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RE: Dungeons & Dragons: Stormwreck Isle

This new book is a big in store release at Target only until October 4th and it's a huge hit book coming out.

The Dungeons & Dragons method is in the adventures players must use their own rule set in some settings while using official in others.

They have also just bought Global Television or something and made new Dungeons & Dragons movies starting with the cast of the Star Trek relaunch with Chris Pine (Captain Kirk).

The theme continues in new Dungeons & Dragons as players must act out scenes in character in the game setting in the television and movie background, while trying to test the Dungeon Master to with their character to beat the adventure.

The Dungeon Master must tell the story, follow along and the rule on the game outcomes as players use their wits to outsmart the Dungeon Master and win the Dungeons & Dragons adventure like in Stormwreck Isle .


Dragons of Stormwreck Isle | S1E1 | Part 2 | New starter set.

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle | S1E1 | Part 1 | New starter set.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: "Adventure Begins" Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle

Stormwreck Isle in real life is probably Nova Scotia here where I live, like when my D20 Beta came out.

Maybe they are trapped down at Oak Island looking for the big treasure, well...earlier on this blog I revealed the contents of the Oak Island Mystery were actually a list of the contents of the fictional story Blackbeard and the spot may have have been a British sea well for putting out fires during the American Revolution up were in Lunenberg where some of the Battles took place.

That what I think Stormwreck Isle is. 

This new Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is only available at Target with new list price $20 down from initial $35.

From the reviews you can see they have new character sheet layouts with short cuts on them and now list some of the rules as D20 format.

The game again has come out with the Board Game "Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins", "Monsters Of The Multiverse" Rules Expansion and now a new Starter Set: Dragons Of Stormwreck Isle.

The point here is that this is a pre Dungeons & Dragon 6E release.

The new starter set is to convert you to the new "play as monsters" rules from "Monsters Of The Multiverse" then you are supposed replace these rules from the ones in your old rule book and continue forward.

Negative criticism includes that there is no free mini online rule book and adventure like with the 5E release, which apparently is extremely popular because of the expensive price of full Dungeons & Dragons books.

That's the whole point of this set.

I think where Dungeons & Dragons really failed was with the random character generator format, then you jump into the game too fast and try and run ahead.

Then you miss new game opportunities for the Starter Set leading to 6E to introduce new levels.

In my D20 Beta Game Dragon Adventures I have switched to all 18's in the character boxes to make players all start equal, then change the difficulty of the game with a level setting difficulty feature.

Meaning Dragons Adventures D20 Beta spends more time at the early levels setting up the game and learning how to use the maps at the introductory levels.

For example "Combat Sections" and other rules have been taken out of the game and placed in separate modules.

This allows for character weapon and combat training and setup where players can build their character on "training settings" allowing them to try different weapon combinations in character setup before finalizing the character for the game.

These setup levels introduce characters in the game like the wizard who helps you train for magic spells and weapon combat characters to guide fighters.

This way, in Dragon Adventures the house rules have become "module books" that can be removed and interlock with other sections of the game on D20 and use them on practice settings in the first levels for character setup.

For example on practice setting you can play the combat section only against other characters while to change weapons to balance your character, when ready you enter the adventure.

Players first learn this and how to read the maps and learn official rules on practice setting before learning official modules.

The Dragon Adventures Character Sheet also has an expanded ability score column to play to ability score 25 including official character sheet adjustments and D20 monster conversion book to import outside characters into Dragon Adventures . 


Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Review! New D&D Starter Set!

Or worst? It depends on your needs - Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Review

D&D STARTER SET Review | Dragons of Stormwreck Isle

Dragons of Stormwreck Isle Starter Set Review! | Nerd Immersion

NEWS: Texas Radio Show Host Trial cont.

I look at this case and what I see is a local Austin Radio Station that has expanded into internet broadcast called "GCN".

The station "internet references" only include on the pages things from their local area that is cited on wikipedia creative commons webpage and is a small promotion.

The show since the data breach and lag in court proceedings like my case in Canada have brought this one to the front of the news in Canada from Austin.

This is because this is a "defense case" for the radio station.

