk almost every time because you can pick your own items by hand then bill them to your no signature required credit card for easy billing.

Then you get a printed ticket number and then just wait for you food at the kiosk pick up window,

So I pick kisosk, plus I am someone who runs down and tries all the new limited summer menu items and the kiosk is the easiest way to find and pay for the items.


Sunday, July 30, 2023

RE: MLB Trades, Rays / Orioles Win Big Last Year

Here I'm seeing it...

Evan Longoria and Manny Machado deals from previous seasons now have Tampa and Baltimore in first place in the AL East.

This was one of my big topics for this blog last year, and I even bought some.

Evan Longoria New Balance Tampa Rays sneaker line.

Now Longoria is on Arizona and they are first place and so is Tampa.

On the game broadcast they are still talking about the Machado trade.

Now New York Yankees are getting beat bad by both teams.

New York needs to dump players to teams that need a few good lower pitchers to start like San Diego and get a guy like Machado, then sign Acuna Jr. and they'll be back in competition.


Yankees vs. Orioles Game Highlights (7/30/23) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Orioles Game Highlights (7/29/23) | MLB Highlights

Saturday, July 29, 2023

RE: MLB Yankees - Aaron Judge Returns

Yankees win today, the game was on.

Aaron Judge hit a home run, I think that a good player like Aaron Judge makes the team better by his presence in the lineup then this put extra pressure on the opposing team...then the Yankees start hitting better.


RE: MLB Rant, Judge. Rodon, Cole - Updated

Now I get in this argument about sports....

No, I mean players like Rodon just started for New York and need some time to get going, Bader just started and are doing good.

Now my point is after that I just looked at the stats and not the player.

So when I see Judge, Rodon, Cole and German....

I don't see Bo Jackson, Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire with them hitting so you suck on the Yankees.

Updated, it just gets worse...this last night after the game with the same team that hit the camera man in New York in the last Baltimore series back at Yankee Stadium.

Now you're some kind of  "marked players" and on the down hill slope in sports permanently

For the rest of their life..."What happened with the marked game?" playing after it was cancelled, then "What happened in New York with the camera man? How did he get hurt?"

Everywhere they go for the rest of their lives this is gonna follow these players.

Now when you mix the New York / Baltimore Series this summer you got playing after a called game two hours and a camera man with a fractured eye socket.

Looks like your teams are all done, not any value there...



MLB Rant - Yankees

I really can't stand what happened with MLB this summer, I mean in New York you get a huge player finally come in Aaron Judge and he hits the AL Home Run record and then he gets a huge contract and is made team captain.

Now you get all this trade hype and no changes...blaaaaaaaaaaah.'re old tired team you got, everyone is sick of it.

Now they got all this money and Judge is back off his injury and all they got is people hitting .200 or something.

Hahahaha, what a joke.

I mean you get Aaron Judge on every cereal box and sports magazine and then they make all this money and you gotta watch him play on a crap team hitting  .200.

I mean no Bo Jackson, no Barry Bonds etc. to back up Aaron Judge for second half with all that and the number one selling team what a rip off.

No wonder you can't win.

You fucking garbage.

Edit, I mean you take a team like New York Yankees and their pitching starts to be Cy Young Award contention then you fail with no hitting.

Now all they can't play because they got shin splints or something, hahahahaha what a joke, my point is you get the team build up with a big player like Aaron Judge and then these other players can't take it because now it's going to be people like Bo Jackson and Barry Bonds to step in and run the team for the win with Aaron Judge.

Now New York don't got one, a winning team hahahahahahaha.

You suck, just you in that sports book.

Let me know when Barry and Bo get there to take the team over so I wanna go get my tickets again for the game.


MLB: New Rules, Fans Up, Sports Expanding - Players Out!

You can see it as clear as anything...

New MLB league means bigger money....up 8%.

I can see huge improvements coming in sports if it wasn't for the current players etc. and broadcast people.

New massive digital signs make the ballpark feel like indoors with picture on the jumbo tron better that theaters and home tv.

Now the league puts up stuff to show the stadium is bigger and better than ever so it means OPEN more in bad weather.

You get down there and they all suck and it's closed every ten minutes.

I mean, soon in sports every team will have their own local television station with their own network, then new stadiums will be like at home in the ball park with huge new digital screens that work in any weather.

Now they wanna close over anything with all that going on.

I mean, soon all outdoor stadiums will have outside heating and air conditioning and feel like in doors at the ball park in all seating.

Now the players have to quit and get the day off every time there's a rain drop and make up games in the middle of the night that were cancelled at 1 am and then not meeting their minimum stats requirement by slacking off wasting game time at 1 in the morning.


All this when sports is heading in the other direction to make the parks playable in any weather, now all the players need to quit all the time...I mean they only play three hours a day, what's the fucking problem anyway.

If anything we need more sports in bad weather, I mean jumping off the field every time it's wet...fuck off.

You're not athletes.


MLB: Trade Dead Line, "Show Me Ohtani"

Then the Angels keep "Show Me" Ohatani with Mike Trout on this over hyped team or something, all your heard is San Deigo blah blah blah.

Then they go on there and start saying the Yankees only play for the World Series or Playoffs or something hahaha no they don't.

First, Player Statistics determine value not World Series  wins.

I mean, Derek Jeter would be worth way MORE with a .298 average and 4000 hits and 2000 runs.

Not.310 with lower hits and runs.

Then you see today's Yankees with overall good stats....then all hitting in the low to mid .200 range are never going to win.

Then they get NO PLAYERS for the trade week with a near .300 average to fill out the roster.

How you going to beat other teams with multiple .300 hitters with a lineup of .200 batting average players.

The other team is ALWAYS going to get 3 hits for every 2 on New York.

Now they make all that new money and New York Yankees are the only team I ever heard off to keep all .200 players and then not sign some .300 hitters to get back in the Wild Card Spot.

Plus I mean, teams play for stats NOT winning the big game once.

I mean New York plays for first in the AL East when they are in position to and play for the World series when they are in the position to.

If that's the Wild Card spot then they play for that, they don't play for "randomly" winning the big game like all these sports broadcasters go on about.

Then when they are only 2 or some games out of the Wild Card and 9 or so out of first they close and no Acuna Jr., Soto or Machado with .300 averages or about to get the rest of the hits in the lineup to make the playoffs.

Fuck ya then.


SPORTS: MLB Yankees, Value Up Media Out & Nothing To Show For It


This is what I mean, another article said MLB Sports Up 8% and was biggest incease since 1980's / 1990's era(?).

Yankees up to $7.1 Billion Dollars and nothing to show for it.

I mean you get Aaron Judge AL Home Run Champion 2022, Domingo Herman Perfect Game 2023...

Not worth one thing to the New York Tankees....oops I mean New York Yankees.

Couldn't sign one player at the trade deadline for a playoff run with it hahahaha, now all you hear is "kiki to la" "kiki to la".

I mean for the Yankees second Soto, Machacdo, new faces in New York.

Instead all you get is garbage, and playing cancelled games at 1 am.

You fucking suck.


RE: MLB Yankees, Derek Jeter Example - Didn't Finish Stats


This is a main example of my point.

Derek Jeter from the New York Yankees retired with several World Championships then retried at around 40.

Now look at the stats at

1923 Runs I think that says and 3465 hits and a .310 batting average.

Well today a  .310 batting average can win you a batting title.

That's what he retired with, a batting title rank batting average.

Then look at the rest of the numbers...

Never made it to 4000 hits and 2000 runs.

I mean, a few more seasons and he could have had that....and I mean the value of Derek Jeter the "product line" for the New York Yankees and MLB would have been so much bigger if they had that.

