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X-Men Epic History: Volume 1, The 60s Era

X-Men: RELAUNCH! (issue 1, 2021-)

X-Men: The death of CYCLOPS! (issue 7, 2022)





Metallica - The Garage Remains The Same (Full EP)

Metallica: Fixxxer (San Francisco, CA - December 17, 2021) (MetOnTour Vi...

Metallica: Trapped Under Ice (San Francisco, CA - December 17, 2021) (Me...


AMORPHIS - On The Dark Waters (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) | Atomic Fire Records



GODLESS TRUTH (Czech Republic) - Scissors OFFICIAL VIDEO (Technical Deat...

Embryonic Devourment - Never Ending Human Misery (Official Video)

Gates McFadden & Marina Sirtis 80's Sexy Spandex Workout 1080P BD




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History of The Silver Age of Comics

Marvelman: Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep.21

Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 9 The Phantom Lady

Lost Hero of the Golden Age Ep. 12: Mary Marvel

X-Men: The death of CYCLOPS! (issue 7, 2022)

Cobra Commander Is Quite Angry

Dungeons & Dragons - 01 - The Night Of No Tomorrow

Which D&D Books Should You BUY?? (2021)

RE: Can't Understand The Hoard Of The Dragon Queen

It's the first book in Dungeons & Dragon 5E, maybe you should start with the Starter Box Adventures and Essentials Kit, I mean that is some good material if you need to work your way into Hoard Of The Dragon Queen in the Tyranny Of Dragons Saga.

The adventures take place on The Sword Coast, where there are thinly connected cities across the coastline connected by an old road.

Now, as soon as you see the material you see The City In The Clouds and that's Spelljammer from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, so you know in Hoard Of The Dragon Queen you get a flying ship..I assume at some point to leave the Sword Coast.

How you read this game is you just say the name of the character and location and continue talking and ignore what the words sound like then the game starts making sense.

Like this in the book, Dharva Scatterheart from the town of Greenest fancied herself The Queen Of The Greenfields...that's the back plot of the book...Dharva Scatterheart.

She passed away before that could happen, her dream of becoming Queen of the green fields.  

Now there is some kind of Dragon Tyranny in the region.

You need to learn these books to memorize the 5E rule book for the 6E release and participate in D20 if you write your own modules and game settings.


Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny of Dragons - Review and Page-Through

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Review - D&D 5e Module

D&D | Running The Tyranny of Dragons | DM Tips & Tricks

RE: What Am I Doing Today?

Come on people...I'm home playing "Hoard Of The Dragon Queen" to get ready for the next huge Dungeons & Dragons release in two years, I got the last one 5E the day it came out.

That's what I've been blogging about, Dragon Adventures is just my game I play at my I'm blogging while I'm working on it and getting ready for the big game release.

I my fan script on Dawn Forged Cast, Data in the future on Star Trek is actually Dr.Soon himself trapped in his android...then he doesn't remember until he wakes up millions of years in the future on Star Trek from the transplant.

Deal with it, Levar used to be on Reading Rainbow and he knows everyone that was in my class in the smart he knows all the gifted students and them from their school projects when I was in elementary school.

That's what everyone's talking about.

Then where did Reading Rainbow go on vacation?

Action Park! duh.



Dungeons & Dragons: The "role" of The Dungeon Master

My D20 game is expanding fast, once these books come together they get going pretty fast because it's game content. 

I watched a bunch of recent material on Dungeons & Dragons, people playing and reviewing the material...I'll tell you that those Dungeon Master's don't write the books, I write the books...I'm on my first attempted D20 RPG with tons of experience from Dungeons & Dragons.

I write the dork book all the nerds quote from, like with computer all just code the material that I write and repeat my terms from my class in the bigger group...then when I allow you to have dork material like software or Dungeons & Dragons after I write it then you're allowed to repeat me in dork language.

In essence I am the the Dungeon Master that has all your answers about the game, however sometimes it might take a while to get back to you about it.

You can view me in the game as the Ultimate Dungeon Master who knows how to write the PRG game engineering for the game itself today that's D20.

Like the Hill Giant of Dungeon Masters from the bigger book them other Dungeon Master's can't read.

Most of the emphasis on playing Dungeons & Dragons I see on the internet is people newer to the game who are still learning...the Dungeon Master has to "set their character sheet up" for them in the group and hold the book and helps them fill out every box to get started.

That means the players aren't doing their homework....they play a different character every time and don't know the whole manual and the Dungeon Master has to look up every detail to get the character sheet made for them.

That's fine but that's a baby way to play.

I mean if you're at that point in the game and can't make a fighter by yourself, you're still just starting out in the game.

The Dungeon Master doesn't need to do that, only verify the players sheet is correct.

The players need to "MEMORIZE THE ENTIRE PLAYERS HANDBOOK" and then master character creation of all characters at home, then take that to the game finished.

One of the best parts of Dungeons & Dragons is learning the books at home which I spend a lot of time doing, then if you can't master all character creation at home just using the Players Handbook then just pick a few characters to learn like the basic elements of the game fighters, wizards, humans, elves, haflings etc.

Then master those characters at home BEFORE you come to play, it's fun to try any random character and get the Dungeon Master to help set the sheet up but you should be doing this yourself and mastering your own character creation at home by memorizing the Players Handbook.

REMEMBER - The entire game for the player is ONLY in the Players Handbook, after this the new books for the Players Handbook expansion are for new skills for your character sheet.

