Friday, January 28, 2022

Dungeons & Dragons 6E - Fighter Class Expansion

In Dragon Adventures "The Quest For The Golden Arrows" (my D20 beta) you have to start as the Fighter class so if you're playing my game learn the Fighter Class in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Dungeons & Dragons 5E, then get ready to convert this to Hasbro "Monsters Of The Multiverse" Official Dungeons & Dragons game play.

The Fighter is the strongest class in Dungeons & Dragons and the main Character in my D20 RPG Beta Game Dragon Adventures "The Quest For The Golden Arrows".

The new Dungeons & Dragons has expanded into a "multiverse format" , my game Dragon Adventures you must start the game by entering through the Quest For The Golden Arrows.

Then you must build your character to continue into the game, after this the Dragon Adventures character is compatible with any system on D20.

The first Character you must learn in Dragon Adventures is the Female Fighter Class and then the Male Fighter Class in the same adventure as a human and elf character, after this your character of all other classes will have to also pass through The Quest For The Golden Arrows, to build their characters for Official Dungeons & Dragons Module Game Play.

This is in the upcoming update to my game beta version.

The Fighter is the strongest class in Dungeons & Dragons use no magic and can use the highest levels of the game.

This has been expanded to 33 Classes in  "Monsters Of The Multiverse".

This is how the Fighter has been updated in 6E, overall proficiency bonus replaced by Variable Weapons Proficiency. 

For Dragons Adventures Experience Reward Chart use Treasure Table Assignment in BASIC VERSION in Expert Rules Blue Basic Set for Experience Point and Treasure Reward for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master Guide book. 



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