Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My Material Is Making The News

Hopefully this has something to do with my complaint to the Parliament floor through the Halifax Senator and The Speaker Of The Floor:

Trudeau Says Parliament Afflicted By Obstruction - That's My Case:

China condemns Canada's response to Indigenous People calls for UN investigation:

I don't know what this is about, but they are calling for a new statutory holiday for indigenous indigenous people day, I think it's a great idea, Canada strikes it down.

If Natives go to work off the reservation or not they should still have this Holiday, everything else seems to be covered with holidays why not that?

Halifax To Open Walk In Vaccine Clinic:

This is a way better idea, a walk in clinic for coivd vaccine.



Tuesday, June 22, 2021

1997 Miller Time "Dick" Miller Lite Commercial

Now This Came Up General Mills

This is the PERFECT example of what I am talking about, years back in the old Mattel commercial days that was also General Mills and like Kraft Dinner commercials.....

Like the cereal Oh' that is Honey Oh's....the inventor of that is from my best understanding is Double Helix think tank etc. for Mattel.

So on the commercial they eat it and go "ohhhhhh" realty the sales pitch was supposed to be making fun of people on the phone going "ohhhhhh" all day talking on the phone right ignorant...that's the sales pitch for General Mills, then they might have been on the commerical.

That's where I live.

Years later I worked on the stock market....people don't understand this.

I was working for General Mills at Sobeys for SAP distributing Honey Oh's and Kraft Dinner.

Like from the old commercial days from Double Helix in the 1980's.

A company like Sobeys only runs off carrying companies like General Mills.

So someone like me around the commercials for General Mills like Honey Oh's and people being on them went to University and later like me worked for SAP, they sold sold products for General Mills at retail stores like Sobeys.

So on the stock market I really worked for General Mills selling food products on the TSX stock market.

Like that.

People started out on the commercials for General Mills and toy development from the school at Mattel, that's ABC Saturday Mornings in the 1980's and companies like Walt Disney.

Then later like myself being at that, I went to work for General Mills selling the products like Honey Oh's from the old commercials back in 2005. 

So I stayed in it at the Corporate level by switching from commercials to selling for General Mills on the TSX through SAP.

So I was making General Mills money in Canada on the TSX by selling through Sobeys with my SAP server designs which made them extra money in cost savings...I still own that SAP computer at my business.

The one I used to have when I worked for General Mills at Sobeys from the old commercial and Mattel days from Honey Oh's and that.

Then after my court thing I got promoted to owning my own piece of SAP, Sony Distribution etc. from Mattel and General Mills from working there selling their products and being around their commercials and toys when I was a kid.

So it's not a long stretch for my products from my business to be on General Mills or Mattel today...I'm just not finished them and not ready to decide yet how I am proceeding with the launch.

However, I still need a manufacturer and distributor...and I'm not ruling out Mattel or Hasbro I just want my cut and ownership to stay in tact from the products.

Now I got a Death Metal hat and some shirts for sale to get started and that store is expanding soon.

Like I said if you want you shirt designs sold in my shopping cart email your designs to or and then keep writing back because it may get lost in the spam....but I do see your demo submissions but I'm too busy right now to review all that because of my launch but I see your name and I'll get back to to it later.

That's what I mean...I "went from", I have to be vague about this, I went from commercials and toys as a kid in the 1980's, then working for General Mills from the old commercials selling on the TSX.

So I am done...I own my own Company.

I have $3 Million Dollars in Corporate wages into this business on a regular income to launch the products with no debts or investors.

That's what I mean everything I do is a Mattel, Hasbro or a General Mills even if I don't work there because of all that....from doing toy development / commercials in the 1980's to selling for General Mills through SAP on the TSX now I have my own company that just opened.

That's what I mean.


Your "Other Person"

Oh yes, now I know what I'm trying to say.

Somebody asked me this and I'm trying to explain something I don't have words with Matell stuff from years ago.

This is what I mean....I'm not against Mattel...I'm just bullshitting anyways even when I'm serious on here...It's not like I wouldn't sell Mattel or Hasbro toy ideas today, I'm just saying right now it doesn't seem like a good deal.

Like they took it all before from people like me why wouldn't they take it now?

That's because my toys Space Command is Mattel, Hasbro and Kenner like products,  everyone knows if Mattel ran that off it's GI Joe and Star Wars...I'm doing that like Star Wars.

Plus there is no rush, it took twenty years to make GI Joe from the 1980's....the one I was at as a kid.

Now they've been selling the same toys, shows and comics from that for like forty's the same one.

That's why there is no rush.

I mean I get the manufacturer to run that off myself and hire a distributor and it's Star Wars toys, Mattel and them they already have that a manufacturer...I just don't have a manufacturer yet.

That's what I mean, I got all kinds of time to build and sell Mattel is always looking for new Star Wars type product lines.

Today it's not just the idea for the product from the toy think group it's the whole finished product line, so it's not the same situation today.

I am under no  pressure at all about it, plus it will be better if I take my time.

Now who I did meet recently is Mattell and Hasbro collectors looking for old Cricket dolls and stuff which are extremely collectable from the old market and not very expensive to collect today, what I'm trying to tell them is that is just an old hole in the ground now and there is no one there.

There's all kinds of collectors but not from source that I know of.

You have to explain this stuff to people, they must be handicapped...people have an attachment to that and want to be around stuff from their childhood...I'm telling them it's not there anymore, right...because that's where I live, there's no one here it's closed.

I mean I have to leave years ago and go away to University and now that I'm back home today where all that took place at it's closed,  now people are looking for something that doesn't exist anymore.

The old three channel tv days with no computers and stuff...when everything was just outside, people have an attachment to that....they want to be around that stuff still and don't need 600 tv channels and stuff and wacked out video game systems, they just want to go to the park and collect the old Kenner, Hasbro and Mattel toys and stuff in their 40's and have a quiet day....all that flashy stuff is for younger kids now.

Plus getting older you don't have time for that stuff today like with trying to buy a house and stuff.

This is what I mean people are looking for your "other person".

Like with myself, these are the issues I mean that I have.