I mean, if you can't play anymore then you can't and that's it though.

Today, players need to start at minimum age around 18 and then stay in the game longer to hit these marks like 4000 hits and 2000 runs.

I mean, then he went to Miami and left now they are doing they are on the broadcast team at Fox.

Besides, that Derek Jeter still being pretty young for business still has a long career in that.

However, there's no consistency...MLB is NOT SHOWING consistency with their business and players.

With all this hype and a new league up 8% these inconsistent players and league management have to go.

I mean, in the past players with high numbers but low seasons like 15 were ALWAYS lower in the ranks with contracts and fans.

Today, I guess it's just not there...Professional Consistency.

I mean, at least fans like the new rule format.

Just these players who "almost made it" even though they are in the record book...never made the bigger number and that mean's less money.

So if the game's there and the players aren't what are you going to do?

Obviously, "Kiki to LA" is that non consistent business headline.

I mean up 8% and that's all you got is this garbage, then don't worry there's tons of room for working in sports with regular careers if that's the competition they got.


MLB review: No player or management work consistency, new rule format up 8% with fans.

Guess who's fired?

Hahaha, you can be sure it's not the 8% financial increase.


RE: MLB, "Kiki Goes To LA"

I mean my point is they had no big trades or any team excitement for second half, the only deal they made must have been for the broadcasters to start jacking it off because they get to say "Kiki goes to LA" all summer.

You talk about a cancelled player.

All long as it's stupid, that's all you people need.



RE: MLB Sucks, New Rules Up 8% For Sales

You get that the new MLB game is going if they can just get rid of the aweful players so we can have something to watch and in a time slot.

So they start late then they have to win in the bottom of the 9th ahahahaha, what a joke.

I mean, you get guys like Justin Verlander and Max Sherzer on the New York Mets and every time you can see how the game sucks, except they just improved it.

Now when these players are gone maybe it'll start getting somewhere.

I mean, Verlander comes out and then throws a big game...then every time they make this big fucking play and get a big win, then they say on the internet that these "shots" are the big money on the team in magazines.


They mean Verlander jumps out at the ball to make a big play and gets hurt like many players then the picture for the magazine got him this big contract.

Man, then you look at the stats and he's retired at 40 and only barely played 15 years or something close.


Then after getting hurt making some big play they take all this time off and get this big contract then they come back after the injury and all their numbers are down.

What a fucking joke.

I mean, 15- 18 seasons at 40 to retire, like Miguel Cabarra just announced, just isn't cutting it in Major League Sports.

Everyone knows today that if a players starts late like 25 -27 then he has to play until 45 to keep up.

With medicine and work outs today any player getting signed at 18 can play to over 45.

That's like 27 seasons, retiring at 40 with about 15 years in...

I use a lower number because of time off and slow starts to careers that take a few years to get going.

You're not making it in sports.

With the new better game today up 8% many records will be broken in the future as players start younger and play longer.

Not in this sports group today, garbage.


Yankees vs. Orioles Game Highlights (7/28/23) | MLB Highlights

RE: MLB Yankees, Bullshit MLB Game Last Night, Played After It Was Cancelled

What a fucking joke, at the all star break / trade deadline month they had nothing on television and then on Friday night they cancelled the game for over two hours, for Aaron Judges return and then you get up in the morning expecting a double header and then they played the game at like midnight or something and ruined it, then you check the score and it's Baltimore 1-0 and they didn't even play anything.


What a waste of time on a Friday night.

Then they had all this hype for the trade deadline and all star game then they just quit and take a shit for two weeks the whole league and then no big trade or any press at all.

Then viewers and sales were up 8% for the first time in over 30 years for the new rules etc. 

You can guarntee it's not from the players and teams not playing and cancelling Friday night games they have without the fans at 1 am.

You're fucking garbage.

No trades, all this stuff going on then they had no press or events and everything stayed the same....

Oh're hold world happened in marjor league sports..."Kiki went to LA".

You fucking garbage.


Monday, July 24, 2023

Utah man sentenced to 100+ years for killing mother, 3 siblings as a teen

Eglinton Station stabbing: Victim of Toronto subway attack speaks out, s...

SF Walgreens puts chains on freezers as shoplifters target store 20 time...

Massive protests as Israeli Parliament passes judicial overhaul l GMA

Edmonton man faces terrorism charges in U.K.

RE: Canada "National Homeless Registry"

I think it's a good idea, it will mean lots of job creation in low end areas etc., and work transition.

The question, what to do about homelessness.

A Canada National Homelessness Registry would mean transient people who can't maintain a stable home and frequently change addresses will have to register for support.

They can all line up at tables and then sign the registry, then start to explain the issues over time to Service Canada.

Then as they continue to stay homeless Service Canada will look after their details including tracking their progress into regular home living.

Questions the new workers would ask them to handle the issue would be things like:

How long have you not maintained a kitchen and bedroon?

What kinds of steps are you taking to understand the value of staying indoors and learning to maintain your own home?

Like that...

Then as they stay where they are and frequently move, Service Canada can slowly transition them back to regular housing as they lean to maintain their own apartment while the regular government tries to resolve the housing crisis for regular home users.


Vio-Lence Live Canberra Australia 2023 - Full Show

COMMENTARY: Homeless Backgrounds As Diverse As Any

In a world where "Everything Matters" you have to remember that homeless people backgrounds are as diverse as anyone's. 

When homeless shelters are becoming open patios with homeless encampments around them, just keep in mind that many people were raised not knowing the rules and values of kitchens, bedrooms and regular homes.

Many "rust belt" towns like my home town have been vacated and then run down, people like homeless transients end up in them and become stranded in the middle of no where and can't get out.

Many, raised with no proper kitchen or bathroom and left to themselves outside too long never adapted to regular life as an adult at eighteen years of age.

Now these people cause a major burden on the welfare system because many homeless people have no or few skills at maintaining home routines, from bad parenting and probably never learned how to wash their dishes and clothes properly are now stranded outside.

The health care system has no time to tell these people how to spend their cheque to buy household items which causes a strain on the welfare system that some don't know how to spend their cheque on proper home maintainence, case workers can't help with this.

Always outside, no routine, no kitchen...never raised with a home budget, don't know how to put the store products into their home from bad parenting.

Many now homeless and now living downtown in tents, with no household skills or routines or skills to spend their cheque, remember their backgrounds are as diverse as anyones.

So you can't really tell how they got there but we all now it's issues like above.


Toronto's Largest Homeless Encampment | Downtown Walk

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Royals vs. Yankees Game Highlights (7/22/23) | MLB Highlights

Royals vs. Yankees Game Highlights (7/21/23) | MLB Highlights

RE: MLB Yankees - Saftey Squeeze

More bad storms this summer here in the North East New York State / Atlantic Canada area...they are telling people to stay home because of uncertain weather conditions.

They are meaning not to go too far away from home and there are comfort centers in an emergency.

On the Yankees game they said a "Safety Squeeze" was when the player leaves the base AFTER the bunt, then a "Suicide Squeeze" is when a player leaves the base first and runs then the batter HAS to make contact or the runner gets  thrown out.


Friday, July 21, 2023

AC/DC - Touch Too Much (Top Of The Pops UK TV Show, 07/02/1980) HD.

AC/DC - Bad Boy Boogie (BBC Rock Goes to College, 1978)

Voivod - Psychic Vacuum (Official Video)

Voivod - Ripping Headaches (Official Video)

My Favorite "Voivod" Record

This band "Voivod" from one can play their songs.

My favorite album is "War & Pain" and "Rooaaar"...

Actually, I think there was a Triple CD version of "Voivod - War & Pain" that was my favorite version. 