That's how you become good at playing Dungeons & Dragons...memorizing the Players Handbook and then picking and mastering your favorite characters, then you will be less reliant on the Dungeon Master to get the game started.

Now I see people reviewing the old books, look I know they didn't read them because they are too long to fit in a ten minute evaluation and they are reviewing the content out of context and what they are saying is not in the books, that they are missing material or it's in the wrong setting context.

That's not true you just can't read, if you actually read and knew the'd be playing the game instead of giving the book a bad review on the internet.

Positive reinforcement only please for game review to HELP players not discourage them by engaging the players in negative discussion during the game...this ruins the game and makes people mad when they are try to read the books.

The other thing I keep seeing is "weapons proficiency bonus" that's what they are arguing about.

Character Proficiency is NOT Weapon Proficiency. 

Even if it's not in the game or it is.

Character proficiency like for "race" is an overall proficiency bonus for example +2 on attack on all weapons.

On the character sheet in, older versions, each weapon can have it's own proficency.

That's how you "balance your character".

You may have an overall proficieny of +2 , then when you get to your weapons this translates to the following.

Sword = +3

Axe = -1

Arrow = +5

Like that....a personal proficiency of +2 may give you that layout across the weapons.

For example.... a +2 race bonus may give you a -1 on the axe attack to get a +5 on the arrow attack.

This means you took a penalty on the axe to get a +5 attack for archery.

That is how you use proficiency bonus.


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Black Dice Society | Episode 33 | D&D

Wizards of the Coast this week:


Dungeons & Dragons 6E - Fighter Class Expansion

In Dragon Adventures "The Quest For The Golden Arrows" (my D20 beta) you have to start as the Fighter class so if you're playing my game learn the Fighter Class in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeons & Dragons 5E, then get ready to convert this to Hasbro "Monsters Of The Multiverse" Official Dungeons & Dragons game play.

The Fighter is the strongest class in Dungeons & Dragons and the main Character in my D20 RPG Beta Game Dragon Adventures "The Quest For The Golden Arrows".

The new Dungeons & Dragons has expanded into a "multiverse format" , my game Dragon Adventures you must start the game by entering through the Quest For The Golden Arrows.

Then you must build your character to continue into the game, after this the Dragon Adventures character is compatible with any system on D20.

The first Character you must learn in Dragon Adventures is the Female Fighter Class and then the Male Fighter Class in the same adventure as a human and elf character, after this your character of all other classes will have to also pass through The Quest For The Golden Arrows, to build their characters for Official Dungeons & Dragons Module Game Play.

This is in the upcoming update to my game beta version.

The Fighter is the strongest class in Dungeons & Dragons use no magic and can use the highest levels of the game.

This has been expanded to 33 Classes in  "Monsters Of The Multiverse".

This is how the Fighter has been updated in 6E, overall proficiency bonus replaced by Variable Weapons Proficiency. 

For Dragons Adventures Experience Reward Chart use Treasure Table Assignment in BASIC VERSION in Expert Rules Blue Basic Set for Experience Point and Treasure Reward for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master Guide book. 



Fighter Guide - Classes in Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Biggest Star Wars Collection! - Guinness World Records

1983 ESPN Pro Spectacular - Waterford Oaks Part 1

Keepin it old school BMX! 1980s

BMX Bandits 1983

BMX Bandits 1983 - MOVIE TRAILER

10 Things You Didn't Know About RAD

RE: Matt Hoffman BMX

Just to let everyone know, nothing happened in BMX or Skateboarding since they made those tapes, that's what I'm saying like about my band Collapse I only need like one fan anyway like Matt Hoffman or somebody.

Right, then he tells everyone at the skate park like in little league or something back then and then if I go down maybe I can sell him a sticker for his BMX bike or something to give out like when they released BMX in the 1980s' his promotion I mean.

Since Wall Street's not buying maybe I can sell something to those promotions or something like I mean Tony Hawk, I don't mind the guy, Bones Brigade...they haven't made anything since then and I just finished University and all that.

Like maybe down at the skate thing and BMX today I can hook them up with some cheap crap from Wall Street that got abandoned like Digital and then sell it down at the skate park or something for some start up money or it's still the same guys down there from the 1980's when I got down there, maybe I can sell their promotion something for that Jackass thing or something.

If I get desperate for money or something, just some business advice for ya if you failed on Wall Street. 


matt hoffman in the uk, 1987 (bmx beat)

ALERT: Dungeons & Dragons 6E - Monsters Of The Multiverse

Dungeons & Dragons is now live on the internet doing the release of Version 6E from Hasbro Corporation.

So if you didn't quit your job to come down and play live for the 6E game release which is going on now then never say you actually had the chance to play real live tournament Dungeons & Dragons.

Over the next two years in Dungeons & Dragons they will be transitioning to the 6E format, all submissions to Hasbro from D20 Game Developers, games they make sold on their page, will be evaluated for release in the Official 6E Version in 2024.

Monsters Of The Multiverse

What this means is if you're writing Dungeons & Dragons modules and selling them on the Dungeons & Dragons store on the 5E format your new modules from this point forward will be 6E submission for rule and storyline submission including character names.

Dungeons & Dragons has expanded into a format where your named character in the fantasy could be  included in the real game storyline if you gave it away on D20 as an open source character.

Now is the time to throw out all your 5E Manuals.