Like after a life change people are trying get you to be 600 tv channels with them when you don't want any and are just collecting old dolls from Mattel or something and just want to go to the ball park without being bothered.

That's what I mean, after you life change...people are looking for your "other person" from when you were younger or they don't like you.

Fuck ya then, that's why I made my life change.

This is what happened with me, years ago I used to share all that stuff and was just staff from their owner and working there for example.

I went to work for CD Plus and we released Mayhem in around 2000 in retail stores and then they made all those online shopping metal is all over the internet, I was working on that.

Then I went away to University to start my own business and started my own band, then we got signed to Sony Distribution or something right from Mattell days in the 1980's.

Then I got ripped off and took their label name from them for my record now I own my own business and band from Sony on my they don't make cd's so I'm not out anything and have my own music pages.

It's the same thing...Space Command is Mattel and Collapse is Sony on my own business...then comes my other person.

That's what I'm laughing about, because I don't give a fuck.

That's who people don't like today, myself for making  a positive life change.

Then in 2007 I got super sick and was in the hospital, and things weren't going well with work and the hospital had me in the counseling program and stuff and I decided to make some life changes...then when I was there nobody from back then came to visit me in the Hospital so I dumped them.

Then the next summer I was attacked in a home invasion from Sobeys office staff where I worked and I moved away to do my records.

After that I moved to Halifax and had to finish my Hospital program from when I was sick, and that took about two years after I was assaulted...everything is fine with me though like most people come down with something and have to go to the hospital then they drive you nuts until you feel batter which took two years for me after the assault before I was back to normal just for moving and stuff, then nobody came to visit me then from there either when I was there for almost two years, in rehab programs.

Now everything is great.

So during all that I decided I was dropping all those situations and starting over with my business and degrees and stuff and left.

Now people look for my "other person" from years ago before my life changes, fucking whatever.

They mean sharing my money with the group with someone else holding it they can talk to behind my back about they can be a part without asking me first.

Like for example, in the past that was fine because I was just acting staff or something with material for some toy company think staff, everyone already got paid.

Now today they are looking for that same situation as when I was staff as a kid.

Like they only like me if someone else is holding my money - that's who I dropped.

Now that all the money and business is mine they don't like me, because I don't "share" it with them like I was just staff years ago employed by someone else - that's my "other person".

That's what they mean, they want me to use my own money and toy designs or something like years ago when it was their bosses money.

Like to talk to my money behind my back like I was just staff with my own business today.

Yeah fuck you, I don't think so...that's my money now.

That's what people don't like about my life change....they want me to be a kid with it, my other person, so they can get stuff from me without asking from my money by talking to someone else about it behind my back like when I was staff as a kid.

Now that I hold my own money and have all the products they all hate me because they can't lead me around with it like I was some staff for their boss so they can get something.

Then they want me to give them the same situation with my own money that they had with me as a kid with their bosses money when we were just staff...calling me an idiot, trying to be in charge of my money as an adult to get around my money and stuff by talking to people about it behind my back.

Now that they have to talk to me they hate my guts, who gives a fuck.

Why the fuck would I do that?

Let the old employees hold my money behind my back so they'll be friends with me so they can all get something from me without asking like when they worked for Mattel or something.

You're all losers saying that.

I can just fucking imagine, I'm gonna start my own company and let the old staff from a different one hold my money so I can have friends at work.

Hahaha, yeah I don't think so.

We were all just staff together you know, none of you came home with me to live back at the "old Mattel location" I mean where I live.

Get a life or something.

Like their gonna be leading me around like some kid with my own money or something they think bossing my business around from Harvard Grad School or something, from some toy commercial in the 1980's, you people must be the biggest skids to ever live man.

No prick that's my business money....not friends money for hanging out at the set when we were kids and I used to buy all my friends pop, chips and candy all the time because they were broke when we used to hang out.

Then when I grew up and started my own business they think it's pop and chips money for them from the old set trying to tell me what to do with it, so I can have friends at my new set or something...fucking whatever skid.

You're a piece of crap is what you are.

That's what I mean the other when I was just a kid blowing money on my friends at some set.

That's what they're looking for as an adult when you own your own business - pop and chips money for being kids or something.

Yeah ok losers.

Anyway, the point here is I own the products and the money....if Mattel was back and involved then they'd be paying me millions of dollars for it...not you for salary for pop and chips money out of're pathetic to be that.

Just remember this topic for this blog from now on about your "other person" before a life change because it will probably come up again on future topics.

So that's what I mean happened, I'm a different person now and they're still losers.


Monday, June 21, 2021

Vulvodynia - Eternal Wasteland of Galaxies (Official Video)

INGESTED - This Disgusting Revelation (Official Studio Video)



MELECHESH Sphynx (Full album)

MELECHESH Emissaries (Full album)

MELECHESH Djinn (Full album + bonus)

SOOTHSAYER (Ireland) - War of the Doves OFFICIAL VIDEO (Atmospheric Slud...


Accept - 02 Too Mean To Die - Bass Play Along Video by Martin Motnik

Blog Update June 2021

Just trying to compose some ideas got like super slow here today and it hot now which is great, summer vacation and all that.

What I'm trying to say about Matell is people don't know anything about that today, like we're talking 400,000 units of each toy from Matell back in the 1980's...that makes them pretty collectable I guess.

The point is they are big because they ran hundreds of products, none of that stuff ever came out overseas in the larger market, I mean today that stuff might be re-sellable in Asia, like there's no promotion doing's all the new one. 

I mean that was some pretty awesome stuff though, for the local market at the time here, some of that stuff you might be able to pick up the rights to it because it's so old.

I mean fucking boring or what, I had this child hood around all it is super boring around here.

I don't mean just covid.

Nobody wanted it, all that old stuff they made...they just sold it off and dropped it all, I mean some of it might do good today on the internet.


It's just fucked to have all that stuff and nobody wanted it, like everybody moved on or something.

The biggest thing I hate about all that is back then working around all that stuff is all the lies and bullshit, I don't remember having any issues with any of I resolved all my issues years ago, that's why I went away to University so I wouldn't have to sit around doing things behind people's back.

Just living around that, I don't remember having an issue though from then everbody just quit and nobody wants it.