I see the whole point to the case is they reference this big claims in the world news then they try to attach themselves to the issue in their local area, then they become these "big talkers" around town in Austin.

Then when they went down to the courts they never had any of the incidents the show was talking about locally in Austin and they got charged for lying and lost the case.

Then when they got caught they "confronted the government" in court to try and make them reveal secret information, like from the Army during a road side blood test and they threw him out.

Then the backing of the show is a supposed "law center" that helps people with these types of bizarre cases.

What I mean by that is with show content from his show.

Then the judge has to keep telling him those events never happened.

Then they keep having all these "accidental text and messages" to the other people on the defense team.


Cut right there.....then that's the material he's selling live on his show covering his own case...then trying to bring it up in court and submit his show as evidence saying he beat the government on his accusations on some charge.

Then the Judge has to keep throwing it out because it's not part of the case.

The point....he's trying to attach his self to the issue to may his name from local radio connected to a world event and make himself famous.

Then you look up his wiki page and then the school shooting wiki page and the school page doesn't say his name back.

That's where he wants it at...his name attached to the issue.

So he defamed the victims families and then tried to use show content he does live as evidence in the trial apparently about the "topic" he covers which was not part of the case.

Then he tried to beat the government on an outside claim that he could do then and make them admit wrong doing and then beat them...then attaching his name to the world event case the school shooting.

That was made up material from the show.

The judge told him that wasn't true that they don't have those issues locally in Austin and the material was either made up or far away world events.

So they did not allow the information to be admitted and he lost the defamation case.

Like he tried to order the government around saying he beat them in this court case....then he called the victims parents out on the show and got sued and tried to call off the government.

The judge said that the information was made up on the show like above and it was thrown out. 

The radio station defendant thought he could beat the government in the defamation case to attaching himself to the school shooting issue to make money, also war profiteering during the court data breach outage rushing a case in on defense,  and lost when the judge told him they didn't have those issues where he lived in Austin.

Then...he lost anyway, and now they giving the victims settlements from him for trying to use them to profiteer of the court outage during the school shooting.

Probably by trying to force through the issue during the outage because they thought the court would believe the show as evidence that he made up covering himself and it was thrown out.

My verdict: Illegal profittering off a school shooting, while submitting fake eveidence to the court for their defense.


Tuesday, August 9, 2022

RE: Austin Radio Talk Show Host Case

I see what the issue might be....covid products, the show said they started making $11 million and then lost a lawsuit during covid with Trump's failed political platform.

The whole deal with the radio show may have been to sell covid products.

Hahahaha, like on a Dallas tv episode or something...then he comes out thinking he's out back with a secret deal with the president like on The West Wing (Renee Estevez) and said she was covering up a fake government shooting and tried to make her say it in public...

...believing the government documents, then publicly defamed her and it was a bad crooked deal off fake documents and he tried to get her to say it in real life and it was made up and he got caught covering fake documents on the radio show in the data breach and then tried to boss a woman around in deal to sell crooked covid products is what it sounds like on the news.



RE: Trump Searched / Radio Host Loses Lawsuit Cases

Trump home searched by FBI for stolen documents...that is also the topic and material of the radio talk show host case in Austin.

They both have in common government documents.

...maybe the radio talk show is covering illegal documents from the data breach in Washington D.C. and they come up in the FBI raid, the radio show content, then the radio talk show host tried to boss around some woman copying Trump's "illegal maneuver" he talks about on the show.

Like coming out and trying to make her say something he said he knew about out back from the missing documents in the Trump case or something and he got sued and lost.



DYSGNOSTIC (Denmark) - Beneath Abyssal Plains (Dissonant Death Metal) Tr...

ABADDON INCARNATE (Ireland) - Epic Desecration (Death Metal/Grindcore) T...

Xenobiotic - Autophagia

DETENTE - Holy War



Monday, August 8, 2022

Infernal Majesty- None Shall Defy

Forteresse - Thèmes Pour la Rébellion (Full Album)

Pantera - Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA (1992)

NEWS: Texas Radio Talk Show Host Loses $49 Million Repayment Case, The First Of Many?

A local Austin, Texas radio talk show host whose goal was to be on CNN now faces multiple lawsuits and repayments from his $11 million dollar a year income, from ad revenue and vitamin sales.