Dungeons & Dragons 6E is so large and expanded that the new modules will probably outpace the 5E release fast because the new modules are for 6E submission.

So switch now to writing them on the 6E format and throw out your 5E rule set.

Now use Dungeons & Dragons book "Monsters Of The Multiverse" which is the initial 6E transition release book.

Dungeon Masters and D20 designers should now make all their games using the rule book "Monsters Of The Multiverse" FIRST and then fill the rest of the adventure in from the 5E manual Players Handbook to get on the new 6E format.

Then your new submissions to the Dungeons & Dragons store will be "Monsters Of The Multiverse" rule book, then USE ALL NEW RULES IN BOOK to get on the 6E format...anything left take from the 5E Players Handbook that was not included in the rule set.

This is important because Dungeons & Dragons 6E rules combine elements of the Player's Handbook mixed with the Monster Manual.

"Monsters Of The Multiverse" contains Player's Handbook rules which you must combine with the 5E Players Handbook to get on the new 6E format, all games submitted to Hasbro for D20 they mean on their page under these rules will be submissions for 6E content.

I have also switched to RPG Simple Dice Google App for my Galaxy Phone which is a dice roller app to calculate the game rolls and also has a roll history section if you need to look up past rolls during the game.

Use this app on the table beside your laptop and then load your Dungeons & Dragons game onto your computer to play along live online and also use your printed book or purchase official ebooks from Dungeons & Dragons.

You can play along live during games at the Dungeons & Dragons online game page, then follow along on Youtube and webpages like .   


Dungeons & Dragons has adopted a new "multiverse format" where you can play an "open source" game by all playing races and monsters in the game against each other on the D20 format which also means games like mine Dragon Adventures on D20 can fight Official Hasbro Dungeons & Dragons in tournament play when both systems are on D20.

However, I think they have locked the game to only certain characters and creatures can play in the open format because the list is so large, part of the new rules will be the 6E character list for playable monsters.

-6E has dropped "Race Adjustment Weapons Proficiency"  and replaced it with "Variable Weapons Proficiency Adjustment". 

This means that the Variable Weapons Proficiency will be determined during each round of combat and players can "enter a trance state" for example 3 turns and then if not protected by the party during that the player can get a + Proficiency Bonus for that one attack.

For example to charge the Magical Item such as a Sword for three turns to get a higher proficiency bonus for their attack roll, which will be different each time now based on the scenario conditions.

This new format combines Psyonic Power with Proficiency adjustment in an expanded storyline format.


Use "Monsters Of The Multiverse" for the current list January 2022.

This combines elements of the Monster Manual with the Players Handbook so you can play as monsters, all other rules fall back to 5E Players Handbook.

Dungeons & Dragons 6E Suggestions:

-More boxed map sets and mini adventures with dice and figure sets for tabletop play.

-More emphasis on Table Top setup to follow game book play.

-More generic character figurines that are cheap and you can buy by the bag for tabletop play (Character and Figure Packs).

- More Monster Card, Weapon, Spell and Magic Item generic card sets included with game box adventure packs.

-Classic die-cast figure reprint sets.

Now is the time if you want to get on Dungeons & Dragons and play live, they are also expanding the storyline setting so follow the character names form their stories and they also have action figures, how to read the game is just don't care what the characters are called and then just use them and say their names in the game.

Then all the other figurines are generic.



What Has Changed In The Lore | Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Mu...

Changes to Player Races | Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multive...

Monsters of the Multiverse First Look

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5 Times Batman Has Used A Gun

The Batman Rollercoaster Decapitation | A Short Documentary | Fascinatin...

Ace Frehley - Lola

The Kinks - All Day And All Of The Night (Official Audio)

The Beatles - Get Back (Remastered 2009)

Girlschool - Emergency (1981) Bronze Rocks

Wendy O. Williams - It´s My Life (Official Promo Video)

Mantas - Deceiver

Destruction - Cracked Brain

Celtic Frost - Cherry Orchards (Official Video) (1988) From The Album Co...

MARDUK Fuck Me Jesus


Defunctland: The History of Action Park

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Sly & The Family Stone - Dance To The Music (Audio)

Kids From Fame - We Got The Power

Paul Stanley's Soul Station - O-O-H Child

Paul Stanley - Keep Me Waiting

Spirit - I Got A Line On You

April Wine - Cats Claw

Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World

Spotify removes Neil Young music in feud over Joe Rogan's false COVID-19...

Remo Williams - Main Theme

C.W. McCall - Convoy

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi (Official Lyric Video)

A Bunch Of New News Stories Came Out This Morning

Sometimes I'm up late an on Euro time or internet time or something, like I follow Halifax to the UK News that way to Australia because I live out that way in Halifax, like I'm not US service based so I don't really pay that much attention.

Anyway, I'm up early and it's -15 Celsius and the heart of winter or something and there's all this news happening.

Note: Need five bags of Egg McMuffins later this morning after seeing trucker video this am.

Like them trucker guys, I understand their problem man...for myself I learned financial management so I have to apply my degrees to my household spending during the crisis.

So, I'm not working but the degrees help me manage my money which helps a lot over people who don't have that.

Some people wanted to work so they could get credit cards and then just blow money, that's what the government promised them now there are no jobs.

Halifax now is just started to plow old city blocks in the North End to make new apartment buildings and in the new one each corner hold a whole city block.