I mean working in a place like that, every body sleeping around and stuff out back in secret doing plays and stuff cheating and shit, then you can't take it home with you...then everybody's a stiff back home.

Those are the issues I mean, all the sluts and stuff they were at the entertainment company.

Yeah back home they are just housewives now probably, denying all that.

It doesn't matter though, everyone got a life now and moved on....not me I'm still doing a band.

Other people they wanted to quit and be married probably with the regular people all going out to dinner and stuff together and sharing Christmas, yeah not much money in compared to owning a hat store or something.

Here comes my nullification, that was just b-movies and stuff for salaries and shit plus doing commercials and stuff.

I'm trying to get more old commercials form those days but most of the clips are in batches on the internet in longer videos without being little clips so I can't post it properly.

Like I know there's still a huge collectable market for that, but nothing mainstream.

It's still worth a lot of money.

That was a long time for me since then like twenty five years or more since all that, so I visited a bunch of the old set locations and stuff they used to do and it's all grown over now and vacant, and all the store fronts are gone.

I have a lot of time on my hands here and it's super hot plus covid, that's what I've been doing just fucking around.

I mean it must be hard for some people I assume who want to live a regular life not want to be running around with the circus forever, I can't imagine denying all that stuff today because I'm not hiding anything, like not saying you were around all that because of your marriage or something.

What I remember from that stuff is people have all these issues and have to hide everything, and I guess no one wanted all that old junk they left behind.

I still like it, I don't remember having issues from back then that other people must because I resolved all my issues, like I knew things weren't going to work out that's why I went away to school...for today I mean now that I'm in my 40's, I have all this stuff to fall back I did all that dating years ago.

Other people didn't do that probably and they've been married all that time away from slut central myself apparently, to buy a house on a regular income and be married after leaving b-movies...which is a good second income, but not primary.

Now they're all trapped in some marriage with regular jobs, I assume in my fantasy in this heat I mean, with no options.

I didn't even buy my first house yet or get married, like I saved all that for when I was older to make sure I had the money, besides past failed relationships I mean.

After all the shit I've been doing that last several years I don't have the motivation to be married just because other things are more important, so when you asked about it that's what I got from my gifted music program and this life plan.

Yeah I went out and had all my relationships first when I was younger around all that, other people didn't...I's awkward to people because of my life to their regular one, I mean being music etc., then they're still trying to get a first date from their wife at 48 that I had in grade seven, that's where I think everyone is today from my past...trying to get laid by their wife, that's what I mean people don't like my mouth and my attitude about that stuff around them, the regular people.

I play in a band and run a magazine page, that's life I guess.

To be honest I'd rather be doing this, I have no large debts or anything and I got all my money into music.

That's what I got from all that being here today, my issues are resolved about all that....people might not like that because they have to hide when I don't and I don't give a doesn't matter because it's for Heavy Metal anyway mostly.

That all fits in there.

Not like those married people who left me behind for their yard work, yeah it's too hard out here apparently where I work.

The point I mean is I'm better off today not being there, with my University Degrees being the bigger deal than that, plus I am stuck doing that because it's not something you would ever quit.

The lesson here....people don't like you running around no matter what degrees or how much money you have, that's the lesson.

Yeah well I'm better off for doing it.

So nobody wanted that Mattel stuff either the old stuff, I'm just promoting it in the North East then where it's from practically for collectors and stuff still looking for that around music and stuff which is I assume the main market.

Then I'm making new versions like the old stuff, Space Command , and I'm selling that with the collectables I'm promoting from Mattel and Hasrbro, that what's up.

-END -

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Double Helix, Hasbro, Mattel etc.

So this is the what I can say about it that I know, this was a long time ago all that closed.

In the movies companies used kids from the gifted class and drama class for roles in movies, they got them from the school program.

They filmed commercials, movies, tv shows, music etc. 

Then they did think tank groups from those large companies with the kids on those promotions like Double Helix (Sleep Away Camp 2), the kids learned all the stuff they wanted to do then went on in music....some picked guitar and became Death Metal and Black Metal...those are the first guitarists in metal, like Double Helix released Anvil at that time.

That is my music program.

Everyone there knows me from all the events and concerts etc. and from my music program, then the think groups for companies around Double Helix they invented products for Mattel and Pound Puppies...that is the Double Helix group, as best as I can say.

That is where I am from, I went on to play music and start my own company...from back then which is where I started in the music program when I was a kid, around Double Helix and that is Sleep Away Camp 2 the kids they used in those movies that is like the Mattel think tank group for product the same group of kids at the time, then they released Heavy Metal in the movie along with Trick Or Treat which is the same thing.

That was all in the 1980's but it was the gifted class with the adult kids, playing movie roles and music etc. 

That's what I mean Double Helix Pictures is closed today, but where I live today is the same group of people from that, off the other promotion.

Now like Double Helix we're doing music releases and developing movie scripts and toys just like the old toy think tank from the 1980's at Double Helix only now I made my own.

It didn't make any money yet, but I have no debts on it and now the product list and music release list is it will be a while yet but later the products will be start being made off the list I just started releasing.   


Dirty Harry... Scorpio beating and blaming Inspector Callahan🤗

Dirty Harry - Rooftop Scene (16:9)

Death Wish 3: They Killed the Giggler!

Our Movie Characters List

I am writing "Blackout '77" over at 

How much money do I have into this...the answer...$3 Million Dollars in wage hours working from home, on a regular income.

That's how much money I would have made by now working in business if they were still open on the TSX.

Here is the example...Blackout '77:

All bad characters from Dirty Harry and Death Wish Movies.....etc. like Scorpio and The Giggler.

All bad characters from movies like "Class Of 1984" and "Surf Nazi's Must Die".

Etc. in those movie genres, because of my lawsuit in Canada we can print them as all new characters, comics, toys, movies etc. under "Blackout '77".

Then we are redoing Night Of The Living Dead from public domain.

Plus all my music stuff and Dungeons & Dragons stuff.


That's because "Blackout '77" sections off  the Action Category into a new sub genre that we are allowed printing in.



I looking for a section of Western and Horror movies to see if I can subsection a piece of that into a new genres within Western and Horror.