I say you're suing from the wrong verdict...unless this is the first of many.

This man, once becoming successful after appearances on CNN then publicly defamed the victims of a school shooting and was also banned from social media.

I expect a technology ban next, with no allowance for computer access for him.

A local Austin criminal psychiatrist, also under criticism for forensic rehab hospital practices, a place the talk show host could be sent if found criminally not responsible if convicted of a crime because of his bizarre claims and references.

When referencing the talk show at the end of every story it was always the military responsible who could never respond to his questions about his claims.

Including bizarre routes of appeal like not paying income taxes to fight the government by facing a court defense instead of protesting the government office in Washington D.C. the correct route, or protesting McDonalds for following government regulations citing faulty regulation by the US Meat Agency and never confronting them or protesting their office instead of McDonalds for following the government rules.

For example road side blood tests could be for bio toxins or escaped war fugitives.

Someone always has to do this work.

The Austin psychiatrist said that he was holding her in a "prison planet" the name of the show, and trying to force her to say the shooting never happened to make him look like a big shot around Austin.

The woman from a better neighborhood sued him and just won $49 million in damages for the act with more court cases coming.

I first ran into this show at a protest in University after 9/11 from the Class of 2005...the attack was the first week of University class and many students may have been from or like myself have connections to New York City and school was cancelled.

Later, local Canadian Defense Minister Peter McKay was on the show at the protest and struck down the supposed "military meeting" the talk show has refferenced in his material.


Sunday, August 7, 2022

MUSIC: Winnipeg Free Press: CD Plus Hit's Last Track, Peak In Year 2000

By: Jason Mackenzie - Internet Blogger & Death Metal Band

Closed since this 2011 article CD Plus predicts that in the future all music will be sold digitally only, however long time fans and University Professor disagree saying that there will always be vinyl and collectable stores.

Sorry Professor, they meant in the infinite future..when the digital file just loads directly into the human brain.

Today, it's Digital & Collectable.

Says the peak of CD Plus was in 2000 the year before I went away to University ...with the big Mayhem and Black Metal release was part of then.

Anyway, now I'm on Digital...and buy shirts on the Smart Phone etc. on my blogosphere pages. 

 "Collapse - Destroying By Design" came out with "Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City" at CD Plus / Urban Sound Exchange back then in 2006...and was on the way into the store.

Then falling from 133 stores at the main stream release of Mayhem to just 33 stores as music switched to Digital, I went away to school and came back and bought the old names and restarted.

CD Plus closed and became eOne and now it's owned by Hasbro.

For a good retail location the original Urban Sound Exchange they said was on Main Street at the Mic Mac Mall in my neighborhood before relocating to Halifax Pizza Corner on Main Street.

So I'm continuing on , and with my store and label that was carrying Collapse on CD Plus when the old label closed that I just restarted to do the "domestic release" albums for shopping carts like old that are closed today.

After the closure of Great White North Records in 2006.... CD Plus became ROW ENTERTAINMENT and then EONE (DEATH ROW RECORDS HALIFAX) and was bought by Hasbro.

Music hits last track at CD Plus

Local chain to close Winnipeg, Brandon stores 


Friday, August 5, 2022

Record Label Update

Just doing some research into the Great White North Records deal now restarted....

The information I got says that the business was moving to Halifax after the Montreal office closure...that's here.

Those people all split up and that never happened so it was just me still here.

So this story got weird, it says that one guy quit at the release concert and then for my girlfriend or something...then the Montreal office closed, then it says the other guy was relocating to Halifax with the girl there where I am and  that never happened and the page was shut down.

Then everyone was owed money, so I don't really think that giving all the cds back to the bands was the right decision...considering the missing money at the label and then they gave the contracts back to the bands.

My point here is the actual office behind that was my office, the same one as today back then when I worked somewhere else.

So they split gave the cd's out and then I was owed money and that was it.

Then they had no albums to release at the Mall at CD Plus through my office.

Now I know what was happening was my money from SAP was putting the albums back at my old record store CD Plus.