In the old spot there are only like two people in each house and no room for new houses or apartments and the place is freezing with the apartment buildings getting old and freezing out and the place feels like frozen steel and concrete.

Get a heated blanket and I mean it if you're in the City.

Then all those people went broke getting credit and their downtown dying in the streets with covid at it's peak in Halifax with no money, now the truckers are going in to fight Ottawa.

I mean, that's what some people wanted to do instead of going to school and now they are in a bad situation...they are dependent on jobs and credit which is what they wanted to get so they can go out and eat and have fun and put it on credit, that's what they were promised now there is no work.

Now covid products have been out for a while like high food prices like $15 for bacon and eggs and all other crazy prices now no one is shopping and the truckers are out of work.

So you can see a big showdown coming in Ottawa between the two groups.


Wednesday, January 26, 2022

ATLANTIC CANADA: Facebook Lawsuit In New Brunswick

In the story video below Facebook is being sued, that's the people flaming they are talking about harassing a black doctor in New Bunswick now he is suing Facebook.

Then the police are also involved and I think he may be suing the fake police but I don't know, they mean the flaming people have all these open chat rooms on Facebook and then they attacked the doctor in a hate crime and then fake police are involved, potential data breach there maybe for is ip being tracked for his Facebook login locations and then he was being assaulted (?). 

Like with with the following him around saying he was spreading covid by spying on his Facebook ip in a data breach or something, just rumor, then he was assaulted and flamed or something.

Something like that, now he has a serious lawsuit going against Facebook.


Global National: Jan. 26, 2022 | Supply chain misinformation follows Ott...

CRIME: Jewelry Heist At Mic Mac Mall Halifax

Bystanders stop jewel thief at Mic Mac Mall in Halifax yesterday, on a related note stores at the malls in Halifax have reduced store hours to closing at 7pm.


NEWS ALERT: Ottawa Prepares For Trucker Protest

Here it comes, they're gonna go down there and blow each others guts out fighting in Ottawa for male supremacy for control of the Senate, this is why I left a couple years back...there's not going to be one woman for 800 square miles around Ottawa. 

Business as usual.


RE: Heavy Metal Band And Where They Come From

I was watching band videos of them recording during covid and, you guys are so far away from me...them guys are like way out from me in a different planet man playing in band, getting tattoos and all that like Mayhem or somebody.

They're doing a live stream when they're making their new record, I mean....on there eating and stuff on the show, why don't you take the camera into the bathroom and record you in there taking a bath and stuff while your record, I'm not posting that on my page it's too long.

Maybe they'll pay for an extra ep out of it.

You know what I got from the tape....Mayhem don't like salad....thinks it takes too long to eat.

What you eating strips of beef right off the side of the cow, fuck you guys are in a hurry.

I'm just saying, I'm the Disneyland type, right...I go there, I mean that's where I'm giving everybody your records...where I live, I mean I don't travel and hang around like that because I'm the Disney world ressort type and regular things like the office.

I had to do some serious digging, like I said....I was at BMX and all that skateboard stuff, we were doing the demonstrations to sell products back then, like when BMX was released to all other manufacturers after they sold the original designs.

That's where I live and work at, I mean did all my office experience back then to be an executive and then I went away to school and all that and now I live there....that's what I'm saying...everyone just knows me where I live and work at so when I carry the record everyone sees it where I live, then it has a better chance of getting released on a movie soundtrack, like Mayhem already is, or something.

People I knew came into my record store years later and seen Mayhem...then later they want to make movies about the band, that's because when I pick a band the big producers all get it right fast because they know me then it's up them to put it out or not.

Giving right to a producer is an actual album submission, then when you submit more demos they already know the band from my page and store where I live, the same place as Disney and that.


Neil Young Pulling Music Off Spotify Over Joe Rogan

Hahahaha, I mean Joe Rogan you're one's gonna pick him over Neil Young.

I mean Neil Young REALLY shouldn't be entertaining this Joe Rogan stuff at all and I understand he might have a cause about it but Joe Rogan isn't Spotify he's just some guy and has ZERO INFLUENCE.

I mean, I'm not even reading it...Neil Young shouldn't be giving these guys any attention or be connecting his music to ANY issue to outside that gives them too much credit and they don't have any.

It's like this Neil Young is a famous musician, so if theirs a problem over some broadcaster then I guess the other guys fired.

Pull Neil Young I can just imagine.


To The Grave - Seven Billion Reasons Why (Official Video)


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Bones Brigade - Future Primitive 1985

Shattered Spirits (1986) | Full Movie | Martin Sheen | Melinda Dillon | ...

Renée Estevez Movies list Renée Estevez| Filmography of Renée Estevez

Renée Estevez - Early years

Intruder is the Greatest Supermarket Slasher Movie Ever Made

Dead Silence 1991

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988) - Movie Review

Rob Zombie - Lucifer Rising

WASP - Videos the raw (1987)






ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (Official Music Video)

Justin Bieber - Ghost

Taylor Swift - All Too Well (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video)

THE DUKE Trailer (2021) Helen Mirren, Fionn Whitehead, Jim Broadbent Movie

THE DUKE - Behind The Scenes Featurette - Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren

THE DUKE (2021) Official Trailer [HD] Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren

SNAKE EYES: G.I. Joe Origins Trailer 2 (2021)

Halloween Kills - Official Trailer

jackass forever | Final Trailer (2022 Movie)

DOG | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

HOME PREMIERE: The Matrix Ressurections



The Beatles: GetBack - The Rooftop Concert in IMAX

The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Remastered 2009)

The Beatles - Ticket To Ride

RE: Can't Buy Me Love

It clearly states in the song the money can't buy them love, then they only mean because they don't have says it right in the song that they have no money, we're talking $20 here people they mean.