Then I can print The Good, The Bad & The Ugly characters as their own like in "Blackout '77",

Like this...Western Star: "The Good"....then I am allowed doing that for any characters that use nicknames...don't have western movies broken up yet.

Then in Horror the same, it's not broken up yet just action...then once this happens I have characters like "Leatherface" I can use once we have a new category.

Still working on all that.

OBVIOUSLY, I can't do all that myself and we have no movies or scripts done yet....this will take a lot of people and time to finish, right now all we have is the character idesas for the future scripts and prints.

The movies will come later, right now we are assembling scripts and characters.


MOVIES: Like This For Example - Night Of The Living Dead

Here is a project we are working on...George Romero and Double Helix is the same "Company"...somewhat.

Double Helix was an official promoter for Night Of The Living Dead.

Night Of The Living Dead has fallen into the Public Domain.

One of the projects we are doing is a restored version of Night Of The Living Dead which currently has no promotion company...part of the old one was Double Helix.

So, we're doing our own restored version of Night Of The Living Dead from the Public Domain to sell....then we are selling it directly on the url as pay per view or file download with restored audio etc on it for our first releases.

Those are some of the projects we are making, that is a while always but I'll post clips or stills later...the movie is being remastered with similar software as old black and white World War One and Two colored video restorations.

This is a long term test project from our company....we're re-colorizing the tape with current software and then re doing the audio.

To make a good colorized version with modern colorization equipment and sound technology.

Then we're selling our version on pay per view on the url and digital download with no discs.


Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) KILL COUNT

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1988) - The Happy Camper Song Scene (...

RE: Double Helix Films

Yeah, I thought I already fucking said all this.

I'm not taking anyone....agents, social media people etc. into our new promotion, Double Helix Films...Sleep Away Camp 2 etc. they released Anvil.....

Double Helix is the think group that made all the old prints form the 1980's for tons of stuff like Pound Puppies etc.

Yeah look, everyone got paid for that years ago...all you companies have today is the reproductions.

The originals from Double Helix are no longer for sale, that is where I am at.

I left you idiots, now fucking forget it.

Sleep Away Camp 2 and Trick Or Treat and all that....I am promoting all that on me new promotion from old Double Helix.

I am the boss, companies today are just the tape distributor ...all the old original material for Kenner etc. that is what we are doing.

Social Media Companies are over at my business....that's the newspaper people, paying them staff hourly wages to post about artists Facebook pages when the artist gets nothing.

Like don't bother me with this.

Now I checked again now the Social Media Companies and them are hogging all the intent video stores.

You're a scam.

In the old days I could just buy a bunch of tape and open a video they are saying that's copyright infringement.

Buy digital files then the government is illegally blocking you from renting them out and they stole all the internet video stores and you can't do that either.

Then going around saying there's no money or jobs with all their newspaper staff stealing all the positions and illegally blocking competition like online video rentals stores and the reselling of digital movies.

Now you have to be Netflix and it's all the same people running it hogging the jobs with no competition.

I'm not taking anyone back to my business from old Double Helix unless they drop social media, do our format only and don't print disc's.

Compact and Video Disc's are obsolete....Social Media is a waste of money.

Double Helix is over....I switched to Production Company direct to smartphone for blog distribution on the URL which has been blocked by business at the government and is illegal unfair practice.

We're promoting all the old stuff from Double Helix which means "transgender" like a Double Helix embryo...for Sleep Away Camp 2, that's what I used to do, playing boy and girl roles in plays and stuff like that.

We're doing promotion only at this business which means we're promoting all the old tapes from Double Helix off the new company for promotion only.

The first movie we are doing is "Lords Of Chaos" which is the same music promotion as Mayhem and Double Helix years back.

We're cutting up all the old material for clips now, I already won this of the action genre have been broken up by me here in Canada in the category "Blackout '77" we are allowed to print all the old characters from the Dirty Harry movies as "Blackout '77" Scorpio and The Giggler from Death Wish under the "Blackout '77" title.

On the box for the Scorpio and Giggler action figures it will say "Blackout '77" on the top of the box, then we are making comic scripts and movie plots for each character.

That is alot of work...Double Helix is no longer around, I am not taking anyone from their new company or social media pages.

If you use them and their agents, you are dropped from my Company.

We're doing Production -> Direct To Smartphone release with no third party......on the url and blogs etc.

If you don't adopt our format we're not picking you up, if I buy the Double Helix tapes I'll release them myself direct to url.

Remember, I mean we are a promotions company now not a movie production..."Lords Of Chaos" is the first one we are promoting since the closure of the original Double Helix etc, plus the movie takes place around old Double Helix where I live here in Canada and overseas.


RE: Courtney Love Social Media Clip

Here is the perfect example for all you Heavy Metal Record Label wanna be's, of what's missing between Major Labels like Sony and smaller underground labels.

They have a large social media network and "independent" Heavy Metal does not...and you don't need one.

This is stuff you would learn if you took a Harvard Business MBA or worked at the top of a large Corporation.

Large companies have Social Media staff...Courtney Love posts to Instagram / Facebook / Twitter and then all their staff at the Social Media branch all watch, review and distribute the clips across their web page network.

That's all staff, just like on the news, so everyone working there all watches and shares the clips for their social media page coverage, that's all of the artists.

Like on , that is their record deal.....thier magazine staff (social media staff) watches Facebook and then blogs on the internet about the videos posted, then that's how they get all their music out.

I don't do social media coverage.

I'm doing record store album releases for the bands.

Heavy Metal doesn't even need that, there's too many people involved to get your records out.

Like with smaller bands posting on Facebook, they just have staff covering their "major label" artists and then writing on pages like about what the artists say on their webpage, that's how they get their bands out.

That is their whole record deal, they just blog about you on webpages all day while you update your Facebook page.

Heavy Metal doesn't need that branch of Major Label coverage on the internet.

Like Death Metal for example makes up for that by word of mouth, mp3 trade and Heavy Metal blogs.

That's all they would be covering on their pages, instead we just put our content right on our own pages and then share all the albums through word or mouth, mp3 trade and on metal blogs.

That's the difference...then right now I don't do social media coverage or print cd's or lps.

