Wednesday, January 26, 2022

ATLANTIC CANADA: Facebook Lawsuit In New Brunswick

In the story video below Facebook is being sued, that's the people flaming they are talking about harassing a black doctor in New Bunswick now he is suing Facebook.

Then the police are also involved and I think he may be suing the fake police but I don't know, they mean the flaming people have all these open chat rooms on Facebook and then they attacked the doctor in a hate crime and then fake police are involved, potential data breach there maybe for is ip being tracked for his Facebook login locations and then he was being assaulted (?). 

Like with with the following him around saying he was spreading covid by spying on his Facebook ip in a data breach or something, just rumor, then he was assaulted and flamed or something.

Something like that, now he has a serious lawsuit going against Facebook.


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