The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love (Remastered 2009)

The Beatles - Get Back (Director's Rooftop Cut)

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Renee Estevez From A Long Time Ago

Hahahaha, I haven't heard that in a long's out at the old 1960's rock slide park thing they used to have like old abandoned Action Park, no one knows about any of that now people.

That's just an old abandoned 1960's slide park out in woods in California somewhere and at Mountain Creek like I said, anyway...that's where I'll be at if you knew what it was later...out at the old one like before BMX came out.


1988 - "Skateboards" at Pine Grove Park



(1985) BMXPlus: Freestyles Raddest Tricks

The History of Paramount Parks: A Cameo in the Amusement Industry

Brief History of Amusement Parks: Trolley Parks, Pleasure Gardens, World...

Why They Shouldn't Have Put A Looping In A Water Slide | The Downfall of...

Class Action Park - Cannonball Loop

This Was the World's Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Class Action Park: America's Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression

One of the Most Dangerous Water Parks Ever: Action Park | Prism of the Past

RE: New York Violence In The 1970's & 1980's In South Bronx & Action Park

They have two "documentaries" out now about these two events, The Burning Of The South Bronx and the violence at Action Park where they had like multiple murders per minute in New York City then this was carrying over to Action Park when everyone was competing for all the Olympic, BMX and Skateboard competitions and they all used to compete against each other on the rides at Action Park.

Then people got all these contracts out of it and they used to practice against each other at Action Park and the Skateboard Championships in the background of the New York City Violence.


Defunctland: The History of Action Park

The Story of Action Park | A Short Documentary | Fascinating Horror

Action Park 80's Live Action and Cannonball loop

Class Action Park | The Most Dangerous Rides You Can Find | HBO Max

Class Action Park | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Sync Minor Threat Complete Discography to Skateboard Superstunts Of The 1980's

That's like the sound track for the video if you just watch the skating....well I'm 46 now and they all quit, maybe I'll go back down get back up on the ramps with the bike and skateboard and then whip them all like it's 1983 down in California since they all retired and I'm still going.


Minor Threat - Complete Discography Full Album (1989)

Skateboard Superstunts 80's Skateboarding Video

Minor Threat - Steppin' Stone

Minor Threat-Straight Edge

Minor Threat - Filler




RE: Early 1980's Stakeboard Competetions

Yeah, they had to get someone to come down and show them the skateboard...too bad they couldn't learn all the tricks tho, Tony Hawk and them from the old promo tapes for skateboarding and BMX....remember those are all bullshit names on there and they even tell ya, they're wearing wigs and everything...yea us and Valley sure showed them.


Mark GONZales Wins 1985 Contest

Young Tony Hawk from 1987 Interview | ABC 10 Archives

Skateboard Superstunts 80's Skateboarding Video

The Dirt Bike Kid HD 1985


Kelloggs BMX 1985 'UK vs USA' Pro Racing Compilation @The Stuntabiker

BMX / Action Park Early 1980s

Yeah I know what all you guys are going on about now....look, it's like this.

I forgot about what you guys are talking about on them promotions, I mean I am like super far away from all that and busy.

Fucking whatever, I remember Tony Hawk and them now...they mean back in the early 1980's they had all these competitions to be the top spot on sports and Olympics and they went out and got all the gifted ideas together and got them in one group to compete against each other.

What a stupid idea that was, "OK kids, everyone get together with your parents and come try out for this big sports slot and compete to see who's the biggest star."

Like on sports and stuff, then they made all they over ambitious long term plans and didn't live long enough to finish them and that's what it it today...garbage and no one continued with it.

Anyway, I can tell you exactly where this is coming from.....1960's theme parks into the 1980's....then they had Action Park.

This big crazy one, then I worked at Action Park and that I used to skateboard with Tony Hawk and BMX Bike with them at competetions but I left because they all suck.

I mean you get back down today and Tony Hawk is still auditioning or something for skate contract or something as "signed talent" that's how I see it.

They all come down to Action Park all competing for the big slots and Tony Hawk comes over from California and trying to push everyone off the rides and get their spot and he got to mine and did it and I beat him up in the pool or something because I owned my own slot on it at Action Park so I quit.

I mean Tony Hawk and them are coming from the 1960's theme parks and them luge rides at some old rock filled skate park from them in the 1960's, then you had to be out sliding around on that equipment at Action Park all day getting pelted in the face with rocks on them skate rides.

I didn't even check the old videos yet.

You know why I quit?

Because my promotion was the Original BMX, when it only said BMX on the pads on the bike.

That was where I worked at, then there was no spot for Tony Hawk and them on my BMX slot because my promotion owned it from Action Park and it wasn't open.

So I used to beat them all up down at the skate park, and I know that's California and all over the place now with that Toy Hawk skate board shit.

Now like 40 years later, they're planning their 50th anniversary and their still down there skateboarding looking for a new contract at the park and they can't even ollie.

Plus no one today remember the original and never seen the old one live in the 1980's.

Then I did BMX for like three years and they taped everything wherever we went and then I quit and did dancing and school work and business because the skate park sucks.