People can't play those songs and do the moves in the old videos, I know how do that from music class...bands doing that is always a way bigger hit as a cover song.

No one does Voivod like that, if I did that like where I used to and put that out on web traffic from a venue in Montreal as a cover song for a decent band something like that would get a permanent spot on streaming.


Diary Update, Learning Music & Dance Routines

Like I was blogging about on here, so yes people ask me about dance routines.

I'm getting into some new material on here now about the late 1990's,

Yes ago, when I was younger I used to work for my family doing "music stuff" like I've been blogging about, they were Nashville I learned all these dance and show routines then it was probably on tons of carnival tapes and stuff.

So who knows what's going to turn up.

Digging through all this material I have, it turns out that where I worked at for them that was all official school yeah I still have all that.

Like, I don't even need to look...someone comes in with the dance book, they show me the name of the dance and I teach them the moves off the dance instruction book.

Then they just learn that, they can make a video or something and moves on the instruments.

My point is I know how to teach from the school dance instruction book and can read all the music sheets.

As a child from the gifted class I had to learn all that.

So we used to use stuff like that like to make a video, that's a different kind of playing in a band, then the dance instructor reads them the music and dance sheet to get the shots for the tape.

I know some people think that's the bullshit way to make a band, but I mean it's fun if you can learn the dance and music sheets and the video comes out better.

I mean it's not heavy metal like just banging on the drums, it's a dance routine band...that does bigger on music acts like in Nashville.

That's some of the stuff I used to do when I lived back home with my family in the 1990's, so I used to have time for that.

Now that's what I'm getting back to, stuff like I used to do in the 1990's in music etc., I used to teach the dance routines for the tape with the music sheet like to make an official cover song or something today.

Now that I'm up on digital and have time to go through the old material I have all these new stories about the 1990's now, so yes I still have and can do all that and I am continuing with it later.

That's why I was making a computer server, later that will be putting out music videos with real dance moves in them and that.


The Donnas - Better Off Dancing

RE: New Band Venue Thing I mentioned In Earlier Post

If you follow this blog you'll find out this is part of my job...sitting here all summer babysitting a computer server on the internet.

I mean, all big web pages should have a blog section at the back of the page, that's why I keep this one.

Plus it's on a separate section like on Blogger that goes with your web page, then people can follow along with my playlist and stuff I'm doing on the internet.

...back to the venue thing, no it pisses me off that they had to put all that stuff away and I had to make this web server thing so you can't have both.

I mean before we were right downtown Montreal by the Supersex Strip Club, that's the Heavy Metal spot in Montreal and in Downtown Halifax.

Like now with this server going I'm doing, if we were still playing in Montreal we could just film there during the tour and then put the videos right out on the internet and sell "Cd's" downtown.

Anyway, that sucks that you just can't go down there now and get the music book out and record songs on real equipment and they had all the amps and guitars and stuff.

So I can't be down there and do the web part to so we can sell "Cd's" and stuff on the internet at the same time.

I'm planning on doing this for a while in my "Motorhead stage" so down the road we'll probably open that back up so we can film on the tours to release videos on our own pages, like for our bands and stuff we promote.

That's what people ask about, I'm gonna be there later with all the gear and stuff on the band tour. 

Edit, I mean... a huge web server like I got going on a name like with a bunch of death metal pages is way bigger than a venue to film at, there's just no time for it I mentioned I went back to dancing and back to my old I teach that too...dancing I mean.


RE: Halifax, Dungeons & Dragons Section At Mic Mac Mall

Chapters had this huge rack of Dungeons & Dragons books, that sold out.

Now they have more including Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle and some other books etc., at the Food Court at the Mic Mac Mall in the old Calendar Club spot, now it's a toy store.

It's right beside the record store, I don't really go there but sometimes I listen to Napster in the Food Court out front when I eat my lunch.

The stuff in the store looks cheap in the front then it's all super expensive in the back with some Dungeons & Dragons stuff.


How To Run A Giant | Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants | D&D

18 Unique Locations | Deep Dive | Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants |

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Diary Update July 20, 2023 - Not Everyone Over 45 Gave Up Their Tasks

This summer is super hot, stuffy, this...

I mean, it just makes you sick the state of outside.

On the death rate table they said about half of people die around 45.

Let's say 35 - 55.

Now they say old age is like 133.

Twenty years ago when I went away to University everyone was all excited about technology, then no one graduated and my degree had no work.

That's because bottom end people didn't study.

Now they hit the 45 death rate group all sat down got fat and gave up everything but one task, now they'll all grey haired and fat.

Then they think I'm gonna sit with them with my new Ferarri when I get rich at the food court.

Licking their lips to think someone still unemaciated in a similar age demographic sits with them.


You already didn't work or graduate,...I'm in the middle of my over achieving life goals from the gifted class.

I don't get those people, they think they can quit everything and get fat and then people like me still look at them hahahaha, with their "one task for getting older" so they can sit on the couch.

You must be the life virus of humanity, like I'm right busy with my schedule and all these people think I'm gonna quit and sit down with them and get fat, looking to me for something.

I don't know what it is, I already said my life has multiple tasks from the gifted group at 47.

Got it brain mush?

Now you all have one task, plus didn't work in my field, you can be sure you one task is not talking to me at the food court, got it old man?

Then I though, who would marry them at 45 some grey haired fat guy with one task?

Now when I though about it, she's the woman with the dog shit bag cleaning up dog shit in park for her old fat 45 year old husband back home when she goes out, for not youth vitality, to walk the dog in the park and carry around a dog shit bag.

What would someone like me with more that one task ever have to do with people like you?

Some old fat guy at 45 and a woman who just walks around picking up dog shit all day with her dog in the park.


Never talk to me once.

Fat husband to anyone" Oh me, I just sit around fat with one task while my wife my wife carries around a dog shit bag in the park."

Like I mean in my life the whole time, don't talk to me if you're not what I'm doing.


Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack - Son of a Preacher Man (1968) - Dusty Springfie...

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack - You Never Can Tell (1964) - Chuck Berry - (Tra...

Pulp Fiction Soundtrack - Flowers On The Wall (1966) - The Satler Brothe...

Urge Overkill - Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon

Yankees vs. Angels Game Highlights (7/18/23) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Angels Game Highlights (7/17/23) | MLB Highlights

RE: Record Store Tour Thing

I mean before they had all the amps and gear at the venue.

Then we could just go there and record,film and go play shows.

That's not there now with the gear and stuff.

Once that gets put back it will be open for putting bands out and stuff and if they do that they'll probably have a record store or a merch booth.

Then bands go on tour outta of the store and stuff, in the past, like in the Black Metal Inner Circle in the movie "Lords Of Chaos" in their record store.

Edit, this is one of those times I was talking about where I'm just babysitting the computer for work stuff, then that came up when I'm sitting here.

That's because our versions would go right out on a big name on the internet like with web traffic.

Then we might as well setup up the venue as well and keep going putting out videos and albums on digital and then play some shows and stuff.


The Donnas - Better Off Dancing (Sessões MTV)

The Donnas - Wasted (Sessões MTV)

The Donnas "Get Off"

The Donnas - What do I have to do

The Donnas - Wasted (2007)

The Donnas - Do You Wanna Hit It

RE: Commercial Heavy Metal Cover Songs - Updated

Like these ones sound good from Milwaukee Metalfest, what I mean is you don't even need the huge artists to get starting doing this.

They used to have places like here in Halifax that they used to film at like venues and stuff, I mean you can  buy the old venue and then buy the studio / live gear and then I mean use the music sheet version from the record company.

Then do live recording of cover songs then they film at the venue, and then also studio versions to sell on streaming.

