Friday, May 17, 2024

RE: MLB Standings Always Wrong Shows Baltimore 1 Game Back 4 wins Behind

Again, the MLB standings are WRONG showing Yankees First Place in AL East with 31 wins and Baltimore 1 game back with only 27.



Unleashed LIVESTREAM – Rock Hard Festival 2024 | Rockpalast

Slayer - New Faith

DEATH ANGEL - The Dream Calls For Blood (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Kerry King - Repentless - Chicago @Reggies - 4K - 5.7.2024


Slayer - Serenity In Murder

RE: New Kerry King "Slayer" Solo Album Out Today

It sounds like Slayer and Death Angel mixed together with Death Angel on vocals, this will be as big a selling commercial heavy metal album like the rest.

You get the point of the album pretty quick...

Titles like "Where I Reign" like from "Reign In Blood" on Slayer and "Diablo" like Slayer "Diabolus In Musica."


Kerry King - Toxic (Official Music Video)

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Kerry King - Two Fists

KERRY KING - Raining Blood into Black Magic by his new band - SLAYER Ori...

Kerry king bands first show ever with SOME SLAYER SONGS!!! ENJOY!! reg...


KERRY KING (FIRST LIVE GIG) - Shrapnel/Raining Blood (SLAYER)/Black Magi...


Kerry King - From Hell I Rise



Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Darkest Hour - Knife In The Safe Room

Darkest Hour - The Sadist Nation

Darkest Hour – Societal Bile – (Official Video)

Darkest Hour – Perpetual Terminal – (Official Video)

Darkest Hour - One With the Void | Perpetual | Terminal | Official Audio

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings

Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (Official Video) [HD REMASTERED]

Bananarama - Cruel Summer (Official Video)

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run) (Official HD Video)

Men At Work - Down Under (Official HD Video)

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue (HD Audio)

The Outfield - Your Love (Official HD Video)

RE: MLB Yankees Commentary Fail

Apparently a lot of people mad about that...

I get it though, you get two new sports networks, scrapped...

I'll have to scrap that are rewind my VCR tape.

Back in the 1990's when Satellite Dish's came out the new ones Direct TV and Dish Network you could easily hack them with free satellite devices called "free to air material", anyway that gets converted to Direct TV maybe on some device card.


All this sports programming came out and FINALLY you can see all the games at home...or at least they are available to purchase.

Then came out around the year 2000.

Later you can buy on Digital Cable services all the full season MLB packages etc. NHL and that.

So they opened NESN and YES Network, for Boston and New York.

Today that's available on all devices.

My point to it is in New York City the home of real New York Pizza all they talk about on the broadcast is eating ALTERNATE pizza not the one New York City is known for.

Then they always sat at the back, then eat the alternate food....

Then everyone is trying to run pizza shops around the stadium and run card stores and sell food and all they do on the broadcast is bash the local New York market saying they only eat alternate products and sit at the back of the stadium.

From the daytime talk show material.

Then their on there ruining all the vendors reputations, get everyone or try to get them talking about alternate products and then playing "name that Yankee" with Meredith off work hours is what it sounds like.


Updated, then if you run a promotional booth from New York...the #1 selling Baseball Hat in world a main mainstream product.

Then that's the New York City market 8 Million people, then all you hear about on the game is small market third party products like alternate food and cheap seating.

So why would someone own a team like New York Yankees with the #1 Commercial Sales Hat in the world and then promote no sales alternate products on the YES Network Broadcast, sounds like a scam to me.



Tuesday, May 14, 2024

MLB YANKEES: Yes Network Shows / Commentary Fail

Man, you get on watching the game on Yes Network then they got new rules now regularly updates etc.,...

Here's my point...

Yes Network like NESN for Boston Red Sox.

Well, both those networks are from the late 1990's and they could say NESN & YESN.

Making it Yankees Entertainment Sports Network.

Instead shortened to YES.

Obviously the bigger name.

Yankees Entertainment & Sports, with added "&" and no "N".

This is my point, YES has talk shows on it all day from New York City.

Now you mix that with long term coverage +20 years now you get all these commentary fails.

Trying to run day time talk show material on the game live as commentary, this leads to filling space cut by games with day time talk show drama.