I mean we only did that temporary and the saved the money and turned it into a new venture and now today I'm way better off and their still skateboarding.

Back then our families used to film all that stuff, then they put it on stuff and I don't even know what the tapes are and are probably all over everything.

Then three years later my promotion got rich off BMX and from me driving the bike around the park and jumping off little ramps to sell BMX bikes to kids.

After that they sold BMX and left, then later we did more stuff  in the later 1980's.

Then they quit BMX and now they are all BMX, I mean why would I want a Matt Hoffman when I'm BMX....I mean today, I only want a BMX.

The same with Tony Hawk skateboard when I'm Olympic Pro skateboard and that's how my old promotion got rich at the time they did Olympic Skateboard and real BMX.

Then Tony Hawk are just their old names on a third party today and their still down their playing when other people moved on and saved their money to start regular business and left the "skating front" like for television and stuff.

I mean them parks man, I was like down there all the time for seven years anyway and no one wants to be riding all that getting pelted with rocks your whole life on some old skate ride from the 1960's.

Plus all those tapes aren't properly dated.

I mean, that's what I mean about them being failed actors....I'm BMX.

Their only the third party, so why would I want a Tony Hawk or Matt Hoffman when I'm BMX.

I mean the lengths I have to go to to remember this stuff, you wait until I find them old BMX and Skate Tapes, you're not taking my spot on BMX man....then that's the same today....I'm BMX and you're just a third party.

Then when you say my band Collapse then that's real Action Park and real BMX not Tony Hawk and Matt Hoffman trying to steal my spot and getting beat up in the pool at Action Park in the 1980's.

That's because I'm BMX and they all suck so I quit and went to a bigger venue and now I own my own business and they all still suck.


BMX Bandits 1983

Raleigh Burner BMX Promotional Commercial (circa 1982)

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Action Park HBO Movie

I don't know if there an actual class action against Action Park because I didn't check and don't know  who that would be they were suing.

I mean, the sign said...."You Control The Action" then you had to sign a contract to get on the ride or haven parental consent in front of Atlantic City Gaming Officials.

Then the customers at the park threatened to sue the park if they weren't allowed to control the action on the rides is how I remember it, then the park wasn't responsible and the State allowed it.

Then people when nuts and overdid on the equipment acting like out of control maniacs and all these people got hurt, that's how I remember the public version of events.


Saturday, January 22, 2022

RE: Action Park

I remember what happened at Action Park, just for notes from my desk for my business research for MY business, like for Bill Gates...Only for this post only.

Action Park was based in New Jersey in a lower income area in a state with less theme park regulations for income revenue.

Then guests were often less educated than visitors to more expensive theme parks and were more reckless with kids drinking underage at the park with teenage staff.

However, Action Park was live monitored by "state gaming" of whatever the regulation like the judges to watch the riders come down and it was actually much more regulated than it was on the tape and looked more like and Olympic Swimming Pool finish line setup.

Park monitors had to stop the rides if there was an incident and all times they said it was the victims fault somehow the accident.

Like running in right fast showing off from a poor neighborhood and recklessly jumping off the cheap equipment, including behavior like taking babies down the rides and getting in accidents.

My summer jobs and stuff I worked at Country Clubs and places like Action Park doing shows and "helping out" with people I knew who worked at the park with the business group or something.

They would stand outside the park aimed at the poor neighborhood were they never had a theme park and would get all hyped up and run in and slam off the rides not looking and get hurt.

Teenage staff there also monitored the rides and I also remember this for NOT getting in the car and saying it that they used to put tennis balls in the go carts to make them go like 50 miles and hour and then drinking under age on site and getting in accidents.

On the water rides they had bumper boats and motor boats on different tracks, then they used to carry the bumper boat behavior over to the motorboat track and hit each other off the motorboat track like a bumper boat and then were using the watersides as a launch pad and shooting themselves into the air and getting killed in front of the park monitors who had to stop the ride.


Defunctland: The History of Action Park

Mountain Creek Ski Resort Promo Video

Mountain Creek Water Park

RE: Action Park

Well it took a while but I found some clips, this is where I used to do work at in the 1980's Action Park Route 94, Vernon New Jersey.

In the clips that's what  I used to do, like the Country Dancing in the theme park.

That's one of the original Paramount Theme Parks in the 1980's, this is the specific one and people might remember that because all these people got killed there when they first opened and they had to shut it down and restart.

In the clip the giant rock wide water slide had to be closed and pulled up because people got killed on it...NOTE, I'm just going from memory and saying that I think that is the location, if not I still worked there.

Anyway, they had to close it....people might remember the stone water slide after it was closed but they weren't allowed but don't quote me, if it's not that it's one like it but I'm sure it's Action Park.

Today that is Mountain Creek Water Park in Vernon, New Jersey.

That is also Mountain Creek Ski Resort where I used to work and do ski stuff the same things in the 1980's and 1990's when it was called something if you want to know where I go skiing and used to do promos at for my family when they worked there it's Mountain Creek Ski Resort today, clips coming in the next posts.

I think what happened then was Paramount opened theme parks in the 1980's and then advertised them with Star Trek with special effects on them and then a mad rush of people ran though the park thinking they were in Paramount Cartoon and were turning into a comic book character and ran into the park and jumped off without looking and got killed by hitting their head in shallow water, you can see them in the tape below all acting nuts on the giant wide water slide they had to shut down.