What I mean is with all the recording gear and sound, you might as well just buy the venue for the live show to make a music video at.

Then they have the gear and stuff, that's to do videos and make commercial studio heavy metal cover songs from the music school.

They'd sound just like official K-Tel versions.

Updated, this is also what I mean....then it's band concert tours, to me that's all the same business so it's not out of the yes that might happen.

Like with a filming location for doing videos and then a booking agency to play shows...that's all part of the record store stuff I that might all happen from here in Halifax, like booking bands and stuff to play here in Canada.


Jasta and Friends (Robb Flynn/Chris Garza) Roots (Sepultura cover) Milwa... (CAVALERA)

Monday, July 17, 2023

VIO-LENCE @ Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023

Jasta and Friends (Paul Bostaph/Phil Demmel) Disciple (Slayer cover) Mil...


The Donnas - What do I have to do

Monster Deep Dive | Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants | D&D

RE: Pick Your Own Pizza Toppings, "Restrauant Too Slow Myth" Like At Dartmouth Crossing

You're supposed to go to Pizza, Pizza to just get one slice.

The other place is for picking your own pizza toppings then they cook it for your table.

That's for people like cruise ship passengers, they have all kinds of time...they get off the boat and then the family can pick their own topping for their pizza at the shopping center.


Darkest Hour - For The Soul Of The Savior

Darkest Hour - For the Soul of The Savior - Live in Lockdown 2020

Darkest Hour - Knife in the Safe Room - Live In Lockdown

DARKEST HOUR live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jul. 14th, 2022 (FULL SET)

Jasta and Friends: Angel of Death / Raining Blood (Slayer covers) Milwau...

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Sepultura morrisound studios arise

NHL Trade Rumors: Sidney Crosby To Montreal

Montreal needs a new big player like Sidney Crosby, plus sports people are sick of Canada's big stars not here in Canada.

Now they are advertising Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid as his new trainer.

Maybe Gretzky and McDavid can back up Sidney Crosby on the Montreal Canadians to bring the cup back to Montreal.


MLB Trade Rumers: Ohatani To Pittsburgh

Maybe they should tade Ohatani to the Pirates to play for Honus Wagner's team if he's that good...


COMMENTARY: People Squadding In Slums Like Skid Row & Street Loitering Breaking Welfare Cheque Laws

Now you get this issue where people have to look for work to be on basic welfare and then they don't wash...

That's intentionally not looking for work, by smelling bad all the time or something.

Then all they are interested in is welfare paid services that they can resell like illegal street prescription pills.

Or glasses that are sold on the street and replaced with cheap ones bought at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

Then what's with the soap money?

You can't tell the welfare worker you don't buy soap with the money.

So it's intentionally not looking for work by not washing, then only using services from the welfare office that can be re-sold on the street like prescriptions and eye glasses.

Then they don't want paid medical and hospital coverage because the services can't be re-sold.

So they don't wash and don't go to the doctor or hospital.

Then you see where they live and it's on skid row places and slums and it's begging for change on the street all day...

Then this opens up a whole new book.

This leads to using the soap money to buy alcohol off store hours which means "bootlegging" of illegal alcohol sales off store hours.


Then they don't accept the full cheque benefits, sell the re-sellable items, then use the soap etc. money to do things like bootleg liquor or participate in the network of bootleg liquor sales.

That money....they do things like fence stolen property and bootleg cd's and lp's, according to crime statistics.

So to me, anyone downtown doing that is already breaking the law misusing their welfare cheque to participate in illegal activity or being part of a network of people that supports criminal activity.

Like bootlegging.


Water very quickly invaded Canada in one day! Severe flooding in Montrea...

Friday, July 14, 2023

MLB: New York Yankees Trade Rumors


Sports reports say that New York Yankees are trying to sign Shohei Otani and Juan Soto.

I don't have much faith in the Ohtani to New York rumor.

However I do like Juan Soto...

I think a better trade for New York Yankees along with Juan Soto would be Manny Machado, who I wanted on New York anyway before he went to San Deigo, and Ronald Acuna Jr. from Atlanta Braves.

News reports say that Yankees are looking for a big center fielder.

Around MLB reports about Shohei Ohatni are lack of faith that he can continue his streak, and he may be a "flash in the pan" in sports according to FOX Sports.

A smaller deal, for more players would be my better pick with a more boring safer route through the game, like sports pages are complaining about in New York.

I'm more of a less risk person and would like the Yankees to get instead of Ohtani  Manny Machado, Juan Soto and Ronald Acuna Jr.

I mean the Yankees have good pitching and hitting, when everyone's playing, now they could use some more rounded players like Machado, Soto and Acuna Jr. to round the rest of the team out during times like this mid-season when other big players are injured and can't hit or whatever.

Then New York Yankees might win more of these 3-2 and 2 - 1 losses with players like Machado, Soto and Acuna Jr. filling in the gaps.


CAVALERA - "Troops Of Doom" Re-Recorded (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Derek Jeter Reminisces on Nights Out with Jimmy, Reveals MLB The Show 23...

Yankees legend Derek Jeter joins ‘MLB on FOX’ crew for 2023 season

Derek Jeter on Aaron Judge being named Captain

A-Rod admits biggest regret was friendship split with Derek Jeter | MLB ...

David Ortiz Gifts Derek Jeter a Custom Red Sox Jersey For His Birthday 😂

Cal Ripken Jr. joins Derek Jeter and the 'MLB on FOX' crew leading up to...

Derek Jeter on Yankees’ trade deadline moves, Shohei Ohtani's future, Al...

RE: Metallica Cover Song List

This is my point about some of these issues in music / business...

Now you get the band "Metallica" who released tons of cover songs like the Misfits.

At the Misfits reunion now their using that sound.

So when you look at this cover songs list this is what I say, the Misfits were from the earlier 1970's era with the Sex Pistols.

A famous story is that Jerry from the Misfits was there when Sid Vicious died, that's punk and K-Tel music in the 1970's and Studio 54.

Then Metallica covered songs from that period but weren't on it.

Years later they did Load and Re-Load etc., and printed tons of merchandise and cd's...then they didn't do anything for the specific original catalog that was with the K-Tel group of albums.

What about this then?

Metallica doing cover songs of bands from the Misfits era does not include new versions of old Metallica songs from the 1980's.

That's one of my points.

Misfits using the sound from a cover song is a bigger record if they re record it.

Metallica doing cover songs doesn't include their classic songs from K-Tel which were never re-recorded by the band as new versions.

Instead they did the Misfits etc.

That's because the old albums are a different production, then Metallica prints merchandise off newer material but the concert set list is K-Tel era songs.


Fans go to see the original songs from the K-Tel period but only get merchandise from newer material.

Then the original songs from Metallica are on the K-Tel group of albums "Kill 'em All" etc., with Misfits.

When Metallica did new versions they used that for the sound on the Misfits re-union for the original production, K-Tel disco / metal albums from the 1970's.

What I mean is Metallica doesn't do new version of their original songs, but the Misfits and Venom Inc. are doing that live...

Then Misfits, the older band, adopted Metallica's sound for two of their songs from their cover versions.

When you go see Metallica though the main draw is the K-Tel songs, not the new ones.

Those go with the Misfits re-union and their sound update, for re-doing their classic sound for the re-union by doing things like using updated gear like Metallica's versions.

So a cover song of "Metallica" in the future might be a bigger hit than that whole band recorded with a different artist.


'Completely Unprecedented': Significant Flooding In Louisville, MS, Cars...

Blue Beetle | Official Trailer | 2023 Movie

RE: Golden Age Comics, Artists Did Appear On Both Public Domain & Modern

Edit, Blue Beetle movie is DC comics.