That keeps us on the current format, saves tons of money and the albums go direct to fans on the smart phone from the music blogs and then we promote on the mp3 trade lists and word of mouth.

Mainstream labels don't have any of that only us, to me this is better because it leaves more power in the hands of the artists, saves money and gets the music out faster with less crap and ads on the webpages and more focus on the artist.

*This is what I'm saying....if you want to start a major label magazine on the internet all you have to do is follow along with the artist social media pages and start your own webpage and then redistribute their stories with your own ads on it an you'll be up just like them....then just run your own ads on it for your products...that's all they are doing.*

Keep following along for more corporate business tips.


DEMONICAL - Hellsworn (Official Album Stream)


Lords of Chaos - Official Film Trailer (HD)

Mayhem - Carnage Feat. Dead



Courtney Love Goes Off On Dave Grohl Over NIRVANA Deal


MONASTERY - Ripping Terror (Demo '91) [Full Demo] [10"MLP]

DISTANT - Aeons Of Oblivion (Official Album Stream)

RE: Youtube Music Video Premiers

FYI - People are having an issue with your labels Youtube video premiers....the video is being posted in as a premier in a few days etc., then you're releasing more live videos after that and people are skipping the premiers and watching only the active new videos.

Then the premiers are falling behind in the release list, so you see the video then there is no song on it everyone goes on to the next list, then the videos are falling behind because everyone is going on to the next clips, then you have to go back later to watch the premiers.

So it's hard to follow the live video release on Youtube as well as the scheduled video premiers that air a at later date and people are moving on to the next video and skipping them.

Then it's hard to go back and review the list to see if you missed any, so some premiers may get missed, also band member solo releases are falling into the background with no space on the front.

If you do a premier video it might get missed, hopefully release some clips after that to make sure everyone see's your old clips just in case. 

From where I'm at releasing the video without the Youtube video premier is getting faster attention....just an fyi, I'm trying to keep up with the release schedule but remember some stuff falls off and gets missed because of these issues and not everything can be covered.






EYE OF PURGATORY (Sweden) - The Lighthouse FULL ALBUM STREAM (Death Meta...



Saturday, June 19, 2021

PESTILENCE - Sempiternvs (Official Music Video)


RE: Summer Vacation

Apparently the only people on here blogging this summer in metal are me and Anthrax, anyway it's nice having Anthrax on everyday talking releasing video clips for Anthrax 40.

Anyway, I'll promote it...I've always promoted Anthrax anyway, just at all the metal stuff my whole life.

You know what I'm dealing with right now...getting older now that I'm 45, Scott Ian looks good for being 57, him and Charlie...I mean at my age and a little older you can really start to see the effects of your diet versus aging.

I'm just glad to see there's people still playing and working out and stuff that still look good heading into sixty, since I'm 45.

That's what they say though, you hit this age and your metabolism changes and old injuries start bothering you from when you were younger, from you body changes at middle age.

Like having to stop working out from playing sports and stuff, I had had to change my routine now I'm having bad cramps and stuff from changing my exercise routine, then I remember I used to be in ballet and I'm all cramped underneath now I have to do all this stretching from switching workouts.  

Now your diet changes and everything at this this is what I mean, my old social life in metal...that's this blog I just made a magazine out of it instead of being down at the concerts like I used to all the time.

Now I just stay home mostly working on my magazine stuff and band and just hang around at the lake and beach and stuff  here in Halifax.

Like I'm not really out doing anything much, like going go to restaurants and eating McDonalds all the time with the rat everyone trying to get pizza slices and stuff.

That's just a bunch of kids to me now doing that, like that's their first day out when they are teenagers and in their twenties...going around eating milkshakes and hamburgers all the time, like that's their first day out the house people.

I think most people my age these days are shut ins or dead, I don't see hardly anyone out, just people with walkers or something and a cane, or they probably just drive.

I mean 45 not's that old my age, but I'm seeing a big difference in the people who didn't work out heading for the walker or stuck on the sofa.

Like in the morning all I want is dry coffee and a plain piece of you get sick of treats every day like breakfast meals and big mac's all the time.

I just mean to me all them restaurants are mostly for kids, yeah I still go sometimes, so I just stay home writing then and working on my magazine.

Like the thoughts of being some old man trying marry someone is total punishment to me right now, and there's no one around outside at my age anymore...where I live anyway.

Like I'm just better off staying home working on my promotion, plus what I really mean is I did all that and when I was way under age partying and stuff years ago...what is this worn out by 45 and no ones around now?

It's not worn out I just feel different now, people my age can't run around like a bunch of kids high on at this age up remember cardio workouts are the number one way to stay healthy to keep your body uncloged.

Whatever then, it's just me an Anthrax on here this summer blogging then...then they have the big live stream this summer...that's also fun to right now that it's quiet and only Anthrax is doing anything big this summer, like you get a chance to watch that and then it's just a bunch of smaller bands playing.

Too boring people.

Just remember, I post my corporate business notes on this page if you follow along in music to help my friends playing outside with me, for business tips and stuff....I left the other place though downtown and I'm just doing it at my music / band stuff now.




Alustrium - A Monument to Silence (Official Album Stream)

ABC Saturday Morning Cartoons with commercials 1981 pt.1

Friday, June 18, 2021

Thursday, June 17, 2021


CANKER - Evil Attack [2021]


PESTILENCE | Rutger van Noordenburg | "Deificvs" (Official Guitar Playth...

JINJER - Vortex (Official Video) | Napalm Records


MAYHEM - Kindred Rebel Spirits (DISCHARGE)

Dungeons & Dragons Update

Guess what happened with Advanced Dungeons & Dragons?

They reprinted the old books with pages missing and now you can't play the game....imagine printing Monopoly or something and then taking pages out of the rule book when they sell it so you can't play it right.

Then most the characters are non-copyrightable and the dice are just polygons.

I'm thinking that now anyway that "Dungeons & Dragons" just means "playing cards" now...that's what I'm saying.

I don't know if these are bootleg books or what the reprints and pdfs.

Visit my Dragon Adventures page here: 



Don't You Hate Companies On Here Man

I was trying to go with Iris Gossings on my page and then some cunt comes there singing over her ruining the band now I'm going to have to go out with Burning Witches on my page instead.