Edit: Right, I had to dress up in costumes and play boy and girl roles at the show to take the pressure of the kids who wanted to be on camera, so I did mine first then the kids weren't scared to get on the camera, today those kids are probably failed actors like David Spade and Kevin Nealon I can't remember, when I did the backdrops. 


Action Park 80's Live Action and Cannonball loop

A Brief History of Paramount Pictures | THE STUDIOS

Friday, January 21, 2022

Pyrexia - The Day The Earth Shook (Official Video)


DETERIOROT - Manifested Apparitions of Unholy Spirits (1993) [Full EP + ...

LINK: 5 Bbooks I loved Reading This Year by Bill Gates


So if you're not reading Bill Gates webpage, who looks pretty great these days good for you, you're probably gonna get wacked.

I mean, here's a guy who build the pc computer for the internet for $50 Thousand Dollars, for the original os that became Windows.

This is the perfect example of what I'm telling people....Bill's blogging about back then, that's his new job...reading books and bogging on the internet, I mean...just read the page and try not to get beat up outside.

Bill knows me I'm sure from the old days because it's school people don't get what I mean, I was one of those backup dancers everyone talks about on the entertainment shows from back in the 1980's, from ballet and I did a boy and girl a boy ballerina in girls makeup looks just like a girl...that's all I am there people, an anonymous backup dancer and I worked around the set.

Like at Star Trek events for the launch of The Next Generation and Microsoft before the internet came out, then I used to dress up like a girl dancer and fill in for when Bill and Levar when they needed background dancers for stuff  they were doing, then I just happened to live there and my family worked around those business and then I used to go down and dance and stuff for Bill and them, so I'm sure Bill Gates knows who I am, like from when they were planning the internet.

That's what's so funny all those people flaming me and I was just some anonymous background dancer, now I found out that they were just doing that to everyone, flaming the public.



HAMMERFALL - Venerate Me (Visualizer) | Napalm Records


ABYSSUS (Greece) - Death Revival FULL ALBUM STREAM (Death Metal) Transce...

HELLFROST AND FIRE (International) - Across The Bridge Of Tyrants (Death...



ET MORIEMUR (Czech Republic) - Nagoya (Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal) Tra...

ABYSSUS (Greece) - Metal Of Death (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity #...


BLAZEMTH - The Return of Lucifer (Official Lyric-Video) [2022]


DISCHORDIA (US) - Minds of Dust OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO (Dissonant/Brutal/T...

VORGA (Germany) - Comet OFFICIAL VIDEO (Black Metal) Transcending Obscur...



Extinction A.D. - Mastic (Official Video)

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Kids From Fame - Rock 'n' Roll World

Kids from fame TV series Miles From Here Kenny Rankin.wmv

The Beatles - Back In The U.S.S.R. (2018 Mix / Lyric Video)

The Beatles - Glass Onion (2018 Mix)

The Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Remastered 2009)

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (2018 Mix / Audio)

The Beatles - Birthday (Remastered 2009)

The Beatles - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (Remastered 2009)

The Beatles - Sexy Sadie (Remastered 2009)

Hot Lunch Jam- Fame

Fame - I Can Do Anything Better Than You Can

Kids From Fame - Body Language - Debbie Allen

Kids From Fame We Got The Power HQ

Kids From Fame - Rock 'n' Roll World

Fame ultimate intro seasons 1-6

INTERNET: How To Use New Domain Extentions

Man, apparently 4K is dead, I mean I'm  , now the box looks worn out because I bought one.

You talk about dead links in one minute, I mean if I'm on it with that everyone else is gonna be on a higher format. 

So here is where I am at right now, so yeah go look at the 1080p tv box now and see what you think about it....everyone threw that out as soon as I bought the name, what the fuck did I buy and get stuck with this time on that sell off.

I mean, maybe that's why they sold it off...names like .digital are more expensive renews and to hold a lot will cost your company a lot of money in yearly renews.

Maybe this time I got stuck with something, so lets say that 1080p is a  dead format because it's 4K+ now so 1080p is still the "iso standard" for the main HD launch...right away someone like me buying that ruined the format.

Now I'm stuck with a dead format on Digital.

That's fine though no one even really has it yet and they're not "pushing" the 4K (the same meaning as 1080p) that's just the basic you will get later like a 720p 19" RCA Television for like $99 Canadian.

That's still now a bad tv for the kitchen or something.

I though it was over 600+ domain extension but it's actually 400+.

Here is what I am using for my naming format on the 1080p digital page.

With the new domain releases they made them in "batches" for different service like digital for .digital

Now it's up to the public to figure out how to use the release, companies and stuff.

On the internet you only own the url name for the years you pay to use it....the yearly re-registration fee is like the "service fee" to have your chosen name on the internet. 

This is how you get the new extensions running from my perspective.

You need to pick one and sit on it and hold it down so I bought pages on .digital that go with the iso release.


So if I buy a list at the top of the section like on .digital I own and run that "iso listing" for global business.

Then it's up to me to promote digitial for the internet out of my pocket since I'm sitting on the top on the listing.

Like this audio and video on main .digital to hold the iso open.

Internet naming rules:

This is important and why their are limited domain extensions....a domain extension and a file extension can't be the same name because that breaks the internet.

Once they say .digital for a domain extension you can never use that for a file extension ever again because if you type in and it was a file name it would load a software program on the url.