Then they miss the commentary on the game about the new recent Yankees records like Arron Judge and then have it replaced with day time talk show banter.

Oh, we've been on the air for over twenty years, Meredith is getting old with the team with men and they'll be back at the house later doing the commentary at home in some "friendship group" she can be the the bat boy while they watch the game in the future while they announce the plays and stuff fake n the yard.



HALIFAX: Poverty Group Sets a New Low In The Area, Community Services Not Aware Yet?

That last twenty years for me have been about University Graduation etc., and moving on and all that and I'm nineteen years into that.

Back when I was moving away to play music seventeen years ago, this blog material etc., after my graduation I was one of those people who had to move away after a seven year program.

Now this...

Back in High School when I was leaving for University this happened.

All these people I knew had this story going on and now it's concluded.

This is what happened...

I said to them briefly, oh yeah gotta go.

Later all these events happened, totally fake and made up.

They said everyone they knew who was twenty was already married and owned their own house with kids on the way right at High School Graduation.

Back in the '90s, it's like this...yeah whatever.

I mean, if I'm getting married it's going to take longer than that to pick my wife.

Then 700 of them and NO ONE they knew was in a different situation, then they went out and blew all this money.

That was pretend.

One of the things that happened now was the poor guy living there used the hot water heater money and didn't allow swimming because he told the kids lip balm was cross dressing.

Then they didn't heat the water or wash, then he used the money to buy a motorcycle.

That's where those poor people got motorbikes at, some of them.

So, in your community those events might not have come up yet and places like the "welfare office"...Community Services might not know yet and that's what's happening to that group whose was lying about that being married at twenty with all their friends and they all owned the same housing situation.


RE: MLB Data Issues, Florida Merch & MLB Digital Ticket

Out here in Nova Scotia is a Sunny 21 Degrees in May...the hottest part of Canada.

Mix that with some batting cages and some hot springs and my Summer is done already.

Guess I'll sit home and watch MLB.TV for the rest of the actual Summer, note NFL preseason starts in August.

The #1 issue to me on MLB Data is that stats tracking, myself being a University Graduate with Advanced Statistics Courses can't even look at the page, like third party MLB Google coverage,

Not enough columns on the search page to properly display the data

It again show Baltimore in first place with less wins that New York.

That's because of an uneven schedule and they count the standing by most losses.


Everyone knows that if the world ends right now 27 wins beats 26 wins.


Check for a better list, that also includes that stat "game difference" the +/- games played differential that clearly shows that situation is a tie on the decimal system.

Here's where MLB science sucks...that number "game difference" has to calculate TWO different stats calculations from two different stats brackets inside the same "MLB League" and on pages like it shows as if the teams are in two different leagues.

One for 42 games played is SECOND Place and one for 41 games listed as FIRST PLACE.

That's two different stats calculations for two different brackets and is wrong!

Use game difference at to view the actual "game differential" that has the combined tables listed in the decimal system that calculate the actual true standings overall, is "game difference calculation" at

I also see new MLB Digital Ticket coming out, as a smart phone app and Transit Bus Pass!

See I told you Tampa was big on the transit, now that have a Digital Ticket plus bus pass on the app.

I don't know if this is out yet or what, but you buy your ticket then on the transit on the phone you can scan your phone on the bus with your digital ticket to cover the transit fare.

I can just hear the Digital Ticket scanners now like on the bus at MLB Yankees and New York Subway Series...beep beep beep, as the new digital ticket and transit pass.



Thursday, May 2, 2024

RE: Hot Drinks With Hot Foods At Restaurants

When you're outside, shopping or something, or work and live in a busy area you can eat at the Mall when you are out.
What makes me mad is when I'm on the middle of my day or week and then stop at the Mall for lunch and buy something that's in the middle of my food plan for the week.

That's what happens, I end up with a Pizza and Hot Coffee on my table.

Lots of people eat hot food with coffee.

I mean where I was at in my diet that week, that's what I ate that time.

Then people complain to the counter..."Hot food don't come with a combo for a cold drink."

God man,...

The actual event is Not all food appears in combo,

You order a pizza it says, Bottled Soda Pop sold separate.

Then on lunch menus it says the same thing "Get any item in a combo."

My point is you still have to select Soda Pop instead of coffee.