That's just my point, Banger TV from Madison Square Garden and them came on and ruined the band I liked, trying to paste some category into my category just like I said in some scam.

Those people man, on them labels this is what I mean....going around thinking their all right official or something, they only mean to their own pages, then living in a closed box and only supporting each other when they are under contract with no outside artisits.

Like they're not going to outside concerts and supporting them....they always have to be on the label together....then they only have one concert, split into three days to see every band.

Fuck ya then, I went with Pieced Up anyway....people actually playing outside...not all sharing your money in a group all hiding in the house together.


PESTILENCE | Rutger van Noordenburg | "Deificvs" (Official Guitar Playth...

Oh They Got Some Prick Singing Over Iris Gossings Now

Why don't you cunts get off my category, singing over Iris looking for attention from my page.

Fuck you man, garbage.




Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Surf Nazis Must Die - trailer

Class of 1984

Charles Bronson DEATH WISH (all 5 films) Every shot fired in CHRONOLOGIC...

Look I Beat Them In Court

Here it come's man, I beat them in court.

I own all the characters from the Blackout '77 Series like "Scorpio" from Dirty Harry.


You know why?

All the bad guys in the Blackout '77 Movies all have nicknames, so anyone can say "Scorpio".

Then the category is Blackout '77 - my category.

Now everyone knows the characters in those movies are from the South Bronx Blackout '77 category.

So when I run Blackout '77 I'm going say the character is Scorpio which anyone can say.

Then I'm going to run off action figures and comic books of the "Scorpio" characters with Blackout '77 on them my series based on the ones in the original movies.

Now I own all them characters and can start printing them because they are all only use nick names and anyone can say that, but my business own's the category for Blackout '77 from my research blog this page.


1987 slice soda pop with 10% juice commercial

New York Clip Before The Burning Of The South Bronx

In this clip you can see stores and stuff that were attacked a few years after this, like that is the people that got murdered on this tape later from the South Bronx during the violence.


New York in 1987

Wall Street's Greed In 1987 | Flashback | NBC News

Remembering the 1981 day Reagan was shot

1980 THROWBACK: "Ronald Reagan GOES To The SOUTH BRONX and Gets HECKLED,...

The 1987 stock market crash: Original news report

Wall Street Traders Were VERY Intense in 1980. This Is Real!

How Joe Biden Made His Millions

Joe Biden - The United States' 47th Vice President | Mini Bio| Biography

Pause For Short Commentary

Well I've been pretty impressed with this since the introduction of my new category "Blackout 77" so I need to pause for a minute to review some of these outcomes.

In the last several years that I have been blogging I won two Presidential Candidate win picks in a row, Trump and Biden...I even switched horses mid stream and won.

This is why, Trump abandoned the home to go with business first....that blocks my future opportunities by allowing scams to operate in my community.

The democrats don't like my Trump like platform but run family values, so I dumped Trump for family values and brought my supporters to Biden to establish family values first for our business to keep our communities safe.

Then they won on the early vote during covid and spent of rest of the election nailing down the win, which was challenged by Trump in the courts and he lost.

Now they are doing traditional rebuilding politics, with Joe Biden...a person of a shady past in some crooked deal or something, anyway...that was a good pick for the election during covid because he got in on the family values topic.

Trump and them's platform, I just sued them in the courts and handed it to the Senate Floor and the news in Ottawa for review.

Now we find out that the data breach is probably coming from the South Bronx and 9/11 attacks with scam servers running on Wall Street.

Now all the scam servers on Wall Street stories will be coming out with Joe Biden rebuilding in the South Bronx again today and all of New York and they'll be people down there looking for scam sever deals.

This is politics people, so Biden got in but now we might have a little problem with scam servers on Wall Street.




FETID ZOMBIE (US) - Deep in the Catacombs (Death Metal) #transcendingobs...





DISKORD (Norway) - The Endless Spiral BASS PLAYTHROUGH (Death Metal) #t...






EX DEO - Imperator (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Cognitive - To Feed The Worms (Official Music Video)


MAYHEM - An Everlasting Flame (PART II)




RE: Accept - Zombie Apocalypse Bass Play Along

This is great work, duh from Wolf Hoffman guitar transcriptionist.

Accept are now doing bass tab play along with free pdf tablature.

The price of operating in music is going up on the internet bad, now you're gonna all need full guitar and bass transcriptions on video play alongs with free tablature pages.

Yeah, I'm not doing any of that...too expensive and challenging, maybe assign that to Guitar World or something.


Accept - 01 Zombie Apocalypse - Bass Play Along Video by Martin Motnik










ENSLAVED - Sacred Horse - Verftet Online Festival (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO)

NOLTEM (US) - Illusions in the Wake (Atmospheric Black Metal) #transcend...




GORGON Traditio Satanae (full album)







NEWS: Is SAP Part Of The Data Breaches?

Is SAP Part Of The Data Breaches?


Jason Mackenzie

Internet Blogger & Death Metal Band

Read my article here:




Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Here Is The Fake Collection Order I Got

Yeah it looks pretty serious over a thousand dollars, they want me to give them property ownership information,  employment verification, asset determination, examination of my private government and personal databases apparently.

Yeah I'm not fucking calling you any collection agency every again....garnish me then for money I don't owe like student loan and see how far you are in court because I am placing a restraining order on all collection agencies.

Like student loan threatening to sue me for my money when I don't work....I'm going start ignoring them and see if they try and garnish the money when I don't work so I can see what the Senate says.




Here's What Happened In My Case

I wrote the Halifax Senator and the Speaker Of The House in Ottawa with my complaint and also wrote the news etc., which I asked not to be on.

Some of this is private so I can't say.

All this right in front of the news the whole time:

When I went to St.FX, who refused to help with the issue and I complained to the Senate about them today, business and government had requested finished SAP Servers and that is what I took along with my Project Management Certification.

Then the industry said they had no money to pay for the server request for SAP for the wages for the server build $150 Million they said.

When I finished my certification I was assaulted where I did my hours at Sobeys by their staff at the time.