Really though, if you research deep into these topics you'll find out that some artists like Frank Frazetta I believe wrote for Golden Age era comic books which are now public domain.

Then later wrote for place like Marvel I think in the modern era, Stan Lee himself and other artists in their bio's say they started around the end of what is public domain today in the golden age of comics.

Then Marvel was a newer business that kept some artists and staff from old companies, so to my knowledge yes their is public domain art by artists that appeared on Marvel etc.

My point is that Marvel / DC Comics are newer than golden age comics that are public domain anyway.

So if you start editing public domain comics, Marvel just launched a new version of The Blue Beetle, you'll see that many titles do have modern connections to today's comic' with the art department etc.

Then by the time right now you launch a new series of the public domain original Blue Beetle like Marvel by the time you get that going and print and establish the merchandise and sequels that's when Superman and Batman are becoming public domain and catching up.

Like, writing scripts today for comics and bringing back old public domain characters is a good idea for business because later they can use this work to help develop their own versions of Superman and Batman after 2037.

For a company like Disney / Marvel doing some new versions of old characters like Blue Beetle will be good practice to establish the name of the brand, public domain new versions, for the Superman and Batman launch after 2037 when those comics are public domain.

Also right now many title like original Star Trek novelizations, James Bond, Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit and many others are in the same scenario.

So I expect companies to be cashing in on this to be launching now like with Marvel and the Blue Beetle movie for when all this "related content" becomes available like when a new trend starts of re-starting old characters from the Superman / Batman launch by 2037 when they become public domain.


Uh oh, I'm obsessed with Golden Age comics now 😮

History of Batman in The Golden Age - Geek History Lesson

Destruction - Cracked Brain (Original Singer / Bassist Version)

Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac

Danzig - Is It so Strange (Danzig Sings Elvis Danzig / Misfits)

Witchery - Fast as a Shark (Remastered 2019)

Vio-lence - Calling in the Coroner

Overkill - Electro Violence

RE: The Original Misfits, Songs Covered By "Metallica sound" Now Used By Glenn Danzig - EDIT

Edit, they pulled the youtube video of the Misfits concert....

On the Misfits reunion, it looks like the show's starting to get going.

Now songs that we covered by the band "Metallica" who changed the sound to be heavier like thrash metal, now they use that sound for the Misfits for Glenn Danzig.

Like, Danzig took his sound back from cover version and used the new format for the Misfits reunion "The Original Misfits" for his songs "Last Caress / Die, Die My Darling" for official live performances.

Now Misfits use the Metallica versions on the live concert so expect some of that to come when they release a live Misfits reunion album.

Then if they don't have like five new records done to please fans they need all the old songs re-recorded with Danzig with the new sound on it, also like albums without Danzig, so fans can get a new studio version of The Misfits catalog with new versions of "Last Caress / Die, Die My Darling" with the new live sound on studio versions.

I mean some new recordings of the Misfits with Danzig re-doing old songs would be a big selling album.

Plus, I think artists like Danzig should a version of all the songs done with other singers by the Misfits to have it for their catalog.

Even if people think this sucks, it would still be a big seller to many fans.


The Original Misfits, Saturday, 7-8-2023 at Prudential Center, Newark, N...

Voivod - Blower

Voivod - Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd Cover)

RE: New Dying Fetus Music Video

You talk about bad press for a new album release, on there saying the bands demo sucked because the guitarist played electronic drums on it with real cymbals.

Then you look it up and it's the main unit from the recording studio or something.

Now they got this movie clip on the video, the first thing I thought was the ten minutes of tape came from the failed UHD  iphone camera hahahaha.

Like with the cymbals and stuff on the demo, now they mean later they'll be saying they made a UHD video ten minutes at a time on iphone or something and in the future they'll be saying the video sucks when they hear about it.

If they did that.



DYING FETUS - Feast of Ashes (Official Music Video)

RE: Dying Fetus Demo '93 - Digital Drums By Guitarist

All I heard on that tape besides the band spends $100 a day on bass strings, not me ever, is the guitar player played drums on the bands demo from 1993 on a digital drum module with real cymbals.

Now the tape sounds right big on the internet.

Then on the interview they talk like the demo and drums suck and then when you put the tape on the guy in the band meant the most expensive electronic drum kit they had or something.

God man.


Dying Fetus - Bathe in Entrails 1993 (Full Demo)

RE: Dying Fetus Drums On Demo


They said they had no drummers in Maryland in the early 1990's so the guitar player did it....

Now you must have all these posers coming up to the band and telling them they made it in music, now you're confusing the interview.

They already said they didn't have any metal drummers.

That's the same today.


DYING FETUS: New Album, South Park & Wrong One to F**k With | Garza Podc...

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Marshall Amplification - JMD:1 Series Launch, NAMM 2010

Juan Soto & Ronald Acuña Jr. join the 'MLB on FOX' crew leading up to th...

Padres' Juan Soto joins the 'MLB on FOX' crew after the NL defeated the ...

The Donnas -Wasted (ao vivo no Festival Dosol 2008)

THE DONNAS Take It Off 2009 LiVe

RE: Band Studio Albums Recording Time, Why I Don't Know What Bands Are Playing

Now all Youtube is playing me is The Donnas.

Right in their clip they say two years to record a record and they got these big albums that could be on hi def.

So why did bands start saying it takes two weeks to record an album?

What are ya saying on the internet?

Two weeks come off it, bands who record in the studio for two years they mean they write in the studio and then they play it back and keep re writing it and recording it right in the studio until they have a big record.

That's what writing an album in the studio mean, not this two week stuff.

I threw that number out, those records will never make it to hi def.


The Donnas interview (Spin Magazine)

The Donnas : School of Rock (Nylon TV)

Tribute to Allison Robertson

Overkill - Hamburg 20.02.1996 (TV) Live & Interview

The Donnas - A&E

Everything You Need To Know | Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants | D&D

RE: Derek Jeter Yankees / FOX Sports Contract Vs. YES Network Coverage

See what I mean if you follow this blog...

That would make me so mad man.

You get these guys on this "print contract" to sell Official MLB Franchise Material.

Then the team is really owned by the MLB, then they "franchise it out" to someone for the team etc.

Stuff like that on contracts, then teams like the Reds get to print the baseball mascot.

Then when you go to the mascot who's not owned by the team but the league, they start changing the material on the mascot to something down on the field and it's a violation of the MLB contract to print the character because he doesn't use official MLB lines.

Now on MLB I mean this anyway about New York's broadcast, you get the YES Network material for other smaller players on the local broadcast in New York using the material from the guy who actually did it on the bigger channel Fox Sports.

You gotta be fired or what.

It would make you so mad that your MLB career was someone else's material back at the team broadcast for a different player.

I'd never do that.

I mean now Derek Jeter is announcing on Fox and it's his material, now you gotta get these other guys off it back in New York because it sucks so bad.

You gotta be joking man, the Yankees Jeter Material is on FOX now for the All Star Game and World Series.

Then on the local broadcast all they got is calling the game using the old Jeter material, gag or what...if I was Derek Jeter I would hate that the worst ever.


MLB: "Fox Commentary" Says Angels Ohtani "Flash In The Pan" In Record Books

Now FOX MLB Commentary mainly Yankees focused with Red Sox David Ortiz says Shohei Ohtani from the Angels is just a baseball anomaly or oddity in the record books and now says they are stuck with him.

Now they are talking about trading him and questioning how long he can continue in the league, now it look's like FOX is using the YES Network coverage as the National Broadcast.

This would all be better as a Fox Sports 1 Broadcast anyway, now with YES Network taking over with Derek Jeter and A-Rod for FOX leaving the New York Yankees broadcast lacking.

