Thursday, January 27, 2022

A Bunch Of New News Stories Came Out This Morning

Sometimes I'm up late an on Euro time or internet time or something, like I follow Halifax to the UK News that way to Australia because I live out that way in Halifax, like I'm not US service based so I don't really pay that much attention.

Anyway, I'm up early and it's -15 Celsius and the heart of winter or something and there's all this news happening.

Note: Need five bags of Egg McMuffins later this morning after seeing trucker video this am.

Like them trucker guys, I understand their problem man...for myself I learned financial management so I have to apply my degrees to my household spending during the crisis.

So, I'm not working but the degrees help me manage my money which helps a lot over people who don't have that.

Some people wanted to work so they could get credit cards and then just blow money, that's what the government promised them now there are no jobs.

Halifax now is just started to plow old city blocks in the North End to make new apartment buildings and in the new one each corner hold a whole city block.

In the old spot there are only like two people in each house and no room for new houses or apartments and the place is freezing with the apartment buildings getting old and freezing out and the place feels like frozen steel and concrete.

Get a heated blanket and I mean it if you're in the City.

Then all those people went broke getting credit and their downtown dying in the streets with covid at it's peak in Halifax with no money, now the truckers are going in to fight Ottawa.

I mean, that's what some people wanted to do instead of going to school and now they are in a bad situation...they are dependent on jobs and credit which is what they wanted to get so they can go out and eat and have fun and put it on credit, that's what they were promised now there is no work.

Now covid products have been out for a while like high food prices like $15 for bacon and eggs and all other crazy prices now no one is shopping and the truckers are out of work.

So you can see a big showdown coming in Ottawa between the two groups.


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