So CD Plus was coming in with new people to release domestic albums, Great White North Records was the company on my promotion backed by my SAP Office Job....that's the bigger office where I work.

The cds were printed and never made it to the store and magazine, so I was left with that and just kept going as Collapse.

Now I take the public domain CD for example "Fortress" and put it on "De Mysteriis Records" and then release that through  and then promote and sell the Mayhem movie "Lords Of Chaos" on my store and I'm back up with the rest of the deal.

So I'm promoting Deathlike Silence Productions page from the "Lords Of Chaos" movie that released the original Mayhem on my "De Mysteriis Records" on for domestic store release.

That's to continue with the rest of the original deal for domestic store release at CD Plus etc. before all those stores closed and now I had to restart.

However, today cds are obsolete so I'm doing it on Digital.

Now I have to go back and edit the catalogs to see what the titles are going to be on digital because of the mistakes 

Now my new page is for the digital store release list.


RE: Record Label Official Release

Here's an example of how to release an official album...On public domain release they put out "Forteresse" from Quebec.

On official page I shared the link to the public domain release on the official blog.

Then to put the album out it could go under "De Mysteriis Records" the label names after Mayhem if I wanted after I made changes to the record such as renaming it "Fortress" for an English version.

The label would own the English edited version but there is still a public domain version.

Then if I printed that and released it on digital on "De Mysteriis Records" for Mall record store release, wikipedia data is creative commons now and the old data would be transferred to a new .com like .

On I would post a band and label page and then load the record label and band data page on the closed url for the official promotion from their cds etc. and then continue the official enteries on the .net page for the new official page versions backed by the label I work at.

Then the albums released on De Mysteriis Records would appear at the Mall release list, or have a higher album ranking on google and digital services.

To continue the Mall promotion that I worked at when the old label closed, that's how I am going forward.

Right now the label GWN Records is only sharing promotional content for old releases, Collapse and public domain album streams etc. 


Thursday, August 4, 2022

RE: Batman Death Metal Comic Promotion

I'm just seeing on the reopening after covid a bunch of stuff going they need Batman: Death Metal vs. Black Metal out now.

Then all the Black Metal guys are going to kill the Death Metal guys, like down at the concert and Batman is involved.

Like, now they got no security or anything at the concerts...guys just get up on stage and kill the band members and take their place....anyway what got Batman involved is the Black Metal guys didn't get on the official band promotion because they guy kept saying it was closed lying then on the promotional pages it was just pinned on in a scam from inside on a real deal and he was trying to sell people the fake deal and hiding the real one.

Then you had to ask him to put your name on it and he tried to hold them on the fake one and hide the real one and then they all got killed by Black Metal in the comic, like with all these bums with covid and limbs falling off on stage and fighting Batman.



Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Top 10 Sexiest Marvel Female Comic Book Characters

X-Men Fan Script

The Uncanny X-Men was dropped a while ago, I got the url for my X-Men fan script  .

This is to go with my book series "Space Command" to show what my cartoon is about.

My script is "The Uncanny X-Men: The War Of The Mutants" see updated page at

After getting his full power and memory back Wolverine leads the Uncanny X-Men vs. The Humans in a ten year long back ground in the Marvel Fan Fiction Multiverse, Wolverine's healing factor has turned his steel skeleton organic and restored his full memory now he leads the X-Men on an adventure into the ashes of "The Uncanny X-men: The Phoenix Saga" 1970's in 1983 after the incineration of Jean Grey Marvel Girl.

Reference material  is "The Uncanny X-Men: The Phoenix Saga" 1970's / 1980's, "The Uncanny X-Men:"The Fall Of The Mutants" Mini Series 1980's, "The New Mutants" 1980's, "West Coast Avengers" 1980's, "Wolverine vs. Hulk" 1970's / 1980's, "X-men vs The Avengers" 1970's / 1980's.

Visit to read my blog about writing book series and comic script, also Dragon Adventures D20 Beta Game runs on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and my book script Space Command.


Avengers VS X-Men

The X-Men vs the Avengers (1987) vintage comic book review

Marvel Comics: The New Mutants Explained | Comics Explained

[Key Reads] Incredible Hulk #340 | Hulk vs Wolverine | The Full Story

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