Anyway, this would all be better if they kept that format...YES Network to FOX Sports 1 for the National Broadcast and then switch New York Yankees to some LA Dodgers affiliate in New York to get a better show going.

I mean YES commentary just talks about Derek Jeter era anyway, bored of that or what, now Jeter and A-Rod have their own the YES Network broadcast looks stupid with ex Yankees players on it.

Suggestions, keep the new YES Network broadcast as Fox Sports with Jeter, A-Rod and Ortiz and drop these second rate broadcasts in New York and switch to an LA backed Fox affiliate and get some new lines.



Derek Jeter and the 'MLB on FOX' crew discuss the repercussions for trad...

Derek Jeter & the 'MLB on FOX' crew discuss Aaron Judge's injury & its r...

Yankees legend Derek Jeter joins ‘MLB on FOX’ crew for 2023 season

RE: MLB, Jeter, A-Rod, Ortiz Take Over Broadcast Booth

I guess Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez must have got sick of listen to their names permanently broadcast by other former players like David Cone, Paul O'Neil and John Flaherty who had some MLB show going on the broadcast a few years ago, anyway that never happened.

Now most of their content was talking about Derek Jeter and A-Rod so I guess their going to come in now and take over the broadcast on FOX, I mean...are they going to keep saying all that material on Yankees YES Network with them live on the other channel?



Update: Get new broadcast.


Gerrit Cole joins Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez about his move from the...

Derek Jeter & 'MLB on FOX' crew discuss Shohei Ohtani, Yankees' struggle...

RE: MLB, American League Continues To Struggle At All Star Game

Looks like the National League has the advantage in MLB, Major League Baseball, this year.

I've been complaining about this all season watching the AL East. every game it's like a 2-1 or 3 - 2 loss for the American League team like New York Yankees.

Now it's the same thing in the All Star Game, with a National League win.

Now big AL players are out injured or didn't play in the All Star Game, now players like Ron Acuna Jr. step in and beat Tampa Bay Rays from Atlanta Braves.

Now Atlanta Braves take first place at the All Star Break and win the All Star Game.

Keep in mind teams like New York Yankees in the AL East their record is still first or second place in most other divisions.

Now this first team to 100 wins thing because of New York last year is over because Tampa didn't do it without losing first place.

Players on teams like Tampa did well in the American League All Star Game, but they still got this 1 run loss going with National League teams.

Remember, the Wild Card Division has three teams that get playoff spots and there is still a half of season left, I mean Atlanta already caught Tampa for first place, being eight games out of first place is not out of the payoff's yet in the AL East or Wild Card.


2023 MLB All-Star Game Full Game Highlights (Elias Díaz, Shohei Ohtani &...

Bank of America ordered to pay more than $100 million to customers after...

Self-checkout theft has more stores asking for receipts

HALIFAX: RE: Current Economic / Political Conditions

You can see on the tape it's pretty bad here in Canada, but I mean you gotta point blame to where it belongs.

Then you have to consider outside factors...

In my age group outside of age 27 - 42 I have moved on into my "older period" now I mean I'm not affected by a lot of the issues those people have.

It's not my first job or marriage, I did all that years ago.

I mean I don't have the extra costs of that age group of trying to start a family or buy a house, plus my education is already established.

In my bracket you can't buy a house, you have to rent or something....

I mean one person renting a city apartment in a decent area is a similar price to having a house in the county with five people in it.

In my age group and education level this helps me to cope with these issues by being able to resolve them by myself with my education, meaning I don't have to rely on a spouse or family to help.

Then I don't have issues like gas money for work, child care, car repairs, furnace, hot water tank and roof repairs.

Children's school clothes, books etc., birthday parties....trips to Tim Horton's and McDonalds for the kids.

You take all that out and then add in the educational value to someone in an older age group and you can see how they are less affected by this.

Now they said over half of Canadians are almost $200 short a month, then the other are just consider cutting costs now to save money.

Obviously, we're in over our heads and everything is messed up right now.

Now you get people being racist to store's like "Sobeys" for having small packaging that poor people buy at their stores because they say they can go in without getting embarrassed.

Now you get this rash of thefts at the self serve checkouts.

Smelling like urine and not washing and stuff, trying to connect themselves to some court controversy at the store, then shamelessly promoting small bottles of coffee with white and red cheap packaging in the poor parts of town saying they are from the grocery store.


Now we on top of the worst storm to ever hit Canada and then broken communications lines causing static on power plugs, we just got hit with this huge internet outage earlier this week.

The internet company had experienced the same issues I talk about on here and similar to what happened at with that outage.

Then the internet company had to apologize to the town for the internet outage during this current part of the crisis.

They were extremely upset about the outage, revealing information about scams bothering the internet company when they had to wait all day to get customer's service restored.

Now food is up for the affected age bracket 27 - 42 like $240 a week...

That's all them work lunches etc., and all that daycare and school stuff.

My point is, if you're in an older age group in Canada you're looking better off the more single you are.

People just graduating and starting work and families are hit the worst they said, I guess they're going to have to find a new career path...and even for older single people there's still no decent housing options.

So when you see all that, just remember Canada just got hit with this cyclone last fall and now stuff is down.

Prices are high and services are out or not fully operational.

In a time like this all you can do is the best with what you have, so you never know what is going to happen.

If prices go up and services go down then you're on your own to figure it out.

Until later when everything is fixed.

Younger people with families are going to have to give things up from their houses if they don't have the money, prices are too high with lack of services.

Then older people are less affected because they are mostly single, I mean no kids or outside responsibilities, or retired.

My point is no one knows where all this is coming from, so it's probably too soon because of the cyclone and terrible weather conditions. 

Then we all have to wait until it gets fixed and cope individually.


Cost of living has pushed half of Canadians near past limit

Monday, July 10, 2023

Mayhem - Deathcrush (1987) [FULL ALBUM]

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 1994 [Full Album]

Morbid - December Moon FULL ALBUM

Morbid - Winds Of Funeral (Split With Mayhem)

Morbid | My Dark Subconscious (Dead's Vocals)

Dark Funeral - The Secrets of The Black Arts


Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023 Machine Head Davidian with Jamey Jasta

EMPEROR LIVE 2023 NEW YORK #emperor #newyork #blackmetal @Emperor

Cleric | Unearthed Arcana | Player's Handbook Playtest 6 | D&D

Paladin | Unearthed Arcana | Player's Handbook Playtest 6 | D&D

The Donnas - Live In Toronto 2008

Sunday, July 9, 2023

The Donnas - What Do I Have To Do

Carcass (UK) - Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment (Demo) 1987

Butthole Surfers - Who Was in My Room Last Night

Kataklysm - The Awakener (Re-Recorded)


Death...Is Just The Beginning I (1990)

CAVALERA - "Morbid Visions" Re-Recorded (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

CAVALERA - "Bestial Devastation" Re-Recorded (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Soufly - Ritual (Live) (Cavalera)

Sepultura 1990 (maybe October 1989) Headbangers Ball (Cavalera)

OverKill - MTV On the Road '93

Overkill - Feel the Fire [Full Demo '84]

RE: Overkill - "Power In Black" Demo 1983

I'm glad this is all getting on digital now, you can really hear it good.

This demo "Overkill '83" is probably their best songs on it...and still good production, this is a perfect example of  70's metal changing to 80's metal on this Overkill demo.

Other bands like Tyrant remained  70's satanic metal and then the category died with thrash metal.


Overkill (US) Demo #1.POWER IN BLACK. 1983 (Restored & remastered)

Death Angel (US) - Heavy Metal Insanity (Demo) 1983

EXODUS - Die by His Hand FULL DEMO (1983)

EXODUS - 1982 Demo FULL DEMO (1982)

Overkill - Feel The Fire

RE: My Music Blog Format Update

Like that below...