Right on the job board on , they changed my job description on the board and then promoted everyone around me and then left me out, then they tried to cancel my promotion and transfer the work to the other staff for their promotions running unqualified on the TSX with no degrees forging SEC Stock Market Compliance by trying to do their jobs with stolen work with no certificates.

That is an SEC / IRS breach....because it looks like tax I quit and turned them in.

Then I left.

Then they kicked me out of my house with three days notice from the local police department with fake orders that were thrown out.

Now I don't work, can't get into the details but like this example....Then they came back  in 2012 with more false charges and lying to the police again then I beat that, moved to Halifax and had to finish my medical program for an illness because when I was in the Hospital the first time that's where they assaulted me at when I just got out.

Now I live in Halifax.

Two Summers ago they came back again from the Tenancy Board with "Five Star Bailiff" and tried to illegally evict me with a fake order and fake hearing at the Tenancy Board and I had that thrown out.

Now here is the similar example of the rest of it.

Then this past Christmas they started doing it again to me this time like from Community Services directly to me....trying to charge me 4% yearly rent increases when I don't have to pay plus they owe me back money and won't fix the file.

They refused me three times with a lawyer present to take my file correction, just like this first time at tenancy board which I beat, only this time they wouldn't take the correction. 

Three times with my lawyer there, for a free file correction for everyone else.

Then legal aid said they can't do anything.

Then yesterday they sent me another fake credit card collection notice AGAIN, that I blogged about.

Then before that is was fake letters from Revenue Canada and when I was called it was Halifax student loan and they tried to extort me for money and I turned them in.

Then this morning hobo's on Main Street started a fight with me AGAIN the same thing so I turned them into the Senate and the News.

Now we'll see what happens.

I mean I can guarantee I'm getting you people off me here in Halifax with that scam in court.

You are fucking over at this house cunt.


CBS Saturday Morning Line Up (1981 Fall)

I Filed A Complaint With The Senate & News Today

Yeah so anyway I filed a complaint to the Senate and the News today about Halifax Community Services, the police and local government services operating with no oversight for disability claims.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Oh, Now COVID Is Lotto 649 / Super 7

Yeah they got all these problems up in Ontario what are that having some kind of lottery now or something?

I don't know, they are running some Sweepstakes contest off covid vaccinations or something....yeah I can just fucking imagine.

Fuck you people make me mad, pretending you have pants at the government.

Government and Politicians are supposed to be people of all live at the garbage dump.

Like, why the fuck would I let someone from the government be in charge of my stuff trying to regulate me when they have no education...then all they say is "work, job sharing" because they have no money.

How do you people exist?

Like when did women become either one of two things in Canada....a shut in or a piece of trash covered in tatoos like some sailor, yeah nobody likes girls that look like men at the dump or sitting around in cheap slacks not washing stuck in the house.

They try to tell me they have no grants or nothing for mine, illiterate people.

Ordering computer servers and not having the money and stuff to pay the grads then following them around trying to interfere with their business and paperwork at their jobs to people like me when they have no education assaulting everyone every two minutes.

Why don't you all leave Canada and go live in some third world Country where you can get along because there's no town here that supports you.


Monday, June 14, 2021

HAHAHA I just Caught The Fake Government

I never laughed so hard in my whole life man...I found out what is going on.

The government and them Equifax people went bankrupt man.

They put a bad credit rating for student loans etc. they are bankrupt.

Like they don't have any of my financial file information.

Then all they have is the account balance with no loan for credit cards and student loans and stuff so I'm not paying them because they lost my files and are annoying me to death.

Yeah, totally got it...the government here got nothing and no possessions...then they lost our files and are trying to collect illegally off old account balances sending out fake collection notices trying to extort people to pay.

That makes that easy then, I'm just not paying them or acknowledging a bill collector ever again plus if they try to sue over the debt they have no file documents so they'll lose the case like student loan and them.

Plus, you're that group of little pricks around town that no one likes.


They Sent Me Another Fake Credit Card Collection Notice

Fucking cunts man, some company "Affglo" started sending me collection letters this time saying I owed them a thousand dollars for some credit card from "PRA Group" Markham Ontario and I don't even have one from them.

Yeah to an account with all the numbers blacked out, I can just imagine.

This time it came from someone named "Alanna Parry" from 1490 Denision Street Ontario 1-866-349-8538.

I'll put that there for the internet scam caller list for you all.

This is over when I get you people in court man, sending me fake bills and fucking notices from Sobeys and them, I fucking work there where you people operate.

Then not giving me my money downtown that I'm owed or correcting my medical files.

Yeah, it's not looking too good for you guys in court when I sue if what it's fucking looking like.


This Is What I Mean, Government Orders All This Stuff Then Didn't Have The Money To Pay Grads

All down their at the government holding hands all touching everything at the same time in pissy pants not letting anyone work there or give grants to grads.

They put the work out for the fucking contract at the University they said they $150 Million Dollars for the finished SAP server.

Then I showed up with my finished designs to sell them from my job and my staff and they DIDN'T hav the money to pay for the server.

My salary off the designs and the other staffs wages.

Then they never finished the work and don't have one because their still trying to built it probably.

Putting out a work contract for a server to the University and then not having the money and trying to steal it from the students backed form St.FX staff not helping anyone when you complain.

This is what I'm telling you didn't have the money for the work order for the're over.

I'm saying that all have down there at those business and the school is a bunch of flashy pictures in a magazine...then that was all fake.

Then when I went there you didn't have the picture in the magazine from the school for the job in real life, then it was a fake contract through government, business and the school and then had no money to pay...and this "lifestyle" that advertised in their material at the school was fake.

Then when you go down there they have no education, no money and were all pissing themselves with no education holding peoples disability back lying refusing to give it front of lawyers for an application at the from desk refusing to let you file.

For a free form that's everyone's allowed having except for one person.

Right pervert?

Fucking whatever, how many life sentences did you people just get this past December down at the welfare anyway in order to block all the files and payments anyway?

That's what my complaint was to the government when I filed, then nothing ever happens and the pissy pants keeps getting their pay cheque and not handing peoples money to them.