That's why domain extensions have to be different than file extensions.

Then, look at the url and then just imagine it as a file name sitting in a folder on your computer, so on the address bar say .digital is the folder, and the audio / video on the page are the files.

So to use , type in the address backwards by writing .digital first and then as if it's a folder on you computer with music in it except on the address bar.

Then, write 1080p before it just to remember the naming structure...that will help launch the format.

just read it backwards on the address bar , then read .digital first as the folder name and the 1080p and the file in the folder, that's you're file list for the webpage.

Like that, so read them backwards and then it starts working to the format.

That will help you read and organize the internet to yourself by understanding what the new file names mean.

Another example I like is .cam

So you get:



and then      digital.digial 

then mine is

That's how the naming structure works.

I also like .cam because it is almost interchangeable with .com and it's higher on the alphabetical list.

I'm sure in the future .cam will be a big alternate to .com because it's so close to the same name.

Now I'll try and sit on .digital for the music release iso with and I'm see how much web traffic I get when I start blogging and sharing videos on the page.

Then someone else will have to do .cam and the rest to open and hold the iso listings for "whatever" their will be on them in the future.

I'm also saying if you say .digital, then the url should have better digital reception than other pages "somehow" if they get it going the music and audio /  video should sound better on those pages.

Like "tuining in" to a high def audio page by typing in .digital to move the "stereo" to the url on the web by making .digital a stream extension with a high def audio band single on it to boost digital tracks of any format like by typing in .digital turns on the "internet stereo" for hi def sound.

I don't know how that is done, I just mean "somehow" other engineers and the military are the people that would have to install that.


Wyatt Earp - Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in HD 1080p - LINK:


EVIL INVADERS - In Deepest Black (Official Video) | Napalm Records

SUMMER MEGA HITS 2022 🌴 Best Of Vocal Deep House Relax ↠ Summer Mix 202...

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

January Update

Ok you can all relax now I got my usual stuff back, I know everyone's used to me having a record store and a big metal tour around me but I had to go away to school, now I'm 46 and have a failed stock market run.

That leaves lots of room for me to run back at the record store...I'm pretty surprised actually there was another huge selloff or something on domain names, I think a company tanked or something.

That's my I have a big name to show off it's that's the main release url for all Pop Digital Singles , now that I have that for video sharing we'll all be number one on pop, so just relax for a bit while I work on the page, it's still a record store promotion page but I had to put the metal at the back.

I'm switching over to 4k and all that now and probably do some visualizers and stuff later for some bands for , so I'm resetting a bit right now.

So I feel much better now having a real record store around me again, and staying home not working doing it is exactly the same pay.

I started thinking about the 1990's now that I got a bunch of my stuff resolved for my business startup, like I can see it getting off the ground now and working on expanding the shopping cart.

What came up is this, which I totally wasn't thinking about....I write about University and all that but way before that in the 1990's when I did dancing and stuff I did all my prep work back then and visited corporations and stuff to plan for school later.

That's a whole different larger older topic that came up then I decided to work at the Record Store and then take all that later in I have my own attempted store.

Someone had asked me that and it's coming up a bit, I took tons of classes and did visits and stuff and knew most of the stuff about running a large business before I even went.


Monday, January 17, 2022

POPCORN | The History of the World's Most Popular Snack Food - LINK:

Pop Hits 2021- Sia, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Maroon 5, Adele, Taylor Sw...-LINK:

New Links Pages

I'm Number One on Pop Rock:


NEWS: Samsung Becomes New TV Frontrunner With New Standard Features Launch

Samsung is now the best selling tv manufacturer in the world and have launched on 4K+ televisions at over $3000, yeah no thanks. 

Last year this didn't support Youtube.

This year Samsung has a new launch coming in June 2022 for new Hi Def Smart Televisions and also offer standard apps as well as their own company apps which I assume include apps like Youtube etc. as well as Roku and Samsung TV selections included free on their televisions.

Internet connection required.

Not a bad selection with free movies and content but this is still connected to the Obsolete Digital Cable Satellite Network so if offers local tv services first.

If you dump the cable you still get a good selection of free services and some companies are offering internet tv subscriptions that run on other services like Roku.

Not quite there yet but a big improvement.

Not long from now all televisions at department stores will be on open free global wi fi televisions with six million channels playing free from around the world on them and will also offer paid subscriptions.

Then all cable and satellite lines will be obsolete and all signals will be switch to 5G open wi some point in the future.

I'll be looking for the Dish Network Canada app so I can get back on the shopping channel. 

If your looking to get a jump start on the future of television my advice is to get a Samsung.

EDIT: Compared to the new Iphone 13 services which only offers standard 1080p 4K option with HDR record option at 1 gig for 30 seconds of video ouch, which requires a 1 TB memory drive while other Android Phones run at about 256 Gigabyte Micro SD.

However however, the new removable SD drives offer a two terrabyte memory chip which runs about $250 Canadian, however I didn't check to see if the Iphone 13 ran SD memory while other phones run Micro SD.


Ohio Slamboys - You Won't Last Long In Ohio






HELLFROST AND FIRE (International) - Debris Wrought From Winter (Death M...

NEWS: Oceana - Volcano / Tsunami Cuts Off Communications With Tonga

NEWS ALERT:  New Zealand - Communications cut off with Tonga.



Worm Shepherd - Blood Kingdom


DECRAPTED - Bleeding Devourment [2022]