For new people getting into Heavy Metal and wanting to learn the songs everyone real plays, so new fans and bands can see what everyone was playing at the old promotions because no one does the songs or format now.

If you get a band going and can play like that it's always a huge draw at Heavy Metal, so along with new videos on my pages I'm playing a classic song playlist on my metal blogs, then fans and bands can learn the songs everyone else was playing in like 2000.

Now no one's playing in these categories, so these are good cover songs to learn if you play in a band and this is what all the big record stores were selling before it switched to digital and everyone stopped buying cd's but this is still a main metal venue if you're playing in a band.


Cradle Of Filth - To Eve The Art Of Witchcraft

CRYPTOPSY - Ungentle Exhumation (Demo '93) [Full Demo] [10"MLP]

Necrosis (Cryptopsy) - 1992 - Necrosis (Full Demo)

The Donnas-Strutter (Kiss Cover)

K-tel "Pure Power" commercial

RE: Heavy Metal Productions Compared To Mainstream Music Today

After spending a long time in school involvement and music etc., today these old "heavy metal" albums don't hold up.

Then when you find out there's no SA-CD version for Super Hi-Def Audio version for any heavy metal music and you can see why.

1970's and 1980's hits like Abba and Michael Jackson have a full clear defined high definition format on today's players.

Transferring these songs over to that format and it's probably missing 2/3 of the act.

Then today's Death Metal bands have a supposed two week studio time to record an album.

It's getting pretty clear then seeing all that today that this stuff is never going to come out long term on a hi def audio player.

I mean the work to take those 2/3 albums and transfer them to hi def just isn't there, I mean you're looking at a total album re-construction to put on the SA-CD format but I think for most old metal albums it just isn't happening.

Now all those '70's and '80's metal albums just look like demos to me with most of the sound missing, I guess you'll have to wait awhile yet to get a full definition metal act.

I can imagine in the future many of these albums will be taken and then "re-recorded" or "re-dubbed" to add the missing parts to transfer the songs to Super Audio.

I mean by the time someone did that, they could have made it their own pop hit cover song don't have too much hope for heavy metal on super audio these days.


K-tel Records "Axe Attack Vol. 2" commercial - 1981

K-tel Records "Masters of Metal" commercial

Raven - Don't Need Your Money

Voivod - Tribal Convictions (Official Video)


RE: These "Heavy Metal Releases" On The Internet, No Press...Lost Topics...

Now you see on the internet that many of the pages from the last few years have come down and now they lost track of many of the releases on fan / user content pages.

I mean they did have a bunch up, then now you can't check things like which guest member played on what other record.

Like on old albums.

You can see it on the LP or CD credits, but many large name band members are now un-promoted on webpages as artists appearing on other albums.

Like with cover songs, sometimes they take over as official versions...then artists on the internet are losing name recognition in places like appearing on other large records...which are now un-promoted at outside companies, or that is happening to some because you can find the first artist...then the next name is not in the search.


Sacred Reich - Death Squad

Tankard - U-R-B (Undead Rotting Bones)

Atrophy - Chemical Dependency

Tyrant-Pasesena Cablevision 03.28.1990 Full Show From Master.flv

Mayhem - Pure Fucking Armageddon (Full Demo) 1986

Mayhem – Freezing Moon/Carnage (demo 1990)

Mayhem - Deathrehearsal Demo 1987 CD Version

Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus(1991)(Full Demo)

Emperor - I Am the Black Wizards

Bathory - Necromansy

RE: Old Metal Albums & Heavy Metal Albums

You really can't say metal bands today are the same ones that were on the originals in the 1970's and 1980's, I mean it's a totally different music production company.

All the albums have the same sound and song format etc., that is lost on all records since the 1990's.

Not that they can't do that, I mean like '70's metal no one is doing '80's metal like Voivod as real bands or cover songs.

So you can't get the sound if there's no market, when I say there is no content on the internet I mean issues like that band's catalog may have been out but never made it to internet print.

Now there could be tons of new music at record companies of old artists that never came out as a huge album, so you don't know what's going to come out...I know I played in tons of stuff back then so you never know what will be released.

Now my metal band Collapse I have four hours of music almost finished but it had to go to the back catalog and released later because I'm busy doing things like music store pages...when that comes out it's still a new album from a few years ago that just never made it on to the internet yet.

Like, because of these backlogs and stuff.

So now on my music pages I updated them to cover all the back catalog plus new songs so we can promote old albums that never came out big etc., then many of the old songs are popular cover songs.

Now I keep a classic metal song playlist on my music pages that are a popular cover song list, people new to heavy metal might not know the songs so that's one of the things I play on my record store blog pages.

New metal songs are not really the same category to me of the same artists because the originals are different prouctions.

So I'm releasing my albums on that section in the back catalog, so I mean something I might do in Collapse is record tons of cover songs from the playlist page from my record store blogs just to have at my studio.

Then I could release these as cover songs with my old material in the back section of the store, but I am streaming my classic metal songs playlist, I mean it covers like 10,000 albums from the metal section at the record store versions, from that list fans might hear new songs to them.

If a song gets out it could get millions of plays and then become a popular cover song, so it's good to have them recorded.

This will get extra press to my band Collapse if I put them out on digital...cover songs from my metal playlist, then I know how to play actual songs like original Voivod...that other bands aren't playing...then mine would do better in the cover song section for actual heavy metal fans.

This still forces me to put my music out back dated as old songs, like many music catalogs, but are still brand new to fans, as soon as it comes out it get's mixed in with the old songs.


RE: MLB, Chicago Cubs Network

Now Chicago Cubs have their own Television Network and a recent World Series Title. just like New York Yankees.

I guess every team must be getting their television sports when Montreal Expos launch their own sports network in Montreal then that will pay for the team probably like Marquee Sports Chicago and Yes Sports New York.

So now all Major League Sports Teams are probably going to get their own local television sports network.

Then on , that blacks out local market for the local home team television network broadcast.

Then MLB will make more money there because the home team blackout on means fans have to buy the teams television channel as well which is on a huge cable package.

My point is that it's not really that cheap, online sports packages are pretty cheap but they have broadcast and local blackout issues.

Then those games will probably all be on local cable now for the teams sports television network...that higher television service helps fund the actual team and is the main draw I mean, so not cheap and you need a big tv package, the rest is on the online version.


Diary Update, RE: Entertainment Promotions Late 1990's

I'm getting it...

Apparently there's still no content on the internet, working in a record store back in the 1990's...that was the Kiss reunion in 1995.

Then they had the movie Detroit Rock City and they promoted that at all the record stores, then there was this big party going on.

That's when Black Metal like Mayhem was going in the metal section at CD Plus and on the first web stores, then we were all going around partying and playing in bands and going to concerts.

The band The Donnas did metal cover songs, then that was on Detroit Rock City, I mean about the party going on in the crowd at the movie concert etc. outside at the mall etc.

Then Mayhem was going in the metal section at the mainstream mall record store back then in it's years later and it's all digital.

That's the context of those older music videos and movies etc from then around heavy metal.


Mayhem - Carnage (live)

Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)

Bathory - The Return of Darkness and Evil (1st Version 1983)

Voivod - Ripping Headaches (Official Video)

The Donnas - Strutter

The Donnas - Who Invited You

Speedin' Back To My Baby - The Donnas

The Donnas - Living After Midnight (Judas Priest)

The Donnas - Round And Round [live] - "Ratt Cover"

The Donnas - Shot Down In Flames (1998) - "AC/DC" Cover

The Donnas-Too Fast for Love (Motley Crue Cover)

The Donnas - Wasted (2007)

Allison Robertson of the Donnas checks out JamVOX -- Now in HD!