Yeah I don't Know About This Covid Vaccinnation Man

This is not mandatory by the way the vaccine, yeah I don't trust them man fucking me over too much, fuck knows what garbage is in their fake medicine that you don't want and they fucking hate you, I'm going to wait to get my needle.

They won't even give you your money and all run around in old pissy pants and don't take a bath at this government.

Fuck your medicine and you owe me money you won't give me.

You're pathetic man, you have no government around here I went around and looked and every one of you lives in a fucking garbage bag, your no one's representation..

Why do you people exist.

Why don't you go take a bath or something, all you unwashed nurses and shit giving that bull shit vaccine out.


Yeah I'm Pretty Fucking Fed Up With The Haifax Town Staff

I mean fuck man, everyone knows who you are...I mean down there downtown with the worker not giving people thier cheque three time in front of their lawyer, then legal says they can't do nothing cause it's them too.

When you don't even need one.

Like, I'm fucking done with this you Halifax staff things and St.FX staff not helping their grads get their cheque money back.

It's not going to be long before I'm pressing charges.


Friday, June 11, 2021

The Best Psy-Trance Ritual @ Pure Awesome Dance & Electronic Visualizati...

Janet Jackson & Nia Peeples and more -The Kids from Fame - Kids in Ameri...



Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression

World's First Maserati With Butterfly Doors | MC20

PIG DESTROYER - The Cavalry (Official Music Video)

Information, Not Recommended

I know all you guys scratching on people's material and stuff, well if you copy a major labels artists work for a sample on your slam record or something, if they say something just tell them to fuck off and say they have Collapse sampled on all their albums for you defence and they will lose the case and you get to keep the sample in court, because their plagiarism and theft is so bad there the court will have to award you the sample if you copy something from a label with my sample on it from track 4 of "Collapse - Collapse" that I made with a sound print on it for my record that got copied by Universal and Sony and them from the science research lab.






Here's My New Favorite Band Playing This Summer

It's Bitterwood....that's my new favorite deathcore slam band, they're going somewhere.

I see that everyone's sampling and scratching over everyone records and stuff, well I don't work there...I don't know if you guys have the rights to any of these samples, I know you don't have mine....that's what I'm telling everyone...all the major labels sample Collapse and put it on their records and my soundprint like on youtube copyright protection.

That's what I saying, where's my free fucking Masarati at?

Glad to see I'm so influential though with my sample on all you I said, I don't go there because you want my money because I'm better off than you, now your using my money anyway at your business with my material on your records.

So why should you have my sample and you company car with my material and I don't?

That's what I'm telling the court when I sue...anyway, I'm just going with Bitterwood anyway for my store promotion.


RE: Marjor Label Artists Sampling My Record

How do all you major label guys feel about having my sience lab sound sample from "Collapse - Collapse" on track 4..sampled on to all your records like the new Pig Destroyer?

What you going to find out is that it's a custom sample from the science sound lab and none of you know what is for my future work.

Now I'm telling you this final at major labels....You do not know how to reproduce the sound on my record sample and I have the formula for the sound file creation and I know you don't.

When I sue you I am revealing the science formula the generates the sample, then I am pressing charges against your pyramid scam...because I know you can't reproduce my sample on your record which I can with a math formula from the computer science lab.


PS: I'll use your music for whatever I want.

Now fuck off. 

I still like some of the songs though, I'm just saying it's my sample on your record and I can prove it, like I'm not fighting about it with the bands but I'm saying Sony's not small enough for you to be doing that...then you're all dissing me and not carrying our promotion etc.


Anyway, you already all lost the case....I'm just going to figure out what I'm going to do about it later since you're ripping me off so bad on your ways to jail.


Mötley Crüe - Live Wire (Official Music Video)

Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die

The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) ft. T-Pain (Officia...

Kids From Fame Desdemona

Kids From Fame Step Up To The Mike

PIG DESTROYER - The Cavalry (Official Music Video)

Napalm Death 'The World Keeps Turning' (Official Video)

Cannibal Corpse - Code of the Slashers (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Thursday, June 10, 2021

OBITUARY - Ten Thousand Ways To Die (Official Music Video)

Obituary - Redneck Stomp - Live at Wacken Open Air 2015

DYING FETUS - Wrong One To Fuck With (Official Music Video in 4K)


RE: Mayhem - An Everlasting Flame

Well it's good to see their doing an easy song so the guys that quit the band can be on it.



Mark Zuckerberg BILLIONAIRE LIFESTYLE | Luxury Life

Life As A 25 Year Old Millionaire

World's First Maserati With Butterfly Doors | MC20

Mechanisms of Oppression

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

9/11: Second plane hits South Tower

Man Alive: The Bronx Is Burning (Complete) FDNY 1972

The Vietnam War Explained In 25 Minutes | Vietnam War Documentary

Remington-Rand Presents the Univac

BOLT THROWER.- No guts, no glory

At First Light - Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower - When Cannons Fade (music video)

World's First Maserati With Butterfly Doors | MC20

Pound Puppies Commercial 1986

The Simpsons - Spoiled kid wants Bonestorm

The Nazi Holiday Is Coming Up Next Month

Lots of racial issues in the news today, next month is 7/11/21 ....The Good Luck Day of the Nazi Swastika.

7/11/21  is the luckiest number ever, with the good symbol being the swasika of the Nazi Regime making 7/11/21 the official celebration of the Nazi Regime from your Global Capital here in Halifax.


CANADA: The "Native American" Problem

See here we go again, now the Indians here in Canada are trying to remove Canada because their teachers on their reservation killed a whole bunch of kids they found buried under the school.

Obviously, this problem is because the Native American Indian leadership is illiterate and incompetent.

Why is it Canada's fault that your teachers killed your own people?

You did it.

Not Canada.

Not to mention you're not helping your case tearing down all them statues illegally here, then killng your own kids and blaming my Country.

I'll glad to see in the news that you all did that to yourself and blamed us for it.

Well I guess you're on your way to work since you defaulted your free land with our tax money, I think the reservation should be banned then and they be forced to work with the rest of us if their that aweful of a people.

Illiterate, killing their own kids at their schools, tearing down our statues all things that they did themselves.

Yeah, we didn't do that liar...I guess that's the end of your cause in this Country.