TV Live: The Donnas - "Fall Behind Me" (Kimmel 2004)

The Donnas - Wasted (Sessões MTV)

'The Donnas' Interview

Thursday, July 6, 2023

MLB: Camera Man Injured By Gunner Henderson At Yankee Stadium During Hicks New York Return


I mean you get these people on the television or and they have all these technical issues with the cameras and stuff, with the feed getting interrupted all the time.

Then you get these announcers going on on television about how if you owned the MLB they would have something to say about it.

No you wouldn't.

So when you lay the $10 Billion down to buy the league they think the new owner's not going to want to play catch with Gleyber Torres.... hahahahahaha.

No, they think they're going to have something to do with it instead.

The new owner just buying the league said it was Gleyber Torres, now on the television they think they can talk about something else about it.



Now you get these incidents with new players like Gunner Henderson who just hit the camera man and it looked really bad...

That was on Aaron Hicks return to New York where he got booed right bad.

Now they take the rookie stuff down and put up Hicks in Baltimore now people are getting injured by rookie players.

It just don't look good, plus no established call zone from the umpire and bad issues on the broadcast.

I mean the camera man's family could sue on that alone, plus the MLB itself would want to distance themselves from that because it's only about two families that are affected.

I mean the camera man, his family suing a new player like Gunner Henderson on a beginning MLB contract isn't going to withstand that lawsuit because he didn't get all his money yet.

He's going to get picked to death by lawyers, I'd tell players or anyone not to get involved in issues like this and leave it for the courts.

I mean, even if it's a bad accident that's a lawsuit brewing with the bad field conditions and all that it just don't look good over all for the MLB.

Then right away, other players will distance themselves from the ones on the field in the incident...

Then what if there was steroids involved?

Looking pretty messy down there, and bad issues back in the hometowns I heard about how this affected people's families.

What if the player gets sued and loses all his money?

That's bad all around for the MLB.

Either way, looks like a career ending scenario for players involved in these types of fault or not.


Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Voivod - Ravenous Medicine (Official Video)

Kataklysm - The Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation

The Haunted - Hate Song (Official Audio)

Speedin' Back To My Baby - The Donnas

VIO-LENCE “Eternal Nightmare / Serial Killer @ Milwaukee Metal Fest 2023

Macabre - Do the Dahmer

Overthrow - Suppression (Official Video)

Voivod - Ripping Headaches (Official Video)

Sepultura - Inner Self [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

CAVALERA - "Bestial Devastation" Re-Recorded (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Aaron Hicks hits a home run against the Yankees!!!

Orioles vs. Yankees Game Highlights (7/4/23) | MLB Highlights

RE: MLB Expansion 2023

It's right in the news press that the MLB is having a new expansion right now but no teams announced...again rumored is the Montreal Expos return.

I mean, over the long term on the baseball legacy it's pretty clear that the Montreal Expos are in line to come back as a new team, I mean they have merchandise sold everywhere right now so it's looking pretty good with the expansion open and no teams purposed that MLB will be back in Montreal someday...I mean at least they're still selling merchandise the Expos.

Now look for Arron Hicks, I mean Baltimore Orioles to cash in on the new New York Yankee lineup as the league moves towards new stars like Aaron Hicks and Gleyber Torres are coming out.

I mean it's pretty bad though that Baltimore did all that work in 2023 to make it just the new team of Aaron Hicks, says a lot for him.

This is what I mean, maybe one player like Aaron Hicks is a bigger draw for Baltimore than second place.

Now he get's booed bad back in New York , Aaron Hicks.

Now what?

Well...with big teams like Tampa Bay Rays coping New York all the time...potentially look for a Tampa Bay Rays player sell off as other teams like Baltimore start cashing in on the success of new New York Yankee stars like Gleyber Torres (Yankees) and Aaron Hicks (Ex, Yankees...current Baltimore).

So maybe Tampa will do some big trades while they still have that huge first place lead before they lose some ground and are worth less money later maybe.


Sunday, July 2, 2023

Gleyber Torres' Scorching Start to 2023 | New York Yankees

RE: Yankees - Gleyber Torres Contract - Free Agent / Trade Status

Right now a guy like Gleyber Torres is a whole team by himself...

I wouldn't be surprised if a team like St. Louis Cardinals scrapped their whole team to get Gleyber Torres right now in a deal from New York Yankees.

You gotta give players a chance to recover from a big season like last year and good start to this one..

Now everyone's hurt with Judge and it's All Star Month so you gotta give these guys a chance to recover, do some camp skills with the kids, take some time off and then get back to normal.

If the Yankees have to struggle for six weeks of the 2023 season to keep their third place status in tact it's the way it is.

Now they got some hitting coming back and teams like Atlanta and St. Louis are looking to sign Yankee Players.

Now you get these long weekends in St. Louis and it takes three days to finish two innings plus a double header and you can see it...

Teams like Atlanta and St. Louis are gonna scrap their teams for one new star like Gleyber Torres on a team like that Atlanta or St. Louis is a whole new financial draw and he would be a team by himself.

After that a team like Atlanta or St. Louis is just gonna live off selling Gleyber Torres Merchandise.


At only 26 this is the perfect time for the New York Yankees to re-sign all future free agents like Gleyber Torres TODAY for at least seven year extensions.

This will sign Gleyber Torres this year until he is 33 years old, after that he'll probably be a team by himself anyway.

Yankees sign him today that's a brand new eight year deal on his New York Contract, which is smaller right now because he is approaching free agency.

After the new seven year deal in New York to play with Aaron Judge, off for a few weeks while the Yankees blow off some steam it looks like, then Gleyber Torres will be in a new long term contract to play second base and maybe DH for Judge on his nights off.

So hold up on the Gleyber Torres trade until after the All Star Game and Trade Deadline.

Right now the Yankees sign him to the 8 year deal, THEN St' Louis can start bidding on the trade...

This gives St. Louis some time to get a deal together and maybe move some players in a multi team deal with Atlanta etc.

This will secure Gleyber Torres spot with a new eight year deal in New York for full pay to DH for Judge and then play second base.

This removes the free agent offer from other teams and gives St; Louis time to make an offer on Gleyber Torres on the longer deal as New York holds his place for future trades instead of letting him go to free agency.

That gives Gleyber Torres the money today and then holds in place in New York.

After that other teams will have time to build an offer and bid on the eight year deal to New York for Gleyber Torres.

After that by 33 St. Louis would be all just Gleyber Torres merchandise because a guy like him is a whole team by himself in the merch both in St. Louis.

The same for all Yankees Free Agents, If they sign them now big stars to longer contracts and then work on their skills right now at All Star Break with Arron "I'm the MLB anyway" Judge to increase their value for future trades later.

That will bring more money and stars back to New York for the Yankees to play with Aaron Judge later on his new long term contract.

Now not only will Aaron Judge get a big super star deal so with others like Stanton, Torres and German right now so New York has to pay them today (cash now) to get them in a long term contract.

So they need to re-sign, work on their skills right now then increase their value over a new long term deal...then when these guys are in their early thirties some will be huge on other teams outside of New York.

That would be the smartest thing to do, then when they are out hurt on the big contract they can sit in for 15 / 20 games and then DH for Aaron Judge for the rehab....then maybe play a limited field position.

Later, that owns a whole team like St. Louis in the future for one player when they are back full timer.


New York Yankees need to:

-Secure free agents like Gleyber Torres into long term contracts.

-Work on player skill set for future trade in long term deal (this gives teams like St.Lous and Atlanta time to work on a deal to bid on New York's new star players).